Minnesota Partnership For Animal Welfare Sunday, July 14, 2013 8



Minnesota Partnership For Animal Welfare Sunday, July 14, 2013 8
2013 Conference
Conference - July 14, 2013
Fee: $25.00
City:_______________ State:_____ Zip:_________
MnPAW Members
Animal Allies Humane Society, Animal Humane
Society, A Rotta Love Plus, Beltrami Humane
Society, Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane
Society (BENCHS), Brown County Humane
Society, Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet, Foster
My Pet, Great Dane Rescue, The Humane Society
of Kandiyohi/Meeker Counties-Hawk Creek
Animal Shelter, Kindest Cut, Leech Lake Legacy,
Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, Minnesota
Spay/Neuter Project, Morrison County Animal
Humane Society, Mutts & More, Pet Haven Inc of
Minnesota, The Pet Project, Prairie’s Edge Humane
Society, Pope County Humane Society,
RAGOM—Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota, Top
Dog Foundation, Tri-County Humane Society,
Watonwan County Humane Society
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and payment have been received.
(Registration fee is non-refundable after July 8th)
Please send $25.00 check made payable to
“MnPAW” and completed registration form by
July 8, 2013 to:
MnPAW Conference
7701 Golden Valley Rd
PO Box 27554
Minneapolis, MN 55427-9998
Lunch included. Choose sandwich choice below:
Box Lunch Choices
(Sandwich, chips, coleslaw & cookie)
___ West Coast Turkey
___ BLT
___ Supreme Chicken
___ Veg-Out
___ All-American Ham
___ Egg Salad
___ Salad - Chicken Caesar
The registration costs cover all materials, breaks,
and lunch. Deadline to register is July 8th.
Registration fee is non-refundable after July 8th.
Each person attending needs to complete a
separate form.
Minnesota Partnership For
Animal Welfare
2013 Conference
July 14, 2013
8:30 - 4:30
Conference Location
Animal Humane Society
845 Meadow Lane North
Golden Valley, MN 55422
(763) 489-2250
From Intake to Outcome,
4 Pieces of the Life Saving Pie.
Contact [email protected]
Bringing Rescues, Shelters and
Animal Control Together.
MnPAW believes that by joining forces to use its
ideas, expertise and resources in a coordinated
way it can make a greater impact on reducing
euthanasia of adoptable animals.
MnPAW is focused on reducing the numbers of
animals coming into shelters, animal control and
rescues. In addition, it hopes to increase the share
of animals that are being adopted from animal
control, shelters and rescues as compared to
other sources. To achieve this, initiatives will
focus on spay/neuter, adoption partnerships,
education and advocacy.
Our mission is to encourage collaboration among
Minnesota animal welfare organizations and
engage the community to ensure a home for
every companion animal in Minnesota and to
advocate for responsible pet ownership.
Sunday, July 14, 2013
9:00 - 10:30
Evaluations and Behavior Assessments
Session 1:
Successful Behavior Modification for Food Related
Presented by: Mary Wictor, DVM
Do you perform behavior assessments on dogs in your care? If so, food related aggression may be a
common finding. Learn how to quickly assess a dog for food related aggression and how to
differentiate this from generalized resource guarding. Discover a simple program to pick the right
candidates for behavior modification and the steps that you can implement to resolve this behavior
with success.
Session 2:
Intake and Evaluations
Presented by: Pam Haryn, CVT and Heather Hanson
In 2009, the UC Davis Shelter Evaluation team did a consult at Animal Humane Society, which led to
the launch of the organization’s Bound for Home initiative. A multifaceted initiative focused on
reducing stress, length of stay and quality of care we provide to animals. One of the key components
of Bound for Home was moving to a surrender by appointment process. Learn how the process
works; from the initial phone call to the actual evaluation of the animal, and how these changes have
impacted the community and the animals in our care.
