About Bright Horizons Woodbury



About Bright Horizons Woodbury
Welcome to
Bright Horizons Woodbury!
About Bright Horizons
Founded in 1986, Bright Horizons Family Solutions is the world’s leading provider of employer-sponsored
child care, early education, back-up care, and work/life solutions. We manage more than 700 full-service
and back-up child care centers for more than 800 clients around the world.
In all our child care programs, we strive to:
Nurture each child’s unique qualities and potential
Support families through strong partnerships
Collaborate with employers to build family-friendly workplaces
Create a work environment that encourages professionalism, growth, and diversity
About Back-Up Child Care
Bright Horizons Family Solutions® provides high-quality back-up care programs to our working
parents when you experience a breakdown in your regular child care arrangements.
A Unique Benefit: A Reliable Solution
Bright Horizons understands the challenges you face in balancing personal and professional
demands, especially when child care issues arise such as:
• Regular provider is ill or on vacation
• Stay-at-home spouse has appointments
• Nanny turnover or transition
• School vacations or regular child care center is closed
• Transition back to work from parental leave
A parent resource library is located in our reception area.
Parents may check out books or videos. We provide pamphlets
that address many issues (separation, sleep, toilet training) to
aid parents.
We also keep a binder of activities happening in our local
community of Woodbury and surrounding communities.
About Bright Horizons Woodbury
The center is conveniently located off HWY 94 and the Radio Drive exit on Seasons Parkway next to Spalon Montage. We are 5 miles from the
3M main building location.
8325 Seasons Parkway, Suite 101, Woodbury, MN 55125
7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Ages Served 6 weeks through 12 years
There is off-street parking located at the center.
Center Director The Woodbury center opened in October, 2001. Kim Pantekoek has been the director of the center since 2003. Kim came to Bright
Horizons when it opened in 2000, from the Minneapolis Gaviidae location. She has also been a substitute Teacher, full-time Teacher and Lead
Teacher. Previously, she was a lead teacher for an Early Childhood Family Education program where she also worked with children that used
English as a Second Language. Kim has been working with children of all ages for the past fourteen years. Kim has her Bachelor of Science
degree and teaching license in Family Life/Child Development and a minor in Parent Education. She is also a licensed Parent Educator.
We are Accredited by the National Association of the Education of Young Children
For security, the doors
are locked. Parents need
to the ring door bell to
enter the center.
All parents, guardians and authorized release
persons show their ID at drop-off and pick-up.
Introducing Bright Horizons Woodbury
Our Center includes:
Special play areas for infants, toddler,
preschoolers and school age children
Activities tailored specifically for each age group
Dedicated spaces for infants:
- A sleeping area and a place for active play
In the Young Explorers room (Infant room) and New Adventures
room (Toddler room), there are areas for dramatic play and
developing large motor skills.
Bright Horizons Woodbury
Our Center includes:
 Dedicated areas for toddlers and preschoolers:
- Art area, block area and dramatic play area
- Quiet spaces for reading
 School Age children:
- Computers, books and games
 Outdoor walks, parent permitting, are planned when
weather allows
Teachers plan curriculum that give children
opportunities to create and learn.
The school age room has a loft and ageappropriate sized furniture that will allow
school-agers to experience the world around
them at their level and feel comfortable.
During the day at Bright Horizons
…a child’s job is to
learn all about the
world and fully
develop into the very
best person that he or
she can be.
Your Child’s Back-up Day
World Class Welcome
When you and your child arrive at the
center you will be greeted by a staff
member. You will sign in and be taken to
your child’s classroom and introduced to
the teacher. We will ask you to complete
a Parent Day Sheet telling us all about
your child’s needs and schedule, along
with a current phone number where you
can be reached.
Adjusting to the Center
Separation from parents and adjustment to a
new environment may be challenging for
children. Bright Horizons teachers are well
trained to provide support during this
sensitive time. Our goal is to help your child
adjust and have a successful day!
World Class Exit
Time for Fun !
Construct a city, design a necklace,
bake a cake, DREAM, plant a garden,
make a new friend, GET MESSY, hula
hoop, measure rainfall, PLAY, paint a
daisy, build a snowman, explore the
earth, dress-up, DISCOVER
At pickup time, you will receive a daily
written report informing you about your
child’s day. Please allow sufficient time prior
to the center’s closing time so you may
speak with your child’s teacher about your
child’s day. Children will be released only to
a parent, guardian or other adult (18 years
or older) previously authorized in writing.
(with a photo on file).
Preparing For A Great Day
To start your child’s day off right, consider his or her specific needs and
what will make your child feel most comfortable at the center!
Infants: During your visit here at the center, you will need to provide us with diapers, wipes,
ointments, bottles (one for each feeding) with pre-mixed formula or breast milk, jar foods, cereals
and snacks. We encourage you to bring any special items to help with your child’s comfort
during the day.
Toddlers: Please provide us with diapers, wipes, ointments and a lunch (we provide an AM &
PM Snack for your child). We encourage you to bring any special items to help with your child’s
comfort during the day and for naps.
Preschool: Please provide us with an extra change of clothing, diapering items (if you child is
not potty trained) and lunch (we provide an AM & PM Snack for your child). If your child has a
special blanket or soft toy that will help transition them to nap, please provide that to us as well.
School Age: You will need to bring lunch. We provide an AM & PM Snack for your child. If
your child will be coming after school for a few hours, please send them with their homework and
we’ll be happy to help them.
Clothing: Children should wear comfortable play clothes, as they may be involved in messy
projects that use paint, water, and other materials! (extra clothes are a plus!)
Toys: The center has a wide variety of toys in each classroom. Children are welcome to bring a
blanket, pacifier, or special toy that may ease their adjustment to the center.
Labeling: Please label all clothing and other belongings, such as bottles, cups, and
toys with your child’s full name to ensure their safe return back to you!
Make a Reservation Today!
Registration and Reservations – Plan Ahead!
Before children can attend back-up child care, eligible employees must register and submit
all required documents. Once the registration process is complete, parents can request
reservations whenever the need for care arises. Reservations are accepted up to one
month in advance and up to the day care is needed.
Visitation – Come Play!
To better familiarize families with the centers-especially before an actual last-minute need
for care occurs, we encourage employees to try the service. Our goal is to make parents
and children as comfortable as possible with the center - so come and have fun!
“My children loved spending the week at the Woodbury Center. They looked forward each morning to going, and were excited
and proud to show me the projects they worked on each day.”
“It gives me peace of mind that I have an alternate plan should my caregiver be unable to care for my daughter. I don't have to
miss important meetings. The other families that are in my daughter's daycare always struggle with backup options and I'm
fortunate to have a plan.”
- Bright Horizons parents’ comments
We look forward to serving
your family soon!
[email protected]