April 16.04.15 - Best School Abu Dhabi



April 16.04.15 - Best School Abu Dhabi
Our Whole School Newsletter
Welcome back to school.
happening around the world.
WE HOPE you have had a
restful break and that your
child is enjoying being back at
WE HAVE also been
thinking more about being
environmentally aware – last
term we had a day without
electricity – this week we had
a day learning without using
THIS WEEK we have been
encouraging the whole school
to be more globally aware and
to consider different stories
from the news about what is
AT AL Muna every lesson
counts – we are grateful
for the support we get from
families as our attendance
and punctuality are
improving. We have written
to a number of families to
remind them that if a child’s
attendance falls below
a given number they are
required by ADEC to repeat
the year.
APRIL 2015
This week we say well done
to Falcons class who had the
very best attendance the last
school week and will enjoy a
special treat with their teacher.
Hamad Redha, Issa
Abu Zanat, Reem Al Kaabi,
Sami Tashamneh, Yara Abu
Naem, Ramaa Ambikar,
Ahmed Masood, Elsy
Samah, Mohamed Naji, Lara
Abou Naem, Mira Al Richan,
Sara Al Yafii, Nahyan Ali, Jana
Al Khatib, Anika Ambadipudi,
Majeed, Sulaiman
Salami, Toby Shanahan,
Sofia Wright, Youness Ajjaji,
Christos Alexandropoulos,
Maitha AlHammadi, Ariba
Masood, Shvetam Meenrajan,
BhargaviRitolia, Saeed Al
Amiri, Ryan Ashworth, Samy
Elsin, Riyad Hashem, Omar
Noshi, Sima Hazboun
Voice of Al Muna!
We know that sometimes
children are ill – but we also
know that every lesson counts
and the children with the
very best attendance usually
make the most progress in
school. Well done to these
children who were here
every day last term: Fatima
Aroua, Meher Sajnani,
Nathasha Wekadapola, Ayima
Masood, Bann AbuShamah,
Vuk Pavlovic, Himanshu
Ritolia, Sarah Walia, Layan
Al Damlouji, Haya Al Kaabi,
Mohamad Sidani, Lamis
Farhat, Arwa Abou Naem, Issa
Abu Zanat, Reem Al Kaabi,
Sami Tashamneh, Yara Abu
Naem, Ahmed Masood, Elsy
Al Samah, Jana AlKhatib,
Josef Majeed, Ariba Masood,
Bhargavi Ritolia.
Also – well done to these
children who have been here
every single day since the
school year began - a fantastic
achievement! Mays AbdulLatif, Fatima Aroua, Dhirein
Gamage, Natalie Ibrahim,
Meher Sajnani, Mikaela
Moon, Nathasha Wekadapola,
Mariam Aroua, Ayima
Masood, Marta Alvarez, Ghazal
AlObeidli, Ariana Andersen,
Oliver Dodgson, Doyeon Kim,
Noah Whittaker, Radhika
Razdan, Zain Tashamneh,
Bann Abu Shamah, Mohamed
Al Mehrezi, Willa Khwaja,
Layla Mohamed, Amelie Owen,
Vuk Pavlovic, Himanshu
Ritolia, Ayra Shaikh, Sara
Abubaker, Khaled Al Mehairi,
Christelle Al Richan, Ismail
Khan, Rebhi Sirhan, Sarah
Walia, Layan Al Damlouji,
Sanjana Cherian, Haya
Al Kaabi, Mohammad Imran,
Anahita Kothari, Brianne
Mayhew, Mohamad Kheir
Sidani, Farah Al Ansari, Maya
AlSamah, Lamis Farhat,
Raman Razdan, Haytham
Sammour, Arwa Abou
Naem, Kawtar Ajjaji, Viduram
THIS WEEK we welcome to our
school Miss Charlotte Maher.
Miss Maher is an experienced
teacher form the UK – this
term she will be taking a
range of groups and classes in
preparation for being a class
teacher in September. She will
also be covering Mr McNally’s
timetable while her returns
to his home country for a few
weeks for his daughter Evie to
have an operation.
BABIES have been a feature
of the week – we congratulate
Mr Redr and Mr Dyke whose
wives have both given birth
this week and Mrs Mcfarlene
has announced that she is also
DURING the holiday our
support staff have done lots
of redecoration and deep
cleaning around the school.
This includes all of the external
walls – have you noticed how
bright and welcoming the
school is looking? There is
much more planned for the
summer break as well!
PLEASE remember that we are
now using the portal as our
main method o communicating
– do email or see Mrs
Doaa([email protected]
sch.ae) if you are having any
problems with it. Mrs Doaa is
also working hard to develop
our school web site too!
