Focus January 2013 - Junior League of Kingsport



Focus January 2013 - Junior League of Kingsport
Issue 166
January 2013
January 22, 2013
Junior League
418 Shelby Street
Social Time - 6:30 pm
Meeting - 7:00 pm
Junior League of Kingsport
418 Shelby Street
Kingsport, TN 37660
Phone: (423) 245-1321
Fax: (423) 245-3813
Email: [email protected]
The Junior League of Kingsport
is an organization of women
committed to promoting
voluntarism, developing the
potential of women, and improving
communities through the effective
action and leadership of trained
volunteers. Its purpose is
exclusively educational and
2012-2013 Board of Directors
President .......................... SHARON DUNCAN
President-Elect ........................ LINDSEY RAY
Community VP.................. JENNIFER BAKER
Personnel VP ...................... TAYLOR BROWN
Recording Secretary ............ LORA BARNETT
Membership Secretary........ TAYLOR BROWN
Financial VP ............. CLAIRE ADDLESTONE
Treasurer .................... CATHERINE TUCKER
Asst. Personnel VP ......... KRISTA OSTERHUS
Finance Member at Large....................... TACIE
Sustainer Advisor .................... DONNA COBB
Committee Chairs
Arrangements .................... ASHLEY TAYLOR
CEE ................................ HAYLEY DIETRICK
Communications/PR. MARY GLENN LIVELY
Comm. Connections .......... JENNIFER BAKER
Comm. Research/Scholarship/Grants ..... CATY
Holiday Market .................... JULIE PIERSON
Membership Development ....... CARY BOGGS
Nominating.........................TREVA TARPLEY
Placement ........................... TAYLOR BROWN
Second Harvest..........................EMIILE PARK
TAPA .................................. ERIKA PHILLIPS
A Note From the President
Psalm 20:4
"May he give you the desire of your heart and make
all your plans succeed."
Happy New Year!! I want to wish each and everyone of you and your families a Happy and Blessed
2013. Welcome back! As we embark on a new
year, and continue our league year into 2013 we continue to implement current projects and strive to plan
for our future. We are at our halfway mark with
many new exciting things to come and decisions yet
to be made. The decisions we make will not only be
affecting us as a league, but our community as
well. Let us continue to be innovative and support
each other in all tasks and decisions we make and not
lose focus on our Mission, Vision and Core Values.
It was a breath of fresh air to have our Sustainer's
back at our JLK headquarters during the holidays and
hear how they love league and want to be involved. Very inspiring, and look forward to the next
time we have an opportunity to be together.
Please make every effort to be at our GMM on the
22nd at headquarters, see you then.
Sharon Duncan
Junior League of Kingsport
"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed
is more important than any other."
-Abraham Lincoln
Page 3
January 2013
The following Placement Groups will provide food for the General
Membership Meetings:
Katie Holt’s Placement Group
Taylor Brown’s Placement Group
Cary Boggs/Casie Grubbs Placement Group
BOD/Executive Committees
Dinner Meeting TBA
Here are a few things to remember:
1. When bringing refreshments please bring them in a disposable container if you do
not plan to stay to the end of the meeting.
2. Each group should plan on bringing drinks as well.
3. The Arrangements Committee provides all of the paper products.
4. When it is your turn, plan on enough for about 30 people.
5. Please have your refreshments at the meeting by 6:30, the beginning of
social time.
Ashley Taylor, Arrangements Chair
Arrangements Chair
Just a quick note from the Nominating Committee….
During the January General Membership meeting, the Nominating Committee will present you with the proposed 2013-2014 slate
of officers. Then, in February, all Active members will vote on the
proposed slate. The complete list will be provided in the February
We will soon be selecting the 2013-2014 Board of Directors as well as your committee placement. There will be a
form provided to you during the January GMM that will allow
you to provide us with your interest in the different committees
that represent our league. This is your opportunity to let us
know of your interests and willingness. If you have an interest
in, one day, being an officer on the Executive Committee, you
will need to have Board experience. Being a part of the Board
of Directors will help you to see the hard work and dedication
that makes up the Junior League of Kingsport.
