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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Once in a blue moon he says yes
Wedding customs and traditions
Manage seating arrangements
Showers break from tradition
How to have a great honeymoon
This year’s industrial chic trend
Folklore, myths, good-luck charms
Groom’s cakes make a comeback
Guide to reception venues
Choosing great floral arrangments
ON THE COVER: Newlyweds Morgan Garms and Jessica
Messner share a moment during their reception at Lavender Fields at Coolspring.
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Once in a blue moon he says yes
By Taylor Goebel
Special to the Cape Gazette
ere’s a riddle: They got married the night they met at the
place they would get married
seven years later. It started at a bonfire,
his parent’s place, 2010. He chose her
that night. They wouldn’t see each
other again until 2014. But that is
another story. This is the moment she
chose him.
It is 2015. Summer, July 31st, a warm
breeze by the water at Paradise Grill
in Long Neck. It is not just another
evening for celestial bodies, or Kristen
Swensen. Tonight is the blue moon
and the mark of ten months that she
has been with Michael Cordrey. She
had a son, Josiah, from a previous
relationship, so they’d been looking for
a house together, as a family. Things
were finally falling into place.
But there was one thing. Kristen
could no longer stand calling Michael
just her boyfriend. He meant much
more than that.
“When I gave up on love,” she began,
“God said, ‘Not yet’ and gave me Michael. He gave me someone who not
only loved me but also wanted to love
and father my son.” This guy made
her feel like the only girl in the world.
Now, she wanted to make him feel
isn’t a
“glitzyglam” girl. YET’ AND GAVE ME
She didn’t
need the fat
ring or the
guy on one knee. As the idea surfaced,
so did the expected reaction of, “You
shouldn’t be the one to do it. You’re
the girl. Wait for him to do it.” But now
the plan was as full with her as the
moon would be that night.
On one inconspicuous day, Kristen
had been talking to coworkers at East
Coast Garden Center (Michael’s family’s business), when one of them casually said, “Oh, once in a blue moon.”
It stuck with Kristen. Hard. Later,
KRISTEN SWENSEN AND MICHAEL CORDREY will be married this October at the Cordrey
Center in Millsboro.
Michael’s father suggested they all go
to Paradise Grill that weekend, when
the moon would be super full. Flashforward a couple days when Kristen
came to him as any respectable man
madly in love would, with a nervous
speech that began, “I know this is going to sound silly to you.…”
Yes, Kristen Swensen, the girl, asked
for the father’s permission to propose.
He looked at her funny, then said, “Are
you kidding me? Of course.” The celestial bodies began to align.
The day of, Kristen learned a double
whammy: Both a blue moon and solar
eclipse would happen in tandem.
Triple whammy with the proposal.
She foreshadowed the night by leaving
Michael little notes everywhere.
July 31st. A warm breeze at Paradise Grill blows below a stunning
red moon, a live band playing coolly
in the background. Their friends, his
father, everyone is here. She takes him
to a bench by the water. Dismantling
the traditional proposal even more,
she doesn’t get down on one knee,
because, “girl no.” It’s beautiful. Her
proposal is the words she has for him,
the feelings, gratitude, warmth.
She is nervous until Josiah steps out
with a sign that reads, “Once in a blue
moon, mommies ask daddies to marry
them. Will you marry me?” She calms
and looks at Michael.
He doesn’t answer at first, just kisses
Finally, she grabs his face and asks,
The moon is red above them, the
light is reflecting on the water, a crowd
is watching them, and they are alone in
the gap between question and answer.
“Of course.”
Bonfire, 2010. After a few beers,
friends think it would be fun to play
“Wedding” (because who hasn’t played
that game as a kid?). They roll over
to the Cordrey Center where actual
weddings are held, and divide the guys
from the girls for the pretend ceremony. Without ever speaking to her,
Michael chooses Kristen.
Four years, a bad relationship, and
one beautiful little boy later, they run
into one another. Kristen says, “Hey,
aren’t we still married?” And Michael
responds, “Yeah, I think we are.”
As proof that things really do come
full circle, or in their case, total eclipse,
Kristen Swensen and Michael Cordrey
will be married at the Cordrey Center
this October. This time it won’t be a
pretend ceremony. Oh, and by the way,
she did get that ring.
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
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shopping experience!
Bridals, Formals, Tuxedos,
Proms, Moms and
much more...
INSTEAD OF TOSSING beautiful bouquets
and other flowers into the garbage once the
wedding day has come and gone, couples
can employ various methods to preserve
those impressive displays for years to come.
How to
A bride’s gown may garner its share
of attention come her wedding day,
but floral arrangements also tend to
impress guests. Fresh flowers make
a wedding and the ensuing reception
more inviting and appealing.
According to The, couples
can expect to spend 8 percent of their
wedding budget on flowers. For the average wedding, that equates to roughly
$2,000 for various arrangements and
bouquets. That can be a considerable
expense for fragile flowers with a shelf
life of only a day or two.
But instead of tossing beautiful bouquets and other flowers into the garbage once the wedding day has come
and gone, couples can employ various
methods to preserve those impressive
displays for years to come.
Air drying
One of the easiest ways to preserve
flowers is to dry them out. This is best
done by hanging blooms upside down
so they will remain straight and not
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Order your wedding stationery 4 to 6 weeks before you
plan to mail it. This allows plenty of time for reviewing
proofs, making changes, print production and assembly
How May We Make Your Day?
makeup • Lashes • waxing • skin
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
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Donate, recycle and reuse
for a greener wedding
Sometimes a wedding can be a
testament to excess. In order to make
an impression and please every guest,
couples often go above and beyond
with regard to food, favors, flowers,
and much more at their weddings. At
the end of the night, couples might be
left with a good deal of food and other
items that go to waste. That is, unless
you donate the excess to someone who
can use it.
Leftover wedding food, flowers and
wardrobes can be donated and make
a difference in other people’s lives. By
asking a few questions and doing a
little legwork, you can turn items that
would be discarded into something
that goes on to help another person.
Food: Food is one area of the wedding that’s often prepared in abundance, particularly for buffet-style
weddings. In order to keep chafing
dishes filled and inviting, catering
halls or restaurants may prepare
much more food than is necessary. At
the end of the night there’s plenty of
Some caterers have already contracted with food recovery groups to take
leftover food and bring it to the needy.
You can ask your caterer if they do so.
If not, do an online search for a food
recovery organization and find out
how you can donate the remainders of
your wedding feast.
Clothing: Bridesmaid dresses and
formal wear is seldom worn again,
unless you are a person who has
mastered the art of turning pink taffeta
into a new ensemble. However, you
may be able to donate a dress or suit
to a consignment store or thrift shop,
where it can be purchased and worn
by someone who may not be able to af-
ford an off-the-rack item. You can also
consider donating it to an organization
that provides clothing to the underprivileged. Some offer wedding clothing for sale at deep discounts through
classifieds or online, where it can also
live on in someone else’s closet.
Floral arrangements: Wedding
centerpieces can last for several days
before they wilt. While friends and
family members may take some home,
several centerpieces will likely be left
at the end of the night. Think about
bringing them to a hospital, hospice
center or nursing home. The flowers
can help brighten the day of others
who are in somber settings. If you
cannot find a place that will take them,
consider dropping one or two of them
off at the home of an elderly relative
who might be confined to his or her
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Cake-cutting etiquette, guidelines
The presentation of the wedding
cake marks the culmination of the
day's festivities and a final symbol
of a happy couple's new partnership.
Many people eagerly await the cake as
much as they may anticipate catching
a glimpse of the bride in her beautiful
As is the case with many wedding
traditions, there is some established
etiquette with regard to cutting and
serving wedding cake. If you plan on
putting your cake on display, be sure it
is made with a frosting and filling that
can endure room temperature. Certain
creams may sour if not refrigerated,
and you do not want anyone becoming
ill. If you have your heart set on perishable fillings, keep the cake refrigerated and then have the big reveal right
before it is cut.
The cake cutting usually comes
near the end of the wedding reception. Schedule the cutting so that
older guests or young children can
leave without feeling as if they would
be offending anyone. The emcee of
the evening typically announces the
cake cutting, and the band may play
a quirky tune or revisit the wedding
song while the first slice is being cut.
If the cake has a foam or cardboard
support, be careful not to cut through
it. Use a cake server to grab the first
piece. Traditionally the newly betrothed will feed each other a bite of
the cake to symbolize their first meal
as a couple.
Couples can feed each other a small
amount, taking care not to spill any.
Many couples no longer embrace the
once-popular tradition of smashing
cake in each other's faces, but whether
or not couples follow this tradition is
up to them.
Some couples like to serve their parents a piece of cake. Traditionally the
bride should serve the groom's parents
and the groom the bride's parents.
If there is a groom's cake, guests
may prefer a slice of both cakes.
Guests may also want to take home
a slice of the groom's cake. Tradition
states that a piece of the groom's cake
should be presented to an unmarried
woman attending the wedding. The
woman is not expected to eat the cake,
but rather to put it under her pillow.
Superstition held that this tradition
would help an unmarried woman find
a husband.
The cake-cutting ritual at weddings
has withstood the test of time, and
many couples still prefer to present
the cake with fanfare and excitement.
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
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“The staff paid attention to every detail…
Everything was absolutely perfect.”
