January 3, 2016 - St. John Vianney Catholic Church


January 3, 2016 - St. John Vianney Catholic Church
St. John Vianney
1920 Skyview Drive • Lithia Springs, GA 30122
Phone/Teléfono (770) 941-2807
Fax (770) 941-5821
Sacramental Emergency: 404-895-8479
Vigil Mass 5:00 p.m.
Rev. Ignacio Morales, Pastor.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 678-981-5226
Sunday 9:00 a.m.
10:30 a.m., 12:00
Misas en Español
7:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
Monday & Thursday 7:00 p.m.
(Lyke Chapel)
Tuesday 8:00 a.m. (Lyke Chapel)
Rev. Mark Thomas, Parochial Vicar
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 678-981-5227
Wednesday 8:00 a.m (Lyke Chapel). & 7:30
p.m. (Spanish) (Main Church)
Rev. Mr. Frank Przybylek
Rev. Mr. Johnny Rentas
Rev. Mr. Carlos Garcia
Rev. Mr. Richard Searls
Phone: 678-981-5233
Friday 8:00 a.m. (Lyke Chapel)
First Friday Adoration 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
(Lyke Chapel)
Mrs. Sharon Loiselle
Faith Formation Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 678-981-5232
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m..
Wednesday 9:00 a.m.—7:30 p.m.
Mr. Karl Kuhlken
Youth Minister
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 678-981-5231
Mrs. Christine Butler
Communication Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 678-981-5230
Rev. Mr. Carlos García
Confirmation Coordinator / Confirmación
Email: [email protected]
Ms. Judy Sheridan
Admin. Asst.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 678-981-5228
Mrs. Mónica Aguirre,
Parish Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 678-981-5229
Saturday: 4:00 - 4:45 p.m. Wednesday: 6:00 7:15 p.m. Any other time by appointment.
Anointing may be conferred on anyone who
suffers from a chronic illness, entering the
hospital, facing surgery or the infirmities of age.
Arrangements must be made by calling the
parish office.
Este sacramento puede recibirlo cualquier
persona que sufra una enfermedad crónica, o
que necesita ser hospitalizada para someterse a cirugía o por causa de edad. Para
recibir el sacramento lo único es llamar a la
Preparations for the Reception of this
Sacrament have special criteria and
instructions. Call Mrs. Mónica Aguirre for
further details.
Para recibir este Sacramento se requiere
ciertos requisitos especiales. Llame a Sra.
Mónica Aguirre para más detalles.
Preparations for the Reception of this
Sacrament has special criteria and
instructions. Contact a Priest or Deacon for
further details.
Para recibir este Sacramento se requiere
ciertos requisitos especiales. Contacte al
Sacerdote o a unos de los Diáconos para
más detalles.
The Vision for Saint John
Vianney Catholic Church for the
next five years is that we
become a Parish that
LIVE what it celebrates in faith,
BUILD communion within
diversity and
BE an inspiration for others.
La Visón para la Parroquia de
San Juan María Vianney para los
próximos cinco años es
convertirnos en una Parroquia
VIVA lo que celebra en fe,
CONSTRUYA comunión en la diversidad y
SEA una inspiración para los
January 3, 2016
Epiphany sunday
Domingo de la Epifania
Una Nota del Párroco
Mass Intentions for the Week of
January 4rd, 2016—January 10th, 2016
Monday, January 4
Tuesday, January 5
8:00 AM
Wednesday, January 6
7:30 PM Health of Maria Engracia Espinoza
& Maria del Carmen Carranza: Thierry Family
Thursday, January 7
7:00 PM All Parishioners living and deceased
Friday, January 8
8:00 AM
Saturday, January 9
5:00 PM + Frank Carollo: Pat Connors
Peace to all!
On behalf of our Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, I
want to thank all of you who contributed to the
Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. Your generosity has
made the difference. Also, I encourage you to
continue supporting the needs of our Archdiocese of
Atlanta for the coming Annual Appeal 2016.
