May 9, 2016



May 9, 2016
8 & 10:30 am
Sunday School
9:15 am
Day of Pentecost
Acts 2:1-21
Psalm 104:24-34, 35b
Romans 8:14-17
John 14:8-17, 25-27
Pentecost is a day
of promises fulfilled. The promised Spirit of God
is poured out. The
baptized have become “children of
God” and “joint
heirs with Christ.”
By the power of
the Spirit we have
seen the face of
the Father in his
only begotten Son
and been saved by
him. Bless the
Lord, O my soul.
2 1 7 5 5
E .
C E N T E N N I A L ,
3 0 3 - 6 1 7 - 9 8 8 4
8 0 0 1 5
May 9, 2016
W W W . L O R D O F T H E H I L L S . O R G
Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly.
1 Corinthians 13:13 the Message
So here it is the next 100 days and we are going to HOPE UNSWERVINGLY!
My guess is most of you have heard in one way or another that after
the “First 100 days” there was surely going to be “The next 100 days.”
In our first year together it is important we all keep heading in the
same direction, deepening in our discipleship. This journey of following Jesus is a “we” adventure. For this first year as we focus on healing, growing and being the church,* I am inviting you into hope unswervingly, as a goal and direction. Together we are being rooted in the
13th chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth. Keep reading that
entire thirteenth chapter of Corinthians and see how in the thirteenth
verse, we are building the foundation from love to hope to faith. We
have started with love deeply rooted in Christ and God’s extravagant
love of us. Keep this on your radar: how are you letting in the Love of
God and how are you sharing it with others? It is in sharing God’s love
that it grows even more deeply within us. We don’t self-generate this
love. It is gift. Allowing ourselves to receive the love God has for us
comes when we worship hearing God’s word and share in the meal.
God’s Spirit is at work in us in all times and in all places. When we engage with Scripture, practice generosity, serve our neighbor and allow
others to serve us, we let in the love of God. Keep opening up to God’s
extravagant love for you.
In these next 100 days join me in building upon this love, allowing the
Holy Spirit to launch us into action. Hope is a function of struggle and
action. Hope happens when we experiment and fail, try again, and get
involved in the mix of life. We need energy and engagement for hope.
For these next 100 days from May 3 to August 11, join me in getting
curious about why God has called us as a faith community in this time
and place. What is God desiring from us and how are we to be the
light of Christ in our neighborhood? In your curiosity be willing to experiment with some new activities and opportunities. In the next 100
days we are going to have many opportunities to be the church*.
Please keep checking out this newsletter to learn how you can get connected and involved. (Continued on next page)
Watchword for the
Week: For all who are led
by the Spirit of God are
children of God.
Romans 8:14
Mark your calendar for September 16-18 for a congregation
wide camp experience at Rainbow Trail. Information about a
deposit to reserve your spot will be coming out soon.
Yesterday at 9:15am between services, over 50 people young
With my whole heart I
and older alike made “Jars of Awesomeness” and helped creatseek you; do not let me
ed butterflies. This project was funded by a Thrivent Action
stray from your commandGrant- every Thrivent member in our congregation has two
ments. Psalm 119:10
$250 grants to use to get us on our way into action. We have
It is well for the heart to be estimated this is over $30,000 in grants for us to use to create
strengthened by grace.
hope and action. We plan to use lots of these grants during this
Hebrews 13:9
next 100 days to experiment and get out into our community to
share God’s love. On Sunday August 7 we are going to join at
I will say, “They are my
people;” and they will say, 9:15am to share what we put in the jars- ways we experienced
the “AWE”. Even if you weren’t there yesterday, you can still
“The Lord is our God.”
join in this adventure and activity of being aware and awake to
Zechariah 13:9
how God is awesome and amazing and at work in the world.
You were going astray like From those small moments of deer appearing in your yard, to
sheep, but now you have
the chickadee flitting by, we see the beauty of God’s creatures
returned to the shepherd
and creation. It’s an opportunity to become in tune to how God
and guardian of your
is awesome. When the answers to prayer we weren’t sure we
souls. 1 Peter 2:25
would ever live to see, come about, and we are in awe and
I remind you to rekindle
wonder, we can be awake to God at work. Write these things
the gift of God that is with- down! Put the slip of paper in your jar. Get on your radar
in you. 2 Timothy 1:6
God’s awesomeness. EVERYONE IS WELCOME to get a jar
and slips of paper. Write it down when you sense God’s presYou shall be holy, for I the
ence, are in awe of God’s creation, have a prayer answered and
Lord your God am holy.
want to remember the wonderful and glorious ways God is at
Leviticus 19:2
work and alive in our world. There are still jars available at the
Clothe yourselves with the church and you can check out on Pinterest how to color jars
new self, created accordwith sharpie markers or decorate them in another way. One of
ing to the likeness of God
our high schoolers is creating a jar for us as a faith community.
in true righteousness and
This Sunday, Pentecost, you will see our jar and all the red to
holiness. Ephesians 4:24
celebrate the church’s birthday. Wear Red. Join in celebratAll people are grass, their
ing our high school graduates this Sunday May 15. Our God is
constancy is like the flower
an Awesome God. Join in the next 100 days of unswerving
of the field. The grass
hope and let’s see where the Spirit is leading us. I am so gratewithers, the flower fades;
ful we get to journey in this together.
but the word of our God
will stand forever.
