Corporate brochure


Corporate brochure
Wherever we are in the world, Scomi Oiltools
is committed to providing you the best quality
products and services while caring for our
people and respecting the environment
in which we live and work.
Realising Potential in
Oilfield Services
Just as Aristotle believed that the whole is greater
than the sum of its parts, Scomi Oiltools believes in
combining the skills and technology of each of our
core businesses to offer a complete and integrated
range of drilling fluids and drilling waste management
services; a range that far exceeds the limits of individual
capacities. We offer a complete package that provides
a total value chain that brings together combined
technical expertise, product performance, safety
compliance, environmental compliance and on-time
A subsidiary of Scomi Group Bhd, Scomi Oiltools is one
of the world’s leading providers of innovative high
performance drilling fluid solutions and state-of-the-art
drilling waste management equipment and services.
With a combined experience of almost 50 years, spread
over 62 locations in 36 countries, we are well-placed
to look after your oilfield requirements.
At Scomi Oiltools, each of our core businesses - Drilling
Fluids, Drilling Waste Management and Oilfield Product
Distribution – is a well-formed entity with its own
strengths and capabilities that can cater to individual
needs. When united as a whole, our company offers
a smooth and seamless workflow that enables you to
optimise your productivity with the most time and costeffective solutions that are also in complete compliance
with international environmental standards.
It is Scomi Oiltools’ goal to conduct business in a socially
responsible and ethical manner and to partner with you
to realise and maximise potential so as to attain new
levels of performance.
A Safe and Eco-friendly
Approach to Business
Respect for the environment is integral to our corporate
culture at Scomi Oiltools. Wherever we may be in the
world, we are wholly committed to integrating social,
environmental and health and safety management
systems into our business.
As responsible corporate citizens, we are dedicated to
developing effective health, safety and environmental
strategies that are specifically designed to prevent
accidents, eliminate hazards and ensure well-being
in the workplace. These strategies and policies include:
Systematic inspection, identification, analysis and control of potential hazards to prevent them from becoming risks
Routine inspection and thorough maintenance of
all equipment by competent operatives to ensure optimal performance and safety at all times
Annual audits to review and evaluate health and
safety management systems as well as monitor compliance with legislation and regulations
Regular health and safety training for all staff
Scomi Oiltools continuously strives to improve
performance. To enhance Quality, Health, Safety and
Environment (QHSE) performance and constantly
improve on services, processes and equipment
within our group, ongoing feedback from internal
and external clients is reviewed and employed.
As a result, we have received numerous awards and
letters of commendation from clients, governments
and industry bodies in recognition of our service
excellence in QHSE performance.
Taking our Clients further
with Process Technology
At Scomi Oiltools, we continually strive to improve
our processes for your ultimate benefit. Our engineers
regularly study and analyse current performance
methods and relentlessly work upon them to further
enhance their operations; redefining old boundaries
to reinvent techniques that will better suit your needs.
We call this innovative progression, our Process
Technology – specifically designed to spearhead
business development and lead to sustained profits
and growth.
Our innovation system emphasises the flow
of technology and information among people,
enterprises and institutions.
Powered by Innovation
In holistic economics, the concept of the innovation
system stresses that the flow of technology and
information among people, enterprises and institutions
is key to an innovative process. It is this interaction
which turns ideas into a process, product or service.
As an advocate of holistic solutions, Scomi Oiltools
harnesses the power of innovation to generate value
for our clients. At our Global Research and Technology
Centre (GRTC) - a center which promotes innovation
and excellence in drilling fluids and drilling waste
management in Kuala Lumpur - our research and
development teams work endlessly to pool together
ideas and resources as well as probe into new
technology that can improve and enhance
your business.
GRTC is the first-of-its-kind in the Asia Pacific region.
GRTC provides research and development facilities,
technical services and training for our company’s
drilling fluids and drilling waste management
activities worldwide.
Equipped with laboratories, test equipments and
dedicated training facilities, GRTC’s key role is to
provide technical support, including troubleshooting
services for our global operations.
Driven by Professionalism
Complacency has no place in Scomi Oiltools. We
sincerely believe that growth and development can
only be achieved by constantly raising the bar on
quality and performance standards.
As such, Scomi Oiltools regularly invests in the
development of our people to instill greater knowledge,
improved skills, enhanced professionalism and
teamwork excellence among our employees. And
because the whole is always greater than the sum of its
parts, we encourage our employees to wholeheartedly
endorse the sharing of ideas and resources to generate
more powerful solutions for our clients.
Strong partnerships based on open communication,
trust and a solutions-oriented approach.
