Get Involved and Make a Difference



Get Involved and Make a Difference
Children’s Aid and Family Services 2007 Annual Report
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Get Involved and Make a Difference
What we do
We primarily help children who don’t have families able to care for
them, and support children, young adults, the elderly and their families
through the everyday challenges and transitions in life. With your generous
support, we’ve been helping the most vulnerable people in our community
improve their lives for more than 100 years. Our services include:
Foster Care and Adoption:
- Group homes for children and teenagers who can no longer
What do these four
people have in common?
live with their birth family for a variety of reasons, most
commonly abuse and neglect.
- Providing and supporting adoptive and foster families for children
who continue to heal from the trauma they’ve endured, and are
ready to live with a family.
Supplying nutritional formula and diapers to low-income parents of
children age newborn through two years.
Offering scholarships to children of low-income parents that enable
them to access high-quality educational opportunities, in a nurturing
environment, by attending Turrell Child Care & Early Learning Center.
Clinical support and coaching programs for children and adolescents
Counseling and guidance for the frail elderly and their caregivers,
They, and hundreds of others,
help make our mission
to help navigate the services available to them.
happen every day.
to help them make healthy and positive life choices.
Helping young adults who are “aging out” of foster care to
obtain and maintain housing, medical services, education and work.
Our mission is to preserve, protect, and when needed, provide families.
Motivated by compassion for vulnerable children, young adults, frail elderly and their families, we provide high quality and innovative
services that meet their social, educational and emotional needs.
This page from top, left to right: Brigid O’Brien, Patrick Christie, Mike Martino and Dru Pierce.
On the cover: Some of the generous volunteers who get involved with the agency, from top, left to right: Dan Cerone and Michelle Piano of UPS prune the garden at the agency’s
Ridgewood office, Peter Koski of Goldman Sachs at the playground of the Turrell Center; Anne Adamo and Keri Molinari of Pearson PLC read to the children at the Turrell Child Care
& Early Learning Center; Danielle Alaimo paints a mural at the Path II group home.
Message from Bob Jones, President & CEO and John Kandravy, Board Chair
Imagine graduating from high school and immediately having to live on your own, without the guidance and support of
your parents. Then imagine having the responsibility of working full-time, paying rent for an apartment, and meeting all other living
expenses, with no one you can fall back on for help. For many of the young adults living in foster care, this is the sad reality they face.
Worse, most of these teenagers have also suffered severe trauma, and are often coping with mental health or other medical
conditions. The prospect of “aging out” of foster care can be terrifying to them.
Children’s Aid and Family Services is constantly searching for innovative, practical solutions to the very real and ever-changing
problems encountered by those we serve. During the past several months we have devoted much energy to the challenges facing
those aging out of care. We want these young people to know they are lifelong members of our agency family, and are welcome to
look to us for support during times of difficulty in their lives. It is no longer enough for us to give them a strong foundation for adulthood:
we also have to be committed to help stabilize and build on this foundation longer term if we are to have a truly lasting impact.
Some of the changes we introduced in 2007 included measures to help us stay in touch with the teenagers that leave each year.
We launched a formalized outreach program that involves a monthly phone call, and a quarterly survey that asks questions such
as, “Are you in school?,” “Are you working?,” or “Have you seen a doctor recently?” The feedback assists agency staff in determining
if the teenagers need help. Even more important is the fact the teenagers know there is someone here for them,and that they can
reach out to us if they need to.
The Phase II Mentoring program is another new way for us to stay connected with former clients. Young people leaving
foster care frequently have been let down by the adults in their lives, and lack any relationship with a significant adult. Mentors can
fulfill this role. Historically, mentors have supported teenagers until they have graduated high school. However, our new Phase II mentors
will stay in contact with their “match,” even after he or she has graduated high school and left the agency’s care. For instance, the
mentee may spend holidays at the mentor’s home. Because the mentor and mentee become close, the mentor usually knows if
the mentee’s life is not going well, and will counsel him or her to contact the agency for help.
We continue to explore other ways to build on these innovations, as well as to better prepare the children and teens currently in our
care for the world beyond foster care. Thanks to a grant from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, we are beginning to implement a
new model of specialized clinical care for severely traumatized and wounded children that will be the most advanced of its
type in the U.S. We are building on the “life skills” program provided to the teenagers, and have strengthened the level of medical support
we provide, so that we can meet the increasingly challenging and complex emotional and physical needs of the children we serve.
The agency received approval to launch a new model of foster care in NJ, Professional Foster Homes, to be staffed by agency employees and to support three to four teenagers. Thanks to the Helen’s Hope Foundation, two such homes will be opened in 2008.
Further, thanks to another very generous individual gift, we have been able to launch a huge advertising and PR outreach campaign
to help recruit foster and adoptive families, and bring the hope of a permanent family to many more children. To date, we
have seen a more than an 80 percent increase in inquiries from potential parents. The campaign will be ongoing through December 2009.
As you will see in the highlights on the next page, and throughout the pages of this annual report, our quest to be the premier
New Jersey nonprofit provider of innovative, practical solutions for our clients is not isolated to those in our foster care programs.
The agency has continued to expand and
evolve to meet changing needs, and to
deliver the gold-standard of care to all
those we serve. As always, we can only
do so because of your continued help and
commitment. We are fortunate that so
many people choose to “get involved” to
help make a difference in the lives of others.
Thanks to your support in 2007,
we were able to bring hope to many
thousands of vulnerable infants, children,
young adults, frail elderly, and their families.
In 2007, we also broadened the scope of the Thomas R.S. Burgin Education Fund. As before, this fund continues to provide
On behalf of the Board and staff, we thank
stipends to teenagers that attend college or vocational school and to help fund clothing, toiletries, and other day-to-day living expenses
you for your tremendous commitment to
that are typically supplied by a parent or family member. This year, we re-focused the fund as a “Parents” fund so that it can also be a
Children’s Aid and Family Services.
source of emergency funding for any former client of one of our foster care programs. In recent months, funds have been provided to
cover the deposit on a rental apartment, to pay the phone bill of a teenager who was hospitalized, and to fix the transmission in a car so
that the client could continue to get to work. Such payments have been a lifeline to these young adults and have enabled them to
stay focused on their goals and keep their lives on track.
John Kandravy, Chair, Board of Trustees
Robert B. Jones, Ph.D., President & CEO
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2007 Memorable Moments
Some dedicated volunteers from
The Depot (l.-r.): Kathy Handel,
Karen Julius, Mary Rose Coller,
and Beth Sciaino.
Thank you to the hardworking,
talented volunteers at The Depot,
an all-volunteer gift and craft shop,
who had a record year and contributed
more than $230,000 to the agency
in 2007.
The agency participated in Hoop-A-Paluza,
a family friendly fundraising event that
included a basketball foul shot contest
and carnival-style entertainment. The
event raised valuable funds for the
Boarder Babies foster care program.
Former New Jersey Net Kerry Kittles lent
some star power to Hoop-A-Paluza (l.-r.):
Lisa Dolmatz of Children’s Aid and Family
Services, Kerry Kittles, and Elexis.
The agency’s
Elder Care program expanded
its staff with the
addition of a
sign language
interpreter for
the population of
deaf seniors it
serves. The program also implemented “brain games” for the
seniors, in response to significant research that
indicates older people benefit from exercising
their brain muscles. The games encourage
socialization, cognitive functioning and reminiscence, and help the seniors remain engaged.
The Baby Basics program, which provides
nutritional formula and diapers to lowincome families in Bergen County with
children ages infant through two years,
moved its Englewood distribution center
to the Center for Food Action. The new
site enabled the program to serve more
needy families in the southeast Bergen
area. Moreover, the families served by
this vital program increased by 30 percent
in 2007. The program also received a
generous $25,000 donation from Boiling
Springs Savings Bank to purchase a van
to collect formula and diapers from
the individuals and organizations that
hold drives.
The Kindergarten class of the Turrell Child Care & Early Learning Center was part of a pilot
program in the U.S. for Zippy’s Friends, a program that helps young children to develop
coping and social skills. Zippy’s Friends was launched by the U.K.-based Partnership for
Children, and covers issues that are important to the development of young children —
friendship, communication, feeling lonely,
bullying, dealing with change and loss, and
making a new start.
Students from the Kindergarten
class at Turrell Child Care & Early
Learning Center participate in
Zippy’s Friends.
The people who help us make a difference
Our Adoptive and Foster Care Parents
Most of the children in the agency’s care have suffered severe abuse
and neglect, moved through numerous temporary foster placements, and
have never had a permanent, loving family to care for them. There are
many extraordinary individuals who answer the call to become a foster or
adoptive parent. By providing a child with a nurturing environment and a
sense of stability, they are helping the child to heal from the wounds of a
traumatic past and begin to build a more hopeful future.
There are currently more than 50 foster families with the agency, who
care for children ages infant through adolescent. Following are the stories of
three families that illustrate their remarkable devotion to vulnerable children.
Cara Cilento and Carmen Cao always dreamed of adopting
children. In the course of pursing their dream, they searched adoption websites on the internet, and came across a
recommendation for Children’s Aid and Family Services. They called the agency, and went to an informational meeting.
The couple found the staff and adoptive/foster parents they met welcoming and supportive, and decided to go
through the training process. In about three months, they began fostering six-month-old Sam.
“The first night I held Sam, I cried,” says Cara. “I was overwhelmed with joy, as well as some anxiety,
about caring for this baby.”
In just another three months, nine-month-old Keith* came to live with Carmen,
Cara and Sam. Carmen and Cara have adopted Sam, and are in the process of adopting
Keith. Both boys are now two years old.
“Keith is very affectionate, always hugging us, and loves to hold hands when
we shop,” says Carmen. “Sam’s more people-oriented and outgoing.”
Cara and Carmen have embraced their new roles as parents with great enthusiasm,
and hope to adopt a third child in a few years when the boys are five.
*Name changed to protect child’s privacy.
If you’re interested in finding out more about foster care or adoption,
please call 201.226.0300 or visit
Maria Perdomo was shopping in her hometown of Teaneck, NJ,
11 years ago and noticed a flier from Children’s Aid and Family Services
seeking foster parents. She and her husband, Miguel, had three birth
children, and always loved kids. They had talked about adopting since
they were dating. She took the first step and called the agency, and
the Perdomo family soon underwent training to become a certified
foster family.
The Perdomos have since fostered seven children, three of whom
they have adopted. “At first, the kids have to test you to be sure you’re
not going to abandon them,” says Mrs. Perdomo. “Eventually, they
learn life is stable here, they’re not going to move all the time, and they
feel better about themselves and their situation.”
Fostering has made a huge difference to the children, and also to Mrs. Perdomo.
“I know that if the kids weren’t here, they wouldn’t have certain opportunities, like going to
college,” she says. “I feel like I’m doing something important: I’m changing somebody else’s
life for the better.”
“We love babies!” say George and Lisa Haase enthusiastically when
asked why they became foster parents in the agency’s Boarder Babies program. During
the past nine years, Mr. and Mrs. Haase have cared for11 infants.
Their birth children, Cassie and Tobin, are involved as well. “It’s important to have a
strong family commitment,” says Mrs. Haase. For example, one of
the babies being fostered was recently ill and in the hospital. Cassie
came home from college for the weekend to stay with the baby and
give her parents a rest.
Mrs. Haase began helping children15 years ago, when she
volunteered at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and
cuddled and rocked newborns whose mothers were unable to take
them home. Eventually, she got to know agency President & CEO
Bob Jones, Ph.D., who was her neighbor. He saw firsthand her love
of babies and invited her on a tour of the agency.
Mr. and Mrs. Haase are devoted to the infants they foster, and even
adopted their son Ghana, who is now 8 years old. “I wish we had
started caring for these babies even earlier,” says Mrs. Haase. “It’s such a remarkable
experience. I would have adopted even more children.”
The people who help us make a difference
Our Volunteers
Volunteers play a vital role in the success of a nonprofit organization, generously offering gifts of time, dedication,
and enthusiasm. Children’s Aid and Family Services is extremely fortunate to have the support of several hundred
individuals with projects ranging from office help to babysitting to fundraising and mentoring. They come from all
walks of life, including students, corporate executives, stay-at-home mothers, and retirees. Other generous individuals
get involved by leading a holiday gift drive to benefit children in the agency’s care or by helping the agency maintain
its group homes.
