Beta Zeta Crescent


Beta Zeta Crescent
Beta Zeta Crescent
Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity
Spring 2014
Noble Ruler Report
It is my pleasure to welcome you all to another edition of the bi-annual Crescent
newsletter. My name is Will Rogers and I am the 2014 Noble Ruler of Beta Zeta. I am
a junior from Ridgeville, S.C., majoring in Environmental and Natural Resources and
minoring in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology.
We are currently up to 49 undergraduate members who actively participate in many
organizations across campus. Through our service and leadership in the 2013 school
year, the Beta Zeta chapter won the Interfraternity Council Cup award.
The Brothers of the Beta Zeta chapter strive to promote a positive image of our
fraternity both on and off campus.
Will Rogers #631
Noble Ruler
[email protected]
Shag for Ag
Recently, Beta Zeta has adopted a new philanthropic idea
in support of Clemson’s College of Agriculture, Forestry,
and Life Sciences Dean’s Excellence Fund in collaboration with Clemson University Student Government. Students and faculty from every part of Clemson came out
to 113 Calhoun St. to shag the night away, get their fill
of BBQ, and even claim their title as best pie baker and
best shagging pair. Overall the event was a success as we
raised $1,750 for the Dean’s Excellence Fund.
What’s inside
VNR Operations Report • New Members • And More..
My name is Richard
Dorn #607 and this year
I am serving as VNR
Membership Development. We were pleased
with our membership
gains this past semester,
although our numbers
were low with only one
new initiate, his quality
makes up for it. Caleb
Randall Patrick #652 is
a sophomore Agricultural Mechanization and
Business major from St.
George, SC. We look
forward to having more
members of his quality
in the future.
VNR Operations Report
Hey y’all,
My name is Zach Zeaser and I am
pleased to have the opportunity to
serve as VNR Operations for 2014.
This semester I have learned so much
about what it means to be a leader and
what it takes to keep things at 113 Calhoun St. running smoothly. For that I
am very appreciative. The house is a
little over two years old now, however
we are constantly trying to improve
certain aspects of the house and property in attempt to keep it the best off
campus fraternity house in Clemson,
and for future AGR’s. However, unfortunately, we lost our B-Frame in
a fire earlier in the year. We are currently waiting on city engineers to
evaluate the remaining structure so
that we can begin working on repairs/
constructing a new building. A few of
the projects that are currently in progress are making plaques out of beams
from the previous house to go above
each room with the names of each
room on them. Also, we are building
a few tables to be placed in the dining hall. Upcoming in the fall we plan
on a workday to thoroughly clean and
prepare the house for the fall. Lastly,
I would like to say thank you to all of
the alumni who give back to the fraternity and help us to have one of the best
college experiences while in Clemson.
We cannot say thank you enough for
what we have been provided.
Zachary Zeaser #644
VNR Operations
[email protected]
Crescent Publishing Service
This issue of the Beta Zeta Chapter Crescent was
published through the Crescent Publishing Service
(CPS). This is a special project of the Alpha Gamma
Rho Home Office to assist chapters in improving
communications with alumni. Chapters pay a small
fee for the service below the actual production
cost to encourage regular contact. This project is
made possible by donations from alumni like you.
Please consider contributing.
Our Condolences
We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our brothers this past semester. Joseph Melton Loflin “Buttercup” #489 passed away on March 8, 2014. We are very
proud to call him our brother, and the bond created between us all at 113 Calhoun St. could not be stronger.
Our condolences go out to his family and friends.
Upcoming Events
IFC Rush – August 31 through September 4, 2014
Rush Blowout – September 5, 2014
New brother initiation ceremony – September 7, 2014
Homecoming Float build – October 19 through 20, 2014
Parent and Alumni Social - TBA
Halloween Pumpkin Carve off – TBA
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner – TBA
Annual Christmas Cocktail – TBA
VNR Finance Report
Hello, my name is Will Thomas and I am serving my second term as VNR Finance. As usual, it is
always a difficult task of creating a budget and this
semester was no different. One thing that I noticed
and wanted to change when I was elected to VNR
Finance the first term was the amount of frivolous
spending. Over the past year, I have worked to cut
down on the spending and so far it has worked fairly well. While the new house is great to be in, the
costs associated with living in it has increased from
the old house. When we first moved into the new
house, the costs were not yet realized, but after two
full years we have finally gotten a pretty good idea
of the costs associated with living here. In order
to maintain utilities and other services provided, a
portion of each brother’s dues are used for this. The
meal plan covers the cost of food as well as Ms.
Becki’s salary. If you have any questions about the
budget or in general about finances, you are welcome to call or email me anytime. My phone number is 864-958-0184 and my email is wbthoma@g. Go Tigers!
Will Thomas #619
VNR Finance
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VNR Activities Report
It has been a big year for activities at 113 Calhoun St. This
semester we have put on a dinner
with the Alpha Delta Pi sorority,
held our annual faculty supper
where Dr. Tim Drake spoke on
the history of Clemson Agriculture, and celebrated Founder’s
Day on the front lawn. We are
grateful for our wonderful new
back yard and basement which
are perfect for hosting events.
