BEAUTY ESSENTIALS A5 8page 2012_proof


BEAUTY ESSENTIALS A5 8page 2012_proof
Hours of Opening
9 am - 5 pm
8 am - 8 pm
8 am - 8 pm
8 am - 8 pm
10 am - 6 pm
10 am - 6 pm
10 am - 6 pm
Tel: 0131 335 3992
(24 hour answering service)
Hotel Residents - ext 687
Booking in advance is advisable. Payment details are required to secure a booking
Should a cancellation, amendment to treatment or date change be necessary,
we request a minimum of 24 hrs notice Monday to Friday & 48 hrs Saturday &
Sunday or full price will be charged. A non refundable booking fee of 20% on
treatments over £75 is required when appointments are made. Any changes
should be made directly with the salon on:
Tel: 0131 335 3992 (24 hour answering service)
When making a group booking the notice period for any cancellation,
amendments to treatments or date changes will vary depending on the size of
the booking, this notice period will be given at the time of booking; any
changes should again be made directly with the salon to avoid full prices being charged
Arriving late will deprive you of precious minutes of your treatment.
Unfortunately, no matter how late you start, your treatment will end on
time so the next client is not delayed.
Treatment times listed represent appointment duration
Minimum age of 16 years
(unless accompanied by an adult or by prior arrangement)
We kindly ask for all mobile phones to be either switched off
or put on silent before entering the salon. For Health & Safety reasons, we would prefer
no babies or children to be present during treatments. To aid relaxation, only the client
having the treatment is to be present in the treatment room
"qualities that delight the eye"
Cash / Cheque / Switch / Mastercard / Visa
Hotel residents may charge to room account (not on day of departure) but require the room key & envelope to be present
Beauty Essentials
Marriott Dalmahoy
Hotel & Country Club
Kirknewton, Edinburgh EH27 8EB
Proprietrix - Elizabeth A. Wishart
VAT Reg No. 634 9811 19
"important to the highest degree"
Express Reviving Facial
For that special occasion, leaves your skin looking radiant
30 minutes
TriActive Facial
Intensive facial using hand picked Clarinspro botanical-rich
products, each facial is personalised to treat up to 3 of your
main skin concerns. This clinically tested treatment shows
compelling results: 10.3% increase in firmness & 46%
increase in hydration. A treatment experience that delivers a
feeling of total well being - The Youth Activator, The Lifting
Line Smoother, The Radiance Reviver, The Moisture
Replenisher, The Skin Healer & The Detox & Shine Stopper
Back cleansing & deep massage rolled into one rejuvenating
treatment that sorts out congested skin & tired muscles. The
ultimate post-exercise pick-me-up, it leaves you feeling chilled
out instead of strung out
30 mins
TriActive Body
An innovative 3 step protocol for optimised results.
Specialised massage using Clarinspro botanical-rich
products which stimulates the lymphatic system & blood
circulation to restore natural balance - Figure Shaper, Super
Hydrator, Intensive Body Firmer & Anti Ageing Special
1 hr 15 mins £58.00
45 mins
Energizing Back, Neck
& Scalp Massage
Create a feeling of well being physically, mentally &
emotionally. Help release tension, stress & tiredness with the
touch of Swedish Massage
Using hygienic warm strip wax to leave your skin feeling silky
Full leg
45 mins
(inc bikini) - Standard
Full leg
45 mins
(inc bikini) - Customised
Full leg
45 mins
Half leg
30 mins
15 mins
Standard (follows your natural line)
15 mins
Customised (a little more removed)
Under Arm
15 mins
Back Massage
30 mins
15 mins
Body Massage
30 mins
Lip wax or bleach
15 mins
Mother-to-be & New Mum Face
& Body Treatment
Body Massage
60 mins
15 mins
Lip & Chin
15 mins
Pure indulgence for face & body, adapted to your pre & post
-natal stage of pregnancy & how you look & feel. Eases
backache, fluid retention, stress, fatigue & tired legs, as well as
improving skin tone & elasticity. Afterwards, you'll feel
energized & wonderfully relaxed, with baby soft skin. Our
natural beauty secret.... Clarins universally acclaimed Tonic
Body Treatment Oil, which helps to prevent the appearance
of stretch marks
Holistic Aromatherapy
Chest or Back
30 mins
from £22.00
Course of 6 treatments per person for the price of 5
Complete treatment for the whole body, using essential oils,
individually blended for your personal needs
Consultation, oil blend & first treatment
(Recommended during pregnancy ideally from 3 months onwards).