All of these volunteers play an important role in the agency’s ability to continue to serve the most vulnerable
members of our community, and their contributions are incredibly meaningful. The agency values these devoted
individuals, and honors them each May during the Volunteer Appreciation Event.
Many people who volunteer with the agency enjoy working directly with their neighbors in northern New Jersey,
lending a helping hand in various ways. For example, 20 to 30 individuals help run the Baby Basics program, in which
Here are the stories of just a few of the agency’s
dedicated volunteers
Patrick Christie met his mentee, Eric, when he was a school bus driver.
As he got to know Eric, he started to bond with him. He taught him sign language, a skill
he had picked up as a hobby.
Mr. Christie enjoyed their time together, and learned that Eric was living in one of the
agency’s group homes. Mr. Christie eventually got in touch with the agency and started
taking part in the Mentoring program. Shortly after, the two began doing activities together,
such as going to the movies, browsing bookstores and going fishing.
“I’m glad I could be a stable friend for Eric,” says Mr. Christie. “I was able to show him
that I wanted to be part of his life, I chose him. I helped him to see he was important in life,
that he wasn’t a nobody or a throwaway.”
Children’s Aid and Family Services’ Mentor program offers children in the agency’s care
the opportunity to receive adult guidance from a different perspective other than a teacher
or staff member. The mentor/mentee relationship helps to create much-needed stability in
a child’s life.
low-income families with children ages newborn through two years receive
nutritional formula and diapers. The agency has two distribution centers in
Ridgewood and Englewood. These dedicated volunteers purchase supplies,
package and inventory them, as well as distribute them to clients. Other
volunteers help the staff at Turrell Child Care & Early Learning Center, either
by rocking and cuddling the babies, or reading and participating in arts and
crafts projects with the toddlers and preschoolers. And for those who love
looking after little ones, the agency offers the Grandmother’s Babysitting
Club at its Child Welfare office, where volunteers take care of babies and
toddlers in foster care while their parents attend training meetings.
Volunteers also play a vital role in fundraising. Every year, the agency holds two fundraising
events in the spring and fall. Volunteers handle details ranging from mailing invitations to securing auction donations
to raising the agency’s profile in the community.
Danielle Alaimo discovered Children’s Aid and Family Services when she
did a Google search looking for an adoption agency. A Girl Scout of 12 years, Ms. Alaimo
wanted to do something for her Gold award that was focused on children. She contacted
the agency, and began to volunteer.
She started by painting two bathrooms in one of the agency’s group homes for girls.
She purchased art supplies and made bead jewelry, picture frames,
and decorated visors with the girls. Ms. Alaimo was surprised by
the compassion and openness the girls had for her.
“I thought I was going to have a positive effect
on them, but they also had a positive effect on me,”
Ms. Alaimo said. “One girl came up to me, gave me a
huge hug and said, ‘I wish you were my sister.’”
Ms. Alaimo is a dedicated volunteer and supports many
organizations, including the Morristown Soup Kitchen, and
Chilton Memorial Hospital. She attends Villa Walsh Academy
in Morristown, New Jersey where she is the president of a volunteer organization called
Students in Touch Uplifting People (SIT UP).
Our Volunteers
Mickey Capelli became a volunteer for the agency about 18 years ago.
She began working at The Depot, an all-volunteer gift and craft shop that raises funds to benefit Children’s Aid and Family Services, and found it a natural fit since she had a career background in retail.
She has served as a gift buyer, as well as co-director of The Depot. “The Depot is an
amazing place to shop and volunteer,” says Ms. Capelli. “All the volunteers have a close
bond, and are dedicated to their work because they’re helping children.”
Ms. Capelli has seen firsthand the agency’s tremendous growth throughout the past
18 years, as well as the resulting need for more volunteers. She often serves as an advocate,
working to get people involved. “I tell people the agency’s work is so diverse, and
they really must take a tour to see the wonderful work being done,” says Ms. Capelli.
“I know when they see the services offered to vulnerable children, they can’t help but
get interested.”
Dru Pierce was reading her church’s newsletter10 years ago when she
came across an ad asking for volunteers. She got in touch with her church, and
began to volunteer in the Baby Basics program, which provides formula and diapers
to children of low-income parents. Three years ago, the program was adopted by
Children’s Aid and Family Services.
Ms. Pierce’s main responsibilities as a volunteer are to buy supplies and pack
them for the families. Additionally, she is a member of the Baby Basics steering
committee, where she assists in tracking the clients served by the program, and
makes sure their needs are being accommodated. She is also a member of the
committee that organizes the agency’s fall Wine and Food Tasting fundraiser. This
past year she helped put together baskets for the silent auction, and secured a
train tressel sign advertising the event in Ridgewood.
“When I joined the Baby Basics program as a volunteer, I had a young
family, so I sympathize with these families that simply need support to provide
for their children during a difficult, expensive time in their lives,” says Ms. Pierce.
Brigid O’Brien, was looking for meaningful volunteer work after she retired
from a nursing career. Although she and her husband were long-time donors, she was
not aware of the need for volunteers at the Turrell Child Care & Early Learning Center.
When she called to discuss various volunteer opportunities, she learned there were
several available.
Five years ago, she began volunteering in the infant room, for three hours a week. She
helps care for the babies during lunchtime, to give the teachers a break. She plays, feeds
and cuddles with the infants. “I love working in the infant room,” Ms. O’Brien says. “The
staff is professional and skilled, and it’s wonderful to see the babies taken care of so well.”‘
Ms. O’Brien, a master gardener, also volunteered in the creation of the Healing Garden
at the agency’s Ridgewood office, and still helps maintain it. She also donates her time to
READ NOW!, where she reads to children. “There are so many things a volunteer can do
for the agency,” she says. “It doesn’t matter what your skills are like.”
Growing up, Mike Martino was very close to his grandparents and parents.
As a result, he enjoys helping older people. After he retired from a career in finance several
years ago, the coordinator of eldercare services at the Northwest Senior Center invited
him to follow his interests and join as a volunteer.
Mr. Martino uses his computer and financial skills to help the senior citizens at the
Center find the best prescription plans available from Medicare Part D. This is no small task,
as there are approximately 57 such plans, and the vast majority of the seniors he helps lack
computer knowledge. Further, the least expensive alternatives vary
from one individual to another, because they are based on the
medications prescribed and the
pharmacy used. “Many of the
elderly at the Senior Center don’t
realize how much money they
can save,” says Mr. Martino. “When
they see the amount of money
they can save on their drug plan,
they’re thrilled. Volunteering at the
Center is extremely gratifying,
because they really appreciate
the help.”
Our Volunteers
Jan Lescroart became a volunteer for the Baby Basics program soon after her
Both Carol Whaley and Stephanie Karl, members of the agency’s
Special Events committee, have a background in education, as well as a deep concern for children.
Ms. Whaley has been involved with the agency since 1998, and has served as Secretary and currently as
2nd Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees. She’s been a member of the Special
Events committee since 2004, and enjoys planning the agency’s annual
spring gala, as well as finding creative ways to bring new people to the
agency. “The agency’s work is important,” Ms. Whaley says. “It brings
nurturing to children, families, and the elderly.”
Ms. Karl, a long-time supporter of numerous nonprofit organizations,
started the foundation Helen’s Hope in honor of her mother. She became
familiar with the agency in 2006, and has been an enthusiastic supporter
through her family’s foundation. She enjoys promoting the work of the
agency, and through her work as President of the Upper Saddle River
Board of Education, encourages children to get involved with the agency.
“My mother and father were big believers in philanthropy,” Ms. Karl
says. “They taught us whatever you have, you share.”
son was born14 years ago. She saw firsthand how expensive it was to have a child, and
couldn’t imagine how low-income families with babies managed.
The Baby Basics program supplies nutritional formula and diapers to low-income
families with children ages two years and younger. “I never realized the tremendous need for
a program like this, even in an area as affluent as Bergen County,” says Ms. Lescroart.
Although Ms. Lescroart has a family and full-time career, she always makes time for the
Baby Basics program. She shops for diapers and nutritional formula – usually purchasing
25 cases of diapers alone per trip - and also participates in the distribution. “I’ve seen many
families go through tough times, and we’re there to help ease their burdens by providing
formula and diapers, and also a place where they can find support by talking to us and the
other parents,” she says.
Ms. Lescroart is also heavily involved in the agency’s fall Wine and Food Tasting
fundraiser, for which she solicits food donations from local restaurants and caterers.
“I have fun at the event,” she says, “Baby Basics is so close to my heart, I can’t imagine
not being involved.”
Erik Sorenson believes that “volunteering is one of life’s pure joys.” He
exemplifies this philosophy through his dedication to Children’s Aid and Family Services,
where he serves as 1st Vice Chair on the Board of Trustees and also as Chair of the
Development Committee.
Mr. Sorenson and his wife, Cornell Chulay, are the parents of four children, one of
whom is adopted. Thus, he has an appreciation of the challenges faced by the children in
the agency’s care that are waiting for an adoptive family. “The children the agency serves
are in tremendous need of nurturing, both emotionally and psychologically,” he says.
“In my humble opinion, they deserve all the help we can give them.”
If you’re inetrested in volunteering, call our
volunteer manager at 201.261.2800 x 222 or
Mr. Sorenson helps the agency to grow and raise its profile through his efforts in
fundraising, as well as introducing friends to the agency’s work. To that end, he recently
oversaw the production of an agency video
used for fundraising, generously donating
his talents as a longtime media professional. He also participated in the
Hoop-A-Paluza fundraising event,
shooting baskets to raise
donations for the agency’s
Boarder Babies program.
The people who help us make a difference
Agency Endowment and Named Funds
The Anne Goheen Crane Endowment
The agency’s principal endowment fund provides unrestricted funds that can be directed to areas of greatest need. Interest from the
fund provides the agency’s only source of reliable income. It is used to support mission commitments to: keep services accessible
to all, regardless of ability to pay; provide the ability to anticipate changing needs and respond to the unexpected; and to be less
vulnerable to economic fluctuations.
The Ethel G. and Arthur B. Toan, Jr. Fund
This fund provides unrestricted support that can be directed to any area of need within the agency.
The Anne and John Oros Fund
This fund provides dedicated college scholarship support for children who were fostered as infants by the Oros family, and, in the
future, to support other teens who have aged out of foster care and are attending college.
Margaret Pasmantier Community Life Education Fund
Established in memory of Margaret Pasmantier, a long-time agency volunteer, this funds a variety of community educational programs.
Julie Lynne Zipper Memorial Fund
This fund was established in memory of Julie Lynne Zipper, a tragic victim of the World Trade Center attacks of 2001. As a lasting
tribute to Julie and in recognition of her love for the Turrell Child Care & Early Learning Center in Paramus – attended by her son
Jason – the fund provides scholarships for staff members who wish to further their education in early childhood learning.
The Thomas R.S. Burgin Parents Fund
This fund provides financial assistance to teens aging out of foster care and attending college or vocational training. It is also available
to fund tutoring and other special educational needs for children in the agency’s care. This year, we re-focused the fund as a “Parents”
fund so it can also be a source of emergency funding for any former client of one of our foster care programs.
The Barbara Abney Bolger Fund
Newly formed in 2007 in honor of long-standing volunteer and Board member, Barbara Abney Bolger, the Fund will provide for the
maintenance, renovation and other capital needs of the Woodlea and PATH I group homes.
The Leda M. Jadrosich Fund
Established in memory of Leda M. Jadrosich, this fund supports all aspects of the agency’s adoption services for vulnerable infants,
children and teens – from helping them heal to recruiting loving adoptive families for them.
The Ruth L. and William F. Warmington Fund
An endowed fund to support the core infrastructure needs of the agency, such as communications,development, and the
professional development of leadership staff.
Lifetime Gifts
Lifetime gifts made to the Anne Goheen Crane Endowment or other endowment and named funds
$500,000 and above
2 lifetime friends of the agency
$100,000 - $249,999
Teri L. DeSorbo and
Christopher J. Lasher
$50,000 - $99,999
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jadrosich
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Kennedy
Merck-Medco Managed Care, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Throdahl
Ethel G. and Arthur B.* Toan
$20,000 - $49,999
The Copper Beech Foundation
Anne Goheen Crane and Thomas
Crane, Jr.; Philip, Marshall, Megan,
and Adrianne
Marion T. and Robert B. Jones
Heidi and E. Gerald Kay
E. Gerald Kay Family Foundation
The Kirincich Family
Richard I. Klein
Anne and John Oros
Wells, Jaworski, & Liebman, LLP
$10,000 - $19,999
Barbara G. and Bruce M. Brady
Susan and Harvey Braun
Mimi and Tom Brome
Robert F.* and Margaret S. Goheen
Mr. and Mrs. John Kandravy, Esq.