Check out this week’s school blog question for a chance to gain
extra computer time!
You can answer the blog question and comment on your friends
This week’s question is: If you had to write a headline about your
first week back at school. What would it be?
Visit Voice of Al Muna at: www.almuna.edublogs.org/
Sailing Club Photos
APRIL 2015
News from the French
Bonjour tout le monde!
I hope you all had an enjoyable break. Years 3 – 6 will have their short ‘Quiz’ on work
covered during Term 2, the week after next, week commencing 26th April. Next week we
will be doing some fun revision sessions to prepare for these and the Revision sheets
have been made available.
Please continue to use the following websites to practice on:
www.language perfect.com (Years 3 – 6) - The school has a trial at the moment and have
free access, please email me for the username and password.
www.vocabexpress.com (for Years 5-6) - The school has a trial at the moment and have
free access, please email me for the username and password.
www.linguascope.com (almuna/frenchstick)
www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primarylanguages/french/ are all recommended.
As well as You Tube clips e.g. Muzzy cartoons in French and for the younger years Little
Pim on an IPAD is informative and entertaining
APRIL 2015
News from Mrs
News from Mr
News from Mrs
Unfortunately, UAE Touch
have cancelled the National
Primary Touch Tournament
that was scheduled to take
place in Al Ghazal this Friday
(19th April).
Dear Families
For those children in Year 2,
who received a letter inviting
them to the Swim Squad,
please note that sessions will
run from Tuesday 28th April
until Tuesday 2nd June. The
training will start at 2.203.20pm.
Water-Polo will be offered to
Years 5&6 girls and boys only.
Please note that this club will
not run every week! Team
trials for Water-Polo will be
on Sunday 3rd May at 2.203.20pm. For those Year 5&6
children who are interested,
please come to Al Muna pool
on this day and time, thank
The tournament has been
rescheduled for Saturday 25th
April. I will confirm details
next week
At Al Muna we monitor
the contents of children’s
lunchboxes to ensure
children have healthy
balanced choices for snack
and lunch as part of our duty
of care to ensure children
are fit and healthy. We also
know that children who are
well nourished learn and
concentrate better.
Most of our children have
excellent healthy selections
but unfortunately some do
not and are still bringing
inappropriate food to school.
Please do not put chocolate,
crisps, cakes, biscuits, fries,
burgers or fizzy drinks in your
child’s lunchbox.
Everyone loves to have a
treat and of course this is
acceptable in moderation. If
your child has treats in the
evening and or weekends,
then school should be the
time when they have a healthy
option. It could be seen as
giving your body a rest!
There are also some very
generous children at our
school who like to share
their food. We understand
the kind nature in which
this is intended, but if you
have a child with a lunchbox
containing, for example,
fresh fruit and vegetables,
a yoghurt and a wholemeal
sandwich and their friend
offers them chocolate cookies
and a bag of crisps, they
will probably say yes and all
the effort that has gone into
making your child a healthy
lunchbox is lost.
It is also misleading for parents
who think their children are
eating healthily at school and
actually they are not.
Any child who is found to have
unhealthy options in their
lunchbox will have a letter sent
home explaining what items
should be considered as an
alternative and asked not to eat
– and therefore take home - the
items that we do not allow.
It is not good for anyone to eat
too much sugar, fat and salt
which is often found in high
quantities in the “treat” type
of food. Such foods, when over
indulged have been proved to
contribute to weight gain, poor
concentration, tooth decay and
in later life the potential for
heart disease, diabetes, cancer
and strokes.
Treat foods also have very little
nutritional value and will not
make you feel full. Therefore
you will often be hungry one
hour later and want to eat
We are planning to invite
back to school nutritionist
and personal trainer Arlene
McGregor for another talk for
parents, carers and nannies.
Arlene is able to offer excellent
advice on healthy eating,
exercise, lifestyle choices
and recipes. We will keep you
informed of the date.
Please contact myself or Kate
at the clinic if you have further
APRIL 2015
Music News from
Ms Curran
It was a wonderful time at Al Muna last term and I have enjoyed teaching the very talented students here. Each week has been filled
with wonderful performing by the students as they develop their skills in every lesson.
FS1 and FS2 focused on ‘movement and music’ with their favourite song being ‘I love you’ which they performed for their Mothers on
Mothering Day.
Year 1 and Year 2 played both tuned and untuned percussion and sang a variety of songs from their year level topics; Year 1 learnt to
sing, dance and perform habitat songs while Year 2 started the year with a ‘Wiggles’ favourite ‘Rock A Bye Your Bear’ and put on an
amazing performance of two Circus songs for their Circus show.
