2014-2015 Annual Report - The Utility Reform Network



2014-2015 Annual Report - The Utility Reform Network
TURN’s 2014-2015
Annual Report
Mark Toney’s
t urning
G&E mismanagement and regulatory laxity
In related cases investigating the safety of
by the California Public Utilities Commission
Sempra’s management of its SoCal Gas and
(CPUC) were the main causes of the fatal
SDG&E pipelines, TURN was also successful in
PG&E explosion in a residential
demanding shareholder
neighborhood in San Bruno in
“Regulators must hold funding for neglected main2010. After close to five years of
tenance. Sempra tried to
utilities accountable
advocacy, TURN and the City of
charge customers twice for
for the risk reductions
San Bruno won unprecedented
testing the same pipelines,
they promise, as costpenalties of $1.6 billion to be
since the company had
paid by PG&E shareholders and
effectively as possible” failed to properly record test
applied toward fixing neglected
results the first time. TURN
pipelines and replacing missing
demanded that Sempra pay
and inaccurate records.
for the re-tests which were
TURN’s victories in the San Bruno case, spearonly needed because of its own failures. But last
headed by Legal Director Thomas Long, will hold
minute lobbying pushed the Commission’s deciPG&E accountable to higher standards in the future,
sion in favor of Sempra, a decision TURN quickly
and prevent PG&E from charging customers for the
appealed. On rehearing, we finally won a just decosts of its own mistakes.
C O N T I N U E S O N PA G E 3
Mark Toney
Tom Long
Bob Finkelstein
Marcel Hawiger
Matt Freedman
Christine Mailloux
Elise Torres
Nina Suetake
Hayley Goodson
Regina Costa
Richard Perez
Mindy Spatt
Ana Montes
Eric Borden
Haley de Genova
Carl Wood
Jeff Shields
Constance Slider Pierre
Veronica Fields
Dolores Sanchez
Kori Chen
Bill Nusbaum
Melanie Shelby
Mindy Spatt
Haley de Genova
Message from TURN’s Executive Director
Dear TURN Consumer
salute each and every
one of you for making
2015 a banner year for
holding California utility
and telecom companies
accountable to their customers! Your contributions, letters, and testimonials, in partnership
with the small, but dedicated, TURN staff, have
won the following major victories in 2015:
1. Slammed the Brakes on the Electric Vehicle Gravy Train. Thanks to our new staff attorney
Elise Torres, and energy analyst Eric Borden,
we expect that California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will have slashed the number
of electric vehicle charging stations proposed
by Edison, SDG&E and PG&E from 60,000 to
around 10,000, slashing hundreds of millions of
dollars of cost to California utility customers.
2. Stopped CPUC Blank Checks for Public
Safety. Thanks to legal director Tom Long, and
staff attorney Marcel Hawiger, the CPUC is beginning to hold PG&E and Sempra accountable
so that every dollar they receive for gas pipeline
safety actually gets spent on pipeline safety.
Thanks to years of work by telecom policy director Regina Costa, the CPUC will finally conduct
an investigation into the reliability of the 911
emergency phone system. And General Counsel
Bob Finkelstein led the team that slashed SoCal
Edison’s rates by over $3 million!
3. Protected Your Right to Affordable Home
Phones. We know from your membership surveys that the majority of TURN members rely
on home telephone service. Thanks to staff
attorney Christine Mailloux, the CPUC has
capped how much AT&T can jack up your rates
through 2020.
4. Unlocked Free Solar Energy in Your Own
Backyard. Thanks to communications director
Mindy Spatt, TURN joined forces with Assemblymember Patty López to win passage of AB 1448
that gives all California residents the right to use
clotheslines, even if they live in apartments or in
communities with Home Owner Associations.
5. Turned on the Spotlight on CPUC Accountability. Thanks to staff attorney Matt Freedman,
TURN allied with Senators Mark Leno and Ben
Hueso to win unanimous passage of SB 660 to
end secret meetings between utility companies
and the CPUC. We didn’t let the Governor’s veto
stop us, and we have introduced the bill (now
SB 215) again.
6. TURN staff attorney Hayley Goodson and
organizing director Ana Montes worked to improve low-income assistance programs including CARE and LifeLine, assuring access to essential lights, heat and phone service to millions of
eligible Californians.
We will need your involvement in TURN more
than ever in 2016 to defeat the efforts of megacorporations to drain every last dollar out of your
pocketbooks. Major TURN campaigns to champion the rights of California consumers include:
• Stopping AT&T from Cutting the Cord on
Home Phone Service:
TURN is leading a coalition of labor, small business, senior and consumer advocates to fight AB
2395, a bill that endangers your ability to reach
911 and your right to choose landline telephone
service (and DSL) if you want it. This bill allows
AT&T to abandon copper telephone networks
anywhere and any place after 2020.
• Challenging Grid Expansion — What’s in it
for Warren Buffet?
TURN is leading groups to protect state ratepayers from rate increases that may come as a
result of the PacifiCorp (owned by Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway) campaign to expand the California Independent System Operator into a grid
manager for the Western U.S.
• Fighting Unnecessary Increases in Your
Monthly Bills:
TURN is leading the fight to make sure that
SoCal Gas consumers aren’t hit with bills from
the Aliso Canyon gas leak disaster, and that
Northern and Central California customers are
not hit with a $2.4 billion PG&E rate increase.
Each year we fight off dozens of demands for
higher rates from all the major utilities, and each
year we save you millions of dollars.
We appreciate each and every one of you who
has made a membership contribution or special
donation to TURN throughout the years. I also
want to thank our administrative staff, Richard
Perez and Haley de Genova, who process your
donations and answer your calls. I invite you to
consider additional ways that a growing number of TURN members have chosen to support
our campaigns for corporate accountability and
consumer rights, including our monthly donor
program and planned giving programs.
M a r k To n e y, E x e c u t i v e D i re c t o r o f T U R N
C O N T I N U E S F R O M PA G E 1
TURN celebrated our 2015 legislative successes at Mayahuel
restaurant in Sacramento on January 13, 2016. Pictured are Executive Director Mark Toney and staff attorney Matt Freedman with
awardees Senator Ben Hueso and Senator Mark Leno, who succeeded in winning widespread, bipartisan support and legislative
approval of TURN’s CPUC reform bill, SB 660. Assemblymember
Patty López received the Backyard Solar Award for expanding
solar rights in California by finally banning the ban on clotheslines
that HOAs and apartment buildings have enforced against conservation-minded residents for years.
cision that requires Sempra shareholders to pay for the re-tests.
TURN protested utility lobbying in the
PG&E Gas Transmission and Storage rate
case as well, where PG&E took a corrupt
approach to its outrageous demands for
higher gas rates, secretly (and successfully) demanding that it be allowed to
hand-pick the CPUC judge that would
hear the case. After the improper communications between the CPUC and
PG&E were revealed, TURN won a 1-year
ban on PG&E “ex parte” communications
– one we hope to make permanent with
SB 215 (last session’s SB 660) – as well as
a $1 million penalty at the outset, with
hundreds of millions more possible in
the future.
“Safety and cost issues are inextricably
intertwined,” said Long. “Utility companies have a strong financial incentive
to forecast excessive revenue needs in
rate cases. But, despite utility claims to
the contrary, giving them more ratepayer money doesn’t necessarily get consumers the safety they want. Regulators
must hold utilities accountable for the
risk reductions they promise, as cost-effectively as possible.”
ith rate increases, ever-growing phone bills, and utility
companies constantly trying to get ratepayers to foot
the bill for their mistakes, the prospect of maintaining
access to safe, affordable, and reliable utility and telecom service
is becoming out of reach for many Californians. That’s why now
more then ever, law-makers and utility regulators need to hear
from consumers. In 2015, TURN Organizing Director Ana Montes
was part of a delegation of 13 consumer advocates that traveled
to Washington, D.C. to advocate before members of Congress and
the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for affordable
and reliable access to phone and Internet services. The delegation
brought powerful testimonies of TURN members, LifeLine subscribers, and delegates that represent families of the incarcerated
to speak before a crowd of over 100 Congressional staff and allies.
“The stories of real consumers are what will move policymakers
and drive change,” said Montes. “At the CPUC and in Washington,
TURN made sure their voices were heard.” Shortly afterwards the
FCC agreed with the need to expand the Universal Services Program to include Broadband Access.
TURN stands as a bridge in not only informing consumers across
the state about their rights, but also educating and empowering
customers to demand safe, and affordable service. We provide platforms for Californians to voice their concerns through
public hearings, community meetings, and
individual complaints. TURN has organized
consumers to speak out at CPUC Forums,
and public hearings, participated in panels with like-minded consumer advocacy
groups, and held community presentations
across California, educating consumers
about their rights, listening to their concerns, and giving them a
voice before law-makers.
The topics of this year’s presentations and discussions included:
• Net neutrality and privacy rights;
• Expansion of the low-income LifeLine program;
• Building community support for the California
Teleconnect Fund.
TURN works directly with consumers that are at risk of, or have
already had their power shut off by utility companies; our Consumer Advocates worked on over 1,000 individual complaints from
ratepayers across the state in the last 18 months alone.
kyrocketing phone rates and poor
service quality also impact customers’ safety. Without a working
phone in an emergency, power outage
or other disaster, vulnerable consumers
have no way of getting assistance when
they need it. That’s one reason for state
and national universal service policies that
make essential phone service affordable,
and service standards that require phone
companies to provide reliable connec- CHRISTINE MAILLOUX
tions customers can depend on.
But AT&T doesn’t want to be held to any standards at all,
especially where rates for basic service are concerned. In fact,
TURN heard so many complaints from customers about skyrocketing AT&T bills that we were forced to bring a formal California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) complaint ourselves,
alleging rates were so high they were unreasonable.
AT&T tried to get our complaint dismissed, but TURN would
not back down. AT&T was forced to agree to a settlement that
resulted in significant new consumer protections, including
enhanced benefits for low-income customers who qualify for
LifeLine, and people with disabilities, represented by TURN
ally the Center for Accessible Technology.
The settlement limits rate increases for the millions of Californians who rely on AT&T for basic or LifeLine services. Between
2009-2014 AT&T had increased its basic service prices by over
$10, and measured rate services $12.38. What’s worse, there
was no end in sight. TURN won four years of relatively stable
and predictable rates, with increases capped at only three dollars. Hundreds of thousands of AT&T LifeLine customers will
directly benefit from this settlement, as will millions more who
subscribe to basic service.
“The Commission’s hands-off approach simply wasn’t working for consumers,” said TURN staff attorney Christine Mailloux.
