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Port Orford Today! Vol. 20 #25
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Vol. 20 Number 25
Thursday, June 25, 2009
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Auborn Replaces Roorbach
By Evan Kramer
The Port Orford City Council met on
Thursday night June 18 and began with
a public hearing on the Fiscal Year
2009-10 city budget. There were no
written or oral comments on the budget
and the council moved into special reports. Joanne Ruoff spoke about a proposed nature trail system through the
city. She is also a member of the Curry
Wild Land Protection Team along with
City Administrator Mike Murphy. The
goal is to develop a 300 foot buffer strip
in the city’s watershed to protect it from
fires. Crew members from the Coos Forest Protective Association will cut and
burn the gorse in the buffer strip doing
all work by hand. There are a couple of
trails being developed – one from Battle
Rock Park to the Port and one through
town that would wend its way through
Tseriadun State Park.
Ann Vileisis, representing the Kalmiopsis Audubon Society spoke about the
people who removed two baby falcons
out of a nest. She spoke of the falcons as
a real asset to our community and that
she strongly appreciated the proposed
city Ordinance regarding migratory
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The council discussed the water problem on Deady Street. The water pressure
is sufficient for the number of houses
that are on the street currently but if
they allow even one more homeowner
to hook into the water system the water
pressure would be severely decreased.
They talked about declaring a building
moratorium but if they do that they also
have to have a written plan and timeline
to fix the problem. Public Works Director Alan Wagner called the water situation on Deady Street barely adequate.
They council will further discuss this
issue at their Thursday July 2 meeting
Under Old Business the council discussed the city purchasing two automated speed signs for Highway 101. Councilor David Smith said he would contact
the “big donor” who at one time offered
to pay for one of the automated speed
signs if the city or other donors would
buy the second one. There is a fund set
up to by one automated speed sign but
not enough in it to purchase one. These
signs would be permanently affixed at
both ends of town and be on twenty four
hours a day, seven days a week. They
would be one more tool in slowing people down as they drive through “what
town?” The sage continues.
The council made a change to their
Declaration of Cooperation for the Port
Roadside Attraction
Orford Economic Development Project.
They deleted the reference to supporting
the expansion of the Port of Port Orford
District. The Port has also dropped this
out of their Declaration of Cooperation.
David Smith made a motion regarding
the Jubilee Committee that they can
charge vendor fees at Battle Rock Park,
issued them a parade permit and gave
them the right to use Battle Rock Park
for July 4 weekend events. The council
agreed by a 6-0 vote.
Councilor John Hewitt offered a motion
to approve Ordinance 2009-08 (abatement of nuisances) amending Ordinance
97-04 and it passed 6-0. This brings
their nuisance ordinance up to date but
it does not go into effect for 30 days.
The council passed Resolution 2009-16
adopting the budget for the fiscal year
2009/10 in the amount of $3,437,785.
The council considered the Police
Chief Job Description. They made a
few changes to the document but then
passed it as written. A requirement of
the new police chief will be to live within 10 minutes of the City of Port Orford
but a desired requirement will be that he
or she lives within the city limits.
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Frederick J. Carleton
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Tide Predictions For Port Orford - 42° 44.735 N 124° 30.832 W
Produced by “WXTide32” version 4.7 by Michael Hopper - http://wxtide32.com
H0138 8.2
L0840 -2.1
H1525 6.6
L2044 2.5
H0233 7.7
L0926 -1.5
H1610 6.8
L2147 2.3
H0332 6.9
L1012 -0.7
H1656 7.0
L2255 2.0
Auborn Replaces Roorbach
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The council passed a motion to approve
the moving of the sewer, water and telephone line easements from their existing
location on the Hawthorne property at
Battle Rock Park to a location under the
former location of the Wheelhouse Restaurant. The lines are currently located
on the easement which was between
the Shell Shack and the Wheelhouse
but which will now be built on and become the Redfish Restaurant. The vote
was 5-1 with Councilor Caroline Clancy
voting no.
The council discussed the proposed Migratory Bird Protection Ordinance and
Weed and Noxious Growth Ordinance
but it turned out both need a lot of work
and revision.
Councilor Clancy spoke about the ROW
(right of way) permit issued to the Hawthorne’s last December for use of a portion of the cul-de-sac adjacent to the
Shell Shack for use as a planted area.
She said the new plot plan for the Redfish Restaurant showed a bigger area
H0437 6.0
L1058 0.2
H1743 7.1
FQtr 06-29
L0007 1.6
H0551 5.2
L1146 1.2
H1830 7.2
L0119 1.1
H0716 4.7
L1238 2.1
H1918 7.2
being taken by the ROW for the cul-desac. Councilor Clancy made a motion to
revoke the Hawthorne ROW but it died
for lack of a second. Mike Murphy suggested revoking it and starting all over
but for now it remains on the books. The
council will reconsider this issue at their
July 2 meeting.
The council had been presented with a
letter of resignation from Mayor John
Roorbach. Councilor Hewitt made a
motion to accept Roorbach’s letter of
resignation and appoint Jim Auborn as
Mayor. The council voted 6-0 in favor so
Mayor Pro Tem Auborn becomes Mayor
Auborn through December 31, 2010. He
will stand for election in November of
2010 for a two year term of office if he
chooses to run again. Auborn took the
oath of office and said he would do his
best to serve the people for the next year
and a half. (See John Roorbach’s letter
of resignation elsewhere in this paper.)
