September Newsletter 2015



September Newsletter 2015
Baldy View ROP
September 2015
Pathways to Prosperity
“Our mission is consistently
high-quality, rigorous, and
relevant Career Technical
Education that equips
students for their future.”
Sylvia Orozco
Joseph Lenz
Charles Uhalley
Hilary LaConte
Shelley Adams
Forest DeRenzo, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent,
Educational Services
Carla Roberts
Director, Business Services
Dora Edney
Director, Development & Public
Roseanne Redfearn
Crystal Whitley
Lisa Fears Hackett, Ed.D.
Michael Moore
Administrative Services Coordinator
Administration Office
8265 Aspen Ave., Suite 100
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
T:909.980.6490 F:909.980.8931
Career Training Center
1501 S. Bon View Ave.
Ontario, CA 91761
T:909.947.3400 F:909.947.4411
Stay Connected!
at the
Career Training
ummer school returned to Baldy View ROP this year
from June 15 to July 23! Students had 10 Career
Technical Education (CTE) courses to choose from that
included Sports Medicine, Pharmacy Clerk, Medical Assistant, and
Healthcare Occupations. For the first time, online CTE courses
were available in the CTC computer lab through Baldy View
ROP’s partnership with Odysseyware. Each course provided the
hands-on education that BVROP courses provide during the
regular school year and completing students earned 10 high school
credits each.
Alta Loma High School Sophomore, Yisrael Holt, enrolled in the
Introduction to 3-D Animation course taught by Instructor Gerald Jo to
help him develop his skills as an animator. Yisrael entered class with a
goal of learning how to upload quality work on video based platforms.
“It was a really nice experience taking this class. I made new friends
right away and that really let me be comfortable and do my best with
my animation,” he said. Sharing what he would tell another student
about ROP, Yisrael added, “You’re going to learn a lot, you’re going to
meet new people, and you’re going to have fun learning. It doesn’t have
to be in animation, either. There are many ROP classes available.”
Students were also provided free snacks during lunch time. Baldy View ROP partnered with
Campfire of Southern California to provide free snacks and looks forward to a continued partnership
for future collaborations.
The Summer School session ended with a visit from California
State Senator, Connie Leyva, who visited several classrooms as
she toured the Career Training Center on Tuesday, July 21 (photos
and story on page 3).
Photo captions from top left: Ayala High School senior, Wesley Chan, works on a
project in Introduction to 3D Animation; Senator Connie Leyva visits a classroom
during summer school; Summer school students during their lunch break;
Superintendent Shelley Adams, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
Forest DeRenzo Ed.D., and Senate District Director Manual Saucedo visit with summer
school students; Summer school students receive free snacks from Campfire of
Southern California, distributed Lisa Fears Hackett, Ed.D.
Page 2
We believe we must inspire lifelong learning, empower our students to make informed career decisions, offer viable
opportunities, and prepare students for enduring and emerging careers.
Our mission is consistently high-quality, rigorous, and relevant Career Technical Education that equips students for
their future.
Our commitment to ourselves and our stakeholders is to:
An educational environment of excellence
Lead by example through a model of integrity
Hold ourselves accountable
Act with dignity, care, and respect through open communication, honesty, transparency, and civility
Honor the privilege of serving, educating, and elevating our communities
2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18
Create opportunities through instruction, internships, pre-apprenticeships, sequenced and/or industry-recognized
certificate programs to ensure students have professional behaviors, leadership, technical, problem-solving, and
people skills to effectively meet the demands of relevant, enduring, and emerging careers.
Analyze data, effectively communicate, and implement change that provides students with high-quality
curriculum and instruction relevant to a transition-to-employment and post-secondary education; attract,
support, and retain highly-qualified teachers; and provide personalized career exploration and guidance.
Operate with financial integrity, accountability, and transparency to make data informed decisions that support
quality education, attract and retain highly-qualified staff, and maintain long-term fiscal stability.
Expand and promote a positive regional identity through effective communication strategies, development of
empowering partnerships, and pro-active engagement with all stakeholders.
Lead and facilitate K-12 and post-secondary regional collaborations and training that meet the employment
expectations of local business and industry stakeholders in enduring and emerging high skill, high wage, and high
demand occupations.