I want to say that we have a fantastic group of ladies – I thank each and every
one of you for ALL that you do!!
Treva Tarpley
Page 4
January 2013
Dave Light Show Schedule for 2012-2013
(Second Thursday of each month)
February 14– Membership Development
March 14 – Second Harvest (Food Drive)
April 11- TAPA
May 9 – Year End Review and Events for 2013
Tips from Dave Light…..
· Arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of scheduled interview time
· The length of an interview is approximately 10 minutes, but will be tailored to fit your
needs and comfort zone
· The format is question and answer and you will not be expected to “make a presentation”
· We will discuss the interview information prior to going on air
· You will not be asked any questions that are controversial or uncomfortable to answer
· Two people may interview if so desired
· Be familiar with the information you need to share
· You may wish to bring a list of points to cover
· If you would be more comfortable answering questions you have composed, I will be
happy to work with your script
· If you are discussing a fundraiser, share where the proceeds will be designated
· Be familiar with general information of JLK
· Share a phone number for additional information
· Share a web site address if appropriate
This is a casual, friendly show and hopefully an experience you will enjoy as you share information from an organization you can take great pride in!
Call me with any questions...423-963-8310
Mary Glenn Lively
Communications/Public Relations Chair
Thank you the Junior
League of Kingsport
received from Girls Inc.
Page 5
January 2013
Hope House Christmas Party
Thank you to everyone who made a donation of
money, personal time or food. The support that JLK
gives Hope House is appreciated by the girls and the
staff. What a delight it was to watch the children
open their gifts and see their faces light up.
JLK collected $600. With the money JLK was able to purchase: a gift card from
Target for each mother and expecting mother, clothes and toys for the kids.
A Christmas meal was also provided
Can you copy the Thank You card from Girls Inc that Julie Short sent and place in
the article-Sharon had it the night of the Board meeting
Page 6
January 2013
Update from Children Exceeding Expectations School –
Acoustic Christmas – We were so honored when JLK’s CEE School was chosen as this year’s charity for
Electric 94.9’s Acoustic Christmas. We were invited to attend the concert as VIPs and had the chance to mix
and mingle with various entertainers before the presentation of our check. We invited Whitney Nussman to
join us. Whitney is mother to Brady, one of our CEE students who went to be with the angels last spring.
Brady was the inspiration for our school, so it was especially fitting for Whitney to be with us so that we could
publicly thank her for her family’s love and support. We even had our pictures taken with Train. What a treat!
But, the biggest excitement of the night was when we were invited on stage to receive a check from Ashley
Grindstaff, representing Electric 94.9 and sponsor Grindstaff Kia, for $10,000.
2013 CEE Disney Trip – We are also excited about this year’s Disney trip with students and their families
from CEE School. We leave Friday, February 1, for the land of magic and will return on Tuesday, February 5.
We’ll have about 45 passengers on the bus, including 17 children – our students plus their brothers and sisters. Most of our group has never been to Disney, and many have never seen the ocean! So, it should be a
wonderful trip and a special opportunity for us to provide some much needed fun and relaxation for these
families who live with such ongoing stress in their lives. We’ll have pictures for you in next month’s Focus.
How can JLK members help and support CEE? – If you would like to support the work of CEE, we would
love to have donations for our Disney trip. We’ll need bottled drinks and snacks for 12 hour travel days on the
bus and any items that you moms know will help the kids fill their time – colors, coloring books, puzzles, etc.
Remember, there are about 45 people total, and that includes 17 kids.
As always, thanks for your support and encouragement. JLK’s work with these children and their families
really does change lives!
Hayley Dietrich and Jane Henry, CEE Co-Chairs
Page 7
January 2013
From the Membership Secretary
To each of our members, you are important to the Junior League
of Kingsport and to the many people in the Kingsport area community who benefit from the various programs and projects sponsored by JLK as we work together to build a better community!