“Exceeded our expectations for our wedding and reception…
Food was really important…we were extremely happy.”
“Fabulous venues…friendly and helpful…highly recommend!”
[email protected] or Call 302-227-2511
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Origins of bridal customs
Chances are those who have attended a wedding have witnessed some popular traditions take place. The
bride wears a veil, a court of wedding attendants accompanies the bride and groom, and birdseed, rice or
flower petals are tossed. But have you ever wondered why? The wedding customs are ripe with tradition
and harken back to days when superstition and myth often ruled the day.
• Throwing rice. Today it has
become de rigueur to blow bubbles,
toss birdseed or release doves when
the bride and groom leave the house
of worship newly betrothed. That's
because savvy individuals found
that raw rice can pose a hazard to
birds pecking in the area. However,
rice throwing is an old custom that
dates back to the Middle Ages,
when wheat or rice where thrown to
symbolize fertility for the couple.
• Wedding cake: The traditional
wedding cake evolved from Roman
times when the cake was originally
made from wheat. It was broken
over the bride’s head to ensure
fertility. All of the guests eat a piece
for good luck. Single women used to
place a piece of wedding cake under
their pillows in the hopes of finding
their own husbands.
• Father accompanying the bride:
This tradition symbolizes that the
bride’s father endorses the choice
in husbands and is presenting his
daughter as a pure bride to that
• Wedding rings. Wearing of wedding rings dates back to ancient
Egypt. The round shape of a ring
symbolizes eternal love. The ring
is worn on the fourth finger of the
left hand because it is believed this
finger has a blood vessel that goes
directly to the heart.
• Bouquet. Nowadays, the bride
carries a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But the purpose of the bouquet
held different meanings in the past.
Saracen brides carried orange blossoms for fertility. Others carried a
combination of herbs and flowers to
ward off evil spirits with their aroma.
• Bridesmaids. There may be arguments over dresses and how many
bridesmaids to have in a wedding
party, but in ancient times it was
“the more the merrier.” That’s
because bridesmaids were another
measure to keep the bride safe
against evil spirits. Essentially the
bridesmaids were decoys for the
spirits - dressing like the bride to
confuse the spirits or maybe help
trick them into leaving the bride
• Kissing the bride. In older times, a
kiss symbolized a legal bond. Therefore, the bride and groom kissed to
seal the deal on their betrothal.
• Ring bearer. The boy carrying a
pillow down the aisle came about
in Victorian England. The boy’s job
depended upon the length of the
bride’s train. If she had a short train,
he would carry the rings or coins to
symbolize prosperity. If she had a
long train, he would be in charge of
carrying and arranging her train.
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
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warp or wither while drying.
Secure flowers in small bundles
and hang from an out-of-the-way spot
in a cool, dry area. The flowers may
need to remain hanging for up to three
weeks before they are completely
dried out. After which, gently remove
the flowers and arrange them in a
vase or another container. Otherwise,
reassemble a bouquet how it was and
carefully display.
Pressing is another way to preserve
floral bouquets and arrangements. To
press flowers, find a few heavy books
to stack or another weighted object.
Place the flowers between parchment
paper or waxed paper and lay the
heavy items on top. You also can place
the flowers in tissue paper between
the pages of a book so they are not
Leave the blooms for a week or two
and then check on them before putting
them in a shadow box or photo frame.
Chemical drying
Silica gel, borax and regular sand
can be used to dry and preserve
flowers as well. These can be handy
for people who desire to preserve an
entire bouquet as-is.
Silica gel is a desiccant commonly
found in small packets inside of new
shoes and purses. It also can be purchased at home improvement retailers
and is used to dry out musty basements and other areas.
Fill a deep container halfway with
the silica gel or other drying material.
Put in the bouquet and then gently add
more product to the top of the flowers so they are completely submerged.
Place a snug cover over the top of the
container and let everything sit for
about a week. Slowly the moisture will
be absorbed from the flowers.
Some people choose to spray dried
flowers with a sealant to keep them
looking nice longer. An all-purpose
craft spray might work. You also can
ask for recommendations from the florist who handled your arrangements,
and that florist may even preserve the
flowers for you for an additional fee.
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Your special day
deserves to be stunning
Celebrate with spectacular sunsets.
Book our boardwalks and special occasion rooms
on the Delaware Bay.
Ferry Tale Memories begin here.
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
How to manage seating arrangements
After all of the invitations have been
sent and RSVPs returned, engaged
couples who are including a sit-down
dinner as part of their wedding receptions must figure out the seating
arrangements for their guests. Such a
task can be both fun and stressful.
The fun of making seating arrangements stems from reuniting friends
and family members who couples feel
will enjoy one another's company and
make the reception that much more
fun. But feuding family members can
make the task of assigning seats somewhat stressful. Couples need not be
relationship experts to plan seating arrangements that ensure guests have a
good time. The following tips can help
couples enjoy the process of mapping
out their wedding reception seating
assignments as much as possible.
• Make assignments by hand.
While there is software designed spe-
cifically to help couples map out seating assignments, many couples find it
easier to do the seating assignments by
hand, which allows couples more freedom to rearrange tables. In addition,
making the seating arrangements by
hand ensures that couples spread out
guests who might not get along.
• Don't seat guests in the hopes
of quashing old conflicts. While the
jovial spirit of a wedding ceremony
and reception might seem like the
perfect atmosphere for feuding friends
or family members to bury the hatchet
with regard to old conflicts, this leaves
open the potentially ugly possibility
that such conflicts might escalate.
Couples don't want their weddings
to be remembered for all the wrong
reasons, so keep feuding factions apart
when assigning seats.
• Keep special needs guests in
mind. Some guests at the wedding
may have special needs, and this must
be kept in mind when planning seating assignments. Guests with medical
conditions may benefit from sitting
close to the restroom, while those
with mobility issues might be best
served sitting in a spot where waitstaff can more easily recognize when
they need something. Consider sitting
older guests, whose vision might not
be as strong as it once was, as close to
the happy couple as possible so these
guests can see everything and won't
feel left out.
• Make sure the seating assignment table is easily accessible.
The table on which seating assignment
cards will be placed should be accessible upon entering the reception hall.
A table that's far off in the corner may
confuse some guests, who might think
the seating is a free-for-all and simply
sit in the first empty seats they see.
• Consider flow between tables
when making assignments. While
you might have aced the seating assignments at each table, don't overlook
the importance of mapping out tables
as well. No couple wants their guests
to feel isolated from friends or family
members at other tables, so do your
best to ensure there's a good flow
between the tables. Plan for tables of
family members to be placed next to
one another, and do the same with
groups of friends. This encourages
guests to mingle and can make the
night much more enjoyable for everyone involved.
Planning seating assignments for a
wedding reception is no small task.
But couples can employ several strategies to make the process go as smoothly as possible.
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Did you know?
Page 15
• Many people feel the type of flowers
chosen for wedding ceremonies
symbolize different things. While some
couples may make their final decision
on wedding day flowers based cost, they
may be surprised to know what different
flowers have traditionally symbolized.
For example, according to,
a multiplatform resource for all things
nuptial, roses have long been considered
a symbol of beauty and love. Writers and
poets alike have long relied on roses as
metaphors for emotion, beauty and true
love. Lily of the valley is another popular
flower that’s more than just a natural
beauty. Though lily of the valley is one
of the more expensive flowers couples
can choose for their weddings, some
legends link the flower to happiness,
while followers of England’s royal family
no doubt remember that lily of the valley
was the flower chosen by Duchess of
Cambridge Kate Middleton for her 2011
wedding to Prince William.
• Historically, June has been the most
popular month for getting married. But
some numbers now indicate that July and
even October have begun to edge out
June as the most popular months to tie
the knot. The June wedding tradition may
be traced back to the ancient Romans.
Romans honored Juno, the goddess of
marriage and childbirth, and the month
of June was named after her, so it is
fitting that weddings take place in her
namesake month. As centuries passed,
June remained a popular month to get
married. June was a prime time for
people to come out after a long winter
and take communal baths in the fifteenth
century. In addition, June weddings
meant children conceived after betrothal
would be born close to or during the
following spring. This helped assure
youngsters' survival during the rough
and often lean months of winter. Spring
births would not conflict with workers'
demanding schedules during the autumn
harvest, either.
bbq and oth s!
palate pleas
Jessica Nathan · Catering Director
Dominic Pandolfino · Head Catering Chef
Bethany Blues Catering
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WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Make a
stand out
Couples planning to get married do
so with the intention of spending the
rest of their lives together. Few couples
exchange rings thinking divorce or the
loss of a spouse is in their future, but
some marriages do end. Happily, that
reality does not prevent many people
from seeking happily ever after once
A recent study from the Pew
Research Center found that many
people who were married before are
deciding to take the plunge a second
time. Four in 10 new marriages in the
United States now include one partner
who was married before. Roughly 42
million American adults have gotten
married a second time - up from 22
million in 1980.
The Pew study also discovered that
more men than women are likely to
get remarried. Around 65 percent of
previously married men have a desire
to remarry, compared to 43 percent of
previously married women.
Men and women about to get married for a second time can consider
the following tips to help make the day
one to remember forever.