Page 3
“For many years, I have known about the great work
at Baldy View ROP Career Training Center, so I am
excited to have the opportunity to tour the center and
witness firsthand the wonderful learning opportunities
happening every day under the leadership of
Superintendent Shelley Adams and her team. From
preparing our future pharmacy technicians to our
next vocational nurses, Baldy View ROP offers
limitless opportunities to help train our workforce of
tomorrow. As the State Senator representing the 20th
State Senate District, I look forward to working with
Baldy View ROP in the years ahead to help continue
opening doors and ensuring successful outcomes for
Inland Empire students.”
– Senator Connie M. Leyva (D - Chino)
Coordinator Lisa Fears Hackett, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of
Educational Services Forest DeRenzo, Coordinator Roseanne
Redfearn, Superintendent Shelley Adams, Senator Connie Leyva,
and Director of Development and Public Relations, Dora Edney
Senator Connie Leyva visits with instructor Clark Stevens’ LVN course
Students attending Baldy View ROP summer school received a special visit their final week of the summer term.
California State Senator, Connie Leyva (D-20th Senate District), toured the Baldy View ROP Career Training
Center in Ontario on Tuesday, July 21st.
Senator Leyva is a significant proponent of Career Technical Education (CTE), of which Baldy View ROP offers
over 70 courses. Along with State Senator Mike McGuire, Senator Leyva introduced Senate Bill 148 which
allocates nearly $1 billion to CTE funding over the next three years.
Superintendent Shelley Adams said of the Senator’s visit, “We appreciate Senator Leyva’s support of Baldy View
ROP and her commitment to ensuring that students continue to receive the hands-on training CTE provides to
prepare them for the 21st century workforce.”
Special thanks to District Director Manuel Saucedo, and District Representative, Vanessa Wiarco, from Senator
Leyva’s office for taking the time to tour the Career Training Center as well.
Senator Connie Leyva visits looks over Alta
Loma High School Sophomore Yisrael Holt’s
project in Instructor Gerald Jo’s Introduction
to 3D Animation course
Senator Connie Leyva visits with Instructor
Jessica Garcia’s Healthcare Occupations Course
Senator Connie Leyva visits with Instructor
Marie Sliney’s Medical Assistant Course
Page 4
Baldy View ROP has been awarded a grant by the State of California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Healthcare Workforce Initiative for $5,000! The grant provides Baldy View ROP with funds for various marketing
strategies in the promotion of the Pharmacy Technician program.
An initiative of the California Community College’s Economic and Workforce Development program, the Health
Workforce Initiative is dedicated to serving California’s Health Industry with innovative business solutions. Baldy View
ROP is excited for this opportunity to broaden its abilities in communicating with the community about its Pharmacy
Technician course! Contact us for more information and to enroll in the Pharmacy Technician course for spring 2016.
Class starts January 2016!
Merced Alvarez
Tiffany Chavarin
Alejandra Manzo
Roxanne Danielle
Julliene Tabili Aragon
Jessica Ruth Hermosillo
Desiree Lynn Baumann
I-Chin Hsieh
Lauren Christine Munoz
Jose Reveles Salcedo
Paulite Layug Blaza
Leslie Lourdes Jacinto
Emily Youngshim Park
Kyrstin Kane Shofner
Janiece Buckley
Rishabh Jaipuria
Chelsey J. Radtke
Clyde Scott Smith
Pamela Rizz Castillo
Diane Tung-Jung Lee
Lisa Simone Natalie
Kassandra Dorothy
The graduating LVN class of 2015 joined onstage by Commission member Joe Lenz, Commission President Sylvia Orozco,
Superintendent Shelley Adams, and LVN instructor Katey Sixsmith
Page 5
Ayala High School
Rita Jirjees
Evelyn Moreno
Buena Vista High School
Elena Urrutia
Chino Hills High School
Lizette Gonzalez
Britny Tellez
Claremont High School
Chaffey High School
Ontario High School
Alexandra Bustos
Edelia Navarro
Colony High School
Rancho Cucamonga High
Gilberto Quintero
Los Osos High School
Sabrina Ponce
Jessica Lara
Monica Pineda
Options for Youth
Ashlee Fungher
Jared Bautista
Briana Hidalgo
Christian Romero
Photo caption: The
graduating RDA
class of 2015 joined
by instructor
Carolina Vasquez
and Instructional
Assistant Laura
Diana Pacheco
Thank you, Dr. Kerstetter, for your support for our students!
