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CenterScope - Howard Center
Volume XII, Number 2
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We Couldn’t Do It Without You
Winter 2012
A Letter of Gratitude to
Friends of HowardCenter
HowardCenter provides
developmental, mental health,
substance abuse, and child,
youth, and family services
to 15,000 individuals and
families each year.
On the cover: “A Dinner Party,”
inspired by a well-known painting
by Judy Chicago, and created by
the Paint-by-Numbers Gang at the
HowardCenter Resource Center.
For the past three years, clients at
the Resource Center have produced
a group painting to exhibit during the
annual SEABA Art Hop. For more
information about the Resource
Center, see page 9.
A publication of
208 Flynn Avenue
Suite 3J
Burlington, VT 05401
Telephone 802.488.6900
Fax 802.488.6901
Board of Trustees
as of June 30, 2012
Peter McCarthy
Senior Leadership
Todd M. Centybear
Executive Director
Mark Baglini
Vice President
Bob Bick
Mental Health &
Substance Abuse Services
John McSoley
Lorraine Jenne
Marna Tulin, Ph.D.
Mary McKearin
Dan Balón, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Bassett
Rick Blount
Katherine Connolly
Gillian Eaton
Kevin Endres
Sen. Sally Fox
Curt Hennigar
Susan Hillman
Michael Lipson, J.D., LL.M.
Stacey Miller, Ed.D.
Karen O’Neill
Duane Peterson
Michael Simoneau
David Sobczak
Debra Stenner
Gail Stevenson, Ph.D.
Karen Ward
Deborah Shenk
Development &
Honorary Members
Jack Dwyer
William Heaslip
E. William Leckerling
Susan Cain O’Brien
George Philibert
Tony Villanti
Cheryl Couture
Board Support
Catherine Simonson
Child, Youth & Family Services
Sandra Steingard, M.D.
Medical Director
Charles Stringer
Finance & Administration
Marie Zura
Developmental Services
Martie Majoros
Kesta Perras
Development Assistant
Carol Hanley
Graphic Design
Please notify us of address
corrections at HowardCenter’s
Development Office,
O W A R D C E N T E R ’ S W O R K I S W I T H O U T P E E R I N V E R M O N T . The agency
offers life-saving professional crisis and counseling services to children and adults; supportive services to individuals with autism and developmental disabilities who need help with edu-
cation, employment, and life maintenance skills; counseling and medical services for those struggling
with substance abuse, and intensive interventions for adults with serious and persistent mental health
An important part of our work is measuring the impact of our agency’s more than 50 programs and the
services we provide to some 15,000 individuals and families every year. That information guides us as we
help clients meet their goals and as we collaborate with partner agencies to assure that our neighbors who
need us have the resources they need to improve their lives.
But impressive numbers don’t tell the full story of HowardCenter. The story unfolds at a very personal
level when a young mother asks for help with her drug addiction, when a middle school student decides
against suicide, when a man confronts the impact of his untreated mental illness, and when a developmentally disabled adult seeks the dignity of employment or independent living. The story unfolds as clients—our families, our friends, and our neighbors—trust us with private information and with their hopes
for a healthier future. It unfolds as individuals, families and the community become stronger.
Together, our compassionate staff, treasured volunteers, and supportive donors make possible the work
that is highlighted in this annual report...and much more. Thank you for being a valued partner with
HowardCenter and for trusting us with your gifts of time and treasure.
With gratitude,
Peter McCarthy
Todd M. Centybear
President, Board of Trustees
Executive Director
Printed on 100% postconsumer recycled paper.
“It is a dream to have this level of volunteer support for this project ....”
—Nadia Mitchell, Assistant Director, Comprehensive Care Program
We couldn’t do it without you.
Every year, HowardCenter benefits from the generosity of our neighbors—the
hundreds of volunteers, donors, and community partners who contribute their
skills, resources, and time to benefit our clients. We value them all. Our volunteers offer their expertise as they serve on committees, mentor youth, and help
at special events. Our donors provide event sponsorships and contributions that
enable us to provide services such as after-school and camp scholarships for
children, support services for new Americans, and home modifications for families with a child with a disability. Our community partners work with us to provide programs that meet recognized community needs.
We embrace this approach because it builds community, blurs the roles of givers
and receivers, promotes dignity, and helps to reduce the stigma that still is often
ect, and we are grateful to see this dream
associated with mental health and developmental challenges. For instance, our
Ben & Jerry’s: International Volunteers
clients may also be volunteers serving on a committee or helping with a fund-
HowardCenter was honored to be chosen
as the 2012 volunteer site for Ben & Jerry’s
annual Global Gathering Project. While in
Burlington this October for the company’s
annual marketing meeting, 99 personnel
from around the globe painted several
HowardCenter residential homes. Ben &
Jerry’s staff from Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, and the
United Kingdom picked up a paint brush in
support of HowardCenter.
Ben & Jerry’s supplied the global manpower,
and a local company provided discounted
paint and supplies. Sean Sweeney, co-owner
of Burlington-based ABLE Paint, Glass and
Flooring, worked for weeks before the event
to plan the scope of the project and maximize
the volunteers’ efforts. ABLE secured highquality paint at reduced cost and donated
other supplies, such as pails, drop cloths,
and brushes. Sean, along with his brother
(and co-owner) Scot and mother Mary were
on-site throughout the day to make sure
things ran smoothly and to make a quick trip
back to the store to pick up more paint or
brushes, if needed.
raiser. Our volunteers’ positive experiences may encourage them to make financial contributions. And our donors may be former clients—or friends or family
members of a client—who have benefited from HowardCenter support services.
The following selected highlights (which include Fiscal Year 2012 and some
recent events) would not have been possible without the support of our donors
and community partners and the efforts of our volunteers. Thank you for being
in this together with us.
Volunteers from Ben & Jerry’s put down their paint brushes to pose with HowardCenter staff
during a lunch break.
Volunteers spent a day making over four residential treatment homes for children and
adults who face significant challenges. Nadia
Mitchell, Assistant Director of the Comprehensive Care Program (Children’s Residential Services), says, “We try to create a therapeutic space for children, and to have freshly
painted homes contributes to the children’s
sense of well-being. It is a dream to have
this level of volunteer support for this proj-
Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim says, “It’s
a great opportunity for us to come together as
a global company—with team members from
the 35 countries we’re in around the world—
right here at the headquarters in Vermont.
We’re happy to do our bit as a Vermont business rooted in community service and help
HowardCenter in its quest to empower people to live full, rich lives.”
Ben & Jerry’s volunteers paint one of the four
residential homes that were part of the volunteer project.
“I am proud of the men and women of IBM, especially those here in Vermont,
who transferred that knowledge to HowardCenter, saving them money and
reducing their carbon footprint.” —Senator Patrick Leahy
—Sheryl Bellman, Director, HowardCenter Crisis Services
of Chittenden County
“This new facility, while only a building away from its prior home, is a major
improvement for clients and staff.”
Members of HowardCenter’s HCE3 Team with Senator Patrick Leahy and Janette Bombardier
from IBM. Left to right: Mary McKearin, Charles Stringer, Ed Vizvarie, Senator Leahy, Janette
Bombardier, and Tom Borys.
Bethany Sargent, Marketing
Director, Burlington Labs.
HowardCenter’s Lakeview Program’s new home
on St. Paul Street, Burlington.
IBM: Sharing Expertise
ated a mock “campfire” display to encourage
donors for our After-School and Camp Scholarship fund. Her creative efforts were successful and garnered more than $5,500 for
scholarships for youths who receive support
from HowardCenter to attend therapeutic
camps after school and during vacations.
In 2011, IBM awarded a $100,000 grant to
IBM Vermont to help HowardCenter and the
Vermont State College system implement
IBM’s energy management system to cut
energy use. The grant was made in recognition of IBM’s 100th anniversary; it was one
of 10 Centennial Grants awarded by IBM to
projects around the world and one of only two
in the U.S. The grant was shared by HowardCenter, Vermont Technical College, and the
Vermont Manufacturing Extension Service.
