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That`s The Spirit! - New Spirit Lutheran Church
That’s The Spirit!
Rev. Alan Field
New Spirit Lutheran Church
Our faith is in Jesus.
Our hope is in grace.
Our strength is in love.
December 2014
New Spirit Lutheran Church Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, December 14th, at 2:00 p.m. in the
agenda will include the following:
Sanctuary. The
1. Election of Vision Team members,
2. Appointment of members to the Memorial Garden-Columbarium Board,
3. Appointment of the Audit Committee, and
4. Appointment of the Nominating Committee.
5. Vote on proposed 2015 Mission Plan (church budget).
Discussion and vote on Proposed 2015 Mission Plan (operating budget)
Discussion about the Sanctuary Roof, Narthex ceiling, and Narthex/Office
building roof.
Confirmed members in good standing (having communed and contributed in the past 12
months) are encouraged to attend. Sign-in is required for attendance. Please arrive early
enough to sign the roster.
Children’s Christmas Program will be held at 3: 30 p. m. Sunday, December 21st.
“The Innkeeper’s Daughter” was written by Shelley Colwell. Following the program
you are invited to a Ham & Turkey Holiday Dinner in Fellowship Hall.
Christmas Eve Services 4:00 and 8:00 p.m.
The Family Candlelight Service will be held at 4:00 p.m. This
Traditional Candlelight Communion Service will include carols, brief
Christmas message, candlelight, and Holy Communion. The service
will be one hour, and should get people home before it is too dark.
The Nativity Candlelight Community Service will be held at 8:00 p.m.
A mix of traditional and new carols will include candlelight and Holy Communion.
Dear Advent-urers,
As the darkness of early winter evenings wraps its arms around us without release as these
days go on, we will begin to bring a light to challenge that darkness. It is Advent….and this year
it will be an Adventure. It is Advent….and this is a new year for New Spirit.
Oh sure, the commercialization of the holiday will seek to blur the lines of rationality, but in the
Church we will step into a story that is so amazingly redemptive that many of us may shake our
heads in disbelief. What’s the difficulty?
It lies in the mystery of God taking on flesh. It lies in the mystery of a young girl’s faithfulness to
do the work that the Lord has given. It lies in the witness of shepherds, angels, and our
ancestors who discovered the power of the unbridled love of God. It is a mystery, and with the
lighting of each Advent Candle we will embark on this Adventure with a certain anticipation, and
a real call. It is Advent and a new year for New Spirit.
One facet of the Lutheran heritage is what Martin Luther called “The Priesthood of All Believers.”
We, who have peered into the manger at Bethlehem, have been called to faithful service. We,
who have knelt at the communion rail, have been called to be ambassadors of God’s grace to
the world. We, who have been called as disciples of Jesus Christ, have abilities to complete the
mission work of Christ’s church.
We are the “believers” whom God has called into an incredible Adventure. This Adventure is to
do the will of our Lord. This Adventure will be to re-think, and re-form the ministry profile of
New Spirit. Think “extreme makeover”.
Advent can easily lull us into a dream-state as instrumental Christmas carols began playing in
stores and malls shortly after Halloween. Our thoughts are stirred to those past Christmases
that have become romanticized to an extent. We will be busy with all the holiday preparations.
On December 26th, or January 6th (Epiphany), the “holidays” will be done, but the mission work
of the church will go on.
There are a host of positions at New Spirit that need to be filled for the new year. There are a
host of areas where ministry programs go incomplete. The coming year may be a year of
serious crossroads. Who will step-up to take responsibility? Who will devote time and energy to
tell the New Spirit story? Who will commit to a year of deepening faith by serving and study?
The birth of the Christ-child is not a once-a-year memory, then packed away in the Christmas
boxes in the garage or attic. The incarnation of Jesus is our daily understanding of God’s call as
the priesthood of all believers to do the work of ministry and mission, so the church, the Body of
Christ will flourish and prosper. This will be our Adventure in 2015.
Pastor Alan
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Getting to know our New Spirit Children!!
Jakob is 10 years old and in 5th grade. He LOVES
math, video games and spending time with family
playing games or watching sports.
Advent Midweek Services… Wednesdays
@ 6:30 p.m. December 3rd, 10th, 17th
Christmas Eve is on Wednesday this
This year’s Advent theme will be “Love,
Love, Love, that’s what it’s all about!”.
December 3rd – Hanging of the Greens
service will look at “Love without
Bounds”. After the brief service we will
Ethan is 7 years old and in 2nd grade. He loves
Legos and playing with his little sister. He really
enjoys jumping and climbing.
Eva is 2 and stays home with Mommy. She loves
playing in her kitchen, with her "babies" and talking on the phone. She enjoys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Henry Hugglemonster cartoons.
“hang the greens” in the Sanctuary.
