press release - BRIGHT Tradeshow


press release - BRIGHT Tradeshow
media leaders gathered alongside top international
skateboarders, including legend Daewon Song, super
star Torey Pudwill and germany’s favorite Alex Mizurov
for the C1RCA Death Race. The course, build atop a
garage roof in central Kreuzberg, was the center of
attention, before all eyes turned to the giant screen
and an amazing football game. Germany’s victory was
celebrated late into the night, thanks to the LookyLooky
Crew Djs, before the first skateboarders came back
to skate the unique facility once again once the sun
appeared again.
Between July 8th and 10th, Bright presented a selection
of 300 brands from the Sneakers, Streetwear and
skateboard market in the former Warenhaus Jandorf in
Berlin Mitte.
The early opening, a day prior to the traditional
schedule, allowed for a evenly spread traffic. Between
the almost balanced opening and closing day, the 2nd
day worked out to the strongest. Overall, the show
recorded a slight improvement in traffic year to date.
While domestic visitors accounted for just about 50%
of the traffic, the strongest contingent of international
attendance came from the UK, followed closely by the
Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
The last night of the show saw the Bright X Cons
Project Berlin take over a former Berlin Mitte super
market, and host Skateboard contest in a minimal post
industrial atmosphere. The party was sealed by a live
performance by the Flatbush Zombies from Brooklyn,
and a DJ set by the Palace Djs from London.
The increase of the exhibition surface by 30% allowed
for a substantial addition of brands from the sneakers
and Streetwear market. The UK remains the source
of novelty in brands, closely followed by France. The
Upper Floor was dominated by a handfull of selected
brands whose roots lay between art, music and
From Bright’s perspective, Berlin remains the right
location. The predominance of the Berlin Fashion Week
in our segment of the industry is constantly increasing
and shows no signs of slowing down.
We are looking forward for the next Winter Bright at
Warenhaus Jandorf, and wish all our visitors a successful
The Bright opening night welcomed a well selected
crowd of international traders, leading industry and
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b right am bassad ors
Thomas Martini (Creative Direction)
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F. J. Hoeller (Ambassador Italy)
[email protected]
Marco Aslim (Sales)
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Etienne Pinon (Ambassador France)
[email protected]
Mathieu Tourneur (Marketing)
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