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Habanos - Hellas Security Food
Habanos s.a. presents the third Edición Limitada
2011. Ramón Allones is the brand selected for
this occasion.
The arrival of this Edición Limitada to all points
of sale worldwide is expected in the coming
Habanos D.O.P. (Protected Appellation of
Origin): Legal term used to qualify the cigars
bigger than 3 grams, elaborated in Cuba
according to the quality standards of the Cuban
tobacco Industry and using varieties of Cuban
black tobacco grown in specific regions of
Cuban territory, which are also protected as
Appellations of Origin. The Ediciones
Limitadas- Limited Editions- of Habanos are
highly appreciated and awaited by the
aficionados worldwide every year. They are
characterized by vitolas that do not appear in the
usual range of the brand portfolio, and which
are distinguished by a careful selection of their
leaves - wrapper, filler and binder- which have
been aged for a period of at least 2 years. The
dark wrapper dressing these Habanos coming
from the top leaves of the Tapado – shade
grown black Cuban tobacco plant- is another
characteristic that identifies them.
Allones Extra is the vitola
selected in 2011 within Ramon Allones:
Allones Extra is the vitola selected in
2011 within Ramon Allones:
Allones Extra (44 ring gauge x 143 mm
in the length). This is the first time that
Ramón Allones has an Edición
Limitada. It is a brand characterized by
its flavour that makes of this brand one
of the preferred by smokers who seek
intense flavours and exquisite aromas.
Allones Extra existed until the end of
the 70´s of the 20th century in the
normal range of the brand and is now
produced in this 2011 Limited Edition.
This Edición Limitada is characterized
as well by the incorporation of a historic
ring that existed in the past centuries in
Ramón Allones, one of the oldest
Habanos brands, which was created in
1837, and makes of this limited Edition
an exclusive and limited collectible
Habanos brands
All Habanos
All Habanos of this Edición Limitada 2011
were made “Totalmente a Mano “ Tripa
Larga-Long Filler Totally by Hand in Cuba
by expert rollers, using tobacco leaves
carefully cultivated and selected.
This vitola will start to be available in all
markets worldwide in the next days.
Brand: Ramón Allones
Commercial name: Allones Extra
Factory name: Franciscos
Measures: 44 ring gauge (17, 46 mm) x 143
mm in the length
Presentation: Labelled Box of 25 units
(D.O.P) Denominaciones de Origen
Protegidas. Protected Denominations of
Hoyo de Monterrey
Short Hoyo Pirámides. This Edición
Limitada is designed for the best
connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the Hoyo de
Monterrey brand. Short Hoyo Pirámides, a
Habano of ideal dimensions that makes this
Edición Limitada an invaluable gift, not
only for those who prefer Habanos of
lighter flavors, but also for those
newcomers who initiate in the extraordinary
world of the Habanos. All the smooth and
complex flavour of its blend and the
delicate aroma of the brand can be enjoyed
now in this new Figurado format.
All the habanos of this Edición Limitada
2011 were made ¨Totalmente a Mano¨ Tripa
Larga - Long Filler Totally by Hand - by
expert rollers, using tobacco leaves
carefully cultivated and selected.
This vitola will be available in the market
in just one presentation, a layer (SLB) box
of 10 units.
Cuaba Pirámides
Cuaba Pirámides (Girth 52 x 156 mm in the
length). In keeping with the rest of the
tapered sizes of the brand, Cuaba is having
a Limited Edition for the first time, and it´s
releasing the pyramids which are packed in
Semi Plain boxes with 10 sticks in two
Montecristo Sublimes
Montecristo Sublimes (Girth 54 x 164 mm
in the length) This size was first presented
as part of the 2004 Limited Edition in the
Cohiba brand. Now, Montecristo brings it
back with its characteristic blend. A
Habano to remember, respectfully long,
with a proper draw and ready to show
forth the notably medium to full flavour of
said brand. Cigars will be packaged in
SBN boxes comprising 10 units.