HowardCenter enthusiastically embraced
the project and created the HowardCenter
Excellence in Energy Efficiency (HCE3) program. HCE3 involved HowardCenter’s 1,000
employees, more than 100 IBM volunteers
and supporting organizations, including
Vermont Gas, Burlington Electric Department, and ReSOURCE.
A year later, in August 2012, HowardCenter
staff and IBM employees gathered at the
Baird School McClure Gymnasium to celebrate the results of the initiative. Working with IBM, HowardCenter achieved an
annual energy savings of more than 7.62%,
exceeding the initial goal of 5% and reducing the agency’s energy costs by more than
$20,000. Guest speaker Senator Patrick
Leahy praised the partnership and said,
“I am proud of the men and women of IBM,
especially those here in Vermont, who transferred that knowledge to HowardCenter,
saving them money and reducing their
carbon footprint.”
Burlington Labs:
A Partner in Recovery
Bethany Sargent, Marketing Director at
Burlington Labs, says she is “fortunate
enough to work for an organization that is
dedicated to giving back to the community
and that has allowed me to be in a great
position to be really involved in the recovery
community.” Burlington Labs, a drug testing
company, was the presenting sponsor for
Big Night 2012, an annual HowardCenter
fundraising event.
As a Big Night planning committee volunteer, Bethany solicited items for the silent
auction, wrote notes on invitations, and cre-
Her support of HowardCenter didn’t end
there. In September, Bethany and her colleagues at Burlington Labs organized a Night
of Recovery so that local residents could
participate in a national campaign that promotes treatment and recovery for mental
health and substance use disorders, celebrates people in recovery, and lauds the contributions of treatment providers. The event
included a proclamation from the Mayor’s
Office designating September 27 as Recovery Day in Burlington; the proclamation
recognized HowardCenter’s services last
year to more than 4,000 Chittenden County
residents seeking mental health or substance use support.
Lakeview Finds New Home
For 13 years, HowardCenter’s Lakeview
House on North Avenue was home to 18
clients with serious and persistent mental illness. Lakeview provides long-term residential care for HowardCenter clients, including
help with medications, health care, and daily
life skills as needed. Residents participate
in on- and off-site activities and form deep
friendships with others in the house.
“Our goal is to ensure that residents have
the best quality of life possible with as much
freedom as possible,” says Debra Clemmer,
Lakeview’s Coordinator. Not surprisingly,
says Debra, the group is like family. So when
Lakeview’s lease expired a few years ago,
HowardCenter was forced to look for another
location. After an extensive search for an
appropriate new home for such a large “family,” HowardCenter partnered with the Champlain Housing Trust to develop a residence
on St. Paul Street in Burlington. Champlain
Housing Trust, which leases the property to
A ribbon cutting ceremony in April 2012 marked the opening
of the new ASSIST and Mobile Crisis offices.
HowardCenter, worked with contractors to
remodel the home to meet the needs of our
clients. In August 2011, 16 residents moved
into the new house—a place they call home.
Hospital Diversion Program
Moves to New Location
In April 2012, HowardCenter’s ASSIST and
Mobile Crisis Team opened at a new location
at 851 Pine Street in Burlington. According
to Sheryl Bellman, Director of HowardCenter
Crisis Services of Chittenden County, “This
new facility, while only a building away from
its prior home, is a major improvement for
clients and staff.”
Construction of the new facility was the
result of years of work to develop a project
funded by the Vermont Department of Mental Health as part of a statewide enhancement of community-based services. The new
building houses ASSIST, a crisis stabilization
and hospital diversion program for anyone
experiencing a psychiatric crisis, and helps
clients transition from an inpatient treatment
setting back into the community.
Sheryl says the new site “enhances our ability to provide better care to individuals in crisis and provides an alternative to the Emergency Room.” She adds, “The primary
benefit is that we have single rooms, and clients report that they like the privacy and
the ability to sleep undisturbed (not at the
mercy of snorers). We have also increased
our capacity from five beds to six. It is much
less claustrophobic in this space. We have a
large dining room table that we use on weekends for art groups as well.” The additional
space and increased privacy help more people recover more quickly.
Housed in the same building is the Mobile
Crisis Team, which provides immediate 24/7
intervention for Chittenden County adults
experiencing psychiatric crisis. Co-locating
these crisis support services allows HowardCenter to better serve adult mental health
“Kids are more engaged, and they are engaged in different
and amazing ways.”
“Without Don Tadio’s generosity, we would not have the financial means to provide
each resident with a bike.”
—Lisa Bilowith, Director, Jean Garvin School
Electronic Health Records
This past spring, HowardCenter celebrated
the implementation of its electronic health
records system, the culmination of an enormous two-year project that prepares the
agency for national and state healthcare
reform. To date, 933 staff in more than 40
programs have been trained to use the new
system. The transition to electronic health
records is a major component of HowardCenter’s commitment to providing the best
client care. Already the transition has eliminated administrative errors and improved
efficiency by saving money, staff time, and
environmental resources. Most important, the new system has allowed caregivers
to help our clients more quickly and effectively. More than 60 individuals and businesses contributed more than $700,000 to
the project.
Jean Garvin School
“Kids are more engaged, and they are
engaged in different and amazing ways,”
says Lisa Bilowith, Director of HowardCenter’s Jean Garvin School. She credits
the school’s increased use of technology for
many of the changes she sees in students.
For nearly a year now, each student and staff
has had use of an iPad during the school day.
Jean Garvin School provides therapeutic
educational programming and unique learning opportunities for adolescents ages 12-18
in grades 7-12. Support services are offered
to parents and students, and students spend
time each day learning the skills necessary
for improved mental health and well-being.
The iPads are proving to be an important
technology in achieving student success.
“Students who had previously struggled in
math are now improving their skills through
the use of computer games.” Perhaps the
biggest change, says Lisa, is that students
—Shelly McGinnis, Director, HowardCenter’s Park Street program
who had extreme difficulty reading and writing are now becoming readers and writers.
The iPads also help students to monitor and
control their emotions. By logging on and
bringing up a meditation, yoga, or breathing
program, students learn techniques to stay
calm and control their behavior.
Support for the school’s education technology came from various sources, including
Jean Garvin’s Consortium of Special Education Directors. The Consortium, made up of
representatives from area school districts
who serve in an advisory capacity, encouraged the technology initiative because its
members understand that children in special or alternative education programs often
do not have access to the same technology as
children in general education programs.
Repaired bicycles are now available for HowardCenter’s Park Street residents and staff
to use for recreation and leisure.
Following the lead of the Jean Garvin School,
Baird School, which serves children ages
6-14 in grades 1-8, will soon adopt iPads as
well. The Baird School offers an alternative
educational environment and supports for
children and their families. Staff from both
schools will benefit from training provided
through the Vermont State Department of
The newest project using the iPads involves
producing election campaign movies. Jean
Garvin students running for President of
Student Council, Field Trip Director, and
Director of Environmental Services are
creating digital commercials to bolster their
campaigns. One thing is clear: No matter
who gets the most votes on school election
day, the new iPads are helping all students
to become winners.
Fixing Bikes
Jean Garvin student, Jesse, connects his iPad
to a projector as he gets ready for his next
Don Tadio of Rutland fixes bikes—probably
about 100 each summer. He hasn’t always
fixed bikes, although he did spend a summer
many years ago working in a bike shop. The
skills he acquired there came in handy about
five years ago when a friend asked if he would
help repair used bikes for Rutland Area
Physical Activities Coalition, which receives
unclaimed or broken bikes from the police
department, repairs them, and donates them
to area non-profit organizations. When his
friend moved out of the area, Don took over.
This spring, he had just repaired two mountain bikes when he learned that HowardCenter’s Park Street program was looking
for mountain bikes for two of its residents.
