Flyline February 1, 2008 - Green Country FlyFishers


Flyline February 1, 2008 - Green Country FlyFishers
Flyline February 1, 2008
Green Country Flyfishers
Post Office Box 1053 - Bartlesville, OK 74005
Dennis Kidd cell-914-3928
Gary Kilpatrick
Flyline Editor Lents Prendergast 336-2525
Email: [email protected]
Arvest Bank, Eastside Branch
7:00 till 9:00 pm
Shawn Childers -(-3yr.-2010)
Gene Holland
Bobby Donnell
Dayna Hayes
Lents Prendergast –(-3yr-2009)
Ed Hinton
Go fishin
Notice Due to the Super Tuesday
Primary in Oklahoma on Feb 5th the
Club meeting will be in the break
room rather than the regular room.
Go fishin
Bob Cunningham won the January tying contest with this female Adams
Bob Cunningham Presenting Ed Hinton with the 2007 Bob Cunningham Award.
A Message from your President--Dennis’s Dabblings
Green Country Flyfishers’ Fly Fishing School Starts
The annual fly-fishing school will start at the Tuesday Feb 5th regular club meeting and
end on March 13th. Most sessions will be held at Tri Country Technology Center at 7 PM
on Tuesday and Thursday night. There will be no class on Feb 14th. Bobby Donnell, our
school director, will need help of members to mentor students, teach classes, and find
students. Bobby has been creating a new approach to teaching fly tying and if you show
up to help you’ll get a chance to take part in an exciting idea. Details of the class
schedule and contact information for Bobby are on the web site
( Remember to welcome the students at the Feb.
meeting and offer to help them learn to become fly fishers and/or tyers.
Green Country Flyfishers and a Gift from the Federation of Fly Fishers
The Green Country Flyfishers have had a long history as an affiliate club of the Federation
of Fly Fishers since 1969 when Bob Cunningham, Dave Whitlock and 9 of their friends
formed GCF. A detailed history of the club’s role in the formation of the Midwest Council
of the FFF, which became the Southern Council, can be found on the GCF web site,
Just over a year ago the club faced the question if it should no longer be an affiliate club.
We voted to remain affiliated with FFF, but only 6 of the GCF members were also
members of FFF. (While GCF as an affiliate club is a member of FFF, the individual
members are not automatically members of FFF. They must join FFF as individuals.) In
voting to remain an Affiliate Club, GCF also decided to start working closer with the
Federation. Since that time, 14 GCF members have decided to become FFF members.
At the same time FFF start a membership drive offering a lower rate to affiliated members
who become FFF members, and offered a Rod Incentive, which is a Temple Fork Lefty
Kreh Professional Series rod for adding 12 members. The rod can be a 8’6”-4pc-5 wt or a
9’ – 4 pc- 8wt. The board will decide how to use the rod, but more importantly GCF is
growing and becoming more active in the larger Fly Fishing community.
Friends, Fly Fishing and Muskies
What do Friends, Fly Fishing and Muskies have in common? If you don’t know, come to
the Feb. 5th GCF meeting and Shawn Childress will tell you. I can promise you will see
some great photos and hear a great story well told.
A Special Man and a Special Birthday!
Bob and Sylvia Cunningham have granted the GCF the honor of hosting a 90th birthday
party for Bob at the Feb 5th regular club meeting. This will be a special time for GCF as
Dave Whitlock will be joining us to celebrate, so it will be the first time in a long time that
GCF will have their founding members together at a meeting. Sylvia has arranged for Joel
Kantor to be the photographer at the meeting and she is asking us to come dressed for
fishing to make the photos more interesting.
Our monthly Fly Tying Contest becomes more FUN!
The Fly Tying continues to have good participation and several members have suggested
an improvement to make it even better. The improvement is to divide the contest into two
divisions in order to create more fun for all the tiers. At the March meeting there will be an
Advanced Division and a Novice Division. The Board decided that Bobby Donnell, Ed
Hinton, Gene Holland, Bob Cunningham, Shawn Childress, and Dennis Kidd are the
beginning members of the Advanced Division. If you want to compete n the Advanced
Division contact Bobby Donnell. Also the members of the Advance division can vote in a
new member.
Everyone at the meeting will get to vote in both contests and there will be a winner in each
division. This will create opportunities for the beginning tiers to win in the Novice Division
and as they improve they can move into the Advanced Division.
Want a new Fly Rod?
If you would like to win a new Fly Rod, then join the Participation Incentive Drawing.
You will get one entry to the drawing for each regular meeting and fly tying meeting you
attend, and two entries for every club outing that you attend from this February until the
end of February 2008. The board decided to give two entries for outings to encourage
more participation in our outings.
There will be a drawing at the March 2009 meeting for a Temple Fork Fly Rod. The rod
will be from the FFF for GCF adding new FFF members over the last year. The rod will be
selected and announced later this year. Members will have input as to wither it is a 5 wt or
an 8wt rod.
The "Sixth Ever"
Little Mo' Fly Fishing Festival
We'll be back
at the
Building once
again - on East
Main - one block east of the Court House Square.
Last year on Sunday, Catch Cormier basks in a warm sun, while tagging fish on
dries, at the Sycamore Run... >>>>>
That's President's Day Weekend for those of you who may be able to take advantage of
a three day weekend!
It's a full day on Saturday with Fly Tying Demonstrations and an assortment of
Presentations presented by a number of folks - The Usual Suspects - from around the
region. The list will continue to grow!
