Issue 19
Christmas 2007
AGM 2007
The AGM for 2007 will be held on Thursday 6th December at 7pm. It will be held at the Richmond
Club, East Market St, Richmond. All interested people are very welcome to
attend. We are looking for some new committee members this year, so if would like to have some
input into the way HRA is run, then we would love to see you!
Equestrian Influenza—how did it effect us?
All the horses got a bit snotty and had a bit of a cough, but luckily no one suffered any
serious side effects from the flu. It did mean we had to cancel our October Volunteer day, and the
clinic that we had scheduled with Steve Jeffereys as well. We hope all your horses are fairing OK.
We did hear from the owners of HR Levi to let us know that due to complications from EI they had
to have Levi put down which was very sad.
Thanks once again to Clippity Clop Cleaners!
We have to thank Marion & John from Clippity Clop Cleaners for the ongoing supply of cleaned donated horse rugs. Our guys never looked better during the last winter! Check out John & Marion’s
website at: www.clippity-clop.com for details of how to get your rugs professionally cleaned.
Calender of Events 2007
As 2007 is nearly over, there is only a couple of more events at HRA. The Calender of events for
2008 will be released early in the new year.
Thursday 6th – AGM & Committee Meeting
Saturday 15th – XMAS BBQ & Volunteer Day
Please email us at [email protected] for further information on upcoming
volunteer days, information and prices for our specialist clinics.
Don’t know what to get your horsey friends for Christmas. How about some of our merchandise,
then you’ll be giving not only to your friends, but to the horses as well!
Ezy-Dry Riding Shirts.
Bone with Navy trim.
Ladies or Gents S-XL
Mugs - $5
Caps - $12.50
Multiple year memberships now available
It is now possible to purchase your membership for more than one year and receive a discount for
doing so!
Membership types.
Family memberships have been replaced with Group memberships. These are open to families,
school classes, company departments, other non-profits, etc. For Group memberships a contact
person who is one of the group members will need to be appointed. There is a set fee up to a certain number in the group, after that there is a smaller additional fee per extra person in the group.
Lifetime memberships.
Lifetime memberships are also now available.
Membership Costs:
Individual Membership
1 year—$40
2 years—$75
Group Membership
Up to 30 members—$60
3 years—$110
then $2 for every additional person
Anne Walker, Sue Rissel, Sherry Tarrant, Hazel Moio, Alison Storey, Lauren Tarrant, Cynthia
Knapp, George & Johanna Yule, Madeline Chapple, Jan & Claire Wikstrom-Nigg, Rosanna Vanderley,
Janey & David Prott-Keys, Ursula Weissflog, Leo Marbus, Melissa Innins, Col Fullagar, Glenda
Salmon, Natalie Watt, Beryl Imber, Jo-Anne Rooker & Terry Cooper, Lyn Cooper, Mary Jacobs, Lesley Livingston, Alison Ebsworth, Lyn & Duncan Turpie, Rachel Cairns, Leanne Flood, Kathleen Caden, Mandy Hartas, Elizabeth Reid-Philip, Irene Dowse, L Breytenbach, Graham Carson, Elizabeth
Eurell, Stephen Frawley, The Skuratowski Family, Rona Parker, Norma Swiney, Vanessa TalbotVarian, Dawn Polzin, Deborah Ranse & family, Angela Muller, Tegan Primmer, Kevin Druce, Gail &
Doug Ferris, Rebecca Warburton, Annemarie Misamer, Suzanne Bellette, Jo Wright, Bridget Graham, David Slaughter, Lesley Archer, Hannah Cowley, Anne Bailey, Jackie Robinson, Greg Don, N.C
Morgan, Jo Packham, Marta Ayling, Christine Edwards, Michelle Oldfield, Cheryl Nash, Christine Preston, Steve Chapman
Caryn Pakowski, Wendy Watson,
Membership drive
Introduce a new member to HRA and you will receive a free HRA Cap (valued at $16). Just get the
new member to let us know you introduced them and we will post you out your cap!
Thanks to Melody and MagicBrowbands
Melody has sent us a gift voucher valued at $50 for us to use as a
raffle prize. Melody has a great range of browbands, there’s something for everyone. Elegant show browbands, full-on “bling” browbands, browbands with your horses name weaved into it, racing
browbands and even DIY kits for you budding browband makers
out there.