60 minutes
So Natural Self Tanner
Ideal for anyone wishing to acquire a healthy all-over tanned
appearance at any time of the year
60 mins
Subsequent treatments
l hr 30 mins £62.00
l hr 15 mins £57.00
Course of 6 treatments after initial treatment
Cleanse, tone, moisturise
& make-up
30 mins
Make-up lesson
60 mins
Make-up trials
45 mins
It speaks for itself....Fake Bake Spray Tan is the simply the best,
indulge yourself, the colour is amazing & can last up to a week
- this requires home preparation to your skin prior to treatment
Whether you've overdone it at the gym or work, this intensely
theraputic massage eases tense shoulders, back knots & aches.
Aromatic essential oils supercharge the stress-relieving
benefits, restoring your sense of well-being
60 mins
For that special occasion or just to pamper yourself, why not
add a touch of sparkle & radiance by treating yourself to one
of the following -
Muscle-Ease Body Massage
1 hr 15 mins £58.00
Course of 6 treatments per person for the price of 5
1hr 15 mins £72.00
Shaving bumps & irritation, stress & tiredness, greyness &
congestion....Whatever life has hit your skin with, this
super-relaxing bespoke facial will target & treat it. Your face
will look & feel refreshed, healthy & smooth
60 mins
Warmed Basalt stones combined with Swedish massage
provide a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage
experience - releasing tension and stress from the body
Skin Blitz Facial
Aromatic Balancer Facial
Oily & congested, dry & dull, dehydrated or sensitive.....
Whatever your skin condition, this customised treatment will
rebalance & coax it back to blooming. Our natural beauty
secret....the potency of Clarins renowned 100 % pure plant
facial oils, which are prescribed according to your skin type &
contain, amongst others, essential oils of Sandalwood, Lotus
& Blue Orchid
60 minutes
Hot Stone Massage
The only permanent removal of unwanted hair, using the
Sterex Blend. Method & disposable needles
Consultation & 1st treatment 30 mins £20.00
20 mins £17.00
Every additional
10 mins £12.00
Jessica's Natural Nail
Cultivation System
The unique method for nail analysis
Deluxe manicure
Deluxe aromaped
45 minutes
60 minutes
60 minutes
File & polish
30 minutes
(please remember to bring open-toed sandals, to wear afterwards)
Jessica Geleration
Jessica Geleration is a cross between a long lasting nail varnish
& a gel nail, it's painted on like a varnish & is set under UV
• You leave the salon with dry nails
• It doesn't chip or fade
• You can paint over the colour & remove it with polish
remover again & again
Geleration full set (colour)
45 mins
Geleration full set (French)
Removal only
30 mins
Removal & re-apply (colour) 1hr 15 mins
Removal & re-apply (French)1hr 15 mins
Jessica NailSy "The Art of Making an Impact"
Metallics, nail art & dramatic designs: statement nail looks are
bigger than ever - & they just got a whole lot easier introducing
NAILSY Professional Fashion foils by Jessica
NailSy application on
Fingers £25.00 45 mins
Toes £25.00 45 mins
We use vegetable dye tints which are very gentle &
non-allergenic - these come in a variety of colours & last
approx. 4 - 6 weeks
Non Surgical Face Lifts
Eyelash tint
30 mins
60 mins £44.00
Course of 6 Treatments
Eyebrow tint
15 mins
Eyelash/brow tint
30 mins
Eyebrow trim or shape
15 mins
Using Slendertone's Figura 24 + machine designed to:
• Tone & lift slackened muscles
• Shift troublesome cellulite
• Improve circulation
• Post natal exercise
Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions
Single or Dual Programmes can be arranged to suit your
individual requirements. Each treatment also allows varying
depths, from a light to a power work-out
The answer to glamorous eyelashes!
