April 24, 2016 - St. Joseph Catholic Church


April 24, 2016 - St. Joseph Catholic Church
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Serving Commerce Since 1895
2207 Monroe Street, Commerce, Texas 75428
Masses: Saturday 5:30 pm; Sunday 9:30 am
Monday (no Mass); Tuesday & Wednesday 6:30 pm; Thursday & Friday 8:00 am
Confession: Saturday 4:30-5:00 pm or by appointment
April 24, 2016
News, Reminders, and Events______________
Rev. Marcus Chidozie, Ph.D.
[email protected]
Campus Ministry
Deacon Joe Webber, Ed.D.
[email protected]
Acting Administrative Assistant
Bulletin Submissions
Safe Environment Coordinator
Music Ministry Director
Director of K-12 Religious
Confirmation Coordinator
HS Youth Ministry Coordinator
Marriage & Family Ministry
Telephone Prayer Chain
Altar Society
Altar Servers
Knights of Columbus
Travel with Fr. Marcus Chidozie on our Canonization of Blessed Mother
Teresa of Calcutta - Italy Regular trip:
Where: Rome, Assisi, Tuscany, Florence, Venice
Trip Dates: Sep 01-09, 2016
Cost: $3,900.00 Airfare and ALL-Included
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Viajar con el padre Marcus Chidozie en nuestra Canonización de la Beata Madre
Teresa de Calcuta - Italia Viaje habitual : Dónde : Roma , Asís , Toscana , Florencia, Venecia Las fechas del viaje en coche : Sep 01-09 , el año 2016 Costo: $
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Confirmation means a transformation of the spirit
by Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
When you say, "Yes, I want to be confirmed," think about it: What
are you saying yes to? You might think, Well, it's a ceremony, and we'll
go through a ritual and it'll be all over in 45 minutes or so. Then we
leave and that's it. But that's not it, is it? When you say, "I want to be
confirmed," you're really saying yes, not to a ceremony, but to Jesus.
You're saying, "I want to follow Jesus Christ. I want to be his disciple
just like those first disciples who dropped everything and followed Jesus."
So today, we're celebrating the sacrament of confirmation. The Holy
Spirit is going to come upon this church in a very powerful way if we
open ourselves, especially on these young people being confirmed, but
on the rest of us, too, because the spirit of God is being poured forth all
the time if we open ourselves. As we go on with the sacrament of confirmation, I hope that every one of us will pray that our hearts will be
opened so that we will be deeply touched by the spirit of Jesus, and so
that as we leave the church today, we'll be at least a little bit further in
our transformation, to become a real disciple of Jesus.
We'll go back out into our world. We'll be ready to be witnesses to
the love and goodness of Jesus. This message of Jesus now will begin
to spread even more because all of us open ourselves to the spirit of
Jesus, and we leave this church to be witnesses to Jesus for the rest of
our lives.
April 23
5:30 p.m.
Mike Ward
by Jim & Anne Marie Ward
April 24
9:30 a.m. For the People
April 25
No Mass No Mass
April 26
6:30 p.m.
April 27
6:30 p.m. Charles Ranley
by Shirley Ranley
April 28
8:00 a.m.
Chip Phelps
by Jim Phelps and family
April 29
8:00 a.m.
Rossi Lucian Selvaggi
by Tom Selvaggi
April 30
5:30 p.m. Jennifer Rodgers & Louis Charles
by Louis and Faith Alvarez
Wendy S. Selvaggi
by Tom Selvaggi
The usual stipend for a Mass is $5.00
RCIA is a journey of conversion to God and what He
intends for us. The Catholic Church warmly welcomes new
members and tries to provide appropriate spiritual formation
according to each person’s needs. If you are interested in
learning more about the Catholic faith, please contact Fr.
Si usted está interesado en aprender más sobre la fe católica,
póngase en contacto con el p. Marcus.
Our Parish Weekly Need: $ 2,771.60*
Las necesidades semanales de nuestra
parroquia: $2,771.60*
Last Sunday, April 17, 2016: $ 3,263.32
Colección desde el domingo pasado: $ 3,263.32
Monthly Mortgage Payment: $ 3,402.50
Pago mensual de ipoteca: $ 3,402.50
Last Sunday’s Building Fund: $ 1,416.00
Fondos recaudados el domingo pasado: $ 1,416.00
Building Fund April Total: $ 3,521.00
Total mensual de fondo de construcción
hasta la fecha: $ 3,521.00
Mass Attendance: 296 // Cantidad de asistentes: 296
Dr. Richard Flesher
Coaching Group
[email protected]
Management Coaching & Business Consulting
102 E. Main Street
Royse City, TX 75189
P: 972.635.2233
F: 972.635.2202