Year 3s learnt to perform and sang songs from around the world, following their ‘World Travellers’ topic. They prepared and improved
their whole class performance of all of their pieces and played tuned percussion and the keyboards with increasing ability throughout
the term.
Year 4s composed excellent Rhythmic Compositions, putting a lot of effort into improving and developing their compositions and
performances. Their singing of ‘It’s Mothers’ Day’ was a real credit to their persistence to progress throughout the term and would have
been a delight for their Mothers to hear.
Year 5s also followed their Outer Space topic; they not only listening and discussed The Planets by Holst in terms of musical elements,
but they performed the Jupiter movement from the piece on the keyboard as well as singing the letter names of the tune. There are
certainly a lot of gifted singers in the school in general.
APRIL 2015
Years 6s went ‘back in time’ when they studied ‘Pop Music’ from the new to the old. They started term two with wonderful singing
and playing of ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams they were able to dance in time to the music and also clapped the offbeat with style. A
couple of Beatles songs finished off the term with students focusing not only on their own keyboard skills but developing their group
performances as well.
Sunday Showcase was reintroduced with two lovely performances by Bella Stafford and Raghad Younis both on the piano. Sunday
Showcase will continue in Term 3; so please get your talented children to come and see me so that we can slot them in for an assembly
day and time.
Drama week finale displayed how creative and musical talented Al Muna students really are; the way they quickly learnt to sing the
selection of songs and provided instrumental backings to accompany each of the six songs sung by the whole school was a sight to see
and hear. Special thanks should be given to the talented Miss Octave; her support throughout the week was outstanding. Make sure
you check out the photos on the music display boards. I am sure that Term 3 will see more students develop and display their creative
music talents.
APRIL 2015
FS1 & FS2
Welcome back to Term 3! The children have been excited to be back
and fell into their routines as if they hadn’t been away! We’ve dived
straight back into our swimming where we’ve all been brave and
jumped onto and then off a very large float. We dipped our heads
under the water and played a water version of “What’s the time
Mr Wolf?” As it’s “What’s in the news?” theme week this week,
the children have been learning about what news is and looking
at some of the recent news stories that have been in the news.
They were amazed at the eagle which flew from the top of the
Burj Khalifa and talked to their friends about other pieces of news
happening around the world. Hopefully, when the newsletter has
been published, the Mice and the Butterflies will have been to the
Royal stables to have their very own pony rides! 
Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely holiday. We very much enjoyed reading your
holiday news on our FS2 Padlet.
This week we have been reading about the news. From holiday news, to the news
that our shared area had been messed up by a mystery person to learning about
the ‘Spiderman’ climbing the tallest twisted tower in Dubai. We have learned lots of
interesting information and have used some of this to create ‘Wanted’ posters. We wrote
about finding our shared area in a mess and how this made us feel. In maths we have
been counting in fives using our handprints to help us. We also measured different
items using our non-standard units and then rulers.
We are glad to be back at school and have enjoyed catching up with our friends. We are
now looking forward to our final term in FS2!
Gold Cards for
FS1 & 2
Yousef FS2, Dhiren FS2, Sultan
Al Qubaisi FS2, Arika FS2,
Salama Al Alwadi FS2, Mira FS2,
Veer FS2, Diya FS2, Maryam
FS2, Minha FS2, Zayed FS2
APRIL 2015
Year 1 and Year 2
Year 1
Extra, extra, read all about it….this week we have been thinking
about ‘the news’ and there was big news in Year 1!
Report by Rebhi Sirhan
On Tuesday during playtime at Al Muna Primary in the spectacular
Y1 there was a gooy and slimy muck. It was in the shared area and
on a table and a chair in the Hares class. Some people think that a
monster came from space and he bounced super high upside down
and his disgusting suliver dribbled down from his mouth made of
superglue. The children are exited because they want to see his
skin. That’s all we know for now. Watch out for him!
Year 2
We have made an excellent
start to the new term in Year
2 and are really excited to be
learning all about dinosaurs!