10:45 - 12:15
Volunteers - Recruiting and Retaining Them
Presented by: Lanie Anton, ASPCA Community Initiatives Director
Volunteers are often the lifeblood of a nonprofit or governmental agency. These unpaid staff can
help you find new ways to accomplish your mission. Because each potential volunteer is different,
you are going to want your recruitment message to appeal to people who want to volunteer for you
and you’ll need to establish processes to keep them involved.
12:15 - 1:15
Lunch and Networking
1:15 - 3:15
Overcoming Barriers to Adoptions
(15 min break at 2:15)
Presented by: Lanie Anton, ASPCA Community Initiatives Director
Do you have wonderful animals in your care and you just can’t figure out where all the good
adopters have gone? There are many reasons that people don’t come to our shelters or rescues for
their next pet or choose not to adopt from us. We’ll look at learning centered adoptions and try to
identify how we can overcome the barriers to finding homes for the pets in our care.
3:15 - 4:15
Round Table Discussions: Bring your questions to the conference or send
them in ahead of time. This is the time to ask your colleagues how they’ve solved a particular
challenge you’re currently facing. Questions can range from ‘what’s the best product to use for cat
urine?’ -- to ‘how did you get your board more involved in fundraising?’ Questions can be emailed to
[email protected] or turned in the day of the conference. Depending on the response, there may
not be enough time to get to all the questions.
4:15 - 4:30
Wrap Up
Lanie Anton, ASPCA, Director Community Initiatives
Shelter Outreach Contact for MN, MT, ND, SD, AND WY
Lanie Anton has been working in animal welfare since 1994, starting as a member of an
all-volunteer organization operating a municipal shelter. Lanie, who joined the ASPCA in
2000, works to build relationships with shelters in her assigned states. She also works on
the Join process of ASPCA Partnership to market the program and encourage potential
communities to apply. Lanie also assists with advertising, design and special projects.
Lanie served on the Board of the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey from 1995
to 2006, and was reelected in 2010 until she left in 2013 (due to her recent move) fulfilling
the office of president for two years. Lanie came to the ASPCA after more than twenty
years in advertising and marketing and almost 7 years in an animal shelter.
Lanie attended William Paterson University. She recently relocated to Montana where
she is happy to be closer to her new “peeps.”
Heather Hanson
Heather began her career with AHS (Animal Humane Society) as a Customer Service
Lead in Coon Rapids 4 years ago. Since then, she was promoted to Operations
Supervisor and moved to the Buffalo location. Prior to coming to AHS, Heather was a
naturalist with Mpls Parks and Rec. She has also completed two internships, one as a
Wolf Educator with the International Wolf Center and one as a biologist with the
National Park Service. She has a degree in Biology from St. Cloud State, and while in
College, worked for Tri-County Humane Society. Heather has 2 dogs and 2 cats and will
soon have guinea hens on her hobby farm.
Pam Haryn, CVT
Pam started as a Vet Tech with AHS in 2007 at the Golden Valley location. After a
couple of months, she was moved to the Buffalo location as the Vet Tech Supervisor and
worked her way up to the Site Manger position. In 2012, Pam was moved to Coon
Rapids and is now the Site Manager of that location. She has a degree in Veterinary
Technology and prior to coming to AHS worked as a vet tech in private practice and in a
smaller shelter for 4 years. She shares her home with her husband, 2 kids, 3 dogs , 2 cats
and 2 birds.
Mary Wictor, DVM
Mary graduated from the University of MN with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.
She moved to Duluth and worked in private practice from 1994-2000. From 1996 - 2006,
she performed the veterinary duties for the Lake Superior Zoo. Concurrently, Mary was
the Veterinarian for the Great Lakes Aquarium from 2002 - 2010.
Mary worked for Animal Allies in 2008 to perform surgeries on the Neuter Commuter.
Initially, she volunteered her veterinary services for the shelter once it opened in 2009,
and was hired in October of 2009. Mary is currently the Shelter Veterinarian and oversees
the medical care of the animals at both our Duluth and Superior locations. She is an
active member of the Association of shelter Veterinarians. Mary is married with one
child (a 4 year old boy), and in addition, has a dog, 2 cats and 2 large birds.

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