Els* and Gys B. Kooy
Judi and Al* Lilley
$5,000 - $9,999
Barbara Abney Bolger
Mr. Thomas R. S. Burgin
Douglas and Barbara S.* Dittrick
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
The W. & M. Kennedy Private
Family Foundation
Nancy and Kenneth Koeller & Family
Mark W. Pasmantier, M.D.
Rose Marie and Rod Schutt
Ann and Henrik Tvedt, Jr.
Jonelle and Ronald M. von Autenried
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wessel
* Denotes deceased.
$2,500 + $4,999
Anonymous (2)
Deborah and Donald Aronson
Margot Leary Badenhausen
Ann and Bruce Benedict
Doris M. Hansmann
Diana and W. Fletcher Hock
The Jaqua Foundation
Judith H. and Robert E. Saydah
$1,000 - $2,499
American International Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bombace
Marcia and Michael Corrigan
Delight and Paul Dodyk
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. Gilmartin
Liz and David Mason
Mr. and Mrs. David F. McBride
Moira McBride Murphy
Grace and Fred Sisto
SkillBuilders Fund
Marcy* and Bruce Slater
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Betsy R. Vander Velde
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Vanderbeek
Sue and David Viniar
Joan and John Wrede
Wayne A. Yankus, M.D.
$500 - $999
Jeanne Burke
ECW Outreach
Jeanette M. Flanagan
Ethel & Philip Adelman
Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Kathy and Paul Higbee
Conrad Hirzel
Dr. Robert W. Honsinger
Junior Woman’s Club of Ridgewood
Dorothy Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Magnus, Jr.
Alice and Craig McClelland
Eleanore S. Nissley
Dotti and Richard Oswald
Mrs. Harlan C. Peterson
Cindy and Bob Probert
Dr. and Mrs. Donald O. Quest
Beatriz Valera-Schutz and Don Schutz
Gayle and Frank Smith
Marion L. and Peter R. Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Thurston
Margaret and Drew Watson
Watson Rice LLP
Diana and George R. Wing, Jr.
$250 + $499
Beverley and Bill Belknap
Judy Bienstock
Veronica Burkett and Thomas J. Pazel
Sue and Bruce Byers
Tonia and Dan Cohen
Janet and Richard Fricke
Betty and Martin Gulino
Betty A. Hoskins
Marcella and Basil Kokoletsos
Carolyn and Ted Krause
LaMendola Associates, Inc.
Barbara and Vincent Lewis
Marybeth and John Lyons
Ms. Ellen Maland and
Mr. Donald Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McKay
Audrey Meyers and Scott Agins
Lindsey and Richard Moynihan
Sally and Norm Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. John P. O'Brien
Barbara and Kevin O'Brien
Joan and Charlie Omsberg
Christie and Joe Owens
Lyn and Richard Rumage
SACC Parent Executive Committee
Sara and John Snyder
The Sumner Family
Carol and Jim Whaley
Dot and Ron Zier
$100 + $249
Judy and Tom Archibald
Katherine and William Bates, Jr.
Mrs. Robert W. Bechtel
Krisi and Drew Behrens
Lili and Jerry Binney
Ms. Martha D. Bird
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Bitzer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Bougas
Sheila Brogan
The Bronfin Family
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Burgin
Daniel Burke
Jill and Bob Callahan
Eileen and Paul Callan
Carol and James Cavaluzzi
Andree and Bill Cobb
Cathy and Warren Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Coviello
Hanley B. Cox
Nancy and Jim Culver
Patricia DeBartolome and
Richard Mills
Dee and Frank DeBernardis
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DelColliano
Lois* and David DeWahl
Onnie N. Duffie
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dwyer
Cathy Eastman and Family
Susan and David Eisenberg
Carol and Richard Ekman
Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Ellinghaus
Audrey Evans
Monique and Steven Facini
Susan M. Fahy
Hon. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Felice
Dorothy and Tom Folger
Mr. and Mrs. David Friedrich
Nancy and David Fruetel
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Fuller
Deanna and Richard* Gaither
Ann and Harper Garrett
Marge and Jack Geraghty
The Giovanniello Family
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Goldberg
Chris and James Groome
Carole M. Harper, MA, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haydon
Nancy G. Honsinger
Celia and Joe Hutnik
Caroline and Andrew Janover
Jacqueline and Jonathan King
Betty L. Klein
Betty and Burton Klein
Becky and Frank P.* Kraus
Maribeth and Tom Lane
Martha and Michael Laslavic
Kathleen and Dennis Lee
Cindy and Dave Levy
LJS Communications
Frank R. Loscalzo, Ph.D.
Joan and Donald Maiocco
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malinky
Lynn and Douglas Marion
Barbara and Arthur Masarky
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Mathe
Lynn and Don McBeth
Monica and Ed McCabe
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. McCarthy
Mr. Paul McCarthy
Sally and John McGrath
Tom Miller
Lynn and Ed Miskiel
Florence Moscarello
Betsie Bolger Mott
The Mullane Family
New Players Company of
Ridgewood High School
Ruth Nicoll
Ann and Drew Nieporent
Melissa and Charles O'Brien
Frank J., Katie, and Ryan Plateroti
Poskanzer Skott Architects
The Prudential Foundation
Matching Gifts Program
Mr. and Mrs. Martin V. Quinn
Janice L. and Michael L. Quinn
June and Jack Ritter
Martha and Tim Rogers
The Honorable Marge Roukema and
Dr. Richard Roukema
Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Salamone
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Sargen
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Schoch
Barbara and Francis H. Schott
William “Pat” Schuber
Sheila and Harvey Shilling
Christine B. Sinkhorn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Skewes
Barna and Jerry Solomon
Lori and Jeff Sperber
Julie and Lawrence Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney V. Stoldt,* Jr.
Mary Suliali and Robert Christian
Roberta and Eugene Svarre
Lynne and Tom Tarvin
Lifetime Gifts
$100 + $249 (continued)
Kathleen Egan Tomai
Elias N. Tsoukas, M.D.
Unilever United States
Foundation, Inc.
Gerry and Rod Verblaauw
Rita Ward and Timothy Henkler
Anita and Russ Warnet
Judy and George Webster
Carol and Ed Weissler
Rose Zeltser
Up to $99
Anonymous (1)
Mr. and Mrs. Akinbowale Adegbayi
Carol Johnson Bald
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bennett
Dale and Nubar Berian
Denise and James Bernhard
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Bixon
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Blumenthal
Mary Pat Boron
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Bryan
Ms. Karol G. Chesney
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chiocchi
Diane R. Clemente
Carol F. Conklin
Mary and Chris Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cunningham
and Family
Sue and Brian Curtiss
Mr. and Mrs. Julian A. Decter
Jerry C. DeFalco
Elizabeth A. Deming
Belinda R. Dumont
Family Counseling Service Auxiliary
of Children’s Aid and Family Services
Terri and Neil Feinstein
Joan and Al Fischbein and Family
Eleanor and Thomas Fleischer
Nancy and Thomas Fleischer
The Funke Family - Candida,
Meredith and Laura
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Gerstein
Roberta and Gerry Goertz
Lisa Graf
Philip Grappo
Helen Greenwood
Joan Fennimore Groome
Cynthia and Rurik Halaby
Pamela M. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Jennings
Eileen M. Jones
Malcolm G. Jones, Sr.
Anne and Carey Joynt
Junior League of Bergen County, Inc.
Rosemary and Louis Karcher
Maureen C. Kirschner
Eileen and Joseph Leone
Nancy and Joe LoPiccolo
Mr. and Mrs. John Luongo
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Mancuso
Mindy and Bob Mast
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Maxwell
Polly McClure
The McGettigan Family
Cruz Meija
Ms. Elinor W. Meyers
Ms. Gladys Miller
David W. Morgan
Lou Lou and Terence Mullervy
Michele Murdock
Susan and Richard Nashel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Newman
Elliott Norwalk
Robin and John O'Brien
Phyllis and Harold Phipps
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Principe
Donna and Raun Rasmussen
Joanne Reisser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Reynen
Lorraine and Jim Reynolds
Mr. Kenneth Rubsamen
Kathleen E. Russo
Sandy and Alan Sadwin
Joseph Schmidt
Eileen and Gary Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey F. Silver
Mrs. Edward L. Sivigny
Joyce Sonpal
Doris M. Swenson
Kathleen Toner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tunstall
Myra Vasquez
Amy Walsh
Anne and Jack Warner
Scott M. Weiner
Lisa Weissler
Nancy B. Whittemore
Bill Wilkinson
Elaine and Daryl Wright
Sara Yarmak
Kathryn and William Yeomans
Alice G. Yocom
Zurich Reinsurance (North America), Inc.
Membership in the
Second Century Circle is for
all agency friends who have
made a planned gift to
benefit Children’s Aid
and Family Services.
Anonymous (2)
Dr. and Mrs.* Ozell K. Beatty
Elizabeth W. Bell*
Barbara Abney Bolger
Barbara G. and Bruce M. Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Brown
Mr. Thomas R. S. Burgin
Mickey Capelli
Helen S. Cheel*
Anne Goheen Crane
Geraldine V. Ely*
Ms. Phyllis Ettinger
Filomena and Angelo P. Ferrara*
Ronald H. Grafe*
Annamarie J. Greek
Doris M. Hansmann
Julia G. Hoffman*
Nancy G. Honsinger
Dr. Robert W. Honsinger
Norma and Paul Hunter
Marion T. Jones
Robert B. Jones
Janet and Frank* Kireker
Els* and Gys B. Kooy
Judi and Al Lilley
Audrey I. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Reynen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Schubert
Rose Marie and Rod Schutt
Marcy and Bruce Slater
Ethel G. and Arthur B.* Toan
Blanche and Richard Townsend
Ann and Henrik Tvedt, Jr.
Jonelle and Ronald M. von Autenried
Dr. William M. Willis, Jr.
Wayne A. Yankus, M.D.
* Denotes deceased.
Annual Gifts
Children’s Aid and Family Services would like to thank the following donors for gifts made from January 1 – December 31, 2007.
Donors are credited for designated contributions to specific programs or funds and for general operating contributions made
directly to Children’s Aid and Family Services. These include gifts and pledges made through the United Way, Matching Gifts
made by employers, as well as payments on pledges to any of our endowment or named funds made during 2007.
The list does not necessarily reflect donations made directly to one of our volunteer advisory boards, including their
special events. On their behalf, we thank you for your continued support.
$100,000 - $249,000
Anonymous (1)
The Copper Beech Foundation
$50,000 - $99,999
Elaine and Myron Adler
Mickey Capelli
Teri L. DeSorbo and
Christopher J. Lasher
Catherine L. Redlich and Robert
$20,000 - $49,999
Helen's Hope Foundation
Joan and Edward Doherty
$10,000 - $19,999
Anonymous (1)
The Kravecas Family
Douglas and Barbara S.* Dittrick
Ethel & Philip Adelman Charitable
Foundation, Inc.
Doris M. and Ralph E. Hansmann
Marion T. and Robert B. Jones
Heidi and E. Gerald Kay
Lynn and Don McBeth
Anne and John Oros
Andrea and Herbert Ouida
Sudie and Mark Throdahl
$5,000 - $9,999
Anonymous (1)
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cleary
Kiara and James Craffey
Joanne Mandry and
Don Ramesdorfer
Liz and David Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan C. McCurrach
Brigid and Kevin O'Brien
Frank J., Katie, and Ryan Plateroti
Robert G. Sommer
Eve and Emile van den Bol
Sue and David Viniar
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. von Autenried
$2,500 - $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Barksdale
Barbara Abney Bolger
Susan and Harvey Braun
The Bronfin Family
Grace and Frank Burr
Anne Goheen Crane and
Thomas R. Crane
Jennifer and Stephen Errico
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Heilborn
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jadrosich
Maribeth and Tom Lane
Marybeth and John Lyons
Susan and John Manley
Jay R. Monroe Memorial Foundation
Catharine and James Napolitano
Audrey I. Newman and
John M. McKendry
Amy and John Nidds
Mr. and Mrs. John P. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Geary Plateroti
Vincent Plateroti
Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Salamone
Elva and Peter Scanel
Gayle and Frank Smith
Joyce and Donald Snider
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Swanson
Ethel G. Toan
Lisa and William Torpey
Marcy and Jon Wimbish
$1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (2)
The Abdoo Family
The Albes Family
Teresa J. Battaglia
Ann and Bruce Benedict
Lili and Jerry Binney
Mary and Tom Burgin
Burr Family Foundation
Betsy Chamberlin
Jennifer and Peter Contrucci
Pat and Ed DeSear
Marianne and Robert Dill
Delight and Paul Dodyk
Wendy and Mark Epstein
Teresa Erzmoneit and Richard Lynch
Sue and Matthew Evans
Sally and David Falck
Martha Fickinger and Jeff Deutsch
Kimberly and Kenneth Ford
Ellen and Vincent Forlenza
The Frank and Brenda Gallagher
Family Foundation
Gloria Gallo
Raymond V. and Gladys H. Gilmartin
Foundation, Inc.
