I Serve a Risen Savior


I Serve a Risen Savior
April 12, 2015
Second Sunday of Easter
Education News
Pre-Registration for 2015-2016
Religious Education season will
begin the First of May. Forms will
be available in the RE Center
office and in the vestibule of the
I Serve a Risen Savior
Whether you are new to our church and would like to start
a journey to full communion into the Catholic Church or
whether you are just looking to deepen your knowledge of
the Church and your relationship with God, we invite you
to join us for Symbolon.
Classes are Wednesday at
10AM session or 6PM session.
All children will be required to complete two years of
Religious Education to be eligible for Sacramental
Preparation. So if you would like your child to receive their
Confirmation in 2017 they need to be attending Religious
Education next fall.
Marriage, Divorce and the Catholic Church
Which of these statements are true?
A divorced person is automatically no allowed to
participate in mass.
An annulment makes children illegitimate.
Protestant marriages aren’t recognized because
they are outside the Church.
Your former spouse has to agree before you can
get an annulment.
A marriage with children cannot be annulled.
An affair is sufficient grounds for annulment.
An annulment is just “Catholic Divorce”
You may be surprised to learn that all are false.
We all know someone who thinks their marriage or divorce
is keeping them from joining their Catholic family at the
Eucharistic Table. Sometimes the answer to their problem
can be quite simple. Come and receive answers to these
Catholic Daughters Bi-Monthly
Evening Meeting
April 13, 2015 6PM-7PM
Guest Speaker: Sharla Bishop
Sharla is a Tribunal Advocate and will be speaking on
Catholic Marriage and Annulments. She will be sharing
her own personal story of marriage, divorce and the
Catholic Church. She received her Tribunal Advocate
Training through the Archdiocese of Seattle.
Take that first step of faith and call the office to
register. 541 884-4566.
Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions
for April
Universal: That people may
learn to respect creation and
care for it as a gift of God.
Evangelization: That persecuted Christians may
feel the consoling presence of the Risen Lord and
the solidarity of all the Church.
Baptism Class
for parents and Godparents is held the first Monday of
each month @5:30 in English and the first Thursday of
each month @5:30 in Spanish. Advanced registration
is required; please call the office or come in to register
~Welcome to the Table~
Congratulations to the Elect; Karen Wynne,
RJ MacDonald, Lawren Evens Bobo and
Alana Burdick, who celebrated the
Sacraments of Initiation at Easter Vigil.
If you are thinking of joining the Catholic
Church, or are a baptized Catholic who would like to
receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist,
please call Sharla in the Parish Office, 541 884-4566.
12 de Abril 2015
Preinscripción para la temporada 2015-2016
2015-2016 Educación Religiosa comenzará el
Primero de Mayo. Los formularios
estarán disponibles en la oficina RE
Center y en el vestíbulo de la Iglesia.
Se requiere que todos los niños a
completar dos años de educación
religiosa para ser elegible para la
Preparación Sacramental. Así que
si usted desea que su hijo reciba su confirmación en 2017
tienen que estar asistiendo a la educación religiosa el
próximo otoño.
Preparación Sacramental
Próximas reuniones & talleres
18 de abril – primera comunión taller 9:00am – 12:00pm
25 de abril – primera comunión ensayo:
Español: 9:00
English: 1:00pm
30 de abril – ensayo de confirmación
5:30pm de la iglesia del sagrado corazón
2 de mayo – retiro de confirmación
** Obligatorio **
9:00am sagrado corazón gimnasio
3 de mayo – confirmación
3:00pm de la iglesia del sagrado corazón
9 de mayo – primera comunión English 5:30pm
10 de mayo – primera comunión Español 12:30pm
Intenciones de oración del Santo Padre para
Universal: Que las
personas pueden aprender
a respetar la creación y
cuidar de él como un
regalo de Dios.
Evangelización: Para que
los cristianos perseguidos pueden sentir la
presencia consoladora del Señor Resucitado y la
solidaridad de toda la Iglesia.
Segundo Domingo de Pascua
Sirvo a un Salvador resucitado
Mantenga la Chispa
El retiro con el Padre José Pineda fue una época de
renovación de nuestro espíritu que reavivo nuestra fe. Para
continuar con nuestro camino de fe Sagrado Corazón
estará presentando
Una Sola Fe - Un Solo Señor
Creencias Católicas Básicas
A los que participaron en el Retiro y a los
demás de los miembros de nuestra iglesia, si le gustaría
empezar un camino hacia la plena comunión en la Iglesia
Católica o si están buscando profundizar su conocimiento
de la Iglesia y su relación con Dios, le invitamos a unirse a
nosotros para UNA SOLA FE – UN SOLO SEÑOR. El
programa presenta las creencias y prácticas fundamentales
de la fe católica.
Las clases son los jueves, en el Salón Parroquial a las 7:00 PM.
Póngase en contacto con el Padre Roga para obtener más
información acerca de la clase en 541.884.4566.
~ Bienvenidos~
Felicitaciones a los elegidos; Karen Wynne,
RJ MacDonald, Lawren Evens Bobo y Alana
Burdick, que celebra los sacramentos de la
Iniciación en la Vigilia de Pascua.
Si usted está pensando en unirse a la Iglesia Católica, o eres
un católico bautizado que le gustaría recibir los
sacramentos de la Confirmación y la Eucaristía, por favor
llame al Padre Roga en la Oficina Parroquial, 541 884-4566.
Clases de Bautismo
Para los padres y padrinos se celebra el jueves 7 de mayo
a las 5:30 en español. Se requiere inscripción anticipada;
por favor llame a la oficina y aunque venga a registrarse
(541) 884 a 4566.
Please visit our advertisers / Visite a nuestros
Mission Statement of Sacred Heart Church:
“We are a people of God, guided by Sacred Scripture, Traditions and the teachings of
the Roman Catholic Church to live and share the Gospel message of Christ.”
April 19, 2015 / 19 de Abril 2015
Sunday of Divine
Third Sunday of Easter
Sun. April 12:
First Reading:
Second Reading:
Gospel Reading:
ACTS 3:13-15, 17-19
1 JN 2:1-5A
LK 24:35-48
Saturday Vigil, April 18, 5:30 PM
Acolyte: Gerry Hoffman
Lector (1): Meredith Hoffman
Lector (2): David Bishop
EMHC: Ron & Cathy Hahn
Servers: Sevilla Avila, Gabriel Bishop
Mon. April 13:
Tue. April 14:
Wed. April 15:
10:00am Symbolon
6:00pm Symbolon
Thur. April 16:
Sunday, April 19, 9:30 AM
Acolyte: Philip Calderon
Lector (1): Roger Bishop
Lector (2): Don Metzler
EMHC: Linda Calderon, Larry Jespersen, Tim &
Marie Stanaway
Servers: Brady & Brendon Monteith
Fri. April 17:
Sat. April 18:
Sun. April 19:
Domingo, 19 de Abril, 12:30 PM
9:30am Mass
10:45am Religious Education
12:30pm Misa en Espanol
6:00pm High School Youth Group
5:30pm Clase de Bautismo
7:00pm Una Sola Fe, Un Solo Señor
5:30pm Mass
9:30am Mass
10:45am Religious Education
12:30pm Misa en Espanol
Primera Lectura:
ACTS 3:13-15, 17-19
Segunda Lectura:
1 JN 2:1-5A
Lectura Del Evangelio: LK 24:35-48
Acolyte: Juan Manuel Mendez
Lectora: Socorro Ibarra
Emhc: Catalina Figueroa, Jorge Jaramillo
Servers: Tonatzi Gonzalez, Samantha Recino
Thank You for Your Continued Support of our parish.
Parish Assessment
2015 Needed: $51,024
2015 Offering To Date: $11,346
Balance Remaining $39,678
Offertory Giving April Budget: $31,000
Last Week’s offering: $10,530
April offering Total: $10,530
Balance Remaining $20,470
Upcoming Youth Sacramental Preparation
Meetings & Workshops
April 18 – First Communion Workshop 9am – 12pm
April 25 – First Communion Rehersal:
Spanish: 9AM
English: 1PM
Confession: 2PM
April 30 – Confirmation Rehersal
Sacred Heart Church 5:30pm
May 2nd – Confirmation Retreat **Mandatory**
9AM-4PM Sacred Heart Gymnasium
May 3rd – Confirmation
Sacred Heart Church 3PM
May 9th – First Communion - English 5:30pm
May 10th – First Communion - Spanish 12:30pm
The following have asked for our prayers:
Sandy Pinto, Daniel Garcia, Manuel Silva, Jason Andre, Amy
Spannaus, Rex Delayer, Charl0tte McCarthy, Marie Shaima, Kyle
Lamson, Agnes Zeeman, Monica Maddox, Nick Valdez, Gloria
Mulvhill, Art Alanaiz, Richard Rosco, Joe Cox, Maryetta Shere,
Frank Foster, Rose Maupin, George Maupin, Julia and Bennie
Rodriguez, Maria N. Valdez, Neil Hurley, Ed Andersch, Rita Sue
Dolinsky, John Rosco, Ed Jarecki
To add a name to the Prayer Corner, please call Shendy at 882-8065.
Attention Lay Ministers!
Please log onto the ministry schedule portal
www.sacredheartkf.org and update your availability
for the June through September schedule by May 5th. If
you have any questions, please call Ryan in the parish
office (541)884-4566 or Shendy McAtee (541)331-8065
We would like to extend an invitation to your child to attend the
Diocesan Summer Events for 2015. These events are an opportunity for
people from all over the Diocese to gather together for a faith-filled
getaway featuring powerful talks, activities, fellowship and prayer in a safe
and supervised environment.
This is an incredible opportunity for our youth to experience Christ and
His Church in a larger picture. In previous years, the youth from across our
Diocese who have attended these events have had an amazing experience
of the love of God and the richness of our Catholic faith. Many of our youth
are already looking forward to these events and we hope that your youth
will be able to join us this year.
Please find on the website:
Registration Forms
Medical Release Forms
Positions are limited so register early. Registrations should be made through the parish
office. They will then be forwarded, with payments, to the Diocesan Office
The camp dates and fees are:
•’Come and See’ High School Summer Retreat ($30 per youth) –
Saturday, June 20 @3pm til Sunday June 21 @ 12pm. For all
incoming/outgoing high school youth.
•’The Voyage’ Upper Elementary Camp ($120 per child) – Friday, July 10
@ 3pm til Sunday, July 12 @ 12pm. For all incoming/outgoing 4th-6th
grade youth.
•‘Diocese of Baker Olympics’ Middle School Camp ($150 per child) –
Thursday, July 16 @ 3pm til Sunday July 19 @ 12pm. For all
incoming/outgoing 6th-8th grade youth.
•’Youth Leadership Camp‘($250 per youth) – Monday, July 20 @ 12pm
til Friday, July 24 @ 2pm. For all incoming/outgoing 11th-12th grade
•Steubenville Northwest in Spokane ($350 per person) – Friday, July 31
til Monday August 3. For all incoming/outgoing high school youth.
Scholarships available, please contact the parish office for more information.

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