“It was a huge victory to be able to claw back these protections,
and stop the unreasonable price spikes AT&T wanted.”
rom the minute corporate giant
Comcast announced it’s desire
to acquire Time Warner Cable
in 2014, TURN stood as a staunch
opponent of the merger, and fought
a bruising year-long battle to prevent
the phone behemoth Comcast from
becoming even more powerful. “The
merger would have given Comcast
control of over 84% of the major meTELECOMMUNICATIONS
dia markets in California, and by conREGINA
trolling the means of distribution,
given Comcast a monopoly over
the delivery of content, the prices paid by customers,
and the payments to content creators,” said TURN telecommunications director Regina Costa. “We knew it had
to be stopped.”
With our allies in the “Stop Mega Comcast Coalition,” including The Consumer Federation of America, Consumer’s
Union, Media Alliance, The Greenlining Institute, Consumer
Action and many others, we alerted the public to the danger. In the end, a major victory was scored for Californians
throughout the state as, under attack on numerous fronts, the
merger spectacularly unraveled. Consumers had their voices
heard, and a potential crisis for consumers was averted.
Costa also works alongside major national consumer
advocates as chair of the Telecom Committee of NASUCA,
the National Association of Utility Consumer Advocates’
Telecom committee. Through NASUCA Costa brings our
efforts to maintain affordable rates and universal service
guarantees to a national stage.
In 2014-15, TURN worked at the FCC to address phone
companies abandoning copper networks, the need for sufficient back-up battery power for telecom networks, and
protecting the rights of LifeLine customers and rural communities. With solid arguments and a strong alliance, the
FCC heard us, and ruled positively on several key demands.
“Don’t Let Them Take Away My Landline”
hat’s what one customer said recently when she found
out that AT&T wants to abandon its copper network altogether. TURN is mobilizing all our resources to make sure
AT&T does not win approval of AB 2395 (Low, D-San Jose), which
would eliminate customer choice- and allow AT&T to eliminate
the reliable copper lines that millions of families, seniors, businesses, rural communities and emergency personnel rely on.
AT&T has already spent close to a million dollars on lobbying. We need your help to fight back! Please consider becoming a monthly donor- your small investment in TURN will come
back to you not only in huge savings, but also in enhanced consumer protections. We can’t fight this David vs. Goliath battle
without you!
Sign up online at www.turn.org, use the attached envelope, or call
CFO Richard Perez at 415.929.8876, ext. 305, for more information.
alifornia is a national leader in policies designed to
prevent global warming and reduce dangerous emissions. But profit-driven utilities should not be allowed
to use our state’s commitment to green energy to push though
expensive, experimental new schemes simply by slapping a
green label on them. That’s why the two newest members of
TURN’s energy team, Elise Torres and Eric Borden, teamed up
to challenge bloated utility proposals for thousands of electric
vehicle charging stations. The proposals put the cart before the
horse in more ways than one, demanding customer funding
up front for the untested charging stations without sufficiently
demonstrating their value. Currently, only a small percentage of wealthier Californians
own electric vehicles, which means only a small percentage of
customers would use the charging stations that Edison, PG&E
and SDG&E wanted to make ubiquitous. “TURN wanted to
lower customer costs and maximize benefits at the same time,”
said TURN energy policy analyst Eric Borden.“There’s no point
in putting charging stations into
communities where consumers
don’t drive EVs, unless rebates and
subsidies are designed to increase
affordability and adoption.”
TURN believed the customer-funded programs could provide more benefits to low-income
customers whose neighborhoods
often face heightened risks from
pollution. But we also wanted to
make sure any charging stations
that were put into vulnerable
communities were likely to actually be used. Utilities are all
too happy to invest customers’
money and receive guaranteed
returns regardless of the results
if TURN and other consumer
groups are not vigilant.
TURN recommended that utiliSTAFF ATTORNEY
ties take a phased approach, startELISE TORRES
ing with smaller pilots targeting
underserved markets and locations. The CPUC agreed to many of the cutbacks we recommended in the size and cost of programs proposed by SDG&E
and Edison. In addition, the CPUC agreed to require that owners of apartment buildings, workplaces and other places where
the stations are installed contribute to their cost, limiting the
risks to customers.
“Too many of the benefits of the utility proposals were speculative, which is why smaller scale pilot programs were needed
to test assumptions and collect data,” said TURN staff attorney
Elise Torres. “TURN not only won substantial reductions to the
customer costs, we also won changes making it more likely the
programs will be successful so that consumers will see benefits
commensurate with those costs.” Elise and Eric are currently
demanding comparable cost reductions and program improvements for the inflated PG&E charging station proposal,
which the CPUC has already ordered PG&E to scale back.
n a case determining PG&E’s spending for vital natural gas
pipeline capacity, TURN won policies that will increase reliability and reduce ratepayer costs. One of the issues at
stake was whether PG&E should continue to purchase capacity for the all the small gas customers in its service territory,
including those served by alternate unregulated companies,
or only for its own customers. TURN crunched the numbers,
and determined that keeping adequate, predictable interstate pipeline capacity for core load was key for reliability. The
CPUC agreed with TURN that it was in consumers’ best interests to order PG&E to be responsible for purchasing capacity for all customers, while reducing the subsidy that utility
customers end up paying for those who chose unregulated
alternate providers.
This case also set the all-important amount of interstate pipeline capacity that PG&E should purchase for core customers.
TURN successfully advocated for a reduction in PG&E’s plan-
ning range that will reduce annual
pipeline capacity costs. While the
exact amount varies annually according to contract costs, PG&E spent approximately $166 million on pipeline
reservation costs in 2013. Thanks to
TURN the Commission adopted a
range lower than PG&E wanted for
the next three years, resulting in annual cost savings of about $20 million
per year.
“The policies won in this case will
have a positive impact on the reliability of gas service, and also
put customers less at risk for price spikes,” said TURN staff attorney Marcel Hawiger. “This is one case where the Commission
did the right thing, and customers will reap the combination of
results we always strive for, lower bills and better service.”
he small public purpose charges included
in our monthly energy
bills go toward big goals. At
best, these programs reduce
statewide usage, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the risk of energy
shortages that drive up prices. Programs including CaliSTAFF ATTORNEY
fornia Affordable Rates for
Energy (CARE) and the Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP) also provide
vital assistance to families struggling to pay their
monthly bills and find ways to lower them.
Affordable rates are an important way to improve the health, comfort and safety of low-income consumers, who are often threatened with
dangerous and deadly utility shut-offs. On average about 75,000 California households face
cold, dark homes every month. Those shut-offs
can trigger all kinds of financial impacts, including service reinstatement costs, food spoilage
and replacement costs, and even eviction. In the
worst cases, use of candles or other unsafe heating or lighting methods has led to fires. TURN staff attorney Hayley Goodson spearheads TURN’s efforts to hold utilities accountable for running these customer-funded efficiency programs in the most effective, low-cost
way possible.
“Struggling consumers should be able to get
help,” said TURN staff attorney Hayley Goodson. “That means energy efficiency programs
should be easy for eligible customers to access.”
Goodson worked with other consumer groups to
streamline CARE availability for customers already
income-verified for other programs. This categorical eligibility provides efficiency for the customer
while also saving on administrative costs.
In addition, Goodson advocated for expansion
of a pilot program providing in-language education, outreach, assistance, and advocacy to
limited English proficient utility customers via a
network of community groups. “The CHANGES
program will bring the benefits of these public
purpose programs to more eligible customers,”
said Goodson. Moreover, CHANGES equips limited English proficient consumers with advocates who can help them interact with the utility
over billing disputes, payment arrangements,
avoidance of service disconnections, or restoration of service.
tilities are accustomed to filling their
rate case requests with millions in
excessive spending that would do
more to boost profits than safety, reliability,
or anything that would benefit customers.
They also can ignore developments that, if
revealed, would help the CPUC recognize
an opportunity to lower rates. SoCal Edison’s 2015 general rate case had examples
of both. Thanks to TURN’s scrutiny, the
CPUC not only scaled back the funding request, but also identified tax benefits that
Edison had steered to its shareholders but would now help reduce
rates. TURN’s efforts challenged Edison cost forecasts throughout
its operations, from an ambitious but exorbitant pole replacement
program to Edison’s practice of hiring high-priced “outside counsel”
to bolster the dozens of lawyers already on its payroll. TURN successfully challenged Edison’s proposal to pay its corporate board out of rates, or to have customers bear costs of executive bonuses and rewards tied to high stock prices. TURN also
caught Edison overreaching on opt-out meter reading, hydro generation costs, streetlight replacements, peaker plants and many
other issues.
“Edison had padded everything with millions in unnecessary
costs,” said TURN General Counsel Bob Finkelstein. While the
CPUC’s final decision was far too generous with Edison, TURN’s
efforts produced getting $330 million shaved off of the first year’s
increases, with similar reductions in 2016 and 2017 as well. “The
end result here was the rare instance where Edison’s rates actually
went down,” said Finkelstein. “Much of that is tied to the removal of
SONGS costs and favorable tax changes, but TURN’s successful efforts are a big part of why consumers won’t see the level of rate and
bill increases Edison tried to ram through in previous rate cases.”
Cash and Cash
Accounts Receivable
Other Assets $1,045,199
URN staff attorney Matt Freedman spent
much of the past three years fighting
utility proposals to replace the tiered rate
structure with a structure that includes large
fixed charges and relatively flat usage-based
rates. Consumer and environmental groups
were united in opposing utility proposals.
The tiered rates supported by TURN and
Freedman can keep essential amounts of electricity affordable, provide greater quantities of
inexpensive energy to customers located in hot,
inland areas and reward conservation. TURN’s
research showed that the utility proposals would
increase electric bills for almost three-quarters of
residential customers.
TURN also opposed efforts by the CPUC President Michael Picker to automatically switch all
residential customers into time-based rate structures. The switch could dramatically raise summer bills for many people, especially in hotter
areas where air conditioning is a necessity.
Freedman’s advocacy helped defeat fixed
charges for the time being, increased the low-income discount for eligible families, and preserved
many key elements of the tiered rate structure.
Moreover, he raised serious concerns about the
economic and environmental impact of timebased rates that will defer involuntary switching
of residential customers until at least 2019.
The CPUC has been
determined to make
the switch despite public opposition, and, in a
contentious set of decisions, the scheme was
jammed through at the
last minute. TURN staff
attorney Matt Freedman said, “although
our coalition failed to
stop the forced switching of customers to punitive time-based rates,
we won significant concessions that will soften
the blow, and delay implementation until 2019
or later.”
