annual report - Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School



annual report - Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School
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Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
Letter from the Principal ………………………….…………………. 3
Advancement ………...………………………………….………………. 4 & 13
Annual Fund FAQ’s………………………………….…………….…... 5
Supporting Pope John Paul the Great……………….……..…… 6 –11
Academics……………………………….……..…………….……….…... 12
Athletics……………………………………………………….……….…... 14
Service Towards Others ………………………………..……....…... 15
Bioethics ……………………...……………………………………...…... 16
Family Association ……..………………………………..……....…... 17
Fine Arts …………………………………...……………………..….…... 18
Spirituality ………………...………………………………..……....…... 19
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Dear Friends of Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School,
As we look back at the third year in the history of our school, each of us can recall many warm memories, inspiring moments, and impressive accomplishments involving the students and community of Pope John Paul the Great. Numerous academic achievements, success on the field, and the celebration of the
beatification of Blessed John Paul the Great are some that come to mind.
Perhaps most notable is the graduation of our first senior class –the Class of
As we gathered on June 3, 2011 for our first-ever graduation ceremony, we
came together to celebrate the accomplishments of our senior students, and to
recognize their contributions to the cultural formation of our school.
The members of
the class of
2011.. made a
It was also a very appropriate time to recognize all those who helped our sencontribution to
iors reach this milestone in life: their parents, their teachers, and the staff of
the culture at
Pope John Paul the Great. And, for a new school like ours, there are many more JP the Great – a
to consider: members of the planning committees, construction crews, and the contribution
countless volunteers and donors who offered support to the school even before that is a
the walls were built.
foundation for
the future.
Each of us –you-- have played a role in building the foundation for our school.
A foundation, I pray, which will allow us to continue to serve young people for
generations to come.
Thankfully, our friends and benefactors made it possible for us to reach our goal for annual giving
during the 2010-2011 year, enabling us to meet our budget goals while providing excellent programs and experiences for our students.
In many ways we are still in the early years of the building phase, and we count on your continued
support and participation more than ever.
I am pleased to present the 2010-2011 Annual Report of Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High
School, honoring the donors whose support of JP the Great and Catholic education has made an
impact on our school. Thank you for your gifts which will be part of the lasting legacy of this institution.
Sincerely in Christ,
Sister Mary Jordan Hoover, O.P.
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Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
Dear Families and Friends of Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School,
First and foremost, I would like to thank all of our donors and families for
your generosity and support. Your partnership in our mission is crucial to
our success in providing a quality Catholic education, and supplying our
students with the faith foundation which arms them for life as young adults
in today’s culture.
I started at Pope John Paul the Great in November 2009, working in the
Athletics department. I had recently graduated from Franciscan University with an M.B.A, and
was anxious to see what God had in store for me at this young institution. It didn’t take long for
me to understand the importance of the Catholic education I had received in high school and
college, and the impact it is having on my life. I feel blessed to be part of a school whose students, faculty, and staff live fervently in support of the mission, and strive together each day to
grow in holiness.
I am grateful to have been offered the opportunity to serve Pope John Paul the Great in the
effort to advance our school. It is an honor to work to share the mission of this school with others, and solidify our foundation for a strong future. Thank you, once again, for the many ways
you have given generously of your time, treasure, and talents. May God bless you and your
families for all that you do in support of Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School.
In Him,
Rachael Wright
Director of Advancement
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What is the Annual Fund?
The Annual Fund provides critical dollars for the school’s daily operating expenses and other priorities, such as financial aid for deserving students. The Annual Fund is the vehicle by which the
school attempts to ―close the gap‖ between operating expenses and tuition income from year to
What does the annual fund support?
Annual gifts help meet a range of needs including academic programs, financial aid, maintenance,
and student activities. These gifts provide the crucial dollars that help keep Pope John Paul
the Great Catholic High School tuition as affordable as possible.
Why should I support the annual fund?
Contributing to the Annual Fund is the easiest and most important thing you can do to help our
school. Your involvement and participation is needed, regardless of the amount. Every gift counts
and is greatly appreciated.
When does the annual fund take place?
The Annual Fund runs concurrently with the fiscal year, July 1 through June 30.
