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Creating A Stronger Community - Legal Aid Society Louisville
2005 Annual Report
Creating A Stronger Community
Creating a stronger community...
One client at a time
The Legal Aid Society serves a community with more than 140,000 people living in poverty.
We pass these people everyday on the street; we visit them in nursing homes; and we watch
them take their children to school. They are our friends and neighbors. The effects of poverty
– including instability in housing, health, and economic well-being – have consequences for
us all. By serving individuals in need, the Legal Aid Society acts as an invaluable community
resource for thousands of people every year.
At the Legal Aid Society, we believe justice is universal and that it can help rebuild lives.
Through the service priorities established by our Board of Directors – Maintaining Economic
Stability; Populations with Special Vulnerabilities; Preserving the Home; Health, Safety and
Stability; Support for Families – we can systematically help individuals with benefits for the
entire community. Whether we are educating staff at nursing homes, providing low-income tax
assistance, or helping to incorporate a new non-profit organization, our work creates comfortable
homes for all seniors, improved schools for all children, safer and cleaner neighborhoods for all
residents, and a stronger local economy that benefits us all.
2005 was another remarkable year at the Legal Aid Society. By completing the most successful
fundraising year in our history, we directly improved the lives of more than 10,000 individuals.
At the Legal Aid Society, we create a stronger community one client at a time. In the following
pages, you will learn about some of our clients and how their improved lives gave us all a
stronger community.
You will also see a listing of the many individual and organizational donors who make this work
possible. Please accept our most sincere thanks for your ongoing support of the Legal Aid Society.
We look forward to continuing our work and trust that we remain worthy of your support. Our
community is depending on it.
Jeffrey A. Been
Executive Director
Laurel S. Doheny
2005 Board Chair
“I don’t know what I could have
done without the Legal Aid Society
and all of the help I received.”
Robin had a job, was taking some college courses,
and was even thinking about starting a small business
when she was dealt an awful blow: She was diagnosed
with a brain tumor. Mounting medical bills, student loan
payments, and other debt became too much for her to
handle at a time when she needed to be focused on
recovery. That’s when she came to the Legal Aid Society. Our attorney helped her file for bankruptcy and was able
to get much of her debt forgiven. With a fresh start, Robin
is now receiving disability benefits so she can continue
her therapy and is looking forward to being able to work
again in the future.
or a community to be strong and survive,
its citizens must be economically stable.
The Legal Aid Society supports the right
of all people to economic stability. We
secure or preserve public benefits, resolve
consumer disputes, obtain discharges
through bankruptcy, resolve individual
income tax issues, offer preventive education
or self-help advice, and secure or preserve
child or medical support. By protecting the
financial rights of our clients we not only
help to keep them on stable footing, we
prevent additional economic crises from
emerging and spreading to other segments
of the community.
“The staff at Legal Aid were truly
helpful and made a huge difference
in our lives.”
Gladys was about to be evicted from her home by the local housing authority when
she asked for the Legal Aid Society’s help. Our
attorney determined that the housing authority
had not followed federal law in its eviction
process and filed a complaint in federal court. As a result of our advocacy, the court entered
a temporary restraining order against the
housing authority, and the matter was then
settled allowing Gladys to stay in her home. We used this opportunity to discuss with the
housing authority the required steps mandated
by federal law prior to evicting a tenant from a
housing authority unit, thereby protecting the
rights of all tenants.
he home is a source of individual and
community pride. The Legal Aid Society supports
the right of all people to be safe and secure in a
home of their own. We defend against unlawful
evictions, secure access to and challenge the
wrongful termination of essential utility services,
preserve and encourage the development of
affordable housing, and resolve issues threatening
the owner’s possession and enjoyment of their
property. In protecting the rights of homeowners
and tenants, we preserve this important source
of pride.
“I enjoyed every visit to the Legal
Aid Society–I was shown much
kindness and respect.”