Chaffey High School
Steven Alvarado
Alan Atilano
Los Osos High School
Mouaffak Alami
Paul Balogun
Theresa Garcia-Alba
Arelly Mejia
Ali Gutierrez
Ricardo Mendoza
Daisy Lozornio
Andres Sanchez
Neftali Solorio-Bravo
Angel Vazquez
Abel Valdez
Colony High School
Alejandro Velasco
Montclair High School
Destani Jordan
Don Lugo High School
Eddie Ramos
Claremont High School
Chenna Hu
Hillside High School
Joseph Lavalle
Ontario High School
Upland High School
Armando Alonso
Dessiray Arreola
Joseph Gagnon
Victoria Morales
Emily R. Perez
Alexandra Robles
Amy Sanchez
Joshua Servin
David Galindo
John Duran
Andrea Hernandez-Bonilla
Manuel Haywood
Zayda Policarpo
Kevin Romandia
Ayala High School
Photo caption: The graduating
LEO class of 2015 joined by
Commission Vice President Joe
Lenz, Assistant Superintendent
Forest DeRenzo Ed.D., Ontario
Police Department Sergeant Ron
Watson, and Instructor Jose
Chino Hills High School
Brian Terry
Buena Vista High School
Jose Munoz
Chino High School
Sandra Cisneros
Page 6
Three Don Lugo High School Alumni, Gabriel
Ramirez, Melissa Flores, and Jasmine Bonsel
each took Instructor Sam Abdelmalek’s Baldy
View ROP Culinary course (now Food
Production and Catering) while in high school.
The course involved a Community Classroom
component at Fazoli’s in Chino Hills. All three
students were hired at Fazoli’s to continue
working as permanent employees.
Jasmine Bonsel currently works as the Assistant
Manager and said about her current position, “We’re
like a family here at Fazloi’s. There are ups and downs
as there are at any job, but it’s always worth it. It’s great
when things run smoothly and the customers are
happy.” Regarding Baldy View ROP, she added, “ROP
is really something high school students should take
advantage of while they can. When you graduate high
school, everything costs money so to be able to take
these courses for free is a great learning experience.”
Photo captions from top left:
Gabriel Ramirez works in the
kitchen; Melissa Flores prepares
a take-out dish for a customer;
Above: Melissa Flores, Jasmine
Bonsel, Instructor Sam
Abdelmalek, and Gabriel
The Baldy View ROP Commercial Photography course at Etiwanda High covers topics including operation of camera
systems, basic and advanced photographic principles, flash photography, and digital photo editing software such as Photoshop.
“You can talk about taking pictures all day, but the only way to really learn how to do it, is just to do it,” Commercial Photography
Instructor Charles Wolfe said. “If these students are going to be prepared for success, they have to get plenty of trigger time behind a
camera.” In a typical week, students might spend one day in the classroom studying a presentation on photography techniques and
principles, and the rest of the week outside with cameras, practicing what they’ve learned.
The job market continues to grow for photographers, as many professional shooters move towards a mobile, independent operation.
“It’s as easy as getting a camera, a car, and some basic equipment. That’s enough to make photos most consumers will love,” Wolfe
said, “but, that’s only possible when students work to learn how to operate equipment properly and market themselves.”
Three students who took the course during the Spring 2015 semester are currently working in the photography industry now.
Christine Ogden, who graduated from Montclair High School last school year, and Tyler Fewer, who graduated from Etiwanda last
school year, are both working as independent photographers. Etiwanda senior, Stevie Sherwood, has been hired as a model and
lighting assistant for Natalie Ann Photography.
Thank you to Instructor Charles Wolfe and Etiwanda Career Technician, Roberta Brazelton, for sharing this story! Do you have a
story to share? Visit to tell us!
Photo by independent commercial
photographer and Montclair alumnus,
Christina Ogden
Photo of Stevie Sherwood, Etiwanda
senior and model and lighting assistant
for Natalie Ann Photography
Photo by independent commercial
photographer and Etiwanda
alumnus, Tyler Fewer
Page 7
Alumni Profile
“ROP provides students an opportunity to explore what it’s like to work in a specific career field. We
get to leave the bubble and experience real-life working conditions with people from various
backgrounds. Secondly, ROP equips students with the skills necessary to apply for jobs. Having
completed an ROP course further enhances the applicant’s profile and provides something interesting
to talk about during interviews.”
Thanakrit Bandasakdi with
Instructor Pat Campbell
- Thanakrit Bandasakdi Airside Operations Department, Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok, Thailand
Thanakrit Bandasakdi attended Claremont High School as a foreign exchange student from Thailand for the 2007-08 school year. He took the
Airport Careers course with Instructor Pat Campbell to better explore the airport industry. Getting to class was not always easy. While his
second host family was able to give him rides to and from the old Ontario Airport terminal where the course still takes place, at first Thanakrit
relied on public transportation to and from class! However, Thanakrit shared that civil aviation has been his passion since he was young, and
the ROP course he took exposed him to the industry in a variety of ways.
