Vol 5, Is 3 March 2011.pub


Vol 5, Is 3 March 2011.pub
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Meet Your New Neighbor
Geneva moved in on March 11th,
2011. She was a homemaker. She
was married to Merlin. Geneva
was born and raised in Green
Bay. She lived there until she
moved to Mukwonago to live
closer to her son.
Geneva has 3 sons: Joe in Eagle,
Bob in DePere, and Chuck in
Geneva Buchanan
Waterford Senior Living
Green Bay. She has 7 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.
Geneva used to sew a little.
Growing up in Green Bay
made her a huge Packer fan.
She also loves the Butter Burgers and chili at Kroll’s Restaurant in Green Bay.
shift. Lisa was chosen employee
of the month in part because her
co-workers feel she is “very helpThe Employee of the Month for March ful, willing to pick up any shift,
always in a good mood and has a
is Lisa. What started out as very part
time quickly turned into a pretty much great personality.
full time position. Lisa is willing to
Great Job Lisa!
pick up hours anytime we need her,
and you will find her working every
Waterford Senior Living ~ 301 S. Sixth St. ~ Waterford, WI 53185 ~ 262-534-4800 ~ [email protected]
March 2011
Presented by the Alzheimer’s Association at Waterford Senior Living on
April 25th at 6:30 pm. This educational meeting is for all relatives of people who have Alzheimer’s or Dementia. We will discuss the progression of
Alzheimer’s and other related disorders, treatment options, resources available, and ways to better communicate and manage challenging behaviors.
An open forum will follow to give you an opportunity to ask questions.
Refreshments and snacks provided.
Work Crew
March’s Employee of the
Month: Lisa
Happy Birthday!
It seems like I’m always talking about “feet”, doesn't
it? Well recently I received information that Western
Racine County Health Department is going to sponsor a foot care clinic on select Monday’s from 1:303:30. Dr. Eric Bruns, P.D.M. can take care of Foot,
Callus, Diabetic and Nail Care. He will accept most
Waterford Senior Living is hosting:
Birthdays for March
• 3/11 Mary M.
• 3/17 Pat S.
• 3/17 Batty S.
Inside this issue:
The residents with March birthdays were honored on the 8th. They
are: Mary M., Betty and Pat. Barb from the kitchen made a gorgeous
cake. The residents were also given a gift certificate to the salon for a
wash, cut and set for the
ladies and a haircut for
the men. A gift from
WSL and Carrie the
Kristy’s Korner
Volume 5, Issue 3
“Understanding Alzheimer’s & Dementia”
Employee of the Month
Birthday Lunch
Directors Message
major insurance plans including Medicare. ALSO,
the Special Care shoe clinic will be back in May if
enough people are interested. The program allows
any diabetic the opportunity to get fitted and receive
brand new pair of shoes one time per calendar year.
Please see Kristy for more information or if you are
interested in either of these opportunities.
The residents at Waterford Senior Living like to be busy and feel useful. The
last few weeks we have been VERY
busy and useful. Since the beginning of
the month we have stuffed 475 envelopes and got them ready for the mail,
we have addressed 400 post cards and
mailed them, and we have stuffed 2000
bags for the Waterford Home and Commerce Show. At one point we had 20
people working on stuffing bags at one time. Our turn around time is fantastic. We
did the 475 envelopes in 1 1/2 hours and we stuffed all those bags in just 2 afternoons. This has turned into a great, fun, social event. We have also gained a great
reputation as good community friends and helpers. All
we ask for in payment is chocolate.
Spotlight on:
Pancake Day 2011
Birthday Lunch
Kristy’s Korner
Employee o/t Month
New Residents
Service Anniversaries
Virginia– 4years
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Spot Light on:
Pancake Day
March 7th was International Pancake Day
at Waterford Senior Living. Boy! did we do
it up right. Our day started off with pancakes for breakfast. Then at 9:30 we held
our Pancake Races which included the Pancake Race (walking course w/pancake flip),
a Pancake Flipping Contest (how many flips
in 30 seconds) and a Pancake Eating Contest (fastest to eat 1 pancake). A big thank
you to all residents who came and participated and the spectators. We all had a
great time. Thanks to my volunteers Jim,
Joyce and Carrie for helping out with this
fun filled event. Who knew you could do so
much with a pancake.
Winning race results:
Pancake Race
Pancake Flipping
Pancake Eating
2nd-Lois M
In the afternoon we held an Ecumenical
Shrove Tuesday Service put on by Deacon
Carl and accompanied by Sue on the piano.
This was followed with an English High Tea.
We ate fancy cookies and
drank tea. The ladies all wore
their fancy hats. The men
wore hats too.
If you want to read more
about the Original/Authentic
Pancake Day go to pancakeday.net.
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