What is a matching gift?
A matching gift is an employer-sponsored program to encourage philanthropy among company employees in support of their chosen charity or organization. The matching gift program enables many
donors to increase the impact of their contributions, as most companies will match dollar for dollar
and some will double or triple match employee gifts. Please inquire with your employer about
matching gift programs.
Can a gift be designated as a memorial or honorarium?
Yes! A gift can be made as a memorial for a person or event. Please send in your gift to the Advancement office with the person’s name and date of the event. A memorial or honor card will
be sent mentioning the name and address of the donor, not the amount of the gift. The donor
is mailed an acknowledgement letter and a receipt for tax purposes.
Pope John Paul the Great also participates in the Combined Federal Campaign. Our CFC # is
71428. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your financial partnership!
Thank you for supporting
Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School!
Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
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School Mission
Rooted in the Dominican tradition of prayer, study, community and service,
Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School is committed to the formation
of youth with special emphasis on the ethical development of the students.
We strive to provide an environment where students can grow in the image of
Jesus Christ while developing intellectual, theological, and moral virtues.
Giving Levels
Giving levels are named after some of the Patron Saints of our
Blessed John Paul the Great Society
Gifts of $10,000 and greater
St. Martin de Porres Society
Gifts of $5,000 and greater
St. Thomas Aquinas Society
Gifts of $1,000 and greater
St. Gianna Beretta Molla Society
Gifts of $500 and greater
St. Dominic de Guzman Society
Gifts of $250 and greater
Holy Family Society
Gifts up to $249
Each gift of time, treasure, prayer and talent is important and appreciated.
Every effort has been made to correctly identify and acknowledge our financial
donors in this Annual Report for gifts received between July 1, 2010 and June
30, 2011. We apologize in advance for any errors, and would appreciate any
and all corrections. Please contact the Advancement Office, 703-445-0216.
Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
Insight Financial Management
Mr. and Mrs. Emad Saadeh
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Witham
Anonymous #2*
Mr. and Mrs. David Beil*
Porto Charities
* Donors who gave to the Memorial for Life Project
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Page 8
Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Altobelli
The Clark Family
Mr. James R. Codori*
Mr. Glen Davey
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John Donohoe*
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Donovan*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Eckert
Mr. John C. Grimberg
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Halbert*
Mr. and Mrs. William Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. John Kay
Mr. and Mrs. William Loesel
Ms. Nancy Mullen*
The Mullen Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Reidt
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stoessel
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Subacz*
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tillotson*
Wachovia Foundation
Mrs. Kathleen Wallisch
Col. and Mrs. Delane Aguilar
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Berenty*
The Blanchette Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boak*
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Braga*
Mrs. Maureen Caddigan
Mr. and Mrs. R. Alan Constantine
Mr. and Mrs. Art Corbett
Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Espinosa
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Evans
Mr. Mark Herrmann
Knights of Columbus- Council 4034*
Mr and Mrs. Gregory Komp
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lane*
McB Religious Offering Fund
Ms. Jena F. McGarry
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Morris*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mydlow
Northern VA Junior Catholic
Youth Organization
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nuar*
Mr. and Mrs. John Picciano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pritz
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Sharbel*
The Stumm Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Renato Torijos
Mr. and Mrs. David Vargas
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Watts
In Memoriam of Mrs. Sally
* Donors who gave to the Memorial for Life Project
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All Saints Catholic Church*
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Allen
Angelus Academy*
Anonymous #3
Mr. Michael Barkett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bradley*
The Burgess Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Chau*
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Corsi
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Firth*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Frederick
Mr. Daniel Gallagher and Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Garcia
Mr. Thomas T. Glancy
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gonzales*
Mr. Patrick Hart, D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Haskell
Holy Spirit Church*
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Hoopes*
The Houlihan Family*
Mr. and Mrs. James Judy
Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly
Knights of Columbus- Council 5750*
Knights of Columbus- Council 7165*
Mr. and Mrs. James Knox*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Leary
Mr. and Mrs. James Leist*
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Longi*
Lubeley/Emrich/Walsh PC
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Maggio*
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. William McDaniel*
Mr. and Mrs. William McGarrity
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Montague
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Montavon*
The Morris Family*
Mrs. Veronica Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Nagel
Our Lady of Angels*
