August 2012



August 2012
Club Officers:
President: Bob Mosinski
Vice President: Tom
Treasurer: Bill Hickey
Secretary: Dave Cotton
Safety Officer: Mick
Fun Fly Committee:
Dave Engel, (Director)
Larry Dudkowski
Dave Carlson
Publicity Director:
Harlan Davis
Nominating Committee:
Harlan Davis, (Chair)
Forest Preserve
Bob Mosinski
Flying Instructors:
See club's Web Site at
For complete list of
Fund Raising Committee:
Larry Dudkowski
Bob Mosinski
Harlan Davis
Librarian: Hank Bourassa
Webmaster: Dave Carlson
Ray Luchetti (Editor)
AUGUST, 2012
I’m happy to report that our Tailgator
Swap Event is about 80% booked and I
believe it will be a sellout. This event,
scheduled on August, 25th,, will be a
major event for our club and one we plan
on being a success. If you can volunteer
to help out please contact me. Fingers
crossed for good weather! ☺
A board meeting was held on August 8th and many topics were covered. I will detail more at
our next meeting on August 28th. However, the discussions we very positive and there was a
general consensus that our club is doing very well. We covered Safety, Fun Fly planning,
event planning, the flight assistance program, various new ideas and membership growth. We
also encourage any members that would like to run for a Board position to please contact
Harlan Davis to submit your name.
We had the President in town over the weekend of August 12th which shut the field down. The
Requalification event will take place on August 19th unless he heads back in for more
campaign donations. ☺ We have a lot of events planned for the remainder of the year and
flying season. Please check the club calendar for a few changes.
Recent safety events at other flying fields highlight the continued call for safety. Please
continue the great effort we all have made in keeping our field safe. Remember safety starts
with the individual. Assess you own flying skills and stay within those limits. Seek help from
others and seek an Instructor if you need help. The assistance program is not only for
beginners; we will be expanding the program to encourage continued development of piloting
skills for all levels.
The field is in great shape and we are on schedule for seal coating. The recent rains have even
started to pop some green back into the turf. Remember the safety topic of making sure your
card is in the slot when you are flying. For those still using 72 MHz make sure to remove
your card from your channel slot when done flying each time. This is the established protocol
for our field and impound.
September 16th is our annual club picnic so mark off that date now. Bring out the family for
some great food, great flying and family time.
Fly Safe, Have Fun
The Pres
Financial Report
Bill Hickey
Financial Report July 1, 2012 to July 31, 2012
Balance July 1, 2012
Field Fund
Brand Items
Swap Meet
Total Income
Total Cash Available
Field Maintenance
Brand Items
Brand Items
Brand Items
Total Expenses
Balance July 31, 2012
$ 17.76
Two new members,
Sam Peguero & Chuck
Cornell; plus welcome
315.00 back, Bob Johnson.
72.00 Sold six hats.
40.00 Four Tailgator fees.
93.66 Easy-Up #2.
120.72 Striping paint.
Air Show food &
90.60 permit.
Shirt & Jacket order
574.20 (Dream Ink).
142.13 Hat purchases (12).
17.88 Badges & Plaque.
Excess donations for
Air Show permit.
Bill Hickey
Prop Masters Treasurer 305 White Oak Drive
Naperville, IL 60540
Newsletter Contributions
[email protected]
Send articles or pictures of interest to the club to:
[email protected]
The deadline for submissions is the second
Tuesday of the month.
Club Newsletters are posted at the club
Meeting Minutes
Dave Cotton
Meeting minutes - July 31, 2012
The meeting, held at the Judd Kendall VFW hall, started at 7:30 pm and ended at 8:45 pm. The June meeting minutes
were approved as published and the June 2012 Financial Report was approved as presented at the meeting and published
in the Newsletter.
Fun Fly
Forest Preserve
Air Show
Ray Luchetti stated “we’re doing fine”.
Mick Pfeifer and Harlan Davis discussed battery safety and frequency control/impound stand use
– please use your cards to indicate your frequency. Lastly Dave Carlson mentioned that we
should direct new flyers to the club instructors.