Partagás Serie D No 5
Partagás Serie D No 5 (Girth 50 x 110 mm in the
length) All the flavour of Partagás locked in this
small yet powerful smoke allowing us to feel the
Partagás taste. The Series Lines from Partagás have
become a guide due to the recognition of Serie D No
4 and the most recent pyramid: the Serie P No 2.
Presented in SBN boxes with 25 cigars placed in
two layers.
Since 2000, Habanos s.a. has been releasing Limited
Editions within the most prestigious brands such as
Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás,
Hoyo de Monterrey and H.Upmann.
The Limited Edition distinguishes itself for the
inclusion of sizes which are not part of the usual
range of the brand, and is characterized by a special
manufacture. The careful selection of a two-year
aged wrapper from the upper level of the plant
grants it a darker color and turns this product into
something unique. Binder and filler leaves used for
the making of the Limited Editions cigars have been
aged for two years as well. Because of its very
special features, the Limited Edition is manufactured
in small quantities, which makes it a particularly
appreciated pleasure for the most demanding
Cohiba Behike,
Habanos, S.A. presents Cohiba Behike,
which will be the most exclusive línea of
the most prestigious Habanos brands, with
three new formats: BHK 52, BHK 54 y
BHK 56.Cohiba Behike, whose production
will be extremely limited, incorporates for
the first time in the blend of its three vitolas
the tobacco leaf called “medio tiempo” that
grants it exceptional character and flavor.
Each and every one of Cohiba Behike
Habanos also incorporates a band with two
holograms for security identification.
Only a few people can appreciate the complexity of a cigar. Because every single cigar is unique, even for the most
experienced smokers, each experience is special, is like exploring a new world.
To understand this new world, the smoker needs to use all his knowledge and his skills. Therefore, when the smoker first
sees the havana, he notices its perfect and smooth wrapper, the amazing colours, the fine cuts and the round end. As soon
as the smoker touches the cigar, he can feel the density of the wrapper, the flexibility and the texture. The first sign that
reveals the good quality of the cigar is the smooth wrapper without cracks and second it is important the cigar to regain
easily the initial shape after being pressed with the finger. Then, the smell of the cigar. Although the “bouquet” changes
after lighting the cigar, the smoker can easily foresee the evolution of the Havana
The properties of the taste can be distinguished from the begining. While smoking, a real connoisseur will look after the
intensity, the complexity, the strength and ripeness of the blend. The wooden-like taste (which can suggest a green
flavour) and the cocoa notes should surprise even the most sophisticated smoker.
The taste of a cigar can be defined as "robust" (rich, abundant, but not really intense) or light (not necessarily tasteless,
because it can develop a rich palette of flavors). Also, the taste can be spicy (the range of flavors can vary from sweet to
spicy, including aromas of cedar, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and caraway), low-pitched (boring
- regardless of flavor, intensity is very low) or oily (specific characteristic of the best productions, proof of a perfect
Delight is also important in the art of smoking, and it represents the moment when the harmonious qualities of a cigar
meets the atmosphere in which the "ritual" takes place.
The newcomers in the art of smoking
should know that, in order to taste the cigar,
one should first follow a few steps in a
correct manner. Everything starts with
cutting cigar. This "operation" requires a lot
of attention and precision, in order not to
cut too much of the cigar (because it would
burn too fast) or too little (it will be more
difficult to feel the flavor of Havana).
The next step is lighting the cigar, which
should be done accordingly to various
rituals.Thus, some people use to moisten
the cigar, others heat it upon an open flame,
and others dip it into alcohol, before
lighting it with a cedar wood stick, a match,
a lighter or flame from a candle. It is
recommended to avoid the gasoline lighter
and candles because this would change the
Lighting the cigar is also important. Thus,
the cigar should be held between forefinger
and thumb. Not in the mouth. And flame
must be kept at about one centimeter from
the tip of the cigar while it is rotated so as
to burn evenly.
The production of cigars began in the first half of XVII century, at small-scale, and
the first factory with Partagas brand was opened in 1827. Gradually, the production
was diversified and other brands entered the market: Por Larranaga (1834), Punch
(1940), H. Upmann (1844), Ramon Allones (1845), Sancho Panza (1848), Hoyo de
Monterey (1865), Romeo and Juliet (1875), El Rey del Mundo (1882) and
Montecristo (1935).