This week in literacy we
discovered a secret dinosaur
island and became news
reporters thinking of interesting
questions about the island
and its inhabitants! In maths
we practised doubling and
halving numbers by sharing
and partitioning. This week in
our topic lessons we thought
about what the Earth looked like
billions of years ago and created
a dinosaur landscape
Gold Cards for
Year 1 & 2
Tommy Yr1, George Yr1,
Wadima Yr1, Dinny Yr2, Hashem
Yr2, Timothy Yr2, Haya Yr2,
Nassar Yr2, Alyazya Yr2, Fatima
Al Nowais Yr2
APRIL 2015
Year 3
Year 3 and Year 4
Children have managed to get
straight back into the swing
of things this week after their
break. We have been focusing
on our theme this week ‘What
is in the news?’. The children
have been using Purple Mash
to create newspaper reports
on the laptops and we even
created art work made from
newspapers! The children have
started our new topic ‘Trash
to Treasure’ and this week we
have been talking about what
happens to our rubbish when
we throw it away. In Literacy,
we have been thinking about
informal letter writing. The
children’s task was to write
a letter about a landfill site.
Maths has seen the children
extending their knowledge of
place value even further! Again,
another busy first week back for
year 3! Year 4
Welcome back to school everyone. We’ve had a fantastic start to the term and have already got stuck in to our new
‘Rainforests’ topic. Many of the children have been so excited to start this topic that they have done their own research
over the holidays which is fantastic. This week, the children have learnt about the layers of the rainforest and the
animals that live there. We have also explored why the rainforest is so important and the impact it has on the rest of
the world. With this in mind, we have become animal researchers for the World Wildlife Foundation and are looking for
ways to stop forest fires and save the animals that live ther. We are looking forward to continuing our journey through
the rainforest next week and hopefully finding a way to save the animals.
Gold Cards for
Years 3 & 4
Sam Yr3, Amelie Yr3, Khalid Yr3, Aysha Yr3, Alya Yr3, Thani Yr3,
Sultan Yr3, Sarah Yr4, Aya Yr4, Butti Yr4, Shamsha Yr4, Sarah
Yr4, Maryam Yr4, Saeed Yr4, Mohamed Yr4, Maram Yr4, Khalifa
Yr4, Omar Noshi Yr4, Sami Yr4, Lina Yr4, Maram Yr4, Yassin Yr4,
Ebrahim Yr4
APRIL 2015
Year 5 and Year 6
Year 5
What a fantastic first week back it has been of the new Summer Term! We have jumped right into our
new topic of Water and have been investigating the water cycle, creating information posters. We have
also started our new literacy topic, ‘Film Narrative’ where we have been analysing clips from a film
called ‘Flushed Away’, which also links to our Water topic. We’ve thought about how atmosphere is
created using music and different camera angles and have also discussed characters, even doing some
role play and hot-seating. In art we have started our collage work, experimenting with different kinds of
collage materials and techniques.
APRIL 2015
Year 6
Can you believe this is the very LAST first week of a new term we will ever have at Al Muna. The end of the year is approaching very
quickly; we have SATs on the horizon and very soon a graduation! Despite this, we have been doing lots of work this week on our new
topic ‘It’s all Greek to me!’ In literacy we have been studying Greek myths. We have been reading, deconstructing and in some cases
acting them out. During our work on science this week, we have been investigating heating, cooling and insulation. Do you know what
a homeotherm is? Year 6 now do; and we will be using this information to try and work out exactly how penguins stay warm in the
freezing arctic temperatures. The Parrotfish class were also lucky enough to have a visit from Mohamed Al Mubarak, CEO of Aldar.
During his visit he even read to the class, although he did admit we put him on the spot a little! We are all looking forward to sharing
these last few precious months of primary school with our friends and teachers making lots of progress and getting ourselves ready
for high school!