Check out their website at www.magicbrowbands.com
We have been having some great volunteer days recently. As you would have read in our last newsletter
we had great attendance at each volley day. Unfortunately we had to cancel a couple of volunteer days.
Our June Volly day had to be cancelled due to rain and
the October Volly day due to the outbreak of Horse flu.
We did get to have a volunteer day in August and it
was another great day. We had more people than
horses (again!) which is great because it means we
have a lot of people coming along, but not so good as
we get all the work done really quickly!
All the horses were caught and brushed. Well done Tegan for catching Sandy, what a wonderful
The next volunteer day will be held on December 15th and will include a BBQ to celebrate
Christmas – all welcome!
If you wish to attend the 15th December day, please RSVP to [email protected]
General Information on Volunteer days
The volunteer days are held at our paddock at 539 Kurmond Rd, Freeman’s Reach and usually run
from 10am till 2pm. (See the calendar of events for details of the dates).
We supply morning tea and coffee, but ask people to bring along a drink for themselves and some
lunch (if required)
Usually we give all the horses a much needed groom and clean up, and also do a little
bit of "poo patrol", but that is entirely voluntary! Mostly it is just a nice day spent in the company
of the horses, and other like minded people.
Closed in shoes must be worn, but boots are preferable. Sorry, but dogs are strictly not
Thanks to Sandy Creek Natural Horse Products!
The guys from Sandy Creek have generously donated us a wonderful box of goodies
that we will raffle off early next year. The box includes heaps of goodies such as
Calming Oil, Facial Mist, Conditioner, Buzz Off fly repellent, Shampoo, Hair Re-Growth
cream, Healing cream, Coat Cleaning spray, Fly lotion (for delicate areas), Muscle
massage oil and Joint relief gel.
They hand make natural, quality products for every horse whether they're
foals, seniors, pony club, performance horses of all levels or pleasure horses
Check out all the above products at their website: www.scnaturalhorse.com or email
[email protected]
Once they are rehabilitated, Horse Rescue horses are offered for placement into caring adoption
homes. Our horses go out to homes vaccinated, wormed, feet done, teeth done and ready to be
loved. We ensure that prospective adoptive homes know of any emotional or physical problems
that the horse may have, in order to ensure that the adoption has the best possible chance
of working out. Some of our horses can be ridden and other cannot, but make great mates for your
equine friends at home.
Riding horses are matched to the most appropriate home where the riding experience of the new
owner is suitable for the horse.
There is a fee for adopting a HRA horse. This fee covers the direct costs involved in rescuing and
rehabilitating horses. The fee for each horse is worked out on an individual basis, so contact us if
you are interested in any of the horses below:
Cobbitty was born as a twin on a QH stud in Cobbitty (hence his
name). As a result of being a twin (not a common occurrence)
his front legs didn’t quite grow long enough or straight enough.
However this doesn’t stop
him from hooning around the paddock and making a general nuisance of himself! He likes to be the “chief”
Breed: QH
of the herd. He was also a potty foal, so
Colour: Bay
considers himself human first and horse
DOB: 14.9.95
second. This means he likes to live in your
Height: 14hh
pocket and get into mischief! He is a real
Sex: Gelding
character, if you leave a door or gate
Companion Horse.
slightly open - he is out in a
second! He would make a great companion
Denton originally came to HRA in 2000 when we found
him abandoned on the property we took up residence
in. He soon went out to an adoption home, but was returned in mid 2006 with his friend Mouse. He fits in well
with the other horses in the herd. He can have a bit of
an “attitude”, but once you get to
Breed: Arab X
know him he can be easily caught
Colour: Chestnut
and loves to get attention. He is a
DOB: approx 1991
funny character and would make a
Height: 14.2hh
great companion to horse or
Sex: Gelding
Companion Horse.