December 10th – “Love at Close Range”
December 17th - ‘Surrender to Love”
December 24th – “Love Divine, all loves
Join us for supper at 5:30 p.m. each
Wednesday and build our fellowship
while sharing a meal.
Feed My Starving Children is bringing a “packing-event” to Oro Valley in January. The Oro Valley
Church of the Nazarene will host a weekend “Packing Event” to pack 200,000 nutritionally
engineered meals for children suffering from starvation.
Packing sessions are 2-hours in length, and involve assembly-lines measuring and filling “manna
packs”. The “high energy” atmosphere is enhanced by upbeat music, and friendly competition between packing stations. Normally “packers” pay $40 to support the ministry of
Feed My Starving Children, but because of a New Spirit Endowment Grant we
can have 54 members participate with the $40 waived.
Many of us have participated in FMSC packings in Tempe, but this will be our
first in the Tucson area. Please sign-up on the Narthex magnet board.
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Deborah’s Gathering
Thank you Women of New Spirit for your participation in Thank offering Sunday. The
programs that benefit from these offerings are on National and International levels. We reached
out and touched others in God’s name.
December activities:
If you would like to donate cookies for this worthwhile project they will need to be in the kitchen
and labeled on Dec. 7th. That is an earlier date than previous years. Cookies can be homemade
or bakery purchased. We hope to have 75 dozen to contribute.
St. Paul’s United Methodist has invited any ladies that have Dec. 2nd free to join them at their
annual Christmas Tea at 9:30 am. They are located at Broadway and Maguire.
December Deborah’s Gathering, December 10th, will be a “Sing-a-long” and a sharing of Christmas traditions, yours or
somewhere in the world. Overview of Bible Study will be given. Coffee and juice provided.
Project Chairman Report:
Sue Gilmore reported she took aluminum tabs to McDonald’s House. We had 5 lbs.
Our “unbrunch” meetings netted enough money to donate 15 gift cards to the Food Bank Holiday gift card project.
Thanks ladies for participating in this project.
The entertainment book sale will end in December. Thanks for those who supported us in this project.
Praise Team celebrates its 13th Anniversary
The 1st Sunday of Advent, 2001 br ought a new chapter in th e life of Spanish Trail Luther an
Church. That year the “new pastor” introduced a “contemporary service” at 8:00 a.m. (yes, it was way early!)
The group included Mark & Jamie Buglewicz, Ron & Cathy Cermak, Paul & Brigitte Stuetze, Richard & Lois
Siegel, Colleen Busboom-Green, and Pastor Alan.
Over the years singers & musicians have come and gone, but the core group remains
committed to lead worship with praise to God with the best music we can find. The
song list for the 9:00 service is well over 100 songs. New songs are always being
crafted and introduced. This past month we introduced two songs: Thrive by Casting
Crowns, and Completely by Among the Thirsty.
We also have two song writers on the Team now: Harry Bolin (drummer) is an accomplished writer and arranger, and Mark Buglewicz has written more than twenty
songs, and recently recorded a CD of his compositions.
inspiring and
The Praise Team rehearses three hours every week to ensure Sunday worship is an
up lifting experience.
Today the Praise Team is made up of: (moving clockwise)
Singers - Paul Stuetze, Richard Siegel, Phyllis Wagner, Marlene Hansen, Micaela Eibl,
Jamie Buglewicz, Cathy Cermak, Tabitha Hayes, Mary Jane Beardmore, Mary Warren, Mark
Buglewicz, Sarah Drath, Patrick Carty, Harry Bolin, and Pastor Alan
Musicians – Mark Buglewicz (lead guitar), Ron Cermak (all about the bass….no treble),
Mary Warren (guitar), Harry Bolin (drums), Patrick Carty and Sarah Drath
(percussion), and Pastor Alan (acoustic guitar).
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Lutheran Senior Rally in the Valley- PRELUDE
The program is coming together and registrations are flowing in for the
Rally in the Valley, February 16-17, at Prince of Peace Lutheran
Church, 56th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix. It is clear this
Rally will be a sell-out. There will be no “walk on” registrations the days of
the event.
New Spirit has sent in 20 registrations. If you have not yet registered you
will need to send your registration yourself. Participants will also need to
make your own hotel reservations at Comfort Suites on Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale. Housing for
multiple persons in rooms will be covered by the Arivaca Endowment funds.
This year’s program will help us to “live faithfully into the 3rd chapter of our lives” . The
Rev. Barbara Lundblad noted author, speaker, and preacher will be the keynote speaker. Music
will be led by Mary Preus and Tom Witt back again for this Rally. Interest sessions on a broad
variety of topics will flesh-out this year’s theme: PRELUDE...which is the church’s equivalent to:
Pastor Alan serves on the Rally Planning Team and writes the closing communion worship.