In what has become a bit of a tradition, Trout Program "head" biologist Jeff Williams
plans to return and give us the latest low down on everything that's been happening and
what's in the works for the Little Mo' in the coming season! He tells me there's
interesting things a foot.... Look for Jeff on Saturday evening!
And I've already gotten "I'll be there's" from the likes of:
Sister Carol Anne Corley - Hot Springs, AR
Johnny McJunkins - Mineral Springs, AR
Mike Hawkins - Longview, TX
Larry Offner - Baton Rouge, LA
Butch Baker - Russellville, AR
Glen "Catch" Cormier - Baton Rouge, LA
Barry Bauer - Shreveport, LA
Rex White - Shreveport, LA
Dick Waldrep - New Boston, TX
Paul Lawler - Shreveport, LA
Ken Bohannon - North Texas
Don Lawler - Shreveport, LA
Mike Hawkins - Longview, TX
Eddie Driskill - Shreveport, LA
John Scarborough - Shreveport, LA
David Chin - West Monroe, LA
2007 - AGFC Trout Program Biologist,
Jeff Williams, discusses the Little Mo'
Management Plan. >>>>>
Folks start to show up on Friday afternoon
just to hang out, maybe tie a little, eat
some good stuff and just hang out for a
while. Might even have enough daylight to
get in a little fishing! And the fishing this
winter promises to be the best ever with
some of the fish that have been going into
the river so far this season!!!
Glen "Catch" Cormier has informed me
that he will do some sort of program - "deal or cut bait" as he mentioned last year! It's
always a pleasure to talk to Catch and quite informative! He's been a staple at the
Festival for several years and continues to come up with something new to talk about. (I
know that he makes half of it up as he goes along... Oh
no, wait, that's me...)
Mike Hawkins plans to at least demonstrate the "Furling"
of leaders with his really interesting furling machine. If
you haven't seen furled leaders you're going to be
impressed. Hell! I've seen it and it's still cool!
Both Barry Bauer and David Chin will be returning to do
some bamboo demonstrations. Both these guys can
really "plane some cane" and have, over the last decade
or so, become real bamboo experts! Devotion to detail is
what bamboo is all about and these guys have mastered
that! It's an art - it's a fishing tool - all depends on how
you look at it! You'll want to pick these brains, for sure.
You just might learn something!
<<<<< 2007 - Sister Carole Anne Corley of Hot Springs with her always
interesting ingenuity!
Don Jackson of Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters in Hot Springs plans to return this year! It's
a great chance to put your hands on some things that you may not find at the "big"
shops! Don has a great place over there and he's been a great supporter of the Festival
since the first year! Great to have him back!
AND... So far Bubba Smith is planning to return with his awesome chili! Hmmm... I
wonder how "Gumbo Bill" Hathorn is doing???? No pressure, Bill...
2007 - Johnny McJunkins (foreground) and Dick Waldrep hard, or not so hard, at
it. >>>>>
All in all about 100 folks showed up for the Festival in 2007 - twice as many as the
previous three snow and/or ice-covered Fly Fishing Festivals! But just check out where
ya'll came from:
Magnolia AR, Shreveport/Bossier LA, Baton Rouge LA, Texarkana AR/TX, Hot Springs
AR, Paris TX, Marshall TX, El Dorado AR,
Cotton Valley LA, Monticello AR, Flower
Mound TX, Gatesville TX, Breaux Bridge
LA, Benton LA, Mount Ida AR, Haynesville
LA, Pottsville AR, Vilonia AR, Lewisville
AR, Russellville AR, Prescott AR,
Nashville AR, Mountain Home AR,
Denham Springs LA, New Hope AR,
Dallas TX, Lake Kiowa TX, Fort Worth TX,
West Monroe LA, Sanger TX, Alvarado
TX, Keller TX, Longview TX, Little Rock
AR, Richardson TX, Monroe LA, Mineral
Springs AR, New Boston TX,
For those wishing to camp out...
Dynamite Hill and Parker Creek Corps campgrounds near Narrows Dam - electricity
and hot showers!
And The Crater of Diamonds State Park on the south side of M'boro - also electricity
and hot showers!
2007 - A couple of "festivators" check out the goods from Ouachita Outdoor
Outfitters... >>>>>
American Heritage Inn - 870-285-2131 - 705 North Washington
Diamond John's Riverside Retreat - 870-285-4027 - 81 Roy Rd
Diamond Oaks Inn B&B - 870-285-1535 - 1701 South Washington
Little Shamrock Motel - 870-285-2342 - 919 North Washington
Miner's Rock Shop and Camp - 870-285-2722 - 2235 HWY 301 South
Queen of Diamonds Inn - 870-285-3105 - 318 North Washington
Swaha Lodge - 870-285-2272 - 205 Dynamite Hill Rd
Sandy with one in mid jump at the Pasture Pool on Sunday afternoon!
Just about perfect!!!
The Little Mo' Fly Fishing Festival will be at the Murfreesboro Municipal
Building - that's one block east of the Pike County Court House Square
on Main Street. Circle around the Court House and turn right after
Hawkins Variety Store.
We collect a very minimal registration fee of $5 per person or just $10 for
the whole family. I want to keep that cost low but there are things I have
to cover after all!
See you all there!!! I hope in short sleeves!!!
The Flyline
P. O. Box 1053
Bartlesville, OK 74005
GCF supports Catch and Release

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