Dave Engel reported that August 12th will be Qualification Sunday (later re-scheduled to the 19th)
so come out and perform the prescribed maneuvers for your class or try to advance your
classification, (see May’s newsletter for a list of maneuvers for each classification). Dave
Carlson mentioned that he would add the maneuvers to the website.
Tom Camp reported that all was good at the field and with the Forest Preserve.
Dave Carlson reported that the website was operating well. It was requested that more updated
pictures be added to the site.
Hank Bourassa stated “Nothing exciting is going on in the library”.
Bob Mosinski stated that we will miss Ivan Cankov; however our Instructors are top notch so
look to them since they are dedicated to getting you in the air. Training continues on Tuesday
and Thursday evenings.
See Old Business.
No report requested.
No report requested.
No report requested.
No report requested.
Old Business:
President Bob Mosinski requested members “to please sign up to help out at the Tailgator Swap. Help is needed in order
to make sure it’s a successful event”. The Swap will be held on August 25th and set-up will start at 6:30 am in the VFW
parking lot.
New Business:
Mel Ziska announced that Fox Valley is hosting the IMAC Challenge on August 4th and 5th. Mel urged everyone to come
out and enjoy the event.
New Members &
Visitors that were in attendance were Bob, Sam, Ron, Chuck and Austin. Thanks for coming to the meeting and
checking us out.
Lost Horizons:
No Lost Horizons were awarded.
Meeting Minutes
Dave Cotton
Harlan Davis and Mick Pfeifer had a super raffle which included a Katana (90 size), incidence
meter, 480 Park Runner, lost plane alert, and the oil. See the recycle table – a small donation
buys lots.
Show and Tell:
(See photo section)
Mel Ziska
Dan Nosek
Travis McClure
Robert Carrington
Paul Bock
Bruce Haynes
John Totten
Dave Carlson
Dave Engel
Hank Bourassa
Joe Bartek
Mick Pfeifer
Yak 54 by Aeroworks with a 100cc engine in a red, green and yellow color scheme.
Homemade engine test stand.
Piper Cub kit by Great Planes, a work in progress, still needs covering.
Hobby Zone Champ and WE2012 helicopter by Estes.
Low wing sports plane (Rivets?) with a 25 size motor in red with yellow trim.
P51B ARF by e-flight with a 32 size engine.
Great Planes trainer 60 kit with a 50 size engine. (10 years in the making and John is going to
get it done).
Standard office file case adapted to serve as a transmitter case.
B-17 by Hobby King powered by 4 electric motors in a military green color scheme.
EDF jet – Stinger 64 from Value Hobby.
Blue-Beagle X1.25 pusher with a 44” wing span. Scratch built foamie with a 400 electric motor.
RimFire by Sterling ready for a 25 size motor.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday August 28th at 7:30 pm at the Judd Kendall VFW hall.
July 31st Meeting Photos
Ray Luchetti
Mel Ziska – Yak 54 by Aeroworks.
Dan Nosek – Homemade engine test
Travis McClure – Great Planes Piper Cub
Bob Carrington – Hobby Zone Champ.
Bob Carrington again, Estes helicopter.
Paul Bock – Rivets sport plane.
Bruce Haynes – P51 B ARF.
July 31st Meeting Photos
Ray Luchetti
John Totten – Great Planes Trainer 60 kit.
Dave Carlson – Transmitter case.
Dave Engel – B17F by Hobby King.
Hank Bourassa – Stinger 64 EDF jet.
Joe Bartek – Blue-Beagle X 1.25.
Mick Pfeifer – Sterling RimFire.
Fun Fly Committee
Fun Fly#7 Qualification Sunday August 19th
Don’t forget, Qualification Sunday will be held on August 19th. Check the May newsletter for a list of maneuvers for each
pilot classification.
Fun fly # 8 Anything goes Washer Drop September 30th
Anything goes means you may use anything at your discretion to drop the washer, electronic or mechanical.
Here is how it will go: The plane must take off and make one full pass of the field. After one full pass the pilot may at
his discretion drop the washer aiming at a cone that will be on the field; the plane must stay at an altitude no lower than 10
feet. Pilots will be given a washer 5/8” with a 12“ribbon. You must use the washer supplied and no modifications are
allowed to washer or ribbon.
No hovering or helicopters.