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Parker
Mr. and Mrs. John Perroots
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Philbrick
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rayhel*
Sacred Heart Church*
Dr. and Mrs. Tyler Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Silk*
St. Francis St. Assisi Church*
St. Lawrence the Martyr Church*
St. Mary's Catholic Church*
St. Mary's Church -Fredericksburg*
St. Michael's Church*
St. Peter Squires Circle #5207*
St. Raymond de Penafort Parish*
St. Thomas Aquinas School*
Mrs. Lori Strickland*
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Style*
Ms. Catherine G. Swartz
Ms. Virginia Tabo
JP the Great Track Team*
The Trax Family*
Mr. and Mrs. John Treanor
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Turner*
Mr. Edward Turner*
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Vaughn*
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Veno*
The Vu Family*
The Whittaker-Sauer Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Williams*
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Zalewski*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zicht
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Aldredge*
Anonymous #4
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Arnold
Ms. Adrienne Badami
Mr. and Mrs. William Bann
Mr. Matthew Berenty*
Ms. Mary Jane Beyer
Mr. and Mrs. James Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Biagiotti
Mr. Stephen Boska
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bradshaw*
Mr. and Mrs. John Brinkheide*
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Broderick
Ms. Janet Buie
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Carias*
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Carrubba
Mr. and Mrs. Carvhais
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chevlin*
Mr. Clyde Turner and Family
Ms. Isabella Clemente*
Ms. Bonita Coats*
The Coats Family*
Mr. Paul Conrad
Mr. Howard French and Mrs. Andrea Contratto
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coyne
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Crowhurst
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Czapiewski*
Mr. and Mrs. William Daly
Mrs. Maureen Dang
The Davis Family*
Mrs. Melanie M. Deal
Mr. and Mrs. Rickey Dean*
The DeCaro Family*
Mr. and Mrs. George DeRaymond
The Diaz Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Dibbley
Mr and Mrs. John Donovan
Mrs. Lorraine Dubose*
Mrs. Maria Duquiatan*
Mr. and Mrs. Dyer
Cassel's Awards and Engraving
The Exposito Family*
The Farell Family*
The Feneis Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Flanagan*
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Florschutz
Freshman Class of 2014*
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Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Frick
Mr. and Mrs. Selden Fritschner*
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gelbach*
Dr and Mrs. Brad Gore
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Grasso*
Mrs. Catalina Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Tomothy Putz
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herrick*
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Hoffmann
Holy Trinity Church*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Horan*
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hoskins*
Mr. Angelo Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jenkins*
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Jesse*
Mr. and Mrs. William Scott Jessee
Jewelry By Design
Mr. Chris Keane*
Mrs. Norma Kemp
Knights of Columbus- Council
Knights of Columbus- Council
Mr. and Mrs. James Kotwicki
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Krauss*
Mr. and Mrs. Henry LaMontagne
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Larimore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maraya
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S.
Mr. and Mrs. Mendez*
The Menendez Family
The Merida Family
Ms. Leona Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Donato Montanaro
Dr. and Mrs. William Moore*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore*
Mr. and Mrs. David Morales*
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Morrison*
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mulloy
Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Naegele
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nevel*
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Noller*
Ms. Mary H. O'Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Bill O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Hare
The O'Neill Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Todd
Mrs. Eleanor Pekala
Mrs. Gail Pender*
Ms. Ana Prizina
Dr. Gerard and Mrs. Ranieri*
The Reidt Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rokosz
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Roper*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Emad Saadeh*
Sacred Heart School*
Ms. Karen Schultz*
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Scott*
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sermo
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Shaw
The Sherry Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Shofi*
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Short
Mr. Michael Siberts
Mr. and Mrs. Felipe Silva*
Mr. and Mrs. Simpson
Colonel and Mrs. Paul Somerville
St. Michael's School
Col. Steven and Mrs. Catherine
Mrs. Eva Steward*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sweeney*
Mr. and Mrs. William Tanis*
Mr. and Mrs. Chet Young*
Ms. K. Ivy Tetrault
Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas
The Thomas Family
The Thompkins Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thompson*
Mr. and Mrs. Thongsavahn*
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Toney
Mr. Jon Trax*
Mrs. Christine Trax*
U.S. Catholic Conference
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Valentine*
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Vaquero
The Vergara Family*
The Vay Family*
The Villagomez Family*
Ms. Marie Weimer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. H. Jordan Willoughby*
Mr. Henry Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wireman
Rev. Matthew Zuberbueler
Thank you to the organizations and individuals who supported our school
through donations or gifts in kind.