Sharon and Frank Gomez
Annamarie J. Greek
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Haase, Jr.
Pat and Betty Hamel
Patricia and Robert Hanft
Kathy and Paul Higbee
Diane and Kenneth Hipkins
Conrad Hirzel
Karen and Michael Hofstetter
Nina and Ken Hovey
Lisa M. Olsen and Richard V. Hrvatin
Ellen and Michael Jacobs
Babs and John Kandravy
Becky and Frank P.* Kraus
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lenhard
Sue and Bob Mackie
Mr. and Mrs. James T. McCarthy
Mary and Bill McNamara
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Minichetti
Mary-Wallace L. and
Russell A. Moody
Anne and Chris Nettleton
Melissa and Charles O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. O’Shea
Kathy and Randall Pastorius
Elaine and Thomas Plaut
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard D. Porreca, III
Erin and Gregory Pruitt
Mollie and Louis Rambler
Sharon and Edward Reitz
Barbara and Joseph Ricciardi
Dr. Ronald Sollitto and Ms. Gina Diaz
Cornell and Erik Sorenson
Janice and Charles Tuch
Betsy R. Vander Velde
Dr. Diane M. Gallo-VanEss and
Dr. David M. VanEss
Melissa and Alex Von Summer
Susan and F. Vincent Warren
Susan and Bob Wei
Mr. and Mrs. Parker Weil
Carol and Jim Whaley
Rose Zeltser
Katherine Zrike
$500 - $999
Anonymous (1)
Heather and Peter Abric
Maria and Robert Absey
Kathleen and John Altieri
Marion and George Arenas
Tracy and Michael Autera
Kathy and Mike Azzara
Gelaye Belaineh
Louise and Christopher Bender
Marjorie and Egon Berg
Mary Pat Boron
Anne and Robert Bosch
Michael and Adrienne Carey
Donna Ferrara and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Chisholm
Lesley and William Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Collopy
Stephen P. Cook
Avery and John Costigan
Meghan and Paul Cummings
Bernadette and Michael Davis
Mr. Alfred DelliBovi
Mr. James Dial
Elsa DiGemma
Julie and Robert Dimino
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Donlan
Mary Helen and Joseph Donofrio
Tina and Kevin Felix
Carla and Richard Fels
Paul E. Fernandes, Jr.
Geri and Tom Ferry
Ann and Barry Fetner
Barbara Ed Franko
Joann Frechette and Robert Nash
Eileen and Jeff Grygier
Kari and Richard Harrison
Higgins Family Foundation
Muna and Basem Hishmeh
Dr. Robert Honsinger
Dr. Nancy Robin Jaicks
Anton Katz
Donna Kennedy
Phyllis and Daniel Kletter
Mrs. William T. Knight, III
Gys B. Kooy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Koppel, Sr.
Melissa and Charles Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kraynak
Ajanta and Akshay Kumar
Katherine and Craig Lucas
Theresa and Kevin McAteer
Maggie and Ted McCormick
Beth and Brant Meleski
Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Melton
Vinita and Vinay Mendiratta
Karen and James Miner
Mrs. Lucy R. Morris
Lucy R. Morris
Lindsey and Richard Moynihan
Ms. Cynthia Stites and
Mr. Donald Nagle
Harold Nickelsberg
Eleanore S. Nissley
Dotti and Richard Oswald
Tia and Fran Patterson
Mrs. Harlan C. Peterson
Elizabeth and James Petrie
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pierce
Ellen and Leonard Polaner
Maribel and Perry Premdas
Dr. and Mrs. Donald O. Quest
Mr. and Mrs. Frank O. Ramsay
Carol and Michael Rasovic
Barbara and John Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Repetto
Sandy and David Richards
Erilyn and John Riley
Ed Rubin
Annette and Richard Rumage, Sr.
Lyn and Richard Rumage
Judith and Robert Saydah
Mrs. Louis B. Schlivek
The Schwartz Family Foundation
Cipora O. and Philip* C. Schwartz
Carol and Mark Smith
Sandra Snow
Ceola L. Stepp
Robert and Barbara Stillwell
Eric B. Swain
Alina and Kurt Swanson
Doris M. Swenson
Tavoso Family Charitable Fund
Tina and David Telesco
Dan Thane and Christopher Chow
Annual Gifts
$500 - $999 (continued)
Blanche and Richard Townsend
Mark and Dawn Van Denend
Denise and John Vollkommer
Eileen and Theodore Wagner
Margaret and Drew Watson
Judith C. Widicus
$250 - $499
Anonymous (4)
Tara and Bradley Adams
Kathryn M. Adorney and
Neil Rindlaub
Heidi and Thomas Ahlborn
Ann and J.P. Alvarado
Jason D. Attwood
Margot Leary Badenhausen
Penelope G. Baker
Miriam and Matt Barnard
Nancy Erin Baroni
John and Caroline Barr
Sanghamitra and Suvajit Basu
Maggie and Jay Bernstein
Marie and John Bicks
Therese and John Bonfiglio
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boos
Henrietta Borst
Anne and Kent Brabant
Kenneth and Rosemarie Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. John Buffington
Tara and Eugene Callaghan
Dawn and Paul Calvetti
Loretta Shea Campbell
Lynn H. Carter-Vogel
Christine and David Chanley
Nancy and John Citti
Joanne and Gary Cogswell
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Conklin
Thomas M. Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Covey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Coviello
Kathryn and Joseph DeChiaro
Maura and John Deegan
Susan J. Denenholz
Gloria and John Dreyer
Christine and Jim Driscoll
John Dubac
L. Georgette McAuley and
Kevin Duffy
Megan and Paul Dunphey
Cathy Eastman and Family
Ms. Frances Eaton
Jennifer and Michael Faherty
Hon. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Felice
Patricia and Robert Felice
Maureen and Richard Ferrara
Donna Mahr Flagg and Bob Flagg
John H. Flathmann, Jr.
Hannah and Fred Fogg
Joan and Larry Foglia
Maria and Gary Franco
Nancy and Michael Gaffney
Julie and Kevin Gahwyler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Gallo
Ms. Mercedes Garcia
Maureen and Lawrence Gardner
Mrs. and Mr. Maureen Gardner
Robert F.* and Margaret S. Goheen
Dr. and Mrs. Max Goldberg
Kate and Jose Gonzalez
Cathrine and Bob Gritman
Jennifer and John Hamlet
Patrice and William Hansen
Cecily and Brian Healy
Kirsten Henrickson
Mary and Bill Henson
Nancy G. Honsinger
Jerry Horowitz
Lois D. Horowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hughes
Margaret and David Hughes
Jan and Thomas Hurley
Carolyn and John Jacoby
Patsy Jensen and Paul Fehlner
Mark Khalil
Erinda and Peter Kikot
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ralph Kirby
Noelle Kokoletsos and Marshall Crane
Mary and Bob Lane
Karen and Ted Larson
Carol and Will Layfield
Gloria Leder and William J. Heimbuch
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Lettieri
Sally Lewis
Kathleen and Peter Lops
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Magnus, Jr.
Marie and Anthony Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mamone
Ms. Elisabeth Mannschott
Barbara and Arthur Masarky
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Mathe
Joanne Lamarca and Tyler Mathisen
Mrs. and Mr. Susan McBrayer
Pat and Chris McCurdy
Eva and John McDonald
Molly and Thomas McGee
Ms. Judy McLean and Mr. Fred Jubitz
Ellen and Todd McNamara
Andrew Meo
Nicole and Kyle Merrick
Mollie and Doug Messineo
Thomas E. Miller
Cyndy and Paul Mitchell
Annual Gifts
Thomas and Robin Morsch
Tricia Mueller
Elizabeth and Brian Murphy
Erin and Gene Napolitan
Susan and Michael Needleman
Sally and Norm Nelson
Catherine Brefach Newman
Dianne and David Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Noonan
Ms. Jean M. Nuzzolo
Pam and Mike Pasquale
Evelyn Pergola
Kristen and Adam Perlman
Kelly and Jack Petersen
Dawn and David Piano
Emil Joseph Piel
Cheryl and Bradley Post
Mr. and Mrs. John Barry Reid
Kimberly and Kyle Reis
Sharon Renker
Eileen and Steven Rosen
Grace and John Schaus
Mr. and Mrs. James Schimmel
Cheryl McInroy and Roger Schlicht
Barbara and Francis H. Schott
Kristen and Joseph Schultz
Timothy Schwartz
Maureen and Kevin Sheehan
Nan Owen Sietsma
Kathleen and Robert Skrzypczak
Kathy and David Slomin
Carly, Ella, and Max Sokol
Leanne and Luigi Stancato
Judeann Strauss
Patrick Sweeney
Jacqueline and Michael Szymanski
Marilyn Terhune
Annette and Michael Testa
Miriam and John Thielke
Tina and Chris Tilyou
Marisa L. Tuch
Deborah Turner and David L. Roberts
Mary and Rob Vermylen
Margaret and Michael Webb
Ann and Tom White
Gabrielle and Steve Winnert
Marla and Brian Wormser
Sharon and Joe Yacura
$100 - $249
Anonymous (11)
Joan and Bob Abelson
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Adams
Myra and Myles Adler
Michael Adriance
John and Jill Albano
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Amo
Ellen J. Anderson
Cathy and John Andrus
Meredith and Robert Antonelli
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Armour
Dr. Anne Armstrong-Coben and
Mr. Harlan F. Coben
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Arpert
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph August
Leandra Avato
Maryann and Greg Aynilian
Carol Johnson Bald
Phil Ball
Donald J. Barley, Esq.
Virginia Bartholomew
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Behrens
Bayne and Scott Belair
Kathleen and Noel Belli
Reverend Denise H. Bennett and
Mr. Thomas M. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael H. Beresford
Lisa P. Beslity
Jeanna Bischer
Barclay Blayman
Lisa and Richard Blumenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Hervey E. Blumers
Daryl and Matthew Boylan
Carole Bray-Vincent
Mimi and Tom Brome
Gail and Richard Brooks
Janet S. Brown
Kay and Bob Brundige
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Burke
Linda and Al* Byer
Sue and Bruce Byers
Eileen and Paul Callan
Elaine and Warner Canto
Lucille Cecchi and James E. Cecchi
Deborah and Carlo Cella
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Chersi
Ms. Catherine A. Chriss and
Mr. Timothy J. Graham
Boyd A. Christie
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cipriano, D.M.D.
Sally and William Clark
Andree and Bill Cobb
Mary Jane and Michael Cochran
Patricia and Lewis Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Coomber
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Cooper
Deborah and V. Barry Corridon
Marcia and Michael Corrigan
Lucy and John Costa
Ms. Maria Costagliola
Sue and Brian Curtiss
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dahms
Daryl Brown and Edward Davis
Moira and Edward De Salvo
Dee and Frank DeBernardis
Jean DeCicco
Victor Delvecchio
Erin and John Dewan
Jean E. Deyo
Victoria and Christopher DeYoung
Susan and Michael DeZaio
Trudi and Douglas Dial
John Dick
Vivian and John Dick
Elizabeth Dickinson
Leslie Diner
Miriam Dinerman
Wendy Dockray and Robert Trobe
Rose Ann and Paul Donohoe
Mary-Frances and Robert Dougherty
Lisa Duff
Barbara B. Eaton
Roseanne and Robert Ebert
Jill Edelson
Kerry and James Egan
Carol and Richard Ekman
Amy Boscov and Terry Ellen
Gertrude and Howard Engle
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ermel
Teresa Erzmoneit and Richard Lynch
Phyllis Eskin
Wendy D. Esposito
Tosha Fadness
Lynne and Robert Fagles
Judith and Ben Farnsworth
Mr. and Mrs. William Ferer and
Robert Nathan Ferer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ferrante, Jr.