Our Integrated Drilling
Fluids and Drilling Waste
Management Solutions
Scomi Oiltools is fully equipped to provide
truly integrated packaged services comprising
drilling fluids and engineering services, drilling
waste management services and related premium
product sourcing to serve the oil and gas industry.
Committed to offering a holistic approach
to business that is at once high quality,
performance-driven yet cost-effective, our
drilling fluid solutions are engineered to achieve
optimal results while ensuring that waste
cuttings and fluids are effectively contained,
treated and discharged with minimal impact
on the environment.
Drilling Fluid Services
Scomi Oiltools provides a complete range of
engineering services and drilling fluid solutions
across many countries to meet the wide array of
clients’ requirements worldwide. This encompasses
the most challenging wells such as horizontal,
multilateral, deep water and HTHP wells.
Scomi Oiltools’ engineering services include the
construction and operation of milling/grinding facilities,
liquid mud, brine, dry bulk and blending plants.
Our team of highly skilled and trained drilling fluid
engineers is both based on clients’ rigs and at our
laboratory facilities to support the formulations and
smooth operation of drilling activities. Our engineers
are regularly updated with product training to ensure
optimum knowledge of our drilling fluids so that we
remain a dynamic partner to our clients, providing
the best possible expertise in the market today.
Scomi Oiltools’ comprehensive catalogue of
water-based and non-aqueous fluid systems includes:
Water-based Systems
Non-Aqueous Systems
Classic KCI / PHPA system
Confi-DrillPremium Invert Emulsion system
Hydro-Foil Gen 1
Inhibitive engineered
cloud point glycol system
Confi-DenseHigh temperature high pressure
oil-based fluid
Hydro-Foil S8
Silicate system
Hydro-Foil F8
Formate systems
Confi-DeepFlat rheology OBM for use in deep water
Hypr-Foil S8
High performance silicate system
Extra-VertEnvironmentally friendly
ester-based system
High performance water
based mud
Opta-VertReservoir drill-in fluid
Inhibitive anti accretion
system for tar sand SAGD drilling
MMO system for superior
hole cleaning
High temperature high pressure system
Reservoir drill-in fluid
Opta-Vert 100100% “oil” reservoir drill-in fluid
Drilling Waste Management Services
Scomi Oiltools’ Drilling Waste Management Services
reduce the waste generated during drilling activities
to acceptable environmental levels.
Our waste management services are based on our
Waste Management Hierarchy which governs the way
we deal with solids control and waste disposal in all
our drilling activities worldwide. In its basic form, this
hierarchy is divided into 4 levels: reduction at source,
recycling, treatment and disposal.
To ensure that these steps are adhered to, accurate
planning which takes into account both environmental
protection as well as cost-effectiveness is imperative.
This involves studies to review both the project and the
disposal criterias. Ultimately, the methods employed
follow the Best Practicable Environmental Option
(BPEO) and Best Available Technology Not Entailing
Excessive Cost (BATNEEC) practices.
As part of our drilling waste management services,
Scomi Oiltools also supplies highly skilled staff to
ensure equipments are correctly installed, fully
operational and well-maintained. Our employees
are on-call worldwide 24 hours a day, everyday and
are trained to provide support at a moment’s notice.
In addition, our company carries comprehensive spares
in numerous stocking locations to ensure minimum
disruption or down-time to our clients’ operations
arising from any technical incidents.
In order to achieve specific objectives within a specified
timescale and budget, Scomi Oiltools has developed a
clear and concise Waste Management Programme. This
programme, which is available to clients as a whole or
in parts, according to clients’ needs, enables us to:
identify waste streams, discern performance indicators and offer the best, cost-effective
technical solutions and resources available
determine the best methods for safe and healthy operational practice and management controls
provide our clients with a report on specific performance data that includes recommendations for future improvements.
The Scomi Oiltools Advantage
Scomi Oiltools has a distinct advantage in that
we are backed by proven track records in quality
and technical support.
Proven track record
•Our drilling fluids and drilling waste management solutions are found in 62 locations in 36 countries around the world.
•We have been specialists in oilfield services
for almost 50 years.
•Our clients include more than 50 top drilling contractors and oil and gas operators worldwide.
•We are involved in the provision of drilling fluids to
over 1200 onshore and offshore wells.
•Our drilling waste management equipments are
used on over 1500 rigs worldwide.
Strong support
•Extensive research and development base at our
Global Research and Technology Centre (GRTC).
• Support centre – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
•Over 2,500 employees worldwide; over 200 trained
and specialised drilling fluid engineers with an
aggressive ongoing training programme; over
900 trained and skilled drilling waste management
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