Park Street in Rutland recently celebrated
its 20th anniversary and is Vermont’s only
intensive treatment program for adolescent
males, ages 12-17 years, who have committed sexual offenses. The services include
individual, group, and family therapy; psychiatric care; and an on-site, year-round
educational program, the Fay Honey Knopp
School, also run by HowardCenter.
Shelly McGinnis, Director of the Park Street
program, says that the donated bikes make
it possible for the young men to go on bike
rides with staff. She says, “Residents often
struggle with regulating their emotions, so
bike-riding is a healthy outlet. For some, it is
a first-time experience. Without Don’s generosity, we would not have the financial means
to provide each resident with a bike.”
Other non-profits have benefited from Don’s
skills as well, and Don says it’s just his way of
aspiring to the Buddhist philosophy of bodhisattva, which means putting others first and
holding nothing back for oneself.
Hungry Girl Project
Once a month, MJ, a client at the HowardCenter Resource Center, cooks lunch for
staff and clients. With help from her support
staff, she and other clients prepare and serve
up to 40 meals per month. Their repertoire is
based on recipes from the Hungry Girl television show, which presents healthier versions
of traditional home-cooked recipes, such as
barbecue chicken, pasta salad, and turkey
The Hungry Girl Project, as the program has
been dubbed, reinforces the Resource Center’s goal of helping Developmental Services
clients gain new skills and enhance existing
skills. Jayne Weber, Resource Center Coordinator, describes the Center as being a lot like
the television show Cheers—a place where
everyone knows your name. She adds, “And
where everyone wants to help out.” Cooking
is another way for clients to contribute and
to give back. Jayne says, “It gives clients a
sense of ownership. Being a leader is exciting, and it gives clients the courage to try
other things.”
“You gave me joy and hope for something better. No one can know what this
is like until they experience it first-hand.”
“Lake Champlain Chocolates has been thrilled to participate in the HowardCenter
Curling Challenge. HowardCenter plays an essential role in making our community
a better place.”
—Meghan Fitzpatrick, Public Relations & Communications,
—Recipient of a Zoe’s Race remodeling grant
Lake Champlain Chocolates
103 sponsors contributed more than
$9,000, as well as numerous food, gift,
and gas cards totaling close to $2,000,
for the 2011 Holiday Giving Project. Other
donors bought gifts directly for clients.
344 families, representing 777 individuals,
benefited from the generosity of our Holiday
Giving sponsors.
Ted Kelly of Lakewind Construction works on the eighth home-modification project made
possible through funds raised by Zoe’s Race.
Although the program purchases the food,
clients do the cooking. Jayne says that on
more than one occasion she’s been told,
“Get out of the kitchen. We’ll do it
Amy Nichols, MJ’s Specialized Community
Support Clinician, agrees. “Clients love it,”
she says. Amy also sees how the activity is
helping MJ. “Now she is more eager to help
out in the kitchen when she is home and it
helps to calm her down.” She’s also learning
to control her behavior when she gets upset,
adds Amy. “It’s like she realizes what she
needs to do to control her emotions so that
she can go ahead and prepare lunch.”
Support from Our Younger Friends
We are happy to celebrate our younger
friends who support organizations that help
others in our community who are facing challenges. We were honored when a six-year-old
inspired his friends and family members to
contribute $221 to Zoe’s Race. Money from
the annual event helps families who receive
support from HowardCenter make home
modifications to accommodate their children’s mobility needs. The 2012 event raised
over $20,000. At the time of the fourth
annual race in late August, work was being
completed on our eighth remodeling project for a family in Williston whose 13-yearold son is in a wheelchair. Architect Chris
Brown of Christian Brown Design and Contractor Rob Peeters from Lakewind Construction donated their time and services to install
an accessible entryway and bathroom, complete with a roll-in shower, and a ceiling track
system. Their generosity is making a difference in our community. As one recipient of
a remodeling grant said, “You gave me joy
and hope for something better. No one can
know what this is like until they experience it
At 2012 Big Night, Janie Merrick praised
HowardCenter for embracing the values of
inclusion, respect, and compassion.
Another example is 15-year-old Janie
Merrick, who had the audience’s full attention when she spoke at this year’s Big Night
fundraiser. She talked about what she had
learned about HowardCenter through her
friend, Gail Rosenberg, retiring Development and Public Relation Manager, and her
mother, Susie Merrick, former Publications
Coordinator. When Janie and her sister Katie
were in elementary school, they began making gifts to HowardCenter in honor of their
teachers, who embodied the values of inclusion, respect, and compassion—values that
are crucial to the work that HowardCenter
performs in the community. We are so grateful to these young volunteers and donors for
the impact they have on our clients and for
the example they set for us.
160 individuals, 39 businesses, and 104
volunteers contributed to the success of the
third Annual Curling Challenge, which raised
$53,000. The proceeds were used to match
youths with emotional challenges with adult
mentors, provide transition services for new
Americans, purchase furnishings for adults
in a new facility housing adults in psychiatric crisis, and to provide assistive technology for clients unable to speak to help them
128 golfers participated in the International Executive Housekeeper’s Association
Golf Tournament and raised $8,114 for the
Outdoor Challenge Program for youth who
receive HowardCenter support services.
171 individuals, including 26 new people, are working, thanks to Project Hire. The
program exceeded its employment goal by
47%. The average hourly wage was $9.38/
hour (up from $9.25/hour from the previous
year). 116 people have worked one year or
longer; 58 have worked five years or longer;
and 21 have worked ten years or longer.
The “Brooms of Glory” team was one of 38 teams to sweep the ice during the 2012
Curling Challenge. Thank you to Lake Champlain Chocolates, the 2012 Gold Sponsor.
Curling Challenge
Saturday, March 16, 2013
Cairns Arena, South Burlington
Grab your four-person team and compete for the Curling Challenge
Trophy Cup. Additional prizes awarded for top fundraisers and best
team spirit, among others. Visit in January for
more information about the 2013 Curling Challenge and to register
your team.
Thank you to all of our donors in FY 12
(July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012)
“Our goal is to ensure that residents have the best quality of life possible
with as much freedom as possible,”
With your support, our clients and our community benefit.
$1,000 PLUS
Anonymous (4)
David W. Alan
Askesis Development Group
The Viola W. Bernard
The Morris & Bessie Altman
Foundation *
Bio Medic Appliances
BlueCross BlueShield
of Vermont
Chuck & Carol Bookwalter *
Judith M. Buechner *
Burlington Labs
Ron & Laurel Cameron
Champlain Investment
Chittenden County
Transportation Authority *
Citizens Bank Foundation *
Kathleen Coates &
John Patch *
Comer Foundation
Kathy & Tom Connolly *
Frederick Coon Trust *
Courtyard Burlington
Harbor Hotel
Dinse Knapp McAndrew *
Edward Jones
Eleanor R. Liebman Fund
for Adults with Serious
Mental Illness
Angelo & Betty Finelli *
Fleischer Jacobs Group
Fletcher Allen Health Care
The French Foundation *
Good Health, P.C.
Grandview Farms
Gravel and Shea *
Green Mountain Coffee
William Griffin
Hugh & Shana Griffiths *
Mike & Meg Huffman *
IBM Corporation / ECCC *
IBM Grants Program
IEHA, VertMont Chapter *
Timothy & Patrizia
Jamieson *
Jane’s Trust *
Betsy Kapner
Marion E. KenworthySarah H. Swift Foundation
Rolf Kielman &
Stevie Spencer
Kinney Pike Insurance
Agency *
Lake Champlain Chocolates *
William & Gerry Leckerling *
Gregory Lemieux
Managing Information
J. Ellen Marsden
Mary & Bob McKearin *
John & Donna McSoley *
The Medical Store
Merchants Bank Foundation *
Kelly Mercure
Mickenberg Dunn Lachs &
Smith PLC *
Marsha Milot *
NBT Bank
Kerry O’Brien & Ed Biggins *
Pecor Foundation
Duane & Laura Peterson
Mike Pinckney
Price Chopper/
Golub Corporation
Daniel & Mary Sue Putzulu *
Anthony Quintiliani
Radler Foundation
R.E.M. Development
Company, LLC
Thomas Rini
Rock Point Advisors, LLC *
Stephen Rooney &
Alice Weston *
Christopher & Michelle
Sanetra *
Sills Family Foundation
Sopher Investment
Connie & Paul Stabler *
Elizabeth Steele *
Sandra Steingard &
Scott Waterman *
Charlie & Judith Stringer *
Betsy B. Sylvester
Syringe Access Fund
Richard E. & Deborah L.