George was 70 years old, legally blind, and
had diabetes. He received home health services
once a week to prepare syringes for his insulin
injections and to put his other medication in a
medi-planner, so that he could know which of his
twenty different pills to take during the day. He
didn’t know what to do when he was notified that
his home health services were being terminated
because he did not meet the criteria to receive
George regularly visited his local Community
Action Agency and asked one of the staff members
for help. The Community Action staff member
then contacted the Legal Aid Society. One of our
attorneys was able to submit enough evidence prior
to a hearing that convinced the Cabinet for Health
and Family Services to withdraw their termination
letter. The case was dismissed and George
continues to receive appropriate and necessary
home health services.
strong community relies upon the health
of its citizens. The Legal Aid Society supports
the right of every person to be safe, stable
and healthy. We obtain protective orders for
victims of domestic violence, resolve insurance
disputes that restrict access to benefits, obtain
access to health care through government
benefit programs, draft life-planning documents
to direct care and transfer of property, advocate
for affordable and appropriate health care,
and investigate and resolve disputes involving
nursing home admissions, involuntary discharges
or other serious grievances regarding quality of
care. As a result of our advocacy, health care
institutions are better and individuals receive the
care and benefits that provide them the dignity
they deserve.
amilies are the foundation of every
community. The Legal Aid Society supports
the integrity, safety and well being of the
family. We protect children and spouses
from physical violence by obtaining divorces
for the victims, advocate for visitation rights
for non-custodial parents when it is best for
the children, and assist in custody cases. By
working to ensure healthy and safe families,
our community realizes lasting benefits.
“The Legal Aid Society was there
for me when no one else was.”
community is often judged by its
compassion for those who have special
The Legal Aid Society
recognizes it serves a diverse community
with segments that have special needs or
experience unique difficulties in accessing
appropriate legal services. We advocate,
educate and represent senior citizens,
children, migrant farm workers, people
living with HIV/AIDS, people with mental
or physical disabilities, citizens for whom
English is a second language, and nonprofit groups that serve low-income clients
in distressed neighborhoods. In serving
our most vulnerable citizens, we serve the
community as a whole.
Tammy was referred to us from the Center for
Women and Families, where she had been living for an
extended period. She is recovering from a long history
of serious domestic violence by her husband; he is now
in jail for five years for his violent behavior. As a result
of the work of our Family Law attorney, Tammy received
sole custody of their two children with a restriction on
any visitation by their father, and child support. Tammy
continues to rebuild her self-esteem and independence
as she recovers from her past abuse.
Under the leadership of Laurie Goetz Kemp, the second annual Brush, Bottle
& Barrel of the Bluegrass event was held in April of 2005. Approximately
400 attended this preview party for the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair, that
included tastings of Kentucky wine, beer, and bourbon. The event raised
over $28,000 for the Legal Aid Society.
We are especially grateful to Louisville Collegiate School who hosted the
event as well as to our sponsors: Greenebaum Doll & McDonald, Conway
& Conway, Aegon, William F. McMurry & Associates, Fifth Third Bank,
Cotton & Allen, Yum!, Ditsler/Nationwide Insurance, Kemp Law Offices,
Maria Fernandez & Ray Ganong, and Stock Yards Bank. We are also
greatly appreciative to the following restaurants who donated food: Lilly’s
& LaPeche, Asiatique, Burger’s Market, and Lynn’s Paradise Café.
Thank you to the 2005 Brush, Bottle & Barrel Committee members for all
of their hard work: Laurie Goetz Kemp, Jeff Been, Rebecca Didat, Barbara
Dicken, Stevie Finn, Connie Halbert, Shelly Hazle, Michele Hulsey, Wendy
Hyland, Melody Matthews, Elizabeth N. Monohan, Gail Morris, Donna A.
Schneiter, J. Keith Smith, and Ruth Lerner.