Jill and Ed Fischer
Marcia and Glenn Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Flaherty
Ms. Alvina Frey
Christina Ferrara Frith and
Stephen Frith
Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Fuchs
Mr. and Mrs. Enrico Gaglioti
Ann and Harper Garrett
Mary Stuart and Angus Gephart
Carol Geragotelis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Gilsenan
Thomas P. Gilson
Elizabeth Givner
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Goldberg
Philip Grappo
Madinah Grier
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Groom
Ellie and Marty Gruber
Mr. and Mrs. John Guenter
Mr. and Mrs. V. John Guthery, III
Gael S. Haebernickel
Kristin and John Halvey
$100 - $249 (continued)
Mr. Jacques Harlow
Charles Lee Harp, Jr.
Gale and Kenneth Harris
Helen Marie Harrison
Byrenda M. Hatcher
Christina and Michael Hayes
Sandy and Jim Healey
Dorothy and Chris Heinbockel
Agatha and Harry Herz
Nancy and Gregor Hetzel
Sally K. Hirschey
Diana and W. Fletcher Hock
Mary Onie and Tom Holland
Dana and Peter Hopper
Nancy and Lawrence Horowitz
Lori and Wayne Howard
Barbara P. Hyslop
Karen and Giuseppe Iacono
Jean Janakat
Kevin Johnson
Janet F. Johnston
Eileen M. Jones
Kathleen and Elliott Jones
Sally and Alfred Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones
Enid and Andrew Joseph
Peggy and Ed Kabakow
Michelle E. and Michael Kaiser
Michelle D. Kaiser
Punam and Satish Kashyap
Declan and Christine Kearney
Marcus F. Keep, M.D.
Lucretia and Michael Kender
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kenny
Anna and Jasper Kersbergen
Jane and Richard Kiernan
Linda and Stephen Kimler
Dawn and Darvin Klarin
Lynn and Paul Knight
Marcella and Basil Kokoletsos
Linda and Robert Kotch
Cornelie and Dan Ladd
Betty and Tom Lade
Nicholas Laganella, II
Arlene and Anthony Laino
Dawn and Stephen Laird
Lisa Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Ledlow
Loren Lembo-Mularz
Charlene and Chris LeMoine
Jan Lee and John Lescroart
Bobbi and Harvey Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lieser
Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan M. Lilley
Mr. and Mrs. Jetson E. Lincoln
Patricia Lloyd
Ilene and Edward Lowenthal
Marlene H. Lubinger
Mr. Joel Lusman
Marie C. Lyle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Mancuso
Annette and Peter Mani
Joseph Manning and
Christopher Reggio
Frank Marchese and Lisa Weddle
Carol and Tom Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight B. Massey
Carol Ann Mathes
Andrea and Raymond Maxwell
Rosemary Gunther and
Sean McCooe
Doris and Paul McCormick
Pat and John McDonagh
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. McGuire
Barbara G. McLaughlan
Michelle and Todd McMichael
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton E. Meier
Marianne and Leonard Melley, Sr.
Ann and Carl Melone
Audrey Meyers and Scott Agins
Patricia and Hugh Middleton
Mr. Carolyn Cardaci Miron
Cheryl Byk Montemurno, M.D.
Theresa and Robert Moore
Florence Moscarello
Joey and Mark Moskowitz
Betsie Bolger Mott
Dr. and Mrs. Michel Mouravieff
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Muscarelle
Kimberley Myles and Geoff Ramsey
Elleen C. Natarelli
Sally and A. Donald Nazzaro
Ann and Drew Nieporent
Donna Lynn and Robert G. Nihen
Jennifer and Andrew Nolan
Donna and Scott Olsen
Christie and Joe Owens
Patrice M. Page
Diane and Robert Palm
Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Papier
Carol and Michael Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pearson
Ms. Susan Peel
Ruth and Allan Penner
Valerie and Charlie Perwas
Margaret Platt-Klaus
Beatrice Podorefsky
Susan and Barry Poskanzer
Nick Preziosi
Lynda and Walter Pullis
Lisa and Mohesh Punjabi
Donna and Raun Rasmussen
Kerri and Tom Reilly
Maria and Michael Reilly
Sheila Riccardi
Mrs. William C. Ridgway, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Risko
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Roelke
Martha and Tim Rogers
Dorothy A. Rollenhagen
Mario E. Alvarez Romero
Mr. and Mrs. Hy Rosenberg
Beverly Rosengren
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruggles
Michael B. Rukin
Christina Rumage
Jennifer Rupprecht
Kathleen E. Russo
Cheryl and David Sabath
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Sandler
Mariellen and Peter Sands
Rocco R. Santomenno
Lynn and Thomas Scerbo
Kerry and Leonard Schmitt
Harriet Schneider
Phyllis L. Schneiderman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Schoch
Sandra Schrettner and
Paul Conciatori
Rose Marie and Rod Schutt
Fiona and Alan Scott
Lois and Marty Sechehay
Joyce and Vincent Sharkey
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shell
Gloria and Bernard Sheplin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Shindler
Karen Shortis and Marc Franco
Laura and Giuseppe Sidoti
Becky and Paul Simpson
Margaret Simonetti
Drs. Grace and Fred Sisto
James Sloan
Betsy and Frank Snope
June L. Sosland
Betsy and Richard Sparrow
Marion L. and Peter R. Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Steiner
Irene Stella
Melanie J. Stern
Rosie and Bob Stubbs
Margaret and Christopher Sullivan
Pat and Denis Sullivan
Roberta and Eugene Svarre
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Taranto
Lynne and Tom Tarvin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Telling
Maureen E. Tierney
Arlene Toro
Thomas M. Toronto
Julie and Steve Torrico
Sara Traberman
Catherine Tutrone
Ann and Henrik Tvedt, Jr.
Mrs. Lillian K. Tvedt
Kim Tyner
The Valente Family
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Van Saun
Gerry and Rod Verblaauw
Angela and Leonardo Vila
Elaine and Guy Vinopal
Deborah Viola, Ph.D.
Erna and Guido von Autenried
Elizabeth and Paul von Autenried
Carol Voss
Sue and Phil Walker
Christopher Walsh
Kathryn and Eric Wansong
Rita Ward and Timothy Henkler
Patricia A. Warner
Josephine and George Washburn
Judy and George Webster
Mr. John B. Wefing
Monica and Richard Weisberg
Dr. and Mrs. Earl A. Wheaton
Jean and John Wilkie
Bill Wilkinson
Michelle and Troy Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wilson
Dr. Judith K. Winn and
Mr. Harold Winn
Janet and Donald Wong
Mr. and Mrs. James Woods
Benjamin Wu
Ms. Marta Yagos
Ceil and Alan Zalkind
Jane and Peter Zecher
Mr. Mark Zeltser
Bonnie and Bill Zimmerman
Up to $99
Anonymous (11)
Claire and Timothy Abel
Mr. and Mrs. Akinbowale Adegbayi
Norris Allman
Angela J. Amabile
Tina and Jack Anapolsky
Ms. Claire J. Anderson
Sue and Jim Angus
Roberta Apfel and Bennett Simon
Patricia and John Arehart
Nancy M. Aslan
Theodore B. Baba
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Babunovic
Lynn and Robert Bagley
Jill Cliffer Baratta and Richard Baratta
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Barba, Jr.
Lindsey and Rich Barclay
Joan A. Barker
Audrey and William Barnish
Eva and Hans Bauer
Linda Bauer
Maryann Behnke
Susan and Alan Bendes
Debra and Robert Bendett
Peter and Marianne Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Benson
Joanne Berardinelli
Gunnar M. Berg
Renee and Arnold Bettinger
Gail and Paul Beverly
Kathleen Bincoletto
Rosary and Jon Bittmann
Frances and Joseph Blakely
Lorna Blauvelt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bleier
Alice M. Bola
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bolton
Rosina and Pasquale Borrello
Nancy Bosch
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Bougas
Barbara Bradley
Mrs. Doris M. Bradley
Ann Marie and Patrick Brennan
Eileen Brennan
Barbara and Kevin Brennan
Kerry and Jon Brenner
Irene and Artie Bressler
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Briody
Kiki and Ed Brodkin
Mrs. Deborah L. Ungerleider and
Mr. Richard C. Brookler
Susan and Marvin Brooks
Amy Browne
Kay and Bob Brundige
Susan and Philip Brustlin
Josephine and Robert Buelow
Patricia and William Burgin
Roberta and Richard Burns
Jacquelyn M. Burrows
Laura and Ron Burrows
Madeline M. Byrne
Donna and Peter Cafone
Ms. Liz Cairns
Catherine Calardo
Karen and David Caldwell
Elizabeth Calton
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Camera
Nancy and Alan Candusso
Mr. and Mrs. William Carbone
Frances Carl
Ms. Bernice Carr
Diane M. Montpetit-Carson
and Ralph R. Carson
Louise T. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Art Caughlan
Carol Cecchini and Paula Carroll
Annual Gifts
Up to $99 (continued)
Surinder and Vinod Chadha
Claire and Thomas Chadwick
Peter T. Cheng
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chesler
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Chiaramonte
Pamela and Stephen Christian
Ruth Ciaramella
Susan and Keith Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Cohen
Mary Kathleen and David Cohen
Arlene R. Cohn
Adele Cooke
Alison and Robert Costello
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Coughlin
Douglas Cronk
Janice and James Crowley
Marianne and Michael Crowley
Elizabeth and Henry Cruz
Ms. Margaret Cummins
Catherine M. Curley
Mr. Robert Dafter
Diane and Lee Dailey
Carol and George Dakes
Dale J. Dalton
Lenore Davis
Theresa and Joseph Debonis
Sharon Decker
Deborah Delaney and
Jeffrey Sommer
Terry and Carl Dell'Olio
Mary Jo Dervos
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Dial
Betty Diclementi
Adele Hoffmeyer and
Richard Diemer
Joseph DiGiacomo
Susan DiGiacomo
Yolanda Dimari and Jacques Kaufman
Barbara and Fred Ditmars
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Dolan
Mrs. Lisa M. Dolmatz
Adam Dvorin
Christine and Michael Eckels
Angele Ekert
Mr. and Mrs. G. Patrick Emery
Gregg Englehardt
Phyllis Ettinger
Ruby L. Evans
Mrs. Margaret B. Faath
Linda and Michael Fairbourne
Bella S. Fellig
Patricia J. Ferraid
Katherine and Robert Ferretti
Edith Figueroa
Elizabeth G. Finnegan
Elizabeth A. Finnerty
Susan and John Fiocchi
George Flanagan
Christine A. Flint
Beverly and Richard Flint
M. Joyce Forman
Elizabeth and Lawrence Forte
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fowls
Lizbeth Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Maxim Y. Frangulova
Florence Friedman
Halina Fusiak-Barrios
Yvette and Monte Gale
Stephanie and Matthew Gannon
Joan M. Garbarino
Ms. Cristina Garcia
Anne C. Gaston
Elizabeth and John Gatti
Joelle Gaugaix-Shiels and
Alfred L. Shiels
Angela Genett
Laura Gengler
Diana and Anthony Gentile
Eudice Gersten and Fern G. Weis
Lisa Anne Gibble
Vincent Q. Giffuni
Theresa Gilligan and W. F. Gilligan
Seymour Gillman
Maria Gilosa
Roberta and Gerry Goertz
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Goldfarb
Ms. Jeanne Gonnelli
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gordon
Gail Gordon
Melissa D. Goring
Mary and James Gorman
Ann and Hamilton Goulart
Nanci and Joseph Gregory
Joan P. Grell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guariglia
Jennifer Gurkan
Barbara and Martin Gutman
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Halloran
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer C. Halper
Betty Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hamlin
Mr. and Mrs. John Handley
Carole M. Harper
Mr. William A. Heberer and
Mr. Warren Heberer
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Heimall
Rosemarie and Richard Helmbrecht
James Hewitt
Deborah and Terrence Higgins
Robert M. Higgins
Ms. Barbara B. Hinrichs
Connie and Jack Hochberg
Helen I. Hodge
Barbara Hoffman
Annual Gifts
Lilo and Jules Hoffman
Julia G. Hoffman*
Beth and Joel Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Horn
Vera Hulmes
Beatrice and Charles Hunnicutt
Lia S. Kwee and Robert Isaac
Dawn and Bryan Jaicks
Virginia G. James
Norbert and Naomi Jaume
Mrs. Jeanne H. Kobritz-Jerfsten and
Mr. Arne Jerfsten
Suzanne R. Johnsen
Ms. Arlene Johnson
Brigitte Johnson
Christopher Jones
Marjorie and Thomas Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Judge
Merri and Howard Kapiloff
Penny and Mitch Kaplan
Noreen A. Karpowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Merle H. Katzman
Maxine and Don Kaufman
Robert S. Kay
Robin Kay
Una M. Kearns
Alison Keep
Nicole and Robert Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon M. Kelton
Kathy and John Kemp
Nancy and Dave Kennedy
Pamela and William Kennedy
Jeralyn Kern
Kathleen A. Keyzer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kiernan
Virginia A. Kiesel
Sharon Kievit
Jacqueline and Jonathan King
Debra and Leonard Kirsch
Roberta and Richard Knauer
Sydney Kobuskie
Florence F. Konner
Miriam Koskinen
Audrey Kosman and J.Walter Kosman
Lauren Kowtna
Beverly Kozdra
Lisa and Benjamin Kozlowski
Laura Krag
Claude Kranik
Marcella and Thomas Kraus
Kathryn Krause
Roger M. Kriete, D.M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Krutzsch
Mary Ellen and Peter Kucharick
Robert Lange
Lynn and Robert Larson
Aileen and Mark Lasalandra
Robert S. Leake
Joan Alice Lehman
Fran Leib
Alison and Armand Leone
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Leone
Carla and Paul Lerman
Loreen and Daniel Lesso
Jennie Leto
Beatrice Levine
Norma E. Levy
Barbara and Vincent Lewis
Louise and Tom Lewis
Sharon L. Lewitt
The James Liati Family
M. A. Libian
Mr. and Mrs. S. Liebowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Linnemann
Georgia and Jim Lipane
Cynthia and Michael Lota
Dani Lueker
Geraldine and Richard Lynch
Susan and Timothy Madden
Deborah Maggio
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malinky
Kathleen Mammano
Florence A. Manno
Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Margetts
Ian and Julie Mark
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Marshall
Courtney Martin
Maria and Joseph Masciandaro
Barbara Masella Farrell
Geri and Mark Maselli
Grace Mauceri
Laura Mausner
Valerie and Lorenz Mazi
Lynn and Joel McCabe
Monica and Edward McCabe
Kathleen McCahill
William McCandless
Anne McCarthy
Patricia McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McClanahan, Jr.