As you consider your level of commitment to Junior League for
next year, we hope that you will keep in mind that we need you—each of you—to continue to
improve the lives of the less fortunate in our Kingsport community. The Junior League of Kingsport has a strong 50+ year history of truly making a difference in the lives of others. Our work is
not done, and the community needs are growing. And, as you know, Junior League has important plans in place that will impact our community in a positive way. So, please choose a Junior
League commitment level at the highest level possible. Together, we really can make a difference!
JLK 2013-2014 Dues
It‘s that time of year again! Annual dues for the 2013-2014 League year, as well as any
changes in membership status, should be submitted by March 1, 2013. Provisionals and Actives may bring their payments to the January and February General Membership Meetings.
Sustainers will receive their dues notice by mail in January, and checks may be mailed to JLK
at 418 Shelby Street, Kingsport, TN 37660.
Dues are as follows, and Sustainer dues are based on age as of July 1, 2013.
Actives and Senior Active Member: $110
Provisionals: $135
Sustainers: Up to 64 years: $100
Sustainers: Age 65 – 79: $45
Sustainers: Age 80 and over: -0-
We would be pleased to accept any donation above your required dues. For those who are
planning to be Senior Active next year, please complete a ―Status Change Form indicating
either Gold or Silver Level and, if applicable, Gold Fundraising or Gold Placement. Please remember this form must be filled out each year you are in Senior Active status. I will bring
Status Change Forms to the January and February General Membership Meetings, and Status
Change Forms will also be available at JLK Headquarters.
Thank you for your prompt attention. According to JLK Policies & Procedures, DUES NOT
PAID BY MARCH 1 WILL INCLUDE A FINE OF $25. Please let me know if you have any
Thank you!
Taylor Brown - [email protected]
Membership Secretary and Personnel VP
Page 8
January 2013
The League Cares
Our Sympathy to
Casie Grubbs in
the death of her
Becky Britton is scheduled
for knee surgery on Tuesday, January 22, 2013.
Julie Pierson selected as 2012 40 Under
Forty Honoree!
Page 9
January 2013
Happy New Year JLK!!!
This is a two-part update from the Second Harvest Committee! Get your calendar app ready!
We continue to serve the basic nutritional needs of the students in the Sullivan County North and Central area schools. Our total student count is 125 amongst four schools: Ketron Elementary, Central
Heights Elementary, Sullivan North Middle School and Sullivan North High School.
We are packing and delivering on the following dates. If you are able to join us, we would appreciate
your help and your company! Packing usually occurs around 5pm and takes about 1-2 hours. Deliveries should be made to the schools by 11am the following day.
January 2013
THU 1/10 Pack
FRI 1/11 Deliver
THU 1/24 Pack
FRI 1/25 Deliver
February 2013
THU 2/7 Pack
FRI 2/8 Deliver
THU 2/21 Pack
FRI 2/22 Deliver
Go ahead and mark your calendars ladies!
DRIVE will be on Saturday, April 13th from 10AM through 4PM at our local
area Food City stores. Each member of our organization will be asked to dedicate one 2-hour
shift on that day to encourage shoppers at the stores to contribute non-perishable canned goods or
funds to this worthy cause.
A sign-up list will be distributed during the course of one of our future GMMs. Please make sure to
leave a two hour window open when planning that Saturday of the food drive. Additional instructions
about what to wear and logistics will be provided as we get closer to the event. We are trying to
schedule a short presentation by the Second Harvest organizers during one of our GMMs before the
Food Drive to give us ideas on how to interact more efficiently with the shoppers and potential donors
while providing some key information about the organization and its wide-spread efforts to feed thousands of families in our area.