Hotspot originally came to HRA many years ago. He spent a long
time in a loving home with Linda and her family, until she
unfortunately had to move away and couldn’t
Breed: Appaloosa
take him with her. He was a riding horse, but
Colour: Brown/
was always very “hot” – hence his name –
white leopard
HotSpot (due also to his spots!). He is now in
DOB: approx 1986
his early twenties, and due to his “spooky”
Height: 15hh
nature when being ridden is being offered as a
Sex: Gelding
companion horse only
Companion Horse
Pebbles came to HRA in 2000. She was very timid and has come a long way to
getting along better with humans. She is still rather small due to her early malnutrition issues and will never grow into a large pony. She would make a great companion to another horse. She is currently at a carer home with a friend (an
adopted HR horse) and has progressed very well, and is ready
Breed: Pony
for adoption
Colour: Buckskin
DOB: approx 1998
Height: 10hh
Sex: Mare
Companion Horse.
Dee originally came to HRA as a young 3 year old. He
almost immediately went into a loving companion
home where he remained until he
was 9 years old. He returned to
Breed: Warmblood X
Colour: Grey
HRA at that stage and has been
lounging around here every since! DOB: approx 1995
Height: 16hh
Sex: Gelding
Companion Horse.
Honey went to live with Rosemary and her son Tristan at Galston. Although she was very nervous she was caught without too much trouble and went onto the float without too much trouble. She has settled
in well and is getting daily handling which she really needed. Rosemary has been taking her along to Rob Horne’s when she takes her
other horse for a lesson, so all this travelling and training is just great
for her. We hope you have much success with her Rosemary!
Dooral went to live “just around the corner” with Wendy and her 30 year old TB. She lost her 14
year old pony due to EI complications and thought Dooral might help to keep her old boy company.
Luckily she lives just around the corner, as Dooral used his “hippo strength” to avoid entering the
float, so Wendy simply walked him home (instead of spending more time on a 35 degree day!)
Musche will soon be going to live with Sharna not too far away. She will be using him for pleasure
riding, and we hope he can survive the change of pace! He thinks he is retired… just hanging
around in the paddock with Dee.
A Sad goodbye to Tom Tom
Recently we noticed that Tom Tom just didn't look
“right” He was still getting around with all the other
horses, but when he moved he looked a bit
“crooked”. After a vet visit we discovered that he had
suffered a slight stroke. He was prescribed some
medication to try and help him along a bit, and it
was really just a wait and see situation to find how
he would be once the medication ran out.
However he continued to go downhill, and we decide
it would be best to let him go quietly before he had
another stroke.
Mega Gear sale collection notice
Can you help us collect second hand horse gear?
Sometime this year we will be holding a “Mega Horse Gear Sale”. If you can help us by donating
any second hand horse gear: rugs, halters, leads, etc please contact us and we can arrange to
collect it if necessary.
Advertising in the HRA Newsletter is a great way to get your product or service to horse minded
people. Our rates are extremely competitive, and as our newsletter is quarterly it stays in homes
for longer. Below are our rates and services.
A DV E RT I S I N G R AT E S ( P E R I S S U E )
Artwork & Design completed by HRA
(based on your copy sent to us)
Completed advertisement supplied by you
to size as a high-res PDF
1/16 page
1/8 page
1/4 page
1/2 page
1/16 page
1/8 page
1/4 page
1/2 page
20% discount applies for bookings of four (4) insertions or more (ie: 4 editions of the
Chester says Thanks!
Chester would like to thank his new sponsors—Melody and her friends—who sent him across a nice
new summer rug. I’m sure he will enjoy wearing it, and we’ll publish a picture of him wearing it
next issue.
Don’t forget Sponsorship is now tax deductible!
Sponsorship is a great way to help us care for the horses here at HRA. You can sponsor a certain horse (choose from those below),
or just sponsor the HRA horses in general. You don’t have to be a member to sponsor the horses. You can sponsor as little or as
much as you like, it’s completely up to you. Contact us for more information if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.
Sahara is very timid and has a hard time fitting in with humans. She is very happy to
be out the back with the herd – where she can be the “boss”. There is a bit of a trick to
catching her, but once caught she can receive daily care such as brushing, having her
feet trimmed etc (as long as you do it all with care!). However she will always be ready
to “run” at the slightest thing, and as such will remain a sponsored horse until the
perfect home is found for her.