Dazzle at the party, Shine at the
wedding, Gleam on the beach...
Synthetic eyelash extensions applied individually to the
natural eyelashes. When you follow the aftercare advice the
lashes can last up to 4 weeks & with regular maintenance the
lashes can be on for 12weeks, (like your hair & nails, the
eyelashes fall out & replenish themselves on a continuous
cycle). You can have lovely long lashes 24 hours a day, hassle
free & they are fantastic for special occasions or every day use.
The lash extensions have a natural curl, there are different
shape curls, various lengths & thicknesses to achieve the effect
you desire. They can simply enhance the natural set or
transform them into a glamorous set of long, thick & curly!
Lashes can also be removed by a professional & this is carried
out comfortably & easily. The lash extensions are waterproof,
heat proof, chlorine proof & ideal for a summer holiday. The
lashes are so lightweight you would never know they are not
your own!
A patch test is required minimum 24 hours prior to your
Full set
1hr15mins (approx)
30 mins
If you want to have maintenance in-fills, the lashes can stay
on for up to 12 weeks, the prices are as follows:
In-fills up to 14 days after previous application
approx 45mins £25
In-fills 15 - 21 days after previous application
approx 45 mins £35
(In-fills are not recommended over 21 days)
With the high incidence of cancer in this country, there
is a growing need for highly trained massage therapists
who can support people through cancer treatment &
recovery. We have a Level 1 certificate in “Massage for
People Living with Cancer”, this course was with Gayle
MacDonald of the Peregrine Institute of Oncology
Massage. Comfort-orientated massage or touch can be
administered to people with cancer, regardless of the
severity of their condition & in whatever stage of
treatment. Everyone wants & loves to be pampered
£50.00 60 mins
(including consultation)
• Increase lymph drainage
Single Programme Treatment 45 mins £28.00
Course of 6 treatments
Course of 6 treatments
(Girls 6-16 years old)
Princess Manicure
File & polish on fingers
(includes mini colour nail polish to take home)
30 mins £20.00
Princess Pedicure
File & polish on feet
(includes mini colour nail polish to take home)
30 mins £20.00
Princess Facial
Dermal Roller SR is a precision engineered hand held
medical device that helps combat the appearance of scars,
wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, cellulite & even hair
loss. Micro skin needling encourages Collagen & Elastin
production within the skin & helps to reduce the appearance
of skin imperfections making the skin smoother, brighter,
healthier & younger looking
Our needling is done by qualified and licensed therapists,
using single use, disposable 192 microneedle rollers. Do not
accept cheap quality rollers with cheap quality needles which
may cause skin drag, allergy or other skin damage
30 mins £20.00
Princess Make Up
Simple & light Make Up application
30 mins £20.00
Choose 2 Princess treatments per girl for £38
Men & women with unwanted hair in any site can be safely &
effectively treated with the latest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
PULSAR system. We can customise your treatment according to
the colour & texture of your hair & the area of the body to be
treated. Traditionally IPL has not been able to remove vellous
hair or hair that has lost some pigment. Pulsar have developed a
vellous head which is also very successful on blonde hair.
Permanent hair reduction of 90%+
The aim of the treatment is to destroy the hair follicle without
damaging the surrounding tissue. This is done by heating the
follicle to a destructive temperature. No damage is caused to the
skin surface. The targeted hair will fall out 2 weeks after your
Larger areas can be treated by these methods, rather than by
electrolysis or tweezing. It is effective in almost any area of the
body where smoother, hair free skin is desired. Any hair regrowth
should be finer, sparser & lighter in colour
Treatment programme
Initial Treatment Face
(This includes to take home a full size Clarins Extra Firming
Day Cream & Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control UVA/UVB 30
Cream; these must be used after the treatment to comply with
the aftercare)
The number of treatments required depends on the area you
wish to have treated, your skin type & your hair's growth cycle.
Treatment continues until the hair is gone & several treatments
are often necessary
Subsequent Treatments Face
A Pulsar IPL clinic is held every 4 weeks, for dates & prices please
contact the salon
Additional areas can be added to initial & subsequent
Cleanse, tone, exfoliation & mask
(includes some skin care samples)
Hair Reduction
Dual Programme Treatment 45 mins £35.00
Silver ~ Gold ~ Platinum
Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club is nestled at the foot of the Pentland Hills in 1000 acres of wood & parkland & you could be
forgiven for thinking that you were at an exclusive country retreat, yet we are only 15 minutes from Edinburgh & Livingston.