Jack Pruitt recommended the councilors rotate their seating assignments or
go back to when there were three councilors sitting on each side of the mayor.
L0228 0.6
H0846 4.5
L1335 2.8
H2007 7.2
L0329 0.1
H1007 4.7
L1435 3.4
H2055 7.2
The past many months the council has
sat at the same seats each meeting with
David Smith and John Hewitt on either
side of the mayor and the other four
stage left of the mayor in a single wing
Roadside Attraction
By Evan Kramer
Last week on Sunday Valerie and I decided to play tourist on a local level.
We’ve been doing some bird watching
on the east side of the bay from Coos
Bay and North Bend and this time decided to take in and photograph animals
and birds of a different kind. We went
to the West Coast Game Park south of
Bandon; a place we have visited in the
past but not for many years though we
drive by it frequently on our way to
Bandon or Coos Bay.
Since it was late spring time/almost
summer, that meant baby animals and a
good reason to visit the park. Our first
stop after entering the park was to get a
look at the four week old African spotContinued on Page 3
Page 3
Savoy Theatre
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Roadside Attraction
Continued from Page 2
ted leopard. The leopard is being cared
for by park personnel and bottle fed.
Several times a day it is on display for
photos and for small groups to enter the
enclosure and, with the help park employee Holly Klein, hold the little fellow. By the time he hits six months of
age no one will be holding or petting the
leopard. This is a United States Department of Agriculture regulation. Most of
the animals at the park have been hand
raised and enjoy interacting with the
visiting humans. They apparently like
attention as much as we do.
From there we headed through the part
of the park which houses the big cats.
We got a look at the caracal, Siberian
lynx, mountain lion, the African serval and lions, the Bengal tiger and the
white tiger. From there it was on the to
the range animals like the four horned
sheep and the nilgai – the largest Asian
antelope. We continued on to the zebras,
ostriches, American black and brown
bears, camel, coatis, baboons, and the
De Brazza monkeys. We took a look at
the capybaras which are the largest rodents in the world and can weigh up to
Rated PG  96 minutes
FRIDAY-SUNDAY...............................4 & 7 pm
MONDAY-THURSDAY.................................7 pm
145 pounds. Glad we don’t have one of
them in our attic!
ible at the park and often the one displaying the baby animals.
As you wander around the park looking
at the animals that are in the enclosures
you will have many encounters with free
roaming animals within the park. They
include everything from geese to donkey, llamas, sheep and goats and most
are looking for attention or a handout.
The park sells small cups of food for the
animals which you can offer them but
you might make a friend for life. The
big cats and other carnivores are mainly
fed chicken which the park purchases or
some livestock from local ranchers.
The West Coast Game Park is closed for
most of December and in January and
February open only on weekends but the
rest of the year is it open seven days a
week. Admission is $15 for adults; 7-12
years old are admitted for $8.75 and 2-6
for $5.50 with senior admission being
$14.00. The Park is a fun and hands on
experience and close by for those of us
in Curry and Coos County though it attracts visitors from all 50 states and all
over the world.
The South Coast Game Park covers
over 20 acres although about 15 acres
are closed off to the public and are there
for the animals. The park was opened
in 1968 and known as the Deer Park
back then. Robert and Mary Tenney
bought the park in the early 1970’s from
the original owner and started adding
exotics beginning with a water buffalo named “Cindy” which park visitors
could ride. Mary Tenney died in 2007
and the park is now owned by their son
Brian Tenney. You may remember Mary
Tenney as she was very active and vis-
Salt Water Open
Nine Holes of golf with tennis balls and
one golf club from Hubbard’s Creek to
Battle Rock. Bring your own tennis balls
and golf club. It will be a 4 person best
ball tournament. Sign up now at the Port
and Starboard or be at Hubbard’s Creek
at 8:30am on July 5th for the J.R. Allison
Memorial Salt Water Open. Registration
is $10 and all proceeds go towards the
J.R. Allison Memorial Salt Water Open
Scholarship for our graduating seniors.
So come out and have some fun and
support our graduates.
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Wendell Bird
ingly about his best friend Wendell Bird
and read a few selections from the bible.
Other friends and relatives offered their
reminisces about Wendell reminding the
packed to capacity church chapel how
many things Wendell was interested in
from wood working, gold panning, his
church and family, and the legal and
taxation system of which he devoted a
lot of time studying. He was involved
for many years in the chinchilla business and since moving to Port Orford
had edited and published the monthly
magazine for the Empress Chinchilla
A Celebration of Life memorial service
was held for Wendell Baldwin Bird at
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints on Monday afternoon. Wendell
Bird passed away on Thursday, June 18
in Springfield, Oregon. He was born on
November 14, 1940.
Wendell Bird and his late wife Geri
owned and operated three beauty salons
in the San Francisco Bay Area before
moving to Port Orford. Wendell continued to cut hair out of his home in Port
Orford and later Sixes and developed a
very devoted clientele. He was a master
craftsman with the scissors and electric
trimmer and you always looked better
after coming off of Wendell’s barber
chair. He ran afoul of the law operating
out his home without a “license” but that
didn’t stop him or his extended “family
of man” from their haircuts.
