Autumn 2014 - Fayette Friends of Animals



Autumn 2014 - Fayette Friends of Animals
Fayette Friends of Animals
Autumn 2014
This newsletter is dedicated to everyone’s furry friends, both living and deceased.
Featured Gem
Woof! My name is Xavier. I now have been at the
shelter for a very long time. I am probably close to
one of the longest residents, which isn’t something
that I am happy about.
I am almost 3 years old now. I am house trained
and I weigh about 80-85lbs.
I had a really good canine friend at the shelter but I
lost my play mate because she got cancer. We
played so nicely together when were in the outside
kennel area. I really miss her.
I love to take car rides and go for walks on a leash.
I think I do very well in both areas. If you would
like a dog who has a medium energy level then I
could be the dog for you.
As with all animals, we all have our issues that we
have to deal with. I really like food and I don’t like
to share it. The staff is working with me on that and
I know they can help me.
If you would like to know more about me, please call
or come to the shelter for a visit. I would love to
meet you. I so want a home of my own.
Love, Xavier
Featured Gem
Meow!! My name is Jacob and I was brought
into the shelter in June of 2013. I am approximately 4-6 years old and a handsome buff color
with creamy swirls on my sides. My face is absolutely beautiful and unique, if I do say so myself.
I am declawed and I came to the shelter that
I am as laid back of a feline as they come! I am
always calm and I love to just chill out in front
of an open window.
With my laid back personality and hypnotic eyes
you are going to fall in love with me when you
meet me.
When you come to the shelter you have to ask to
visit with me because I am in the upstairs room
with many of our other cats. I would love to be
the only feline in your home because I have had
to share my space with so many others for such
a long period of time.
Please open your heart and home to me. I have
been at the shelter for more than a year now and
I really want a home and family of my own.
Other dates to remember:
September 14th-National Pet Memorial Day
2014 Volunteer Orientation
Please check our web page:
for addition information or call
the shelter: 724.245.7815
October 4th-World Animal Day
October 16th-National Feral Cat Day
November 2nd –8th-National Animal Shelter
Appreciation Week
November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month
September 20
October 18
November 15
Our Shelter Hours
We are in need
of a loving family
and a forever
Mon-Tues-Wed-Fri– 1:00-5:00
Sat: 12:00-4:00
Our Wish List
Joy or Dawn Liquid Detergent
Paper towels
Clorox bleach
liquid laundry detergent-high-efficiency
mops and mop heads
Contact Us:
223 Searights-Herbert Road
P.O. Box 1282
Uniontown, PA 15401
us on FB
39 gallon trash bags
stamps & envelopes
Purina Dog chow, Cat Chow,
Puppy Chow & Kitten Chow
6’-10’ nylon sturdy leashes
Walmart gift cards
It Matters To Me
Halloween tips to protect your pets
Author Unknown
While you are getting ready for Halloween remember
to take a few minutes to make sure your pet is well
protected. Halloween can be a dangerous time for your
beloved animal.
As I walked along the seashore
This young boy greeted me.
He was tossing stranded starfish
Back to the deep blue sea.
I said "Tell me why you bother,
Why you waste your time this way.
There's a million stranded starfish
Does it matter, anyway?"
And he said, "It matters to this one.
It deserves a chance to grow.
It matters to this one.
I can't save them all I know.
But it matters to this one,
I'll return it to the sea.
It matters to this one,
And it matters to me."
I walked into the shelter,
The owner greeted me.
She was helping Misty learn to trust.
She was struggling I could see.
I said, "Tell me why you bother,
Why you waste your time this way.
Misty's only one of thousands,
Does it matter anyway?"
And she said, "It matters to this one.
She deserves a chance to grow.
It matters to this one.
I can't save them all I know.
But it matters to this one,
I'll help her be what she can be.
It matters to this one,
And it matters to me.
8 easy steps to protect your pet this Halloween
Walk your dog before trick-or-treaters start their
Find a secure place indoors to keep your pet safe.
Ensure your pet is wearing an up-to-date license
Crate your pet to provide increased security
Comfort your pet with their favorite toy
Play soft music or a recording of soothing sounds
Keep your dog on its leash to greet visitors
Keep candy, decorations and jack o lanterns out of
for my
THANK YOU to Froggy 94.9 and The Pickle
99.3 radio for helping us with the radio ads
every week and also to the Herald-Standard
for helping with the happy ads.
Before you know it winter will be here.
Cold Weather Tips
During the winter, outdoor cats may sleep under
the hoods of cars. If there are outdoor cats in your
area, bang loudly on the car hood before starting
the engine giving the cat a chance to escape
Keep adequate water-many stores have heated
bowls for water and food. Plastic tends to be the
best, & deeper bowls retain fresh water longer
Thoroughly wipe off your pet’s legs, between their
toes, and stomach when he comes in out of the
sleet, snow or ice.