Tarrant Foundation
TruexCullins, Inc.
Marna & Steve Tulin *
United Way of Chittenden
Vermont Children’s Trust
Vermont Community
Vermont Foundation for
Children & Families *
Vermont State Employees
Charitable Appeal
Vermont State Employees
Credit Union
Karen Ward
James H. Wick
Zinnia, Inc.
$ 500 - $999
Anonymous (1)
Mark Antell
Mark & Rita Baglini *
Carrie Baker
Gisela Barth *
Elizabeth Bassett &
John A. Pane *
Bertha Church
Tony Blake
Rick & Lesli Blount *
David Boera
Sima Breiterman &
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Barbara P. Lande Bronfman *
Bruegger’s *
Phoebe E. & Alden T. Bryan
Century 21 Jack Associates
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Tom Clavelle
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David & Margaret Coates *
Combined Federal
Campaign *
Drs. Paul & Nancy Cotton *
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DataMart Incorporated
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Vermont, Inc.
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Green Mountain Antibodies
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$250 - $499
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Acme Glass *
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James Massucco *
David McHugh
Dr. Robert J. McKay, Jr. *
Susie & Ben Merrick *
Dale Miller
J.A. Morrissey, Inc. *
Robert Neeld
Daniel & Sandra O’Brien *
Michaelene Paquette *
Ann Patterson &
Richard Horn *
Paul Frank + Collins, PC *
George H. Philibert *
Gina Pizzagalli Plunkett
Poultney United Fund *
Susan Poverman
Primary Care Health
Partners—VT, LLP
Andrea Rogers & Avery Hall *
Erynne A. Ross
Peter Ryan
Danielle Rylant
Ray Schuppe
John & Kim Servin
Sol & Phyllis Steingard *
Lynn Stillman *
Barry & Carol Stone *
Roger & Kit Stone *
James Stuart *
Steven Sweeney
Christopher Tebbetts
Kevin Thibodeau *
Debra Tirrito
Union Church of Proctor
Anthony & Suzanne Villanti
Nathaniel Vincent
$100 - $249
Anonymous (6)
Elizabeth J. Adams
Heather Alley
Linda Almy
Al’s French Fries
Apple Matching Gifts Program
Kenneth & Cynthia Arstark
Allen Asplund
ATC Associates, Inc. *
Autobeef LLC
Timothy Baechle
William & Roseann Banghart
Gale Barkus &
Benjamin Archer
Irene Barkus
Suzanne Barrow
Leah Barth
A. Barbara Bartlett *
Nancy Berry
Robert & Carol Bick
Bud & Nancy Bigelow *
Tawny & Ben Bloom
Gerri & Sam Bloomberg *
Dave & Joan Boardman
Scott & Carol Boardman
Bruce Boisen
April Bolin
Steve Boutcher &
Lisa Denatale
— Debra Clemmer, Coordinator, Lakeview House
Joe & Dale Boutin *
Cote Forbes
R. James Bradford
Frances Foster *
Jessie & Jeff Bradley
George & Kathleen Fox *
Joan Briggs
Mary Freeman
Amy & Paul Briody
Debbie Gassaway-Hayward
Heather Brombeg
Emily & John Gennari *
The Brown Family
J & E Gifford Memorial Fund *
Charles N. Brush
Jeff Glackin
Paul & Mary Bugeja
Tom & Roslyn Graham
Jacqueline Burleson &
Valerie & Bill Graham *
Jerry Eldem *
Adele R. Greenberg *
Donna Butler
The Greenleaf Family
Alden B. Cadwell
Michael Griffin
Megan Camp
Joyce & Joseph Hagan *
Douglas & Christine Campbell Giora Hahn
Paula N. Campbell *
Hallam/ICS *
John & Connie Carpenter *
Marisa & Rodger Hamilton
Spencer Christie
John Hammer *
Virginia Clarke & Ted Lyman * Catherine A. Hanley
Joanna E. Cole
Eric Hanson *
Robin Coleburn
Jack Harton
Edwin & Nancy Colodny *
Jonathan & Robin Hayden
David & Carol Conard *
Hazelett Strip-Casting
Dennis Conti
Corporation *
Robert F. Cooper *
William & Nancy Heaslip *
Cornerstone Physical Therapy Lael Hester
Paula & PM Costello *
John Higgins
Anne Cramer *
Philip Hoff *
Jeffrey A. Crandall D.D.S. &
Juliane & George Hudson
Frances T. Crandall
Peter Hughes
Honorable Geoffrey &
Libby Irwin
Leslie Crawford
Frank & Elaine Ittleman
Jeffrey Crowe
Denise & Thomas Johnson
Maura Cullen
Sheila Kazak
Ann & Fred Curran *
Julie Kent
Theresa & Robert DiPalma *
Donna Kiley
Bill & Benedicte Dodge *
Coree & Ned Kirsch *
Art Klugo
Christine Koster
Jack & Yve Dwyer *
Robert Krauss
Gillian Eaton *
Neil Kvasnak
Engelberth Construction, Inc. Martin Lalonde
The Essex Agency, Inc. *
Hank & Molly Lambert
Essex High Air Force
Michael Lane
Junior ROTC
Kathy & Michael Larkin *
John & Jane Ewing
Debbie LaRosa
Veronica Fallon &
Joseph Lasek &
Richard Messer
Carina Cartelli
Judy Farrington
Jim & Clorinda Leddy *
Dan & Amy Feeney
John T. Leddy &
Ross & Kathleen Ferguson
Louise A. Thabault *
Luisa & Charles Finberg
Leonardo’s Pizza, Inc. *
David Finney &
Sabina Zerarka
* Donor for five or more
Mitch & Kim Fleischer
consecutive years.
In 2012, HowardCenter introduced Sustaining Sponsorships as a way to encourage additional corporate support, and five businesses
generously responded with sponsorships
of $3,000 or more to benefit our fund-raising events: Curling Challenge in March, Big
Night in June, and Zoe’s Race in August. In
addition to offering financial support, some
Sustaining Sponsors became partners in
planning and fund-raising for the events.
We are pleased to thank the following 2012
Sustaining Sponsors:
BlueCross/Blue Shield of Vermont
Burlington Labs
Lake Champlain Chocolates
NBT Bank
Rock Point Advisors
For more information about how you may
contribute to HowardCenter, visit our website at
Carla Linkous
Christopher & Marcy Lischke
Elizabeth & Watson Lowery
Martie Majoros
Arnie Malina *
Paul Marino
Dana Martin
Rex Martin
Ashleigh McCrory
Carolyn McGrath &
Mary Beth McGrath
Sean McGrath
Joseph & Doreen McNeil
Mercy Connections
Ben & Betty Merrick
Bentley Merrick, D.M.D., P.C.