TURN advocated for keeping baseline rates affordable, flattening the tiers, providing customers with the choice of rate plans, preserving the
maximum low-income discounts, and deferring
any new fixed charges. “Although the CPUC decision opens the door to fixed charges, they were
not approved and TURN will have additional
opportunities to fight against them,” Freedman
said. In addition, TURN won a 3-tier structure
through the creation of a super-user charge on
energy hogs. TURN also won more generous discounts for customers who qualify for low-income
CARE and FERA rates.
Every penny you give
to TURN comes back
to you in millions of
dollars in savings.
Please use the
attached envelope to
send us an additional
donation today.
s scandals unfolded around the CPUC’s cozy relationships with P&GE and SoCal Edison, TURN was
frequently in the news, keeping the focus on consumers’ right to safe reliable service, and protecting them from
the costs of utility mismanagement and corruption. With our
long-standing concerns about President Peevey’s close ties to
utilities taking center stage, communications director Mindy
Spatt was frequently called on to provide reporters with historical materials on Peevey’s long reign of terror at the CPUC.
TURN exposed whistleblower claims about Peevey’s bias
toward an unneeded power plant in Otay Mesa plant, winning coverage in the LA Times and San Diego Union Tribune.
TURN’s claims about Peevey’s bias in that case were first covered in the same newspapers in 2003.
TURN’s demand for $68 million in refunds due to the back
door deal Peevey made for “incentive” payments to PG&E were
covered by several media outlets, including KQED San Francisco and California Energy Markets. In that case as well, the refund demands were not the first time we’d approached the me-
dia on the issue. TURN had complained
loudly about the “incentive” program being basically a slush fund for years.
“TURN not only provides comments, we
provide perspective” said Spatt. “Effective
media advocacy is key to holding utilities
accountable for their mistakes, which impact our safety, our rates, our lives.”
TURN staff members were quoted regMINDY SPATT
ularly on numerous high-profile energy
issues, from the CPUC’s flawed rate re-design to the gas storage problems revealed by the Aliso Canyon
leak. Executive director Mark Toney traveled to CPUC hearings
statewide, and his comments were featured in news outlets
throughout California, including ABC KGTV 10 San Diego, KPBS
public radio, Fresno Bee, KTVU Oakland and NBC 11 San Jose.
Spatt is also responsible for TURN’s online communications and newsletter, which allow us to keep connected with
our members and supporters throughout the state.
D O N AT I O N S R E C E I V E D F R O M J U N E 2014 - D E C E M B E R 2015
URN appreciates each and
every donation we receive, not
just because it helps fund our consumer advocacy and assistance,
but also because we know your
donations are a vote of confidence.
TURN regrets that we don’t have the
space to thank all our donors individually, because we are so grateful for
all of your support.
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Shirley A. Beers
Melvin Beitscher and Carol Beitscher
Dolores K. Bell
Joseph C. Bellan and Verna J. Bellan
Reed H. Bement and Anne G. Bement
Craig Bender
John Berger
Robert Bergman and Wendy S. Bergman
Beatrice Berkin
Karolyn K. Berkman
Suzanne H. Berkman
George L. Berlacher and Anita E. Berlacher
D. William Berte
Dale Berven and Joanne Berven
Caroline Beverstock
Florence L. Bevilacqua
Thomas Beyerle and Dr. Sandra L. Beyerle
Nikhil Bhatt
Robert Biehler
Marianne Bihan
Dr. Daniel D. Bikle MD and Elizabeth
Wanner Bikle
Gerald Bill
Edward M. Bingham, Jr. and Merylee
Smith Bingham
Thad L. Binkley
Eugene Binnall and Myrna Binnall
Madelaine and M. Birnbaum
Herum P. Bjork and Annalee Bjork
William E. Blair and Patricia R. Blair
Dan Blechman
Dr. H. Spencer Bloch and Judy H. Bloch
Steven E. Bloom and Geri Wolfsheimer
Patricia Blumenthal PhD
H. S. Bobbitt
Bill Bodinson
Theo Bodmer
Bruce Bolinger and Charlotte L. Bolinger
Sviatoslav and Elena M. Bolshakoff
Charles J. Bornheim
Barbara Borthwick
Stanley L. Bosch and Marjorie Bosch
Joseph Boudreau and June Boudreau
Garland A. Bourgeois
Pauline Bowen
Dale A. Bowers
Hugh Brady
J. Craig Brammer
John E. Brandon
Albert Brazauski and Ellen Brazauski
Marvin Brienes and Susan Brienes
Stephen K. Brimhall and Mary Jo Brimhall
Harriet R. Brin
Paul J. Briscoe
Suzanne L. Broad and David S. Broad
Jeff Bromberg PhD
Kenneth C. Brown
Allan Brown and Marilyn Brown
Barry P. Brown and Eleanor Brown
Elizabeth R. Brown
Lawrence W. Brown
Albert E. Browning and Betty J. Browning
David R. Bruner
John R. Bruno and Mrs Janet L. Bruno
Patricia A. Bruno
Lawrence E. Bryan and Betty Jane Bryan
Louis Bryan
Kathleen H. Bryant
Anne H. Buchanan
Doug Buckmaster and Lee Buckmaster
Patricia Buehnerkemper
Mary Buren
Richard T. Burger
Nancy N. Burris and Carol A. Eifert
John H. Busma
Herbert G. Buss
Michael G. Byrne and Betty Jo Byrne
Dorothy A. Campbell
Eugene and Beatrice E. Campione
Evelyn L. Campos
Robert Campos and Maria De Jesus Campos
Kris Carey
Richard Carlin and Betty Carlin
James Carrasco and Phyllis Carrasco
Bruce Carroll
Ann L. Carson
Richard D. Carson and Carole Carson
Francis A. Cartier
Jules Carvalho, Jr. and Betty J. Carvalho
Jessica Cedillos
Darlene Ceremello and Jessea Greenman
Joseph G. Cernac and Barbara J. Coleman
Anthony Chan and Joyce M. Y. Chan
Debra Chaplan
Barbara Chapman
Alan Char
B. J. Charnak
Marilyn Chin
David K. Ching
Richard S. Chiolis and Muriel M. Chiolis
Ronald Y.F. Chun and Mildred Chun
George Cintel and Marilyn Cintel
Margaret B. Clamage
Jack K. Clapp and Jeanette Clapp
Antonia Clark
James Cleaves
Dr. Frederick W. Clegg
Norris Clement and Diane Bessell
Hazel A. Cleveland
Annabelle L. Cloner
Richard L. Coddington
Miranda Coffey
Stephen Cohen
Donna Cole
Anthony and Diane Cole
William and Brenda Colfer
Todd J. Collart and Cheryl M. Collart
Larry Collier and Elizabeth Collier
Laura Comyns
Kevin Conn
Eric Conn
Jean Conner
John Consentino and Julia Consentino
James E. Cook
Colin Cooper and Constance Cooper
Edward Copeland and Eileen Copeland
Douglas T. Corbin and Rosemary Corbin
Robert H. Cornelius
Lois E. Cornell
Peter M. Cornyn
Elizabeth Cosgriff
Melinda Cotton
Colleen E. Courtright
Wendell L. Covalt and Ginger Covalt
Hugh Cowan and Lois Cowan
David J. Crabbe and Nancy S. Crabbe
Robert Crain and S.J. Crain
Walter Larry Cranmer
George and Barbara J. Crichton
Rose Crimi
Margot C. Crocker
Lawrence E. Crooks
Jean Crossley and Jeff Crossley
H. James Crow
Marcia Cruze
Dr. George Cunningham
Libby N. Curren
Wayne Cusick and Lee Ann Cusick
Larry Cutler and Doris Cutler
Micheile D’Angelo
Denise D’Anne
Frank D’Orsi
Charles Dale
Anthony C. Dann
Evelyn J. Davis
Thomas J. Davis
David R. Dawdy and Doris O. Dawdy
Anne Decarli
Anthony A. Defazio and Marilyn Defazio
Carole Deitrich
Nestor Delevaux and Patricia Delevaux
June E. Demerdjian
Pat Denevan
Sandra E. Denuto
Ruth Deosaransingh
Dr. John P. Derdivanis
L. Peter Deutsch
Dr. Fred S. Dias and Peggy Dias
Nancy Dick
Robert H. Dickerson