Legal Services Corporation
Kentucky Filing Fee Revenue
Kentucky General Assembly
Louisville Metro Government
Campaign for Justice
Metro United Way
IOLTA of the Kentucky Bar Association
AIDS Services Center/AIDS Walk
Coalition for the Homeless
Louisville Bar Foundation
Interest Income
Brush, Bottle & Barrel Event
Norton Foundation
Louisville Community Foundation
IRS-Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Grant
Miscellaneous Other
Cralle Foundation
Gheens Foundation
United Way of Central Kentucky
Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky
Willam E. Barth Foundation
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Nelson County United Way
Dominican Sisters of St. Catharine
Anonymous Foundation
Archdiocese of Louisville
$ 1,095,699
Rent & Utilities
Contract Services
Office Supplies
Law Library
$ 2,184,821
2005 Service Statistics
Family Law
Government benefits
Volunteer Lawyer Program
Medicare and Medicaid
Thank you to the donors to the
2005 Campaign for Justice
2005 Leadership Cabinet
$250 per Attorney
Alvarez, Ansari & Mathews
Borders & Borders
Conway & Conway
Dinsmore & Shohl
Ferreri & Fogle
Frost Brown Todd
Givhan & Spainhour
William F. McMurry & Associates
Oldfather & Morris
Pedley Zielke & Gordinier
Stites & Harbison
Stoll Keenon Ogden
Thompson Miller & Simpson
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs
2005 Associate Campaign
100% Participation
Blackburn Hundley & Domene
Dinsmore & Shohl
Greenebaum Doll & McDonald
Middleton Reutlinger
Morgan & Pottinger
Seiller & Handmaker
Stites & Harbison
Stoll Keenon Ogden
Tachau Maddox Hovious & Dickens
Thompson Miller & Simpson
Valenti Hanley & Crooks
Woodward Hobson & Fulton
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs
Visionaries - $20,000 and up
Frost Brown Todd
Greenebaum Doll & McDonald
Stites & Harbison
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs
Guardians of Justice-
$10,000 to $14,999
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Bonnie
Partners for Justice-
$5,000 to $9,999
Dinsmore & Shohl
Ferreri & Fogle
Goldberg & Simpson
Pedley Zielke & Gordinier
Stoll Keenon Ogden
Sumner Foundation
Friends of Justice-
$2,500 to $4,999
Marshall P. Eldred*
Humana Foundation
LG&E Energy Services, Inc.
R. James Straus*
Thompson Miller & Simpson
Woodward Hobson & Fulton
Executives - $1,000 to $2,499
Aegon Insurance
Alvarez Ansari & Mathews
Borders & Borders
Thomas C. Brite
Conway & Conway
Cotton & Allen
Ditsler/Nationwide Insurance
Frank P. Doheny, Jr.
Maria A. Fernandez and Ray C. Ganong*
Fifth Third Bank
Givhan & Spainhour
Kevin J. Hable
K. Gregory and Sallie Haynes
Joseph Charitable Trust*
Kemp Law Offices
William McMurry*
National City Trust Dept.
O’Bryan Brown & Toner
Oldfather & Morris
Sarah Patterson*
D. Patton Pelfrey
Hon. Charles R. Simpson, III
Stock Yards Bank
Valenti Hanley & Crooks
Cynthia Young
Yum! Brands, Inc.
Senior Partners - $500 to $999
A. Robert Doll Foundation
Jeffrey A. Been and Eric Graninger*
Barry Bingham, Jr.
Emily Bingham and Stephen Reily
J. Larry Cashen
Dorothy J. and Gerald Chambers
Tim Crawford
Hiram Ely
Ethel O’Brien Field of Interest Fund
Robert Charles Ewald*
Timothy Gray Hatfield
Michele Hulsey
Eric L. Ison
Janet Jakubowicz and Kevin Crawford
John and Chris Johnson
Diane Laughlin and Russ Neill
Robert L. Littlefield
William R. Mapother
Marsh USA, Inc.
Robert F. Matthews
Henry Meigs
Delores and William Pregliasco
Laura and Mark Rothstein
Kenneth L. Sales
Jack Smith
Roy and Virginia Snell
James Thompson
Richard A. Vance
T. Morgan Ward, Jr.
Lively M. Wilson
Michelle D. Wyrick
Mitzi Denise Wyrick
Partners - $250 to $499
Leslie W. Abramson
Cletus Edward Amlung
David Armstrong*
Mr. and Mrs. John Ballantine*
O. Scott Barber
W. Robinson Beard
David and Regina Beckman
Gregory Belzley and Camille Bathurst
Turney P. Berry
Robert Miller Biggs
Matthew W. Breetz
David B. Buechler
Alexander Campbell
John Gregory Catron
Carole and Robert Christian
Richard H. C. Clay
Hon. Sheila A. Collins
Robert Michael Connolly
Fred and Linda Cowan
Cox Bowling & Johnson
Charles Louis Cunningham
Gordon B. Davidson
Dodd & Dodd Attorneys
Laurel S. Doheny
Duerr Law Office
Hon. Kelly Easton*
Doug and Liza Farnsley
Marjorie A. Farris
Chadwick Gardner
Sheldon G. Gilman
Mary Jo Gleason
Michael R. Greene
Murray J. Greenwald
Christopher W. and Sheldon Haden
William and Diane Haden
Eric Joseph Haner
Martha Young Hasselbacher
Kenneth and Joann Becker Heppermann
Ronald P. Hillerich
Cathy Hinko*
David L. Huber
Bradley R. Hume
Hummel Coan Miller & Sage
Clark C. Johnson and Diane E. Pecknold
Kaufman, Stigger & Hughes
Lisa Keener and Bill Hollander
Cinda and Gregory King
James T. Blaine Lewis
Creighton Mershon
Richard and Judith Nowka
O’Koon Hintermeister
Joseph and Joanne Oldham
Kathleen Pellegrino
Ernest and Martha Pepples
Porter Paint Foundation
Glenn A. Price
Mr. Stephen R. Price, Sr.
