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Dave Lubek
Cover Photography: Dave Lubek Catalogue Design by Carsten Mentzel
Catalogue 2008
Ozella Music
Schloss Hamborn 20
D-33178 Borchen
fon +49 (0) 5251/38509
[email protected]
ozella | ozella lounge | songways
Ozella Music ist das Unternehmen des Musikers, Produzenten und Komponisten Dagobert Böhm.
Drei Label bilden das Zuhause für internationale Künstler mit Top-Produktionen aus den Bereichen:
(engl.) Ozella Music is an enterprise of musician, producer, and composer Dagobert Böhm. Three
labels provide a home for international artists with first-class productions from the following areas:
Ozella Lounge
World, Jazz & Instrumental
Downtempo, Lounge, NuJazz & Electronica
Singer-Songwriter & Blues
Eines liegt allen unseren Veröffentlichungen zu Grunde: Die Zusammenarbeit mit Künstlern, die
ihre ureigene musikalische Sprache sprechen, ihre künstlerischen Visionen auf qualitativ höchstem
Niveau mit uns zusammen verwirklichen wollen. Wir sind offen für Experimentierfreude und
Individualität abseits ausgetretener Pfade. Die audiophile Klang Qualität unserer Produktionen und
wunderschön gestalteten CD Cover sind ein Fest für Auge und Ohr.
(engl.) All of our productions are based on one thing: Working together with artists who speak
their own individual musical language, and who want to realize their artistic visions with us on a
high level of quality. We are very much open to experimentation and individuality far off the beaten
path. The audiophile sound quality of our productions and beautifully designed CD covers are a
feast for the eye and ear.
Dagobert Böhm, 2008
Photography: Bernd Klein
Musik mit Visionen - music with visions
World Jazz Ambient Instrumental
Ozella Music - The Sound
OZ 014 CD
Magical moments for planet earth and the rest of
the universe. “After an exciting autumn filled with a
massive amount of new and wonderful Norwegian jazz,
Karl Seglem tops it all with ‚Urbs‘.“
Dagens Næringsliv
Karl Seglem: tenor sax, goat horns. electronics; Hakon
Høgemo: hardanger fiddle; Gjermund Silset: bass; Olav
Torget: guitars, ngoni, baglava; Helge Norbakken: drums,
4 038952 000119
file under: World, Jazz, Norway
Karl Seglem
OZ 011 CD
Melancholy gliding sounds are outlining the scarred
silhouette of the Norwegian coast. Soundpaintings as
ambivalence of future and past.
Karl Seglem: tenor sax, goat horns, loops, electronics;
Nikolai Ivanov: tambura, guitars; Harald Skullerud:
drums, percussion
Photography: Ketil Jacobsen
4 038952 000140
file under: World, Jazz, Norway
Karl Seglem
The most beautiful universe of folkmusic and jazz
from Norway. “...light dreamy sounds of an almost
frightening intensity.” DIE ZEIT
Karl Seglem; Morten Sæle, Nils Petter Molvær, Reidar
Skår, Håkon Høgemo, Berit Opheim, Odd Nordstoga,
Christian Wallumrød, Terje Isungset, a. o.
Hands On Strings
file under: Acoustic Guitar
New North
OZ 006 CD
4 038952 000126
4 038952 000065
file under: World, Jazz, Norway
Karl Seglem
Georg Reiss: clarinet, tárogáto, saxophone; Tom
Karlsrud:akkordion, euphonium; Torbjørn Økland:
guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, trumpet; Birger Mistereggen:
percussion, marimba, drums
Stephan Bormann: electric and acoustic guitars
Thomas Fellow: acoustic guitars
Songs From A Small Room
OZ 009 CD
file under: Jazz
Sounds to accompany nordic winter moods. A
celebration for the senses and refreshening food for
the soul.