Shannon K. McCorry
Wanda Yee and John McCrudden
Kathleen P. McCullough
Janeen and Stephen McDonald
Elizabeth McDonough
Carolyn and Tom McGurn
Linda and Frank McNamara
Denise McPhillamy-Connelly
Patricia and Thomas McSweeney
Mr. and Mrs. George Mehler
Arnold Mendelson
Gunnar and Susan Mengers
Rocco Menzella
Eileen Miele
Bert Millison
Mr. and Mrs. David Millison
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Minervini
Ms. Lauren Minichetti
Ms. Catherine M. Mitchell and Mr.
Jonathan T. Fenwick
Kirk Mitchell
Naiem Mohammed
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Mone
The Monterallo Family
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Moody
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Morley
Jacqueline H. Moss
Dolores Most
Sandra and Andre Mueninghoff
Suleiman Murad
Sheila and Joseph Nadler
Kathy Nagano
Patrice Napoda
Anne and Rick Naramore
Susan and Richard Nashel
Karen and Robert Nathanson
Natalie and Anna Navatta
Arlene Nemeth
Frances D. Nesnadny
Mary P. Neubauer
Jane T. Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Nicoletti
Angela K. Nitka
Darlene Nydam
Sydelle and Harold Nyfield
Jennifer Oberschewen
James O’Brian
Kathleen and Charles O’Connor
Kathleen D. O’Day
Robyn and Michael O’Hagan
Simone O’Neill
Ms. Barbara O’Rourke
The Ortiz Family
Emily Oster
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parloff
Jennifer and Lester Pataki
Natalie and George Patterson
Mary and Brian Pattwell
Grace Mauceri and James Pawlika
Patrick Paz
Mr. and Mrs. E. Stanley Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Pedicone
Joanne and Walter Perry
Marie Pettersen and
Gary D. Pettersen
Esther K. Philipp
Angela and John Phillips
Archie Picinich
Ms. Frances M. Pignatelli
Erich Plaut
Leoncia C. Porter
Albert L. Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Pracht
Carole and Larry Prendergast
Up to $99 (continued)
Ms. Shannon Prescott
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Prokop
Barbara Rall and Dick Aronson
Mr. Richard P. Rampolla
Luanne and John Ramsay
Katheryn and Richard Rausa
Claudine and Tim Ray
Velma S. Reardon
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reckholder
Barbara and Charles Reilly
Susan and Michael Reilly
Sue and Harris Reinstein
Sue and Bob Reynen
Ms. Karen Reynolds
Mr. Jean Riccardi
Ellen and Kevin Rocca
Margaret J Rogan
Joann D. Rogers
Andrew Rolfe
Theresa Rondholz
Phyllis and Bob Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Fredric R. Rothe
Ms. Janet Royka
Barbara and Rufus Rucker
Kim and Ken Ruff
Maryalice Rocks Ruggiero
Ms. Jewell Russo
Sandra M. and M. H. Sable
Barbara Eaton and Alexander Samson
Barbara Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Santumo
The Sason Family
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Sass
Nancy E. Sattely
Brietta and Edmond Savoie
Judith T. Scanlan
Mary Ellen Scerbo
Judith Schatzberg
Elizabeth and George Schlowsky
Joseph Schmidt
Margaret and Martin Schneider
Ms. Lovina Schoenmakers
Ms. Lorraine Scholl
Marilyn and Edward Schotz
Marieanne and Karl Schroeder
Nicole D. Scotto
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Sharar
Heather Shaw
Susan Sherrill and Ted Axelrod
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Shuck, II
Gloria and Leo Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold E. Sigler
Judy and Edward Silver
Jacob Silvermintz
Maxine Sims
Christine B. Sinkhorn
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Smethurst
Ms. Annette Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Smith
Kathy and Paul Smolen
Sharon L. Gadomski and
William C. Snyder
Susan N. Sobbott
Mr. Murray Socolof
Phyllis S. Sohn
Frances Spitale
Aileen and Charlie Starkey
Adele Stead
Jane and Richard Steinkopf
Barbara J. Steuert
Mariana Stiefel
Susan and Terry Streaser
Jean and Harry Strickholm
Barbara Sudol
Geraldine Sudol
Mrs. Mark Sudol
Carolina Suing
Christie Sutera
Pamela and George Swede
Alan and Ann Tannous
Labhshankar V. Thakor
Muff Thayer
Carol K. Thielke
Nanette Thomas
Michael and Suzanne Tillman
Mrs. Elsie M. Tilstra
Carolyn and Walter Trespasz
Isabel and Frank Trumbour
Mollie Tufano and Carol-Rose Punturieri
Nick Tyner
Janis Tyrrell
Andrea and John Vachone
Helen Vallonchini
Lynne and Daniel Van Engel
John Van Keuren
Kathleen and Robert Van Langen
Joselynn D. Van Siclen
Darlene Vaughn
Ms. Esther S. Vera
Ms. Joan Verdon and J.C. Thornverd
Kelly A. Verkem
Barbara and Mark Vermylen
Mrs. Marcia M. Victor
Mary J. Visco
Joyce and Michael Wallstein
Nancy and Dennis Walsh
Deirdra Ward
Anne and Jack Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Warren
Betty and Raymond Wells
Ms. Bonnie White
Mrs. Joan E. White
Betty and Quentin Wiest
Janelle Williams
Nancy and Marty Willick
Marcia Wilson
Diana and George R. Wing, Jr.
Ellen and Richard Wisolmerski
Donna Wittig
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wojcik
Ms. Elaine Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Justin P. Workman
Carole Woudenberg
Myra and Charles Wrubel
Pat and Wayne Yankus
Deborah Yaria
Sara Yarmak
Audrey and Leonard Yundzel
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar M. Zambelli
Elizabeth Zanders
Anne Marie and Leonard Zazverskey
Patricia J. Zengel
Marina and Ralph Zinn
Adrienne Y. Zuendt
Karen Zuidema
$100,000 - $249,999
The Copper Beech Foundation
The Depot
Hoop-A-Paluza, Inc.
$50,000 - $99,999
Carlson Family Foundation
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Hearst Foundation, Inc.
Redlich Horwitz Foundation
The Gertrude E. Skelly
Charitable Foundation
Turrell Fund
$20,000 - $49,999
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar
Boiling Springs Savings Bank
Family Counseling Service Auxiliary
of Children’s Aid and Family Services
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of
New Jersey
Irwin Franchise Capital Corporation
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
The Orange Orphan Society
$10,000 - $19,999
Arthur Groom & Co.
Fred J. Brotherton
Charitable Foundation
CitiGroup Foundation
Commerce Bank of Ramsey
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Everybody’s Children Foundation
Gift of Life America Fund
Greater Newark Holiday Fund
TD Banknorth Charitable Foundation
Todd Ouida Children’s Foundation
Toy Lending Library of Bergen County
Toys”R”Us, Inc.
$5,000 - $9,999
Futures & Options for Kids
The Jaqua Foundation
Junior Woman's Club of Ridgewood
Mutual of America
New York Mercantile Exchange
Charitable Foundation
Nordstrom, Inc.
Prestige Lexus of Ramsey
Lillian Pitkin Schenck Fund
United Way of Bergen County
The Valley Hospital Foundation
West Side Presbyterian Church
$2,500 - $4,999
Atlantic Stewardship Bank
BJ's Charitable Foundation
Buck, Seifert & Jost, Inc.
Nextwave Web, LLC
The Fred C. Rummel Foundation
St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church
$1,000 - $2,499
"3-J" Fund Raising
Adoptive Parents Committee
Bergen County Chapter of Links, Inc.
Commerce Bank Affinity Program
The Community Church of
DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole & Wisler, LLP
First Class Photography, Inc.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
The Puffin Foundation
Ridgewood United
Methodist Church
Saddle Brook Surgicenter, Inc.
Saddle River Valley Bank
Sovereign Bank
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Turner Surety and Insurance
Brokerage, Inc.
United Water New Jersey
United Way of Tri-State
Vanguard Charitable
Endowment Program
Walsh-Martin LLC
Wells, Jaworski, & Liebman, LLP
GRANDPARENT $500 - $999
Anonymous (1)
All Bergen Appliance, Inc.
Alliance for Children & Families
AnMar International, Ltd.
Bloomingdale’s, Inc.
Candle Business Systems, Inc.
Carlo Russo’s Wine & Spirit World
of Ho-Ho-Kus
Citizens Community Bank
Community Thrift Shop
Federal Home Loan
Bank of New York
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Highlight’s n’ Hair Design Inc.
Hughes Environmental Engineering, Inc.
IBEW, Local Union #164
Kilroy’s Wonder Market, Inc.
LaMendola Associates, Inc.
Lawrence N. Passarelli and
Kelly A. McNally, D.D.S.
Marron Foundation
North Fork Bank
Rotary Club of Hackensack
Rotary Club of Ridgewood
United Way of Southeastern
The Wine Seller
Woodlea/PATH I Advisory Council
$250 - $499
15W Pharmacy - Edison, Inc.
A & R Consulting
All Saints Church Preschool
Beacon Wealth Management, LLC
Belmar Spring Water Co.
Bengel Sub
Clara E. Coleman School HSA
Columbia Savings Bank
Ernst & Young LLP
ESMI, Inc.
European Meat Market of
Glen Rock, Inc.
Girl Scout Troop 441:
Lenni Lenape Troop
Glen Rock Alliance for Prevent Drug
Glen Rock Board of Education
Glen Rock Cafe Inc.
Glen Rock Cooperative
Nursery School
Glen Rock Historical &
Preservation Society Inc.
Hitachi Foundation
Annual Gifts
$250 - $499 (continued)
John’s Boy Pizzeria
Malesardi , Quackenbush, Swift & Co.
Maple Rock Auto Service Center, Inc.
T/A Maple Rock Exxon
Maxell Corporation of America
Messineo & Messineo
Mighty Hudson Management, Inc.