May God’s abundant blessings be upon you.
Fr. Ignacio Morales
De parte de nuestro Arzobispo Wilton D. Gregory,
agradezco su contribución a su campaña anual
diocesana. Su generosidad ha hecho la diferencia.
Así que les invito a seguir apoyando a esta campaña
del 2016 para cubrir las necesidades de nuestra
Sunday January 10
7:00 AM
9:00 AM +Theresa Bell:
Lanny and Nancy Howard
Que Dios derrame sus gracias
abundantes sobre todos
10:30 AM In Honor of St. Jude for Favors rcvd
P. Ignacio Morales
12:00 PM All Parishioners living and deceased
1:30 PM + Pedro Chavez: His Family
Lecturas de esta semana
January 4, 2016—January 10 2016
1 Jn 3:22 — 4:6; Ps 2:7bc-8, 10-12a;
Mt 4:12-17, 23-25
1 Jn 4:7-10; Ps 72:1-4, 7-8; Mk 6:34-44
Wednesday: 1 Jn 4:11-18; Ps 72:1-2, 10, 12-13;
Mk 6:45-52
Thursday: 1 Jn 4:19 — 5:4; Ps 72:1-2, 14, 15bc, 17;
Lk 4:14-22a
1 Jn 5:5-13; Ps 147:12-15, 19-20; Lk 5:12-16
Saturday: 1 Jn 5:14-21; Ps 149:1-6a, 9b; Jn 3:22-30
Is 42:1-4, 6-7 or Is 40:1-5, 9-11; Ps 29:1-4,
3, 9-10 or Ps 104:1b-4, 24-25, 27-30;
Acts 10:34-38 or Ti 2:11-14; 3:4-7;
Lk 3:15-16, 21-22
...is ready for the Months of
January and February.
Los Horarios para los Ministerios
estan listos para los meses de
Enero y Febrero
Our Catholic custom is to offer prayers for our deceased relatives &
friends or in thanksgiving for gifts received, or for an answer to our
needs. We encourage the parishioners of St. John Vianney to
participate in this age-old practice of having Masses
celebrated for your special intentions. There is usually a donation
for celebrating a particular Mass whether it be on the day or closest
day to a death anniversary of parent, spouse, or relative or when a
special grace has been
The procedure for scheduling a Mass is to either call or come in to
the parish office and speak with the secretary during the regular
Monday through Friday office hours of 9 AM - 4 PM.
Todays Readings
Lecturas de hoy
Isaiah/Isaias 60:1-6
Ephesians/Efesios 3:2-3a, 5-6
The Feast of the
Epiphany has a
different emphasis in
the church of the East
than it does in the
West. In the East it
commemorates the
Lord’s baptism, while
in the West it
commemorates the
revelation of Christ to
the Gentiles,
represented by magi.
In the West it became a feast on January 6 in the late fourth
The text from Isaiah calls the people of Israel to
recognize God’s presence in their midst, “Rise up in
splendor, Jerusalem” Your light has come” (v1). Though
“darkness covers the earth,” the prophet goes on to say,
“upon you the Lord shines… Nations shall walk by your
light” (vv 2-3) This text’s imagery of “ caravans of camels”
and “dromedaries of Midian and Ephah” (v6) connects with
the story of the magi. Over the centuries we have imagined
this group of mysterious visitors traveling to Bethlehem
with their exotic beasts of burden.
In Ephesians we hear that what was revealed to Paul
“by revelation” (v3) is something new. It “was not made
known to people in other generations” but only now has
been revealed “by the Spirit” (v5). The message is this:
“the Gentiles are coheirs.., copartners in the promise in
Christ Jesus” (v6).
Only from Matthew do we hear the story of the
magi, as a story it serves to show us that Jesus’ birth has
universal significance; he came to save not just his own
people but all people. Later tradition ascribes names,
nationalities and numbers to the magi, but Matthew simply
presents them as foreigners who can read the heavens and
discover that the sky is announcing the birth of “the
newborn king of the Jews” (v2). For the ancients, the stars
were indicators of divine revelation. Their response to
discovering “the child with Mary his mother” was one of
joy as they “offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and
Myrrh” (v11).