One of the most expressive duos in the world of
guitar is playing Piazolla, Bonfa, Gismonti and original
“They are fantastic!” Tommy Emmanuel
Stephan Bormann Band
4 038952 000096
file under: World, Norway
4 038952 000157
Nordic Winter
OZ 015 CD
OZ 012 CD
It‘s like somebody just opened the window wide,
that‘s how airy the songs sound that this quartet
sends flying out of its ‘small room’.
Stephan Bormann: electric & acoustic guitars;Volker
Schlott: alto & soprano saxophone; Mohi Buschendorf:
double & electric bass; Jens Dohle: drums
Helge Lien Trio
file under: Jazz, Norway
4 038952 000218
Hello Troll
OZ 021 CD (demo cover only)
This combo of brilliant instrumentalists conjures up
lyrical-impressionistic ambience with the same ease
as it creates powerfully dynamic moments. Helge Lien
(who’s also Silje Nergaard’s pianist) is one of the most
exciting young talents in Scandinavia.
“The best Norwegian piano trio album in a long time.”
Dagbladet, Norway
Helge Lien: piano; Frode Berg: double bass;
Knut Aalfjær: drums & percussion
Guido Ponzini
At 21 years only, Guido Ponzini is a virtuoso master
of the Chapman Stick. “It‘s evident to me that Guido
Ponzini has the blessing of good taste, which will
always carry him through, whatever he does.”
Emmet Chapman
Guido Ponzini: stick, electric bass, silikon bass; Giovanni
Amighetti: piano, keys; Guo Yue: bamboo flutes; Max
Meola: percussions; a. o.
Photography: Christian Mørdre
file under: World, Progressive
4 038952 000133
Twilight Town
OZ 013 CD
file under: World, Jazz, Middle East
4 038952 000102
Photography: Habib Massad
Michel Sajrawy
OZ 010 CD
Arabic jazz-world-fusion with high-energy guitar and a
powerful band. “Imagine McLaughlin’s Shakti, but swap
Indian music for Middle Eastern music.” Jazzis
Michel Sajrawy: guitars;Valery Lipets: bass; Ameen
Atrash: drums; Darwish Darwish: oud; Leonid Barshtak:
violin, viola; Etamar Doari: percussion; Kayed Silawi:
Tabla; a. o.
4 038952 000164
file under: World, Jazz, Middle East
Michel Sajrawy
Writings On The Wall
OZ 016 CD (demo cover only)
“Sajrawy is an excellent technical and melodic player
who’s improvisations steer from the sentimental into
daring and encompassing work that keeps the essential
spirit of swing and soul using modern instrumentation”
Squid’s Ear
Michel Sajrawy: electric guitar; Franck Dhersin: piano;
Valeri Lipets: double bass; Evgeni Maistrovski: drums;
Ameen Atrash: drums
Shunsuke Mizuno
Shunsuke Mizuno: 5-string wood bass; Miwa Inaba:
22-string koto; Hiroki Miyano: guitar; Masaki Yoshimi:
tabla; Itsuro Kai: percussion; a. o.
In the style of a ‘Time Traveller’, Matura presents a
crystal clear singer/songwriter album that completely
does without vocals.
Roger Matura: guitars, piano, mellotron, harmonica,
cajons; Armin Dahm: mini moog, fender rhodes, Ean
Gidman: brass arrangements; Carsten Krey: bass; a. o.
4 038952 000034
file under: World, Folk-Fusion
4 038952 000089
Time Traveller
OZ 008 CD
file under: World, Ambient-Jazz
Roger Matura
file under: Acoustic Guitar
‘Slow Time’ expresses Mizuno‘s feelings on the things
that represent life. Soft tones from Asia celebrating the
slowness of time. Includes ‘The Sound Of Rainy Day’
from ‘Kirschblüten - Hanami’ by Doris Dörrie.
Axel Schultheiss
4 038952 000201
file under: World, Japan
4 038952 000072
Slow Time
OZ 007 CD
On Wings
OZ 020 CD (demo cover only)
An ocean of sound, groove and melody, coupled with
virtuoso playing full of dynamic changes and surprising
percussive outbreaks, in which pure beauty also has its
immovable place.
