ARCC NEWS - Abbey Road Christian Church



ARCC NEWS - Abbey Road Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
The garage sale
was a great success!
$1330 was raised to
go toward improvements to the building
&/or grounds.
Thank you to everyone who donated treasures, helped set up and
put away, and all who
shopped the sale! We
couldn’t have done it
without you!
Start saving your
stuff for the next sale!
Many thanks to
Marilyn Starnes-Biggs
who graciously provided our new name
Marilyn (a member of Central CC)
owns Bull's Trophy Shop in Springfield and wanted to give this as a
gift to Abbey Road CC. Our original
list was not complete, so if you do
not have one, please let the church
office know, and we will order them
in a couple of weeks. There will be a
metal board in the Narthex where
you can pick them up and return
them each Sunday. With new members coming on board and a new
Minister and family, they will be a
great help for everyone to learn
July 27 , 2016
Volume 41, Issue 29
All-Church Fellowship Dinner
Sunday, July 31
11:30 a.m.
Pork Butt & Brisket
will be provided.
Please bring a salad, side dish, or
dessert to share
This Sunday is Pastor Ron’s last
Sunday with us at ARCC. Please
plan to be at this farewell dinner
to say goodbye & wish him well.
5th Sunday Offering
This Sunday is the 5th
Sunday in July, and traditionally, the “5th Sunday” is when special
offerings are received for specific
purposes. This Sunday, some of the
needs you may choose to support
are: Helping Hand Fund, BackStage
Faith, the Labyrinth, or AC replacement—approximately $3,300 over
the budgeted amount of $6,000 is
needed to help fund replacement of
2 AC/furnace units which service the
sanctuary. Please designate in the
memo line where you wish your
contribution to be credited.
Adult Sunday School July 31
The Middle Room class will continue study of Rachel Held Evans’
book, Searching for Sunday, with
discussion of Anointing of the Sick,
“Oil”, beginning on page 203 & continue on 10-20 pages.
The Green Room class will continue study of Christianity’s Family
Tree: What Christians Believe and
Why by Adam Hamilton. Please read
Chapter 7 (“Pentecostalism: The
Power of the Spirit” pp.95-110). The
book examines Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism,
Anglicanism, Baptists, Pentecostalism, and Methodism.
New Adult Sunday School Class
Begins August 14:
Paul—The Apostle “come lately”
Learn of Saul’s conversion to
Christianity and his
commissioning for
special work among
the Christian Gentiles.
Study his letters to
the early Christian
churches guiding
them in how to be Christ’s church.
Consider what this means for us today and how it applies to our missionary work all over the world.
The class will be led by Betty &
Jim Stricker, who were sent out
from this church and spent three
years as Disciples missionaries in the
country of Nepal.
If you are interested in the class,
books are available for pick up in
the church office.
Golden Boys will meet at 8:00
on Tuesday at My Daddy’s
Cheesecake. Please join us for
breakfast and conversation.
(Disciples of Christ)
2411 Abbey Road
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
Rev. Ron Routledge, Transitional Minister
John & Deborah Browne, Del Brunton, Bernice Osborn, Connie Gibson,
Kenny Werner, Gene Farrar, Luther Hunt, Mary Ann Heinsman, Jimmy
Smith, Bonnie Hennessy, Barbara Farrar, Mary Estes, Nancy Stevenson
Matherne, Maxie McKenzie & family, Charles Blattner, Bill Ludlow, Bill
Pratt, Mark Faith, Ed Tilley, Tom Simpson, Billy Bess, Dorothy Lowes,
Calvin Wells, Bill Cox, Nelda Simpson, Carla Jordan, Wilma Dooley, relatives &
friends serving in the military, all who are hurting, lonely, and afraid
Do you have someone to add to our prayer list? Please inform the church
office or fill out a form found at the back of the sanctuary.
Please note: Names will be removed from the prayer list after 3 months unless
an update is made to the church office.
Phone: 573-335-3422
Fax: 573-335-6996
E-mail: [email protected]!/pages/Abbey-Road-Christian-Church/332270383559624?fref=ts
2016 Board of Elders’ Officers
Chair: Stephen Jordan
Chair-Elect: Allen Taylor
Past-Chair: Donald Gentle
Finance Chair: Billy Bess
Board Secretary: Leslee Pollina
Trustee Chair: Dennis Underwood
Elder At-Large: Karen Piker
Serving on Sunday, July 31
At Table: Steve Jordan (c), Jim Main (o)
Distribution: Norman Brooks, Kilja Israel + ushers
Communion Prep: Kilja Israel
Scripture Reader: Steve Piker
Greeters: J. Ronald & Edna Ruth Fischer
Ushers: Barbara Farrar, Steve Piker
Worship Capt.: Melanie Sherinski
Soundboard: Breedon/Dean
Sunday, July 31
9:30am Worship Service
9:30am Abbey Rd. Adventures for children, K-6th grade
10:30am Fellowship
10:45am Sunday School
11:30am All-Church Farewell Dinner for Pastor Ron
Tuesday, August 2
8:00am Golden Boys at My Daddy’s Café & Bakery
Wednesday, August 3
9:30am Bible Study
6:00pm New Life Singers practice
Thursday, August 4
8:00am Women’s Breakfast Group at IHOP
Worship Notes July 24
Attendance: 70
Regular friends: 11
Offering: $ 2,003
Scripture for July 31
Acts 20: 17-24; 36-38
Dear Friends,
I am so grateful for the cards, notes,
texts, emails, visits, and especially for
your prayers during my recent illness;
all were appreciated. Thank you to everyone!
Wilma Dooley
To Pastor Ron and my friends at ARCC:
Thank you for the cards and your visits
to the hospital while I was a patient there.
It meant so much to me and I feel truly
blessed. It was a difficult time that was
made easier by Pastor Ron and
my church family.
Thank you,
Wilma Baldwin

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