Paramus Park Mall
Paredes-Grube Architecture
Sasha Hair Design, Inc.
The White Agency, Inc.
United Way of Somerset County
The Valley Hospital
Wilkes Rock Road Deli
Writing Motherhood
$100 - $249
Anonymous (1)
Byrd Elementary School - Glen Rock
CB Printing & Graphics, Inc.
Central School H.S.A.
Christ Church Woman’s Guild
Combined Federal Campaign
Community Church of Glen Rock
The Control Group
Farrell Futures, LTD
First Congregational Church of
River Edge
Herb’s Heating, L.L.C.
Hillmann Electric, Inc.
Huff & Puffer Support Group
Northwest Bergen Senior
Activity Center
The Philip Ball Fund of the Fidelity
Charitable Gift Fund
Poskanzer Skott Architects
Presbyterian Church of Teaneck
Professional Fitness Consultants
Promotional Incentives, Inc.
Ridgefield Park Police Department
Goodwill Association
Ridgewood High School
Ridgewood Pediatric
Therapy Associates
Schiffman, Abraham, Kaufman &
Ritter, PC
St. Bartholomew’s Church
Ulrich, Inc.
United Way of Morris County
United Way of NYC
W.E.L.C.A. of Good
Shepherd Church
Womans Club of HoHoKus
Woman’s Guild, First
Presbyterian Church
Up to $99
Abbott Laboratories Fund
Ackfair Inc.
Arbitron Ratings
Bagel Gourmet
Beth Am Nursery School /
Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
Dawn’s Catering & Services
Deaf Seniors Club For Eldercare
Desired Nails
Dianne Dolgoff Interiors, Inc.
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church of Carlstadt
General Mills Box Tops for Education
Get the Knots Out
Glen Rock Custom Alterations
Glen Rock Jaycees
Glen Rock Savings Bank
Hewitt Landscaping Inc.
James F. Battaglia Psychology PC
James Kershaw Associates
Lina's Tailoring Corp.
Lombardi & Associates, LLC
Orange & Rockland Utilities
Sparkle Dry Cleaner
Target Take Charge of Education
The Woman's Club of Wyckoff
Altria Group, Inc.
American International Group, Inc.
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
CA, Inc. Matching Gifts Program
Deutsche Bank AG
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Hudson City Savings Bank
Kaplan Inc.
Medco Employee Giving Campaign
Pfizer Foundation Matching
Gifts Program
Phillips-Van Heusen-Madison Corp.
The Prudential Foundation Matching
Annual Gifts
Gifts Program
SkillBuilders Fund
Turner Construction Company
UBS Warburg
Unilever United States
Foundation, Inc.
Wachovia Foundation
Matching Gift Program
Anonymous (2)
7th Grade CCD Class
A & P Supermarkets
The Abdoo Family
Lisa and Steve Abrams
Adoptive Parents Committee
Rachel Akins
All Seasons Cardique and Florist
Allendale Bar and Grill
Kathleen and John Altieri
Amaranth Flower Shop
American Eagle Martial Arts
Vicky and Tom Angus
Archer Nursery School
Susan Argenziano
Argo Turboserve Corporation
Dr. Anne Armstrong-Coben and
Mr. Harlan F. Coben
Around the Corner Hair Designs
Susan Arrow
Arthur Groom & Co.
The Artists Collective for
Social Change, Inc.
ArtsPower National Touring Theatre
AT&T Wireless Service
Atlantic Risk Specialists, Inc.
Auction Pay - Misc.
Backyard Living
Bailey Street
Christine and Albert Baker
Seeryjnie Balkaran
Banana Republic
Mindy Bank
Bank of America
Jennifer Barbara
Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Barksdale
Miriam and Matt Barnard
Barnes & Noble
John and Caroline Barr
Theresa M. Barry
BASF Corporation
Toniann Bassi
Bazaar Star Beadery
Bayne and Scott Belair
Ben & Jerry’s
Marianne and Peter Bennett
Marjorie and Egon Berg
Bergen County Girl Scout
Troop #1397
The Bergen Record
Bergen Regional Medical Center
Debbie Bessen
The Best of Everything
Bike Master
Bimini Bay Outfitters
Black Bear Golf Club
Edward Blair
Beth and Kent Blair
Betty Block
Norel Blundo
BMW of North America, LLC
Therese and John Bonfiglio
Bookends Bookstore
Books, Bytes & Beyond
Nancy Bosch
Terry Brandman
Barbara and Kevin Brennan
The Briad Group
Iwona Bronngraber
Jeanette Brown
Lillian Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buchney
Madeline M. Byrne
Grace and Thomas Caiaffa
Christine and Kenneth Callaghan
Maryann and Pat Callahan
Calvary Christian Nursery School
Candle Business Systems, Inc.
Patricia and Richard Cancilla
Caputo’s Catering
Care Plus NJ, Inc.
Frances Carl
Carl Schaedel & Co., Inc.
Marie and Paul Carr
Jill Caruso
Center for Food Action
Chef Central
Chiropractic Wellness Center at
Godwin Corners
Church of the Holy Communion
KC and Friends
Leslie Cimino
Russell and Amanda Clark
Mary Higgins Clark
Sally and William Clark
Ellizabeth Clothier
CNR Products LLC
Dina Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cohan
James Colaianni
Dawn and Mike Coleman
Colonial Road School
Ann Comeau
Community Baptist Church
Wayne and Ita Conlon
Controlled Plumbing
Jennifer and Peter Contrucci
Cathy and Kevin Cooke
Lauren Costa and Jose Santiago
Carol Coughlin
Joan and Allistair Cowie
Hilary Crandall
Cresskill Women’s Club
Kimberly and Michael Crimmins
Cub Scout Troop Pack #245
Meghan and Paul Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. William Cunningham
Dacor World
Ms. Pat Da Casto
Helen Damiano
The Daniels Family
Stephanie Darcy
James Davidson
Vivian Davis
Flora Decker
Enrica DeGennaro
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle
Steak House
Cooper DeMallie
Allison DeMarsico
The Depot
Helen Diliberto
Marianne and Robert Dill
Maria and Steven DiMartino
Julie and Robert Dimino
Liana Dinallo
John DiSalvo
Douglas and Barbara S.* Dittrick
Joan and Edward Doherty
Eric Doll
Dorchester School
Genevieve Doster
Marion Driscoll
Angela Droescher
The DuBois Family
Lisa Duff
Megan and Paul Dunphey
Mark Durham
Josephine Dvorken Photography
Ms. Frances Eaton
Epicure Catering
Hyla Epstein
Wendy and Mark Epstein
Jennifer and Stephen Errico
Ethan Allen
Ethos Fitness & Spa for Women
Maryrose Evanella
Everybody’s Children Foundation
Faith Community CRC
Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Fallone
Ms. Di Feinstein and
Ms. Hannah Buhasira
Carla and Richard Fels
Martha Fickinger and Jeff Deutsch
Filter 2 Productions
Jodee Fink
Mr. Dorine Finnin
First Baptist Church of Englewood
Alison Fischer
Fish, Fruits & Fancy Market
Frances Fisher
Marcia and Glenn Fisher
Dorothy Fitzsimmons
Lisa and Brian Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher
Gillian and Greg Foley
Kimberly and Kenneth Ford
Fox News Channel
Friends of the Library/Park Ridge
Marcia Frifield
Robert Gaines
Congressman E. Scott Garrett
Gift of Life America Fund
Ms. Stella Gilligan
Girl Scout Troop
Girl Scout Troop #1040
Girl Scout Troop #188
Girl Scout Troop #365
The Glen Rock Inn
Cheryl Glick
Lorraine Glynn
Rebecca Goglia
Patrice Goldberg
Carolyn Green-Murray
Mr. and Mrs. David Gubb
Betty Gunther
Mr. Ryan Gupta
Claudia Guy
Hackensack Golf Club
Rita Halpern
Kristin and John Halvey
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hamlin
Patricia and Robert Hanft
Linda and Mark Hannafey
Hanover Printing
Happy Tuesday
Jane Harlin
John M. Hartel & Co.
Hartgers Jewelers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haviland
Karen Healy
Tamara Heimlich and Steven Mermelstein
Helen’s Hope Foundation
Mr. Luke Hemenetz
Emily Hewetson
Mary Hickman
Highlight’s n’ Hair Design Inc.
Kathy and Dan Hlavaty
Ho-Ho-Kus Fire Department
Ladies Auxiliary
Karen and Michael Hofstetter
Mr. and Mrs. David Holmes
Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
of New Jersey
Ms. Kande Horne
Joan Hughs
Kathleen M. Hutton
Barbara P. Hyslop
Corinne Hyslop
Intech Systems Company
Intercontinental Hotels Group
It’s Greek To Me
Jacobsen Landscaping Design &
Construction, Inc.
Dawn and Bryan Jaicks
Jekyll & Hide Luggage & Leather
Joe, Frank & Gym
Mary Ann Jones
Marion T. and Robert B. Jones
Diane Jordanger
JT Wine & Spirits
Junior Woman’s Club of Ridgewood
Naomi Kahan
Stephanie and Kenneth Karl
Kevin’s Thyme Fine Catering
Kids U
Marilyn King
Kinnelon Public Library
Richard I. Klein
Joan and Richard Klein
Andrea Kochanowsky
Ben and Konfino
Linda and Robert Kotch
Madeline Krazit
Kuiken Lumber
Jao Lee Kyung
La Cambusa
La Laterna
Nicholas Laganella, II
Mr. and Mrs. Lamberti
Catherine LaMothe
Cathy and Dan LaMothe
Ms. Deborah Lancellotti
Maribeth and Tom Lane
Diane Laski
Latour French-American Grill
Carol and Will Layfield
Leo Zoland & Son, Inc.
Ms. Liz Leonard
Carla and Paul Lerman
Jan Lee and John Lescroart
Toni Liebezeit
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lieser
Mr. and Mrs. James Liggett
Carol and Derek Lindenmayer
Little Joe’s Gourmet Deli
Marsela Paz Lopez
Kathleen and Peter Lops
Carol Lorenzo
Irene Loyka
Katherine and Craig Lucas
Kimberly and David Lucky
Florence Luginsland
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
Karen Lyle
Dan Lynch
Maryann and Steve Lyon
Kathleen Macchiarelli
Madison Square Garden
Moira Madonia
Jack Makari
Malesardi , Quackenbush,
Swift & Co.
Andy Manderano
Mangia Trattoria
Mango Jam
Dr. and Mrs. E. Manheimer
Oscar A. Marcilla
Ms. Lyn Marino
Grace and Ronald Marmorstein
Linda Marzloff
Barbara and Arthur Masarky
Evelyn Masheb
Liz and David Mason
Elaine P. Materia
Joanne Lamarca and Tyler Mathisen
Maurice M. Pine Free Public Library
Ms. Carlene Maxwell
Lynn and Don McBeth
Mr. Ed McDermott
Molly and Thomas McGee
Jennifer McGee Liggett
Joan and John McKeon
Ms. Judy McLean and Mr. Fred Jubitz
Meadow Lark Toys and Crafts
Dorian Messina
Renee Miazga
Michael’s Power, Speed, Peformance
Mr. John Mika
Milnes Elementary School
Cyndy and Paul Mitchell
Patricia Molina
Mom’s Club of Meadowlands
The Monterallo Family
Ms. Sue Mooney
Ms. Elaine J. Morfogen
Morning Glory
John Morris
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Tracey Motley
Dr. John Mully and Family
June Murray
The MWW Group
The Myriad Restaurant Group
Natalie’s Restaurant
NBC News
NCJW - National Council of Jewish
Susan and Michael Needleman
Neil Klatskin Day Camp
Nelund Minton & Co. Hair Salon
New Jersey Devils
New Jersey Nets
New Milford Women’s Club
New York City Opera
New York Football Giants
New York Jets LLC
New York Knicks
Catherine Brefach Newman
Nextwave Web, LLC
Ann and Drew Nieporent
NJ Sports & Explosition Authority
The North Face Inc.
North Jersey Media Group Inc.
Northern Highlands Regional
High School
Carol Nunn
NYNJ Council of Shopping Centers
Brigid and Kevin O’Brien
Robyn and Michael O’Hagan
Doreen Odell
The Office Bar & Grill
Lyn Ofrane
Olo Okoye
Emma Oliva
Oliver’s Chocolates
Orange Board of Education
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Our Lady of Visitation
Palisades Country Day School
Palisades Day School
Dena Panzarella
Paramus Park Mall
Paramus Police Reserve
Paramus Public Library
Mary Parente
Parents Without Partners
Jeanette Park
Connie and Allan Parker
Pathmark Stores, Inc.