We are in the process of planning a new philanthropy for the
upcoming fall. I entered this se-
mester with the mission of planning a long overdue formal that
has been missing from our social
calendar for a number of years.
On April 26th brothers and their
dates enjoyed a four hour houseboat cruise on Lake Keowee. If
you have thoughts or suggestions
please feel free to contact me.
Kenan Sakarcan #623
[email protected]
In the fall we look to reclaim our
spot as the number 1 float on Bowman Field in the annual Homecoming
Build October 19 through 25, 2014.
The theme this year is “Changing the
world one Tiger at a time.” We already
have some great ideas about the design being put to paper. Unfortunately,
when the B frame burnt we lost most
of the supplies that we have been storing. If you have any supplies such
as 2 x 4 boards, pomp, chicken wire,
nails, and screws please contact Jacob
Oswald #611 at [email protected].
edu. Thank you all for your support.
Special Thanks
We would like to give a
special thanks to our long
time cook and friend Miss
Rebecca Nightingale, affectionately known by
over 250 brothers as Ms.
Becki. She has recently
graduated from Southern
Wesleyan University with
a Bachelors of Science
Degree in Human Resources and has decided that with this knowledge she
will pursue another field of work. Ms. Becki came to
work for Alpha Gamma Rho in January of 2002 and
right off the bat she fit in perfectly with the wild and
crazy residents of 113 Calhoun St. She has since been
with us for 12 years. We are sad to see her go but we
wish her the best in her future endeavors.
VNR Recruitment Report
It is a great honor that I am allowed to serve as the
recruitment chair this year. This past semester was a difficult rush semester with a rule change in the minimum
GPA required to rush knocking out a few promising
recruits. However we did gain one new brother Caleb
Patrick, a sophomore Ag Mechanization and Business
major. We are looking forward to this fall’s rush and
have a few promising guys lined up for recruitment. I
encourage everyone to please send me the names of any
guys coming to Clemson this fall that would be a good
fit in the Beta Zeta chapter. Feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected] if you know of anyone
interested in rushing our great fraternity.
Corbin Yon #645
VNR Recruitment
Lost Brothers
Please let us know if you have the updated address for these alumni! Send the information to: Beta Zeta
Chapter, Alpha Gamma Rho, Attn: Alumni Relations, 113 Calhoun St., Clemson, SC 29631.
* Roll Number, First Name, Last Name, Date Initiated
Wayne Billon5/10/74
Charles Kerr11/1/74
Joseph Wingard
104 Anthony Melton
David English12/1/77
119 RobertArmstrong
John Crook11/19/78
G. Sullivan11/30/81
Larry McGee4/19/82
Willis Callie4/1/82
Chris Ray12/6/82
John McComb12/1/82
185 Richard Mizzell
191 Tommy Bridges
215 Walter Hechenhleikner 2/1/85
229 PatrickHaynes 9/1/86
231 MarvinBouknight
Neal Croll2/16/88
254 Kenneth Miley
258 David Gallagher
259 Billy Spitzmiller
Ellis Foster3/26/92
309 Brian Hollifield
312 Stephen Carroll
Jack Reel11/30/93
Evans Mathew11/30/93
John Nixon3/10/94
Corey Smith10/13/94
Glen George10/13/94
346 Jason Caughman
James Valek10/13/94
Carter Lawson10/10/95
James Tupper10/10/95
359 Michael Wilkinson
Ryan Harvey10/10/95
362 Duncan Noland
376 Franklin Williams
David Tester8/15/97
Colin Martin9/15/97
George Stone9/15/97
453 John Burnside
454 DerekSkipper
490 Lawrence Weathers
501 Derek Atkinson
535 Craig Robinson
539 Andrew Malarik
Travis Lunn9/3/06
We hope you have enjoyed reading Beta Zeta’s spring 2014
Chapter Crescent!
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Beta Zeta Chapter Crescent
Alumni News Wanted
The next issue of the Beta Zeta Chapter Crescent should be full of news about alumni brothers. Please send us
your updated contact information and the latest on your accomplishments (marriage, family, jobs, etc.) to: Beta
Zeta Chapter, Alpha Gamma Rho, Attn: Alumni Relations, 113 Calhoun St., Clemson, SC 29631.
Recruitment Recommendation
Please help us recruit the best of men. If you know someone who would make a good addition to our Fraternity,
please let us know so we can contact him and enhance our brotherhood.
Name: __________________________________________________ Age: _______________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail address: _______________________________________________________________________________
Phone - home:____________________________________________ School: ____________________________
Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________
Your name and address: ________________________________________________________________________
Please Mail to: Alpha Gamma Rho – Beta Zeta Chapter,
Attn: Recruitment, 113 Calhoun St., Clemson, SC 29631.