First Steps in Spain by Blanca Martija Location: Toledo, Spain This



First Steps in Spain by Blanca Martija Location: Toledo, Spain This
First Steps in Spain by Blanca Martija
Location: Toledo, Spain
This picture was taken by Briana Garcia during our tour of Toledo, Spain.
Since we were on top of a mountain, we felt on top of the world,
and the red-tile roofs were breathtaking.
Viva Madrid by Ruben Ramirez
Location: Madrid, Spain
This picture was taken outside the Palacio Real de Madrid. The scenery and the inside of
the palace was breathtaking. Getting to see the different works of art inside the Palace
was incredible as well as getting to see the different styles of architecture throughout the
Palace. I really enjoyed the view point from the Palace left me awestruck.
Last Day in France by Alejandra Marquez
Location: Paris, France
This was my last day in France.
I was very happy, it was a bittersweet moment for me .
Chateau de Chambord by Alejandra Marquez
Location: Chambord, France
This was my first time in a castle. I was with my roommate,
Kimberly Chhouen, and we were extremely excited.
Leonardo Da Vinci designed the stairways of the castle.
Practicing “Lengua Castellana” by Jesus Nunez
Location: Salamanca, Spain
During finals week, a classmate and I were practicing pure
Castilian Spanish outside of the second oldest university of
Europe on Camino de la Lengua Castellana Street.
Welcome to Madrid by Lillian Trujillo
Location: Madrid, Spain
This horizontal structure is the first thing that captures the spectator’s eyes when entering Madrid.
When I arrived at this location, I was immediately
reminded of the song that was written about Puerta
de Alcala. This is a magical view that will
forever live in my memory.
Breathtaking view of Toledo by Jesus Nunez
Location: Toledo, Spain
During my first week in Spain with ISA, my classmates and I were taken
on a tour to Toledo. Once in Toledo, the tour guide promised a
“breathtaking view of Toledo that resembles a postcard.” This photograph proves that he is a man of his word.
The Castle of Dreams by Lillian Trujillo
Location: Segovia, Spain
I was captivated by this beautiful by this beautiful castle, which happens to be Walt Disney’s inspiration for the creation of Disneyland.
When entering the castle you feel like you are living in a historical era.

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