Gold Cards for
Years 5 & 6
Tala Yr5, Lujain Yr5, Alifiya Yr5,
Serena Yr5, Ali Eid Yr6, Saif Al H
Yr6, Lana Yr6
‫‪ISSUE NO.1‬‬
‫‪APRIL 2015‬‬
‫قسم اللغة العربية هذا األسبوع‬
‫صف ال ّروضة األوىل وتوقّف عند حريف الّالم وال ّنون‪ .‬حيث أنّهم‬
‫الروضة األوىل ‪ :‬تابع قطار الحروف رحلته مع ّ‬
‫طلب ّ‬
‫لعبوا لعبة “أين الّلعبة”‪ ،‬وذهبوا يف رحلة ووجدوا الطعام مأكوال من قبل ال ّنمل‪ .‬باإلضافة إىل قيامهم بتنفيذ أنشطة‬
‫إثرائ ّية وتع ّرفهم إىل األصوات القصرية (الفتحة‪،‬الض ّمة والكرسة)‪ .‬والكلمة عالية الرت ّدد لهذا األسبوع هي قال‪.‬‬
‫صف ال ّروضة األوىل وتوقّف عند حريف الّالم وال ّنون‪ .‬ث ّم تعرف‬
‫الروضة الثانية‪ :‬تابع قطار الحروف رحلته مع ّ‬
‫طلب ّ‬
‫الطلب إىل املذاقات األربعة املختلفة‪ ،‬حيث أنّهم تذ ّوقوا الليمون‪ ،‬السكر‪ ،‬امللح والقهوة‪ ،‬وبحثوا عن حرف ال ّنون بني‬
‫ال ّنجوم وغ ّنوا أغنية أضيئي يا نجمة‪ .‬باإلضافة إىل قيامهم بتنفيذ أنشطة إثرائ ّية وتع ّرفهم إىل األصوات القصرية والطّويلة‬
‫لحريف الّالم وال ّنون‪ .‬والكلمني عاليتا الرت ّدد لهذا األسبوع هي كم‪/‬كيف‪.‬‬
‫الصف األول‪:‬‬
‫تعرف التالميذ عىل أهمية التعاون يف املنزل مع أفراد األرسة من خالل استامعهم للقصة(نعمل معا) ومن ثم متثيلها‪،‬قرأ‬
‫التالميذ بشكل ثنايئ جمال من القصة ثم عملوا عىل ربطها مع الصور املناسبة‪،‬وأخريا شكل كل تلميذ جمال مفيدة عىل‬
‫دفرته من كلامت القصة املبعرثة أمامه‪.‬‬
‫الصف الثاين ‪:‬‬
‫تعرف التالميذ عىل عدد من األلعاب الشعبية اإلمارتية التي لعبوها مع بعضهم البعض أثناء الحصة ومنهم من لعبها‬
‫أثناء الفرصة‪،‬قرأ التالميذ الدرس وحددوا معاين املفردات الجديدة‪،‬وأخريا حددوا عنارص القصة(الزمان‪،‬املكان‪،‬املشكلة‪،‬الح‬
‫‪ISSUE NO.1‬‬
‫‪APRIL 2015‬‬
‫الصف الثالث ‪:‬‬
‫راجع طالب الصف الثالث يف بداية هذا األسبوع الالم القمرية و الالم الشمسية من خالل أنشطة صفية ممتعة ضمن‬
‫مجموعات‪ .‬كام تعرفوا عىل مرسحية مرية الشجاعة و تفاعلوا مع شخصياتها ‪.‬‬
‫الصف الرابع‪:‬‬
‫تعرف طالب الصف الرابع هذا األسبوع عىل فوائد الحاسوب و أهميته من خالل نشيد الحاسوب فاستمتعوا كثريا‬
‫بإنشادها كام قاموا بأنشطة صفية مختلفة و ممتعة عن الحاسوب‪.‬‬
‫‪ISSUE NO.1‬‬
‫‪APRIL 2015‬‬
‫الصف الخامس‪:‬‬
‫تعرف التالميذ عىل النص الخطايب من خالل نص(العمل يف جمعيات النفع العام)‪،‬حيث حددوا أقسام الخطبة والشواهد‬
‫الواردة فيها‪،‬كام أنهم تعرفوا عىل املعاين املختلفة للمفردة الواحدة بحسب السياق التي تظهر فيه‪.‬‬
‫الصف السادس ‪:‬‬
‫استمتع طالب الص‬
‫ف السادس باالستامع إىل” درس القراءة عاديت “‪ ،‬ثم قام الطالب بنقاش أفكار النص بطريقة تحليلية وصوال إىل‬
‫استنتاجات مفادها أهمية القراءة ‪،‬وفوائدها ‪.‬‬
‫كام كتب الطالب سري جملة من الكتاب العرب وتعرفوا عىل أهم كتبهم عىل الحاسب اآليل ‪.‬‬
‫الرتبية اإلسالمية ‪:‬‬
‫قام طالب الصف األول بالتعرف عىل أحداث قصة حياة الرسول محمد صىل الله عليه وسلم‪ ،‬وتفاعلوا مع األنشطة‬
‫املصاحبة لها‪ ،‬من خالل تلوين بعض أحداث القصة‪.‬‬
‫الرتبية الوطنية ‪:‬‬
‫تعلم هذا األسبوع طالب الصف الثالث درس املمتلكات الخاصة وقد تعرف عيل أهم ممتلكاته وكيف يحافظ عليها‬
‫والفرق بني املمتلكات الخاصة والعامة ‪.‬‬
‫وتعرف عيل الجهود املبذولة من الدولة لتوفري أهم الخدمات العامة للشعب وكيف يحافظ عيل هذه املمتلكات ‪.‬‬