eMarketing Advantage



eMarketing Advantage
eMarketing Advantage
Trusted Agents with the Right Tools for Smarter Decisions
eMarketing Advantage
Real Estate’s New Reality – Your Buyer is Online ...................................... 3
Expanding the Buyer Universe ................................................................ 4
Location, Location, Location .............................................................. 5-10
An Innovation Leader............................................................................. 11
Redefining Customer Service ................................................................. 12
Enjoy the eMarketing Advantage ........................................................... 13
Real estate’s
new reality –
your buyer
is online.
Use of Media During Homes Search Process1
Since 88% of home shoppers use the
89% 88%
Internet as part of their home search 1,
a comprehensive online marketing program is
essential to generating the greatest possible
demand for your home.
2001 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Coldwell Banker’s® websites provide rich text,
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage uses its size and
multiple photos, school and neighborhood
resource advantage to dominate the Internet, entering
information, driving directions, affordability
into national marketing relationships with the world’s
charts and much more. Classified advertising
is no longer able to satisfy the consumers’
top real estate sites. This creates the broad-based
exposure for your home that makes it easy for buyers to
find your property, but is next to impossible for local or
demand for timely information, nor does it
regional brokerages to replicate. When a home shopper
provide visual images.
finds your property, Coldwell Banker’s feature-rich
websites provide the service tools to encourage shopper
interest and help buyers and sellers stay connected
throughout the transaction process.
1 2011 National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.
Expanding the
buyer universe.
eMarketing that makes a difference.
A homebuyer is nearly three times more
likely to use the Internet than newspapers at
some point during their home search process.2
As the first real estate company to fully embrace
By providing our sales associates with a
the Internet and continue to provide the latest
comprehensive eMarketing program, Coldwell
innovative technology, Coldwell Banker Residential
Banker Residential Brokerage is helping to
Brokerage has perfected the formula for expanding
ensure that your property appears where today’s
your home’s exposure to potential homebuyers.
homebuyers will be shopping.
Today, through our careful investment and powerful
The most powerful online agent branding
alliances, we’ve claimed virtual ownership over the
program features or showcases your property
Internet’s most exclusive real estate — exposing your
on the dominant real estate-related websites
home to a global audience of over 15 million buyers
— REALTOR.com®, Trulia, Zillow®, Yahoo!® Real
on 550+ highly-trafficked websites every day.
Estate, AOL and MSN. Your property is seen by
buyers three times more often than it would
be without this enhancement, offered only by
Yahoo!® Real Estate
AOL RealEstate
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.
Homebuyers start online — so do we. 88 percent
of homebuyers are searching online.2 To tap into
this audience of homebuyers, we are continually
purchasing key real estate search terms on major
search engines like Yahoo!® and Google™. The
millions of dollars we are spending on search
engine advertising this year includes thousands
of search terms.3
2 2011 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers.
3 Based on the estimated retail value of NRT LLC’s annual spend for search engine advertising. Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate is a member
of the NRT family of companies. NRT has over 760 offices and 46,000 sales associates operating in over 35 metropolitan areas.
It’s an axiom as old as the industry itself.
Location is everything! That’s why
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
has built, brokered and bought some of
the Internet’s most valuable real estate for
hosting your home listing. Through
powerful alliances, your property appears
on over 550 websites and is exposed to
15 million visitors every day.
>> CBMove.com
With over 2.7 million visitors4 last year,
CBMove.com is Washington D.C.’s premier real
estate website displaying over 100,000 listings
throughout the area. With the innovative online tools
and detailed property information, this has helped
thousands of local home sellers tap into the broadest
pool of potential homebuyers.
>> Special Features
•My Home Finder provides automatic email notification. When a buyer’s search criteria matches your property description, they are notified of your listing, your next open house and any price changes.
•Upgraded search functions increase consumer interactivity, speed and usability. These include multiple ways to search, from recently reduced listings to new and luxury properties.
•Advanced mapping, intuitive search features, map open house directions and more.
•Sales associate email and text messaging functionality enables potential homebuyers to connect
quickly and easily with your associate, the one person who knows the most about your home and its
unique characteristics.