Dr. Donald E. Dickerson
Margaret M. Dietz
Irene M. Dobbins
Richard M. Doberstein
Donovan Dollar and Ellen Dollar
James B. Donahue and Mary Ann Donahue
Mary A. Donovan
James Dotson
John A. Drake
Daniel Drake and Lee M.Steinback-Drake
Dianne Dryer
Doris Duncan
Elizabeth K. Dunn
John U. Dunse
Darrell Dutton
Michel and Sandra S. Dvigoubsky
Frederick B. Dyer
Lester D. Earnest
Olivia Eielson
Margaret Elizares
John Elliott and Dietlinde M. Elliott
Marjorie Z. Ellis
Muriel Ellis
Virginia M. Elmore
Enid G. Emde
Anette Emery and Patrick Cody
Frank J. Endres and Loretta F. Endres
Jacqueline J. Enfantino
Lewis Engel
Marsha Epstein
Richard N. Erbst and Patricia K. Erbst
Carole J. Erickson
Richard Evans
Caroline L. Everts
Susan M. FaGalde
Gerry Fagoaga
Burton W. Farber
Dorothye Fathauer
Alexander Fedyukin
James Feichtl
Marcia Fein
Doris Feyling
Hon. Jerry Fields (Ret) and Valerie Fields
Ruth M. Finkelstein
Robert Finkelstein
Stephen Fischer and Rosemary
Maureen S. Fischl
Solomon Fisher
Martha S. Fishkin
Wendy L. Fitch and Mark Fitch
M. Julie Fitzpatrick and E. Maurice
Shirly Fletcher
Eileen Florman
Judith Flynn
Bruce Fodiman
Wilmer Fong
Col. Hayward Fong
Tenney Ford
Inga K. Forline
Robert R. Foster
C. R. Fowler and Barbara Fowler
Michael B. Frank and Sabina Frank
Margaret Franklin
Nancy Freeman
Dr. Larry Friedlander and Barbara Friedlander
Martin B. Friedman
Paul Friedman and E. Clare Friedman
John Fries
Norma Fritsche
Walter Fujii
James R. Furby and Joy S. Furby
Richard Gable and Myra Gable
Louis Gado
Eugene Galbreath and Patricia Galbreath
Bill Galcher
Winnie Gallagher
Robert Gamblin and Carol L. Gamblin
Gilbert Gamboa
Donald Gauger
James G. Gauld and Dorothy M .Gauld
John M. Gault
Pat M. Gelb
Fred Gellert and Annette Gellert
Margo George and Catherine Karrass
August R. Gerecke, Jr. and M. K. Gerecke
Gary W. Germano and Janet L. Germano
Adam Gerza
Jeffrey A. Gilman and Carol J. Reif
David Gilson
Bruce Gladstone and Beverly Gladstone
Dr. Stanton Glantz and Marsha K. Glantz
Emil E. Glauvitz and Cho P. Glauvitz
Ernest Goitein
Deborah Gold
Leo A. Goldberg
Ann M. Goldberg
Alan E. Goodban and Nadine Goodban
Richard Gordon and Donna Gordon
Stephen Gould
Ben C. Gracy and Linda J. Gracy
Dr. Peter M. Graf
Janice Grant
Gerald Gray and Coleen Higa
Joseph R. Green and Nancy Thompson
P. A. (TURN) Greenberg
Bruce Greenlee
Charles Gresham
Michael Iglesias and Ann Gressani
Jo Ann Griffin
John D. Griffin
Patricia Grimes
Arlene Groen
Miriam and Philip Gross
Toni Gross
Lucille A. Grunder
Paul L. Gruner
Douglas H. Haas and Janet Haas
Ellinor Hagedorn
Edward V. Hagopian
Amburn Richard Hague
Thomas R. Haig
David H. Haight and Jack H. Meier
Saul Haimowitz and Ruth Haimowitz
Joseph Haley and Margaret Haley
Marlene G. Hall and Marshall D. Hall
Marian Halley
David Hammill and Katherine Hammill
John D. Hanecak
Ann E. Hansen
James E. Hanson and Katherine J. Sirota
Gerald H. Hanson and Shirley Hanson
George Hardy and Rosemary Hardy
Mary A. Harford
James A. Harger
Doris M. Hargrove
Roger A. Harrington
Helen B. Harris
James D. Harris
Charlotte E. Harriss
Leslie Hartzman and Deborah Hartzman
Patrick Harvey
Arthur Haubenstock and Amy Whiteside
John Ramsey Haught
Janet M. Hayes
Richard L. Heidelberg
Gordon Heiner
Liz Helenchild
Madelyn Helling
Martin E. Hellman
Travis Henderson and Nedra Henderson
Beverly J. Hensel
Aaron Herman
Jerry Herman
Rodolfo Hernandez and Mary Hernandez
Jose L. Hernandez
Robert Heron and Claire Heron
Patricia Herrgott
Howard Herskowitz
Ralph Heymann
Robert A. Hicks
Edward and Vicki Hieronymus
Dan Hilberman and Margaret Hilberman
Elbert Hill
Miriam K. Hillier
Dr. William R. Hintzman
Robert S. Hodas
Ronald Hodgson and Peggy Hodgson
Carol Hoffman
Stanley A. Hoffman
William B. Hoke
Frederick Hollander and Lynn Hollander
Julian B. Holt
Elroy Holtmann
John B. Hook
Lance C. Hoots
Glenda Hope
John Hopkins and Carolyn Hopkins
Gary E. Hormel
Susan Horne
A. H. Horowitz
E.J. Horvitz and A.M. Horvitz
Caroline E. Houston
Alan Huckabay
Darril Hudson
Penn Hughes and Viola Gonzales
G. L. Humphrey and Adrienne Humphrey
Richard D. Huntwork and Carol Huntwork
Cecelia Hurwich
Richard D. Hus
Kenneth E. Hutchinson
Joan Intrator
Benjamin R. Irvin and Peggy Ann Johnston
Lisa Jackson
Robert J. Jacobs and Patricia Jacobs
Joyce B. Jacobson
Raymond Jadwin and Eleanora H. Jadwin
Quinton C. James and Marcia F. James
David Jamieson and Betty Jamieson
Jacqueline Jankowski
Joseph Janlois
Diana L. Janzen
Patricia B. Jenna
S. Jensen and Jancie Jensen
Richard Jentzsch and Trilla Jentzsch
Peter E. Jewell and Mary R. Jewell
Dr. Ervin Jindrich and Dr. Denise Jindrich
Thomas Job and Barbara Job
Bruce Joffe
Carsten Johansen
Lucy Johns
Jon A. Johnsen
Martha A. Johnson
Harold E. Johnson and Shirley L. Johnson
Craig E. Johnson
Dale E. Johnson
Dr. & Robert S. Johnson
Torger T. Johnson
Karen R. Joliffe and Philip Gara
Andrew L. Jorgensen
Lois Joseph
Dr. William Josephs
Herman Jurkovich and Jane F. Jurkovich
Margaret Kahn
Rachel Kahn-Hut
Adele Kaneda
Jane Kaplan and Donatello Borato
Edward V. Kaston and Rosemarie F. Kaston
Gerald R. Katz and Sondra G. Briggs
Joanna Katz
Joseph Katz
Paula Katz
James Kaumeyer
Ray Y. Kawano and Mery F. Kawano
Ralph Kazanjian and Elise Kazanjian
Bill Kedem and Laurel Rest
Donald Keesey
Luz Keller
John A. Kellogg, Sr. and Nancy L. Kellogg
Paul S. Kelly and Barbara C. Kelly
Roberta Kemp
Dr. Irwin Kempler
Charles C. Kent and Patricia S. Kent
Barnabas Kerekes
Derek Kerr
Brian E. Kerss and Gail Kerss
Margaret F. Keyes
Granville F. Kibbee and Priscilla J. Kibbee
Katharine King
Charles E. King III
Tom Rinaldi and Beverly A. Kinney
Stefan J. Kirchanski and Ann M. Hirsch
Larry and Myra Kirschenbaum
Ruth Kirshner
Willi Klafki and Else Klafki
Robert B. Klausner
Richard G. Klein
Richard A. Klein and Diane T. Klein
Kevin L. Klesenski
Robert L. Knox
George T. Kobori and Joanne H. Kobori
August M. Koch and Annamae Koch
Elaine Kofman
Frank A. Koncel
Karl Konnerth and Julie Ambrosia
Robert C. Konop
Dr. Margaret S. Kosek and Dr. Jon C. Kosek
Karl Kothe and Sylvia Kothe
Joseph R. Kramer and Wanda G. Kramer
Scott Kravitz
John F. Kroll and Jane Kroll
Virginia M. Krutilek
Rene Kvidahl
John C. La Rue
Luis Lainer and Lee Lainer
Vivian S. Lamb
Robert S. Lamond
Donald E. Lampman and Doris J. Lampman
Palmer Langdon
Michael J. Lanham
Jerry Larsen
Pat Larson
Truman W. Lawson and Gaile Lawson
Robert P. Lawson and Jene L. Lawson
Sonia Lazar
Bernard Le Roy
Jean Lecuyer
Linda R. Lee
Anna M. Lee and Dennis A. Lee
David A. Leiby and Irene R. Leiby
Dr. Edmund C. Levin
G. B. Levine and Marilyn M. Levine
Leonard Leving
Fred Levinson
Harvey H. Levy and Bette H. Levy
David J. Levy
Ethel Levy
Ida J. Lewenstein
Linda Lewin
Nancy S. Lewis
Arthur R. Liddle and Sharon L. Liddle
Lee Liddle
Margaret Lieb
Barbara J. Lilley
Detlev Lindae
Margaret Lindsey
Richard M. Linnell
Mark P. Linnett and Joyce Linnett
Roger Lion and Clelia Lion
Dr. Lawrence S. Lipkind
Daniel J. Littman
David A. Loeb
Donna Logan
Pierre Lomonaco
Ronald B. Lorenz
Sharlene Loretz
Mari B. Loria and Alden Mudge
Elizabeth J. Lovell
John D. Lowrey and Charlotte A. Lowrey
Jerome Lubin and Eve Lubin
Ralph Luna and Esmeralda Fucci
Gerald E. Lunn, Jr.