Scoring: closest to cone is First, next closest Second, etc. Dropping lower than 10 feet or over the flight line is a DG.
See you there September 30th, Dave and the Fun Fly Committee
Prop Masters’ Annual Picnic
Mark your calendar for Sunday September 16th. This is the date of the annual Prop Masters’ Family Picnic. The idea is to
bring your family out to the field and spend the day together. Show them what Dad does when he runs out of the house
on Sunday mornings. So bring your special stuff to show off to the family!! LOL
Lunch will be served starting around 11:30. There is no charge for the picnic since the club will provide the food and
drink. The menu is typical fare, hot dogs, hamburgers, fixings, potato salad, coleslaw, chips and pop. If you would like to
bring a dish to share, feel free. If you need something special grilled, like chicken or whatever, just let the grill masters
Bob Mosinski or Larry Dudkowski know so they can allow time and space for cooking it.
We look forward to seeing all of you, Dave Engel, and the Fun Fly and Picnic Committee.
Fun Fly Committee
Monthly Meeting
January 31st
February 28th & Flight
Box Beauty Contest
March 27th & Winter
project judging at the mtg.
April 24th
May 29th
June 26 & Beauty Contest
July 31st
August 28th
September 25th
October 30th
November 27th
December 28th &
Christmas Auction
Fun Fly Date
January 1st
Fun Fly Event
Polar Bear Fun Fly 10:00 am at the field
Too windy, met at
Fun Fly #1 Indoor Fun Fly at the meeting.
No Fun Fly this month.
April 1st
Fun Fly #2 Spot Landing
April 29th
June 3th
Fun Fly #3 Fast and Slow
Fun Fly #4 Timed to Climb/Practice for
Barnstormers Contest
Fun Fly #5 Barnstormers Contest @ their field.
Fun Fly #6 Air Show
June 24th
July 8th
August 19th
August 25th
September 16th
September 30th
November 4th
December 2nd
Fun Fly #7 – Qualification Sunday
Tailgater Swap Meet
Annual Prop Masters Picnic
Fun Fly #8 – Washer Drop
Fun Fly #9
Fun Fly #10
No Fun Fly – Merry Christmas & Happy New
Air Show
Postponed one
week due to July
4th holiday.
Note date change.
Moved to Friday.
Editor’s Note
We are attempting to assemble pictures of all members to be posted in a gallery on our website. Listed below are the
members’ pictures we currently are lacking. Please see me at the next meeting to have your picture taken. Thanks, Ray
Bill Barclay
Bill Phillips
Derrick Williamson
Ed Miller
Chuck Cornell
Robert Johnson
Craig Vander Kolk
Travis McClure
Dave Russell
Mike Wendell
Sam Peguero
Hints, Information,
Tips and Stuff
Larry Dudkowski
You’ll remember back in November I wrote an article on building an Avistar Trainer. Well maybe you don’t remember,
but that’s OK. I powered my trainer with an OS.46 LA. That’s the inexpensive bushing engine from our friends at O.S.
While I tried to build the Avistar as per instructed, I did make a few changes as I mentioned in the article. Over the winter
I added one additional change. I painted the firewall and surrounding area with satin black Rust-Oleum to fuel proof it. I
just wasn’t sure it was sealed properly and besides I think the black looks cooler. That was the last change, I promise.
The first flight of the Avistar was towards the end of May. Why so late? Just busy I guess. Like everyone else there was
work and “Honey-Do’s” around the house. So just busy is as good an answer as any. Also I did have to break- in the new
engine and that took an extra outing to the field to accomplish. But I really wasn’t in any hurry. Besides, if I wanted to
fly something, I had my Twist and Ultra-Stick to fly. Well I had my Ultra-Stick anyway, after the Bull’s Eye SpotLanding contest in April where I totaled my Twist. For the maiden flight I picked an instructor night because I wanted
someone other than me to do the pre-flight check and maiden flight. After all I know I set everything up correctly (LOL)
so I would probably overlook some glaring mistake, like reverse ailerons or something. I firmly believe that four eyes are
always better than two where inspecting a new aircraft is concerned, especially if two of those eyes are the builder’s. Also
I wanted someone to take it up for the first time. Also I was a little short on “Stick-Time” and I felt a pilot with a few
more hours under his belt for the year would be a better choice for a maiden flight.