•Recognize that a second wedding is in no way less important
than the first. Couples should remember that this is still the first wedding for the two of them as a couple
and it should be seen as just as special
as any other wedding celebration. It's
easy for men and women marrying for
a second time to be hard on themselves, especially when thinking ahead
to the gifts that were given and the
money spent by guests for their first
marriage. But a new relationship and
love is worthy of a good party. Friends
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A RECENT STUDY from the Pew Research
Center found that many people who were
married before are deciding to take the
plunge a second time.
Weddings • Bachelorette Parties
Prom • Airport • A Fun Night On The Town!
302.337.3455 • [email protected]
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Second wedding
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and family who are supportive of you
shouldn't have reservations about
helping you celebrate.
· Don't feel boxed in by oldschool etiquette. Rules have relaxed with regard to weddings. Many
couples put their personal imprints
on their weddings and do not feel the
need to conform to outdated expectations. You don't have to skip all of
the frills of a first wedding the second time around or head to the local
courthouse and pass on another big
wedding. Do what feels comfortable
to you, whether that means throwing a
big party or hosting a smaller affair.
· Let past experience serve as
your guide. You've been married
before and can use that to your advantage. It's likely you know what worked
for the wedding the first time around
and which things you probably could
have changed or done without. Maybe
you were stressed about having every-
Page 17
thing go perfectly or feeling like you
had to put on a show for guests. As a
more mature person this time around,
you no doubt realize that sharing this
special time with the ones you love is
the most important wedding component of all.
· Be open-minded with your
wardrobe. Let the formality of the
event and the time of day when you're
getting married influence what you
will be wearing instead of perceived
etiquette or family notions. It's acceptable to wear white again if you so
desire. Plus, more mature couples have
a sense of what makes them look good,
rather than opting for trendy outfits.
· Above all, have fun. Couples
know what to expect the second time
around, so stress usually doesn't stem
from the unknown. You may feel more
relaxed at a second wedding, so let
that ensure you have a great night.
Page 18
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
BRIDAL SHOWERS are steeped in tradition, but today’s bridal showers continue to veer off the beaten path.
Wedding showers continue
to break from tradition
Rain showers on a wedding day may
bring good luck, but they are seldom
coveted. However, a different type
of shower altogether is often highly
anticipated and can help couples feel
like they’re one in a million.
Wedding showers are gift-giving
parties held for couples about to get
married. The custom began in the
nineteenth century and continues
to present day, primarily in North
America and Australia. Guests traditionally “shower” the bride-to-be
with all the necessities (and some fun
extras) that she will need after she
ties the knot. These gifts will help the
soon-to-be-married couple establish a
home together.
Bridal showers are steeped in
tradition, but today’s bridal showers
continue to veer off the beaten path.
Nowadays, bridal showers feature fun
and games much like a party having
nothing to do with a wedding., a website that aims to
help couples plan their weddings and
all the events leading up to the big day,
identifies these key trends in modern
bridal showers.
• Couples’ showers: Modern
couples who like to be all-inclusive
are now planning bridal showers that
cater to mixed audiences. Dubbed a
“couple shower,” these parties include
female and male friends and relatives.
Gifts are still the main focus of the
event, but they’re varied and include
guy-friendly items within the mix of
household goods.
• Power showers: Many are
familiar with the terms “man cave”
and “bromance,” but few may know
that there are now wedding showers
geared entirely around the groom.
Known as “power showers,” these
events focus on the groom-to-be, who
is showered with a bevy of gadgets
and power tools that are certain to
stock his future garage. The parties are
decidedly more testosterone-friendly
and can include golf outings, poker
nights or action movie flicks as possible themes.
• Destination/activity showers: Rather than having guests hang
around a restaurant watching gift after
gift get unwrapped, some bridal parties opt to throw an activity shower.
These showers are focused around a
particular activity. For example, ladies
may be treated to a day at the spa.
Other ideas include horseback riding at a stable or a day at the ballpark.
Because hosting an activity shower
for dozens of people may get expensive, these types of showers may be
reserved for only your closest friends
and family members.
• Bride-involved showers: The
idea of walking into a room and being surprised by friends and family
members is appealing to some bridesto-be but not everyone. Some brides
prefer not to be surprised by a shower
and actually would like to have a role
in the planning of the party. However,
this is delicate ground on which to
tread, considering there may be differences over where the party is held
and even the overall experience of the
These type of showers should be
discussed before any plans are made,
and tasks should be delegated in accordance with those plans.
It is customary for a bridal shower
to take place before a wedding. But
new trends have emerged that are
shaking up the way showers are
planned and held.
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 19
How find the right wedding photographer
Long after the final toast has been
made or the last couple has left the
dance floor, wedding photos will help
couples relive the wonderful memories of their ceremonies and receptions.
Wedding photographers realize the
important role photography plays in
a wedding. Photos are how couples
document their nuptials, and the right
photographer can make all the difference. The following tips can help
guarantee a successful wedding shoot
and beautiful photos to recall the best
moments of the day.
• Seek referrals. There are scores
of wedding photographers, and some
are better than others. Word of mouth
from other couples can help. Referrals
can offer insight into a photographer’s
personality and his or her abilities
to work with the wedding party and
guests throughout the day.
• Communication is key. An
Continued on page 22
YOU’LL LIKELY GROW more comfortable with the photographer if you get to know him or
her in the months leading up to your wedding.
Page 20
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
YourBeach Wedding Experience Awaits
We offer the complete beach wedding experience: ceremonies on the beach or the
bay, celebrate in style at the Lighthouse Cove and room accommodations at the
Hyatt Place and The Residences Condominiums. We offer stunning views of the
Rehoboth Bay and professional event planning that is sure to make your special
day unique and amazing.
Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions
Rehearsal Dinners and Catering
Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Lighthouse Cove
Call 302-581-3311 to set up your tour!
1301 Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach, DE 19971 • 302-581-3311
Dewey Beach
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 21
Tips for a great honeymoon
A couple's honeymoon is their first
real chance to relax and unwind after
the hustle and bustle of wedding planning.
Couples who want to make sure
their first getaway as husband and wife
goes off without a hitch might want to
heed the following advice.
1. Start saving early. Honeymoons
are expensive, so to afford the vacation of your dreams it's wise to begin
saving for the honeymoon as early as
possible. It may be well worth it to
compromise and make sacrifices in
other areas to ensure you have enough
funds for your dream honeymoon getaway. Do not expect cash gifts at your
wedding to pay for your trip. If you do,
you may be sorely disappointed when
the time comes to take off.
2. Read online reviews. Online
reviews can paint an accurate picture
of a potential honeymoon destination.
Look at vacationer-supplied photographs to see how the accommoda-
tions match up to the resort's own
marketing materials. You don't want
too many surprises, such as service
fees, dirty rooms or a lack of beach
amenities, to ruin your trip.
3. Plan at least one exciting outing. While on your honeymoon, be
sure to go on at least one adventure.
Try an activity you have never done
before, such as snorkeling, traveling a
zip line or swimming with stingrays.
4. Pack early. After a long wed-
Debbie Daisey (Dee) has been baking and designing cakes
for over twenty years. Located in Millsboro, Delaware,
she is licensed by the State of Delaware.
Dee specializes in wedding cakes but also offers
birthday, anniversary, shower, graduation and
other special event cakes. Each cake is
designed with your special day in mind and
is made using only fresh ingredients.
Contact Dee at
or [email protected]
for more information and pricing.
ding day and reception spent dancing
into the wee hours of the morning, you
probably do not want to spend time
packing. Pack your suitcases and travel
essentials in advance of your wedding
day so you have more time to sleep-in
before you depart for the airport. Also,
remember not to over-pack. You want
to have room for the souvenirs you
purchase along the way.
5. Enjoy your surroundings. Put
down the smartphone or tablet enough
to truly enjoy your surroundings. A
honeymoon is an opportunity to relax,
and that may not be possible if you're
tied to your devices. Friends at home
can wait for your status updates and
wedding pictures.
6. Splurge on something expensive. Whether it's an ultra-fancy dinner or an exotic souvenir, indulge.
7. Leave your itinerary open.
After scores of wedding appointments
and watching the clock, it's nice to fly
by the seat of your pants.
Page 22
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
the photographer before the wedding
and provide a list of all the shots you
absolutely need to get. This way the
photographer can plan for these as
well as capture the candid moments
throughout the day.
• Discuss a backup plan with
the photographer. Mishaps happen,
even on the most carefully planned
wedding day. Discuss what the photographer does to safeguard your digital
photo files. Are they backed-up to a
cloud or a secured offsite server? Does
the photographer bring along a second
camera in case the primary one has a
malfunction? What happens if he or
she is ill on the day of the wedding?
How is a replacement chosen? Understanding how the photographer adapts
to unforseen situations can make you
feel more confident in choosing one
photographer instead of another. The
camera gear should also have adequate
memory to store all of the photos,
and a few backup batteries can’t hurt,
• Consider hiring a photographer’s assistant or second
Continued from page 19
important component of wedding
photography actually starts well
before the wedding day. The way a
photographer communicates with you
about your wishes and desired shots
is very important, as this is when to
discuss specific shots you want taken
during the ceremony, such as whether
the bride wants to be seen and pose
with the groom prior to tying the knot.
In addition, this is a great time for the
photographer to get familiar with each
venue’s rules regarding vendors.
• Choose a photographer who is
confident and firm. A good photographer will be able to direct photo
subjects and get everyone to participate and in line. Brides and grooms
likely won’t want to handle such tasks
on their own, so a confident and firm
yet cordial photographer can be an
invaluable asset.
