How to share your pictures



How to share your pictures
How to share your pictures
Getting started
Shutterfly offers a great way to keep in touch with loved
ones: sharing your pictures. Whether you share a few
images, a whole album, or a project like a calendar or photo
book, it’s easy to do. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.
Sign and go to the My Shutterfly page—you can link to it right
at the top of the website. Once you get there, you’ll notice
that the third module from the top is named “My shared
pictures and projects.” On the right side of that section are a
series of links. Select “Share pictures”.
Since this is your first time sharing pictures, you’ll need to
select “Get started” on the upper-right of the next page.
How to share your pictures
Share pictures or albums
Now you can browse through your albums and pictures to
find the images you wish to share. If you’re viewing albums
and want to share all the pictures from one album—up to 250
images—choose the “Share this album” link in the upper-right
corner. If you’re viewing individual pictures from an album,
click on the button below each image you’d like to select.
When you’re done, select “Next”.
Share a single album
Once you’ve selected a set of pictures, Shutterfly gives you
two ways to share. If you choose to share ‘As a single album’,
you’ll be inviting recipients to view a single set of pictures.
Enter the e-mail addresses of the people you want to see
these pictures. You can save these email addresses for future
use after the share is complete.
How to share your pictures
If you plan on sharing pictures often with the same friends
and family, you’ll want to add these people to your address
book, which can be accessed right below the email address
box. On the next page, select “Add group”…..
…then enter the names and email addresses of the contacts
who you plan to share with frequently.
Next, return to the “Enter Message” page, edit the subject
line if you’d like, and then add an optional message.
Click “Share now” and you’re good to go. Your family
and friends will receive an email with a link to go view
the pictures. What if some of them have an account with
Shutterfly, but some of them don’t? Not a problem. Everyone
you send the shared pictures to can view them in a fullscreen slideshow, whether they have a Shutterfly account
or not. Family members can order their own set of prints,
again without having to register on the site. Those who do
have an account can log in, save the shared pictures to their
account, and do what they want with them – such as using
the pictures to create their own projects.
How to share your pictures
Share a Collection
If instead you choose to share ‘As an album in my Collection’,
the pictures you’ve selected will be added to your Collection
as a new album. What’s a Collection? It’s your own
personalized page for sharing pictures, including your own
web address (for example, http://martinfamily.shutterfly.
com). Recipients will be able to view both the new album
as well as other albums you add to the Collection. This can
be a convenient way to share your pictures over time since
recipients can always return to the same webpage to see a
history of all your shared pictures, not just the latest ones.
You can create your Collection easily by selecting the “Create
a new Collection” link and filling out the short, simple form.
Each user can create up to two Collections. You can name
the web address of your Collection, although just like e-mail
addresses, someone else may have already chosen it,
especially common names; you may have to try a few times
to get a unique one. Check off the boxes to decide if you
want others to be able to add photos and comment—perfect
if you’re sharing pictures of an event where multiple guests
took pictures—and choose whether you’d like access to your
Collection to be password-protected. When you’re done, click
“Create Now”.
Your album can now be added to your Collection, which can
then be shared with friends and family. Just enter their email
addresses, like you would if you were sharing a single album,
or create a group e-mail list. They can comment on your
pictures, order prints, save images to their account, and even
add their own pictures.
How to share your pictures
Share projects
Sharing projects is a great way to collaborate with others on
things like a family reunion photo book. It also allows friends
and family to save a project to their accounts and order their
own copy. If you’ve created any projects you’d like to share,
return to the My Shutterfly page. Under My Shared Pictures
and Projects, select “Share projects”.
Since this is your first time sharing projects, you’ll need to
select “Get started” on the upper-right of the next page.
You’ll see all the projects you’ve created that you can share.
You can share photo books, calendars, collage posters,
and scrapbook pages. Choose a project to share and select
Then enter the emails of those with whom you’d like to share,
just like you would if you were sharing a single album.