Brooks H. Lupien
Kevyn D. Lutton and Valerie Jacobs
Thomas T. Ma and Monica H. Ma
Lawrence W. Maas
Nancy MacAllister
Margaret A. MacDonald
Robert MacDonald
Vicki M. MacIntyre
J. Beth MacIsaac
Richard A. Mackaig and Janet B. Mackaig
Richard W. Mader
Richard Mahon and Cynthia Mahon
Robert G. Mahoney and Valerie
Thomas S. Maiden and Gladys R. Maiden
Sally Maier and John Todd
Betty Maillette and Carol Lloyd
Mairin Malarka-Meyer
Frederick Malouf
John A. Mancini
Peter R. Manes
Dennis K. Mann and Karen E. Revay
Norman Manoogian and Jone Manoogian
Peter V. Many
Elizabeth Marcell
Joseph A. March
Daniel Mardesich and Virginia Mardesich
David Marin
Michael Marken and Sandra La Framboise
Melvin D. Marks and Ellen M. Marks
Richard B. Marks and Michael C. Ford
Peter R. Marler and Judith Marler
Johnnie T. Marshall and Myrna L. Marshall
Robert Martin and Joanna Martin
Janet Martin
Robert A Martin
Alice Ann Martineau
Josephine Massimini
Dr. James D. Masterson and Renee
Fred Mathes and Karen B. Mathes
Ricardo Matta
Harry Mauras and Bok Yon Lee Mauras
Josephine Maxon
Toni S. Mayer
Robert Mayer
Jay R. Mayhall and Anthony J. Ramos
Anton J. Mayr and Tessie A. Mayr
Betty Mazzoni
Eileen McCauley and Dennis Main
Timothy J. McCormick and Noel De Gelleke
William and Marianne McDonnal
Ralph and Betty Ann McDowell
Robert and Jeanne B. McFadden
Christopher and Jocelyn R. McGrath
Jelane McGrew
John Hickey and Mary McGuire-Hickey
James B. McIlroy
June R. McKay
Edwin S. McKeown and Marie P. McKeown
Harriet McNamara and Brian J. McNamara
Deborah S. McNeil
Marshall McNeil
Patti C. McWilliams
Alice Mead
Valerie C. Meehan
Maureen Meikle
Ernest A. Mekjian and Gloria J. Mekjian
Isa-Kae Meksin
John G. Melrose and Sylvia E. Melrose
Barbara Menkes
Pamela Merchant and Kirby Sack
Ciaran Mercier
Richard T. Merk
Andrew S. Merrill
Maurice Meysenburg
Ronald C. Miale and Elizabeth T. Miale
Cecile B. Michael
Robert and Melinda Wood Michlin
Lewis and Catherine L. Middaugh
Peter P. Mierau and June R. Mierau
Monsignor Joseph J. Milani
Dr. Mario Milch
John R. Miles
Victor Milhoan and Gloria Milhoan
Dan F. Miller and Mary Ann Miller
John H. Miller and Renate R. Miller
Robert Miller and Joan A. Miller
Peter M. Miller and Janet Specht
Judith Milton
Nadine Misiaszek
Joseph R. Mixer
Glenn C. Moeller and Sharon A. Lynch
Allen Moench
Gerald Mohlenbrok and Gail Mohlenbrok
Joanne K Moldenhauer
Philip A. Molling and Lou Ann Molling
Pamela Monroe
Alfonso M. Montes and Raquel T. Montes
Alfred V. Montoya
Joan Moore
Tom Moradian and Margie W. Moradian
Dolores A. Morgan
Francis X. Morse and Andrew W. Morse
Charles Moser and Msr. Blair Moser
Alice M. Moser
Joan M. Moses
Denis Mosgofian and Lori B. Liederman
Theresa Mueller
Marjorie A. Muentz
James J. Mullins
David Mundstock
Ed Muramoto and Sallie Muramoto
Daniel J. Murphy and Gina E. Murphy
Bruce Mussell and Monnie Boldt
Susan M. Myers
Janice Nadelhaft
Kenneth Najour
Alicia Nakata and Francis Nakata
Alan and M. Charlotte Nakosteen
Richard Navarro
Robert Neff and Nancy Neff
Virgil K. Nelson and Lynn T. Nelson
Theron F. Nelson
Richard Nelson
Ben S. Neufeld and Liz F. Neufeld
Sherman G. Neusom
Minton J. Newell
Dr. James F. Nichols and Carol M. Nichols
Mary C. Nicholson
Don Nilan
Monique Ninove
William K. Nisbet
E. Sandra Nixon
Daniel M. Jones and Joyce Norton-Jones
Alex Novakovich
Carl J. Nufer
Meaveen O’Connor
Donald D. O’Dowd and Janet L. O’Dowd
Lucienne O’Keefe
Alicia O’Neill
William O’Regan and Marian O’Regan
K. Obradovic
Ruth M. Ocheltree
Martha H. Oehler and Larry Gassan
Charles M. Ogden and Anita T. Ogden
Felicia Oldfather
Joseph L. Olivas and Narcisa C. Olivas
Carl Olson
Robert A. Page and Martha S. Page
Ralph Page
David M. Winter and Veronica A. Painter
Morton D. Paley
William E. Pannell and Hazel L. Pannell
Demosthenes and Alice Pappagianis
M. M. Pappagianis
Michael Parenti
William Parun and Kathleen J. Parun
Michael J. Pascale and Lisa M. Pascale
Leonard A. Pasdera and Daveine Pasdera
Wayne K. Patch and Maria L. Patch
James Pattinson and Lorraine Pattinson
Charles E. Paulsen
Michael Pauza
Jeffry Pearce, Sr. and Paula C. Pearce
Helen Pearlman
Eve Pell
Carolyn Pendery
Joseph P. Pendry
Richard B. Pennington
Bert Perello
Marianne S. Perron
Thomas E. Perry
Donald A. Peter
Joe Petersack and L. Joanne Kanow
Ray Peterson and Ettamarie Peterson
Keith Peterson
E. Blake Peterson
J. William Pezick
Jean C. Pierce
Jermaine L. Pierre and Constance E. Pierre
Julie C. Pifer
Mr.Charles Pilgrim
John H. Pinski
Margo Pizzo
Sally R. Plaisted
Charles L. Polep
Ted M. Polychronis
Dr. Robert W. Popper and Marcia Popper
Harriett E. Porch
Norma Porter
Stanley H. Poss and Joan Poss
E. Richard Power and Roberta Power
Marian Pratt
Robert W. Pryor
Roger Purves and Caroline Purves
Michael Quinn
Mitzi Raas
Nancy Rader
Nick Radoumis and Jackie Radoumis
Robert Raful and Susy Raful
Claire L. Rains
Catharine J. Ralph
Carolyn T. Ramsey
Eric G. Ramstrom and Shirley Ramstrom
Julian F. Randolph and Louise Randolph
Alfonso F. Ratcliffe and Dolores C. Ratcliffe
Vivianne T. Ratinoff
John F. Rattunde
James Raugust and Margherita Raugust
Norman Ravizza and Mary Anne Ravizza
Robert R. Read
David M. Rebsch
Joel Recinos
James M. Reed
David H. Reed and Alice J. Reed
Charlotte and Guenter Reichert
Littlejohn Reid
Joseph Remley and Linda Remley
Donald Renelle and Eloise F. Renelle
Jules Resnick and Mary Ann Leer
Laurel P Rest
Robert L. Reynolds
William B. Ricard
Donald and Maureen E. Richardson
Edward Rimer
Robert N. Ristad and Linda L. Clder
Alfred Rivasplata and Edith Rivasplata
Peggy Rivette
Jean A. Roalefs
Raymond J. Roberts
Katherine Roberts and James Dyer
Susan E. Robertson
Rita Robison
Rand B. Robison and Joyce M. Robison
Jeffrey C. Rodman and Adrienne Hirt
Ronald L. Rogers
William J. Rogina
Margaret Ropchan
Richard J. Rose
Leslie Rosen
Betty Roszak
Nathan Roth and Nan G. Roth
Suzanne Rubel
Dorothy Ruby
Donald Rupp and Peggy Rupp
Bryan Foster
Patrick Russell
Beth S
Sally K. Sachs
Richard Saenz
Jan Sager and Robert Luxenberg
Nina R. Saltman and James M. Bullock
Wallace A. Samiec and Irene E. Samiec
Nancy Sampson
Dolores Sanchez
Alice and Sheldon Sanov
Mark Sapiro
J. A. Sarason
Robert W. Sass
Martha F. Saudek
James R. Sauls and Roberta Sauls
Carol Savary
William E. Sawrey and Beverly A. Sawrey
Virginia Scales
Dr. Stephen M. Scappa and Honey Scappa
Susan Schacher
Jerry W. Schacht and Barbara J. Schacht
Robert I. Schacter DDS
Charles J. Schafer
Joel Schechter and Diana Scott
Emanuel and Myra J.W. Schegloff
Robert Scheibel and Barbara Scheibel
Adele Schenker
Nancy Schimmel
Brian and Kathleen A. Schumacher
Kurt M. Schmid and Antonie Schmid
Kurt Schmid
Paul A. Schmidt
Reed V. Schmidt
William A. Schneck and Maria R. Schneck
Robert and Dorothy M. Scholten
Rena Schonbrun
Dr. Lionel Schour
Darrell G. H. Schramm
Herbert Schroeder
Jean F. Schulz
James H. Scofield and Patricia C. Scofield
Michael A. Scott and Isabelle B Scott
Janis L. Scott
James J. Sebek
Margaret Seely
Joel B. Seidman
Dr. Harold W. Seifer
Mark Seifert and Mary Seifert
Dr. F. Stanley Seifried
Earl Nicholas Selby
David Self and Margaret Self
Solomon Sevy and Grace Sevy
Walter R. Shafer and Joanne D. Shafer
Cindy Shamban and Marge Sussman
Marlene Shannon
Dr. Michael Shea and Lorna Shea
Gladys Shegoian
Wallace F. Shelton
Harold Shenson
Joe M. Shimmon
Virginia Short
Eloise Shouse
Ray A. Siebert
Jerry Radinoff and Paula Siegel
Richard Siegel
Alan Sieroty
Samuel J. Silber
Richard B. Silbert
Leonard R. Silvey and Helene J. Hannum
Trudy L. Simonton
Morris Simpson
Dr. Bernard M. Sklar, and Sally A. Sklar
Arthur J. Slater and Judith K. Slater
Gerould Smith
Stanley C. Smith
Helen Smith
Phyllis Smith
Helen Irene Smith
Richard T. Smith
Elinor Smith
David Snow
Michael Sogard
Shelby and Vicki Wagner Solomon
Eric Somers
David Sonneborn
Robert W. Sonoga and Marjory C. Sonoga
Dr. Wayne Sorin
Valerie Sowder
Melvyn Spira and Marcia Spira
Barbara E. Spry
Steven P. Stamatis and Irene A. Stamatis
Dr. W. J. Stamm
Margaret A. Stanford
Kendyll Stansbury
Larry Starn
Alice P. Stauffer
Jenifer Steele
Harold Stein and Vera Stein
Carl Stein
Louise A. Steiner
Dorothy Steiner
Margaret Garth Steinert Greene
Diana J. Stephens
Kat Stephens
Peter G. Stern and Holly Badgley
Evelyn Stern
Ben F. Stetson
K. Martin Stevenson
Julie Stindt
William Stockard
Ian E. Stockdale
Kay Stocksdale
Paul A. Stokes
Dana Stokes
David D. Stokley
Don Stone and Betty L. Stone
Nelson Stone
Susan Stone and Eric Decker
Marilyn J. Story
Dr. Paul U. Strauss and Anita L. Strauss
Daniel D. Strazzullo