• Prepare a shoot list. Meet with
shooter. The photographer is less
likely to miss a shot or fail to capture
various perspectives of the wedding if
he or she works with a partner. While
one photographer is doing close-up
portraits, the other may be capturing
candid moments from onlookers from
another angle.
• Know what each package
includes. The photographer should
clearly spell out which items and
services are included as part of the
contract. There should be no surprises
when it’s time to pay the balance of the
photographer’s fees, so go over each
itemized detail to be sure the package
in your contract is the one you really
• Get to know the photographer
as a person. It can be difficult to
loosen up in front of the lens, particularly if you do not have a good rapport
with the photographer. Do not judge
the photographer on his or her body of
work alone. You will likely grow more
comfortable with the photographer
if you get to know him or her in the
months leading up to your wedding.
Wedding Reception Venue
Our Space Is Your Canvas!
Create the wedding ceremony and/or reception you’ve always dreamed of using our venue.
Our dedicated team will ensure that room is ready, with a set-up to include tables and chairs,
the day before your wedding day. Simply add your special touches to express your style.
Chef Paul, proprietor of Lighthouse Catering, is very experienced and will customize
a unique and affordable menu.
Say “I Do” with CHEER
Join us for a
Bride and
Night Out
Feb. 17
Register online at
20520 Sand Hill Rd. | Georgetown, DE
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Put your
best foot
Some say shoes make the woman,
but if they're uncomfortable, shoes
very well may break the woman - especially at a wedding. From the bride
to the guests, choosing the wrong
shoes could sideline you from dancing or cause pain through the night.
A smarter step is to put just as much
thought into the shoes you will wear
as you will into other parts of your
Unless you're wont to go anywhere
without high heels, your feet may be
unaccustomed to them for long durations of time. At a wedding, where
it's all about mingling and dancing,
comfort should be considered just as
much as style. That doesn't mean you
have to forgo an attractive shoe just for
Page 23
something comfortable. It's possible to
have the best of both worlds. Here are
some considerations.
• Wedge heels: Unlike other types
of heels that put the brunt of the pressure on the ball of the foot, wedge
heels distribute body weight evenly
throughout the foot. Therefore, you
might find these are some of the most
comfortable types of heels around.
Designers make them in all styles, including more formal versions perfect
for weddings and other special events.
• Ballet pumps: Ballet pumps,
once made famous by style icon Audrey Hepburn, can be worn with skirts
or slacks. Their low profile helps keep
feet comfortable, and they may come
as flats or with a tiny heel. Embellished with bows, flowers or ribbons,
To Have and To Hold
from This Day Forward
these shoes will dress up any outfit.
• Sandals: Particularly for warmweather events, sandals can be quite
comfortable and fashionable. Giving
a peek of toe and ankle can be just as
sexy as stilettos, without the pain.
• Flip-flops: Many brides choose
to don flip-flops under their gowns
simply because they can be so comfortable. Flip-flops needn't be the runof-the-mill rubber kind found in the
discount bin. They can be dressed up
to match your gown or purchased with
gemstones and other decor already
For those who prefer heels for photo
ops and looking fabulous, consider
bringing along a change of shoes just
in case foot pain flares up later in the
Wedding Bands
Engagement Rings
Special Ordering
Bridal Party Gifts
30 The Circle • Georgetown, DE 19947 • 302.856.7202
Page 24
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Elevee Events
wins couples’
choice award
A happy bride starts with the
perfect ride.
for quotes or reservations
The Beach’s Best Limousine Resource for Your Wedding.
WeddingWire, the leading global
online wedding marketplace, named
Elevee Events as a winner of the prestigious WeddingWire Couples’ Choice
Awards 2016 for Wedding Planning in
The WeddingWire Couples’ Choice
Awards 2016 recognizes the top five
percent of wedding professionals in
the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service,
responsiveness and professionalism.
The esteemed awards are given to the
top local wedding vendors in more
than 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding florists, based
on their professional achievements
from the previous year.
While many industry award winners
are selected by the host organization,
the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice
Awards winners are determined solely
based on reviews from real newlyweds
and their experiences working with
elevee events. Award-winning vendors
are distinguished for the quality, quantity, consistency and timeliness of the
reviews they have received from their
past clients.
“We are thrilled to celebrate such
a high-caliber, committed group of
professionals for the Couples’ Choice
Awards’ eighth year,” said Timothy
Chi, CEO, WeddingWire. “We are
proud to continue to serve as the
industry leader, with over 2.5 million consumer and peer reviews, and
feature award-winning merchants such
as Elevee Events who understand the
impact reviews have on their successful businesses.”
As a Couples’ Choice Awards winner, Elevee Events is highlighted within the WeddingWire Network, which
is comprised of more than 400,000
wedding professionals globally.
For more information about Elevee
Events, go to WeddingWire Storefront
at To learn more about the
Couples’ Choice Awards go to
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 25
Easy ways to
trim costs on
a wedding
Weddings can be expensive, and
the reception can account for a
substantial percentage of a couple's
expenses. Unlike the days of yesteryear when the bride's parents were
responsible for financing the wedding, nowadays many couples pay for
their own weddings, and some find
themselves cash-strapped and looking for ways to save.
Trimming reception costs is one of
the best ways couples can save money,
and there are many ways to do just
that and still ensure guests have a
great time into the night.
• Limit the guest list. Receptions
are more expensive the more guests
a couple invites, so limiting the guest
list is perhaps the best way to avoid
breaking the bank to pay for the reception. Caterers and banquet halls typically charge per-person, so trimming
the guest list by as few as 20 people
can lead to substantial savings. Before
sending out your save-the-date cards,
peruse the guest list to determine if
any guests can be removed. It might
be nice to invite professional acquaintances, but if they aren't people you
know socially then they aren't likely
to be offended if they're not invited to
the wedding.
• Choose a buffet instead of a
sit-down meal. Choosing a buffetstyle reception is another way to save
money on the reception. Sit-down
meals in which guests are brought
their own plates can be significantly
more expensive than buffet style. In
addition, a buffet might have more options for guests, which benefits larger
receptions with guests of various
• Consider a package deal.
Couples open to all-inclusive package
deals, which typically include the cost
of the wedding, reception and possibly
even the honeymoon, can save money
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Dazzle Photography
Schedule Your Tour Today
and Say “I Do” to Baywood Greens
302.945-8884 |
Page 26
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 27
Page 28
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
A compact cluster of
flowers, wrapped tight and
cut to one uniform length.
A flower-covered ball shape
tied with a ribbon. Great for
flower girls.
One of the more popular
options, it’s a small, round
bouquet tied with ribbon.
A classic choice, it’s simply
a dense bunch of flowers
loosely tied together.
Made up of different petals
or buds wired together or a
single stem.
A waterfall-like “spill” of
blooms either anchored in a
holder or hand-tied.
Similar to the cascade, but
slightly more compact and
pulled together.
The more buttoned-up
version of the hand-tied
bouquet, tied with ribbon.
You are
at the
The Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach Resort Area
offers venue space, cozy accommodations, caterers, florists
and more to make your day special!
Looking for area information for your wedding guests?
How about Happily Ever After bags!
Contact the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce for info!
302-227-6446 ·
Funded in part by Southern Delaware Tourism
Find the perfect invitations
for Weddings & all your
Special Occasions.
208 Main St., Millsboro
Tue-Fri 9-5:30 & Sat 9-3
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 29
Hot trends in cuisine
Once a couple has officially tied
the knot, the newly recognized man
and wife and all of their guests will
retire to a party room where they can
mingle, dance and enjoy a good meal.
In the past, standard fare like prime
rib and roasted chicken dominated
wedding menus. But today’s weddings
cater to people of various culinary
tastes, and couples and their guests
can expect more upscale and creative
cuisine to be rolled out for wedding
receptions. The following are a handful of the more popular trends with
regard to wedding cuisine.
Miniature bites
Many people say good things come
in small packages, and when it comes
to miniature versions of favorite foods,
they may be right. Instead of large
meals that fill guests up fast, they
can munch on smaller bites of their
favorite dishes. How about a piece
of meatloaf topped with whipped
mashed potatoes? A cherry tomato
with a small piece of mozzarella
cheese makes a mini caprese salad.
Turning favorite foods into bite-sized
adventures can add a touch of whimsy
to the reception.
Breakfast for dinner
Some couples are circumventing
TODAY’S WEDDINGS CATER to people of various culinary tastes, and couples and their
guests can expect more upscale and creative cuisine to be rolled out for wedding receptions.
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Page 30
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Bring the Warehouse to Your Wedding:
2016’s Industrial Chic Trend
By Taylor Goebel
Special to the Cape Gazette
are Edison bulbs hanging
above market bistro chairs,
fern centerpieces, giant Jenga
blocks, rose gold tones – what kind
of mismatched craze is this? According to sales manager and coordinator
Meghan Clapp Garrison of Dover
Rent All Tents & Events, this gorgeous
smorgasbord is part of the 2016 wedding look: Industrial chic.
“We’re seeing last year’s rustic
theme morph into warehouse style
venues with an old theater feel,” Clapp
Garrison said. Mixtures of woods and
metals, metallic color combinations,
and antique furnishings come together
to form a charming industrial vibe.
