Canon™ Pixma iX-iP-i-MP-BC-MG-MX-S series. A3 printer models


Canon™ Pixma iX-iP-i-MP-BC-MG-MX-S series. A3 printer models
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Canon™ Pixma iX-iP-i-MP-BC-MG-MX-S series. A3 printer models 8500-9000-19950 Pro and similar.
If your print-head resembles the one on this page the kit is suitable for your printer.
The kit contains all the necessary tools to carry out the job including 1 x 100ml bottle of cleaning fluid,1 x 8mm, 1
x 12mm vacuum evacuation pump. Both pumps are used to cover each size of nozzle inlet gauze. All you need to
provide is a shallow container, paper kitchen towel or blotting paper.
Although the cleaning fluid is not hazardous unless swallowed, it can be an irritant to eyes and skin, It is
recommended that safety glasses and surgical type latex gloves are worn when using this product; this applies to
all the cleaning fluids sold by ARICI INKJET.
First of all we recommend you find which print head nozzle is causing the problem by printing a test sheet using
your printer software. Follow the manufactures instructions on removing the print-head, on the Canon printer its
straight forward by just moving a leaver and lifting out the print head.
Obtain a shallow container and fill it with around 2-3mm depth of cleaning fluid, now place a piece of kitchen
towel laid flat in the liquid cleaner, rest the exposed print-head on the towel for around one hour, this will free up
any clusters of nano ink particles and paper dust. Avoid exposing the low voltage electrical circuit of the print
head with the cleaning fluid, if this should happen dry the circuit with a low heat using a hair drier, or place in an
airing cupboard overnight.
Use the small or large vacuum pump as needed, place the open end over the gauze filter of the colour causing the
blockage as illustrated, press the pump body down gently onto the silicone rubber seal by holding the lips of the
pump with your finger and thumb then gently pull upwards on the plunger this creates a vacuum and the cleaning
fluid will be forced up through the print-head nozzles using atmospheric pressure only, this is around 14.7 psi. at
sea level.
When you have collected about 1 centimetre of fluid in the vacuum tube remove the pump and leave the printhead
cleaner fluid for 1 hour to do its work inside the printer nozzles this will leave the colloids of ink in a
dispersed state.
Repeat the cleaning action once more without the waiting time, now dry the print-head thoroughly before
inserting the print-head back into your printer, insert your ink cartridges and do a software head clean to purge
any cleaning fluid from the print-head and ink reservoirs. Now print 3-4 full colour prints in high resolution.
If NOT OK do another test print to see which colour is causing the problem and repeat the cleaning process.

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