Axel Schultheiss: acoustic guitars
Böhm | Reuter | Lantos
String Unit
OZ 003 CD
“...expansive and dramatic but in the subtlest of ways.
Lantos’ violin is thickened with delay, and Böhm’s role
as producer is front and center as he shapes a lavish
landscape throughout. “
John Kelman, All About Jazz
Dagobert Böhm: acoustic guitar
Markus Reuter: touch guitar, ambient guitar loops
Zoltán Lantos: 5-string violin
Dagobert Böhm
file under: Acoustic Guitar
4 038952 000010
Circle Around
OZ 001 CD
“His music is a study in understatement, filled with
strong melodies, rich colourful harmonies, highlighted
by delicate acoustic guitar picking.” Ben Kettlewell
Dagobert Böhm: acoustic guitars; Harish Powar: classical guitar (no.3); Manfred Zepf: fretless bass (no.9)
file under: World, Ambient-Jazz
4 038952 000041
Sounds For A Blue Planet
OZ 004 CD
World-Jazz-Ambient-Groove with Dagobert Böhm,
Steven Toeteberg, Tony Lakatos, Markus Reuter, Zoltán
Lantos, Tokunbo Akinro, Angua Crash.
Dagobert Böhm: acoustic & electric guitars, sitar,
harmonica; Steven Toeteberg: keys, bass, percussion,
background vocals, programming; Tony lakatos: soprano
sax, flute; a. o.
“This ‘Rhythm of the Day’ series is catching some of
the most beautiful moments of the day. No – actually
the year” Klassik.com
Dago & Angua Crash, Rolf Beydemüller, String Unit,
Jens Kommnick, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Marcus
Doneus, Michael C. Schmitt, Gerold Kukulenz,
Markus Reuter, a. o.
Kranich, Rangin, HeJoe Schenkelberg, Rolf Beydemüller,
Roger Matura, Michael Graefe, Trio Bravo, Dago &
Angua Crash, Udo Timmermeister, Frank Does, Duo
Presto, a. o.
file under: Wellness, Relaxation
“...In the best recording quality, these artists have
created something very beautiful. For every time of the
day, appropiate Tracks have been composed...”
Harald Morsch, das Heft
4 038952 920059
4 038952 920035
file under: Wellness, Relaxation
Ozella Compilation
OZ 92003 CD
file under: Wellness, Relaxation
OZ 92002 CD
4 038952 920042
4 038952 920028
file under: Wellness, Relaxation
Ozella Compilation
Ozella Compilation
OZ 92004 CD
“...Every single CD of the compilation is a masterpiece
and a jewel...” Harald Morsch, das Heft
Angua Crash Trio, Rangin, Frank Fröhlich, Cathrin
Pfeiffer, Michael C. Schmitt, Michael Busch, Dagobert
Böhm, Kranich, Paul Joses, Eckhart Boelger, String Unit,
a. o.
Ozella Compilation
OZ 92005 CD
“...there‘s no particular CD that I prefer the most they are unique in their entirety...”
Harald Morsch, das Heft
Dagobert Böhm, Michael C. Schmitt, Angua Crash, Rolf
Beydemüller, String Unit, Andreas Leifeld, Europa String
Choir, Roger Matura, Rosikon, Trio Bravo, Paul Joses,
Centrozoon, a. o.