“Mrs. Campbell taught from her own experience and gave us our own hands-on experience in the industry. We met airline professionals,
toured the Ontario Airport and its facilities, heard from an American Airline pilot about his career, and even heard from the K-9 police unit. In
the classroom, she is a very entertaining teacher who always kept us interested.”
Thanakrit also learned how to properly write a resume in his course and how to prepare for an interview. He said that four years after he took
the class, he was still using the resume he wrote in Airport Industries as a model for his subsequent resumes.
“It led me to employment in the Airside Operations Department at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand,” he shared.
Today, Thanakrit’s work builds off of much of the work he did as a student in Airport Careers. He assigns check-in counters, allocates baggage
reclaim carousels, and makes flight announcements. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Mahidol University
International College in Thailand is working on his Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Page 8
Residential and Commercial Construction
The Residential and Commercial Construction course taught by
instructor Steve Perez at Upland High School, gets students
involved in a large-scale construction project from the ground up.
Students begin by learning the basics of construction including
safety and protective gear, how to properly hammer nails, how to
saw wood and gradually learn more complex tasks such as
putting together a structural frame, painting, minor plumbing, and
minor electrical work. The semester long course culminates in the
construction of a single apartment unit.
Ayala High School senior, Ben Kao, who has previously completed
multiple Baldy View ROP courses to explore various career paths,
had a natural interest in construction and enrolled in this course to
explore the industry.
Instructor Perez instructs Rancho Cucamonga sophomore,
Tyrone Pratt, how to properly hammer a nail into a board
“This is a good opportunity to learn about what I want to do in the
future. It’s kind of like a test run for a career, and a one-of-a-kind
experience. This class gets you right into the trade, is really handson, and isn’t your usual classroom environment,” he said.
Mr. Perez shares with his class the opportunities that are available
to them in the construction industry so they are prepared and
knowledgeable about the workforce.
Instructor Steve Perez instructs his class how to properly and
safely use power tools, such as a jig saw
Special thanks to
Utility Worker,
Daniel Castillo,
for his help in
preparing the sign
for display to the
“Look at any bridge, freeway, or structure. These aren’t easy to
build, but with a good attitude students can learn how. Construction
is a trade where employers really want to keep you. They hire
young workers wanting to keep them around for a long time.”
Thank you to all who attended our Institutional Advisory
meeting on Monday, August 10 hosted by Piping Industry
Progress and Education (P.I.P.E.).
Tom Bazemore, SAC Health Systems
Peggy Hazlett, Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Tom Morton, Piping Industry Progress and Education
James Scheu, San Antonio Regional Hospital
Ron Taets van Amerongen, California Steel Industries
Page 9
Baldy View ROP held its summer Professional Development (PD) this July as it welcomed new and returning
teachers to the 2015-2016 school year. Staff and Career Technicians also attended and participated in
workshops over the course of the three days. The summer PD is an important time for all Baldy View ROP
educators to plan for the upcoming school year and to review Baldy View ROP’s Mission, Vision, Values,
and Strategic Goals. It is also a great time for everyone spend time together. Special thanks to Chaffey Credit
Union who was an event sponsor, Susan Elliott of Elliott Strategies and Nancy Cartwright of the San
Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools for leading workshops, and to Jeff Ellingsen of the BVROP
District Representative Council (DRC) for his attendance. Everyone from Baldy View ROP is looking
forward to an outstanding new school year!
Coordinator Roseanne Redfearn addresses the BVROP staff at
the summer PD
RDA Instructor Carolina Vasquez and
Instructional Assistant Laura Villarreal
engage in an “icebreaker” activity where
they work to piece to piece together the
words of a mystery message (it was the new
BVROP Mission Statement, see page 2)
Los Osos Career Technician Sandra Lopez, Etiwanda Career
Technician Roberta Brazelton, BVROP DRC member Jeff
Ellingsen, speaker Suzanne Elliott, Valley View Career
Technician Annette Devolld, Claremont Career Technician
Suzanne Miller, and Colony Career Technician Shelia
Page 10
Maher Tawfik, Instructor - 15 Years
Christine Thomas, Program Specialist - 5 Years
Marylou Rodriguez, Cougar Cubs - 5 Years
Betty Wilson, Instructor - Retired after 18 Years!
BVROP Commission Members thank Betty Wilson and
Marylou Rodriguez for their service
BVROP Commission Members thank Christine Thomas
and Maher Tawfik for their service
Baldy View ROP Commission Member Hilary LaConte, President Sylvia Orozco, Vice President Joe Lenz, and Commission
Member Charles Uhalley acknowledge veteran staff members for their service.
We would like to recognize our outgoing Instructional Team Leaders (ITL) who served
as liaisons for the Baldy View ROP instructors:
Airport Careers Instructor Pat Campbell, Healthcare Occupations Instructor Jessica
Garcia, Medical Assistant Instructor Marie Sliney, and Food Service and Hospitality
Instructor, Sam Abdelmalek.
Thank you all for being the voice of the instructors!
Lisa Fears Hackett, Ed.D., has been promoted to Coordinator! Lisa previously held the position of Program
Specialist of Curriculum Development where she was instrumental in increasing college articulations. In her
new role, Lisa will oversee teachers working within the Building Trades and Construction, Health Science and
Medical Technology, Information and Communication Technology, and Transportation industry sectors. Lisa
brings a strong professional background in education having served as a teacher and advisor in the Los Angeles
Unified School District, an adjunct professor for two universities, and an assistant principal and WASC Self-Study Coordinator
with Inglewood Community Adult school. Lisa received her Ed.D. from Pepperdine University. She said she looks most forward to
visiting instructors during classroom visits and continuing to be a part of the Baldy View ROP family. Lisa is married and has one
step-daughter. She is an avid stamp-collector and loves to travel.
Joshua Behnke
Keith Garwick
Law Enforcement Occupations
Fiscal Analyst
Joshua joins the Business Services Department to
help monitor, project, and track Baldy View ROP
budgets. He will also be responsible for tracking
payments, creating invoices, and assisting with
payroll operations. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business
Management from Cal State Fullerton and is currently working to earn
his Masters Degree in Finance and International Business from the
University of La Verne. His prior work experience includes working
for a real estate and economic development company. Josh shared that
he looks forward to helping to keep Baldy View ROP financially
sustainable for the community and continuing to get to know the
wonderful staff. He is an avid golfer, loves to travel, and will be
marrying his fiancé, Rachel, this upcoming spring.
Born into a military family, Keith grew up around
the world on various U.S. Marine Corps bases. He
attended college at the United States Military
Academy at West Point. After graduating with a
Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he
served as a U.S. Army Officer and later as an armored warfare
instructor. After his service in the military, Keith worked as a
manufacturer’s representative before attending the Police Academy and
becoming a police officer for 13 years. His diverse background led him
to develop a deep appreciation for Career Technical Education and now
he wants to help students make informed decisions about their education
and career choices. He shared that he is very excited to be working with
an incredible variety of professionals in an organization where
innovation is expected.
Page 11
Mario Guerra
Ishmill Lett
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Criminal Justice
Mario is currently retired from his job as an
Assistant Director of Emergency Services after 30
years of service. In his career, he worked as a
Certified Emergency Manager and Emergency
Medical Technician. He will be teaching the Emergency Medical
Responder course at Chino High School where he is looking forward to
exposing students to a profession that is both challenging and
rewarding. Mario brings teaching experience from his serving as an
Adjunct Associate Professor at East Los Angeles College in their EMT
program. Mario also enjoys reading, hiking, and backpacking and is the
proud husband to his high school sweetheart, Maxine, father to his son,
Ron, who is a Petty Officer First class in the Navy, and grandfather of
two girls, Genevieve and Hanalei.
For the last eleven years, Ishmill Lett has served as a
Federal Law Enforcement Officer. He graduated from
Azusa Pacific University (where he also played college
football) with his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and
Master’s Degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies. He will be
sharing his knowledge and experience with students this year at the Career
Training Center where he will look to spark his students’ interest in careers
in Criminal Justice. Ishmill also plays in the Public Safety Football League,
which plays to raise money for local charities. The league is full-pad and
full-contact and is comprised of Police and Fire workers. Ishmill’s team is
called the Southern California Strike Force.