From string lights to eucalyptus
centerpieces, the 2016 wedding is as
much about coziness as it is keeping
guests occupied. It’s not unusual to see
people playing cornhole during cocktail hour, serving themselves food, or
a friend
into a
service, guests are encouraged to get
up and move around. Mixing table
shapes and sizes keeps the wedding
from looking like a business conference, and a family-style food service
makes large events feel more intimate
and personable. Accent tables offer
even more dimension to the room
with sequins, copper, and textured
linen. Mismatched antique plates
and glassware complement differing
centerpieces, from wildflowers in
colorful vases to candlesticks for warm
INSTEAD OF THE TRADITIONAL round table and formal sit-down service, guests are encouraged to get up and move around. Mixing table shapes and sizes keeps the wedding from
looking like a business conference, and a family-style food service makes large events feel
more intimate and personable.
This year's
hot color:
Rose gold
Clapp Garrison also has seen more
requests for clear top frame tents as
well as greenery over florals, both of
which hint at a preference for outdoor
weddings in the upcoming season.
“Having lots of lush greenery and
twinkle lights suspended from above
the tent give an open and airy feel
while still bringing in the starry night,”
she said.
Location is a big factor in planning
as well. Venues like Nassau Valley
Vineyards attract a shabby-chic look
Mixing woods and metals gives more dimension to the venue.
while weddings at the Indian River
Life-Saving Station are more beach
party-themed, with lounge chairs and
paper lanterns that make for a casual
“There isn’t a wrong or right way to
have a wedding anymore,” Clapp Garrison said. “Couples are creating their
own traditions that make for a truly
unique experience.”
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 31
We specialize in
Continued from page 25
that way as well. These are most common for destination weddings, but
couples might be able to find a package deal in their hometowns as well.
• Host the reception at a private
residence. Another way to reduce
reception costs is to avoid banquet
halls entirely and host the reception at
a private residence, whether it's your
own home or that of a parent or other
relative. This option will save you the
cost of renting the banquet hall, but it
might only be doable for couples having a smaller, more intimate wedding
with relatively few guests.
• Hire a DJ instead of a band.
Music presents another opportunity
for cost-conscious couples to trim
some of their reception costs. Some
couples insist on live music, while
others are fine hiring a DJ. If you're
among the latter, go with the DJ, as
disc jockeys tends to be far less expensive than live bands. If you simply
must go with a live band, look for a
local band who might be more willing
to give a hometown discount.
Cost-conscious couples about to tie
the knot can save substantial amounts
of money by making a few adjustments with regard to their wedding
A L E X I S M I L A M , S A L E S M A N AG E R
University of Delaware Conference Services has the perfect backdrop
for your wedding day. The Virden Center in Lewes is a hidden
treasure – off the beaten path yet close to everything this historic
shore town has to offer. Virden’s layout is easy and open – including
expansive grounds surrounded by coastal wetlands which naturally
enhance outdoor celebrations. Exceptional event planners are
at your service – coordinating every detail from start to finish.
We invite you to arrange a tour and let us help you make this
special moment in your history unforgettable.
UD Conference Services
3 02- 6 45 - 410 0
w w w.ud e l .e d u / co nfe r e n ce s
Page 32
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
be enjoyed any time of the day.
Dim sum
Continued from page 29
high price tags for their weddings
by choosing to hold the festivities at
less expensive times of day. Brunchthemed weddings are a big hit with
those who would much rather dine
on a stack of pancakes than a dish of
pasta. Omelet stations, croissants and
a bevy of other breakfast table fare can
Dim sum allows guests to sample
different foods without filling up.
Carts of dumplings and other small
plates of appetizers can be wheeled
around so everyone can choose what
they want and what they want to
Gourmet comfort food
People love familiar comfort foods,
Officiant Wedding
Barbara A. Brown, MSW MINISTER
Kathryn A. McKenzie, RN MS, MINISTER
Stunning Views.
Spectacular Venue.
Plus the attention to detail
only a private club can offer.
but now gourmet comfort foods are
shaking up wedding receptions. Mac &
cheese with gouda and brie or chicken
pot pie with a puff-pastry crust are a
few offerings that can add glamour to
down-home cooking.
Food with a show
Instead of passed foods or buffet stations, couples are opting to make food
an experience for guests. An oyster bar
with a chef serving fresh seafood or a
dessert master whipping up flambé is
a feast for the eyes and mouth.
Interesting buffet stations
Keep guests on their toes with various meal stations. A bountiful display
of artisanal cheeses, fruits and breads
will be a cheese lover’s dream. These
stations also can be appetizing focal
points around the room and ensure all
guests get a bite of what they like best.
Family style
Rustic and informal weddings have
grown in popularity. Rather than food
being brought to the guests or participants lining up in buffet lines, familystyle dining allows guests to share
conversation and pass the peas at the
same time. Larger, rectangular tables
allow more guests to sit with one
another and serve themselves food
from community plates located in the
center of the tables.
Nontraditional ‘fake’ cakes
Instead of a multi-tiered cake or the
cupcake fad that is starting to fizzle,
couples are now opting for something
new. Desserts that mimic the look of
cake, but aren’t quite that combination
of sponge and frosting are trending.
Crepes, pies, cookies, and doughnuts
are acceptable and can add a creative
spark to the cake-cutting ceremony.
When offered along with dessert stations, guests can certainly get their fill
of sweet delights.
Vegan and gluten-free options
Rehoboth Beach Country Club
221 West Side Drive, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971
Chances are one or more people
attending the reception will be on a
restricted diet. Rather than relegate
these guests to dining on side dishes
and patchwork meals, certain couples
are building entire offerings around
vegan and gluten-free foods.
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
myths and
good luck
ho doesn't hope for good
fortune on their wedding
day? That's why there are
so many traditions and steps people
take to ensure luck is smiling down on
them for their wedding. Here are some
traditions you may not have known
• According to Greek culture, tuck
a sugar cube into your glove on your
wedding. The sugar will sweeten your
• English tradition says that Wednesday is the best day to marry. Monday
is for wealth and Tuesday is for health.
• The groom carries his newly betrothed across the threshold to protect
her from evil spirits.
• Hindu tradition says rain on your
wedding day is good luck.
• For good luck, Egyptian women
are known to pinch the bride on her
wedding day.
• In Holland a pine tree is planted
outside of the newlyweds' home for
good luck and fertility.
• A law in 1775 said a wedding was
not legal if the bride wore makeup
during the ceremony.
• Wedding and engagement rings
are worn on the fourth finger of the
left hand because it was long believed
a vein ran from that finger directly to
the heart.
• Ancient Greeks and Romans said a
wedding veil protected the bride from
evil spirts. It has been a tradition to
wear a veil ever since.
• The term "tie the knot" comes
from Roman times when the bride
wore a girdle tied in knots that the
groom was later able to untie. Some
also believe it refers to the knots of
rope that were tied to form the marriage bed.
Page 33
Feel the “Surf Side” Difference
Be swept away on your
special day with our
Classic Wedding Service
• 8-10 Passenger
• Roll Out
Surf Side
Starting at
Toll Free (866) 945-7175
“Local Only”
(Must mention this ad)
Lewes/Rehoboth, DE
Ocean City, MD
Page 34
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
How to say
thank you
Beautiful. I
Let your bouquet be a
reflection of your
wedding day.
Call to arrange your
consultation with our
lead wedding designer.
Village Green Florist
29787 John J. Williams Highway, Millsboro, DE 19966
(302) 934-9067
(800) 227-1352
Bacchus Wine Bar of Milton
Is a relaxed, fun & classy venue for the bride-to-be
on her special day. Bridesmaid parties, rehearsal dinners,
and intimate weddings can all be celebrated at Bacchus Wine Bar.
- Our chef staff is known for their creativity and presentation
of special occasion foods.
We are:
- A small, intimate wine bar, seating up to 45 people.
- A downstairs provides seating and the perfect surroundings.
- The loft is an excellent place to throw the bouquet!
Also great for smaller get togethers.
t is customary for the bride- and
groom-to-be to show their gratitude to all of the people who will
make their wedding day special. Weddings today feature people who have
roles that go beyond the traditional,
such as interior decorators and musical soloists.
Thank-you gifts should be something thoughtful and enduring. Avoid
fad or gag gifts. These gifts should be
presented at a pre-wedding occasion.
It's customarily done at the rehearsal
dinner. Crafting personalized remarks
is a nice way to call attention to the
unique tasks of each wedding participant. Don't simply pass the gifts out in
one fell swoop. This way the gift will
have more meaning through a personal message. Don't let thank-you gifts be
When selecting gifts for groomsmen, think about a gift they would like
but probably wouldn't buy themselves.
This can be cuff links, a fine watch,
money clip, or a high-quality wallet.
Feel free to splurge a little more on the
best man.
Traditional gifts for bridesmaids
are different types of jewelry. Monogrammed stationery, a spa treatment,
or another pampering session. As
you have with the best man, feel free
to bestow a little more thanks on the
maid of honor with a more lavish gift.
Younger bridal party members can
get a similar gift, but one in scale with
their ages.
Parents of the bride and groom
We will gladly personalize a wine & food menu for you.
We have 52 wine selections.
Call Debbie Sulkovsky, Owner, to discuss your special event.