Never shave your dog down to the skin in the
winter, as a longer coat will provide more warmth
A thick layer of straw can be a good insulator or
heated floor mats for an outside pet-blankets are
not recommended as they tend to get wet & freeze
Never leave your pet alone in a car. A car can act
as a refrigerator in the winter
If your dog loves outdoor activities, increase his
supply of food-esp. protein
Antifreeze is a lethal poison for your pet. Be sure
to thoroughly clean up any spills from your vehicle
Make sure your companion animal has a warm
place to sleep, off the floor and away from all drafts.
More dogs are lost during the winter than any other
season, so make sure yours always wear an ID tag
** We appreciate all the help you
have given our animals over these
past years. We just want to remind
you that all your donations are tax
deductible. To ensure that they are
tax deductible, make your checks or
money orders to Fayette Friends of
Animals. **
What a perfect day for Aspen! On August 8th Aspen celebrated his 3rd
birthday and he got the best birthday
present ever. He got ADOPTED after
being at the shelter for 2 long years!!
Since he had been with us for such a
long period of time we wanted to
make sure that his new family knew
all about him and met him several times before thinking
about adopting him. His new dad really loves him since he worked with
him for 4 weeks before taking him home to his forever home.
On January 4th, 2014, Moxie came to us as a stray.
She was very thin, had a big dent on the side of her
head, and full of hookworms. That was just the beginning of her journey with us. She had pneumonia
and had what felt like a long recovery. After being
with us for a couple of months and seeing two vets
and having various tests, it was found that she had
Cushing's disease. She takes a pill once a day and this will
probably be for the rest of her life. Moxie has
since gained a healthy weight and a lot of pep!
She was happily adopted to this lovely woman
who had recently lost her senior boxer that ironically also had Cushing's. Today was a good day
for Moxie and her new Momma.
Heat stroke
Heat stroke is a serious and potentially life-threatening situation that can affect both dogs
and cats.
Besides the car scenario, there are other situations in which heat stroke becomes more likely for our pets as well. Animals are at an increased risk for heat stroke if they are very old or
very young, overweight, not used to being outside for long periods of time, not conditioned
for prolonged exercise, or if they have heart, respiratory, or certain neurological diseases.
Brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds of dogs and cats may be more likely to develop hyperthermia (an elevated temperature) and suffer heat stroke because their ability to pant effectively is hampered by their anatomy. Animals that have had problems with heat stroke previously are at risk for recurrence. In addition, animals on certain types of medications, including diuretics like Lasix, are at an increased risk for heat stroke.
Early symptoms seen with heat stroke include restlessness and excessive panting. The respiratory rate and heart rate will increase. Excessive drooling may also occur. Vomiting
and/or diarrhea may occur. Dehydration and depression will occur as the symptoms worsen. As the situation progresses, the animal’s gums may turn brick red in color or even purple or blue as oxygen saturation declines. The dog or cat may have difficulty breathing and
may appear to be gasping. The pet will become weak and may stagger. Seizures may occur
and the animal may become totally comatose.
Get into the shade
Apply cool water or wet towels to the inner thighs, stomach, foot pads or ears
Cool wet towels can be placed around or over the animal
Never submerge your dog in water, this could cool the dog too rapidly, leading to further complications
Use cool-not cold water, cold water will cause the blood vessels to constrict, which
slows the cooling process
Don’t cover the animal
If possible, direct a fan toward the animal
Keep the dog slowly moving
Offer small amounts of cool water to drink
Our Upcoming Events
Adopt-a-thon - September 13th –14th
Wagging tails will be arriving at the Greensburg Petsmart around 11:00
AM. Looking for their FURever homes, these animals hope to catch the
eye of a shopper and make a new best friend!
If you are in the area, stop by to say hi and to see who has come out for
the day.
This year's Cash Bash will be held at the All Saints Hall in Masontown, on
Saturday, October 11th. Doors open at 6:00PM, the action begins at 7:00 PM
and drawing continues each and every 10 minutes until 11:00 PM. **Over
12,000 will be given away, as well as other prizes throughout the evening!**
While we would love to have you there, attendance is not necessary for win
ning (there will be free food!). Your ticket may be purchased for a $20.00
donation to the shelter. Tickets may be purchased from the shelter, from one
of our many ticket sellers or you may send a check, payable to Fayette Friends
of Animals, to FFOA P.O. Box 1282, Uniontown, PA 15401. As soon as your check has been received
your ticket/s will be mailed to you.