Tastes have evolved over the years, as the number of consumers increased. Today,
cigars are the symbol of a sophisticated, refined lifestyle.
However Cuba, with its 62,000 hectares, has been and continues to be the most
prestigious manufacturer. Today, tobacco plantations in Cuba are in five regions:
Vuelta Abajo, Semi - Vuelta, Partido, Remedios, Oriente. Of these, Vuelta Abajo
(covering 32,000 hectares, representing 2% of the total area of the island) is the
region where the best tobacco in the world is obtained.
Many of the most popular cigars are produced here. Let’s remind that a totally hand
made Havana can not be equaled by a mechanized cigar.
Using the traditional method, it can take even five years from the moment when the
tobacco is planted until the cigar is ready for sale.
The tobacco season goes from October to April. Leaves are being harvest manually
from root to top, one level every week, and then they are transported to specially
equipped shelters where they are left to dry. There are three stages of fermentation
that define the leaves’ color, remove the sensation of bitterness, and develop the
complexity and aroma of the leaves.
When this process is finished, the work of the torcedor begins, rolling the tobacco
leaves. And this is a real art. This art is not taught in any school, but it is transmitted
from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, from father to son.
Special Products
Habanos s.a. is pleased to present the new H.Upmann Royal
Robusto, an exclusive release aimed at La Casa del Habano franchise
stores with more than 140 stores all around the world.
H.Upmann is one of the most historic Habanos* brands. The blend
of the brand, characterised by its aroma and light to medium flavour,
is made with selected leaves of the best crops of the Vuelta Abajo*
zone, in the Pinar del Rio* region, Cuba.
The excellence regarding the history and prestige of the brand
founded in 1844, is shown in the gold medals of the H.Upmann
boxes, that certify the awards obtained in no less than eleven
international exhibitions during the 19th Century.
The factory size selected for this special production -Edmundo(ring Gauge 52 x 135 mm in length) is highly appreciated by
Habanos smokers, that will now have the occasion to enjoy it within
the H. Upmann brand with its own features of flavour and aroma.
Its production limited to only 5000 boxes containing 10 Royal
Robusto each results in a very exclusive item for those who seek
perfection. All Habanos have been produced Totalmente a mano con
Tripa larga –Totally by hand long filler- by skillfull rollers.
Specially for those connoisseurs who prefer the elegant taste and
aroma unmistakably found in the brand, this vitola will be available
in the next weeks in the La Casa del Habano stores worldwide.
La Gloria
Cubana Inmensos
La Gloria Cubana is a little known jewel
amongst Habano brands. Nevertheless it
enjoys a long history. Founded in 1885, its
name alone clearly defines its origin. For
over a century it has attracted a small but
loyal following amongst the most
knowledgeable smokers. The brand is
characterized by its elegant presentation,
especially in the Medaille d’Or Series
All the cigars are ‘totalmente a mano, tripa
larga’ – totally hand made, long filler
cigars. The blend, made from tobaccos
grown in the Vuelta Abajo region, is
classified as medium and offers wellbalanced nuances of taste and aroma.
Now, the introduction of the exclusive and
highly appreciated vitola Sublimes offers
the possibility to taste the characteristic
flavor of the brand.
The Allones
Superiores from Ramón Allones
All the cigars under the Ramón Allones
brand are filled with a blend of tobaccos
from the Vuelta Abajo region in Pinar del
Río, characterised by their intense and
complex taste. Among the range of sizes
under the Ramón Allones brand, the
Gigantes, the Specially Selected and the
Small Club Coronas clearly stands out in
the brand portfolio.
This new size, Allones Superiores, (girth
46 and 143 mm long) whose factory name
is a Corona Gorda is made up of only 5
000 boxes comprising 10 units each, and
will surely delight the most demanding
H.Upmann Noellas Glass Jar
H.Upmann is one of the most prestigious Habanos
brands. The blend of the brand, characterised by
its aroma and mild to medium flavour, is made
with selected leaves of the best crops of Vuelta
Abajo, Pinar del Río, the most renowned tobacco
region in Cuba and the world. The excellence
regarding the quality of its cigars is shown in the
gold medals of the H.Upmann boxes, that certify
the prices obtained in no less than eleven
international exhibitions during the 19th Century.