Wendell’s daughter Wendy O’Connor
gave a tearful and heartfelt eulogy for
her father who she called “Poppie Bird”.
Wendell and Geri have two daughters
and a son, seven grandchildren and
three great grandchildren in their immediate family. Ron Foster spoke mov-
Another of Wendell’s passions was for
square and round dancing. He was an
active member of the Beachcomber’s
Square Dance club in Port Orford. He
would attend square dances here and at
the square dance clubs in Coos Bay and
Coquille regularly until his health prevented it. Since there are more women
square and round dancers than men
Wendell’s avid participation was much
appreciated. A couple dozen square
dancers from all three communities attended Wendell’s celebration of life service and he will be missed by them, his
family and many friends.
Coasties Hair & Nail Salon
Call or Text for appointment
(541) 366-1067
Teri Scott
Letter to the Editor,
A few months ago I appointed Jim
Auborn Pro Tem Mayor to fill in during my medical leave of absence. During this time he’s done a wonderful job,
demonstrating real community spirit despite his own medical condition. When
Jim was out of commission during his
kidney transplant, I wrote a few letters
to the papers, reviewed daily city business and attended the Pig Roast to give
support to the Police Levy.
Since then the Port of Port OrfordPOORT project has gotten wings and
it looks as though there will be movement on the City’s plan to increase the
size of the water impoundment area.
Most recently Reserve police officers
Derwin Boggs and Tyson Breuer have
been made part time paid POPD officers
to cover departmental vacancies.
All the actions approved by the City
Council during my few months in office
have been passed with my full support,
but they have been accomplished by Jim
and the City Council.
At this time on my physician’s advice, I
am submitting my resignation as mayor
of the City of Port Orford. My medical condition isn’t dire, but it’s serious
enough to warrant doing things differently. I would like to thank Jim, the City
Council, the City Administration and
city employees for their support and
friendship. I am also grateful for everyone’s support who voted me into office
last November. You entrusted me with
a wonderful opportunity for community
service. Thank you,
John Roorbach
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Opening Day at the Fair
Opening Day of Curry County Fair is
a full one and ends on a high note, especially for the bull riders who stay on
for the full 8 seconds at the culminating
event in the covered arena on Thursday
night, July 9. “There are 35 bulls and
there are already 32 bull riders signed
up,” says Ron Crook, fair manager.
Opening Day is Kids Day, free for ages
12 and under Kids can also save $5 on
the wristbands for the day by purchasing a carnival coupon before the fair
first day of fair. Carnival opens at noon.
Thursday is also Senior Citizens Day,
with their admission at only $3 that day.
There will be open barrel racing during
“Bulls & Barrels” in the Covered Arena
on Thursday. Arena events at the fair are
free for seating in the white sections at
each end. Tickets for the green section
are only $3 each.
Fairgoers should allow plenty of time
before the arena events to see the Wildlife Showcase zoo inside and the Raptors just outside the same Curry Showcase building.
The floral designs at the fair are among
the best of any of the fairs in the state
and at their freshest on opening day. The
Land Products exhibits are in the section
adjoining the Floral Building.
The Docia Sweet Hall will be filled with
Hobbycraft, Fiber Arts, and Culinary
Kiss me Goodbye
Art Sale
July 3,4, & 5
Seaside Plaza
Port Orford Arts Council
Quality Art
Support your local artists
Support POAC programs
Enjoy art in your home or office
exhibits downstairs, with Creative Art,
Photography and 4-H upstairs.
It is an all-new carnival this year, with
spectacular rides newly purchased.
For more information contact the Fairgrounds Office, 29392 Ellensburg Avenue, Gold Beach, OR 97444, (541)
247-4541, [email protected] or [email protected]
Letter to the Editor,
To the people responsible for shutting
down the beach,
I realize it has been goal for some to
close the beach on the 4thOf July for
a long time. It seems this year they are
getting they’re way. I don’t know who
is responsible for the final decision but,
they are wrong to do so.
Many people travel to Port Orford each
year for the unique experience of watching a great fireworks show from the
beach, not to mention all the local folks
who plan on it every year. My family has
been doing this for a long time, enjoying
a warm fire, barbeque, and fireworks.
More info at website
or call 332-0688
I think it’s a big mistake to take this
away from the public, keeping in mind
that this is public property, and will be
very damaging to the 4th of July spirit.
This policy will also undoubtedly hurt
our community financially.
So let’s not worry about a few fireworks
that may not be officially authorized.
Don’t snivel about the litter, the Salt
Water Open crew doe’s an excellent job
picking up the left over debris. Some of
the ATV’s could slow down a little but I
haven’t seen many problems with them.
So, let’s find out who the Grinch (or
Grinch’s) that stole the 4th is and let
them know how the majority feels.
Tim Hunter
Elk River
Declaration of Cooperation
Something different happened in Port
Orford on Monday afternoon. People
and organizations came together at city
hall as one and signed Declarations of
Cooperation for the Port Orford Economic Recovery Plan and it was a wonderful thing. More details next week
space permitting.