Argo Lawn Service
Pizza Boli's
Brother’s Encore Italian Restaraunt
Mrs. Maureen Caddigan
Delong Lithographics
Dr. Paul Conrad D.D.S.
Giorgio's Family Restaurant
Green Mountain Coffee
Mrs. Kathy Grover
Hampton Inn - Alexandria
Harbin Marine
Harold and Cathy’s Dumfries Café
Hart Orthodontics
John C. Grimberg Co., In
Lee's Hill Golf Club
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mallinger
Mr. and Mrs. Malakhoff
Mary’s Flowers Shop
Molly Maid
Montclair Club Restaurant
Montclair Golf & Tennis Club
Montclair Restaurant
Nationwide Insurance
Power Line Golf
Premier Windows and Exterior Corp
Prince Wood Insurance
Red Lobster
Silver Diner
Southbridge Home Owners Association
* Donors who gave to the Memorial for Life Project
Page 11
Special thanks to our Faculty and Staff who contributed to the annual fund through
the gift of prayer, service, or financial participation.
Mr. Walter Addie
Mr. Gerard-Marie Anthony
Sr. Terese Auer, O.P.
Miss Erin Baker
Ms. Megan Battle
Mr. Frances J. Berenty
Miss Emma Boyle
Mrs. Charo Brock
Miss Colleen Brock
Miss Mary Kate Brock
Ms. Megan Burgess
Sr. Mary Brigid Burnham, O.P.
Mr. Mike Bussman
Ms. Claire Caveness
Ms. Jennifer Cole
Miss Sierra Correa
Mr. Mike Dobson
Mr. Brian Dunleavy
Mrs. Maria O. Duquiatan
Ms. Kelly Everett
Mr. Nicholas Fonte
Ms. Annemarie Francis
Dr. Richard Gildersleeve
Mrs. Valerie Gore
Mrs. Brittany Hamilton
Sr. Mary Jordan Hoover, O.P.
Mr. Christopher Howe
Mr. Stephen Keane
Mrs. Laurie Krauss
Miss Susie Maurer
Mr. Samuel McMahon
Miss Carolyn McNelis
Mr. Shawn McNulty
Mrs. Milagros Mendez
Dr. William T. Moore
Mr. David Morales
Mr. Stephen Murphy
Mr. Joseph Natalicchio
Mrs. Letsea Yau Noller
Mr. Bill O'Connor
Mrs. Laura O'Neill
Mr. Carl Patton
Mr. Michael Peters
Mr. John Picciano
Mr. Joseph Redding
Mr. Jerry Sarchet
Miss Karen Schultz
Mr. Kelly Sharbel
Mrs. Dorothy Sorensen
Mrs. Lori Strickland:
Mr. Don Turner
Miss Christina Valentine
Miss Sharon Vay
Ms. Karie Von Fange
Sister Mary Grace Watson
Ms. Rosemary Wilson
Miss Rachael Wright
Ms. Tricia Zackrisson
Rev. Matthew Zuberbueler
Thank you to the following people who participated in the Annual Fund through the Gift of Service
Mrs. Patricia Bardsley
Mr and Mrs. Michael Baron
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bradley
Mrs. Christine Buckner
Mr. James R. Codori
Mrs. Jo Devin
Mrs. Mary Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. John Donohoe
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Frick
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Glascock
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gonzales
Mr. and Mrs. Haskell
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Hoopes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Horan
Mrs. Rica Hoskins
The Houlihan Family
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. James Judy
Mrs. Jenny Kalka
Mr and Mrs. Gregory Komp
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Larimore
Mr. and Mrs. James Leist
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Lizarralde
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Loesel
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Love
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lumley
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Malanka
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn McNulty
Ms. Leona Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller
Mr. and Mrs.Lawrence Morris
Ms. Nancy Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Newman
Mrs. Ann O'Brien
Ms. Mary H. O'Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pilkerton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Platt
Mrs. Ana Prizina
Mr. and Mrs. Tomothy Putz
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rayhel
Mr. and Mrs. John Reidt
Dr. Lisa Sarber
Mrs. Erin Sermo
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Scott
Mr. and Mrs. William Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Silk
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stoessel
Mrs. Nechelle Terrell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thompson
Mrs. Mary Turner
Mr. James White
Mr. and Mrs. H Jordan Willoughby
Mrs. Laurie Young
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zicht
Thanks to the following people who supported the Annual Fund through the Gift of Prayer
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Biagiotti
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Broderick