Microsoft Matching Gifts
Sidney Miller
Margaret L. Montgomery
Amalia Pizzagalli Morehead
Darcy Morgan
Ryan Morgan
Dan Morris
Nick Morse
Melinda Mosley
James Munn
Michael & Madeline Murphy
Bill Nedde
Keith Nelson
New York Life Insurance
Company Giving Campaign
John & Eunice Newell *
Northeast Benefits
Northfield Savings Bank
Tom O’Connor
Richard Owen & Paula Wordtt
Candace Palermo
Patricia Parsons *
Barbara Paterson
Elsie & R. Allan Paul *
Matthew Perkins
Lorraine B. Pitcher
James & Judy Pizzagalli *
Nancy & Cliff Pollack
Pomerleau Properties, Inc.
David Porteous &
Vicky Smith *
William G. Post, Jr.
Phillip Pouech
Kevin Purcell
Queen City Printers, Inc.
Willie Racine’s Inc.
Jane Ready *
Jeannine Reed
Paul & Joanne Reiss *
Natalie Remillard
Shelley Richardson
Ford Rogers & Steve Smith
Joshua Rollet
Root 7 Acapella Singing
Alfred & Maggie Rosa
Jan & Mary Jane Rozendaal
Nancy Runk
Patricia & Bijan Salimi
Sanctuary Artsite
Joan Schillhammer
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Schultz *
John Schwindt
Bethany Scott *
Roxanne & Russell Scully
John & Leslie Seabrook
David Secrest
John Servin
Shelburne Shipyard, Inc.
Shelburne Supermarket *
William Simkiss
Saul & Kathryn Skrocki
Charles Smith &
Amy Mellencamp *
Deborah Smith *
Whit & Meg Smith *
Mark & Linda Snelling
Roberta & Roger Soll
Joan & Fred Solomon *
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Spence
Julie & Scott Springer *
Christine & Christopher
Staffa *
Stellar Restaurant Group, Inc.
Elizabeth Stephens
Ann Stevens
Gail Stevenson *
David Stewart
John C. Stewart
Louise F. Stoll &
Marc H. Monheimer
Russell Stratton & Lucie Kidd
Philip Swanson
Beth Tarallo
Susan Thomas
Maria Thornton
Adam Tower
Debra Trahan
Jody Tritt
Sara Turner *
United Way of Greater
UVM Capstone
UVM President’s Office
UVM Sponsored Project
Daniel Van Woert
Phillip Vander Kraats
Roland VanDyk
Richard Vaughan
Vermont Cookie Love LLC
Vermont Energy Contracting
& Supply Corp.
Stacy & Kathi Walbridge
Larry & Connie Walsh
Meggan Ward
Dottie Watson
Marcy & Wade Weathers
Richard L. & Joan Weed
Wendy & Bob Weiler
The Weller-Haggerty Family
Christopher & Leeann Whelan
J. Larry Williams
Matthew Wilson
Gordon Wood &
Victoria Zaluski
Valerie Wood-Lewis
Doug Wright
William C. & Joanna M.
Wright *
Todd & Maureen Wulfson
$1 - $99
Anonymous (9)
Eleanor Abraham *
Jessica Neily Ackerman
Elizabeth Adams
Jim & Barb Adams
Michael & Linda Adams
Karen & Bill Allen
Carl & Rosalind Andreas
Rebecca Angeloff
The Ankerson Family
Jim Annese
Judith & Al Aronow
Kym Asam *
Michelle Atherton
Gregory & Judy Audette
Patricia & John Austin
Robert & Jane Austin
Tammy Avonda
Amy Babeu
Andrew Baglini
Jacqueline Baglini
Regina Bailey
Nancy Baker & Brian Flynn
“It gives clients a sense of ownership. Being a leader is exciting, and it gives
clients the courage to try other things.” Dr. Daniello Balon &
Arline Duffy
Sarah Bancroft
David A. Barker
JB Barna, Ceila Cuddy,
& Lucy Somers
Beth Barnes
Karen Barnes
John Bates
John E. Bates
Barbara Bayler
Francine Tilewick Bazluke
Nathan Beaman
Julie Beatty
Cathy A. Beaudoin
The Beecy Family
Tracey Bellavance
Ben & Jerry’s Foundation
Mikaela Berglund
Denis Berthiaume *
Matthew Biijur
Melanie Bikis
Laura Birdsall
David Blanchard & Eve Pranis
Bart Blaner *
Beth Blanner
Carol Boardman
William Bodette
Anastasia L. Bolychevtsev
Janette & Gregory
Robert Bond
Tom Borys
Thomas Bostwick *
Alan & Janet Botula
Christine Bourque &
Herbert Downing
Demethra Bradley
Maria Bradley
Mark Bradley, D.C.
Mary Brassard
Sima Breiterman
Shawna Brierly
Lisa Brighenti
Marcia Bristow
Laurel Broughton
Nancy Brown
Roberta Brown
The Brown-Green Family
Denise Brown-Kahney
John Bufalini
The Bunting Family
Stacey Buonanno
William Burgess
Sara Burghoff
Chris Burns
Erin Burns
Adam Burritt
Cathie Buscaglia
Mel Buss
Andrew Butler
Ann Butler
Susan Butler
Betsy & John Cain
Ted Calcagni
Laura Cardinal
Paul Carey
Linda Castano
Thomas & Christina Cavin
Mary Pat Cawley
Mary D. Chaffee *
Champlain Valley
Association of Insurance
Professionals, Inc.
Melissa Champney
David Chapman
Andrew Chardain
Christian Chardain
George & Marilyn Chates
Rachael Chicoine
Debra Chisholm
Judy Chugg
Keith Cieplicki
Larry Clarfeld
Diann Clark &
Jacqueline Boucher
Lillian Clark
Minton & Christopher Clark
Tamatha Clark
Susan Cline Lucey
Jamie & Jill Coffrin *
Lauren Coleman
Lisa Colomb
Una Connelly
The Connerty Family
Paula & Tim Cope
Chris Copley
Katherine Lutz Coppock
Martin & Karen Costello
Thomas Crowley *
Cynthia Cruickshank
Ann Cullen
Nicole Curler
Elizabeth Curylo
Jason Cushner
Keri Dailey
Stephen & Wendy Dale
Anne Damrosch
Lois D’Arcangelo *
Scott Davidson
Ways to Help
—Jayne Weber, Coordinator, Resource Center
Your financial support sustains critical services for more than 15,000 clients a year:
children and teens with emotional and
behavioral challenges and their families;
adults with mental illness and substance
abuse issues; and people of all ages with
intellectual disabilities.
Everyone has a skill, talent, or interest to
share, and we invite you to see how you can
help HowardCenter by checking the volunteer opportunities on our website.
Make an unrestricted gift to support HowardCenter’s greatest needs or direct your gift
to a service or program to which you’re especially connected. Honor a friend or relative
with a gift in his/her name; we will tell those
you honor of your kindness. Participate in
fundraising events such as Curling Challenge
and Zoe’s Race.
Mail a check, authorize a gift via credit card,
or donate online at
Include HowardCenter in your will or designate a percentage of your paid-up insurance
Sally Dawkins
Tamara DeBono
Michael DeCecco
Kimberly Deet Jen
Marilyn & Lou Deforge
George Delano
John Delmage
Phyllis & William Deming
Jody Desjardins
Michael & Anne Desmond
Timothy Dienst
Rachel DiGiammarino
John & Ann Dinse *
Ryan Doherty
Amy Donald
Michelle Donlon
Caitlin Donovan
Pamela Doran
Alison A. Douglas
Kimberly B. DuBrul
Louise Duda
Jeff Dudley
Lisa Duelfer
Kathryn Dungy & Tim Voigt
Gale & Manuel Duque
Linda Dusablon
Chris & Ann Dutton
Elizabeth Edwards
Miriam Eisenstat
John Ellis-Monaghan
Kevin & Stacey Endres *
Dana & Michael Engel
Leslie Erb-Wallace
Scott Esmond &
Beth Esmond
Brendon A. Evans
Markus M. Fankhauser
Jeffrey Fazio
Jodi Feeney
Henry Fell
Richard First &
Jennifer Evans
Michelle Fischer
Bridget Fitzpatrick
Grady Fitzpatrick
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Michael Fitzpatrick
Sean M. Fitzpatrick
Jan Flood
Timothy Flynn
Magdalen Folkman
Senator Sally Fox
Fabio Franco
Candace Fraser
Diane & Thomas Freiheit
Myra Fundis
Joseph Jean Gagne
Mary C. Gagne
Joseph Gallant
The Gannon Family
Grace Gardner
The Gauthier Family
Joseph H. Gavin
Christian Georges &
Julia Kimball
Ellen Gerke
William Germer
Gordon & Nancy Gibbs
Barbara Glade *
Christopher Godfrey
Jessica Godfrey
Nancy Godfrey
Toby Goldsmith &
Lee Weisman
Be an Ambassador.