Vol. 1-3
live (CD)
OZ 019 CD
“ …refreshingly individual, full of sheer enthusiasm,
waltz melodies, klezmer delights…“ Teleschau
Mark Chaet: violin; Sergej Sweschinskij: double bass;
Giorgio Radoja: piano, keyboard; Adam Tomaszewski:
marimba, percussion, drums
4 038952 000188
file under: World, Eastern Europe
Trio Bravo+
live (DVD)
OZ 018 DVD
For the first time on DVD. Totally unpretentious
but highly concentrated, the quartet presents a
unique concert performance. A full hour of brilliant
Mark Chaet: violin; Sergej Sweschinskij: double bass;
Giorgio Radoja: piano, keyboard; Adam Tomaszewski:
marimba, percussion, drums
Photography: Carsten Mentzel
4 038952 000195
file under: World, Eastern Europe
Trio Bravo+
The music is fabulous, sometimes tender and innocent
and another time really fast and energetic.
Mark Chaet: violin; Sergej Sweschinskij: double bass, estick bass; Svetoslav Karparov: piano, hammond organ;
Adam Tomaszewski: marimba, percussion
4 038952 000171
file under: World, Eastern Europe
OZ 017 CD
Balagan is musical fireworks, joyful chaos, happiness,
heart-pounding romance and pure energy.
“...magical, dreamy, sexy... abysmally beautiful.“
Berliner Kurier
Momo Kohlschmidt: vocals; Mark Chaet: violin; Giorgio
Radoja: piano; Dima Geller: trumpet; Pavel Kurdakov:
trumpet; Anke Lucks: trombone; Sergej Sweschinskij:
doublebass, stick-bass; Adam Tomaszewski: drums,
percussion; and others
Photography: Dave Lubek
Menschen am Sonntag
OZ 005 CD
Lounge Downtempo NuJazz Electronica
4 038952 000058
file under: World, Eastern Europe
Trio Bravo+
file under: Pop, Lounge
4 038952 220067
A New High Fidelity Tripout
OZL 22006 CD
Groovy warm-sounding high fidelity instrumentals.
Plus three breathtaking vocal-tracks featuring the
voice of Carsten Mentzel.
Carsten Mentzel: fender rhodes, roland syntheziser,
fender precision bass, electric & acoustic guitars,
drums & loops, vocals
Jake Playmo
Photography: Maike Mentzel
feat. das böse Ding
file under: Jazz, Electronica
4 038952 220043
My Favorite Toys
OZL 22004 CD
Phenomenal Jazzpoprock adventures and
Soundcollages. With bonus videotrack.
Jan Klare: alto saxophone, flute; Martin Scholz: organ,
synthesizer; Hartmut Kracht: bass, double bass; Wolfgang Ekholt: drums, percussion; Jim Campbell: tapes,
electronics, a. o.
pure downtempo magic
Close your eyes – and let the sound surround you.
feat. Reinmar Henschke, Pete Alderton, Shan Qi, Stardelay, Natural Frequencies, Henschkeschlott, Gerold
Kukulenz, Dagobert Böhm
acoustic peace
A recommendation for those who prefer the pure
sound of acoustic instruments and unconstrained
melodic flights.
feat.Trio Bravo+, Karl Seglem, Hands On Strings, Shunsuke Mizuno, Dagobert Böhm, Michael C. Schmitt, Axel
Schultheiss, Roger Matura, String Unit, Streif
file under: Lounge, Downtempo
Vol. 2
OZL 22009 CD
4 038952 220036
4 038952 220098
file under: Wellness, Relaxation
The Sound
file under: Lounge, Downtempo
Vol. 1
OZL 22005 CD
4 038952 220104
4 038952 220050
file under: Lounge, Downtempo
The Sound
The Sound
Vol. 3
OZL 22010 CD
downtempo magic
Clear melodies, chords like a summer
meadow, springy beats.
feat. Stardelay, Mara & David, Pete Alderton, Henschkeschlott, Gerold Kukulenz, Jake Playmo, Angua Crash,
Gerold Kukulenz
Miles High
OZL 22003 CD
Jazzy Downbeat Electro Lounge with a
personal view.