David B. Ratterman
Henry M. Reed
John S. Reed
Rebecca G. C. Reed
Richard and Janet Rink
Mark Alvin Robinson
Ronald Joseph Russell
Robert Sachs
Ridley M. Sandidge
Donna Schneiter*
Dan T. Schwartz
John Selent
Hon. Ann and Hon. Jim Shake
Robb and Anna Shrader
J. Keith Smith*
Raymond Smith
Stephanie and Jonathan Smith
Sheryl Snyder and Jessica Loving
Thomas W. Speckman
Walter J. Swyers
John and Phyllis M. Tate
Thieman Law Firm
Alex and Jayne Waldrop
Carla Wallace*
Jeffrey E. and Kayleen S. Wallace
Walsh & Wilson
Whitney Frazier Watt
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kendrick Wells
Rebecca and Richard Wood
Jeff Yussman
Associates - $100 to $249
Rick Alsip
Shawn A. Bailey
Kimberly K. and James Ballard
Leslie E. Barras and Kevin McAdams
Rania Marie Basha
Lance S. Bell
Stephen D. Berger
Rebecca Bethard
Dr. and Mrs. Maxine E. Bizer
Oscar Bloch and Lyn Gordh*
John T. Bondurant
Melanie A. Bootes
Brian Borellis
H. Edwin and Marsha Bornstein
Howard N. Bowles
William H. Brammell
Robert G. Breetz
Dennis E. Bricking
Vic Brizendine
Michael and Debra Brodfuehrer
Betty Brown
Bonnie M. Brown
Kenneth R. Burgess
Jeremiah and Shannon Byrne
Bradley Aaron Case
Frank F. Chuppe
City View Park Residents Corp.*
Dennis M. Clare*
Justin D. Clark
Helen and Richard Cleary
Jack M. Combs
James Craig
Charles J. Cronan, IV
John R. and Jeanne Cummins
Edward Brian Davis
Carolyn Dean*
Mandy Wilson Decker
Lisa Catherine DeJaco
Morris Delaney*
Marie E. Dever
Ivan and Priscilla Diamond
Rebecca Lynn and Kenneth Didat
Scott Dolson
Joseph and Jill Donohue
George E. Dudley
Melvin K. Duke
Scott A. Dyer
Mary Elizabeth Eade
James Clifton and Mary Eaves
Kathryn V. Eberle
Todd B. and Harriet Eberle
C. Hayden Edwards
George Edwards*
Philip James Edwards
Jennifer L. and Jamey Elliott
Benjamin James Evans
Denise M. Everett
Deborah Tully Eversole
Hon. Timothy Edward Feeley
Angela Susanne Fetcher
Joseph E. Fineman
Hon. Patricia and Mr. Tom Fitzgerald*
Hon. Richard J. Fitzgerald*
Michael M. Fleishman
Jason Paul Floyd
Jill L. Force
Julie and Charles Foster
Jane Carter Foushee
Hon. Eleanore Garber
Philip S. George
Hon. Stephen and Kathy George
Harris Gilbert
Seth A. Gladstein
Kenneth Goff
Tyson Gorman
Margaret R. Grant
Lindsay M. Gray
Robert S. Greenwell
Janet M. Hall
G. Alexander Hamilton
Christopher Harmer*
Robert A. Heath
Frank W. Heft and Janet Jernigan
Joseph and Louise Helm
Monica and Todd Henderson
Karen A. Hensel
M. Holliday Hopkins
Stephen A. Houston
Wendy C. Hyland
Richard W. Iler
Franklin and Jill Jelsma
Lira Ann Johnson
David Allen Jones, Jr.
