Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Statistics- Lets Decide



Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Statistics- Lets Decide
Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Statistics- Lets Decide
Writing homework is not an easy task at all. It takes rigorous knowledge regarding the subject
and requires a lot of attention. Moreover, a small error can let a student bring to a failure. Thus
while writing homework it is important to get some supervision of guardians or seniors.
But due to a hectic schedule, there are many parents who are unable to provide proper
guidance to their nearest and dearest once. So whatever the condition is; the main questions
still remain same and that is ‘is homework harmful or helpful statistics!’ This has been a long
debate and no clear cut answer can be made still now. However, using statistics one can try to
analyze the pros and cons of homework writing. Let’s look into the factor with great details.
Why is homework important for Students?
Homework is necessary for a student as it will help in many aspects. These are as follows.
Increase child memory and thinking part
Helps in developing positive attitude towards study
It helps in completing the assignment on time
It makes them independent in nature
Students becomes responsible in doing homework
It helps in revising the work done in class
Helps to study chapters from deep so that concepts will go into their minds
Helps them to use resources like libraries and other study material
Helps the students in exploring subjects
Helps a student in applying the skills into practical way
Helps the parents to know what is done in class.
Does Homework Affect A Student Negatively!
Like any other thing, homework too has some negative issues with it. Though these seem minor
but to a young child these can possess some huge impact. Let’s look into the negative issues of
the homework for better understanding.
If homework takes too much time, then the student starts to lose their interest over it
A long list of homework can make a student stressful
Is homework harmful or helpful statistics! ?? May be because it may lead to sleepless
If the given homework is too much then it can put a stop in entertainment of a student
Punishment makes it vulnerable
If the student doesn’t get any help from his or her parents then it may lead to over
burden and stress to the young mind
This is a long list of negative issues but it can easily be reduced with proper teaching and
Few Statistics
No one knows is homework harmful or helpful statistics!? But using statistics can be it solved!
Let’s see. According to the recent studies it has been observed that, if a student is given
homework that take one or two hours, then they eagerly do this. But if it takes more time, then
tantrums start to begin. Moreover, if the homework is given with a long deadline, then it causes
fatigue in them. This it is good to provide a short but healthy deadline so that student doesn’t
feel overburden.
Is homework harmful or helpful statistics!? Answer of this question is still unknown but one
can easily understand why it homework is important. And to write homework properly one can
easily take expert’s help.