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The Village Of Coleman Care Centre
celebrating the news & events of the Village of Coleman Care Centre
JULY 2015
We have a wonderful fire pit in the
back yard where the residents can sit out in
the evening and enjoy watching the flames
and roasting marshmallows.
They do a lot of reminiscing about family
events with campfires
We often have a group of kids come in
and join us for sing a longs and games.
Coleman Camp Fires
Canada Day Celebration
Team Members Retiring
Alia and Tanjay Clothing Sale
Schlegel Festival of Flavours
Dairy Queen Sundae Parties
Team Member Appreciation Dinner
Team Member Photos
Funny Page
All About Strawberries
East Neighbourhood
West Neighbourhood
Research Institute of Aging Updates
We are planning a great time
on Canada Day, playing games and
enjoying refreshments and music.
Fun for Everyone!!!
The Recreation Team invited all residents,
their family members and team members
to join them for
the fun and festivities on Wednesday July the 1st.
The day includes;
games and prizes
cake and lemonade
Coleman has a reputation for longevity of team members.
In June, we said Good-bye to Marg Bellisle, who has retired from the environmental team.
Marg worked hard in the laundry and out on the neighbourhoods keeping everything spic and
span. She is well known for her excellent seamstress skills and she always kept the resident’s
clothing and linens in good repair. Marg made the curtains for the resident’s rooms. She was
presented with flowers and a gift at the Team Member Appreciation Dinner at the Barrie
Country Club on June 5th.
Since then two other long term team members have decided to retire.
Catherine Mercier is a personal care aide, on the east neighbourhood and has spent her time
working on the evening shift. Catherine like to make sure everything is running smoothly on
her shift and the residents ay they know when she has arrived on the neighbourhood as they
can hear her distinct voice along they all and know “Cathy’s here!” says resident Helen Bell.
Peggy Hughes is another long time employee at Coleman and she has spent her time working
on the environmental team. She works in the laundry, washing, drying and folding and then she
delivers everything to the neighbourhoods. Peggy also does housekeeping. We have laundry
folders come in daily from the Simcoe Community Services. They fold towels and face cloths,
ready for the evening team members when they come on shift. Peggy always checks on them
to see if they need anything and she brings them special treats. She always gives each one of
them a gift a Christmas. Peggy is known for her delicious baking and she is always binging in
goodies for the other team members to enjoy.
Residents and team members said good-bye to these 2 ladies at a Retirement Tea in the Family
Room on Friday June 26th. They were presented with flowers and gifts and we reminisced
about their first days at Coleman and the wonderful memories they have from their many years
of service. Both ladies talked about their plans for the future.
We wish all three ladies the very best!
Good-bye and Good luck from
all the residents, family members, team members and leadership
of the Village of Coleman
Alia & Tanjay
Clothing Sale
10:30 to 11:30
Thursday July 16th
All Family Members
& Team Members
welcome to shop
If family members wish residents
to shop, be sure to top up their
trust accounts in the office or come
to the sale and help them shop
Schlegel Festival of Flavours
We have been busy collecting recipes from the Residents for our big
Cook Off Events.
We already had our cook off for the best appetizer recipe.
This moth we are planning a cook off for the best dessert recipe.
Watch for posters with the details of where and when.
Residents, family members and team members gather together in the
Patio View room to watch the judging. Then there is food trivia and we
pass out the desserts for everyone to try.
Next we will gather recipes for the best drinks contest.
In August we will be repeating the taste testing and judging.
So attention all residents and family members!!
Bring in your favourite drink recipes for cocktails and/or mocktails.
Once we have all of the judging completed and we have chosen our
very best recipes, we will all be heading down to Toronto for the finals at
the Schlegel Festival of Flavours, held at the Village of Humber Heights.
Let us know if you wish to join us for the bus trip and the festivities.
Dairy Queen
If you ask the Residents and Team Members what is their
favourite program, they would probably say the monthly
Dairy Queen Party.
Why do I say this?
Well...This is the only program where everyone shows up with
out any announcements, encouragement. or portering.
Everyone... all of the residents, family members and team
members show up for the party .
We don’t have to do anything. Dairy Queen comes with
chocolate and strawberry sundaes, serviettes and spoons.
We used to have music but everyone is so excited, talking and
laughing that we don’t need it.
Everyone really looks forward to our Dairy Queen parties and
it’s great to see everyone sitting together and having fun.
So if you are passing by on the third Tuesday of every month,
be sure to drop in and join us for ice cream.
Everyone is welcome!
Submitted by Tabatha Newman
Another successful year for the Team Appreciation Dinner. The night was
celebrated with dinner, dancing and lots of laughs. The room was brightly
decorated with Royal blue table clothes and yellow napkins shaped as
small fans. A big thank you goes to the residents who helped put together
the beautiful candle lit center pieces. Team members all had a chance at
winning some great prizes that were so graciously donated. One of the
highlights of the evening was to watch the leadership team dance and
sprint their way across the dance floor to hand out prizes each time a winning team member’s name was called. It was a great honor to be so involved again this year in the planning for the team member appreciation
Team Member Appreciation
Funny Page
Greetings from the
East Neighbourhood
As summer really starts to warm up, we on the
East Neighbourhood are looking forward to
sunny days with friends and family. We would
like to extend a warm welcome to our new
residents here on the East Neighbourhood,
Evelyn Boddy and Shirley Hopper. Both have fit
in really well and bring two more beautiful
smiles to brighten the Neighbourhood. We
hope to see everyone this summer out on the
back patio.
Cheers to fun in the sun!
Michelle Uprichard, East NC
News from the West Neighbourhood
Summer is officially here and the West Neighbourhood is gearing up for a summer of lunchtime
BBQ’s and outdoor activities.
We would like to officially welcome the new
resident’s to the West Neighbourhood who arrived
in the spring.
Mary Waters, Sharon Dobson, Bill Parr,
Carolyn Ovenden and Philip Strumos.
All have settled in well to our Neighbourhood.
So let’s get our summer hats on and enjoy the
beautiful days to come.
Kyle Ross,
West NH Coordinator

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