TZOHAR Summer Conference 2015


TZOHAR Summer Conference 2015
Conference 2015
Talking about
What's Important to You
July 8, 2015 | Binyanei Haumah
Registration, Coffee and Refreshments
Participants can attend the sessions listed below, or choose from a wide variety
of lectures, discussions and panels in Hebrew. See website for more information.
Session 1:
Libi B’mizrach: Can Anglo-Israelis Influence Diaspora Jewry?
Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold,
Head, OU Israel Center’s Avrom Silver Jerusalem College for Adults
Rabbi Doron Perez, Head, Mizrachi Olami
Break and Lunch
‫מושב מרכזי לזכרו של הרב אהרון ליכטנשטיין ז"ל‬
‫ מנכ"ל צהר‬,‫ הרב ד"ר משה בארי‬:‫דברי פתיחה‬
‫דרכים לחיזוק מעמדה של ההלכה בחברה הישראלית‬
‫ הרב משה ליכטנשטיין‬- ‫דברי פתיחה‬
‫ הרב אליעזר מלמד | הרב יובל שרלו | הרבנית חנה הנקין מנחה הרב יונה גודמן‬:‫פאנל בהשתתפות‬
After the Honeymoon: Maintaining Intimacy in Our Busy Lives
This session will begin with a short introduction to the entire group by each speaker, and then
split into separate discussions for men and women
Dr. Jennie Rosenfeld, Communal Spiritual Leader, Efrat
Rabbi Gideon Weizman, Director of PUAH Institute
Roundtable Discussion
Rabbi Dov Lipman, Former Member of Knesset
Rabbi Ronen Neuwirth, Rav, Congregation Ohel Ari, Raanana, founder, Beit Hillel
Laura ben David, Marketing and Digital Media Specialist
Moderator: Josh Hasten, Voice of Israel
Session 4:
Minchah and Conclusion
Ger V’Toshav Anochi: Will Anglos Ever Really Fit In and Impact Israeli Society?
Session 3:
Language, Culture, Self-esteem, and Social Integration
Joy Epstein, MSW, Family Therapist - Kav L’noar
Parenting Anglo Teens: Challenges and Opportunities
Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivat Hesder Orot Shaul
in Kfar Batya, Founding Member of Tzohar
Session 2:
Panel and Discussion 12:50 11:30-12:50
Teen Aliyah Challenges
For registration:
220 NIS (individual), 380 NIS (couple)
Early registration discount (before 1.7) 180 NIS (individual), 320 NIS (couple)

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