Ms. Bonita Coats
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Florschutz
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Frick
Mr. Daniel Gallagher and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gonzales
Mr. and Mrs. Haskell
Mr and Mrs. Gregory Komp
Mr. and Mrs. James Kotwicki
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Larimore
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Leary
Mr. and Mrs. James Leist
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Longi
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Marshall
Ms. Jena F. McGarry
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nuar
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Philbrick
Mr. and Mrs. Tomothy Putz
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rayhel
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rokosz
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Silk
Mr. and Mrs. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Renato Torijos
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Veno
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zicht
Rev. Matthew Zuberbueler
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Page 12
Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
Congratulations Class of 2011!
On Friday, June 3, 2011 sixty-two students made
history when they received their diplomas as the
first graduating class of Pope John Paul the Great
Catholic High School! Graduation speakers included Bishop Paul S. Loverde and founding
principal, Sister Mary Jordan Hoover, O.P. It
was a celebration for all those who have prayed for
and contributed to the new high school. It is only
through the contributions
and dedication of many that
this school has come so far in 3 short years. Bishop Loverde addressed the
graduates stating ―Your years at Pope John Paul the Great High School have
equipped you to know how to resist the gravitational forces of evil and to cooperate with the gravitational forces of God’s love... I am very proud of each
of you. Congratulations and may God go with you always.‖ We wish all the
best for the class of 2011, and will never forget their adventurous spirit.
“I sincerely hope that you keep
the fire of your faith burning
strong as you progress through
your years in college, even
when those around you pressure you to put it out. However,
it is truly up to you to decide
how you live your life.”
It all starts with the Dominican motto, also our school’s
motto, Veritas, the Latin word
for truth. At JP, we have been
told to seek truth, and we have
been given the example of our
great faculty, in learning and
accepting reality.
Stephanie Saadeh,
-Krista Shaw, Salutatorian
The AP program proved to set a firm foundation for the future
More than 20% of our students took AP exams last year,
with 79% of them scoring a 3 or better. This exceeds the
national average by 19%.
Our English Language and Composition students excelled
with 100% scoring a 3 or higher, and 67% scoring 4 or
Page 13
On October 23, 2011 more than 100 parents and friends
of JP the Great participated in the first annual Great Wolf
Pack Challenge. This event is centered on building community and supporting the mission of Pope John Paul the
The evening had two goals: have fun, and kick off the Annual Fund at JP. Both goals were accomplished at this
event best described as ―Who Wants to be a Millionaire
meets Minute to
Win It!‖
Faculty and staff volunteered and ran the different stations
where parents competed in such challenges as a free throw
shoot out, trivia competition, a scavenger hunt, and other
activities. At the end of the evening Sr. Mary Jordan announced the winners.
Congratulations goes to our winners –the Arctic Wolf Pack
led by Alpha Wolf, Richard Montavon with pack members,
Linda Montavon, Clyde and Josee Turner, Brian and Laurey
Evans and Kevin & Sara O'Hare.
We are currently selling tickets for this
year’s Great Wolf Pack Challenge!
Get In On
the Fun for
Spaces are limited, so sign your pack up
Next Year!
now. Come join the JP community in
fun, food and games, all while supporting Catholic education. Come test your
mental and physical prowess at a fun-filled, adult only, uniquely
crafted game of trivia questions and physical challenges.
Saturday, October 15, 2011
6:30 p.m. Hors D’oeuvres and Registration
7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. The Game is On!