For Reflection: Is my life’s journey one of following the
star of the Christ Child, or am I following another star”
Do I believe that salvation is for al or just for “God’s
chosen ones”?
Pro-Life Notes
“Each of us has his or her own personal identity
and is capable of entering into dialogue with others and with God himself.”
— Pope Francis, Laudato Si, no. 81
Psalms/Salmos 72: 1-2,7-8, 10-11, 12-13
Matthew/ Mateo 2: 1-12
El que ha nacido en Belén
no es sólo el rey de los
judíos sino el salvador del mundo, de judíos
y gentiles; el que ha venido a liberar tanto
a los que estaban bajo la ley de Moisés
como a los que padecían el despotismo de
las estrellas.
Reflexión de Corresponsabilidad
Los tres Reyes en al Evangelio de hoy vinieron de muy
lejos a mucho costo para of sus mejores regales al
Niño Jesús. ¿Qué tan lejos iré yo y qué ofreceré yo
para hacer omenaje a este Rey y Salvador recién
Weekly Stewardship Scripture Reflections
The three kings in today’s Gospel traveled a great distance at considerable cost to offer their richest gifts
to the Infant Jesus. How far will I go and what will I
offer to do homage to this newborn King and Savior?
Por los niños por nacer en
todos los lugares para que
cada niño sea acogido con
alegría, como el Niño Jesús fue
acogido por los Reyes Magos;
Roguemos al Señor
“Cada uno de nosotros tiene en sí una
identidad personal, capaz de entrar en
diálogo con los demás y con el mismo Dios”.
— Papa Francisco, Laudato si’, 81
Today we celebrate the feast of the
Epiphany, where the Magi find the
newborn king and offer him gifts of
gold, frankincense and myrrh.
In the spirit of the Magi, please put your gift in
the St. Vincent de Paul Poor Box so that comfort and peace can once again be given to a newborn child.
Si estás interesado en ser parte de
nuestra Comunidad de Fe en esta
Parroquia, no olvides registrarte.
Connect With Your Parish
Sign up for our electronic newsletter
Join our Facebook Family
Check out our Parish Photo Album
View the Parish Calendar
View current and past bulletins
We are in need of Spaghetti Sauce , Peanut butter and
Volunteers are needed to help handle the numerous requests
for assistance that come into the St. Vincent de Paul Society.
If you can donate some time to assist in this ministry, please
call the parish office at 770-941-2807.
Horarios de Oficina
La Oficina volverá a abrir el 4 de De
Enero, 2016
Office Hours
Parish office will open again on
January 4, 2016
To the parents of EDGE Students
Nuestra costumbre católica es ofrecer oraciones por
nuestros familiares y amigos difuntos, o en acción de
gracias por los dones recibidos, o por responder a
nuestras plegarias. Invitamos a los Parroquianos de St.
John Vianney a participar en esta antigua practica de
ofrecer la celebración de la Misa por su intención
especial. Normalmente se pide una donación para
celebrar una Misa en especial, ya sea en el día o una
fecha muy cercana al aniversario del fallecimiento de los
padres, esposos, o familiares o cuando una gracia se ha
El procedimiento para agendar la intención de una Misa
es llamar o venir a la oficina de la Parroquia y hablar con
la secretaria durante las horas de oficina.
Se les invita a todos
A la adoración del Santísimo Sacramento,
Los primeros Viernes de cada mes
En la capilla (Lyke Chapel)
De 8:00am a 7:00pm
Próxima fecha es 8 de Enero del 2016
January 18, 7:30 PM
Please Join us
Due to First Friday falling on New Year’s day, which is the
Holy Day of Obligation known as Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, Eucharistic Adoration will be held the second
Friday of the month on January 8, 2016. So let us come
before the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the
Monstrance to thank Him for the many blessings we received in 2015 and to thank Him for all the graces, blessings and love He will pour down upon each of us in 2016.