•Favorite listings can be shared with others via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more through icons at the top of each detail page. This provides a link to the enhanced listing page to everyone in the sender’s social sphere.
4 Google Analytics, February 2012
>> coldwellbanker.com
Our nationally advertised website enjoys 2.1 million potential homebuyers
among its monthly visitors5. Formatted for smartphones, this site offers
the “first-of-its-kind” iPhone® app available. According to Nielson and
comScore Media Metrix, Coldwell Banker websites had the highest
number of unique visitors among all national real estate brands for 2011.
>> coldwellbankerpreviews.com
This award-winning site features more than 15,000 luxury
property listings, an exceptional home inventory that attracts
affluent buyers from more than 100 countries worldwide.
Our listings are exposed to the entire AOL online community
of over 7.3 million unique users8.
>> ExceptionalPropertiesOnline.com
Our $1 million-plus properties are posted on RobbReport.com.
An enriched multimedia format expands brand awareness
and provides consumers with timely information, expert
recommendations and access to purchasing ultra-luxury goods
online, driving over 83,000 visitors to its site each month6.
5 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation
6 Web Trends, July 2010
>> FrontDoor.com®
4 million listings are viewed by over 5.2 million monthly visitors
and our properties are exposed to over 89 million households
via HGTV.com7.
>> OpenHouse.com
Our open houses receive maximum exposure, as 3.5 million
properties are displayed via HGTV.com.
This site connects our listings with buyers and sellers via the local real
estate sections of over 350 newspapers nationwide, and offers more
than 3 million listings, which are viewed by over 2.2 million
monthly visitors.
>> Homes.com®
Our homes are exposed to over 10 million monthly visitors.
7 HGTV.com, 2010
>> NYTimes.com
Our residential listings are featured in the popular real estate
section on NYTimes.com/Great Homes, with over 45 million
monthly page views.
>> IHT.com
Our homes and land are displayed in the upscale International
Herald Tribune’s Properties section, attracting 500,000 monthly
visitors in 160 countries as the global edition of the New York Times.
>> PrimeLocation.com
PrimeLocation.com’s sister UK property website displays
$1 million-plus properties from nearly 13,000 real estate offices,
generating over 5 million monthly visitors.
>> FindAProperty.com
PrimeLocation.com’s sister UK property website displays
$1 million-plus properties from nearly 13,000 real estate offices,
generating over 5 million monthly visitors.
>> REALTOR.com®
All Coldwell Banker® listings are showcase enhanced listings.
The National Association of Realtors® website receives over 24.4
million visits per month8, and is ranked #1 in minutes per visit9.
>> MSN® Real Estate
As part of MSN.com, which receives over 80 million monthly
visitors, homebuyers are driven to view our listings on
MSN® Real Estate.
8 Com Score, January 2012
9 Media Metrix reporting the average number of unique visitors to REALTOR.com®
>> Trulia.com
Your property listing will be enhanced on Trulia.com and link
to 17.6 million monthly visitors8 referred by partner websites.
Trulia.com links interested homebuyers directly to your property
listing on FloridaMoves.com.
The premier real estate magazine has brought $1 million-plus luxury
properties and high-end homebuyers and sellers together for 40 years,
resulting in billions of dollars in sales worldwide. Unique Homes targets
affluent consumers in more than 80 countries around the world.
All listings over $500,000 are delivered to the leading provider
of business and financial news on the Web with over 14.5 million
unique monthly visitors.
>>cn.wsj.com (China) & PropGoLuxury.com
Since 9% of international buyers purchasing U.S. homes are
from China, all of our $1 million-plus listings are now featured
on the Chinese edition of the Wall Street Journal and its host,
PropGoLuxury.com, reaching over 20 million monthly visitors.
>> Yahoo!® Real Estate
Your home’s listing is specially enhanced on Yahoo!® Real Estate
and reaches over 23.9 million monthly visitors8 with multiple
photos, property details and more.
>> Zillow.com®
One of the most visited real estate websites and powerful
consumer brands, Zillow® averages 24.6 million monthly visitors8
and includes enhanced Coldwell Banker® property listings.
