July 2010 Evangel Newsletter (PDF/2.04 mb)



July 2010 Evangel Newsletter (PDF/2.04 mb)
July 2010
A Future and A Hope
Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the
plans I have for you,” says the LORD.
“They are plans for good and not for
disaster, to give you a future and a
hope.” (NLT)
One of God’s gifts to us is the gift of
the future. Hope is something that
He never intends us to live without.
No matter how discouraging the
secular news may be, those who
wait on the Lord can live with confident expectation of tomorrow’s
The people of First Baptist Church
are moving toward the future. At the
June Business Meeting, I was encouraged by the strong support for a
new staff position, Minister to Married Young Adults (20’s, 30’s 40’s both Core and Venture Sunday
Schools). I will be glad as the Lord
guides a person to us who will lead
and love this dynamic and growing
part of our fellowship. As part of this
staff design, the position currently
held by Larry Soape will also have
more direct responsibilities for Median and Senior Adults. I believe
great days are ahead.
The news from the CTV Committee
is future-focused, as well. Conceptual drawings for a Broadway sign
and parking lot improvement were
well received at the same conference. For years we have been dedicated to restoring our facilities to
excellence and beauty. It speaks of
our love for God. The parking lots
are long overdue for our attention.
In the next months we will work together to start this project and also
to raise support for the vital building
A Higher Hope. In 1 Corinthians 15,
Paul says, “If only for this life we
have hope in Christ, we are to be
pitied more than all men.” As great
as the present blessings of God
are, they are nothing compared to
the joy of eternity. G. K. Chesterton said, “If seeds in the black
earth can turn into such beautiful
roses, what might not the heart of
man become in its long journey
toward the stars?” What a great
hope we have!
With such assurance, it is a sin to
be discouraged! Shouldn’t we
pray? Should we believe?
I’m grateful to you for your prayers
and support. My heart is filled with
hope for you and for our church,
and for a real repentance that will
open the door for our nation and a
new chapter of blessing.
I’ll see you Sunday.
Children’s Choirs Kickoff
August 25
6:00 – 6:45 pm
West A & B
Children’s Ministry
“Howdy, Partners” from Saddle
Ridge Ranch in the wide open
spaces of Big Sky Country. A
great “BIG” thank you to all of you
who saddled up every night and
rode in to herd up those little
“cowpokes” at the dude ranch:
Linda King, Julie Livingston,
Rebecca McGraw, Debbie
Eyfells, Joy Nakanishi, Valerie
Riener, Alice Harrell, Sharon
Walsworth, Amy Mitchell, Traci
Keck, Jolene Bartlett, Bea
Anderson, Carolyn Nave, Connie
Lewis Lopez, Jimmy Fitz, Scott
Vernon, B.J. Vernon, Jenna
Copeland, Sarah Grubaugh, Lindy
Gandy, Laura Boone, Maria
Rodriguez, Shannon Warren,
Vincent Brooks, Lydia Jennette,
Katelyn Warren, Cammie Bowren,
Keesha Williamson, Alicia Lair,
Barbara McHaney, Judy
Biedrzycki, Christie Ethington,
Rita Schuetze, Ed Dyer, Becky
Dyer, Glen Cameron, John Aranda,
Alfredo Constantino, Fausto
Garcia, William Mathis, Michael
King, Daniel Rubio, Emily Thiele,
Nuria Reyes, Marco Lujan, Lee
Ann Boggs, Nancy Lovell, Sharon
Friedman, Ashley Anderson, Sara
Jane Filippini, Faith Anne
Richardson, Emma Brown,
Hannah Anderson, Sarah
Naumann, Graham Powell, Allison
Valle, Joy Copeland, Mark
Anderson, Cheryl Naumann, Nate
Vargas, Courtney Garner, Amy
Bryant, Jake Taylor, Brent Salter,
Amy Goslin, Steve Clardy,
Brittany Garner, Judson Ward,
Samantha Filippini, Luke Jones,
Tobey Cleek, Marynne Hildreth,
Brenda Sellers, Dianne Van
Heerde, Charlotte Anderson,
Suzanne Filippini, Megan Huff,
Sallie Filippini, Jessica Garza,
Rosa Canales, David Walsworth,
Terry Taylor, Bill Hildreth,
Claudia Garcia, Maria Fuentes,
Kathy Arrendondo, Carrie West,
Jillian Morgan, Theresa Van
Heerde, Deborah Penaluna, Angel
Torres, Wimberly Johnson,
Savannah Bernal, Madison Bernal,
Tammy Bolch, Dana McAdams,
Colleen Juedes, Ashley Davenport,
Kate Faught, Lauren Oefinger,
Alyssa Fitz, Heather Janes, Samuel
Soape, Rachel Epperson, Patty
Davenport, Breezy Grubaugh,
Venisha Canales, Eloisa Frost,
Tiffany Arenas, Toni Heimer,
Janette Grant, Kish Russell,
Caroline Richardson, Annelise
Weilbacher, and Bryan Salter.
