Aunty Mahealani workshop flyer



Aunty Mahealani workshop flyer
Share the Aloha Spirit
Aunty Mahealani Kuamo’o -Henry
Ho’opono pono Ke Ala
Making Right,
More Right the Path
This is a rare opportunity to share the
wisdom, ancient teachings and energy
of Hawaii with this highly respected &
inspirational Kupuna & Kumu.
Aunty Mahealani Kuamo’o -Henry
A native Hawaiian speaker and Elder from Puna on the Big Island of
Hawaii, Aunty is one who shares the Aloha Spirit philosophy for love and
lokahi-unity, self-awareness and truth. She is a Kumu 'Elele O Na Kupuna
(teacher & messenger for the Spiritual voices of the Ancestors) within the
strong lineage of Kumus, Kahus, and Kahunas (teachers, trusted guardians,
priests/ advisors and healers) under the leadership of her ancestral Kupunakane (grandfather) named "Kaiwikuamo'okekuaokalani." This translates as
the "backbone strength of the heavenly chiefs." Her workshops are of the
ancient spiritually-pragmatic teachings from 342 to 1299 A.D., and how to
apply the practice of it in today's lifestyle. Mahealani feels that her role as a
teacher-messenger is effortless because all she does is "show up" and her
ancestors do all the "messaging" and teachings in the workshop. Kumu
Mahealani also served as a cultural based counselor for the Federal DASH
(drug alcohol substance abuse) rehabilitation.
Workshop Dates & Venues
Nov 30/Dec 01
Kildara Centre,
rear 39 Stanhope st
Hula :01 Dec 7- 10pm
Investment : $495
Earlybird : $410 paid 1 month prior
Deposit : $150 to confirm place
Private Sessions available for
workshop attendees. Check with host
contact re costs and details
Hula Class : $75
Please note credit card payments will
incur a 3% surcharge
Sharing Aloha Spiritual Values
Ho’opono pono Ke Ala :Making Right, More Right the Path
There are no “accidents,” only the “timeless and
opportune” moments to experience the “reconnection” to ancient teachings rooted in the
Aloha Spirit and to “consciously” weave it, like a
beautiful and colorful flower lei into your lifestyle
today. It’s especially beneficial to all who call
Hawaii home, physically, energetically, or simply
curious with desires to expand your experiences
with the ever-flowing, living, breathing ‘mana’ that
enlightens the energies within ourselves and our
Hawaii, be it “here,” or an ocean away, is but a
heartbeat. So, tie your slippahs tight, and journey
with Aunty Mahealani through the teachings of,
Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala… Making right, more right
the Path, which is the Hawaiian traditional method
for “reconnecting” Self to Self-Greatness as rooted
in the Ancient Hawaiian teachings and pragmatic
values within the Aloha Spirit for the teachings of
Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala .
Workshops will include:
~The remembrance, the history of the teachings,
reconnections with the Ancestors & Spirit Guides.
~The Universal Laws, Spirit & Human dynamics.
~ Walk the Talk with Spirit, Human & the
teachings, the partnership.
~ Living &Working Pono –Reconnecting to the
PONO principals for living a happy life.
~ The power of your words & what you are
~ sharing the traditional about her culture,
Aloha Spiritual values for self, others & the
……………& more 
For registrations & enquiries
MELBOURNE : Tracey Lakainãpali 0411239081
[email protected]
Renee Hallett [email protected]
Pai’e Haagsma 0412045662 [email protected]

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