New Spirit collected 998 lbs of food for the month of October, which included 300 lbs of vegetables purchased by Pastor
Alan. Thank you Pastor Alan. We logged 320 volunteer hours in October. Thank you volunteers. Without your help
we would not be able to keep the Food Bank open.
During December the Food Bank will be closed on Christmas Day and the following Saturday, December 27th, which will
allow the volunteers to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends. We will re-open on December 30th. We will
also be closed January 1st, 2015. Notice of these closed dates are being posted so that people coming to the Food
Bank can plan accordingly.
To give our volunteers the ability to spend the holidays with family, the New Spirit Food Bank will be
closed Christmas Day and Saturday, December 27th., as well as January 1st.
Food Bank clients have been made aware of the closures, and they will pick up their food boxes on other
days of operation.
Thank you Carol Lowe and Maureen “Mo”Hunter. After two and a half-years of
building up the New Spirit Food Bank ministry, Carol and Maureen have resigned as
the “K-Hall Dynamic Duo.” Under their leadership the Food Bank has been licensed
by the State of Arizona and Pima County Board of Health to do the ministry of food
distribution to at-risk clients.
Carol and Maureen brought years of management experience and the spirit of intentionality to bring the Food
Bank into compliance with health laws and Food Bank regulations.
Together they have done a herculean task in organizing and overseeing the operation of the Food Bank. They
deserve the deepest thanks of the members of New Spirit and the 400+ client families we serve each month.
A management–team is being formed to succeed Carol and Maureen in this much needed ministry in East
Thank you Carol and Maureen
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2015 a NEW Year at New Spirit with
NEW people imagining, creating, and
planning. W hich w ill you complete
in 2015:
Caring in Community Team – C in C is a team
for caring hearts, party planners, and groupbuilders. C in C is tasked to engage the
congregation quarterly with events, activities, or
projects. C in C ensures New Spirit’s shut-in
members are being remembered and visited by
Caring Ministers. C in C is a great team for folks
who enjoy laughter and gatherings.
Witness and Welcome is tasked to make
New Spirit known in the community. W&W is both
the publicity arm of New Spirit, and the team that
engages “Sunday morning guests.” While New
Spirit is a welcoming place on Sunday mornings,
personal connections with guests are falling by
the way-side. W&W ensures guests are contacted
and connected.
Worship and Music is central to our life of
faith as Lutherans. The heritage of participatory
worship is key to the expression of the Lutheran
church. While worship is important, it is meant to
be a growing experience for members by
introducing new hymns/songs, liturgies, and seasonal worship experiences in Advent and Lent.
Do you have a heart for worship?
Please watch for the new monthly Hospitality
Team assignments for 2015 arriving via mail in
early December. If you do not receive yours
please contact the church office. Thanks for your
contributions & service in this ministry. CoChairs: Marilyn Stoeckig & Linda
December 28th Worship – 10 a.m.
On December 28th there will be
one service at 10:00 a.m. The
service will be a Carols & Holy
Communion service and this year will be
led by the Praise Team. We encourage you
to bring guests and family to worship the
Newborn King.
Gnostic Gospels Class The first half of the
Gnostic Gospel class has been a hoot. We
are taking December off for Advent
Midweek Services. We will reconvene on
Wednesday, January 7th at 6:15 p.m. in the
Sanctuary. We will read “The Gospel
Stewardship teaches Lutheran Christians to
see their everyday life as a gift from God. Vibrant According to Judas.”
churches are communities where members
You are invited to step into this fascinatunderstand their tithes are important, but more,
ing look at these early writings about
their sharing in the ministry programs of New
who Jesus is.
Spirit will prove to be a blessing for someone.
Stewardship is far more than money! It is
Wednesday Supper Cook Team
life-management itself! You up for that joyful
This Fall the Wednesday Cook Team
Missions and Service oversees the outreach
ministry of New Spirit through the Food Bank,
Medical Loan Chest, Blessings in a Backpack, and
Homeless Blessings. The ELCA is also extremely
active in the world through Lutheran World Relief,
Lutheran World Hunger, Lutheran Disaster
Response Ministries, and more. If you have a
passion for the poor and those in need, Missions
and Service is for you!
has been made up of Aaron Garibay,
Lupita Garibay, Naida Granmo,
Sharon Dobbs, Sarah Drath, and Pas-
tor Alan.
If you would like to plan and prepare a Wednesday
supper for 30 people….let the church office know.
You will be reimbursed for your expenses. We
could always use prep-help on Wednesday
Thrivent members, benefit and associate, order
your desk calendar devotional, Inspirations for
Life. Call- 1-800-847-4836 and at the prompt say,
Fraternal, or e-mail to [email protected]
Page 6
God is working through New Spirit and making a difference
in our community and the lives of 200 children and their
families. A very special thanks to all the Blessings Team
Members. We couldn’t do this without the contribution each
of you makes to our team. Shout out!