Page 6
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Wolf 223 ammo $10 per box of 20 Wolf 7.62x39 ammo $10 per box 20
Letter to the Editor,
A huge thanks to all the volunteers (including City Councilors) who made
time to help with the Highway 101
cleanup and weeding project. I think
anyone can easily see a huge difference
in the “curb appeal” of town along the
highway, thanks to these people. For 2
days they mowed, weed-eated, scraped
and raked, some on hands and knees,
hauling literally truckloads of weeds,
trash and debris, and making Port Orford show a little more “sparkle”. There
are too many to name, and some I would
fail to name, but thanks and please know
that we really appreciate the help and
effort. Thanks also to the City Of Port
Orford and to ODOT for their help, and
to Mr. Alan Mitchell, the “Chief Fire
Hydrant Painter” who really helped to
inspire this group effort.
Jeff & Angie MacFarlane
Sea Breeze
“One touch of nature makes
the whole world kin.”
- Shakespeare
World Wide Wire Service
(541) 332-0445 Shop
311 6th St.
888-484-2234 (toll free) Port Orford
Sea Breeze - 06-25
County Fair Highlights
The big difference at the Fair this year
is that there is an entertainment feature
in the arena every day. Bullriding is on
the very first day, a weeknight, the only
time that the cowboys could come here.
There are 35 bulls and more than 32 riders so far. The turnout this year could
determine the scheduling for the next
fair. The next three days of fair feature
Motorsports in the covered arena.
There are the two wildlife features:
“Wildlife Showcase” zoo filling the
inside of Curry Showcase building and
“Raptors – Hawks & Owls” outside the
Showcase. More than $7,000 worth of
zoo brought to you by the Curry County
July 4 Flower Show
The Sunset Garden Club will host a
non-judged flower show on the 4th of
July in the Howard Lichtig room at Port
Orford’s public library. Everyone is invited to display individual flowers or
floral designs.
Individual flowers should be in a clear
bottle or narrow vase. Please bring flowers and designs to the library on July 3
between noon and 2:00pm. We will be
taking down the show at 3:00pm on July
4. If you have any questions, please contact Kirk Johnson at 332-6325.
Love Monkeys
By Paula Cracas
The Port Orford Love Monkeys for
Peace will be marching in the parade.
As in the past, we will be dedicated to
PEACE and that’s what our signs will
say. No protest signs. No political signs.
If you are interested in peace, please
join us. Look for our Gorilla the morning of the 4th. Potluck will follow.
Free In Home Estimates
Window Treatments
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Letter to the Editor,
Let’s take a moment to give a big thank
you to Alan Mitchell, our local photo
historian and owner operator of Home
by the Sea B&B. As many folks in
town may know, Alan has been inviting
people to read the book Fool’s Hill ever
since it hit the shelves. He’s very generous and if during a conversation, you
show an interest in the town he has been
known to give you the book to read.
Alan has been caring for that single ember in the hopes of someone lighting a
fire of interest about our magical little
community and now Theatre 101 invites
you to come and enjoy the hard earned
fruits of Alan Mitchell’s labor of love.
Come join us at Theatre 101 for “Fool’s
Hill…hear the whisper”, our own adaptation from John Quick’s Book about
his childhood in Port Orford. Opens
July 3rd at 7:30pm, with a special matinees on July 4th after the Parade at 2pm.
Other 7:30 evening performance on July
10, 11, 17, 18, and afternoon shows July
5, 12, and 19. Tickets now available at
the Downtown Fun Zone or reserve you
tickets by calling 332-PLAY.
Gary Romele
Letter to the Editor,
I don’t usually say much about anything;
however I feed the need to speak my
mind. For the first time in my 50 years
in Port Orford people who think they
are in charge of this town are now putting another rule on our shoulders. They
are now closing the beach to all traffic
during July 4. They cite high tides and
public safety as the reasons. Do you as a
public think they will reopen the beach
to traffic after July 4. Only time will tell.
They are not only taking away another
right - to drive on the beach, but are also
taking away a family tradition. One that
I’ve known my whole life. What will
they (the people in charge) take away
from “we the people” next.
Will they quarantine us in our homes,
try to take our guns away. That would
be a revolt in the making. When will
we have enough of the few ruling the
masses? They lock us up when we voice
our opinion such as this which is just an
opinion. However, I feel I speak for the
majority. Again just another opinion.
Dave Alexander,
50 year resident
Art News
Art by Vinny Armi; an 18 year old artist
with autism, will be on sale and show
from June 24 through July 5 at the Wild
Wind Café, aka Jubilee Central next to
the Savoy Theater. This is a large show
sure to make you smile. His original art
is offered for the first time at only $25
each. Get it before he is famous. Tee
shirts are also available.
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Letter to the Editor,
For those of us supporting the Main
Street revitalization project, we really
appreciate the cleanup of the sidewalks
and city-right-ways along Hwy. 101 in
Port Orford, clean up that is actually
the responsibility of adjacent property
owners but has been neglected. This ef-
fort was inspired by Alan Mitchell who
initiated the effort by painting the fire
hydrants; organized by Tim Pogwizid,
Jeff McFarlane and David Smith; our
City Public Works crew who hauled off
the debris; and ODOT who contributed
a street sweeper. We also thank the other
volunteers who worked on the cleanup such as Tim’s wife and son. Such
Cell: (208) 946-0345
Home: (541) 332-1697
efforts make Port Orford a much more
friendly town to both residents and visitors. Highway 101, our Main Street, is
the “window to the world” for our businesses and community.