Within the Upmann portfolio well known sizes
such as the Sir Winston, Magnum 46 and Magnum
50 stands out.
For full enjoyment of those devoted to the brand,
Habanos s.a. offers the possibility to revisit the
past through this attractive presentation in glass
jars thus reviving the original that was produced
until the 80´s in the 20th Century.
Its production limited to only 5000 jars containing
25 Noellas each (Girth 42 and 135 mm long)
results in a very exclusive item for those who
looks for perfection.
The 2010 Habanos Collection
The figurado format of Gran Belicoso in this
Habanos Collection deeply connects with the
tradition of the brand. Today, the normal
Bolívar range of sizes includes the Belicoso
Finos, a Habano figurado that is one of its
most representative examples.
With a blend that has carefully taken into
consideration the complexity of richness that
characterizes this brand flavour, these 20
Gran Belicoso are ideal for the most special
moments of enjoyment and full delight.
Like the rest of the range of sizes of this
brand, all these Habanos have been made
totally by hand with selected leaves from
Vuelta Abajo plantations, the best tobacco
region in Cuba, located in the province of
Pinar del Rio.
Ancient Romeo y Julieta
Now, Romeo y Julieta is bringing back an
astonishing size: the Romeos (Girth 52 x
162 mm long) which is a Doble Figurado
or Fancy shape, exclusively manufactured
for this release and comprising 50 of them
in each Humidor. This size was
discontinued in the 70´s but brought back
for the 125th anniversary of the brand in a
Commemorative Humidor in 2000.
These humidors are totally manufactured by
hand and made up of cedar and mahogany,
by the renowned Cuban goldsmith Ernesto
Aguilera who was also the artisan
responsible for the Partagás and H. Upmann
replicas that were commercialized by
Habanos s.a. in 2006 and 2007 respectively.
He is the author of some unique
masterpieces auctioned at the past editions
of the Habanos Festivals as well.
Today Romeo y Julieta is as well known
around the world as ever and offers the
widest range of totally hand made, long
filler sizes available in any Habano brand.
Romeo y Julieta’s balanced and aromatic
blend of selected leaves from the Vuelta
Abajo region makes it the classic medium
bodied Habano.
Antiguo Montecristo
50 Doble Coronas (cepo 49 y 194 mm de
longitud) se encuentran dentro de esta
hermosa pieza destinada a deleitar a los
amantes de Montecristo.
Montecristo es la más conocida y
probablemente la marca de Habanos más
apreciadas en todo el mundo. Constituye la
referencia para muchos fumadores de
Habanos, con la que se compara al resto de
La ligada de Montecristo es perfectamente
equilibrada, creada a partir de hojas
seleccionadas de la región de Vuelta Abajo,
el hogar del mejor tabaco del mundo. Su
distintivo sabor medio y aroma atractivo es
apreciado tanto por fumadores noveles o por
fumadores con experiencia.
Estos humidores son fabricados totalmente a
mano, hechos de cedro y caoba por el
renombrado orfebre Ernesto Aguilera quien
realizó también las réplicas para Partagás y
H. Upman que fueron comercializadas por
Habanos s.a.. El es además, autor de algunas
de humidores que se subastaron en el último
Festival del Habano.
Festival. Exclusively
With 20 000 cases available, it comprises the most exclusive vitolas of Habanos brands launched in the last editions of
the Habanos Festival.
Exclusively aimed at Las Casas del Habano and Habanos Specialists stores.
Due to the demand and the immediate success of this initiative, it was decided to launch a replica of said case in order to
be commercialized exclusively at Las Casas del Habano and Habanos Specialists stores.