Breed: Stock Horse
Colour: Palomino
DOB: approx 1988
Height: 15hh
Sex: Mare
Breed: TB
Colour: Bay
DOB: 17.9.94
Height: 16hh
Sex: Gelding
Chester came to HRA in August 2006 after receiving horrific injuries to both
his hind-legs in a fence accident. Upon his arrival he underwent a few months
of intensive vet treatment and bandage changes every 3-4 days. He is now
bandage free and looks and feels a million dollars! He still has quite a way to
go before he is completely healed and ready to go to a home, and as such will
remain a sponsored horse until then.
Mouse originally came to HRA in 2000 when we found him abandoned
on the property we took up residence in. He went out to an adoptive
home which he returned from in mid 2006. His adopters were having
trouble with his weight and body condition, but since his return he has
greatly improved. He is now a happy old fellow, who still looks his age,
but is quite contented. Due to his age, and his dietary requirements, he
will remain a sponsored horse until we can find
Breed: TB
a home that suits his needs.
Colour: Chestnut
DOB: approx 1984
Height: 15.3hh
Sex: Gelding
Sandy came to HRA in 2000 when she was rescued with some of her friends from a herd of 20
ponies running wild. When Sandy arrived at HRA she had a very young foal at foot and another
still suckling from her. She has probably spent her life before HRA
Breed: Pony
having babies. She is a very pretty little mare, and looks very nice as
Colour: Buckskin
she is running away down the paddock when you try to catch her! She
DOB: approx 1987
is very timid, but VERY smart and would need a very experienced
Height: 10.2hh
home that has the patience to deal with her. Due to this fact she will
Sex: Mare
remain a sponsored horse until that perfect home can be found.
Goodbye to the days of storing away partially cleaned
damp rugs. Damaging the domestic washing machine. Trying to hose them on the driveway or line.
Your horse will love being covered with a spotlessly
clean rug and love you for it. FIRST (we believe) in
Australia, established to only clean and disinfect
Equine Equipment.
Phone: (02) 4655 4212. Fax: (02) 4655 2457.
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.clippity-clop.com
Serving the Hawkesbury &
Nepean Districts
5 Price Lane, Agnes Banks NSW 2753
Phone: (02) 4588 5200
-FF ARRI ER Jon Ingersole
Equine Dentist
0409 653 122
email: [email protected] (0412) 951 951
Training Without Fear or Force
Coralie Smythe is an NCAS coach specialising in dressage. Her philosophy of
training and riding is that fear or force should never be used, and she believes that
this is the only way that lightness can be achieved.
For the past two years she has been the Australian Representative of
Allège-Ideal, the international dressage association for lightness.
Coralie has trained at some of the major equestrian
centres in the world, from Portugal to France and USA.
Coralie is available for group or individual lessons and will
be holding a clinic at Horse Rescue Australia in September.
Ph: (02) 4372 1550
Our facilities include:
“The Ann Macintosh Arena” - fully fenced 60m x 20m arena
“Barb’s Yard” - 50’ round yard
Float parking area
Price (includes use of both arena and round yard:
HRA members: $15 per hour
Non members: $20 per hour
Groups and instructors please contact us for rates.
Note: For insurance reasons you need to either be a member
of HRA or the EFA to be able to hire the arena.
Equine Muscle Release Therapy Practitioner
Nadine Marshall
Healing gently - bowen therapy
for horses & for people
All your animal portrait needs can
be captured in precise pencil-work
by Leanne of Yee-Haa! Artistry.
Telephone: 0418 952 201, Postal address: PO Box 779, Lilydale VIC 3140,
Email: [email protected], Website: www.yee-haa.com.au
Horse Rescue Australia Inc
For treating pain,
muscle imbalance,
poor performance
Qualified &
Kristine Edwards
Mobile: 0408229341
[email protected]
Would you like to advertise your horse related business in our Newsletter? Please see our pricing structure and services in this newsletter.
“It is my dream to help people
have more fun with horses,
more safety and achieve more
than just mediocre results,
to become so good with horses
that even their horses think
they’re good with horses.”
- Pat Parelli
Horse Rescue Australia Inc, PO Box 234 North Richmond NSW 2754.
Phone: (02) 9850 1442. Email: [email protected] Web: www.horserescue.com.au