Create your own pack of 8 players or be placed in one that evening.
Pre-purchased tickets are: $30 per individual $50 per couple
$250 per pack of 8
Contact Rachael Wright: (703)445-0216 or at [email protected]
Page 14
Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
Welcome Girls Varsity Lacrosse
The Wolves welcome yet another varsity sport
to the program last year with girls lacrosse.
Coach Erin Baker worked hard for two years to
grow the program from the JV to the Varsity
level. Many of the athletes on the team had
never picked up a lacrosse stick before they
came to this school. After watching them play,
it would be difficult to tell.
They had a very successful season and finished
with a record of 7 wins and 4 losses. One of
their more notable victories was against Middleburg Academy with a last minute goal. Two of their
four graduating seniors went on to play at the collegiate level. Kathleen Bradshaw is playing at
Virginia Wesleyan and Shaina Crowhurst is playing at Marymount University. Coach Baker is
very proud of their success thus far and is looking forward to cultivating this young, vibrant program.
Running with the Wolves
Pope John Paul the Great hosted its first home track meet this
year. Among the competing schools were Pope Paul VI, Randolph
Macon Academy and Holy Family Academy. With an 8 lane track
and many events going on simultaneously, JP parents, faculty, and
staff came out and supported the program by volunteering at different events and cheering from the sidelines. Through the hard
work of the many volunteers, the meet was a success and ran
Hosting here at JP was a
unique experience for this team, whose events are usually
off site. Both parents and students were able to witness the
results of the hard work and dedication of the track and
field team. Many of the athletes took the opportunity to
show their peers exactly what they were capable of, with a
total of 50 athletes representing the school. JP also hosted
their first cross country meet at Leesylvania State Park. We
will host this meet again on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
with Quantico and Holy Family Academy attending.
Page 15
Blessings in Banica
The still striking but once bright colors of houses in
the village of Higuerito, Bánica, matched the eager
eyes and faces of the people as they welcomed the first
strokes of red acrylic paint and the beginnings of Father Keith O’Hare’s ―artistic evangelization‖ project in
July 2011. The artists, from a combined group of students from Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High
School in Dumfries and Our Lady of Angels Parish in
Woodbridge, adorned the exterior plaster walls of
some 20
homes with
Catholic images depicting God’s love for His people during their
week long mission experience. The primary image used was the
Sacred Heart of Jesus. Homes were chosen with the help of Father O’Hare, an Arlington diocesan priest serving in Bánica,
from among families who attend Mass at Santa Clara chapel
and who have homes visible to many people in the community
and to travelers along the highway.
JP the Great Goes to World Youth Day in Spain
A special thank you to all
of our friends and family
who helped support the
World Youth Day Pilgrimage. We are truly blessed
to have been part of something so incredible thanks
to your generosity.
May God bless you!
Page 16
Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
Supporting Life… from the Ground Up
On March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation, classes came to a
halt, books were put aside and students and faculty took time to
honor life. Dr. Joseph Cunningham, president emeritus of the Society of St. Gianna Beretta Molla, came and spoke to the student body
about what defending
life truly is. He told the story of St. Gianna and spoke
of the sacrifices she made to save the life of her unborn child, and what an inspiration she is in the ProLife movement. After the presentation, the students
processed outside to the site for the dedication.
The Memorial for Life project was spearheaded by
David Morales and members of the Life Savers
Club. Several of the members had the honor of
breaking ground for the memorial after the
blessing of the site by Fr. Matthew Zuberbueler.
Building of the memorial commenced, and the
project was completed in early May. Upon its
completion the John Paul community gathered
to celebrate during the dedication and to witness
to the need to defend the sanctity of human life.