He knows what is best for each of us and He does not
cause bad things to happen, but He allows them for our
own good. We may not understand them while in this
world, but He will reveal it to us when we meet Him face to
face and account for our obedience or disobedience during
this life on earth. Let us get the graces and blessings, especially during this year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis, to
be disciples by spending some time in HIS presence. Come
and bring a friend on Friday, January 8, 2016 between
8:00AM and 7:00PM when Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
will be Exposed in the Monstrance. NOTE: If you would
like to commit to a particular time monthly or have any
questions, please call Herb Blanchard at 678-945-7585 or e
-mail me at [email protected] Please sign in and
out on the table in the rear of the chapel so we can be
sure that someone is visiting our Lord all the time He is
exposed in the Monstrance. Thanks for your time spent
with HIM!
Pope Francis’ January Prayer Intentions
Administración de Tesoro
As disciples we are called to be faithful
stewards of time, talent and
December 20th 11,218.00
Thank you for your continued generosity! Please
remember SJV in your will and estate
¡Gracias por su continua generosidad!
Por favor recuerden a SJV en su planificación de ultima
disposición y testamento.
Every month Pope Francis announces his monthly prayer intentions, and
requests that we include the intentions in our personal prayers.
Pray for Interreligious Dialogue. That sincere dialogue among men and
women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice.
Christian Unity. That by means of dialogue and fraternal charity and
with the grace of the Holy Spirit, Christians may overcome divisions.
Cada mes el Papa Francisco anuncia sus intenciones mensuales y solicita
que las incluyamos en nuestras oraciones personales. Por favor considere en esas oraciones el Diálogo interreligioso. Que el diálogo sincero
Mary Mother of God, Reflection
entre hombres y mujeres de diversas religiones conlleve frutos de paz y
Nm 6:22-27 , Psalms 67: 2-3, 5,6,8
justicia. Unidad de los cristianos. Para que mediante el diálogo y la
Gal 4:4-7 Lk 2:16-21
The Council of Ephesus-declared Mary to caridad fraterna, con la gracia del Espíritu Santo, se superen las
be the Mother of God in AD 431. But even before divisiones entre los cristianos.
this, there is evidence of Mary being celebrated
under that title. Devotion to the Mother of God has
its origins in the early church of Jerusalem, where
she was celebrated on August 15. By the end of the sixth century,
that celebration had become a universal feast by decree of Emperor
Maurice. In declaring Mary the Mother of God at Ephesus, the
6:30 PM
Bishops were affirming their faith in Christ as the Son of God, who is
7:00 PM
Fr. Linus Memorial Mass
“true God and true man,” though this did not settle the controversy
7:30 PM
Hispanic Intercession Prayer Group
over the true nature of Jesus for all believers.
Knights of Columbus Off. And Dir.
January 1st Reading from Numbers presents us with the
origin of the Aaronic Blessing recited over the people by Aaron and
7:00 PM
Bible Study
his successors. In the biblical world, a blessing was considered to be
7:00 PM
Bible Study Spanish
efficacious; what was called for was done. God was blessing the one
7:00 PM
Traditional Choir
over whom these words were spoken, being gracious to them and
No religious Education classes
giving them peace. In Mary and in her son, God provides the ultiWed.
No religious Education classes
mate blessing, because in Christ humanity is joined with divinity and
so our very nature takes on the blessing of God.
7:30 PM
Hispanic Charismatic Core I
Paul develops this theme in his letter to the Galatians as he
7:30 PM
Hispanic Charismatic Core II
tell us that “God sent his Son, born of a woman”(v4). Jesus is more
than a mere human, he is also the Son of God, who came “so that we
Eucharistic Adoration
might receive adoption”(v5).