Charles Keckler
F. Ryan Keith
Patricia and Mark Kennedy
Jennifer L. Kovalcik
Mary Julia Kuhn
Melony J. Lane
James Hays Lawson
Barbara and James Lewis
Jane Long
Louisville Bar Association*
Mark Loyd
Lili Lutgens
William A. Mackenzie
Amanda G. Main
Vincent Fales Mallon
Ronald Marstin and Ellen M. Joyce*
Marzian for State Representative*
Irvin and Margaret Maze
Brian Patrick McGraw
Chadwick Aaron McTighe
Holland McTyeire, V
Frank Mellen
Neil Mellen
Hon. and Mrs. Steve Mershon
Susan S. McCray Meyers
Krista Mills*
Allen Montgomery
Jesse and Christy Mudd
Richard and Sarah Newell
Quang D. and Diane F. Nguyen
Molly Oberhausen
Stanford Obi
Patrick S. O’Bryan
Michael and Ellen O’Connell
Hon. Joe O’Reilly
John S. Osborn
Emily L. Pagorski
Djenita Pasic
W. R. “Pat” Patterson*
Julie Payne
Carole Meller Pearlman
M. Allison Peck
Pfizer, Inc.
Peter Piccirilli and Kathi Whalen*
Stewart Pope and Maureen Sullivan
Kathryne Raines
Herbert T. Ransdell*
Mark S. Riddle
Casey W. Riggs
T. Sherman Riggs
Bissell Roberts
Patricia and Alan Roles*
Cynthia and Martin Rollins
C. Carter Ruml
Shelley and John Santry
Mary Schaffner
Glenn Schilling
Alan Schmitt*
John Scruton
Richard Seckel*
James and Margaret Seiffert
Bill V. Seiller
Michael Gary Shaikun
Damaris Abeles and Brown Sharp, II
Douglas Sharps and Susan Griffin
Aaron J. Silletto
Hon. John Simcoe
Kennedy and Sara Simpson
Barbara Singer*
Tracey Clemmons Smith
Susan Speed*
Jeffrey D. Stamper
Alison Stemler
Robert and Mary Ann Stenger*
David S. Stierle
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Don and Mary Wells
Hon. Barry Willett and Trinity Potter
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Joseph Hays Wimsatt*
Martin Joseph Woerner
Aaron D. Zibart
Supporters - Below $100
Jennifer Kincaid Adams
Daniel T. Albers
Meredith Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. William Allison*
Americana Community Center*
Larry and Nancy Amos
Miles Stewart Apple
Lee Archer
Edward Babbage
Erika Rose C. Barnes
Tim J. Barnes and Erica Bricking*
Carolyn M. Bauer
Deborah Bayliss*
Rose Hope Benkert
Amy and Thomas Berge
Andrew Graham Beshear
Donald W. Blackburn
Ruth Ann Boklage*
Bradford Paul Bollmann
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Mr. and Mrs. Tanya Y. Bowman
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Polly Blakemore Cunningham
Sarah Cunningham*
Rhonda Curry
D.S. Delahanty*
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Barbara and Mark Dicken
David Dillard and Senlin Ward*
Lawrence C. Droege
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Hon. Audra Jean Eckerle*
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Mr. and Mrs. Greg Ehrhard
Katerina Ehrlich
Robert H. Eichenberger
Philip Carl Eschels
Charles Fassler
Alfred Samuel Fazio
Lynn Katrin Fieldhouse
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Hon. Paula Francis Fitzgerald*
Phyllis Fitzgerald*
Andrew M. Fleischman
Benjamin Allen Fletcher
Richard T. Frank
Stephen L. Frank and Susan G. Leavenworth
Michael Eugene Franke
David Alan Friedman*
Ellen Gail Friedman*
Ronald L. Gaffney
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Steve Witters
John William Woodard
Larry York*
John Young and Gretchen Hunt*
In Honor of
Dennis Bricking
*Donors who are asterisked gave a gift
honoring his 29 years of service as
Legal Aid Society Executive Director.