Tell your family and friends about how you
or someone you care about has been helped
by HowardCenter. Your story builds support for the life-saving support our clients
receive and dignifies those who receive mental health services.
Thank you for helping. We are most
grateful to you.
Melanie Goodman
Erica M. Goodrich
Scott P. Goodwin
Dawn & Jeffrey Gordon
Kendra Gorton
Kristi Gorton
Randy Gorton
Beth & David Goss
Robert Goulette &
Kathleen Leahy
Elizabeth Grant &
Stephen Norten *
Peter & Phyllis Gray
Rosanne Greco
Fred Gross
Timothy Gross
Mr. & Mrs. M. Grunvald *
The Haggerty Family
Laura Halfpenny
James A. Hall
Jameson & Andrea Halnon
Scott Hampe
Debby Hanley
Charlotte Hanna &
Scott Bassage *
Jennifer Harris
Gladys Coates Hart
Winston & Mary Hart
Kelley & Annette Harton
Laura Harvey
Kathy Hebert
Kenneth R. Hebert
Corey Hedman
Jane Helmstetter
Joyce Hendley
Jaclyn Hepworth
Elizabeth Keating Herrick
Mary Elizabeth Herrmann
Jordan S. Hershman
Sheri Hill
Edward J. Hines
Brenda & Ted Hirsch
Sam & Eve Hoar *
Sylvia R. Hoisington *
Vicki C. Hornus
Stephen Horrocks
Leigh Horton
* Donor for five or more
consecutive years.
Sign up for our e-newsletter at
Ilana Horwitz
Patricia Hulbert
Joy Hunt
Peter Hunton
Luong Huynh
Barry Ibey
Brian Ibey
Jennifer Inglis
Elaine Inker
Angelo Iorlano *
Linda Jackman
Trevor Jaques
Deborah A. Johnson
Kate Johnson
Sheridan Johnson
William C. Joos
Laurie & Joe Jordan
The Joyce Family
Kurt Kaffenberger
Cathy A. Kapschull
Mary Kehoe
Janet Keith
Matthew Kellas
Dr. & Mrs. Jay E. Keller *
Jessica Keller
The Kelley Family
Maureen Kerwin Kelly
Kevin Kelsey
Katherine Kent
Robin Kent
Brad & Lisa Keysar
John & Jean Kiedaisch
Julia Kimball
Lynn Kirby
Nicole Klegraefe
Frank & Jennifer Kochman
Donna Kohut
Jane Kolodinsky
John & Anya Koutras
Nora Kralowetz
Max Krauss
Laurie Kutner
Evleyn Labriola
Sara Lafreniere
Kristine Lalonde
Melissa A. Lambert
Courtney Lamontagne
Kevin Lane
Linda Lane
Mike Lane
Patrick Lane
Kelli Laplant
Kimberly & Jason Laroche
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Lasonde *
Peter Lavetsky
Jason Lawson
James Lazarus
Anne Leavitt
Cynthia Lee
Karen Lefevre
Joseph Leombruno
Denise Lesperance
Pam & Tom Letourneau
The Levine Family
Lisa Levite
Mary A. Lickteig
Little & Cicchetti, P.C.
Cheri Little
Ellen Little
Jessica Little
Brandi Littlefield
Saban Littlefield
Kaylan Livsey
Susan Lockwood
Robert Lombard
Anita Long & Dot Brauer *
Katherine Long
Paul Low
Harriet Mace
Susan Macmillan
Matthew MacNeil &
Margaret Dalrymple
Julie Macy
Corey Mallon
Scott Manley
Adam Mannar
Rita Markley & Katy Farnham
Chelsea Martin
Joan C. Martin *
Leah Martin
Mel Martin
Michael Martin
Thomas Martin
Susan Marx
Ellis Mascareno
Robert & Anne Mason
Laura Massell
Sandra Thompson May
Sascha Mayer
Dennis McDowell
Jim & Maureen McFadden *
Kathleen McFadden
Jacob McFadden
Susan McGeoghegan
Carolyn McGrath
Dave McGrath
Mary Beth McGrath
Barbara McGrew
Margaret McGuire
Sandy McGuire
“I am fortunate enough to work for an organization that is dedicated
to giving back to the community....”
Stephen McGuire
Andrew McKenzie
Nancy McKenzie
Nancy Meier
Katherine Melia
Sara Mellinger
Daniel Merchand
Thomas Mercurio
Caren Merson
Donald & Susan Miller
Florence W. Miller
Carol Mills
Elise S. Minadeo
Elizabeth Minadeo
Deborah Minnich
Debra A. Mintz
Annette Mitchell
Nadia Mitchell
Molly Montgomery
Katharine Montstream
Amy W. Moody
Meredith Mooney
Jane M. Moran
Kimberly Moran
Michael Moran
Julie K. Morin
Richard Morin
Paula Morrell
Mary Moynihan
J. Jeffrey Munger
Barbara Murphy
Ruth Murphy
Timothy Murphy
Michael Murray
Michelle Murray
Peter H. Myers
Vinod Narasimman
Nichole Nason
Nell Nassiff
Jane Nathan Ph.D.
Donna Nedde
Kyle Nelson
Nancy Nelson
Erika & David Nestor
The Nichols Family
Joe Noonan
Deborah Norotsky
Pamela Nuovo
O’Brien Brothers
Partnership, LLP
Mr. & Mrs. Leo O’Brien Jr.
Olivia O’Connell
David O’Grady
Nancy O’Grady
Jane Okech
Liam Oliver
Carolyn O’Neill
Kat O’Reilly
Renee Palin
Ravi G. Parikh
Marion Paris
John & Katherine Paterson
Arthur Patten
Cyrus Patten
Joe Patten
Will Patten
Laura Pearce
Susan Pearson
Ilka Pelczarski
Alden Pellett & Tara Brown
Ivan & Rose Pels *
Kesta & Timothy Perras *
Donna Perry
The Peterson Family
Julie M. Petersen
Lisa Peterson
Lynda Petito
Lorna Phan
Larry Pillard
Larry G. Pillard
Jennifer Pizzagalli
Lisa Pizzagalli
Beverly Post *
Christy M. Post
Dana Poverman &
Sam Johnson *
Martin S. Power
Emerson Prager
Sherry & Michael Prehoda
Holly Provoncha &
Steven Lagasse
Georgette Garbes Putzel
Anna Quinn *
Linda Quinn
Doug Racine *
Geoffrey Radler
Barbara Raechel &
Hernan Rincon
Gail Rafferty
Paula Ralston
David & Michelle Rath *
Nancy Rehm
The Rensch Family
Jennifer Rettew
Antoinette Rice
Elizabeth Rich
Scott Richards
George & Marilyn Richardson
Kathryn Richmond
Celine Riendeau
Phoebe Riley
River Cove Animal Hospital
Carol Roberts
Kathleen Roberts
Adline Robertson
Joseph J. Robinson
Shannon Roesch
Lily Rogers
Erica Ronkese
Mary Beth Rowe
Matt Roy
The Rubman Family
Beth Ann Ryan
The Sands Family
Mary B. Sartorelli
Alice Scannell
Alan & Chris Schillhammer
John Schillhammer &
Judith Murtha
Susanne Schmidt
Kathleen M. Schulte
Janet Schutte
Nicole Schutte
Peter & Sonja Schuyler *
Gray Scott
Teresa Scott
Mari-Jo Scully
Judith Selle
Michael Sevy
Catherine & Jeffrey Seward *
Tom Sewatsky
Catherine Shahan
Mukesh Sharma
Melody Shaw
Mary Anne Shelman
Cindy Shields
Amy Shockley
Gail Sicilia
Kurt P. Simmers
Caroline Simpson
Julie H. Simpson &
Matthys Levy
Jenny Sites
John R. Skurka Jr.