David Struthers and Jean Struthers
Dr. Calvin Sturgies
Ralph Sturtevant
Frederick Styles and Anne Styles
John M. Suarez and Sheila Suarez
Carol J. Sugg
Jeanette B. Sullivan
Timothy J. Sullivan and Shirley A. Sullivan
J. Michael Sullivan and Dolores Sullivan
Daniel M. Summaria and Kim C. Codella
Thomas W. Sutfin
Jean L. Sutherland
Robin A. Sutton
Joe Sutton
Harlow N. Swain
Marion H. Swarthout
Richard and Carol M. Sweetapple
Richard Tait and Mary Jo Tait
Carol Takano and Jack Walker
Lilly Takei
Joyce B. Talal
J. Earl Talbott
Richard E. Talmadge
G. Scott Tandy and Virginia G. Tandy
Marilyn Taube
James Taylor and Elinor Taylor
Edith D. Taylor
Thelma Teitel
Ardith L. Temple
Gerard Terstiege and Krista Terstiege
Lynn M. Tharsing and David J. Daniels
Jeffrey Theinert
Norman and Norma Therkelson
Bertha L. Thomas
Robert Thompson
Marguerite C. Thompson
Dennis R. Thompson
Carl Thoresen
Dorothy Thorman
Susan Thwaits
Bruce H. Tiffney and Robin G. Tiffney
Donald Tipton and Emma Tipton
Stephen Tivy
Dr. Robert F. Tobias and Patsy Tobias
Stephanie Tombrello
Col. Fred B. Tomlinson and Jan Tomlinson
Jacques J. Trudeau
Dr. Richard E. Trueman
Eileen Tsai
Richard Turner and Valerie Turner
John H. Turner
D. Tyler
Larry M. Vallens
Mary Vallindras
Judith A. Van Austen
Edward G. Van Boemel
Frank Van Orden and Carolyn Hoke-Van Orden
Arthur and M. Carmen Vandenberg
Walter Vater and Virginia Vater
William Vederman
Robert L. Vigeant
Dr. Billie Violette
Mari Vlastos
Janet L. Vochelli
Merle J. Vogel and Susan L. Vogel
Carol Vorvolakos and Alice Molloy
Margie Wade
James A. Wakefield and Beryl G. Wakefield
Wanda Waldera
Dorothy Walker
Jacquelyne C. Wallace
Nancy Liela Wallace-Nelson
Bruce I. Waln and Martha Maldonado
Tanis Walters
Lorraine Ward
Robert F. Ward and Judith P. Ward
Marc Warsowe
Howard Watkins
Orene M. Watson
John Watson
Betty H. Waverly
Mimi Webb
Thomas D. Weber and Kathryn
Brant C. Weigand
Melvin Weight and Diane Weight
Monique Weil
Carl J. Weinberg and Gerry Weinberg
Thomas S. Weisner
Norman E. Weiss
Muriel Wemmer
Robert Wernick and Anne Ackerman
Richard S. Wheeler
David L. Rowney and Wilhelmina White
Clayton White
Phyllis Y. Wicks
D. Wesley Wiley and Janice Kendall
Gail S. Wilke
Douglas E. Wilkerson
Joel Williams
Lynn Williams
Ann L. Williamson
Helen Williamson and Shirlee Jack
Gustav Williges
Cheryl B. Willis and James W. Roe
Sam Willis
Harry Willwater
Helen B. Wilson
Andrew J. Wilson
Bruce T. Wilson and Sayoko K. Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Linda A. Wilson
Deborah H. Winant
David H. Winer
Hilary Winslow
Deana Winters
Ralph H. Witham and Muriel Witham
Jonathan Wittwer and Susan Wittwer
Harry Wolf
Eugene Woloveke
Marilyn Wolper
Roger D. Wolverton
John and Robin Worthington
Barbara J. Wright
Gerald Yaffe
Russell Yamaichi
Charles Yanofsky
Clarence Yee and Elaine J. Yee
Charles Yost and Ana L. Estrada-Yost
Patrick Young
Bill Young and Nancy Kull
Ted Young
Norma J. Zamzow
Ms.Opheliai Zeff
A. Lee Zeigler and Margaret S. Zeigler
Karl E. Zellmann
Don Zeman
Claus Zielke
Jane S. Zones and Stacey Zones
William A. Zschaler
Wendy Zukas
Richard Zukin
Margaret Yuki Zumwinkle
DONORS $50 - $99.99
Peter Abramowitsch and Fiammetta Castaldi
Dale T. Ackerman and Janet J. Ackerman
Frank Joseph Adamo
William E. Adams and Gisela L. Adams
Joseph Adler and Esther H. Adler
Robert Ady
Munzer A. Afifi and Ruth A. Afifi
Donna-Jean Agnew
Boyce Ahlport and Elizabeth Ahlport
Jeevan S. Ahuja
James Aja
Sara Alchermes
Ralph Aldama and Connie Aldama
Raymond Aldana and Marlys Aldana
Alfred Aligada and Elida S. Aligada
Thomas A. Amaroli
Jean A. Amos
Maria J. Ancona
Cecil Anders
Henry and Virginia F. Anderson
Karl G. Anderson
Patricia Anderson
Karen E. Anderson
Patrice Anderson
Richard and Carol Ann Anderson
Philip L. Anderson
Theresa and Carol Appenzeller
Pilar Ara
Velma W. Arlidge
Jesse Arnold
Richard H. Arnold and Louise M. Arnold
Michael N. Aronson and Jody London
Kenneth M. Ashford
Jack H. Ashley
Diana Aston
Stephen D. Atkin
Robert and Jeanne Y. Atkinson
William H. Aulenbach
Wayne M. Ausland and Eileen K. Ausland
Joanne Bailey
Anthony V. Bair and Nancy Reier
Joe Balciunas
Marcia Baldeschwieler
Brigitte Bankay and Robert C. Bankay
Michael and Gretchen Barber
Anthony B. Barnard
George G. Barnes and Joanne D. Barnes
James R. Barnes and Judith S. Barnes
James Barnett and Ruth Barnett
Alan W. Barnett
Kirsten G. Barrere
Richard L. Barrett and Barbara J. Barrett
Mario J. Barrios
Elizabeth Barron
Nancy Bartell
Nancy L Barth
Frank and Delores Bartholomew
Roger Bassett and Melissa Keylon
Dean Batchelder and Bernice Batchelder
Geoffrey Bauman
Patricia A. Baumgartner
Dr. David G. Baxter
Suresh C. Bazaj
Jan Bazinet
Jacqueline Beaudoin
Leon R. Beck
Victoria P. Becker
Henry Becker
Robin Bedell-Waite and Thomas P. Waite
Sally L. Beer
Galen Beery and Doris Beery
Jack M. Beggs
Lynda Beigel
Evelyn A. Benas
Robert S. Benner
Grant C. Bennett
Robert Berman and Evelyn Berman
Dorothy Berndt
Arthur H. Bernstein
Fred N. Berra and Yvonne L. Berra
Helen Bersie and Christopher P. Hadley
James Bettendorf and Nadia Bettendorf
Charles J. Biller and Deborah J.M. Biller
Elaine Binger
Warren G. Binzley
Larry L. Bird
Martin Birnbach
Marjorie Bissett
Howard Blakeslee
Norbert Blaszkowski
Joseph S. Bloch and Barbara A. Bloch
Janice Blumenkrantz
Paul Bocanegra
William Boehmke
Jeffrey Bokor
Alan Bonapart and Helen Bonapart
Michael T. Boom
George A. Bordokoff
Dr. Charles A. Borgia and Patricia Borgia
Giovanna Born
Herbert E. Boss
Shirley M. Boydstun and Ginni Easter
C. M. Boyer
Gladys M. Bransford
Ladonna Bray
Lawrence Breed
Martin Breidenbach and Nanette Phinney
Donald D. Bremer and Carol L. Bremer
Lauren Brener
George G. Brennan
Irv Brenner
William Briscoe and Diana Briscoe
Richard J. Brooks and J. Johnston
Kenton Brooks
Betsy Brown and James Devery
Eugene R. Brown
Ken Brown and Margaret Brown
Gail Brown
Joan Brubaker
Mark Brucker
K. E. Bruckmeier
Joanne E. Bruggemann
James Buchholz and Lynne Buchholz
Peter F. Buck
Mark Jeffrey Buckingham
Joseph Budge and Marilyn T. Budge
Robert Buelow and Betty Buelow
Linda Burden
Janet A. Burdick and Scott Miller
Dennis Burge
Peter R. Burge and Leona H. Burge
Roger Burke and Gloria Burke
Marie M. Burns
Frank C. Burriesci
Neil Burton
Peter M. Bussell
Herbert A. Byers and Myra Byers
Elaine D. Cahn
Robert Caletti and Judith Caletti
Sam Calvano
Lucy Calvillo
Dorothy Campbell
Daniel Campos
Peter W. Canessa
Leslie Kline Capelle
Philip R. Caput and Lynndee R. Caput
Michael Carley
Harry W. Carpenter
Karen D. Carrillo
Bruce Carroll
Catherine O. Casey
Roderic Castor
Gino Cattarin and Laura Cattarin
Clinton Caywood
Byron L. Chan
William D. Chapin and Mona M. Chapin
Alfred and Shirlee A. Chappell
Winifred C. Charles
Dr. Barry M. Chauser
Kori Chen
John C. Chendo and Esther E. Novak
Stephen A. Chessin
John R. Chevedden
Dr. Kungta K. Chow and Helen T. Chow
John L. Christofferson
Cheng Chuah and Rosa Fernandez
Ronald Y.F. Chun and Mildred Chun
John F. Cinatl
Henry P. Clarence and Judith J. Clarence
Ed Clark Jr. and Connie Clark
Matthew and Patt Clark
Dr. Gordon H. Cless
George M. Cleveland
Bridget B. Clifton
Eunice C. Coates
Sheila Cockshott
Elizabeth S. Codd
Miranda Coffey
Eleanor Cohen
Thomas R. Coke and Laurie A. Coke
Marc A. Colbert and Yvonne M. Fluehr
Edith Colby and Ralph Colby
Dr. Ronald Cole
Violet Irene Coles
Roger Collin
William Collins and Kathleen Collins
Beverly J. Collins
Lex P. Collins and Jane F. Collins
Laura Collins
Nadra Colohan
William R. Cottrell
George Coury and Amy Coury
Arvita G. Crabtree
Michael P. Crahan
Eugene C. Craig and Harue T. Craig
Laurie M. Craise
Sheldon E. Crandall and Janet K. Crandall
Elihu M. Crane and Judith W. Crane
Col. Arvid P. Croonquist (Ret) and Phoebe
J. Croonquist
Maureen Crowe
Nancy J. Crowley
Olgard Dabbert and Betty Blitch Dabbert
Lynda Dailey and Paul Hathaway
Donald Dailey
Ceedola R. Daubner
Gregory H. Davis
Fred Davis
David M. Day
Lawrence B. De Graaf
G. De Haeseleer and Wilda De Haeseleer
Constance De La Vega
Nancy D. De Lara
Shirley L. De Martis
Sylvia de Trinidad
Louis M. Dean
Edward Dean
Adrienne DeBisschop
Anne Dellinger
Steve & Sue Derian
Robert L. Deshotels
Larry Detloff
John DeVore and Anna DeVore
Richard W. Dias and Kathryn M. Dias
Dr. Jeffrey M. Dickemann
Robert and Margaret E. Dickerson
Ingrid I. Distler-Popp
Lois C. Djivre and Durand M. Djivre
Jean Doak
John M. Doane
Leonard Doberne and Cheryl Y. Tau
Bill Dolan and Virginia Dolan
Andrew J. Dong
Merlin Dorfman and Sandra Dorfman
Dorothy Doss
Alan V. Dougherty and Kathryn N.
