ObserveIT Version 5.7.2 Release Notes


ObserveIT Version 5.7.2 Release Notes
ObserveIT Version 5.7.2 Release Notes
This document lists the enhancements and provides information about issues that were discovered and fixed
since the release of ObserveIT version 5.7.1. This information is not included in the Release Notes of the
ObserveIT version 5.7.1 product documentation.
The most up-to-date release documentation is available at: http://www.observeit.com/Support/Documentation.
ObserveIT version 5.7.2 now supports Web Console UI translation of Korean, Chinese
(Traditional/Simplified), and Japanese.
Archive data is split into daily transactions, thus enabling an even larger volume of data to be archived.
ArcSight Monitor Log improvements including DBA activity and System Events.
Resolved Issues
The following issues were resolved for ObserveIT software version 5.7.2:
 [Issue #12814] – On AIX platforms, when switching to root or any other user by running the su or su –
command, metadata is now recorded.
 [Issue #12905] – In cases of DNS connectivity problems, logging in to Unix Agents no longer times out.
 [Issue #12941] – After working with the File System and switching to Agent offline mode, the images from
sessions that were recorded in offline mode now display properly.
 [Issue #12946] – Monitoring logs of UNIX/Linux commands is no longer limited to 50 characters.
 [Issue #12947] [Issue #15239] – The certificate that stores the key that is used for image security now
supports up to 2048 bits.
 [Issue #12961] – In some cases, UNIX/Linux commands were not recorded when using X terminals. This
issue was resolved.
 [Issue #15098] – When running a Telnet session on a SLES 11 server, the host name/ IP address are now
displayed in the Server/User Diary.
 [Issue #15144] [Issue #15169] – Performing an upgrade to the archive database (Archive-Only upgrade
mode) now works properly.
 [Issue #15170] – Improved policy implementation when opening another RDP session from within an RDP
 [Issue #15183] – When uninstalling a Windows Agent using the “Add/Remove Programs” option from the
Control Panel, you must provide a security password, if configured in your security installation policy.
 [Issue #15201] – After upgrading to ObserveIT version 5.7 with image security enabled, sessions from the
previous version can now be played back properly.
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 [Issue #15260] – After upgrading to ObserveIT version 5.7, Unix/Linux-based server policy configuration
changes are now saved successfully.
 Issue #15267 – In rare cases, the Windows Agent trace file consumed a significant amount of disk space.
This issue was fixed.
 [Issue #15407] – The “oitcheck” validation check on AIX 7.1 Agents was fixed.
 [Issue #15409] – When running “who” or “who am I” commands on AIX 6.1 or 7.1 Agent servers, the
output is no longer incorrect.
 [Issue #15466] [15540] – The default filter in the Alert Rules tab in the Web Management Console
(“Configuration" > “Alerts & Events”) was changed so that all alert rules will now be displayed.
 [Issue #15406] [15408] – The Windows Agent now sends alerts in cases of file tampering events.
 [Issue #15561] – An email address with a domain which is longer than 4 digits can now be used.
 [Issue #15565] – Customized Web Console URLs are now supported when customizing URL (FQDN) names
or certificate FQDN names.
 [Issue #15536] – When using Internet Explorer version 11.0.13, the ObserveIT Agent records data only
from the site of the first URL tab that is accessed.
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