>> 1stdibs.com
Our $1 million-plus properties in select markets are featured in 1stdibs’
new luxury real estate section, reaching a worldwide audience of
affluent collectors for over 2.2 million visits and 55 million page views
a month. Nearly 500,000 registered users receive a weekly link to
1stdibs’ online magazine.
Ask your sales associate for a complete list of over 550 websites where
your listing will appear or click here.
An Innovation
Smartphone and iPhone® Search Optimization
Coldwell Banker® continuously innovates, staying on the cutting
edge of the real estate industry. We do everything possible to
showcase your property most effectively. Coldwell Banker is the first
national real estate brand to:
Customize our site for smartphone screens
Display listings on a GPS device
Launch an iPhone app showcasing millions of our own
international listings and international data exchange (IDX)
properties in thousands of markets worldwide
Launch an iPad® app that pulls in property and agent videos into
a real estate search for cities and countries across the globe
Video Home Showcasing on YouTube.com™
Coldwell Banker On LocationSM is the first dedicated video real estate
channel on YouTube™. On LocationSM allows buyers to search videos via
map and has had over 3 million visitors since its launch. Also featured is a
neighborhood ratings system powered by Yelp! — the premier city guide
for area hotspots with input from users like you.
customer service.
Online Rapid Response System
With our proprietary online rapid response system,
LeadRouter,™ your sales associate has a tool that
ensures every potential buyer for your property receives
After generating the greatest exposure for
your property, we follow it up with the most
a fast, professional response. All online inquiries
about your property from our websites and partner
websites will go directly to your sales associate’s
knowledgeable and responsive customer service
cellphone within seconds. In the blink of an eye,
in the business. Before we changed how the
your potential buyer can connect with the one sales
industry looks at technology, almost half of the
professional who best knows your home and its unique
online inquiries made to sales associates went
selling features.
unanswered. Of those inquiries that did receive a
Web Traffic Report
reply, the average response time was measured
Updated monthly, this report reflects overall
in days. Now, the technology and infrastructure
traffic and engagement on CBMove.com,
of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage enables
immediate sales associate notification, making it
possible to respond to potential buyers
within seconds.
ColdwellBanker.com, REALTOR.com® and our national
partner websites. Information includes types of traffic,
countries and states of origin, referring sites, leads and
listing views.
Online Showing Report
Our Online Showing Report System provides the
number of click-throughs or views your property
receives on CBMove.com, coldwellbanker.com,
REALTOR.com®, Trulia, Zillow®, Yahoo!® Real Estate, AOL,
MSN® and NYTimes.com. These reports can be produced
weekly, monthly or by date range.
The keys to selling your home online.
It takes the right mix of technology, resources, expertise
Enjoy the
and knowledge to make the most of your eMarketing
opportunities. We have it all. Now, when you ask, “What
are you doing to sell my home?” your Coldwell Banker
Residential Brokerage sales associate will respond:
• “I’m generating broad exposure for your property with
unprecedented spending on America’s leading Internet
real estate sites and portals.”
While the thought of creating a successful
eMarketing plan that will ensure your home’s
sale may seem overwhelming, the reality is
easy. Choose to work with a Coldwell Banker
Residential Brokerage sales associate.
• “I’m making sure your listing is exposed to 15 million
buyers on 550+ websites every day at no additional
cost to you.”
• “I’m posting multiple photos of your home and a
detailed property description — two of the most
sought-after features by online home shoppers.”
• “I’m using tens of thousands of search terms on the
Internet’s biggest search engine sites to drive buyers to
your online property.”
• “I’m using the latest technology to respond immediately
to your service requests and the inquiries of
interested buyers.”
Selling in ways the others can’t.
As part of the largest full-service residential brokerage
company in the U.S. and on the Internet, Coldwell Banker
Residential Brokerage has the technology and resources
to do it all. We ensure your listing will be seen by more
buyers, that it will include the information consumers
want, and that your sales associate will respond instantly
to inquiries. Remember, no marketing plan is complete
without the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
eMarketing Advantage.
©2012 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.
An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. 5046WDC_4/12

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