Karen Auborn
Port Orford Main Street
Revitalization Team
Port Orford CCEC Office
Wholesale power
Pending Rate Increase
Financial Report
Question/Answer Session
July 2, 2009
7:00 PM
Office Hours:
7 AM to 5:30 PM
Monday – Thursday
Closed Fridays and
For more information call
any CCEC office and ask for
extension 218 or contact us
through our website at
Douglas Trimble
Tree Service
Locally Owned
and Operated
Since 1996
Lic. # 119157
 Lift Truck
 Chipper / Clean-Up
 Storm Damage
 Danger Tree Removals
 Limbing
 Topping
 Falling
Home (541) 332-1010
Cell (541) 530-8778
Jubilee Honored Guests
We have as honored guests in our parade this year, Pauline Lenox and her
three sons Alan, Jack and Michael all
of whom are direct descendants of Jake
and Betsy Summers. Jake Summers was
one of nine men that were set ashore by
Captain Tichenor to establish a settlement where the town of Port Orford
now sits. Betsy Summers was a full
blood upper Coquille and the daughter
of Washington Tom, chief of the Tribe.
Pauline was the first of five children
born to Dewey and Veiatta Gilkey. She
was born in Bandon in 1925. Pauline
was one month old when her family
moved to Upper Floras Creek. As the
story goes they made the move from
Bandon to Floras Creek by horseback
and wagon and baby Pauline was carried on a pillow in her uncle’s arms for
the entire distance. They settled into the
“Old Cronstiner Place” for three years.
The family moved back to the Bandon
area where Pauline attended the Upper
Two Mile School through the 8th grade.
Growing up in the depression, her family raised chickens and so boiled eggs
were a very frequent item in her lunch
Page 9
Fresh Local Fish Feed
American Legion Bldg
$10 Adults—$7 ages 6 to 10
Kids under 6 Free!
Fresh local baked or
breaded fish, baked beans,
coleslaw and dessert with
Hosted by the Port
Orford Masonic Lodge
pail. Kids being kids… In the winter
months Pauline and her brothers would
save the boiled eggs from their lunch
pail and when they stood over the rushing creek they would toss the eggs into
the water to see whose egg made it
down stream the fastest!
In 1947 they returned to Oregon where
the fishing was good. Pauline worked
at CCE as a billing clerk until her first
son Alan Dean was born in 1949. Their
second son Jack was born in Bandon in
1953 and Michael was born in Myrtle
Point in 1954. By 1956 it was apparent
that Alan was suffering with multiple
allergies and the decision was made to
move to a drier climate. For the next 9
years they lived in New Mexico. Pauline was a stay at home mom and volunteer Girl Scout troop leader.
In 1965 the family returned to Curry
County Oregon for good. It was at this
time they purchased their home on the
July 4th
12—7 pm
Sixes River. Pauline’s husband Jack
worked as a lineman for Coos-Curry
Electric until his death in 1986. Pauline
worked as an Avon representative during the years that her boys were in high
school. She worked in the Port Orford
ambulance office for several years and
also volunteered as an EMT. How vividly she remembers her days/nights of
Ambulance driving!
After her retirement she volunteered in
these capacities whenever called to service.
Pauline stays busy these days with her
interests in reading, sewing, embroidery, cross word puzzles, gardening and
a type of rug making called Shirret. All
three sons, Alan, Jack and Michael graduated from Pacific High School.
We look forward to Pauline’s parade appearance with all three of her sons on
this July 4th. The Lenox Family is truly
a distinguished pioneer family.
Page 10
Get our Your Shovels
By Weld Champneys
The Jubilee Sand Castle sculpture Event
has been a Port Orford tradition since
1954 when our Fourth of July Jubilee
began. Our “contest” is more laid-back
than most to encourage participants of
all ages and skill-levels to join the fun.
Categories are simply: Youth, Adult,
and Mixed, with awards in each and a
People’s Choice trophy. Everyone’s a
Starting time is 7:00am on the Fourth
with awards presentation at 10. There is
no registration fee. Participants are limited to using water, sand, and materials
found in nature.
Those interested in learning sand
sculpting skills may enjoy these books
which must be requested at the library
desk: “Sand Creatures and Castles” by
Reed and “The Art of Sandcastling” by
Siebert. Sand sculpture “how-to” videos with secret of the pros will also be
shown at the library at 7pm: Beginner
techniques, Tuesday, June 30; and intermediate skills Wednesday, July 1.
Be sure to check out the Sand Sculpture
but don’t wait until high tide!
Page 11
Blue Sky Tree Service
CCB # 152469
SAVE $10
Thistle Seed
for the
Gold Finches
$16 90 10#
1 Mile South of Bandon
(541) 347-4356
Got Art?
Team Jubilee is delighted to announce
that we will be hosting five local guest
artists at our holiday headquarters.