Senior Adults
There will be no Senior Adult
meeting in July. Programs will
resume in August. Danny Johnson
will be speaking on his family’s
trip to Peru.
Yes, Lord!
At-Risk Children & Youth Team
It’s time to start thinking about
school supplies! The YES,
LORD! At Risk Children and
Youth team is getting things ready
to be sure that the children in our
church have the school supplies
that they need to have a successful
school year. We will also be
helping children in some of the
most economically challenged
parts of San Antonio. This is the
time that you can really be a part
of this ministry. All you have to
do is pick up a list and the next
few times that you go shopping,
feel like a kid again as you pick
out paper, pencils, crayons and
other listed items. We ask that
you only get the items listed so
that we can be sure all children
receive the same supplies. We
filled 150 backpacks last year
with school supplies and we’re
going to try for 200 this year.
We’ll get the backpacks and put
out the boxes to collect the supplies. Please provide only what is
on the list below. Thank you in
advance! Call Rita at the church
office for more information,
Ruled Paper – for 3 ring notebooks
Folders – packages of 4 or 5 if
Pens – Blue or black ink
Pencils – packages of #2 lead
Colored Markers – Assorted
Crayons – 24 or 48 color packs
Spiral Notebooks
Youth Ministry
Refuge will resume
Wednesday July 7
7:01-8:15 pm
Studio 3
Youth Open Gym Night, Monday
evenings from 7 to 9 pm,
July 5 - August 16.
Sign-up begins soon:
All-Nighter - August 6-7
Beach Reach - August 27-29
Watch “The Challenge” for more
Wednesday Supper is taking a break for the summer.
Jackie Bellamy
Eddie Campos
Ginny Flanders
Rosa Garcia
Sharon Johnson
Charles Johnson
Sarah Krueger
Alex Krueger
Brett Penaluna
Elissa Penaluna
Adelmira Perrez
Aye Po
Daniel Segura
Katie Short
Lee Ellen Speckman
Luke Speckman
Cory Bellamy
Irma Solis
T. Don Guthrie
Stephen T. Carrell
Scott R. Lane
R. Bryan Richardson
Larry D. Soape
Charles L. Wedge
Richard B. Grant
Charlyne Bryant
Tobey Cleek
Boun Phommachanh
René De Alejandro
Rick Evans
Glen F. Cameron
Chris Lair
Marynne Hildreth
Sheila Jennette
Senior Pastor
Associate Pastor, Worship and Music
Associate Pastor, Students and Venture Sunday School
Associate Pastor, Single Adults/Small Groups/ Pastoral Ministries
Interim Associate Pastor, Education, Ministries, and Outreach
Associate Pastor, Administration and Operations
Minister, Pastoral Care and Senior Adults
Director, Children’s Ministries
Director, Preschool
Laotian Language Minister
Spanish Language Minister
Singles (40 and Better) Ministry Specialist
Director, Facilities
Director, Media and Communications
Director, First Learning Center/Assistant to Preschool Ministries
Director, Financial Services
Schedule of Weekly Services
Worship in the Sanctuary
Core Sunday School
Venture Sunday School
Worship in the Sanctuary
“A Time for Teaching” (adults/youth) - Sanctuary
5 PM
Fellowship Supper
6 PM
Prayer Meeting (Blanchard Lounge)
11 AM
Prayer Meeting (Parlor)
As of Sunday, June 27, 2010
Sunday School
Tithes and Offerings
Other restricted
Jill and Gardner Peavy on the birth of their son, Caleb James,
June 20.
Sympathy to…
Betty and Don Norville in the death of his mother, Peggy Norville, May 31.
J.O. Wallace and family in the death of his wife, Lillie Ruth, June 13.
Virginia and Dale Biggs in the death of her mother, Miriam Glascow, June 20.
Family and Friends of Della Henderson in her death, June 23.
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