Charismatic Prayer Group
7:00 PM
The shepherds’ visit to the newborn Christ Child confirms
10:00 AM
Baptismal (English)
the truth of the angelic announcement of the birth of “a savior...who
10:00 AM
First Communion Parent meeting
is Messiah and Lord” (see v11). Their response to this experience is
6:00 PM
Hispanic Choir
twofold: “they made known the message” (v17), and they “returned,
6:00 PM
St. Vincent DePaul Mtg.
glorifying and praising God” (v20). Our experience of the infant of
Bethlehem should lead us as well to praise and glorify God and to
9:30 AM
RCIA (Chapel)
announce the good news of salvation to others.
(St. Johns Room)
For Reflection: How is devotion to Mary expressed in my life? Do I
10:00 AM
Baptismal Prep (Spanish)
believe in the power of Blessing, or is ti just a ritual I practice?
7:00 PM
Life Teen/ EDGE classes resume
7:00 PM
In your prayers/ En Nuestras Oraciones:
Elizabeth Hernandez Oliva. Pilar and Carlos Otero, Judy
Sheridan, Phillip Bazzinett, Grace Bringman, Winefred
Moton-Connor, Patricia Lee, Barb Dormer, Terry Brown,
Carolyn West, Oneida Chapple, Angelica HernandezOrtiz, Rina Reyes, Beverlee Leo, Cooper Hayes, Carlos
Handal, Jose Epifanio Botello, Olga Caubo, Carlos Silva,
Rita Parr, Marie White, Dianne Blanchard,
Pat Stewart, David Merryman, Richard
Ernst, Stella Carlson, Earl Thibodeau,
Louis Panezich, Ron Gaillard, Merry
Trahan, Flavia Recendiz, Sharon Byce,
Anne Brown, Shirley Fields
Middle School First Communion Parent Mtg.
Junta de Padres, para Primera Comunion
Back Pack Program
Our parish just keeps on giving. Thanks to
you, the Back Pack Program has a good
stash of our basics and lots of extra food
items too. However, we do need jelly. If you can spare a jar
or two of grape, or
strawberry, or orange…hmmmm, whatever you think an
elementary school kid would love…please drop a jar or two in
the Back Pack bin in the gathering area. On a weekly basis,
our parish family helps seven families at Annette Winn
At St. John Vianney
Saturday, January 30th
Mary's Circle (The Morning Group of the CCW)
Will meet this month on Wednesday, January
27th at 11:00 in the Day Chapel to pray the
Bring your lunch and join us
afterward for our meeting and
We invite all women of the parish to
join us.
Council of Catholic Women (CCW)
Council of Catholic Women
Our CCW Christmas Party is
5:00 p.m., Sunday, January 10, 2016 at
Ruby Tuesday
642 Thornton Road
Lithia Springs, GA 30122
Please RSVP to Mary Boyd
Atheism is on the rise. Skeptical thinkers attack belief in God as
irrational or, even worse, dangerous. The so-called New Atheism has
attracted millions of young people thanks to bestselling books such
as The God Delusion and God Is Not Great. How should Christians
respond? How can we turn the tide of secularism and draw people
back to God?
Next Book Club Meeting:
Saturday, January 16th—
following 5PM Mass
Bring a dessert or appetizer to share.
In The Mystery of God: Who God Is and Why He Matters, Bishop
Robert Barron reaches into our rich intellectual tradition to teach us
how. Using the insights of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope
Benedict XVI, he uncovers a clear yet sophisticated understanding of
what we mean by “God.”
On Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 10:30am, our parish will begin the
Mystery of God: Who God Is and Why He Matters, program. To find
out more information, please contact Chris Butler at 678-981-5230 or
[email protected] To register for the program : go to
www.sjvpar.net and click on Bible Studies or complete registration
form on Bulletin Board and return to the parish office.
Cost is $25.00 for a workbook. Financial Assistance is available.
Class is 6 weekly Sessions—begins on February 4th and completes on
March 10th.
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