May 8, 2016 - St. James Catholic Cathedral


May 8, 2016 - St. James Catholic Cathedral
St. James Cathedral
215 N. Orange Avenue, Orlando FL 32801
Phone: 407-422-2005—Fax: 407-422-2009
May 8, 2016
Reverend John McCormick
Parochial Vicars:
Rev. Vilaire Philius
Rev. Serge Pardo
David Gray , Carlos Sola &
Patrick McAvoy
Pastoral Ministry:
Sr. Mary Katherine Palisin, SND
School Principal: Dawn Helwig
Bishop of Orlando
Most Reverend John Noonan
You and I have read it many times, the contemporaries of Our Lord wondered aloud if
anything of value could possibly come from Nazareth? The Flyers, the 76 Sixers, the Eagles,
anything unto Salvation from Philadelphia? It seems such a long time ago that the
Declaration of Independence was signed, and we came to know our nemesis in the NFL as
the city of brotherly love. This past Tuesday, April 26, Frank Sevick went home to his
heavenly reward. For the purpose of this column, I am obliged to disregard the place of his
birth. Yes, you guessed it, Philadelphia! Frank and Mary Jane have been parishioners at St.
James from the mid 70’s, and to those of us who have known them here at our cathedral
parish for a time far less than that, their ministry among us has been remarkable. At his
funeral celebration of Resurrection, I mentioned that he should be known as Mr. Sacrament,
not only because he received all seven, but also because he and Mary Jane have labored
generously among us in the preparation for generations of us to come to Baptism, Eucharist
and Confirmation. His missionary soul was never limited to parish boundaries, as witnessed
by parishioners from Holy Family,
Blessed Trinity, St. Charles and St. James,
among others, who participated in the
celebration of his life. Bible study,
sacramental preparation, enrichment of
the soul of newcomers to the Faith
through our RCIA ministry, the hand of
Frank Sevick and his fingerprint is
everywhere. Priests like myself, who are
assigned to parish ministry of souls, long
for disciples who will join us in the
spreading of the message of Christ. I
have been blessed by God here at the
cathedral to have had such an apostle
walk with me. He was my parishioner
and my friend, and I am grateful.
Frank, go now and Rest in Peace.
God Bless,
Fr. John
Tickets are on sale for this fabulous fiesta
with dinner and music on Saturday, May 14 in
the Social Hall. Dinner is at 6 PM, show begins at
7 PM. Don't miss this night of fun. Bring the
family! Tickets are available in the Parish Office
and order forms are available on the website. If
you need further assistance, contact Elizabeth at
407-422-2005 ext. 106 or Valerie at
[email protected]
Get Your Bottle Today!
Grab your empty baby bottles after Mass today
to support JMJ Crisis Pregnancy Centers in our
area. Take the bottles home, and put your spare
change in them and return the filled bottles the
weekend of June 4 & 5. If you want to make a
donation by check, make it payable to JMJ.
A Way Of Life For A Grateful Disciple
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the
beginning and the end.” Revelations 22:13
This is a reminder of how we should live our lives 24
hours a day, 7 days a week – putting God first in all
that we do. Not only when I am at Mass and Parish
activities, but when I am in the world, at work or at
school. Living gratefully and generously is a lifestyle;
it’s how I make all my decisions.
Stewardship April 30 & May 1
Mother’s Day flowers $1,355
We invite all Middle
school, high school and
college graduates to the
9 AM Mass on May 15, for
a special blessing! Join us
for coffee and donuts
following the Mass.
End of Year Pizza
Pictures and Pizza
–a winning combo!
Come join PRIME TIMERS on Monday, May 16 at
1 PM in the Social Hall for our annual farewell pizza
party! No formal program is planned, just time to
enjoy a photo review of our 2015/16 year along with
fellowship and fun and saying goodbye until
September. This will be the final luncheon for the
year. We will resume on Monday, September 1, so
mark your calendars now for the first meeting of the
2016/17 year. Luncheon reservations are required
no later than MONDAY, May 9 for the luncheon
on Monday, May 16. For reservations, call Mary
Alice at 407-423-4433 and leave a message. Cash
donations for lunch will be accepted at the door.
For your convenience, electronic funds transfer and credit
card giving is available at
Thank you for placing God first!
The BBQ was a great success!
Thank you to all that helped: our
talented chef, Anthony, Knights of
Columbus, Young Adults,
Cathedral maintenance and our auction prize
donors. And of course, our generous parishioners!!
We raised nearly $3,000 for our Youth Ministry,
S O A R Saints On A Road
Upcoming SOAR Events
Sunday, May 15 - All graduates are invited to the
9 AM Mass for a special blessing.
Wednesday, May 18 Senior sendoff. All SOAR
alumni are invited as we bid farewell to our seniors.
Dinner and cake will be served in the PCR at 6:30
Sunday, May 22 VBS training at 1 PM in the PCR.
Sunday, June 5 VBS training at 1 PM in the PCR.
July 7-9 All upcoming 6-8 grade students, save the
dates for a service retreat- Real Orlando 2016!
Email [email protected]
for more information.
is the Mother,
Who lets the Lord
be her guiding hand,
Whose faith brings
her family courage,
Whose wisdom comes
from God,
And whose children
still stand
and honor her.
over All THE EARTH.