Gerold Kukulenz: keyboards, bass, guitar, loops,
Andreas Leifeld: guitar, bass, piano, sitar, percussion,
sampling, synths, keyboards
file under: Lounge, Ambient-Jazz
Minimal elements are opening the senses for a musical
macro-universe. hypnotizingly beautiful.
file under: Lounge, Downtempo
file under: Lounge, Downtempo
Tranquility In Motion
OZL 22008 CD
4 038952 220012
file under: Wellness, Relaxation
4 038952 220029
aka Andreas Leifeld
4 038952 220074
4 038952 220081
Natural Frequencies
Natural Frequencies
Ornamental Journey
OZL 22002 CD
Music, which sounds as if it had grown from an
exotic plant.
“Psychedelic Dancefloor“ ragazzi mag
Andreas Leifeld: guitar, bass, piano, percussion, sampling,
keyboards, mixing;Yasuko Hashimoto: recitation
Reinmar Henschke
Upcoming CD
OZL 22007 CD (demo cover only)
Extremely cool and jazzy lounge tracks.
Reinmar Henschke: piano, keys, percussion, electronics
Café Thiossane
OZL 22001 CD
“...the ‚Kind of Blue‘ of the Lounge Generation...”
Reinmar Henschke: piano, keys, electronics
Volker Schlott: sax, flute, electronics
Photography: Bernd Klein
Photography: Rene T. Kusche
Singer Songwriter Blues
With excellent vocal artistry and filigree guitar
technique the duo ‘Mara & David’ effortlessly crosses
style borders to sing and play its way into listeners’
hearts with irresistible melodies and upbeat folk, pop
and funk rhythms.
Mara von Ferne: vocals
David Sick: guitar
The ultimate Matura Collection!
3 CD-Box (2 CD‘s plus Bonus Disc) with 20 unreleased tracks of Germany’s ‘Ruhr-region‘ poet with
coal dust voice.
file under: Folk, Singer-Songwriter
the Return of the CaveMan
auf wiedersehen zukunft!?
SW 503 CD
4 038952 044038
4 038952 005039
file under: Folk, Singer-Songwriter
Roger Matura
file under: Folk, Singer-Songwriter
Sixteen Secrets
SW 504 CD
4 038952 005015
4 038952 005046
file under: Pop, Acoustic Passion
Mara & David
Paul Joses
SW 501 CD
“Paul Joses fascinates his audience whether he
performs in busy clubs or quiet theatres.”
Paul Joses:Vocals; Stephan Kießling: acoustic guitar,
electric guitar, dobro; Carsten Mentzel: acoustic &
electric guitars, bass, keys, drums & percussion.
Dagobert Böhm: acoustic guitar; Jens Kommnick:
guitars, piano, fretless bass; a. o.
Paul Joses
Gold In A Muddy River
OZ 4403 CD
“The music on this CD creates an atmosphere which
easily puts the listener under its spell.”
Paul Joses: vocals, guitar; Stephan Kießling: guitar,
Jens Kommnick: guitar, piano, bass, violin, celllo, low
whistle; Thomas Heineke: Mandolin; Ian Melrose: guitar;
Dagobert Böhm: acoustic guitar
Pete Alderton
file under: Blues
4 038952 005022
Living On Love
SW 502 CD
Smoky, raspy, blues-songs with sparing, subtle sound
colors and a remarkable voice.
Pete Alderton: vocals, guitar; Carsten Mentzel: acoustic
& electric guitars, bass, rhodes, keys, percussion,
Dagobert Böhm: guitar; Ziggi Zufacher: bass;
Michel Roggenland: drums
Pete Alderton
Upcoming CD of ‘Bluesman’ Pete Alderton featuring
classic tracks like ‘Fever’ and ‘Ain’t No Sunhine’ as well
as groove-inspired bluesy originals.
Pete Alderton: vocals, guitar; Carsten Mentzel: guitars,
bass, keys, loops; Dagobert Böhm: guitar; Gerold Kukulenz: bass; Michel Roggenland: drums
Photography: Carsten Mentzel
file under: Blues
4 038952 005053
Upcoming CD (demo cover only)
SW 505 CD

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