Aaron Smith
Annelis Smith & Peter Fried
A. William & Jean Smith
Christopher Smith
Heidi Smith
Karen Smith
Laura Smith
Samantha Smith
Sallie Soule *
Joe Speidel
Holly Spence
Laura Spencer
Navah Spero
Jillian Spies
Ken Spieser
Julie Springer
Susan St. Hilaire
Debra St. John
Aimee Stafford
Wayne Stempler
Jennifer Stephens
Margaret Stephens
Mark Stephenson
Doreen Stern
Keith Stern
Matt Stern
Rebecca Stern
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Stetson
David M. Storandt Jr.
Stride Creative Group
Dorothy Styrnkowski
Deb Sullivan
Catherine Symans
Julie Talley
Victoria Tampas & Tom Parris
Ingrid Temer
Kathleen Tero
Corinne Thompson
Timberlane Dental Group
Timely Transformations
Geoffrey Tolo
Marc Tomik
Alexander Topps
The Torney Family
Arthur Torrey
David Turner
James Turvey
Unilever United States
Foundation, Inc.
Elizabeth Upadhyaya
Alexis Vachon
Bailey Valian
Elizabeth Valian
Hannah Valian
Dennis Van Noy
Arthur Vigil
Cyril Visovsky
Michael Visovsky
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Vizvarie *
Christine Wade
Ron Wagner
Dona Walker
Mrs. Max Wall *
Linda Warner
Marie Waterworth
Jill Webb
Jayne Weber
Casey Webster
Jacqueline S. Weinstock
Colleen Wemple
Kristin Westra
Patrick Whalen
Bart Whearty
Richard Wheatley
The White Family
Stuart H. White
Martha Whitney &
Jonathan Ladd
Molly Whitney
Delight Wing & Jack Long *
Craig Winslow
Scott Woodnorth
Patrick Workman
Kashner Worthington
Becky Yang
Giovanna Yaranga
Michael A. Yassick
Jason J. Yereb
Mark A. Young
Joshua Zall
Anthony Zarriello
David & Kim Ziegelman
Marie Zura
The Zvarova Family
The Zweber Family
101.3 ESPN/Planet 96.7/
Star 92.9
Allen Agency, Inc./
Kinney Pike Insurance
Bio Medic Appliances
BlueCross BlueShield
of Vermont
Burlington Labs
Cairns Arena
Catering by Dale
Cornerstone Physical Therapy
Courtyard Marriott/
Hotel Vermont
DataMart Incorporated
Dinse Knapp McAndrew
Edward Jones
Fleischer Jacobs Group
Free Press Media
Good Health, P.C.
Grandview Farms
Gravel & Shea
—Bethany Sargent, Marketing Director, Burlington Labs,
2012 Big NIght Presenting Sponsor
Green Mountain Antibodies
Green Mountain Coffee
Heritage Aviation
Rolf Kielman &
Stevie Spencer
Lake Champlain Chocolates
Law Office of Karen S. Allen,
Gregory Lemieux
The Lodge at Shelburne Bay
Real Estate LLC
Managing Information
McSoley McCoy & Company
The Medical Store
Merchants Bank Foundation
Mickenberg Dunn Lachs &
Smith PLC
NBT Bank
Price Chopper/
Golub Corporation
R.E.M. Development
Company, LLC
Rice Lumber
Rock Point Advisors, LLC
Scott + Partners
Select Design
The Tech Group
TruexCullins, Inc.
Vermont Parking
Vermont Tent Company
Villanti & Sons Printers, Inc.
Vermont State Employees
Credit Union
South Burlington
Alfie Adams
Joseph Baglini
Warner Barth
Daniel Bousquet
Bernard Boutin
Murray Braverman
Susan Coates
Frank Curley
Russell Donovan
Tom Ferguson
Hubert Green
Howie Halnon
Jason Hester
Gwen Hill
Curtis Irving
Rose Levin
Paul O’Toole
Leslie Pittman
Sanford Pollack
Molly Porter
Larry Reed
Alrene Aimone Rose
Irene Schillhammer
James Stillman
Rochford Thibodeau, Sr.
Larry Thornton
Jill Uitti
Rabbi Max B. Wall
Anonymous (2)
Michael & Linda Adams
Linda Almy
Judith & Al Aronow
Robert & Jane Austin
Jacqueline Baglini
Nancy Baker & Brian Flynn
Gale Barkus &
Benjamin Archer
Irene Barkus
Gisela Barth
Rick & Lesli Blount
Christine Bourque &
Herbert Downing
Joseph & Dale Boutin
Mary L. Brassard
Myrna Braverman
Mary Chaffee
George & Marilyn Chates
Dave & Helen Coates Bailey
Constance & William Coates
David & Margaret Coates
Gladys Coates Hart
Kathy & Tom Connolly
Sally Dawkins
Marilyn & Lou Deforge
Gale & Manuel Duque
Randy Ferguson
Ross & Kathleen Ferguson
Gordon & Nancy Gibbs
Dawn & Jeffrey Gordon
Robert Goulette &
Kathleen Leahy
Fred Gross
Jim Hester & Sarah Bartlett
Brenda & Ted Hirsch
Linda Jackman
Nancy Knox & Thomas Porter
Little & Cicchetti, P.C.
Harriet & Gary Mace
Robert & Anne Mason
Dennis McDowell
Mary & Bob McKearin
Susie & Ben Merrick
Nancy & Cliff Pollack
Sherry & Michael Prehoda
Kevin Purcell
Queen City Printers, Inc.
Barbara Raechel &
Hernan Rincon
Jeannine Reed
Ford Rogers & Steve Smith
Alfred & Maggie Rosa
Alan & Christine
Joan Briggs Schillhammer
Richard W. Schillhammer
Ken Speiser
Shelburne Supermarket
Mark & Linda Snelling
Roberta & Roger Soll
David Stewart
Dorothy Styrnkowski
Kevin Thibodeau
Maria Thornton
Vermont Oxford Network
Christine & Robert Wade
Stacy & Kathi Walbridge
Mrs. Max Wall
Richard Wheatley
* Donor for five or more
consecutive years.
“We’re happy to do our bit as a Vermont business rooted in community
service and help HowardCenter in its quest to empower people to live
full, rich lives.”
Visit us at and like us on Facebook.
In honor of Ben & Tom Joslin
In honor of Gail Rosenberg,
a very dear long-time friend
and special woman
In honor of James Paterson
for Westview House
Gisela Barth
In honor of Sue Jones at
James & Helen Black
In honor of Hanna Wagner
David Blanchard & Eve Pranis
In honor of Rosie Blanchard
Myrna Braverman &
Ken Speiser
In honor of Gail Rosenberg
Amy & Paul Briody
In honor of Zoe’s Race
& the Nestor Family
John Holiday
In honor of MHSAS
Patty & Paul Levi
In honor of Susie Merrick
Susie & Ben Merrick
In honor of Katie’s & Janie’s
teachers at SBHS
Susie & Ben Merrick
In honor of SBHS
Marsha Milot
In honor of Gail Rosenberg
Barbara Paterson
In honor of my brother
Kesta & Timothy Perras
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We are grateful to the followSanta Night
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and foundations who contribSecurshred
uted to our EHR Campaign.