Debra Dout
Mervyn R. Dowd and Betty D. Dowd
Edward F. Dowd and Bernadetta Dowd
Diane Dreher and Robert Numan
Paul Dresher
William Dreu
Roger L. Duba and Phyllis J. Duba
Fred M. Duman
Dr. Philip Durfee and Mrs.Susan V. Durfee
Robin Durston
Robert S. Dutra and Sharon Dutra
Thomas W. Edwards
Vincent Edwards
Lynne M. Eggers
Dave Einhorn and Frances Einhorn
Edward G. Eisenman
Eli M. Eisenpress and Angela Eisenpress
Jules Ellingboe
James Elliott
Jon Elliott
RobertJ. Ellis
Dr. James Ellison and Beth Ellison
Merritt Elmore and Marion Elmore
Mark Emerson and Roberta Emerson
Barbara M. Endlich
Karen Engel
Dr. Lewis B. Engel
Devere C. Erb
Sallyanne Ericksen
David Erikson and Lois Erikson
J. Roger Essick and Patricia A. Essick
Manuel Esteban and Mary Esteban
Jennifer Estes
Stephen M. Evans
Gilbert Fabela and Victoria Fabela
Louis J. Facchino
Linda Farber
William F. Faulhaber and Selina H.
Ernst Feibusch
Lawrence Feinberg
Dan Feldman
Alberta Ferrer
Pamela D. Ferris
Robert Fesler
Deborah L.Filipelli and Michael R. Sanders
Sid Finkelstein
Thomas Finn
Oscar Firschein
Bernice S. Fischer
Russell G. Fischer
Samuel Fisher and Loeta Fisher
T. Richard Flaharty
Thomas J. Flannery and Kay B. Flannery
Gerald L. Flieder
Frank Forbath and Jean Forbath
Nancy Forbes
William C. Ford and Deborah Ford
Larry Forkner and Sharon Forkner
Bryan Foster
Jordan R. Fox
Lloyd P. Fox
T. Frane
Dudley B. Frank
Wanda Waldera
Victor Fridman
Martin D. Fried
Jay W Friedman
Dr. William E. Frieje
Jim R. Fritz
Mary Frohman
Genevieve S. Fujimoto
Grace S. Fukuda
George Fulmore
Lionel Fuqua and Terry Fuqua
John M. Gaffin and Linda M. Gaffin
Beryl Gaidos
Ideale Gambera
Glenn C. Gambles and Velma W. Gambles
Betty E. Gandel
Carole E. Garcia
Tom Garrett and Carla Y. Garrett
Roosevelt Garrett
Marion W. Gaskill
William l H. Gavelis
Yvonne Gavre
James Gazaway
Gary Gehrke
Bonnie Geib
Fred Geiger
Hester G. Gelber
Lillian H. Gendler
Carolyn Genirberg
Eleanor F. Gettman
Juanita Gex
Helen E. Giambruni
Steven Gibbs
Judith L. Gibson
Ruth Gill
Thomas E. Gilles
John Gilmour
Ian Marc Gittelsohn and Alberta Gittelsohn
Eulalie S. Glaser
Renee U. Glazier
Jean K. Goehner
Raymond A. Golan and M. Diana Golan
Donald Gold
Warren Gold
Reuben Goldberg and Eileen Carlin-Goldberg
Marilyn Golden
Roberta Goldfarb
Madeline Gomes
Dorothy Good
Charles D. Goodart and Margaret Goodart
Lee P. Gooding III
Leonard Gordon and Harriett Gordon
P M Gormley
Dr. Carol F. Goss
Edward Gould
Gwynne Gower
Elizabeth Grace
John Gragnani
Classen Gramm and Patricia G. Gramm
Martin Granados and Louise Granados
Mary J. Gravelle
Aurelia S. Greeley
Gunnar Green
William Green and Christine Green
Joseph B Green
Patricia S. Greene
Robert D. Griffin
Herbert L. Griffin
A. R. Groncki and Helen Groncki
Stanley A. Gross and Joan A. Gross
Charles Grossman
Arlen Grossman
Philip Grow
Eugene T. Gualco and Dorothy B. Gualco
Terry L. Guindon
Uwe Max Gumbert and Clara Padilla
Paul R. Gurian and Barbara J. Simmons
Isac Gutfreund and Minette T. Gutfreund
Marcella Hack
Ilse Hadda
Jean W. Hadidian
Brian Haggerty
Elizabeth C. Hall
James Hamilton and Mary E. Hamilton
Joseph Hammer and Mary Hammer
Jobie Hammock
Peter Hanauer
Sue C. Hansen
Francis L. Hanson
Karel L. Harder and D. A. Harder
Richard Hargreaves and Catherine
Edward J. Harkins
William Harmon and Lucille Harmon
Karen L. Harnitchek
John and Noreen A. Harrington
Allan Harris and Betsy Harris
Ellis Harris and Ellen Harris
Robert Hartman
David and Jan Hartsough
June M. Hartstra
Henry Harvey and Ingeborg Harvey
Paul J. Hauben
Richard Hauck
David B. Hauer
Eugene M. Havens
Donald L. Haworth
Gretchen Hayes
Gerald and Hanna Hayman
Noreen Heavlin and William D. Heavlin
Paul Heckler and Joan Heckler
Kenneth E. Heddon
Janet Heineken and Paul Heineken
Helen A. Heitkamp
Frandel E. Heller and William J. Mason
Edward Hempeck
Marlene K. Henderson
Ralph W. Henderson
Linda Hendley
Benton and Sandra Hendrickson
Bernard Hentges and Rita A. Hentges
Elizabeth A. Hergesheimer
Edna Herman
Frank S. Hermoso
Jim Herron and Patricia Herron
Howard L. Herskowitz
Anna M. Heywood
Steven R. Hibshman
Ward G. Higgins
Harriet Hill
Elbert C. Hill
George K. Hill
Vera Hilsenrath
Gloria M. Hing
Dr. William R. Hintzman
Judith A. Hirshberg
Roger and Virginia L. Hitzeman
Mary Hochenauer
Jeannine Hodge
Philip Hoehn
Ricardo and Marcia Hofer
Bernard D. Hoffman and Miriam Hoffman
Blossom H. Hofmann
Robert and Marie O. Hogeboom
David M. Holleb
Bill Holman
Mary Ann Holman and Michelle
John J. Holmes
Kirsten R. Holmquist
Kay Honodel and Charles Honodel
Marcus M. Hood
Dorothy M. Hope
Ted B. Horn and M. Vida Horn
Inge S. Horton
Robert B. Horwitz and Elizabeth Brydolf
David and Yoshiko H. Hotchkin
Henry P. Hotz and Marie B. Hotz
Larry G. Houghton
Jo Ann Houston
Annette Howitt
Everett W. Hubbard
Cynthia Hudley
Sophie K. Hudnut
Jack Hughes and Joan Hughes
Thomas P. Hulbert
Dwayne Hunn
Gerald Hunt
Rudolph Hurwich and Janet Hurwich
Dale O. Huseboe D.D.S. and B. Huseboe
Esther Huston
Marshall Hyman
Steven Hyzer
Roger L. Inloes and Terri L. Inloes
John O. Inlow and Marcia M. Inlow
Julian J. Irias and Linda A. Irias
Joel Isaacson and Helen Isaacson
Sylvia Israel
James W. Ivens
Cleo P. Jackson
Jacquelyne F. Jackson
Judy A. Jackson
Maria L. Jacquard
Wilma Jaffe
Sharon James
Ron Jensen
Harold V. Jesse and Sis M. Jesse
Kent and Cynthia L. Johannesen
Charles Johnson and Janice Johnson
Kenneth F. Johnson and Jane D. Johnson
Herman F. Johnson and Iris D. Johnson
Henry P. Johnson
Eva M. Johnson
Charles J. Johnson
Patricia L. Jones
Curtis A. Jones and Lucille M. Boone
Meredith Jones
Margaret C. Jordan
John C. Jordan
Claron W. Jorgensen
Jerry A. Jouret
John M. Kane and F. Malinda Daugherty
Mark E. Kaminsky and Peggy Kaminsky
David E. Kangas
Barbara G. Kanki
Betty Kannenberg
Ronald M. Katz
Saul Kay
Sally Kaye
Kazemi Family
Yates Keir
Margaret A. Keller
Susan S. Kemp
Otis L. Kemp and Bonnie L. Kemp
John F. Kersey and Jeanne E. Kersey
Elizabeth A. Ketelle
Richard Keyes and Sally O. Keyes
Michele D. Kibrick and Robert I. Kibrick
Helen C. Kimball
Melva M. Kimble
Elizabeth A. Kimble
Dona D. King
Katharine L. King
Diana King
Melba King
Henry King
Robert and Geraldine C. Kirchgatter
Thomas Kirk and Myrna Kirk
Patricia E. Klahn
Richard Klapp
Abe Klein
John Klopf
Walter Knapp and Ingeborg M. Knapp
Daniel Knapp
Morgan Koch
William F. Kohagen
Christine Konkol
George Konton snd Maryann Konton
Paul Kontos and Jenny Kontos
Kenneth Konviser and Nancy Faulstich
Phyllis L. Kossoff
Josephine A. Koupal
N.M. Krawczyk
Dr. & Michael Kreisbeg
Chris Kriesa
Steven Kriske
Dr. Sumio Kubo
James R. Kuhlman
James E. Kulleck
Judith Kunofsky
Robert E. Kunzi and Jane M. Kunzi
Robert Kurtz and Lillian Kurtz
Mary S. Kyropoulos
Lorraine L’Herrou
Ruth J. Laba
Jordan M. Laby and Sandra Laby
Sidney Laham
Gloria L. Laird
Dianne M. Lane
Erika Lane
Moshe Lang and Sharon R. Lang
Jules Langert
Carlisle E. Langley and Helene S. Langley
Edward and Patricia O. Lansberg
Kenneth V. Larkin and Sylvia M. Larkin
Steve Larson
Joseph Lasky
Dorothy Lathan
Nathan W. Lau and Julie L. Lau
Bruce W. Lawson
Dr. Emil A. Lawton and Cynthia Frumhoff
Marc A. Le Sueur
James R. Leavitt
Edward L. Lee and Carol R. Lee
John C. Lee
Thomas and Kimiko LeGrande
Gaye Lenahan
Oscar L. Leonard and Clarence O. Leonard
Robin Leong
David L. Levering and Lillian Levering
Dr. Jack Levin
Evelyn Levin
Ellis Levinson and Cheryl Smith Levinson
Harlan Levinson
George M. Lewis
Robert P. Lewis and Kathleen Lewis
Eva Libien
George M. Lichalk and Marian O. Lichalk
Valerie A. Lichtman
Herbert Lieberman and Martha Lieberman
Charlene Lilie
Paul J. Limm and Jeanie L. Limm
Edwin C. Linberg and Mariette E. Linberg
Lauren G. Linde
Hildegard Lindsay
David B. Lodge and Antje Lodge
Guy and Darline Lohman
Janet Lohr
Karen P. Long
Stanley Long and Doris G. Long
Fred S. Lonidier and Caroline De Pottel
James Lopes
Dr. Warren LoPresti
Larry G. Lorenz and Sarah G. Lorenz
Leonard L. Louie and Cassandra Louie
James M. Lucas
David A. Luchaka
Dan D. Lucid and Judith Lucid
Robert K. Luhn
Cornelia C. Lundell
Carole Lutness
Paul M. Lynch
Virginia Lyon
Sylvia Lyons
Joan MacDonald
Robert MacDonald and Ruby I. Macdonald
Mary P. Magill
Dennis C. Makemson and Marsha
Theodore E. Makris and Maria Makris
Patrick John Maley
John M. Manion
Jean Mar
Dr. Richard Marchick and Gloria Marchick
Martin S. Marcus and Amy Wagreich
Karl Marhenke
Gloria P. Markowitz
Anthony Marques
Constance L. Marsh
Raymond E. Marshall
Molly E. Martin
Lucille C. Martin
Deborah J. Marx
Frederic J. Masback
Ann Y. Mason and Robert F. Routt
Alvin Mason
William Masterson and Cornelia Wilhelmi
John J. Matelli and Ruth Matelli
Karen P. Mattheson
Mary Matzek
Charles May and Paula May
Kathleen M. Mayeda
Alan N. McClain
Robert McClelland
Walter McClelland and Frances McClelland
Margeret-Ann McCornack
Margarita McCoy
W. G. McElhinney
William J. McEwen and Gloria J. McEwen
Duncan S. McFarland
James E. McFeely and Carol A. McFeely
David and Sandra S. McGlocklin
Philip M. McGoohan
J. Michael McHugh
Thomas McKay and Mary McKay
Michael A. McKibben and Ann L.