In alphabetical order they are; Vinny
Armi, Bob & Vicki Courtright, Gail
Finn and Joe Nelson.
Vinnie Armi is a student at Pacific High
School and has a style that is all his own
and you won’t want to miss his unique
Bob Courtright will be the featured artist in the July “Art off the Wall” column.
He works in several different mediums
and his art offers a look at nature and
beauty with a unique and interesting
prospective. Come in and discover the
wonder of “Going Green” when you examine his metal sculptures Bob utilizes
recycled materials from the beach to the
metals waste bin to create these fantastic
Vicki Courtright works in clay. Her
animal creations are whimsical and
wonderful. Vicki has an amazing eye
for detail that adds a life-like quality to
her subjects. Her “Frog on a Log” was
very well received at the cedar festival
Reg. 29.99
16” Stand Fan
with Remote Control
$ Adjustable height
from 40” to 48”
$ 4-hour timer
While supplies last.
McNair True Value Hardware
Help is just around the corner
1935 N. Oregon St., Port Orford
(541) 332-3371
in May. She also creates some lovely,
distinctive, functional pottery.
Gail Finn won the “People’s Choice”
award at the Cedar Festival in May this
year. Treat yourself to a look-see down
at Graff’s restaurant. It hangs proudly
on the east wall.
Last year Gail generously donated a
wonderful painting to the Jubilee for
our fund raising raffle. This year she has
created another “Jubilee” painting that
we hope will be number two in a long
series of Port Orford Jubilee renditions.
Gail’s folk art paintings of Port Orford
and the surrounding area are always a
delight to behold. This year she is offer-
Close Quarter Specialist
Fruit Trees
60’ Boom
12” Chipper
All Consultations Free!
Call 347-7400
ing limited addition prints of her newest
“Jubilee” painting in two sizes. They are
for sale exclusively at Jubilee Central so
come on in and get one while they last.
Joe Nelson was a big surprise to one and
all at last year’s Jubilee Photo contest.
He was also one of the most popular
artists on the wall. His work on fishing
boats gives him a wonderful opportunity
to click away while at sea. His eye sees
the beauty in the unusual. This year he
will offer us some new views and no
doubt some one -of –a- kind creations
that will entertain and provoke. Joe Nelson’s “dark horse” status won’t last after
this year’s show, of that we are certain.
Want to start an astronomy club?
Port Orford Pubic Library
Tuesday, June 30 at 6:30 pm
The group will develop as members decide.
Club sponsored by the Library
Page 12
The Cat’s Meow
Vacation Cottage
Quaint, comfortable, affordable
503 Jackson St.  (866) 503-5003
80’ to beach access
All reservations made in advance.
CLASSIFIED ADS are $3.50 for the first
25 words or less, and 10¢ each for any additional words. Normal deadline for submission is 3:00pm Tuesday. Downtown
Fun Zone, Inc., 832 Hwy 101, Box 49,
Port Orford, OR 97465 (541) 332-6565.
Inn Trailer Court, 557 Ninth Street. Near
beach. Cable TV, garbage, water, sewer
included. Coin laundry. Quiet neighbors
and close to stores. RV Trailers from $350
per month, RV space $275 (541) 858-1090
or (541) 332-2506.
Camp Blanco RV Park! $310 Includes
cable, Internet, and discount on propane. 332-6175.
has a 10 x 16 building for rent. Contact
studio unit with great “city views”, as well
as peeks of Humbug, ocean and beach.
Close to Battle Rock, beaches, and much
more. Rent is $450/month including utilities. Call 332-0989.
9.5 ACRES, year round stream, good
building sites, one with ocean view,
DEQ septic approval, developed spring,
power and phone through property. This
is a very private spot, about 5 miles from
Port Orford. $165,000, possible owner
financing with 35% down. 541-332-0353.
FOR RENT Commercial Building 324
Highway 101. Excellent boom ready
location many potential uses month to
month or lease (541) 332-2046. Cell
(541) 253-7521.
The Crazy Norwegians
Dental Care that
fits your life!
Hours: 11:30am-8:00pm Every Day
New patients and Emergencies Welcome!
Homemade Rustic Sourdough
Bread & Homemade Lemonade
Bandon Family Dental Care
FOR RENT: Multiple 2 Bed 1 Bath units.
$625-650/ Month. Please call BandonRentals Property Management, LLC for
information. 347-1876.
9:00am – 4:00pm Flores Lake Road, Langlois. Follow signs. ’65 Ford tractor, tools,
used insulation, antique lamps, old hand
water pump, glassware, RV water heater
refrigerator & stove, used lumber, washer
& dryer, & lots of miscellaneous items.
FOR RENT / LEASE Updated 3 + 2,
sheltered park like setting in the woods
just three minutes from the heart of town,
$1025.00 per month. References & credit
required. 332-0516.
PORT ORFORD PROPERTY Management – call for list of available properties
vacation, residential, commercial. Robin
@ (541) 253-6107 www.rentportorford.
SEASIDE STORAGE has units available. Call 332-0835 or 541-643-5955.
FOR RENT Large Hwy. 101 frontage
space at Seaside Plaza. Includes utilities
and parking. $700.00 per month plus
deposits. Call 332-0835 or 541-643-5955.