Jeff Been
by John E. Fischer
Beverly Hopkins
Bill Hopkins
Hays Hopkins
Sarah Hopkins
Paulette O’Bryan
Andy Oberhausen
Debbe Oberhausen
Denny Oberhausen
Kay Oberhausen
Kevin Oberhausen
by Molly Oberhausen
Jeff Segal
by Michael Jupin
Lively Wilson
by Laura and Mark Rothstein
In Memory of
Doris, Dorothy & Walter Counts
by M.K. Gilbert
Claudette David
by Mark & Patricia Kennedy
Frank J. Dougherty, Jr.
by Mike & Ellen O’Connell
Elizabeth Fulton
by Polly Cooper
Rod Moore
by Dennis Bricking
Paul H. & Lacy N. Pelfrey
by D. Patton Pelfrey
Hon. Raymond C. Stephenson, Sr.
by Susan S. McCray Meyers
Wilson Wyatt
by James Thompson
We make every effort to ensure this list is
complete and accurate. We apologize for
any errors or omissions. Please contact us
with any corrections.
K. Gregory Haynes, Chair
Dorothy J. Chambers
Richard H. C. Clay
F. Thomas Conway
Regina S. Edwards
Douglass Farnsley
Mark S. Fenzel
Janet P. Jakubowicz
John E. Hanley
James T. Blaine Lewis
M. Allison Peck
D. Patton Pelfrey
Rebecca C. Reed
Stephanie Hawkins Smith
T. Morgan Ward, Jr.
Thank you to the attorneys who volunteered their time to assist clients in 2005:
Shannon Al-Hindawy
Melissa Allen
Omar Amin
Steve Armstrong
Rania Basha
Lance Bell
Nathan L. Berger
Thomas Blackburn, Jr.
Tanya Bowman
Steven Brehm
Bonnie Brown
Jeremiah Byrne
Scott A. Catlett
Matthew Chandler
Chris Colson
Emily Cox
James R. Craig
Cynthia Crick
Peter Cummins
Walker C. Cunningham III
Joseph D’Ambrosio
Troy DeMuth
Peter Diakov
Bryan Dillion
Mark Dobbins
Alissa Domine
Nellie M. Draus-Stallings
Clifford Duncan, Jr.
John C. Ellis
Cynthia Embry
Bethanni Forbush-Moss
Whitney Frazier Watt
Ellen Friedman
Jennifer Fust-Rutherford
Zanda Gillock
Bryan Gowin
Samuel Graber
David W. Gray
Elizabeth S. Gray
Lindsay Gray
James Groves, Jr.
Maureen Guenther
Micah Guilfoil
Tara Hagerty
Susan D. Hall
Matt Hallingstad
John E. Hamlet
Christopher Harrell
Robert Heleringer
Wade Helm
James Herr
Jerry Higgins
Stephen Imhoff
Clifford Jenks
A. Thomas Johnson
Julie Johnson
Kathlyn M. Jones
Danny Kang
Scott Karem
Margaret Keane
William Douglas Kemper
Teresa Kenberger
Ann Kereiakes
Teresa Kinberger
R. Kenneth Kinderman
Wayne B. Klawier
Christopher Kurtz
Michael Lannon
John Leuken
M. Janice Lintner
Laura Leone
Sherry H. Long
Dawn Lonneman-Blair
James B. Martin
Elena Martinez
Edward Mayer
Thomas McAdam
James McCrocklin
Sandra McLaughlin
Anne McMillin
Gwen Meehan
Charles Meers
Christie Moore
Mike Morris
James K. Murphy
Claire O’Laughlin
Paul Paletti
Jill M. Perry
Eric Piontek
C. Keith Powell
Anna Pray
Delores Pregliasco
Christine M. Pryce
Casey Riggs
Emily Riggs-Hartlage
James O. Risch
Alan Roles
Josh Rose
Kathleen Schell
Ivan Schell
Paul Schurman
Fred Simon
Ty Smith
John Spainhour
Elise Spainhour
James Stayton
Lisa Stephenson
Olu Stevens
Melanie Straw-Boone
Maureen Sullivan
Christina Tobin
Susan S. Torok
W. Waverly Townes
James W. Turner
Laurie Valentine
John Valentine
Patricia Van Houten
T. Morgan Ward
Louis I. Waterman
Linda Wilbright
James F. Williamson
Louis Winner
Darren Wolff
James Worthington
We make every effort
to ensure this list is
complete and accurate.
We apologize for any
errors or omissions.
Please contact us with
any corrections.