Jesse Mendez
Warehouse Operations
Peggy Lynn
Vocational Nursing
Peggy has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 20
years at hospitals including Pomona Valley and City
of Hope. She currently remains on staff in the
Intensive Care Unit at Kindred Hospital. She
received her Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Chaffey College and is
currently working on earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from
Grand Canyon University. She is enjoying the first few months of
helping instruct the VN class with Baldy View ROP tremendously and
looks forward to continuing to draw from her professional experience
and expanded education to teach tomorrow’s nurses. In her free time she
enjoys hiking, skiing, bicycling, travelling, and singing with the group,
“The Vintage Cowboys.” Peggy has three children, two of whom are
nurses, and four grandchildren.
Scott Snedeker
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Scott has worked in the Emergency Medical Services
(EMS) since 1999. He received his Associate’s
Degree in Public Fire Service from Mt. San Antonio
College and his Bachelor’s degree in Business and
Leadership from Azusa Pacific University. Scott has
taught EMS to high school and adult students for the last ten years. He will
use his education and professional experience to educate students and the
Career Training Center about working in emergency situations. He looks
forward to helping students move forward into the EMS and Fire Service
industries. In his free time, Scott enjoys snowboarding, golfing, swimming,
and working with electronics.
Jesse brings varied professional experience in having
worked as a project manager, operating an automotive
business, and managing warehouses. He has experience
teaching automotive technology and warehouse
operations. He will be teaching students who take the
course at Buena Vista about all aspects of distribution center shipping,
receiving, inventory control, and transportation. He is looking forward to
connecting students to gainful employment in the warehouse industry.
Jesse also coaches softball and works on classic cars in his spare time. He
has been married to his wife, Doli, for thirty years, is the father of two
children, Melanie and Jessica, and the grandfather to his grandson, Cory.
Reyes Vazquez
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/
Refrigeration (HVAC/R)
Reyes is a Baldy View ROP alumnus who started his
career by taking the HVAC course in 2005. Reyes
continued his training and graduated from the HVAC
program at San Bernardino Valley College in 2007. Today, he brings a
wealth of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential HVAC
work specializing in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He is an active Board
Member of the Refrigeration Engineers Society, an organization dedicated
to keeping HVAC/R technicians current in their industry. He is excited to
teach both adults and high school students about HVAC/R safe work
practices and the fundamentals of electrical circuits and controls that allow
HVAC/R systems to operate. Reyes likes to walk and work on his cars and
spend time with his wife, Otilia, and four children.
Dr. Jamie Walker
Website Design and Video Production
Marion Vories
Educational Services Assistant
Marion returns to Baldy View ROP after working as
an office coordinator for an Alternative High School
in the state of Washington. Marion got her start with
BVROP in 2013 when she worked as the Student
Services Specialist at the CTC. In her current position, Marion supports
Coordinator, Crystal Whitley, and her assigned industry sector. Marion
says she is very excited to be back at BVROP where everyone believes
in what they do, there is great administrative leadership and support, and
everyone works diligently to provide the best learning opportunities for
the students. Marion has four sons, three daughters-in-law, and four
grandchildren. She is currently enrolled at Azusa Pacific University
where she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Leadership.
Jamie has a diverse background as a published
writer, educator, filmmaker. She has won multiple
awards in various disciplines, including the
Sundance Film Festival Pitching Contest. She also
has experience in acting, screen play writing, and
doing voice-over work. She earned her Bachelor’s degree (magna cum
laude) from San Francisco State University. She hosted a radio show
in Washington D.C. while she was attending Howard University
working to earn both her Masters degree and Ph.D. She is also the
CEO of J.D. Publishing Group. Jamie will be teaching at San Antonio
High School and continues to teach at the college level as well. As an
educator, Jamie excels at identifying and evaluating student needs and
matching students with both resources and programs aligned with their
career goals.
to our sponsors
September 30
Chino Airport
Advisory Meeting
March 14
October 10
Community Sponsors
Engrave ’N Embroider Things
Joe’s Crab Shack
March 16
October 20
Baldy View ROP would like to extend a special thank you to our generous
sponsors. Thank you for your support in preparing students for career and college!
Program Advisory
November 11
For Sponsorship Opportunities Contact: Dora Edney, Director of Development &
Public Relations 909.980.6490 ext. 1249, [email protected]
Veteran’s Day
March 25
Baldy View ROP is a California public school agency that provides Career
Technical Education and services to high school
students and adults who are interested in improving
their employability and preparation for higher
education. Baldy View ROP was established in 1972
and is fully accredited by the Western Association
of Schools and Colleges and the Council on Occupational Education. Baldy
View ROP is a regional joint venture of the Chaffey Joint Union High School
District, Chino Valley Unified School District, Claremont Unified School
District, and Upland Unified School District.
Proud Member of:

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