BEADS, CRAFTS, Collectables, jewelry, incense, good used items. Bargain
prices. 11:00am – 4:00pm 7 days a week.
Sixes Grange Market Place. New things
added weekly.
GARAGE SALE - June 26 and 27, 9
AM, rain or shine. 1895 Washington,
Port Orford. Lots of knick-knacks and
collectibles. Also, two seed starter light
stands and 4 seed warmer mats. Plus more.
Garrison Lake Rd. 9am-1pm No Earlies..
Coasties Hair & Nail Salon
Call or Text for appointment
(541) 366-1067
Teri Scott
347 -4461
BEST INTERNET FOR LESS!! Briskweb, Inc. Service Available Nationwide.
Unlimited local 56K dialup, friendly tech
support & more. $16.00/monthly. www.
briskweb.net (541) 332-1337.
keys, installations, repairs, locks opened.
Auto, home, business. Bonded 332-7404.
– Doors, windows, siding, decks, roofs,
painting. All calls returned. Eugene Hill
Construction, Inc. CCB # 168971. (541)
BUILDING - New construction or remodeling, residential or commercial, or
just needing repairs, Call Daniel Wilson
Construction. 25 years on the southern
Oregon coast. Also lot clearing, gravel
fill dirt, plan drawing custom design.
332-5321. Lic # 61322.
or small projects. We can do it all. 30 years
experience. Dependable, honest with fair
prices. Call Martin Batch (208) 246-0345
or 332-1697. CCB# 186233.
Continued on Page 13
Chris Marsh Construction, Inc.
CCB# 177205
New Construction-Remodel-decks
and more
Cell (541) 290-5763
Home (541) 332-2056
Pampered Pooches
Monday thru Thursday
9:00am – 3:00pm
332-0520 For Appointment
Classified Ads
Myrtlewood factory and gift shop. Unique
wooden products plus souvenirs, T-shirts,
jams, salt water taffy. FREE factory tours.
1205 Oregon St.
(541) 332-5201
Continued from Page 12
LEAK SPECIALIST Roofing, Windows
& Siding B.C. Construction CCB#155726
storage units, 150+ climate controlled.
Airport-U-Stor, across from Ocean Spray
Repair, auto & truck refinishing, auto &
truck glass, custom lettering & graphics.
Lifetime warranty, on time delivery, insurance approved. Call the friendly staff at
Napier auto Body (541) 347-3219.
Services will now be operating under
the name Coos-Curry Computer Services, LLC. We will be providing the
same quality services we have provided
since 2001. 332-1337 / 290-3131 www.
Home, Apartment, Rentals, sales, Maintenance and Cleanups. References. Call
Cindy 332-0798 or Jane 348-2992.
Property clean-up, general labor. Dependable, reliable. Dave (541) 678-7659.
weedeat, and build fences. Free est. Call
for inquire (541) 290-0355.
General house cleaning, baking, painting
lessons, you name it I likely can help you
do it. Call (541) 348-2583 or email kylie.
[email protected]
Vagabond Vacation Rental
Moments from the beach.
3 bedrooms with private baths.
Full kitchen and laundry.
Beautiful view.
(541) 332-1211, (541) 290-4224 (cell)
NEW VIDEOS: “The Pink Panther 2”,
“War Wolves”, “Waltz With Bashir”,
“Confessions of a Shopaholic”, “The
Code”, “Inkheart” and “Phoebe in Wonderland”. Please remember all items are
due back by 3:30pm the next business day.
Reservations must be prepaid so cannot
be taken over the phone. Downtown Fun
Zone, Inc. Open 9:30-5:30 Mon-Thurs
and 9:30-6:30 Friday and Saturday.
Closed Sundays.
Don’t throw it out! Fix it! Downtown
Fun Zone, Inc. now offers disc cleaning/
repair services. (single sided) $3.00 for
basic cleaning, $5.00 for deep scratches.
See store for details.
OLD PHOTO RESTORATION, photographic services, individual tutoring;
photography and PhotoShop. Call 541332-0353 for appointment.
Valley Flora at Seaweed Natural Grocery.
CARTER’S NURSERY – 1g. Califoregon poppies $2.50 ea. 4” pot cosmos
Dianthus, statice & chamomile $1.00 ea.
4” pot tomatoes, rhubarb & Swiss chard
$1.25 ea. 6 pak lettuce $1.25 ea. 41863
Old Mill Road. Open Mondays 11-4.
Windshield Repair
Quality Rock Chip Repairs
Free mobile service (541) 260-6162
Page 13
The Powder House
Vacation Rental
343 9th St. 541-332-5039
Great in-town location
Bright & cheerful - 3 blocks to beach
Specialize in Hiking Information
FFL GUN DEALER and Firearms Instructor Certified to teach NRA “Basic
Pistol, Home Firearms Safety, and Personal Protection In the Home (PPIH)”.
PPIH is strategy to help defend your
Home and family against Home Invasion. Utah “Concealed Firearms class”
available. All classes satisfy Oregon’s
CHL requirements. Ongoing classes.