I asked Tom Camp to ground check and take my Avistar up for its first flight. Tom is one of the best pilots we have for
both of these jobs. He agreed to help me out and about the “best pilot stuff” too. We did the ground check and happily
everything worked correctly so I fired up the engine. Tom took it off and after a couple of laps around the field he
brought the Avistar down so we could make some adjustments. Tom felt that the Avistar had a little too much aileron and
elevator throw. The biggest problem was with the throttle adjustment. It was not set low enough to shut down the engine.
The elevator and aileron adjustments were done in the transmitter via EPA (End-Point-Adjustment) and the high and low
dual rate settings. To adjust the throttle throw we had to actually do some work. We had to remove the wing to adjust the
length of linkage between the throttle and servo to get it working correctly.
Once all of the ground adjustments were made and the wing reattached, Tom took her up again. This time everything
went smoothly and the Avistar flew hands-off with only one or two clicks of adjustment. Tom landed and I checked
everything out again and everything looked great. I took the Avistar up a few more times that evening to get in some
“stick-time”. It flies just like you would want a trainer to fly. A little on the slow side, after all it’s powered by a .46 LA
but it’s not really under powered. Now isn’t that what you want from a trainer? A trainer should be a good gentle flyer
with no bad tendencies, capable of basic aerobatic maneuvers such as loops and rolls. I feel that the 46 LA powered
Avistar fills this niche very nicely. It’s the kind of model your can teach people to fly with. And isn’t that what a
trainer’s for?
Anytime you bring a new model for Show-N-Tell or write about one, one of the questions someone always asks is, “What
does it weigh?” I’ve never really understood that question. To me they weigh what they weigh. As long as you don’t go
overboard during construction and start reinforcing everything, the weight should not be critical. Now I understand that
weight is a VERY critical factor in foamie construction and other small electric aircraft. But for your run-of-the-mill
glow powered trainer, I just don’t think that the weight is that critical, although lighter is always better. I checked, and
weight is not even mentioned in the instruction manual. For the record, my Avistar weighs just less than 5lbs, 4lb.14 oz.
to be exact.
Well that’s it for another month. Hope to see everyone at the field (that’s if I can find a parking spot). Also looking
forward to the “Tailgaters Swap” meet and Qualification Sunday in August; hope to see everyone at these events, that’s if
the temperature ever gets below 100, the wind gets below warp-3 and the President is not visiting us again. Until then..
Fly Smart, Fly Safe, Larry Dudkowski
Admission is FREE!
When: Saturday - August 25th, 2012 8:00 a.m. until Noon
Seller Setup 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
All Seller vehicles must be in location before open to public at 8 a.m.
Seller vehicles will be allowed to leave after 10 a.m. on the hour.
Where :
Judd Kendal — VFW Post — 3873
908 W. Jackson St.—Parking Lot
Naperville, IL 60540
(please do not contact the hall)
What: Sellers for $10.00* dollars, you get a parking space for
your vehicle and the space adjacent for selling. You can pack your
car with as many buddies as you can, still only $10 bucks. But,
that won’t leave much room for stuff to sell or items you will buy.
You can bring your own table, plywood & saw horses, pop-up
canopy or blanket to set up your space anyway you like; as long
as you don't go outside your space.
You can sell out of your vehicle too!
All spots reserved in alpha/number order.
First come, first served until they are gone!
*Full refund if event rained out
Payment Address:
Bob Mosinski
2765 Crooker Dr.
Yorkville, IL 60560
Payable : Prop Masters
Note: No table or chairs are provided.
Basic concessions available.
Contact Bob Mosinski at
[email protected] or 630-698-0185
Remember when R/C swap shows
didn’t cost you an “arm and a leg”
to sell or get in?
Visit the Prop Masters R/C Club Web Site at http//
Support your local Hobby Shop
Next Meeting: August 28th. @ 7:30 p.m. at
the Naperville VFW Hall.
Fun Fly #7: August 19th. Qualification
Tailgater Swap Meet: August 25th.
Annual Club Picnic: September 16th.

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