Michael Simoneau &
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consecutive years.
HowardCenter Curling Challenge
Financial Summary
Save the date: Saturday, March 16, 2013
Cairns Arena, South Burlington
Peter & Candace McCarthy
J.M. McDonald Foundation,
Mary & Bob McKearin
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BNY Mellon
Network Performance, Inc.
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Pecor Family Foundation
Antonio B. & Rita M.
Pomerleau Foundation
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Geri Reilly
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United Way
Vermont Foundation for
Children & Families
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Jean Haverstick
July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012
Rachel (Gillie) Hopkins
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Ann Laramee
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Russ Schoengarth & Team
Dan Tadio
Diane Barron
Kim Garland
Kim Hatgen
Janet Lavelle
Heather Merwin
Krista Morgan
Amy Nichols
Seth Whittier
Total Revenue: $67,005,290
State and Other Contracts
Other 1 2.5%
PNMI 2 5.2%
Local 2.2%
State Grants 3.3%
Patient Fees 0.3%; Private Insurance 0.8%; Federal Grants 1.4%
Private, Non-Medicaid Institution (a form of Medicaid)
Total Expenditures: $66,837,387
Child, Youth
and Family
Mental Health
and Substance
Abuse Services
Please accept our apology
if we have inadvertently
omitted your name from
our list of supporters.
The full audit is available by request.
Child, Youth and
Family Services
Services Programs
Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS)
provides prevention, assessment, treatment
and educational services to children, youth
and their families. Programming includes
24/7 services such as our children’s crisis
team (First Call) as well as crisis stabilization beds and therapeutic foster care. CYFS
has a long history of providing state-wide residential treatment services in Burlington and
Rutland. Community-based options include
in home family-based services, community
skills support, respite, mentoring and early
childhood services. Comprehensive School
Services is an array of services with supports
in public schools as well as four independent
schools for children in kindergarten through
age 22. Finally, clinic-based treatment can
be found in our children’s outpatient program
and Centerpoint’s Substance Abuse and
Mental Health clinic.
Intensive Family-Based Services
Early Childhood
Out-of-Home Care
Autism Spectrum Program
Alternative Schools
Respite 28
Outpatient Services
Community Friends
Case Management
First Call for Children and Families
School Services
Winooski Family Center
With generous grant support, CYFS trained
HowardCenter and public school staff on the
PAX Good Behavior Game and implemented
the game in the Baird School, thus providing
a school-wide approach consistent with
positive behavior intervention strategies.
Two Kidsafe Awards were presented to
CYFS staff: Robin Pesci, Director of First
Call, received the Promising Professional
Award, and Elizabeth Mitchell, Supervisor
in the Early Childhood Program, received
the Lifetime Achievement Award.
HowardCenter now has a team of 10
Board-Certified Behavior Analysts with
specific training with children on the autism
spectrum. This increases the agency’s
capacity to provide direct Applied Behavior Analysis intervention, consultation, and
The Autism Spectrum Program provided
training and coaching in Evidence-Based
Practices for six Early Essential Education
programs throughout Vermont. At the end of
the year, all sites demonstrated significant
increases in the number of strategies and
supports in place to aid young students with
Autism Spectrum Disorder.
The first Leadership Cohort experience for
leaders from mental health, education, and
juvenile justice was facilitated by Students
FIRST in collaboration with the Snelling Center’s Vermont Leadership Institute and consultant Mary Jane Shelley. Leaders participated in five days of training.
HowardCenter, through the Students
FIRST project, trained over 650 Chittenden County school staff in creating a traumainformed learning environment.
The second Paraeducator Academy with
CYFS staff as trainers was held in August
2011. Over 40 paraeducators attended a
comprehensive three-day training. The goal
of the Academy is to provide paraeducators
in public schools with the tools to respond to
the diverse needs of their students.
Mental Health and
Substance Abuse
Services Programs
Developmental Services (DS) offers quality
human services and supports for individuals with intellectual disabilities that promote
individual growth and expression and enable
people to live as active and valued members
of their communities. Services are tailored to
meet individual and family need and can be
a vital support system throughout a person’s
life. To this end, we provide supports in the
following areas: residential services, family supports, vocational services, community
inclusion activities and transition and crisis
Shared Living Homes
Supervised Living
Group Homes
Shared Parenting
Safety Connections
Bridge Program
Flexible Family Funding
Target Case Management
Project Hire, employment service for
HowardCenter Developmental Services (DS),
exceeded its job placement target established with Vocational Rehabilitation by more
than 40%.
Developmental Services presented the
third annual Zoe’s Race in September 2011.
Over 200 runners, sponsors, and donors
contributed more than $20,000 to help families who receive support from DS make their
homes accessible.
HowardCenter held its first SUCCEED
graduation with over 100 staff, family, and
friends present to celebrate the accomplishments of 12 students in the areas of education, campus life, career development, and
student housing. SUCCEED is a post-secondary program for students with intellectual
disabilities and autism run in collaboration
with area colleges. In post-graduation data,
graduates demonstrated an average of 37%
increase of independence within assessed
skill areas. All graduates who participated
in the student housing component of
SUCCEED successfully transitioned to
their own apartments after graduation.
Developmental Services opened a sensory environment for clients called “Mosaic
Place.” This calm and welcoming environment was created in consultation with an
Occupational Therapist and a Physical
Therapist and offers a variety of equipment
and materials needed to address the needs of
children with specialized sensory challenges.
In order to meet the needs of the growing
number of clients with Autism Spectrum
Disorders (ASD), DS provided a full-day
intensive training for 175 staff. DS also offers
three cognitive behavioral therapy groups
for individuals with ASD. Goals of the groups
include increased self-esteem, understanding neurotypical social thinking, increased
friendship skills, and better skills for managing stress and anxiety.
Developmental Services contracted with
the Stern Center to provide training for staff
in Social Thinking techniques for use in
individual and group work with clients. Social
Thinking is designed to help clients with
social strategies and executive function.
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (MHSAS) provides quality services to
members of the community who are experiencing the effects of acute or severe emotional distress, including mental illness, and
to individuals who are experiencing the negative effects of the abuse of alcohol or other
drugs. Services include intensive community supports so that individuals with mental
illness can live successfully in the community; outpatient mental health and substance
abuse counseling; therapy and community
education and prevention services; the ACT
I/Bridge and CRASH programs; and Crisis
Services of Chittenden County.
Adult Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling Services
Twin Oaks Counseling
Community Support Programs
CRASH Program
Crisis Services
Chittenden Clinic
Franklin/Grand Isle Substance Abuse 638
MHSAS expanded drop-in clinic hours
for mental health and substance abuse
Career Connections, the MHSAS vocational program, received a grant award from
Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center for
improvement in overall outcomes.
Expanded the number of Peer Community Recovery Specialists working with individuals who have been identified as at risk
of hospitalization, emergency room visits, or
repeated police contact.
Started Did You Know electronic e-news
publication that posts employment outcomes and client success stories to staff and
community partners weekly.
Completed the move of our level three community care home to a renovated facility in
Increased staffing in case management
services to reduce staff to client caseload
HowardCenter medical staff continued
to publish papers in their field and provide
training to staff.
Many clients who are in recovery took
advantage of Westview House’s camp week
in Grand Isle.
Completed construction of a new facility
with six beds for the ASSIST Program and
new office space for the Mobile Crisis Team.
The Chittenden Clinic (methadone treatment program) received a three-year accreditation, the highest level, from CARF International. Capacity was expanded from 250 to
400 patients.
The Street Outreach Interventionist Program and the Burlington Police Department
received the semi-finalist award for Quality
in Law Enforcement from the International
Association of Chiefs of Police.
Find us on
w w w.howardcenter.or g
Look for E-News, our electronic newsletter, which is emailed to subscribers six times
per year. If you would like to make sure you receive our electronic newsletter, please
contact Martie Majoros at [email protected]

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