Jeffrey A. Been
Executive Director
Eileen Ordover
Mary Bush
Multi-County Clients Council
Andre Bergeron
Neva Marie Polley
Louis Cook
Multi-County Clients Council
Robbie D. Brice
S. Stewart Pope
Advocacy Director
J. Tim Crawford, Esq.
Shelby County Bar Association
Jeffrey S. Brown
Andrea Robbins
Ceceley Chambers
PR/Marketing Director
Sharon Rufus
Switchboard Operator/
Jackie Davis-Patterson
National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People
Stefanie Coomes
Information Technology
Shawna Scheidel
Wyatt Fellow
Maureen Cravens
Executive Assistant
Jeffrey B. Segal
Carolyn Dean
Barbara Singer
Carol Dupin
Nursing Home Ombudsman
Robert F. Smith
Managing Attorney/
Rural Division
Jamey Elliott
Development Director
Catherine M. Ford
Lea Hardwick
Gwendolyn Horton
Kristian Jackson
Patricia A. Kennedy
Director of Human Resources
and Administration
Barbara A. Sullivan
Senior Staff Attorney
Lavette Swaine
Amy Karn Turner
Robert Turpin
Rita J. Ward
Kristie Wells
Lisa Kilkelly
Mary Ann Werling
Social Worker
Ronald E. Marstin
Managing Attorney/
Urban Division
Alberta H. White
Debbie Matthews
Kristi Miller
Maria Mitchell
Mike “Buck” Morris
Managing Attorney/
Volunteer Lawyer Program
Molly Oberhausen
Stephanie Willis
John Young
Stanford Obi, Esq.
Stanford Law Office PLLC
Kentucky National Bar
Kia Phillips
Multi-County Clients Council
Delores Pregliasco, Esq.
Pregliasco Straw-Boone
Louisville Bar Association
Laurel S. Doheny, Esq.
Greenebaum Doll & McDonald
Louisville Bar Association
Donna A. Schneiter, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Rescare, Inc.
Louisville Bar Association
Keith D. Duerr, Esq.
Duerr Law Office, P.S.C.
Hardin County Bar Association
Bill V. Seiller, Esq.
Seiller Waterman LLC
Louisville Bar Association
Marshall P. Eldred, Esq.
Frost Brown Todd
Louisville Bar Association
R. James Straus, Esq.
Frost Brown Todd
Louisville Bar Association
John C. Ellis, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Oldham/Henry Counties
Bar Association
Douglas P. Vowels, Esq.
Counties Bar Association
Robert C. Ewald, Esq.
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs
Louisville Bar Association
Maria A. Fernandez, Esq.
Fernandez Friedman Grossman
Kohn & Son
Louisville Bar Association
Jason P. Floyd, Esq.
Fulton, Hubbard & Hubbard
Nelson County Bar Association
Dorislee Jackson, Esq.
Office of the Commonwealth
Women Lawyers Association of
Jefferson County
John E. Johnson
Multi-County Clients Council
George Lee, Jr.
Multi-County Clients Council
Jacquelyn Lee
Multi-County Clients Council
Anne W. McAfee, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Bullitt County Bar Association
William F. McMurry, Esq.
William F. McMurry & Associates
Louisville Bar Association
Richard H. Nowka, Esq.
Brandeis School of Law
T. Morgan Ward, Jr., Esq.
Stites & Harbison
Louisville Bar Association
Carl Wedekind, Esq.
American Civil Liberties Union
of Kentucky
Cynthia W. Young, Esq.
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs
Louisville Bar Association
Legal Aid Society
425 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 584-1254
(800) 292-1862 Toll-free in KY
(502) 584-8014 fax
HIV/AIDS Legal Project
810 Barret Avenue
Suite 301
Louisville, KY 40204
(502) 574-8199
(502) 574-5244 fax
Nursing Home Ombudsman Program
32 Public Square
P.O. Box 157
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(502) 765-3710
(502) 737-2719 fax
Legal Aid Society
Founded in 1921, the mission of the
Legal Aid Society is to pursue justice
for people in poverty. We provide
free, civil legal assistance to the poor
in Jefferson and fourteen surrounding
Kentucky counties. Our primary areas
of practice are: family law (assisting
victims of domestic violence), landlordtenant, home ownership defense,
consumer, government assistance
programs (SSI, K-TAP, food stamps,
unemployment compensation, and
Medicaid & Medicare), and community
and economic development. We help
with legal issues affecting the basic
human needs of our clients: personal
safety, sustenance, housing, health
care, and income.
Nonprofit Org.
US Postage
Louisville, KY
Permit No. 1076
425 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40202
Serving clients
in 15 Kentucky
Oldham Henry
Jefferson Shelby
Major funding provided by: