C-Store BLITZ 5,000



C-Store BLITZ 5,000
C-Store BLITZ 5,000
Your product displays will be merchandised in 5,000 convenience
stores by our network of wagon-jobbers, distributors & DSD
wholesalers & merchandisers. You get national exposure and an
exciting product photo gallery featuring your product ‘in-store’.
To win ‘in-store’, you have to be ‘in-store’.
Call Bob Goldstein 561-367-0076 or
Dirk Nieuwenhuis 209-574-0440 for quote.
About Us: Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc. has been in business for 23 years. We
pride ourselves on bringing quality products and manufacturers to our group of
200+ independent Direct Store Delivery Jobbers & Distributors. Our core of
influence encompasses roughly 25,000 privately owned convenience / grocery
stores coast-to-coast.
Your Blitz 5000 includes…
• In-Store Product Placement: Delivered & placed in 5,000 c-stores;
• Point of Sale Merchandising: In-store marketing for brand awareness;
• In-Store Photo Gallery: Pics of your products at or near the checkout;
• Feedback: Distributor's comments on the success of your promotion.
The Top Reasons to do the Blitz 5000:
Looking for Direct-Store-Delivery Jobbers - Our DSD Jobbers are a targeted distribution group
who can buy your product in quantity to and most importantly, deliver and merchandise to
their retail c-stores. As of Sept. 2011, we have over 200 jobbers and distributors.
Ship Direct to our Distributors - Do you have a product that really benefits from a hands-on
approach? Once our DSD Distributors and Jobbers get their hands on your product, they’ll
really understand it. As a bonus, you will receive selected digital pics of your product displayed
at c-store checkout counters nationwide for use on your website’s photo gallery.
Brand Your Company - A fairly well established company may not plan on gathering new
distributors or making too many sales at a show, but they can always strengthen the position of
their brand with a good wholesale connection and presentation. It also reassures your clientele
that you’re still strong in the game. Associating with the Mr. Checkout group, is one of the best
co-branding efforts available.
Go 1 on 1 with our Distributors - With the Blitz 5000, potential wholesale buyers will be open
to communicate directly with you and offer their thoughts and purchase orders your product.
Media Coverage - Plan it right and you can get valuable industry media mileage out of your
Blitz 5000. If you’re going this route, the best way to attract the media’s attention is with
something new, whether it’s a new product, a new way of approaching an old problem or a
new twist on an old product. A good publicist can help you
craft the right approach and make sure the right media folks know about it. Included in your
Blitz 5000 will be a News Release associating you with the largest group of DSD jobbers &
distributors, Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc..
Test New Products - You can use the Blitz 5000 as your own laboratory. You will receive
comments and suggestions from our jobbers and distributors on the improving the in-store
marketing of your product.
Reach Your Customers in a Cost-Effective Way - The Blitz 5000 is a very effective way to reach
potential wholesale customers. The average business-to-business sales call cost over $300,
according to Cahners Research. The Trade Show Bureau says the cost of an average
conventional tradeshow lead is over $140. Our Blitz is the economical way to interact and work
with each jobber and distributor and the stores they service.
Summary: Our function is to bring your products to market using established independent wagon
jobbers, distributors and full-service wholesalers. We can only gauge what a good product is by getting
your product into the warehouses and stores serviced by our jobbers and distributors.
We welcome you and your company to participate
in our Blitz 5000 & Join our Success!
Call Bob Goldstein 561-367-0076 or Dirk
Nieuwenhuis 209-574-0440 for more information
All participating suppliers will be authorized to use our Mr. Checkout and In-Store
Blitz Pics for all marketing media. Here are a few of the 1,000’s of in-store
Here are some of the c-stores that we
provide direct-store-delivery…