Join us for an evening of fun at our Second Annual Night At The
Races on Saturday, November 8 at The Polish Hall in Uniontown.
Doors open at 6:00 and races begin at 7:00 PM. Horses cost
$10.00 each and entrance into the hall is an additional $10.00,
which includes refreshments. You do not need to be present to
buy a horse and you do not have to buy a horse to attend. If your
horse wins the race you receive $25.00. If you are interested in
sponsoring a race for $50.00 or buying a horse please contact Lucinda @ 724.439.5246. If you
would like to buy a horse, please complete the form below and send it along with your check payable
to Fayette Friends of Animals to: Lucinda Monaco, 123 Youngstown Road, Lemont Furnace,
PA 15456. The cut off date to buy a horse will be November 4th. Hope to see you there.
Night at the Races
Keep this section for your records
$10.00/horse-does not include admission
Name: ___________________
Buyer’s name: _________________________________
Name of horse: ____________
Address: _____________________________________
Check # __________________
Phone: ______________________________________
Date of check: _____________
Name of horse: ________________________________
Sponsors Needed
Fayette Friends of Animals is sponsoring their annual autumn cash bash. If you would like to help make our
cash bash a success by becoming a sponsor, please complete the form and send it along with a check or money
order made out to: Fayette Friends of Animals to P.O. Box 1282, Uniontown, PA 15401
Cash bash-Sponsorship Opportunities
Verbal recognition at the start of the event
Verbal thank-you at the start of the event
Name recognition in event program
Name recognition in event program
10 complimentary tickets to the event
1 complimentary ticket to the event
Name on the main page on Fayette Friends of
Animals’ website
Name on the main page of Fayette Friends of Animals’ website
Verbal recognition at the start of the event
Verbal thank-you at the start of the event
Name recognition in event program
Name recognition in event program
5 complimentary tickets to the event
Name on the main page on Fayette Friends of
Animals’ website
Name on the main page of Fayette Friends of Animals’ website
Sponsorship deadline is
September 24, 2014
Verbal thank –you at the start of event
Name recognition in event program
2 complimentary tickets to the event
Name on the front page of Fayette Friends of
Animals’ website
Sponsorship Agreement
_____ Platinum $1000.00
_____ Gold $500.00
_____ Silver $200.00
_____ Bronze$100.00
_____ Copper $50.00
Company name (as to appear in print) Please print
Contact name: ________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
Email: _____________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________
Many thanks to everyone that made this years calendar party a success. We had 20 different theme
tables and 16 table hostesses and over 350 in attendance. It just keeps getting bigger and better
every year !
In remembrance of
Rita Works
Suzette & Larry Williams
Paula & Michael George
David & Michele Lengvarsky
Carol Tiberio
Kimberly & Gregory Peck
Stephanie & M. Lawrence Franty
Jane Zurynski
Mary Kay Halsac
Jenny White
Charlene & Larry Surber
Dorothy Robinson
Jane, John & Brad Weinhold
Alfred “Sonny” Coffman
Rose Gelotti
Brown-Smiley-Nedley Insurance
Agency, Inc
Lawrence Filiaggi Family
Fayette Honda
Douglas & Paige Miller
Leda F. Gismondi
Brian, Shelly, Colton & Kaitlyn May
Donna & Tom Wallace
William Shultz
John & Barb Geibel
Betsy & Robert Shultz
Bruce & Carol Golden
Patricia Mineard
Ronald & Marcella Filiaggi
Edmund & Doris Hoey
Elwood “Bunk” Cole
Tracey Hackney
Karen L. Dils
Maude & Benjamin Luck
Josephine Park
Joyce Wallace
Georgia, Aunt Dolly & the Wallace
Alyssa Park
Ron Box
Shelley & Carl Williams
James & Flora Guess
Rita Coleman
Sue Coleman
Barbara Simeon Pukl Brogdon
Dean & Midori Wood
Bertha Rochek
Kathryn & Robert Jurosco, Jr.
Fayette County Behavioral Health
Fred & Chris Evans
Jan Rochek
Roxanne & Kevin Connors
Mary Della Cseripko
Melissa Evans
Cheri Redman
Ruby Whipkey
Silver Sneaker Fitness Class
Cheryl Misiak
Gary & Carol L. Fox Wilson
Louis Maushardt
Gary & Carol L. Fox Wilson
Dr. Kim Moyer Karschner
Frances Moyer
Eva Jane Kruty
Rose Kruty Wozniak
Ed Barcheck
Malinda & Kevin Angel
Mary Yanow
Christine Yanow
Patsy Paul Petro
Morris Ostroff
Carolyn Davis
(her friends) Louise, Stacy, Cindy &
Mary Jane
Betty, Donna Roe’s mother
Susan Papa
Anna Delores Wilson
Cynthia Rushin
Margaret Ormiston
Millicent Douglas
Paul Kurosky
Morris Ostroff
David Blair Grimm
Theresa Picosky
Jane Packrone
Georgian Chereka
Bruce & Carol Golden’s loved
ones, human and furry
Colleen & Joseph Zielinsky
John & Tina Woodruff’s loved
Colleen & Joseph Zielinsky
Ginny Rotolo
Patricia Bobish
Nancy J. Chinchock
Beverly Casper
Mally-beloved canine of
the Bortz family
Jacqueline Staggers
Ken Vesely
Little Cat
Bonnie Swift
Denise & Richard Cicconi
Joyce & Harry
Bennie-beloved feline of
Debbie Brant
Jacqueline Staggers
JoAnne Stagon
Haley, beloved cockatoo of
20 years
Flo Fronczek
Jackie & Michael
Amos & Rosemary Lewis
Mr. B., beloved
pet rabbit
Cathy, John &
Frankie Vrabel
Katy & Ginger
Bob, Denise & Sadie Friel
Mr. Coal
Erin Rabatin
Beth Ramage &
John Thorpe
In honor of:
Gracie, AKA, Fannie
Hollie & Judith Massung
John Dilworth
Bruce & Carol Golden
Colleen & Joseph Zielinsky
Patricia Johnson
summer family birthdays
Susan Frenchik
John & Tina Woodruff
Colleen & Joseph Zielinsky
Cathy Vrabel-(birthday wishes)
Joan & Chris Smith
newlyweds-Alyssa & Dan Eddy
Susan Frenchik
If you would like to become a 2014 member of Fayette Friends of Animals, we would love to have you. Please include
this form along with your check or money order made out to Fayette Friends of Animals. Thank you!!
Name: __________________________________________________________
General Membership:
$1o $20 $25 $40 $50 $75 other: ___________
Gemstone Membership:
Emerald Club: $100-$500 $ ______
Ruby Club:
$500-$1000 $ _______
Diamond Club: $1000+
$ _______
All donations are totaled for the year. If your donations exceed 100.00 you qualify for the Gemstone Collar Club. Those
that qualify for the club will have their names listed both on our website and in our 2015 newsletter. In the past everyone that qualified for the club received a letter. This year it has changed. If you were a member in 2013 and qualify again
in 2014, your name will automatically be placed in the club.
PAWS FOR SPECIAL PETS is a program associated with the Fayette Friends of Animals whose efforts are directed toward placing “special animals.” Everyone loves puppies and kittens. But sometimes people are less likely
to want to take on the responsibility of providing a loving home for an animal that may require special foods or
medical support. Others are cautious about taking on the care of an older or disabled/handicapped animal, and
still others don't feel equipped to handle an animal with trust issues or assertive/aggressive qualities. This is understandable; that's why the Special Pet program was established in 2005----to provide help and support to those
who feel called to take on these special creatures. The PAWS program provides a variety of services to those who
want to take the responsibility of providing a loving home for these special animals. Our services include: evaluation of animals by professionals; in-home dog training, as needed; advertising resources to find homes for our long
term residents; monetary help for needed and approved veterinary evaluation/treatment; support for an animal's
special dietary/medicinal needs. Donations to this special service program may be made by sending a check made
out to Paws for Special Pets; c/o Fayette Friends of Animals; P.O. Box 1282; Uniontown, PA 15401.
Donations to FFOA are a meaningful way to show you care. We are happy to mail an acknowledgement to let someone
know that you have made a gift in honor of them or in memory of someone special.
Please print
Donor’s name: _________________________ Donation amount: _______
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
This donation is made in: [ ] memory of
[ ] honor of
[ ] birthday wishes
select one: [ ] person
[] pet
Person or pet’s name ____________________________________
Send acknowledgement to:
Name: ____________________________________________
If you would like to promote one of our orphans and help find them a home, you can sponsor one of
them in the Herald-Standard newspaper. Please complete the form and mail it along with your donation
to: Happy Ads 133 Fawnridge Road, Uniontown, PA 15401.
Make your donation payable to: Herald-Standard.
I would like to sponsor a:
[ ] -dog
[ ]-cat
Ad size : [ ]-small-16.95
[ ]-large-25.95
Name of a specific shelter animal: ___________ Sponsored by: _____________________________
Fayette Friends of Animals
P.O. Box 1282
Return Service Requested
Uniontown, PA 15401
Non profit Organization
U.S. Postage Paid
Uniontown, PA
Permit No 101
Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at
Fayette Friends of Animals!! May you
have a wonderful holiday spending
time with those that you love!

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