How to Join a Social Engagement Team Webinar


How to Join a Social Engagement Team Webinar
How to Join a Social Engagement Team Webinar
Thank you for registering for social engagement training. These instructions contain
important information for you. Please do not delete this email until after the course has
been completed. Please use these instructions on the day of the course to find out how
to access the correct WebEx.
WebEx and registration links can always be found on the Red Cross University landing
How do I
If you have already registered through the Learning Management System (LMS), please
disregard this section.
Please register for the course through SABA, the Learning Management System (LMS)
used by the American Red Cross.
You can find a direct link to the LMS course registration pages on the Red Cross
University Master Calendar.
Everyone who wishes to participate in the course must register individually.
If there is a group of people in the same area who want to participate as a group and
dial in on one phone line and display the computer portion on a big screen, it is
acceptable. Please notify [email protected] before the course begins to let the
instructors know who will be in attendance.
Reminder: Each participant will need to individually register prior to the course
registration deadline through LMS in order to receive credit for the course.
Materials Needed to Join a Webinar:
• Computer with internet access (Windows and Apple Compatible)
• High Speed internet is preferred but not required.
• Standard Web Browser (Internet Explore, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc)
• Pop up blockers disabled.
o Please use instructions on the pop-up blocker to deactivate this feature.
o Course Instructor will not be able to assist in turning off pop-up blockers.
o There may be multiple pop-up blockers turned on. All of them will need to
be disabled.
• Verizon WebEx program installed on the computer.
o This is a small program installed when joining the course.
o Please log in 10 to 15 minutes early to ensure this is installed before the
course begins.
• Phone (landline highly encouraged but cell phones are acceptable); a toll-free
number will be provided. Note: The Red Cross will not pay or reimburse for any
fees caused by overage of minutes used on a cell phone for this course.
These steps outline how to join a Social Engagement Webinar. For non-Social
Engagement Webinars, please contact the host for that Webinar to determine how to
join those Webinars. These instructions do not apply to non-Social Engagement
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How to Join a Social Engagement Webinar, continued
When to Join?
Please join the Webinar 10 to 15 minutes early in order to ensure that the required
computer programs are installed and functioning correctly.
You can either click on the direct WebEx link for the course you are attending in the
Red Cross University Master Calendar, or follow the instructions below.
In order to join the Webinar, your Name, Email and a password are required. The
password is arcsocial. Additional information is in Step 5.
Steps to join
the computer
Follow these steps to join the computer portion.
com into the web browser and
click Enter.
If this window dialog box
appears, please click “Do not
show on this computer again.”
This program is not required to
be installed onto the computer.
On the top menu bar, click
Training Center.
A list of the trainings scheduled
for today’s date will be shown.
Find the course you are
registered for and then click the
“Join” link.
Note: If the course has not yet
started, then the “Join” link will
not be there.
At the time of the course enter:
• Your First & Last Name.
• Your Email Address
• The session password.
This session password
is StaffServices
Then click “Join Now”.
If this dialog box appears, click
“Click Here”.
At this point it may take a couple
of minutes to log into the
program. It will display as soon
as it is fully installed.
If there are pop-up blockers it
will prevent it from being
displayed. Please work with the
blocker to disable this feature.
The Webinar program has been
installed and will now show.
Please follow the next steps to
join the Audio portion of the call.
There are no additional features
you need to do with the Webinar
at this time. Please wait for the
instructor to join for the next
Always enter your
first and last name.
Steps to join
the audio
Follow these steps to join the audio portion of the Webinar.
Dial (866) 692-4538
When prompted enter the passcode: 972294#
If the host has not joined, you will hear music until the host joins.
When the host joins, further instructions will be provided.

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