Isaiah 40:6,8
Pastor Margot
Heaven and earth will
pass away, but my words
will not pass away.
Mark 13:31
*Yesterday in worship we sang The Church Song which lays
out some definitions of what the church is/isn’t. We will keep
singing this song throughout the next 100 days.
In the Lord of the Hills family…
Christian sympathies to the Novy family, at Rick’s death. Join the family tonight, May 9th
at 7pm at LOTH for an evening celebrating Rick’s life. His Memorial Service will be
held on Tuesday, May 10th at 10:30 a.m. with at luncheon immediately following .
Barbara Novy, 2803 S. Bahama St., Aurora 80013
We mourn the death of Max Cobble this past week and extend sympathies to Carolyn and
Melanie Graf & family. Max’s service will be held at LOTH on Monday, May 16th, at
4pm. There will be refreshments following the service.
Carolyn Cobble. St. Andrew’s Assisted Living, 2670 S. Abilene St., #103 East, Aurora 80014
Melanie & Lee Graf, 18054 E. Euclid Pl., Aurora 80016
Bud Sittig is back home! He responded well to treatment and his recovery is ahead of
schedule. Due to a compromised immune system, he will be laying low for a few weeks.
Bud & Fran are so very grateful for your prayers, support and cards.
May 28th at 5pm Saturday evening services begin!
Also, the following three Sundays we will have
one combined service at 9:15am: May 29, July 3 &
September 4. Saturday services will be held even
on the Sundays with a single service. The Saturday
services will be part of our on-going worship
Do you have a kiddo graduating from high school this spring? If you do, please
let Sheri Peterson know at [email protected] no later than Thursday, May
12th. We will be celebrating this milestone with a blanket for the graduates at both
services on May 15th. We want to make sure we have
enough for all, so please let Sheri know asap.
High Schoolers, are you connected?
Youth Group for high school students has started up again. Send a text to
Pastor Margot at 720-427-8352 so she has your cell number to keep you informed of activities!
Do you have a youth entering high school in the fall? Let Sheri Peterson or Pastor Margot know this as well. We want to make sure they are kept apprised of mission trip happenings, meetings and fun!.
High School Youth group will meet at
LOTH at 5pm on Sunday, May 15th to
travel together to Bethany Lutheran
Church for Sunday evening Refuge
worship !
Men’s Breakfast meets this Saturday,
May 14th at 8am in the PLC in the Oasis Room. All men are welcome to join
in this shared meal and bible study.
This Sunday we will be installing of our new Council Members. Please join us.
President: Don Johnson
Vice-President: Pamela Birx
Secretary: Robin Trembley
Treasurer: Lee Peterson
Mission Outreach: Bud Sittig
Property: Jeff Klopfer
Service: Ellen Leible
Small Groups: Charlene Nelson
Stewardship: Bryan Sapen
Witness: Carlyn Peterson
Worship & Music: Mark Ransom
Youth & Family: Brian Lionberger
This Week at Lord of the Hills
Monday, May 9
5:00 pm—Adult Children of Alcoholics
6:30 pm—Boy Scout Troop 494
7:00 pm—Remembering Rick Novy
Tuesday, May 10
10:30 am—Memorial Service for Richard Novy
6:45 pm—Apostles’ Creed Rehearsal
7:00 pm—Smoky Hill Promises A.A. Meeting
7:00 pm—Executive Council
7:00 pm—FPU
7:00 pm—Stephen Ministry Meeting
Wednesday, May 11
11:30 am—Women’s Bible Study
6:00 pm—Angel & Hosanna Choir Rehearsal
6:30 pm—Confirmation
Thursday, May 12
9:00 am—In Stitches
7:00 pm—In Stitches
7:00 pm—Bible Study
Friday, May 13
2:00 pm—Grief Support Group
7:30 pm—Here’s H.O.W. A.A. Group
Saturday, May 14
8:00 am—Men’s Breakfast
10:00 am—Prayer Shawl Ministry
Sunday, May 15
8:00 am—Worship Service
9:15 am—Cantate Deo Rehearsal
9:15 am—Stewardship Committee
9:15 am—Sunday School
10:30 am—Worship Service
11:45 am—Bells on the Hill Rehearsal
5:00 pm—High School Youth Group to Bethany
Margot Wright, Pastor
[email protected]
Pastor Jerry Brown, Visitation Pastor
[email protected]
Pat Billington, Administrative Asst.
[email protected]
Erica Brown, Bookkeeper
[email protected]
Thomas Kielmeyer, Music Director
[email protected]
Sheri Peterson, Director of Small Groups
[email protected]
Meg Stenman, Director of Preschool
[email protected]
Sunday Worship Volunteers: May 15
Ass’t Minister
8:00 a.m.
Michelle Dragalin
vonKlinggraeff family
Karen Joshi
Jennifer von Klinggraeff
Pat Billington
Don Johnson
Joni Johnson
Comm. Ass’t.
Jennifer vonKlinggraeff
Communion Bread Patty Brady
Riley Lopez
Teen in Nursery
Noah Vieyra
Altar Clean-Up
10:30 a.m.
Ruth Schmunk
Sarah Elrod
Kevin Stantz
Shane Walker
Reese/Brooks Walker
Tristan Walker
Shannon Lemmon-Elrod
Kimberly Lang
Victoria Lang/Chris Consolver
Britt & Ronda Stantz
Erica Brown/Sherri Houston

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