Our grant from Walmart in the amount of $8,861 for the
2014-2015 school year has allowed us to partner with Henry
Elementary to help 40 of their students from 23 families.
Please make your tax deductible check out to Blessings in a
Backpack. You can drop it in the offering plate, drop it off
at the church office, or drop it directly in the mail to BIB
Lockbox, PO Box 950291, Louisville, KY 40295. Remember
to put Steele Elementary on the memo line.
We have joined forces with Pima College
Class SSE210 for their Hand in Hand
Project to benefit homelessness
300-400 expected to be served
Our team members are hard at work to keep up with the
added students each week. Learn more about what we do
and how you can help. We need volunteers to help with fund
raising, planning, purchasing, packing, and delivery. Contact
Laurie Bernard at [email protected]
“Like” our page on Facebook Blessings at
New Spirit Lutheran Church
We will be assisting the class with their
event instead of our previously scheduled
one on December 20th
Want to help? Contact NSLC Office or
Laurie Bernard at 886-3242 or
[email protected]
Paul Stuetze is offering 3 sessions in January
starting the 14th, Wednesday evenings from 6:15
to 8:00 pm. There is a sign-up sheet on the
magnet board in the Narthex.
Page 7
Entertainment BooksEntertainment Books will
only be sold until Dec. 14.
The books are now good through Dec. of each
year so you get 2 more months on your 2014
and 12 months on the 2015. Sign on the list on
the bulletin board and WELCA will deliver
your book. They are still $30 and lots of eating
places and car washes. Check your book from
time to time and then you will use them more.
Also you can exchange coupons with other
people. The money goes for WELCA outreach
projects. Checks should be made out to Gloria
Burke. More info?-call 296-7834
Prayers are so powerful!!!
I thank each of you for your prayer,
thoughts, cards of encouragement and
acts of kindness during and the days
following my recent heart attack.
Bless you for being God's hands in this
time of need.
I thank you. Joyce Dow
The Sunday School
children are collecting
mittens for Christmas to
give to children at Casas
de Los Ninos, infants
through high school. There is a box
set up for donations in the Narthex.
Grace Notes Practices in December6:30 p.m. Tuesdays Dec. 2, 9, and 16.
Want to find out about your family history?
Every family has one. There are black sheep, bad boys,
and the ones we don't talk about. And then there are the
family historians. Are you the one, or do you want to
become one? A class on beginning genealogy will be held
on Saturday, January 10 at 10 AM here at
New Spirit. Come, learn and participate.
You might find out what you always
suspected about Aunt Betty. Contact Ken
Dobbs at 520-275-9150 if you have
“Welcome Home” to our winter residents!!! A number of our winter residents have returned to New
Spirit. Take a few minutes to welcome our friends from the “northern climes” to their home-away-fromhome!
December Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations
4th— Carol Brennan
Robert Friend
Allan Wedemeier
6th— Christine Santos
Joel & Barb Carty
9 — Sandra Johnsen
10th— Evelyn Balija
12th— Joyce Dow
13th— Carol Schmidt
14th— Katherine Johnson
Muriel Nasby
Tom Vaclavek
20th— Marilyn Carter
Shirley Potter
26th— Linda Lamb
27th— Laurie Bernard
Gabriella Delgado
28 — Kjetil Ryan
15th— Amber Uidenich
19th— Carol Morales
Lyle & Verola Halverson
30th— Don Austin
Ethan Rettig
Sarah Elmquist
Eva Kwapich
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New Spirit Lutheran Church
8701 E. Old Spanish Trail
Tucson, AZ 85710
SHOUT OUT- to Marie Halver, Mark Canterbury,
SHOUT OUT- to Marilyn Stoeckig & Linda Lamb for schedArchie Burke for helping to package Eegees bread for uling the Hospitality teams for 2015.
the Food Bank.
SHOUT OUT- to Ellie Thompson for scheduling the
SHOUT OUT- to all the Food bank volunteers for faithful
service to the clients of the food bank..
SHOUT OUT- to Steve Lamb & Don Austin for
continued weekly efforts to bring worship service to life
through Media Shout.
SHOUT OUT- to Trunk or Treat participants for
tributing to the event.
9:00 am Arise to Praise
(Spirited Contemporary Worship)
10:15 – 11:00 am Sunday School for all ages
11:00 am Traditions
(Classic Hymns & Liturgies)
Wednesdays: 5:30 pm Dinner, 6:15 pm Classes
How to contact us:
New Spirit Lutheran Church
8701 E. Old Spanish Trail
Tucson, AZ 85710
Phone: (520) 296-2461
E-Mail: [email protected]

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