Our League will be serving the following FOUR Food City locations:
(1) Food City (Kingsport)
Manager Mark Hubbard
1205 N. Eastman Road Kingsport, TN 37664
(2) Food City (Colonial Heights)
Manager Misty Amburgey-Burke
1911 Moreland Drive Kingsport, TN 37663
(3) Food City (Downtown Kingsport)
Manager Tommy Stanley
300 Clinchfield Street Kingsport, TN 37660
(4) Food City (Church Hill)
Manager Mike Castle
731 Highway 11-W Church Hill, TN 37642
We have been encouraged to branch out a little bit more this year. Some suggestions have been
made about placing bins at local schools, churches and other community organizations to increase
general participation. If you are a PTA member at your child's school, a coach, a committee chair,
deacon of your church, etc. please contact Emilie Park [email protected] She would be happy
to handle the details with a contact person from your organization.
Thanks very much and see you soon!
The Second Harvest Committee
Page 10
January 2013
Page 11
January 2013
WHEN: Tuesday, January 29, 2013
from 11:00 to 12:30
WHERE: Chef’s Pizza
254 West New Street (downtown
The Sustainer Lunch Bunch is back!! We will be having lunch together on
the last Tuesday of each month beginning in January. We will plan on eating between 11:00 and 12:30. If your work lunch break falls between these
times, we hope that this will make it easier for you to join us. We will target
to begin the “business” portion of our meeting at 11:45.
As many of you know Chef’s serves pizza, sandwiches,
salads, soups, baked potatoes and much more!! Chef’s
will be reserving tables for us so, please RSVP to
[email protected] by Friday, January 25.
If you have any questions please call Donna Cobb (2451589) or email [email protected]
Please join us!!
We are presenting the checks to the Mini-Grant winners
at the General Membership Meeting January 22.
We are also now accepting applications for the
the Service Scholarship Award. The deadline for the application is March 22, 2013. You can get the application
off our website or you can
email our league at [email protected] or myself
and request one. Thank you.
Mini-Grant/Scholarship Chair
Caty Rose,
[email protected]
Page 12
January 2013
2012-2013 Placement Advisors & Groups
Julie Pierson
Krista Osterhus
Katie Holt
Taylor Brown
Claire Addlestone
Tacie Baumrucker
Lora Barnett
Jennifer Baker
Logan Begley
Maggie Booher
Susan Creech
Gina Bradley
Beth Chandler
Becky Britton
Angie Davis
Meaghan Guest-Wolfe
Hayley Dietrich
Maranda Demuth
Stephanie Kingsley
Hannah Harvey
Bobbie Frentz
Sharon Duncan
Heather Kunysz
Amy Margaret McColl
Lisa Lohoff
Vandi France
Mary Glenn Lively
Emilie Park
Hollie Pennington
Jane Henry
Tina Pasquale
Brooks Pond
Erika Phillips
Cassie Hudson
Rachel Ralston
Julie Raines
Shelly Reeves
Lindsey Ray
Jill Rose
Caty Rose
Amber Sykes
Allison Stewart
Katie Skelton
Amy Steadman
Ashley Taylor
Treva Tarpley
Catherine Tucker
Casie Grubbs/Cary Boggs
Brandi Cantwell
Stefanie Cooley
Jennifer Fox
Jessica Genco-Grisby
Laura Guthrie
Ashley Hobbs
Marina Mathew
Kevon McCrary
Caroline Williams
Page 13
January 2013
Junior League of Kingsport
General Membership Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2012
First Broad Street United Methodist Church
Sharon Duncan
Recording Secretary
Lora Barnett
The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Sharon Duncan, President. A quorum was present.
Agenda: Addition of President Elect’s Remarks (E.) after Birthday Drawing. MOTION was made by Lindsey Ray,
President-Elect, to approve the Amended Agenda. Motion seconded by Jennifer Baker, Community VP, and approved by voice vote.
Minutes: Minutes from the October, 2012 General Membership Meeting were reviewed. MOTION was made by Donna
Cobb, Sustainer Advisor, to approve the October minutes. Motion seconded by Caty Rose, Community Research/Mini-Grants/Scholarships Chair, and approved by voice vote.
President’s Remarks: Sharon Duncan, President, welcomed all to the General Membership Meeting (GMM). Girl’s Inc.
Thanksgiving Dinner was this afternoon. Seven ladies from Junior League participated in the event. Thank you to Jennifer Baker and community connections for organizing our participation in this event. Please be sure and read the Focus
as a lot of information is in this month’s newsletter.
Birthday Drawing: Taylor Brown, Personnel VP/Membership Secretary, presented a gift to the Birthday Drawing winner,
Becky Britton.
President-Elect’s Remarks: Lindsey Ray, President-Elect, reported that we are having a quick business meeting at our
January GMM (January 22nd) and then we will be having a brainstorming/conversation session about the direction of
league. Everyone is encouraged to attend if at all possible.
Committee Reports
Children Exceeding Expectations: Sharon Duncan, President, reported on behalf of Hayley Dietrich, Children Exceeding Expectations co-chair, that the Polar Express Christmas party in cooperation with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
at the Bristol Train Station will be December 7th. We are still collecting presents for the party from our members ($10-15
unwrapped for any age). Deadline to turn in toys is December 5 th.
Community Connections: Jennifer Baker, Community VP, thanked everyone who participated in the Girl’s Inc.
Thanksgiving Dinner. We will be hosting a Christmas party for the ladies at Hope House. The party will be on December 12th from 6-8 pm. If you would like to help, please let Jennifer know. Once details have been finalized, she will contact the ladies who have agreed to help.
Community Research/Mini-Grants/Scholarships: Caty Rose, Chair, reported that mini-grant recipients have been
decided. Six mini-grants will be disbursed as follows:
Small Miracles - $580
Kingsport Ballet - $500
Girls on the Run - $500
Boys and Girls Club - $500
Kingsport Literacy Council - $500
First Book of Greater Kingsport - $500
Only one grant to Small Miracles is over the amount that has to be approved by general membership.
MOTION was made on behalf of the committee to accept a mini-grant to be awarded to Small Miracles in the
amount of $580.00. Motion was approved by a voice vote.
Membership Development: Cary Boggs, Membership Development Co-Chair, reported the Provisional Meeting will be
December 6th at 6:00 pm to discuss the upcoming provisional project.
Page 14
January 2013
Nominating: Sharon Duncan, President, reported on behalf of Treva Tarpley, Nominating Chair, that if you have not
filled out a straw ballot, please do so and turn the same into Treva as soon as possible.
Second Harvest: Emilie Park, Second Harvest Chair, thanked everyone who is not technically on this committee for
helping. Food has already been packed for the November 30th delivery. They are still in need of some volunteers to
help delivery and if you can help, please see Emilie. We have been notified that there may be a second delivery in December; more details will be forthcoming.
Unfinished Business: Sharon Duncan, President, reported that Children Exceeding Expectations received a grant from
Speedway Children’s Charities this month. This is very exciting on behalf of league and this committee.
New Business: Sharon Duncan, President, conducted a discussion regarding a Spring Fundraiser. We will need to
supplement our Holiday Market fundraiser this league year. One idea that has been discussed is a chili cook-off which
will include chili and desserts. Several ladies have met informally to discuss possible ideas. March 2 nd and March 16th
are possible dates. If anyone is interested in participating in the planning of the spring fundraiser, please let Sharon
know. Also need suggestions on possible locations that would accommodate the number of people we would have at
the event.
Another idea that was presented is a golf tournament with a possible dinner after the tournament. We will be presenting
more information in the near future.
MOTION was made by Sharon Duncan, President, to plan and conduct a Spring Fundraiser to supplement our
Holiday Market fundraiser with no financial requirements. Emilie Park, Second Harvest Chair, seconded the motion and it was approved by voice vote.
Announcement: No GMM in December. The Board will be having their board Christmas party on December 4 th at
Sharon Duncan’s house. If you have a toy for the Polar Express Christmas Party that needs to be dropped off and headquarters is not open, just drop them off at Emilie Park’s gym (XCellerated Fitness).
Adjourn: Meeting was adjourned by Sharon Duncan at 7:54 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted: Lora Barnett, JLK Recording Secretary
Junior League of Kingsport
January 8, 2013
Board Action
MOTION was made by Lindsey Ray, President-Elect, to approve the Agenda. Motion was seconded by Donna
Cobb, Sustainer Advisor, and approved by voice vote.
MOTION was made by Jane Henry, Children Exceeding Expectations Co-Chair, to approve the amended November, 2012 minutes. Motion was seconded by Hayley Dietrich, Children Exceeding Expectations Co-Chair, and
approved by voice vote.
MOTION was made by Catherine Tucker, Treasurer, that financials will be filed for audit. Motion was seconded by
Lindsey Ray, President-Elect, and approved by voice vote.
MOTION was made by Casie Grubbs, Membership Development Co-Chair, that the provisional project is going to
be renovating the parent room at Children Exceeding Expectations. Approved by voice vote.
MOTION was made by Treva Tarpley, Nominating Chair, to present the 2013-2014 Slate of Officers to General
Membership at the General Membership Meeting. Approved by voice vote.
Page 15
January 2013
Happy Birthday from JLK
Lorrie Cooper
Lindsey Ray
Becky Bridwell
Allison Stewart
Carol Ann Payne
Josie Reid
Claudia Byrd
Veda Dossett
Cassie Hudson
Brandi Cantwell
Delores Dobyns
Dee Dee Dietrich
Marie Schulken
Peggy Smith
Anne Williams
Judy Maness
Charlene Shelton
Robyn Wilson
Jean Adams
Jenny Clemmer
Susan Creech
Sandra Davison
Roberta Frentz
Val Manley
Sharon Morris
Yvonne Raden
Hope Parnell
Ashley Taylor
Peggy McLain
Betty Lou Shearer
Judith Booze
Margaret Calcote
Kyla McCoy
Jean Payton
Mary Beggerow
Anne Carson
Catherine Tucker
Melinda Givens
Mary Pierce
Hannah Harvey
Christina Perry
Hollie Pennington
Elizabeth Correll
Lucy Fleming
Julie Bachman
Shannon Holt
Beth Sumner
Nell Echerd
Amanda Martin
Colette George
Shelly Reeves
Katie Skelton
Carol Dodson
Rachel Burch
Diana Eldredge
Millie Wilson
Gretchen Witt
Jessica Genco-Grigsby
Barbara Moody
Debra Waggoner
Jane King
Page 16
January 2013
418 Shelby Street Kingsport, TN 37660
[email protected]
Office Hours: Tuesday 11-2, Wednesday 9-3 , and Thursday Noon - 4
February Important Dates
January Important Dates
EXEC Meeting, HQ, 5:15 pm
BOD Meeting, HQ, 6:30 pm
EXEC Meeting, HQ, 5:15 pm
BOD Meeting, HQ, 6:30 pm
Second Harvest Packing @ HQ
Second Harvest Delivery to Schools
Dave Light Show Community Research/
Focus Deadline
Focus Deadline
EXEC Meeting, HQ, 5:15 pm
BOD Meeting, HQ, 6:30 pm
City Schools - No School
Dave Light Show - Community Research/
Second Harvest Packing @ HQ
Second Harvest Delivery to Schools
County Schools - No School
6:30 pm Social; 7:00 pm Call to Order
Second Harvest Packing @ HQ
Second Harvest Delivery to Schools
City Schools - No School
Second Harvest Packing @ HQ
Second Harvest Delivery to Schools
City & County Schools - No School
Provisional Meeting - HQ @ 6:15
HEADQUARTERS...418 Shelby St.
6:30 pm Social
7:00 pm Call to Order
Second Harvest Packing @ HQ
Second Harvest Delivery to Schools

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