Este producto se presenta en estuches negros laqueados con forma de cabinet y cuenta con una selección de 10 vitolas
que se listan a continuación:
Montecristo Edmundo (Ring Gauge 52 x 135 mm long)
Trinidad Robustos Extra (Ring Gauge 50 x 155 mm long)
Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios (Ring Gauge 52 x 140 mm long)
H.Upmann Magnum 50 (Ring Gauge 50 x 160 mm long))
Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills (Ring Gauge 50 x 124 mm long)
Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial (Ring Gauge 50 x 141 mm long)
Partagás Serie P No 2 (Ring Gauge 52 x 156 mm long)
Cohiba Siglo VI (Ring Gauge 52 x 150 mm long)
San Cristóbal de la Habana Mercaderes (Ring Gauge 48 x 167 mm long)
Cuaba Generosos (Ring Gauge 42 x 132 mm long)
Habanos S.A. takes pleasure in introducing
of art that has resulted from the expert
hands and great skill of Cuban craftsmen.
As a gift on his 95th birthday, the famous
singer Compay Segundo received the
commemorative humidor that is now
presented in a special series of 95 numbered
humidors bearing his name beside that of
the famous brand.
This humidor contains 95 cigars in two
different vitolas (sizes)
While the first of these vitolas is the most
sold all over the world, the second is a
specialty of this brand, with sizes that
correspond to a heavy ring gauge cigar that
will delight the most demanding tastes.
All Habanos included in this humidor bear
the exclusive Montecristo cigar band with
the face of Compay Segundo, which make
them even more exclusive.
Habanos S.A. will dedicate 20% of the
income from the sale of these humidors to
the art schools of Cuba
Bolívar Humidor
Una producción limitada de 100 unidades,
cada unidad contiene 100 excelentes
habanos, dispuesto dentro de cada estuche
en dos mazos rodeados con una cinta
impresa con el nombre de la marca. Como
detalle, estos habanos poseen doble anilla,
la marca, más la anilla institucional que
distingue los productos para Las Casas del
El Rey
del Mundo Humidor
Este estuche elaborado artesanalmente en
Cuba, es un homenaje a esta histórica
marca del portafolio de HABANOS.
La producción limitada de este estuche fue
de 100 unidades, cada unidad contenía 50
excelentes habanos:
Montecristo Humidor
Montecristo is the best known and one of
the most appreciated brands of Habanos
throughout the world. Montecristo’s
perfectly balanced blend is prepared
exclusively with selected leaves from the
Vuelta Abajo region, home of the finest
tobaccos in the world.
The first one is a well-known vitola among
cigar connoisseurs. Along its dimensions
(ring gauge 47 and 235 mm in the length)
offers almost two hours of pure pleasure,
while the other(57 and 175 mm in the
length) has been considered an excellent
choice for those who want to experience a
higher smoke. These heavy ring gauge
Habanos will please, without any doubt, the
most demanding palates.
With this offer currently available at Casas
del Habano stores, Habanos S.A. offers
cigar enthusiasts a unique opportunity to
taste the traditional medium to full flavour
of this brand in two excellent vitolas.
Hoyo de
Monterrey Habanos Collection
Presented this special edition under the
Hoyo de Monterrey brand. Another
beautiful new jewel within the Habanos
The total production of this casing was
limited to 500 units, each one containing
20 cigars as follows
Humidor 35
Aniversario de Cohiba
To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Cohiba, which is probably the most emblematic brand of cigar in the world,
Habanos S.A. launches a special production of 500 numbered humidors.
Cohiba was created in 1966 and is likely the most renowned tobacco product on the planet. That distinction was earned,
among other reasons, by being the gift of Cuban leaders to other world leaders here and abroad.
The unmatched quality that these Habanos posses, likewise the fact that they were Fidel Castro’s favorite brand,
contributed to creating the conditions to present this brand in society in the Ritz Hotel in Madrid in 1982. This made it
possible to bring the myth of this cigar to the demanding cigar world.
Cohiba, whose name is the first denomination the indigenous gave the cigar, has become an example of how to maintain
the tradition of Cuban cigar know-how with the modernity of being a vanguard brand. It maintains exquisite care in the
selection of its tobacco, likewise the elaboration process in the El Laguito factory.
Cohiba is a unique brand for grand occasions.
These 500 numbered humidors constitute a selection of six vitolas for a total of 135 cigars per humidor.
Cohiba cuyo nombre es la primera denominación que dieron los indígenas al tabaco, se ha convertido así en un ejemplo
de cómo se puede aunar la tradición de la sabiduría tabaquera Cubana con la modernidad de ser una marca de vanguardia,
con una cuidado exquisito la selección de sus tabacos así como en su proceso de elaboración en la Fábrica de “El
Cohiba es una marca única, para las grandes ocasiones.
Estos 500 humidores numerados constan de una seleccion de 6 vitolas para un total de 135 puros por humidor.
Las vitolas, todas ellas vestidas de una anilla especial diseñada para este 35 Aniversario
San Cristóbal
de La Habana Humidor
San Cristóbal de la Habana was the original
name of Havana, Cuba’s capital city, when
it was founded in 1519; San Cristóbal (St
Christopher) in honour of Columbus and La
Habana after an Indian name for the site.
Its range is composed of four vitolas with a
light to medium flavour using tobaccos
from the Vuelta Abajo region. Two sizes, El
Morro and La Fuerza, are not found in any
other Habano brand.
Vegas Robaina Case
The Vegas Robaina Case contains 100
Habanos belonging to the sizes Don
Alejandro, Clásicos, Famosos y Únicos.
Also includes 20 Habanos of the Gordito
size (141 mm in the lenght & 50 ring
gauge) a non-commercial vitola specially
conceived for this case.
Made with a selection of leaves from the
region of Vuelta Abajo, these Habanos
exhibit a beautiful band designed for the
This case shows a wooden-carved Robaina
cigar band on its cover. A true masterpiece
for cigar lovers.
Were produced only 400 units, the content
of each unit was:
La producción total de este estuche fue de
400 unidades, cada unidad contenía:
Humidor de viaje H.Upmann
El Humidor de viaje H.Upmann. El año pasado el Humidor de viaje Montecristo fue un éxito entre los viajeros amantes
de los Habanos. Su hermoso diseño lo convirtió en una elección favorita entre los fumadores que frecuentemente viajan
alrededor del mundo. Estos humidores de viaje están especialmente diseñados para los amantes de los Habanos, ésos que
donde quiera que elijan viajar, nunca abandonan sus Habanos.
Ahora el Humidor de Viaje H.Upmann ofrece a los consumidores la posibilidad de obtener la última exclusividad para el
canal DF/TR. Por primera vez, el formato Robusto se lanzará bajo la marca H.Upmann. La excepcional calidad de
H.Upmann marcó la norma para los tabacos premium desde su nacimiento como marca en 1844, alcanzando un lugar
prominente en el mundo de los Habanos.
Todas las hojas en los habanos H.Upmann provienen de la región tabacalera de Vuelta Abajo y están hechos totalmente a
mano con tripa larga. Las medallas de oro que adornan la caja fueron obtenidas por la marca en no menos de once ferias
internacionales durante el siglo XIX, y son muestra de la excelente calidad de sus producciones.
Los Robustos de H.Upmann sólo estarán disponibles en esta presentación siendo así una gran oportunidad para aquellos
devotos del delicioso aroma y delicado sabor de la marca. El formato Robusto está de moda actualmente y los fumadores
pueden encontrar, a lo largo de sus dimensiones (cepo 50 y 124 mm de largo), una variedad de sabores en un habano de
fumada corta.
Ligero, práctico y elegante, este humidor viene envuelto en piel genuina con el hierro de la marca estampado en caliente
en una de sus caras. El Humidor de viaje H.Upmann es la mejor alternativa para aquellos viajeros que no quieren dejar
sus habanos en casa, sino llevarlos consigo en perfectas condiciones, listos para ser disfrutados en el momento que
Fácil de llevar, de mantener y usar, el Humidor de viaje H.Upmann se convertirá, sin dudas, en una preferencia entre los
fumadores. Los habanos están completamente seguros y bien acomodados en su interior y protegidos contra los cambios
de humedad y temperatura así como ante cualquier movimiento brusco.
