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The Global Publication of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists
How much Sun Protection do we Need?
Advances in Dry Skin Care Technology
Broadband UV Protection
Relative UVA Protection of Sun Care Products
Investigation of the Surface Heterogeneity of Hair
Enzymes from Deep Sea Bacteria
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was presented to Wenjun Wu, Greg Shay,
Joy Alkema and David Bassett for their paper entitled »Quantitative Methods for Evaluating Optical and Frictional Properties of
Cationic Polymers«. This award recognizes
the Best Paper presented at a SCC Annual
Scientific Meeting or Seminar and published
in the Journal of Cosmetic Science.
Fig.: Student Poster Awards – 2nd Prize:
Amanda Greatens (left; University of Cincinnati); 1st Prize: Stephen Ray Jones (middle;
University of Southern Mississippi); 3rd Prize: Hemali Gunt (right; University of Cincinnati)
ideas and findings. Members of the Committee on Scientific Affairs judged the posters
and awards are given to First, Second and
Third Place. The awards are sponsored by
DD Chemco and were presented at the Friday luncheon. First Place was awarded to
Stephen Ray Jones, University of Southern
Mississippi for his poster entitled »Higher
Performance Biodegradable Polymeric Materials: Blends of Poly(6-Caprolactone) with
both Poly (Vinylphenol) and its Low-Molecular Weight Model, Phenol; Hydrogen Bond
Formation«. Second Place was awarded to
Amanda Greatens, University of Cincinnati
College of Pharmacy for her poster entitled
»The Effects of Lectins and Neoglycoproteins on Melanosome Transfer Mechanisms: A Novel Approach to Skin Lightening«. Third Place was awarded to Hemali
Gunt, University of Cincinnati College of
Pharmacy for her poster entitled »Water
Vapor Transport through Vernix Caseosa –
Implications in Barrier Repair«.
The showcase was well received by all
attendees and provided great opportunities
for the students to present their work and
meet people in the industry. The Society
wishes to thank all the students that participated in the event.
The Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award
Sponsored by Dragoco, Inc. was presented
to Yash Kamath, Ph.D., and Xuemin Chen,
Ph.D. for their paper entitled »Real Time
Observation of Interactions of Hair Sprays
with Human Hair«. This award recognizes
the Best Paper presented at the 2001 Annual Scientific Meeting. The Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award Sponsored by IFF
Suppliers' Cocktail Party
The Suppliers' Cocktail Party, which enables
both sides of the supplier/buyer partnership
to interact, has become a social highlight of
the Annual Scientific Seminar and is always
a huge success. This year the party was held
outdoors at the Alamo Plaza next door to the
famed Alamo. The weather was great and
everyone enjoyed the food!
The Society thanks the following suppliers
for their generosity: Ajinomoto USA Inc.;
Amerchol Corporation; Barnet Products
Corp.; BASF Corporation; Carrubba, Inc.;
Coletica Inc.; Croda, Inc.; Firmenich, Inc.;
Inolex Chemical Company; International
Flavors & Fragrances; International Specialty Products; Kobo Products, Inc.; Lipo Chemicals, Inc.; McIntyre Group, Ltd.; Phoenix
Chemical, Inc.; Presperse, Inc.; Rhodia, Inc.;
Robertet Fragrances, Inc.; Roche Vitamins,
Inc.; Rohm & Haas Company; Rona/EM
Industries; Shaw Mudge & Company;
Stepan Company; Takasago International
Corporation (USA); Trivent Chemical Company, Inc. and Uniqema.
2002 Annual Meeting and
Technology Showcase
The 2002 SCC Annual Meeting and Technology Showcase will be held on December 5th
and 6th at the New York Hilton. Registration
information will be mailed to members in
September and will be available on the SCC
Website www.scconline.org as well. Call for
Participation in the Technology Showcase
can be found on the SCC Website with an
October 1st deadline for submission of abstracts. See you all in New York!
2003 Annual Scientific Seminar
The 2003 SCC Annual Scientific Seminar will
be held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC on May 8th and 9th. Call for Papers
for Podium Presentations may now be found
on the SCC Website.
The deadline for submission is October 1st.
Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC)
120 Wall Street
Suite 2400
New York, NY 10005-4088, USA
Tel: +1-212-668-1500
Fax: +1-212-668-1504
IV. Course for the Bulgarian
Cosmetic Industry
The Association of Bulgarian Cosmetologists, as a partner of the Bulgarian Cosmetic and Essential Oils Industries, is announcing the IV. Course : Trade, Marketing, Market
Policy, and Trade Law in cooperation with
the organizations PTPA at the Council of
Ministers; Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce
and Industry; FLAG/IESC; Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and
The Training Course is for Experts from the
Essential Oils and Perfumery and Cosmetics
Industry in Bulgaria.
IV. Course: Trade, Marketing,
Market Policy and Trade Law
Duration: 3 days
Date: 14 - 16.11.2002
Number of participants: 100
Preliminary program
1st day - 14 November 2002 (Plenary session)
Topic 1: The European Cosmetics, Toiletry &
Perfumery Market: Main Trends and Challenges in Western & Eastern Europe
Topic 2: Globalization and its impact on essential oils production
Topic 3: Participating in international expositions and business meetings. The role of
trade expositions in the system of marketing
communications of the company
Topic 4: Overview of Bulgarian essential oils
and perfumery and cosmetics industries
Topic 5: Harmonization of Bulgarian legislation on intellectual property with the European Directives
IFSCC Magazine – vol. 5, no 3 / 2002
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Topic 6: Requirements of the foreign trade
regime of Republic of Bulgaria to the companies from the essential-oils and perfumery
and cosmetics industries
2nd day - 15 November 2002 (Plenary Session)
Topic 1: Fundamentals of essential oils and
perfumery and cosmetics marketing
Topic 2: Introduction to the Reference book
on the import requirements for cosmetic
products in various countries in Europe,
America, and Asia ( BNAEOPC, Bulgaria)
Round Table
»The problems of Bulgarian firms – importers of perfumery and cosmetics for the
Russian market«
with the participation of the Russian trade
agent Mr. A. Gavrikov
Moderator: Mr.L. Lukanov,, Bulgaria
The effect of the package of the perfumery
and cosmetics products upon their market
Modaretors: Bulgaria
The representative of the Institute for package and distribution, Sweden
Essential Oils Section
Topic 1: The world market for essential oils 2002
Topic 2: Crossection and trends in Bulgarian
essential-oils production
Topic 3: Overview of the European standards
in the essential-oils industry
Topic 4: The effect of the distillation process,
involved in the processing of various raw
materials, on the essential oils quality and
Bulgarian Association of Cosmetologists
11b, Yanko Sakazov Blvd,
1504 Sofia, Bulgaria,
Tel: +359 2 943 40 68
Fax: +359 2 943 42 84
Email: [email protected]
3rd day, 16 November 2002
Cosmetics Section
Topic 1: World cosmetics: facts and statistics
Topic 2: The Russian cosmetics market:
hidden potential
Topic 3: The Bulgarian cosmetics market:
crossection and trends
Topic 4: Overview of the world skin care market – tendency, news, problems
Topic 5: Overview of the world hair care
Topic 6: Issues of law protection of the objects of intellectual property in Russia.
Some aspects in obtaining a maximum law
protection of perfumery and cosmetics
Topic 7: Fake products in perfumery and cosmetics
IFSCC Magazine – vol. 5, no 3 / 2002