Individual instruction available. Guns,
Personal defense items (pepper spray
etc) & shooting accessories for sale or
consignment. Bob (541) 253-6240.
bark, and sand. Small truck loads. Bob
$50. Used DVD recorder $30. Mini
vacuum cleaner $20.00. Space heaters
$10, $15. Excellent guitars and banjos
for sale! 332-8048.
July 4th 10:15am 6th and 101. Bring
your own signs (non-derogatory.) Sponsored by Oregon Patriots, resistnet.com
WASHER / DRYER Works great, Frig,
piano hutch, maple bed, end table, kitchen
table with nice three chairs, antique cute
dresser with mirror. 332-1715.
CHERRYWOOD (possibly antique)
4-drawer desk with chair. $60.00. Call
Continued on Page 14
Fine Chocolate &
Espresso LLC.
Drive-thru & Coffee House
(541) 366-1051 # Port Orford, OR
By Driftwood School on Hwy 101
RV Parking
Page 14
Curry County Fair – July 9-12
Carnival Armbands Every Day!
Save $5 – Buy Carnival Coupon before the Fair at Ray’s, the Fairgrounds, or McKays
FRIDAY. . . . . SATURDAY. . .
SUNDAY . . . . EVERY DAY . . Smith River Rancheria ~ Kids Day & Senior Citizens Day
Bulls & Barrels – 8 p.m. sponsored by Lucky 7 Casino
Chetco Federal Credit Union ~ Curry Hillbilly Relay – 8 p.m.
Town and Country Animal Clinic ~ Jr. Livestock Auction 3 p.m.
Parade ~ Southern Scottish Pipe Band, 10 a.m., Stage, 12:30p.m., Talent Show 2 p.m.
Great Oregon County Beef BBQ Grill-Off
Tuff Trucks – 6 p.m.
Sterling Savings Bank ~ Outlaw Karts – 2 p.m.
Great Oregon County Chicken Grill-Off – All Day
WILDLIFE SHOWCASE – by “A Walk on the Wild Side” – Animals and Exotic Reptiles
RAPTORS – HAWKS & OWLS – by “Wildlife Images”
Adult: $7
Child under 6: Free
Child 6-12: Thurs. Free, Fri-Sun $2
Season Pass (4 Days): $20
Senior Citizens: Thurs $3, Fri-Sun $5
Sunday Family Day $15 (2 Adults/3 Children)
Coos-Curry Electric Co-op
Classified Ads
Continued from Page 13
1994 HONDA SHADOW 1100cc windshield, engine guard, highway pegs, sissy
bar, sadle bags, etc. Nice bike! Must see!
$3,300 obo (541) 556-4112.
LAZYBOY SOFA BED blue upholstery,
good condition $25.00. Firewood large
pile u-haul $20.00. 348-2148.
Roll-up $75.00. 2 down comforters 15
each. (858) 229-5670.
CAFÉ PACIFICO Dining room and
drive thru now open. Serving burritos and
tacos 11am-11pm daily. Call 332-0470 to
order. 10th and Oregon in the former Port
Orford Inn Café.
Pacifico. $2.00 bean, rice & cheese burrito on a 12” tortilla. 10:30pm-11:00pm
daily. 10th & Oregon St. in the former
Port Orford Inn Café.
“Pioneering Fun for Everyone”
Thursday-Saturday 10AM-10PM
Sunday. 10AM-5PM
29392 Ellensburg Ave. (Hwy 101), Gold Beach
(541) 247-4541 ~ www.curryfair.com
Curry County Fair Sponsors
Gold Beach Lumber
Port Hole Café
1995 CLUB CAR Electric Golf Cart new
batteries full top heater charge, excellent
condition (541) 253-7524.
1989 3/4 TON F250 FORD Low miles,
clean, no rust. Auto with overdrive.
Good tires. Bed liner. Running boards.
Nice truck looks/runs great. New plates.
$900.00 o.b.o. 332-4500.
Hazardous Waste Event
The household hazardous waste event
held last Saturday in Port Orford in back
of City Hall was a big success. 194 residential homeowners and renters took
advantage of the event and dropped off
enough hazardous waste materials to fill
a 40 foot truck. Residents were asked to
stay in their cars and trucks as employees from the Department of Environmental Quality unloaded the waste material. An information sheet was handed
out to each person as they drove through
the line and it told what would happen to
the materials being dropped off. Things
like car batteries, latex paint, and anti-
Garvin Family
freeze will be recycled while oil-based
paint, solvents, gasoline, diesel fuel and
motor oil will be burned as fuel. Non-recyclable latex paint will be disposed of
in a hazardous waste landfill. Acids and
bases will be neutralized and pesticides
and poisons destroyed by incineration.
The DEQ paid for this event though fees
paid by garbage haulers and individuals
who dispose of garbage at landfills. According to their information the average
cost of disposing of each participant’s
hazardous waste is $100 so the Port
Orford event cost at least $19,400. City
Administrator Mike Murphy and Public
Works Director Alan Wagner volunteered their day off on Saturday to help
the DEQ with the event, handing out flyers and directing traffic.
Monthly Water Report
Water production totaled 4,738,000
gallons of water and they metered
2,290,000 gallons for a loss rate of
2,447,000 million gallons or 51.6%.

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