Es importante saber que mediante el zipper inferior se puede acceder al dispositivo humidificador situado en el fondo de
manera que el usuario pueda serviciar el humidor y mantener la esponja húmeda sin tener que preocuparse por los
tabacos, los cuales están firmemente sujetos en el molde de madera.
El lanzamiento de este producto tendrá lugar en Francia durante la Feria de Cannes, en la noche del martes 23 de Octubre
en el Hotel Noga Hilton, donde se ha programado un Cóctel H.Upmann especialmente diseñado para la ocasión. Allí, los
Distribuidores Exclusivos de Habanos s.a. , detallistas de las Casas del Habano en el canal, operadores del Duty Free y
sus clientes, ejecutivos de Habanos s.a. y Tabacuba así como medios y periodistas especializados entre otros, están
invitados a asistir.
Este producto estará disponible a partir de Diciembre en el mercado global del Travel Retail.
Bolívar Gold Medals
The Bolívar brand was created in 1902 and is based
today at the Partagás cigar factory in the heart of
Havana. Named after Simon Bolívar, one of the great
historic figures of the 19th Century who liberated
much of South America from Spanish rule.
It is perhaps not surprising that a Habano named after
such a powerful figure is blended to match his might.
Bolívar is among the strongest, most full bodied of all
Habanos. It boasts an unrivalled richness of flavour
in its blend of Vuelta Abajo region tobaccos that
makes it one of the most sought-after marques
amongst experienced smokers.
Bolívar Gold Medal is a classic Cervantes (girth 42
and 165 mm long) with a strong tobacco taste along
the cigar that will undoubtedly delight the palates of
those who seek for rich flavours.
Discontinued in 1992, and now revived, these cigars
have a singular presentation. They are half-wrapped
in gold coloured aluminium paper foil and packed in
semiplain boxes comprising 10 units with a second
band specifying that is made only for Casa del
Habano. With this offer, exclusively aimed to Casas
del Habano, Bolívar is bringing one of its greatest
smokes back.
Partagás Salomones
Exclusively aimed at La Casa del Habano stores
worldwide, Partagás will unveil a highly
appreciated size among the Habanos lovers: the
Salomones. This size recreates the style that existed
in the 19th century, when the Habanos - tapered at
both ends - became fashionable.
Because of their complex manufacture, the double
figurados are at the peak of the roller’s cigarmaking art. If only for that reason, they deserve to
be a part of the selection of every aficionado who
prides himself of it.
Manufactured with the best leaves from the region
of Vuelta Abajo in Cuba and submitted to a
rigorous selection, the Partagas Salomones stand
out for their excellent taste and full flavour, with an
evolution and complexity in their smoking that will
be enjoyed by Habanos lovers.
Presented in boxes of 10 units each and with the
traditional full flavour of Partagás, they are a very
valuable option for the Habanos enthusiasts, who
will find an attractive format in its 184 mm in the
length and 57 ring gauge that will please the most
demanding smokers.
Colección Habanos 2009
Para los fumadores apasionados de las novedades, se
introduce el volumen IX, "Colección Habanos",
dedicado en esta ocasión a la marca San Cristóbal de
La Habana. La vitola O'Reilly, ha sido seleccionada
para esta serie de sólo 1000 estuches exclusivos
destinados a la red de franquicias La Casa del Habano
en todo el mundo, a lo largo de 2009.
Como el resto de las vitolas de la marca, la mezcla de
estos 20 O'Reilly mantiene el carácter de suave a
medio del sabor de la marca. Todos ellos han sido
totalmente hechos a mano con hojas seleccionadas de
las mejores cosechas de la Vuelta Abajo, en Pinar del
Río, el más famoso de Cuba en todo el mundo la
región del tabaco.
O'Reilly es el nombre de la vitola que Habanos SA se
complace en presentar en este nuevo volumen de la
"Habanos Colección ". Debido a sus dimensiones
(cepo 56 x 160 mm de largo), junto con su belleza,
equilibrio, aroma y sabor hace a San Cristóbal de La
Habana fiel a su nombre.
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