302-684-4000 or 703-362-1521
106 Union St.• Milton, DE •
The couple may choose to bestow a
gift on their parents, which can be especially meaningful if the parents are
taking care of the financial responsibility of the wedding. Jewelry or fine gifts
in similar scope to that of the bridal
party are good ideas. Consider engraved picture frames that can house a
wedding portrait down the road.
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 35
to and fro
hen paring down the guest
list for their wedding day,
many couples come to the
realization that their lists are loaded
with out-of-town friends and family members. Though out-of-town
guests who accept an invitation to
the wedding are responsible for their
own travel to the wedding destination,
many couples feel obligated to arrange
for travel to and from the wedding
as well as the reception. The latter is
especially important, as couples want
to ensure their guests make it home
safely once the reception ends.
Transportation for guests to and
from the wedding and reception is
something couples can easily overlook,
but such arrangements can ensure
guests are on time for the ceremony
and that no guest has to worry about
whether or not it's safe to drive home
after the reception. Couples who don't
know where to begin with regard
to transportation for their wedding
guests might want to start with the
following tips.
• Shop around for shuttle service. Shuttle service can be costly, but
it's also very convenient. Couples can
arrange for shuttle service from the
hotel to the wedding, and then from
the wedding site to the banquet hall
where the reception is being held, and
finally from the reception site back
to the hotel at the end of the night.
Depending on the size of the wedding
party, the shuttle service will likely
recommend staggering the runs so
every guest can take advantage of this
convenient service. More runs will
be necessary for larger parties, while
a handful of runs is likely all that's
necessary for ceremonies with fewer
• Consider a bus for smaller
parties. Couples without an extensive
guest list may also be able to get by
with a single bus to get guests around
throughout the day. A bus will provide
similar service as a series of shuttles.
The bus will likely only pick up guests
at one specific time, making it an ideal
choice for smaller parties but less convenient for larger parties where some
guests might want to retire earlier than
others come the end of the night. A
bus can be more fun for guests, who
can reunite on the bus with others
they have not seen in a while or make
new friends with guests who might
be affiliated with the other half of the
wedding party.
• Discuss transportation with
the hotel where guests will be
staying. Some couples may find that
Continued on page 36
Page 36
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
To and fro
Continued from page 35
a shuttle service or another transportation option will stretch their budget
too thin. In such instances, speak with
the hotel where guests will be staying.
Some hotels provide airport shuttle
service to guests, and may be able to
offer a similar service to the wedding
for guests who register their rooms
under the wedding party's name.
This may come at a fee, but compare
the cost of arranging transportation
with the hotel versus a private shuttle
service. The former might be more
affordable than the latter. Even if the
hotel cannot provide shuttle service,
the concierge or front desk staff may
be able to point in the right direction
regarding an affordable shuttle service.
• Get the details spelled out in
writing. Like all aspects of planning
a wedding, make sure you get the
nuts and bolts of the transportation
package in writing before writing
any checks. This should include the
minimum hours the company will
be available for guests as well as if
there are any charges related to total
mileage traveled. In addition, make
sure the agreement clearly spells out
how many drivers will be available.
Note when shuttles to the ceremony
and the ensuing reception will run, as
well as how frequently shuttles will
be available to guests once the reception begins, and when the last shuttle
will leave the reception site at the
end of the night. Before signing any
agreements, research the company to
ensure all of its drivers are properly
• Inform the guests. Of course,
the guests will need to be informed of
the transportation arrangements upon
checking into the hotel. Don't assume
you will see each guest before the
ceremony, as some may not be making
it into town until the morning of your
wedding day, when you will likely be
too busy to meet with them. So be
sure to include transportation instructions in the welcome packages guests
will receive when they check into the
hotel. Consult with hotel staff a day
TRANSPORTATION is one of the key elements in planning a wedding and reception.
or two before your wedding to ensure
those packages are ready to go and
that the correct transportation information is included.
The Ceremony is designed to share with everyone. The Reception will be enjoyed
with close friends and family. The Honeymoon is for “Just the Two of You”.
Long Neck, DE
[email protected]
We Know How to Make Memories That Last A Lifetime.
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 37
Groom's cakes make a comeback
uests and well-wishers expect
to see at least one cake at wedding receptions. But wedding
guests should not be surprised if they
attend a wedding and notice two cakes
sharing the spotlight on the dessert
Groom's cakes have existed for generations but have fallen out of favor in
many parts of North America since the
1970s. Now groom's cakes are experiencing a resurgence in popularity.
A groom's cake traditionally represents something masculine, providing
a contrast to the oft-feminine features,
such as floral bouquets and frilly
gowns that dominate many weddings.
Groom's cake designs often reflect
a particular hobby or interest of the
Historically, groom's cakes are
chocolate, a sharp contrast to traditional wedding cakes, which tend
to be vanilla and white. Tradition
once called for single women at the
wedding to take home a slice of the
groom's cake to sleep with under their
pillows. It was believed the cake would
help them have sweet dreams of the
man they would eventually marry.
Women today are likely no longer
snuggling up to fondant and mousse
cake slices at night, and wedding cakes
are no longer relegated to vanilla cake
with vanilla icing, which may account
for the waning popularity of groom's
cakes. Yet with wedding cake bakers
showing off their creative prowess on
television or through their own artistic
bakery displays, it's no wonder that
couples looking for something unique
are once again embracing the tradition
of groom's cakes.
Couples who are mulling whether
or not to add a groom's cake to their
menus should consider the following
· Make sure it is highly personal.
Continued on page 47
A NUMBER OF COUPLES are bringing back
the tradition of a groom's cake at their wedding celebrations.
302 644 7711
Jakes Wedding Ad 16.indd 1
1/27/16 4:46 PM
Page 38
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
ASHLEY AND CONNER HARTLEY were wed Sept. 19, 2015 and enjoyed a reception at Rehoboth Beach Country Club.
Be our guest
The Addy Sea
99 Ocean View Parkway
Step back in time to an era where
weddings were intimate, relaxed and
exquisite. The Addy Sea bed and
breakfast offers oceanfront elegance
combined with Victorian charm to add
to the romance of your special day.
Bear Trap Dunes
Clubhouse Drive
The Dunes Room at Bear Trap is a
great place for a wedding reception.
The clubhouse provides an elegant
Delaware’s Cape Region offers dozens of unique
locations for receptions. Whether your guest list
includes 20 or 200, the perfect place awaits...
setting with floor-to-ceiling windows
and panoramic views. Bear Trap also
has an array of picturesque locations
for wedding ceremonies and a gorgeous
lawn off the Dunes Room that is perfect
for a classy tent.
Bear Trap's team of event specialists
is available to plan every detail, from
menu customization to theme and décor
conception. Go to
Jimmy’s Grille
Route 13A
The restaurant’s Bridgeville Banquet
Center, adjacent to Jimmy’s Grille, is
available for weddings. Jimmy’s offers a
full menu of home-style favorites.
Baycenter for the Performing Arts
124 Dickinson Ave.
The Baycenter offers a spectacular
bayfront venue for wedding
receptions. A wide variety of wedding
packages is guaranteed to suit
any size and budget. Go to http://
baycenter-dewey-beach.html for
Continued on page 39
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 39
“Nantucket-Style” on the Delaware
Hyatt Place
1301 Coastal Highway
The complete wedding experience ceremonies on the beach or bay and
celebrations in style at the Lighthouse
Cove and room accommodations at
the Hyatt Place and The Residences
Condominiums. Stunning views of
Rehoboth Bay and professional event
planning sure to make your special day
unique and amazing.
Indian River Life-Saving Station
Delaware Seashore State Park
The Indian River Life-Saving Station
is a unique wedding and reception
site. Located south of Dewey Beach
within the Delaware Seashore State
Park, the museum is an authentic 1876
United States Life-Saving Station and a
beautifully restored historic site. To the
east there is the picturesque Atlantic;
to the west is the sunset and Rehoboth
Bay. The museum has beach access via a
private pedestrian dune crossing.
The site accommodates approximately
250 guests. Caterers are required to be
registered with Delaware State Parks,
and a list of those already certified is
Dagsworthy Ave. and Rehoboth Bay
Dewey Beach
The INN at Canal Square
Coastal Retreat and Wedding Destination
Located on the waterfront in the heart of Historic Lewes,
The INN at Canal Square offers guests lavish comfort
couples with seaside charm.
122 Market Street • Lewes, DE • PH. 302.644.3377 or 888.644.1911
Bayfront restaurant offering a panoramic
view of the bay, a private beach for
seating and attention to detail in the
great resort town of Dewey Beach.
Go to for more
information, including menu packages.
125 McKinley Ave. and the Rehoboth
Dewey Beach
Bayfront restaurant and spacious
deck offering attention to detail in the
great resort town of Dewey Beach.
Go to for more
information, including menu packages.
Continued on page 40
Hold your Wedding Reception
or any occasion in our beautiful Millsboro
facility, featuring a state-of-the-art kitchen
and enough room for 200 guests.
For rental information
or a tour, call or
visit our website.
Page 40
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Maple Dale Country Club
180 Maple Dale Circle
302-674-4951, Ext. 2
A beautiful, scenic location in central
Delaware, Maple Dale Country Club
features elegant banquet rooms and
attentive service. Custom-designed
menus and off-site catering are
available. Venue also features and
outdoor veranda for a ceremony and/or
reception. Membership is not required
to host an event.