Arleen I. McLane
Marcia McManus
Thomas McMillan
Fay McNeal
Dorothy T. McQuiston
Joseph McSweeney and Joan McSweeney
Linda McVarish
Gary T. Meagher and Mary M. Meagher
Wilbur Mellema
Scott G. Merrick and Theresa W. Merrick
Claudine P. Meyer and Joan Meyer
Evelyn Mickevicius
Paul L. Middlebrooks
Margaret Middleton
Ronald J. Miketa and Argentina Miketa
Elvin K. Milbrat
William P. Milestone
Luciano Mileto and Elsie Mileto
Maxine D. Miller
Worth Miller
Cecil Miller and Darla Miller
Don B. Milliken
M. A. Milne
Lawrence and Veneta H. Mistretta
Mabel Miyasaki
Evan Mogan
Gerald Mohlenbrok
Eric Molle
William and Emiko K. Monahan
Donald and Carol Hamilton Monkerud
John Montagna
Ernest K. Montague
Curt Moody
John P. Mooney
John and Armenoohy G. Mooradian
Betty L. Moose
Jim Morgali and Diane Morgali
G. Morris
Laurey Morris
Robert C. Mountjoy and Janet H. Mountjoy
Lloyda W. Moy
Francis Mrozek and Elin Mrozek
Robert J. Mund and Joye Mund
Mike Murray
Alison G. Murray
Kathleen J. Murtey
Donald Myers
Donovan A. Myers, PsyD
Robert Nace
Hope Nakamura
Boe Narita and Yoko Narita
Ruth K. Nash
Tom Nawalinski and Emily H. Nawalinski
Wilma Nedrow
Michael and Colette M. Needham
Elaine Needham
Donald L. Neely
Michael F. Nelligan
James A. Nelson
Vivian Nelson and Bill Roller
Tsighe Nemariam and Woldezion Mesghinna
Gene J. Neri
Eleanor Ramsay
Alan Nestlinger
John R. Neville and Helen F. Neville
Thomas and Jacqueline Newcomb
Evelyn Newman
William Nicholson and Carland Nicholson
Beryle B. Nicoson
Frank Nieman and Mary Nieman
Nelly Nigro
Forrest Nixon
Margaret Noland
Frank A. Norick and Donna M. Garaventa
Martin Norman and Florence Collier- Norman
John W. Northup and Sherrie Northup
Lee M. Norwood and Maureen Norwood
Jane G. O’Donnell
John F. O’Flynn and Ann J. O’Flynn
Daneen O’Grady
Walt Oicle
Dr. Floyd Okada and Janet E. Okada
Marlene Olivencia and Thomas Johnson
Dennis Oliver
Milford E. Oliver and Susan A. Oliver
John F. Oliver and Mariel R. Oliver
William P. Olivito
Thomas R. Olsen
Bonnie Olson
Kenneth C. Olson and Eunice Olson
Stuart Oskamp
Lorraine Osmundson
John Ostarello and Georgiandra Ostarello
Anna J. Ostrom
Tom Owens and K.A. Owens
M. Oyama
S. Page and Deborah Howard-Page
Richard E. Painter and Barbara A. Painter
Frederick L. Palardy and Sally Palardy
Gabriel G. Palomar and Sharon Palomar
Richard Palthe
Annette Paluska
Hardip Pannu and Manjot Pannu
Marcia Parish
Gerald Parkinson
G. Lyndall Parsons
Michelle Patterson and Michael Graham
Willie L. Patterson
Dr. Thomas T. Paukert
Nathalie Paven
John Pavkovick
James D. Pearson
Fred A. Pease and L. Joyce Pease
Carla Pemberton
Elaine S. Perednia
Frank Perez and Sonja K. Perez
Judith A. Perlin
Ralph G. Peters
Treva G. Peterson and William A. Peterson
Bernard and Marion L. Peterson
Bruton R. Peterson
Leonora Pezzuti
Bernard Pfefer and Rozalia Pfefer
Robert M. Pickle
G. Allen Pickrel
Gary Pierazzi
Stanley Pierce and Marjorie Kinder Pierce
William D. Piercy
Alan Piltz
Paul M. Pittenger
Ernest A. Plattner and Rita L. Plattner
Steven Podesta
S. Robert Politzer and Olive Politzer
Erik Pontoppidan and Elsa Pontoppidan
James A. Pope
Jean Port
Les Portello
Ralph O. Porter and Janet M. Porter
Marcia Pratt
Nancy Pratt
Peter R. Preiswerk and Johanna Preiswerk
Dr. David A. Prince
Robert Puppo and Mary Alice Puppo
Kathleen Quenneville
John Quinley
Denis Quinn and Gregoria Quinn
Jean Rabovsky
Kenneth Race and Kuwa Race
Jack Rafferty and Lin L. Rafferty
Robert Raich
R. C. Ramirez
Sigrid E. Ramos
Albino Ramos and Joyce Ramos
Gary Ransom
Frances Rapoport
Edward Ratcliffe and Helen Ratcliffe
Scott Ratigan
David J. Ray and Alice S. Ray
Linda Ray
Reverend Robert Rayburn and BettyRayburn
Ofra Raz
Alan M. Raznick and Nancy Raznick
Gene Read and Valerie Read
Maurine A. Reagan
Nancy Reardon
Jim Redditt
Marcia Reed
Stephen C. Reilly
Peter Rengstorff
Sam Resnick and Patricia Resnick
Bill Rett and Judy A. Barnes
Ray T. Reynolds and Yolanda G. Reynolds
Eric Rhodes
Martin A. Rhodes and Roslyn B. Rhodes
Dale Richardson
Belinda Ricklefs
Margaret Rienzi and Anthony Rienzi
F. Don Riggs
Alberto Rios
George Ritchey
Thomas Rivell
Marianne Rivera
Guido M. Rivero and Anita K. Rivero
Dr. Bill Robbins and Joan HamermanRobbins
John K. Robe and Kathleen M. Robe
Justine Roberts
Peter Robertshaw
David L. Robertson and Patsy A. Robertson
Norman F. Robinson
James F. Robinson
Robbie G. Robinson
David Rockwell and Nancy Smith
Richard A. Rodewald and Jill H. Rodewald
Raymond and Rebecca M. Rodgers
Edward and Maria C. Rodriguez
James Roe
Patricia A. Rogers
Daniel Rogers
David Romano
Louella I. Romero
George W. Roos
Lois M. Rosano
Charles T. Rose
Ellsworth S. Rose and Margaret Y. Rose
Jonathon Rose and Susan Rose
and Edward G Rosen
Seymour and Saundra Rosenberg
Nathan Rosenblatt and Ada Rosenblatt
Michael Rosenheimer
Lawrence Rosenthal
Edna Rossenas
John W. Rosston and Barbara H. Rosston
Donald and Harriett L. Roswurm
Michael Rotblatt and Mia Goldman
Robert Rottenberg
Margaret C. Rowe
Brent Rowett
Bonnie J. Russell and Charles F. Russell
Elizabeth Rutzick
Jonathan Ryshpan
Anthony H. Sacco, Jr. and Roderick D.
Wendy R. Sachs
Stephen Sacks
Estelle Sakabinos
Dr. H. Quintus Sakai and Jean Sakai
Alberto Saldamando
Laurie M. Salen
Jean L. Salmon
Jack A. Samosky
Xenia Sanders
Alan Sandine
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268 Bush Street #3933
San Francisco, CA 94104
tel: 415-929-8876
fax: 415-929-1132
w w w. t u r n . o r g
any organizations today have opted to connect with their supporters by sending them straight
to an answering machine. Call us old fashioned, but TURN values the importance of speaking
directly to the community, and listening to your concerns — that’s why TURN has a live person,
Administrative/Legal Assistant Haley de Genova, at our phone, ready to answer and direct calls eight
hours a day, five days a week.
TURN relies on hearing from our members from all over the state to help us keep a finger on the pulse
of what issues people are having with their utility and telecom providers. Member support is crucial to
TURN’s mission and success, which is why TURN’s admin team makes it a top priority to direct members
to the resources that they need.
Keeping our busy office running smoothly is also key to making sure our work has the maximum
impact in the media, at the CPUC and federally. TURN’s administrative team of two does just that,
and also supports the work of our organizing communications and development team. “We maximize our staff’s efforts, and your donations, by making sure no valuable time or money is wasted
on mis-steps or mistakes,” said Chief Financial Officer Richard Perez, who continued to find new
ways to save money this year.
In 2015, de Genova and Perez filed over 200 pleadings on consumers’ behalf with the CPUC,
and processed over 20,000 transactions from our members, making sure every penny was booked
properly and that you received your receipts in a timely manner. As the backbone of our organization, they play an essential role in all of our successes.