June 27–July 1
Let’s travel to ancient
Egypt! Come explore
Pharaoh’s palace, experience
thrilling “real-life” dramas,
play high-energy games, sample tasty
snacks and hear lively music. Plus, you’ll
meet lots of new friends! Register your
children today. Forms are available
online or in the Parish Office. For more
information, contact Renee or Nancy at
Please remember in your prayers
our parishioners who are ill,
Donna Smithberger, Adriel Nuno, Dan Webb,
Kelly Sebold, Consuelo Nagy,
Waltar Znosko, Therese Merchant,
Helen Gladis, Vicki Beaumont,
Maria Alvarez, Rosa Rhodes,
Benito Santiago
to our newest Knights of the Altar
Vigil (Saturday) 4 PM, Sunday: 7:30 AM, 9 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:15 PM (Spanish),
5 PM, 6:30 PM (Kreyole)
Weekdays: 7 AM, 12:10 PM Saturdays: 8 AM
Confessions: Monday-Friday: 11:30 AM Saturdays: 3 PM, Spanish: Sunday, 11:45 AM
Adoration and Exposition: Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM-noon Pro-life Holy Hour Wednesday 6 PM
Most Reverend John Noonan, Bishop of
Orlando, by the imposition of hands and the
invocation of the Holy Spirit will ordain to the
Order of Priesthood:
Monday, May 9
7:00 AM
12:10 PM
Rev. Mr. Luis Salazar
Rev. Mr. Martin Nguyen
Saturday, May 28 at 10 AM at St. James Cathedral
You are cordially invited to join in this joyous occasion.
Mass will be live streamed at
So...A guy walks into a church office and says, “Can
you have a priest to sign this paper that says I am
active in the church and would be a good godparent
to my nephew, teaching him about his faith?” I say,
“Does the priest know who you are?” He replies,
“Well, no, but I come here once in a while.” See
anything wrong with this story?? Make sure you
register in your Parish, get involved, use your
envelopes– that way, we can say you are a Catholic.
Remember, membership has its benefits...
Tuesday, May 10
7:00 AM
12:10 PM Kessete †
Wednesday, May 11
7:00 AM
12:10 PM Frank Sevick †
Thursday, May 12
7:00 AM Harry & Kay Kokoski †
12:10 PM Roland F. Wiggins †
Friday, May 13
7:00 AM Thomas McCrea †
12:10 PM Leora Sawyer Hartman †
Saturday, May 14
8:00 AM Ann Rutledge †
12:10 PM John & Ann Seroky †
Sunday, May 15
7:30 AM Mr. & Mrs. Epifanio Sanchez
9:00 AM Stephen & Florence Bucki †
10:30 AM James Patrick Moran †
12:15 PM Juan & Rosa Sangroni †
5:00 PM Tom Luposello †
Bishop John Noonan invites you to the Diocese of Orlando’s annual Corpus
Christi procession on Sunday, May 29, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and
Blood of Christ. Join Catholics from across the Diocese of Orlando to publicly
express our belief in Jesus Christ, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Bishop
Noonan will lead the procession at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary,
Queen of the Universe (8300 Vineland Ave. in Orlando) as participants pray, sing
and reflect on the Mystery of the Most Holy Eucharist. The procession will follow
the 6 PM Mass. Bishop Noonan and participants will pray at Eucharistic Altars of
Repose, highlighting the music and traditions of various ethnic communities in the
Diocese of Orlando. For further information, go to
Usted y yo hemos leído muchas veces que los contemporáneos de Nuestro Señor se preguntaban en
voz alta si es que algo bueno pudiese venir de Nazaret. Los Flyers, los 76 Sixers, los Eagles, cualquier cosa
por la salvación de Filadelfia. Parece que fue hace mucho tiempo que se firmó la Declaración de Independencia y llegamos a conocer nuestra némesis en la NFL como la ciudad del amor fraternal. Este pasado
martes 26 de abril, Frank Sevick partió al hogar de su recompensa celestial. Para el propósito de esta columna me veo obligado a pasar por alto su lugar de nacimiento, sí, adivinaron, ¡Filadelfia! Frank y Mary
Jane fueron parroquianos de St. James desde mediados de los 70, y para aquellos de nosotros quienes los
conocimos bien por lo menos la mitad de esos años, sabemos que su ministerio ha sido extraordinario. En
la celebración de su funeral de resurrección mencioné que se le debería conocer como Sr. Sacramento, no
solo por haber recibido los siete, sino también porque él y Mary Jane laboraron generosamente entre nosotros en la preparación de generaciones que recibieron el Bautismo, la Eucaristía y la Confirmación. Su alma
misionera nunca estuvo limitada a la frontera de las parroquias como testimonian parroquianos de Holy
Family, Blessed Trinity, St. Charles y St. James entre otros quienes participaron en la celebración de su vida. Estudios bíblicos, preparación sacramental, enriquecimiento de las almas de los que recién se unen a la
fe por medio de RICA, la mano de Frank Sevick y sus huellas estaban en todos lados. Sacerdotes como yo,
que han sido asignados al ministerio parroquial de las almas anhelan discípulos que se unan a nosotros en
compartir el mensaje de Cristo. He sido bendecido por Dios en la catedral por haber tenido a un gran
apóstol que caminara conmigo. Él era mi parroquiano y mi amigo y estoy agradecido. Frank, ve y descansa
en Paz.
Dios los bendiga,
Padre John
Corresponsabilidad una forma de vida para un
discípulo agradecido
Colecta: 1 de mayo……$1,616.18
¡Gracias por colocar a Dios primero!

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