Tia and Fran Patterson
Mary and Brian Pattwell
Lauren Pennington
Kathleen and John Peragallo
Joyce Perini
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pierce
Frank J., Katie, and Ryan Plateroti
Erich Plaut
Plaza Jewelers
Sophie Portney
Joan Porto
Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Powell
Dana and Christopher Powers
Kerrie Prettitore
Professional Fitness Consultants
Project Linus
Gretchen and Albert Pucciarelli
Jacqueline and Chris Qualey
Ramsey Girl Scout Troop
RDS Architects
Lisa and Darren Recupero
Red Cross Ridgewood
Mary Reed
Elizabeth C. Forbes and
Donald W. Reeder
Kallie and Jim Rees
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Repetto
Barbara and Joseph Ricciardi
Ridge School
Ridge School Girl Scouts
Ridgewood Auto Wash
Ridgewood High School
Ridgewood Needlepoint
Ridgewood Vaccum
Riebesell Chiropractic Office
Golda Rigaud
Erilyn and John Riley
Jennifer Roche
Rock Ridge Pharmacy
Tiffani Rodgers
Yolanda Rodgers
Maya Rohr
Arthur Rosalsky
Adiela Rosen
Dr. and Mrs. Martin C. Rosner
Dawn and Krzysztof Rudzinski
The Rugged Bear
Lyn and Richard Rumage
Karen and Marc Sackstein
Saint Pauls Church
Salon J.M.
Joey Salsbury
Samsung America
Marjorie and Anthony Santoliquido
Judith and Robert Saydah
Arielle Schachter
Annual Gifts
Kerry and Leonard Schmitt
Maryann Schreck
Jennifer Scott
Joy Scott
Secaucus Hudson No. 72 F. & A.M.
Joni Seeger
Mr. and Mrs. B. Shenfeld
Andrea and John Sheppard
Riva and Gary Sheppard
Ms. Cindy Sherlock
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Sherry
ShopRite of Rochelle Park
Kirsten Shovlin
Jane Sikkema
Silver Oak American Bistro
Silver Spoon Gourmet Food Market
Ms. Erica Simuel
Drs. Grace and Fred Sisto
Amory and Nancy Slott
Carol and Mark Smith
Karen Smith
Lorraine Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith
John Snowden
Sobel & Co., LLC
Ms. Susan Sokol
Somerville School Daisy Troop 2242
Ms. Kathy Sophias
Cornell and Erik Sorenson
Laura and Marc Spada
The David Spungen Family
St. George Church
St. Paul’s Catholic Church,
Social Concerns
St. Peter’s Religious Education
St. Pious God Squad
Domenic Staine
Christine Stolecki
Stone Surfaces
Stop & Shop
Strive Personal Training
Mr. and Mrs. Stulik
Summer Heatt, Inc.
Molly Suss
Alina and Kurt Swanson
Ivy Tansman
Tapestry Books
Tara’s Custom Curtains
Temple Beth Sholom
Temple Shalom
The Container Store
Wendy N. Thomas
Alison and Robert Thompson
Lynn and Lloyd Thompson
Tiffany & Co.
T.O. Gronlund Co., Inc.
Elizabeth, Noah and Mia Toribio
In Honor Gifts
Neil Tow and Rachel Schwartz
Town and Country Apothecary &
Fine Cosmetics
Toys”R”Us, Inc.
Trader Joe’s
Theresa Trass and Family
TRU-VAL Electrical Corporation
Deborah Turner and David L. Roberts
Kim Tyner
Ulrich, Inc.
Unitarian Society of Ridgewood
United Water New Jersey
V & S Flooring
The Valley Hospital
Eve and Emile van den Bol
Vander Berg Plumbing
Van’s Electric
Barbara and Gerald Van Tilburg
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the USWashington Elm Post 192
Suzanne M. Vierling
Village School of Waldwick
Marjorie Wakefield
Adelaide Ward
Bethany Ward
Mr. Warner
Warner Quad Clearview Cinema
Warren Point Presbyterian Church
Washington Mutual Home Loans
Note: If your name is not listed, we apologize for the oversight. If your name is
misspelled, please forgive us. In either case, please contact our office at 201-261-2800
so we can correct the error.
We also gratefully acknowledge those donors who wish to remain anonymous and
our many extraordinary volunteers for their invaluable help and support for agency
programs throughout the year.
Web474 Graphics
Susan Weber
Betty and Raymond Wells
Wells Fargo Financial Leasing
Wells, Jaworski, & Liebman, LLP
West Side Presbyterian Church
Westwood Cycle Shop
Carol and Jim Whaley
Whole Foods Market
Betty and Quentin Wiest
Pam and Pete Wilchek
Wilkes Rock Road Deli
Jean and John Wilkie
Jacqueline M. Wilson
Marcy and Jon Wimbish
Carlo Russo Wine & Spirit World
The Winograd Family
Susan Winston
Lara Wortley
Madeleine Wuergler
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan S. Yates
Lisa and John Yoler
Young World Day School
Olesya and Roman Yugov
Cindy Zirkin
Sheryl and Uwe Zwatschka
Marie Adler-Kravecas
Betty Anderson
Dr. R. Asnes - Tenafly Pediatrics
Keith L. Barksdale
Raphael Bernstein
Margaret Best - Teacher Award
Shermane J. Billingsley Wheeler
Jerrold B. Binney, Esq.
David Birnbaum
Barbara A. Bolger
David F. Bolger
Harvey D. Braun
Bill Burgin’s Birthday
Mary Alice Burgin
Thomas R. Burgin
Mary and Tom Burgin’s
50th Wedding Anniversary
Luke Burke
Mary S. Caldwell
Shea Campbell
Children’s Aid and Family Services’ staff
dedication to the agency mission
Anne Goheen Crane
The Bat Mitzvah of Noa Davidson
Joseph DeChiaro
Victoria DeYoung
Douglas H. Dittrick
Onnie N. Duffie
Every hard-working American
trying to make it
Lindsay, Tessa, and Jed Fagles
Hon. Nicholas R. Felice
Kimberly S. Ford
The Douglas Fromm family
Bob Gillespie’s 65th birthday
Gladys H. Gilmartin
Flora Grubb
Ralph E. Hansmann
The Harrison-Miner Wedding Guests
Margot L. Havens
Matt Hochberg's Bar Mitzvah
Barbara Hoffman
Winifred and Earle Honsinger
Barbara Hyslop
Ellen Jacobs
Kate and Matt
Robert B. Jones
John Kandravy, Esq.
Allan J. Kaplowitz, Esq.
Heidi Kay
Gys Kooy
Maribeth M. Lane
Clark LaMendola
Elizabeth Lech and John Piel
Ethan Lichtblau's 4th child
Judith Lilley
Jean Ann Lynch
Liz Mason
Lynn McBeth
Doris and Ted McGwire
Mr. Christopher Mehler
Dominick V. Meo
Jared A. Mitchell
Norman F. Nelson
J. Christopher Nettleton
Harold Nickelsberg
Eleanore S. Nissley
Gertrude Noonan’s children
Ariel and Cassidy Nyfield
The Oros Family
Gail Flathmann Palmisano
Harold A. Phipps
Elizabeth and John
Frank J. Plateroti
Katie Plateroti, Ryan Plateroti and
Nicholas Mully
Gerard D. Porreca III
Russell J. Prokop
Elisabeth, Rashad and Saul Qersdyn
David M. Repetto
In Celebration of John Riley’s birthday
Hannukah gifts from the Rocca children
Martha B. Rogers
Honorable Marge Roukema
Sara, Kate, and Morgan
Robert E. Saydah, C.P.A.
Peter Scanel
Mark Laurence Schatzberg
William P. Schuber
Rose Marie C. Schutt, Esq.
Donald F. Schutz
Rosa Serifovic
Grace Sisto
Bruce Slater
Rose Smith
Joyce A. Snider
John A. Snyder
Robert G. Sommer
Erik D. Sorenson
Peter R. Stark
Gregory Sullivan
Jessica Thorne
Mark C. Throdahl
Ronnie and Joyce
Dora Tow
Catherine and Ron Tutrone
Henrik Tvedt, Jr.
Eve van den Bol
David Viniar
Ronald M. von Autenried
Bridgette and Brittina von Autenried
Martha L. Vreeland
Anita and Russ Warnet
Ron Warnet and Carl Bucholtz and
Mark Koskamp and David
Carol L. Whaley
Towana Williams-Mukushi’s Wedding
Marcy E. Wimbish
Joan K. Wrede
Wayne A. Yankus, M.D.
The Zeltser Family
Rose Zeltser
Elliot C. Zinn
In Memory Gifts
Anne Marie Baba
Al Battaglia
Christine Bittmann
William Borst
Jos. Brooks
Jennie Byk
Kenny Cardaci
Joan A. Cheringal
Herman Sunny Ciccone
Patrick Clinton
George Dangler
Elaine DeRosa
Bill Dimond
Michael T. Eastman
Myriam Ellis
Karen Emra
Maureen English
Filomena M. Ferrara
Lena Font
Catherine Ann Gillan
Larry Horowitz
Beverly W. Kaplan
Aaron Kemp
Josephine Koeppel
Els Kooy
Gerry Larson
Elizabeth Lenihan
Julia Macaluso
Mary Manley
Erin McGonigle
Martha Monroe Morrow
Louis Moscarello
Tecla F. and John F. Nemeth
Jenny Nickelsberg
Kelly Lynn O'Neil
Susan Ruth Penner
Teresa Pizzo
Arthur Podorefsky
Gerard D. Porreca, Jr.
Miss Laura Rizzo
Irene and Edwin Rothman
Susan Rubsamen
Daniele Salvioni, M.D.
Mary A. Schimmel
Louis B. Schlivek
Mary Clancy Singer
Gertrude E. Skelly
Milton Spielman
William Stachielczyk
David Straus
Colin Sutcliffe
Richard A. Swenson
Gustave W. Tilstra
Arthur B. Toan, Jr.
Villian Ullendorf
Sandra Van Biert
Mimi Vella
Ruth L. and William
F. Warmington
Mariah West
Ronald Zeltser
Julie Lynne Zipper
Board of Trustees
Honorary Board
Financial Report
1st Vice-Chair
2nd Vice-Chair
President & CEO
Keith L. Barksdale
Raphael Bernstein
Shermane Billingsley
David Bolger
Mary Alice Burgin
Thomas R. S. Burgin
Mary S. Caldwell
Anne Goheen Crane
Douglas H. Dittrick
Onnie N. Duffie
Gladys H. Gilmartin
Ralph E. Hansmann
Allan J. Kaplowitz, Esq.
Judith C.P. Lilley
Norman F. Nelson
Harold Nickelsberg
Eleanore S. Nissley
Harold A. Phipps
Martha Rogers
Hon. Marge Roukema
Robert E. Saydah, C.P.A.
Peter Scanel
William ‘Pat’ Schuber
Rose Marie C. Schutt, Esq.
Donald F. Schutz, Ph.D.
John Kandravy, Esq.
Erik Sorenson
Carol Whaley
David M. Repetto, Esq.
Joanne E. Mandry, C.P.A.
Robert B. Jones, Ph.D.
Marie Adler-Kravecas
Barbara Abney Bolger
Harvey D. Braun
Gregory Bullock
Joan K. Doherty
Hon. Nicholas R. Felice
Barbara Hyslop
Ellen Jacobs
Kenneth J. Karl
Heidi Kay
Maribeth Lane
Lynn A. McBeth
J. Christopher Nettleton
Frank Plateroti
Dan Shiver
Carol Smith
Joyce A. Snider
Robert G. Sommer
Eve van den Bol
Grace Sisto
Bruce Slater
John A. Snyder
Peter R. Stark
Gregory Sullivan
Mark C. Throdahl
Henrik Tvedt, Jr.
Ronald M. von Autenried
David Viniar
James R. Wessel
William M. Willis, Jr., Ed.D.
Joan K. Wrede
Wayne A. Yankus, M.D.
Program Fees
Annual and Endowment Gifts
Investment Income
100% Total Revenues
Support Services
Community Clinical Services
Adoption and Foster Care Services $8,992,408
100% Total Revenues
For the 12 months ended December 31, 2007.
All figures are unaudited year-end projections.

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