The memorial was built brick by brick through
the support of many JP friends and families,
many of whom attended the dedication ceremony. After the dedication, there was a reception to
celebrate and tank all of those who supported by sponsoring a brick, stone paver, or bench. If you
would like to know more about the Memorial for Life, you can visit
Located behind the school’s chapel, away from the bustle of the rest of the school, this quiet place of reflection is available for individual
and class prayer, school retreats and pro-life events. Add your personal prayer, dedication or family name to this permanent school
memorial while also supporting the school’s mission to support the sanctity and dignity of life from conception to natural death. For
questions or to place an order please email: [email protected] or call: 703-445-0237
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The charter and foundation of the Family Association was
established by the first Executive Council including: Sister
Mary Jordan Hoover, Principal; Larry Firth, President; John Reidt, Vice President; Jim Kelly, Treasurer;
Paula Stryker, Secretary; and Diana Tillotson. The
Council established committees for Fine Arts, Concessions,
and both Student and Spiritual Life which teamed a parent
volunteer with a faculty chair.
The Association helped raise funds through events including the used book sale, concessions, and Pancake Breakfast. The Association would like to recognize and thank the founding executive council and parent committee chairs, Margi Loesel,
Jerry Hoffman, Sharon Gonzales, and Mary
Donovan, as well as the efforts of countless family volunteers. Their efforts set the foundation for the Association to serve the school’s mission by building community, communication, and fundraising.
The Family Association contributed funds and volunteer
hours in support of student body activities to include
Fall Tailgate, Veterans Service Day, Adopt a Family, Student Life Dances, Senior Prom, Athletic Awards Night,
and Senior Graduation. Through the generosity of our
families in their participation with Family Association
sponsored events, total funds raised exceeded $40,000.
The Association, in turn, was able to give almost
$35,000 to the school toward the procurement of a score
board for the gymnasium, upgrade in the
auditorium sound system, a portable video
screen for use throughout the school, and
other needed equipment
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Pope John Paul the Great Annual Report 2010-2011
Drama Club Shines in “The Jeweler’s Shop”
The drama club took on a new challenge lastyear with their performance of the
―Jeweler’s Shop‖. The cast and crew orchestrated three different performances in
early December to a packed house. The play was written by a young Karol Wojtyla, and is an introspective look into the ideals of the sacrament of marriage. It
examines love and marriage and what motivates couples to seek a loving, lasting
The club dedicated the play to Bishop Loverde, who founded our school. ―I was
deeply impressed by the quality of the actors, especially in light of the philosophical content of this profound and moving drama. I was so proud of each of
them, as their parents and families were. Their performance of this play by Pope
John Paul II was truly an
evangelizing experience‖
said Bishop Loverde, who
attended the Saturday evening performance.
Bishop Loverde pictured with the cast
and crew of “The Jeweler’s Shop”
Wolves Perform Pirates of Penzance
The drama club also performed the first-ever musical at Pope John Paul the
Great in May, 2011. The production was a hit, and the audience was wowed
by the talented performances of Larson Gore and Bebe Bloch in the lead
roles. Jacob Halbert and Josh Carias also pulled of stunning performances. The Pirates of Penzance is a complex play with a fast paced
exciting plot, sword play, and several musical numbers, but the actors met these challenges head on. Parents and peers were impressed with the hard work and dedication of the cast and stage
crew. We look forward to their upcoming performances of Arsenic
and Old Lace, as well as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
during the 2011-2012 school year.
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The House System... Building Unity at JP
The House System exists at a number of high schools and
colleges around the country to help foster school spirit,
meaningful relationships and more. The House System has
roots in traditional British boarding schools. Houses create
smaller communities within the school, with competitions
and activities that build spirit and excitement throughout the
After nearly a year of planning, the new House System at
John Paul the Great was unveiled with a short video, followed by a school wide scavenger hunt designed so students could discover which House they belong
to. Face-painting, banner-making and the first-ever
House field competitions rounded out the ceremony.
The House System also provided a new structure for
student government — the Servant Leadership Association. A few days after Houses were established,
students were briefed on the new leadership model,
with the emphasis on service rather than title, position or popularity.
An enthusiastic 159 students ran for office, and 48
were elected — divided evenly among Houses, grades and genders. The 48 then held a secret conclave
and after a number of votes elected a president Zach Hoopes and vice president David Long from
the senior class.
On the first day of the new school year, incoming freshman and transfer students took part in a school
wide pep rally to find out
which House they belong
to. Competitions and
score-keeping began right
away, with the House of
Diego as the team to beat.
Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High
17700 Dominican Dr.
Dumfries, VA 22304

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