The Brick Hotel on The Circle
18 The Circle
The Brick Hotel On The Circle blends
the old with the new and provides a
classic historical setting, conveniently
located in the heart of Sussex County
on The Circle in Georgetown. Its 14
boutique-style guest rooms, multiple
private dining rooms, and full-service
restaurant make it an all-in-one shop
for wedding celebrations. Offering
Emily Kazaba and Chris Earley were wed at a private home in Dewey, at a ceremony on the
both indoor and outdoor wedding and
reception venues, The Brick’s services
encompass all levels of planning and
coordination - from rehearsal dinners to
officiating ceremonies and full service
receptions. Wedding packages are
available, and can also be customized
to meet the clients’ needs. Lodging
discounts are offered with all wedding
and reception packages.
Continued on page 41
Unique Arrangements
especially for you
way to celebrate:
Bridal Showers
Bachelorette Parties
Date Night & more!
Brides paint for free!*
Paul Miller
1152 Savannah Rd, Lewes, DE 302.313.5435
[email protected]
17723 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958
*Private party guest minimums apply
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 41
CHEER Community Center
20520 Sand Hill Road
CHEER’s Community Center is located
on Sand Hill Road in Georgetown. The
banquet hall may be broken down
into two or three smaller spaces
to accommodate a ceremony and
reception. The Lighthouse Nook
restaurant is the exclusive caterer for all
events at the center. See the website for
prices and more information.
Marvel Carriage Museum
510 S. Bedford St.
The Lynch Building is decorated with a
collection of antiques and has a dining
hall to suit a large number of guests. It
has played host to wedding receptions,
graduation parties, anniversary parties
and general get-togethers.
Sussex Pines Country Club
22426 Sussex Pines Road
Sussex Pines Country Club offers a
variety of packages, including buffets
Libbie and Scott Lafontaine of Corvallis, Oregon enjoyed an August 2015 wedding and a reception at Camp Arrowhead near Lewes.
and hors d’oeuvres selections. A
banquet manager supervises receptions
and works closely with the bride,
groom and their families to ensure that
everything goes smoothly. The facility
can accommodate up to 250 people
by combining both its banquet rooms.
Full-service catering staff. No outside
caterers are permitted.
Continued on page 42
Serving the Delaware Beaches since 1978
Page 42
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Cape May-Lewes Ferry
Lewes, DE and Cape May, N.J.
Set sail aboard the ferry or enjoy a
unique special event, including wedding
ceremonies and receptions at the Lewes
Ferry Terminal. The ferry specializes in
groups of 75-100 guests.
The Inn at Canal Square
122 Market St.
Located on the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal,
The Inn at Canal Square provides a
picturesque waterfront setting for up to
130 guests. Wedding packages include
wedding and/or reception space, tables,
chairs, linens, an onsite coordinator and
preferred rates for overnight guests.
Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant
213 Anglers Road
Celebrate your special occasion in
the Lewes Room, where Irish Eyes’
professional staff will help put together
wedding packages to fit your individual
Morgan Garms and Jessica Messner enjoyed the Best Day Ever in May 2015 at Lavender
Fields in Coolspring.
style, taste and budget. From 50 to 200plus guests, The Lewes Room offers full
on- and off-site coordination as well as
a list of preferred vendors from which to
I do. I do.
Your new life together starts now.
Protect each other from this day forward. Get the life insurance that’s right for you.
Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.®
Jeanine O’Donnell, Agent
32191 Nassau Road, Unit 4
Lewes, DE 19958
Bus: 302-644-3276 Fax: 302-644-3551
Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm
Any other time you need by
appointment-just ask!
State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI)
State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI)
Bloomington, IL
Continued on page 43
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Page 43
Jennifer Tetzner of Chevy Chase, Md. was
married June 6, 2015 at Nassau Valley Vineyard.
Lewes Senior Center
310 Nassau Park Road
The Lewes Senior Center can
accommodate multiple seating styles for
up to 215 guests. Call for payment and
rate details.
Serving the
Shore | 302·703·1009
Lewes, Delaware
The perfect setting for your special day
Nassau Valley Vineyards
32165 Winery Way, Nassau Commons
Several different spaces are available at
Nassau Valley Vineyards. The facility has
no in-house catering service, however a
list of preferred caterers is available and
outside caterers must be approved by the
Nassau Valley event coordinator. Limited
kitchen facilities are available.
Decorating guidelines apply. There are no
restrictions regarding music. Events may
begin any time after 11 a.m. and must be
finished by midnight.
1776 Steakhouse
Midway Shopping Center
Elegant steakhouse is an ideal setting for
engagement parties, rehearsal dinners
or small wedding receptions. Restaurant
has a classic, warm atmosphere, handcut steaks and extensive beer, wine and
cocktail selection.
Continued on page 44
in an historic year-round town located near beautiful bay and ocean
beaches. Inns, Motels, B&Bs and Restaurants offer banquet space and
off-premises catering.
Page 44
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
St. Jude The Apostle Church
152 Tulip Dr.
St. Jude The Apostle Church features a
modern facility that can accommodate
300-450 people. Abundant onsite
parking and a fully equipped commercial
The Virden Conference and Retreat
Center at the University of Delaware
700 Pilottown Road
The Virden Center at the University
of Delaware can accommodate
approximately 200 guests. A full
wedding package, charged per person,
includes hors d’oeuvres and bar, a fourcourse meal, dancing, one overnight
room rental, centerpieces, linens and
a champagne toast. Receptions are
booked in five-hour increments and an
overtime fee does apply. Payment plan
offered. No additional room rental fee
for the wedding package; room rental
applies for à la carte reception. Catering
on premises; no outside caterer is
permitted. Liquor license and bar that
can be open during the reception.
Jessica Broidy and Tony Warner share a moment at the Addy Sea in Bethany Beach.
Clubhouse at Baywood Greens
Route 24
Beautiful outdoor garden complete with
luscious flower beds, stunning entrance,
a formal altar and picturesque views of
the 18th green. Attractively appointed
ballroom. Package dining menus
available, as well as number of à la carte,
personalized and children’s menu.
Continued on page 45
Upcoming Bridal
Event with Brunch.
November 6, 2016
11 am to 3 pm.
Visit website for
more information.
Celebrate in style!
Visit Maple Dale Country Club.
Wedding Receptions • Rehearsal Dinners • Bridal Showers • Baby Showers • BarMitzvahs/BatMitzvahs
Banquets • Anniversary Parties • Birthday Parties • Golf Tournaments • Business & Corporate Meetings
• Beautiful scenic location
• Elegant banquet rooms
• Attentive service
• Brides room
• Bridal party golf outing
• Finest quality foods
• Custom designed menus
• Off site catering available
• Outdoor veranda for
ceremony or reception
• Professional wedding
planners on staff
Membership not required to hold an event.
Call Brandy Lorea, Food & Beverage Manager
at 674-4951, ext. 2
founded 1925
180 Maple Dale Circle • Dover, DE 19904
visit our website: for more information
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Beautifully appointed place settings at Emily Kazaba and Chris Earley’s Dewey Beach
Long Neck CHEER Center
The Shoppes at Long Neck
26089 Long Neck Road, Unit 5
The CHEER Center at Long Neck (Pelican
Cove) is one of the largest facilities in the
area. The main room can accommodate
150 people seated banquet style or more
than 200 seated auditorium style.
The facility is available evenings and
weekends. Beautifully decorated, the
room can be directly lit from overhead, or
with indirect lighting around the walls for
added ambiance.
A centrally located fireplace, dance floor,
state-of-the-art sound system, catering
and arrangements for bar services are
also available. Smaller rooms are also
Page 45
Say: “I Do”, at
A day as special as your wedding
deserves a Heritage Shores wedding! Our
experienced event planning professionals,
award-winning venue, and skilled culinary
team make the perfect combination
for an unforgettable wedding day.
Enter Our Ultimate Wedding Give-Away!
The Rookery (Two locations)
The Rookery North – 6152 Rehoboth
Blvd., Milford
The Rookery – South – 27052 Broadkill
Rd., Milton
The Rookery’s two great locations
feature full, on-site reception services
including buffets, plated meal and food
stations. Off-site catering services are
also available, and services are tailored to
meet your needs and budget.
Call for Your Personalized Tour Today
Call 302.337.9910 ext 316
One Heritage Shores Circle, Bridgeville, DE 19933 | 302.337.9926
Page 46
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Hints when planning
floral arrangements
hen planning their weddings,
couples may find themselves
becoming experts on subjects to which they previously never
gave much thought. Thanks to the cost
of weddings, today's couples must
make each decision carefully, and that
may result in hours of research and
discussion. One of the big decisions
couples must make when planning
their weddings concerns their floral
arrangements. The right floral arrangements won't break the bank but
will add substantial aesthetic appeal
to ceremonies and receptions. It can
be difficult for couples to achieve that
balance of cost and look on their own,
so the following are a few helpful hints
for couples when choosing their wedding day floral arrangements.
· Work with a florist you trust
and like. All florists are not the same,
so finding one you can trust and will
enjoy working with can make all the
difference. Many couples have little
or no experience with floral arrange-
ments prior to planning their weddings, so it can calm couples' nerves
to work with someone they trust in
such situations. Florists with significant wedding experience will no
doubt make a host of recommendations based on couples' budgets and
preferences, so couples might be more
inclined to listen to that advice if they
are working with someone they trust.