During your day you will have the opportunity to soothe your body in the sauna or steam room, be refreshed in our magnificent
18m heated swimming pool or work out in our air-conditioned state of the art fitness suite.
The Leisure Clubs other facilities include two 18 hole golf courses, jogging trail, outdoor tennis courts, over 30 complimentary
fitness classes per week, including; body conditioning, yoga, pilates, body pump & body attack, step, salsa-cise, bums, tums & thighs.
Your day commences at 10.00am, please arrive at the leisure club reception, (the modern building) where you will be greeted by
the reception staff. A membership advisor will provide you with a guided tour of the club facilities, so you can familiarise yourself
with the surroundings. You will be given a robe & towel for the day & your belongings can be placed in the lockers in the changing
rooms, then the leisure facilities are available for you to use, as you please.
Your beauty treatments & your lunch in the “Zest” will be allocated with times; these will be arranged at time of booking.
GOLD £127
The 3 pamper day collections all include the following:
• Guided tour of the leisure facilities
• Use of the leisure facilities for the day, to use as you please
• Robe & towels supplied for the day
• Lunch at the “Zest” restaurant
• Beauty treatments at "Beauty Essentials" salon
Silver collection
choose one treatment from
Gold collection
choose one treatment from
& one treatment from
(Hot Stone Massage can be done in place of the pick "n" mix)
Platinum collection
choose one treatment from
& two treatments from
(Hot Stone Massage can be done in place of the pick "n" mix and you can add one from box B)
Clarins Aromatic Balancer Facial
Full Body Massage
Clarins Self Tan
Jessica Manicure & Pedicure
Make Up application & either an Eyelash Tint or File & Polish (hands or feet)
Clarins Express Facial or Back Massage & File & Polish (hands or feet) or Eyelash Tint
File & Polish on both your Hands & Feet with the nail polish to take home
Clarins Men's Skin Blitz Facial
Clarins Men's Muscle Ease Massage
Clarins Express Reviving Facial
1/2 hour Body Massage
Back Massage
Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint & Eyebrow Wax
Jessica Deluxe Manicure
Jessica Deluxe Pedicure
Make Up Lesson
Clarins Men's Energising Back & Scalp
Clarins Men's Express Facial
Jessica Men's Nail Groom
Zest Restaurant - Pamper Day Lunch - 2 courses
Choose either a starter & main course or a main & dessert course.
Soup of the Day
Caesar Salad
Smoked Salmon
Selection of Sandwiches
Baked Potato with choice of filling
Chef's Pasta
Fresh Fruit Salad
Selection of Ice Cream
Dessert of the Day
Tea or coffee
The “Pamper Day Collections” can be purchased as a Gift
Voucher, they are valid for 6 months, from date of issue & are
subject to availability, booking in advance is advisable.
We require 48 hours notice of cancellation
Most of all, we want you to enjoy your day, as beauty
treatment times will be allocated, please note that arriving late
will deprive you of precious minutes of your treatment,
unfortunately, no matter how late you start, your treatment will
end on time so the next client is not delayed
To book a SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM Pamper Day
Tel: 0131 335 3992
Why not maximise your time at Dalmahoy by booking in for a
personal training session!
The personal trainers will ensure that while you are training
every second counts. They will ensure that you are given every
opportunity to set realistic goals & achieve your desired results.
Train one on one & train smarter to optimise your
performance & take control to shape & sculpt your body; the
one you have always dreamt about!
A full session with one of our highly skilled & qualified trainers
costs only £30
(Block sessions are also available, which offer substantial savings)
An exclusive leisure club offer, bring as many people as you
wish to your Pamper day for only £10 per person. This fee
will give full access to all our leisure facilities as listed above
If you would like to participate in any fitness classes or personal
training sessions, please pre-book with the leisure reception
Tel: 0131 335 8010 (quoting "Pamper Day")