Ask relatives, friends or coworkers
if they can recommend any florists
whose wedding work they are familiar
· Choose in-season or native
flowers. Couples working with tight
budgets may want to choose in-season
flowers or those native to the area
where they will be tying the knot. Inseason and native flowers won't need
to be ordered or shipped in from afar,
which can be costly. In-season and native flowers tend to be more abundant
as well, and the greater their availability the less couples are likely to pay for
· Repurpose floral arrangements. Another way to save on floral
arrangements is to repurpose flowers
throughout the day. Once bridesmaids
no longer need their bouquets, use
them to decorate gift tables or cocktail
areas. Floral arrangements on display
during the ceremony can be removed
once you have both said "I do" and
moved into the reception area where
they can be enjoyed through the night.
Go over any repurposing you plan
to do with your reception hall manager prior to your wedding day so he
knows where and when to move the
· Go big. Some flowers simply
bloom larger than others, and choosing such flowers may help you save
money since you won't need to buy
as many flowers as you would if you
were to go with smaller blooms. Once
you find a florist to work with, discuss
your options with regard to doing
more with less. Many florists embrace
the challenge to be creative within a
budget, so you might just be surprised
and impressed by what they come up
Floral arrangements can set the
mood for a wedding ceremony and reception, and even couples with little or
no experience choosing arrangements
can end up with stunning displays.
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Groom’s cakes
Continued from page 37
Groom's cakes typically reference
hobbies, affiliations or interests of the
groom. Some men may want their cake
to showcase the logo of their favorite
professional sports team, while others
may want a cake inspired by a favorite
· Involve the groom in the process. Despite the name, groom's cakes
may not always involve the groom. A
cake may be designed or selected by
the groom's bride-to-be or his mother.
Some forward-thinking brides may
want to encourage their grooms-tobe to select their own cakes and offer
input on their designs.
· Find a bakery that has experience in whimsical cakes. Groom's
cakes are very often intricate structures and sculptures. The groom's
cake may be more labor-intensive
than the traditional wedding cake, so
Did you know?
• The timing of when a couple cuts the
wedding cake can have a specific meaning. Long ago, the cake was usually cut at
the very end of the reception and would
signal to the guests that it was the end of
the festivities. Today, cutting the cake is
an unspoken signal that represents that
the formal wedding is nearing a
close, and guests
who would like to
leave can do so
without worry of
being rude. Many
couples will cut
the cake right
after dinner as a
courtesy to older
guests who may
want to get started on their trips home.
This affords them the chance to make an
earlier exit, rather than staying through
the dancing that could extend into the
wee hours of the night or missing the
cake entirely. Cutting the cake mid-reception also serves another practical purpose
for couples who are paying a photographer by the hour. Photographers typically
go home after the cake-cutting, so a
mid-reception cutting can save couples a
substantial amount of money.
Page 47
couples may want to shop around for
a cake chef with the experience to pull
off the design they desire.
· Experiment with flavor combinations. Because the groom's cake
is all about that special guy, the flavor
of the cake should be centered around
what he would enjoy. The sky is the
limit on flavors and can include traditional chocolate, candy bar-inspired
flavors, coffee, coconut, or even a
bacon-infused cake.
· Consider serving the groom's
cake at the rehearsal. Some couples
prefer to serve the groom's cake at the
rehearsal dinner rather than having
two cakes at the wedding. Guests may
not be able to fit two slices of cake
after a large wedding meal, so serving
the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner may be the best of both worlds.
The bride - and her cake - typically
steal the show at the average wedding.
Therefore, a groom's cake can be a
special touch that allows the groom to
bask in his own wedding-day spotlight.
21st Annual Bridal Show
Sunday, March 13, 2016
Noon - 3 p.m.
Reserve your space today! Outdoor spaces are
available spaces are 10 ft. long and 5ft. wide.
322 Wilson Hwy. • Millsboro, DE | 302.934.6727 |
Page 48
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Have a successful outdoor wedding
utdoor weddings are romantic
when done right, and a growing number of couples are
exchanging vows amid an expansive
garden or with the splendor of the
pounding surf providing a picturesque backdrop. If Mother Nature
cooperates, outdoor weddings can
go smoothly. But even if the weather
does not cooperate, there still are
ways couples can enjoy a memorable
Preparation and planning help keep
outdoor weddings moving along.
Weather can be unpredictable and
unforgiving, so it is always best to
account for various scenarios. The following are some tips to consider.
• Be mindful of hot weather.
Many outdoor weddings occur when
temperatures are at their warmest. As
anyone who has had to sit outdoors
in the blazing sun for an extended
period of time can attest, it can grow
quite uncomfortable, especially when
everyone is dressed to the nines.
Advise guests in advance that the
wedding will be taking place outdoors
and to dress accordingly. Arrange to
have shaded areas for guests who may
struggle with the heat. Keep chilled
bottled water nearby so guests can
stay cool and refreshed. Ask the officiant to keep the ceremony brief so that
guests are not melting away in their
• Keep wind in mind. A stiff
breeze can upset tents and wreak
havoc on hairstyles. Be sure everything outdoors is properly secured and
weighted down. Avoid light fabrics
on a wedding gown that will get
swept away by wind. A short, blusher
veil may be more appropriate than a
sweeping train. Couples should advise
their hairstylists that they will be
getting married outdoors, and looks
should be well secured by bobby pins
Continued on page 49
MAKE SURE Mother Nature doesn't rain on
your outdoor wedding. Plan for all the possibilities so that an outdoor ceremony or reception goes as smoothly as possible.
WEDDINGS 2016 - February 12, 2016
Continued from page 48
and gel to keep hair in place. Stick to
real dishes for food service, as plastic or lightweight materials may get
blown away.
• Check for power sources.
Choose a wedding location with easily
accessible power outlets. Guests will
certainly want to hear the vows, and
that may require the use of microphones and a sound system. Having
power available also makes it easier
for bands and musicians to set up their
equipment for an outdoor reception.
If the wedding will be stretching into
the evening hours, electricity will be
needed to power supplemental lighting that illuminates the festivities.
• Ensure accessibility. Outdoor
terrain can prove tricky, especially for
older guests or those with mobility
issues. When scouting locations, select
a wheelchair-accessible spot that can
be easily traversed. Understand that
turf can become waterlogged and chal-
Page 49
lenging to walk over should it rain the
day of the wedding or prior. Plastic or
fabric runners may make things easier.
Also, choose a location that isn't too
far off the beaten path. It should be
close enough to a parking lot and
not require guests to have to take an
extended hike through nature.
• Face away from the sun. Glares
can make it difficult for guests to see
the ceremony. Be sure to arrange seats
so that guests do not have to look
into the sun. This is best achieved by
having the sun behind everyone for
the ceremony. It also ensures that you
won't end up with washed-out photos
or pictures of everyone squinting.
• Ensure food is properly chilled
or heated. Dining outdoors means
keeping food safety in mind. Food that
is supposed to be kept cool should
remain on ice or be refrigerated until
served. Hot foods should remain
hot. Food in chafing dishes or served
buffet-style also should be protected
from insects. Improper handling of
food can result in foodborne illnesses.
No one wants to remember a wedding
for intestinal discomfort.
• Use fresh flowers in potted
plants. Cut flowers tend to wilt prematurely in hot weather. Rather than
waste money and beautiful flowers,
choose potted plants that will thrive if
well-tended. Guests can then take the
plants home and continue to cherish
the wedding long after it is over.
• Budget for a tent. It is always
better to have a contingency plan.
Even if you have your heart set on an
outdoor wedding, have a backup plan
in place if the weather is uncooperative. A tent with surrounding sidewalls
may be sufficient. Otherwise, determine if there is an indoor location that
can be kept on standby.
• Mix up the candles. Intersperse
citronella candles with decorative
ones to help keep bugs at bay. You can
also consider placing bottles of insect
repellent on the tables. Guests will appreciate the gesture when biting flies
or mosquitoes want to join in the fun.
Make sure Mother Nature doesn't
rain on your outdoor wedding. Plan
for all the possibilities so that an outdoor ceremony or reception goes as
smoothly as possible.
18 The Circle, Georgetown, DE
302-856-1836 ·
This Circa 1836 renovated
National Historic Registry Inn
caters to intimate weddings
for up to 100 guests,
with personal planning
and assistance by
our experienced staff
Ken & Carolyn Christenbury
Photo Courtesy of Hilltop Studios,
Seaford, Delaware
THE BRICK... The place for your new beginning.
...Where you can preserve your past as individuals,
and promote your future as partners for life.
Call for your personal and complimentary consultation!
~ Lynn Lester is ordained in the State of Delaware ~
WEDDINGS - February 13, 2015
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Filling your home
with furniture and
décor from our
We offer gift
certificates for
the perfect
wedding gift.
furniture & décor
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elebrate your special occasion in the Lewes Room, where our professional staff will help put together
wedding packages that fit your individual style, taste, and budget. From an event of 50 to 200 plus,
The Lewes Room provides you and your guests the time of their life in a setting like no other around.
We offer full on and off-site coordination, as well as a list of preferred vendors to choose from. Call today
to set up an initial consultation with our events coordinators, Bob Cirelli and Amanda Evins.
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