Transcription Use your MyBSSM email and password to log in. How to Register for Azusa Now •  If you have not signed in to our website yet you WILL NEED to login for our system to generate the correct credenCals for you. You must do this 24 hours before you try apply for the Mission Trip. •  RegistraCon will start on Wednesday, October 14th at 5:00 am and end on Wednesday, October, 21st at 11:59 pm. How to Register for Azusa Now Select apply for “1st Year 2016” How to Register for Azusa Now Find your Revival Group and click “Apply” How to Register for Azusa Now
Update your personal and medical information
How to Register for Azusa Now All quesGons must be answered in order to be submiIed. How to Register for Azusa Now •  Answer all the quesCon and push OK buQon to submit How to Register for Azusa Now If you submiIed your applicaGon correctly this is your final view. RGP Confirms When your RGP has accepted you, this will be your view when you log onto the How to Donate Enter First or Last Name How to Donate How to Donate No CASH put in slot! If you search for yourself and then copy the link to the donaGon page above, you can post this link to Facebook to help with fundraising. This gives your supporters one-­‐
click access to your personal trip donaGon page. How to Donate •  By CASH/CHECK: If online payment is not an opCon, check donaCons can be made payable to “Bethel Church” and mailed or drop off to the following address: Bethel Church ATTN: Short-­‐term Missions 20 Lake Blvd. Redding, CA 96003 Please include on the memo or a note the trip name followed by your name Ex: Azusa Now-­‐ Tim Hino Example of a Check How to Donate •  You can also drop off your payments at these three other locaCons: –  CASH PAYMENTS are only ALLOWED at Civic Center. Give cash to front desk staff member to get an official receipt. Please do not put any CASH into any drop box UNTIL you received a receipt. Civic Center Drop Box Civic Center drop box: 700 Auditorium Dr., Redding, CA 96001 in the BSSM AdministraCve Offices. No CASH in drop box! Lake Blvd Drop Box Lake Blvd drop box: 20 Lake Blvd,. Redding, CA 96003 in the missions drop box located next to the front AdministraCve Office window in the lobby. No CASH in drop box! Bethel Campus Drop Box Bethel Campus drop box: 933 College View Dr., Redding, CA 96003 in the hallway across from the East/West Fellowship Room. No CASH in drop box! Guidelines for DonaCons •  All donaCons made to Bethel Church for mission trips are tax deducCble contribuCon of employees/
ciCzens of the United States of America. –  Bethel Church has a Tax ID only in the USA. –  For donaCons made in 2015, tax contribuCon leQers will be sent out to the donors at the end of January 2016. Guidelines for Refunds •  DonaCons made by 3rd party donors are NOT refundable (i.e. friends and family). In same cases, donaCons made by the traveler themselves to their own trip can be refunded. In order for the donaCon to be refundable, it must meet all of these qualificaCons: 1.  The donaCon was made by the traveler to their own trip. 2.  The funds have not already been used to purchase anything for the trip (like team expenses, hotel deposits, etc.) 3.  You request the refund in the same year as you made the donaCon. (e.g. if you made a donaCon in November, 2015….then you can only request a refund of that donaCon up to December 31st, 2015.) 4.  You can only request a refund of trip funds up unCl March 7, 2016. Aker this, every trip will close, and all donaCons will be used towards the trip. •  All refund inquiries should be directed to [email protected] Guidelines for Transferring Money •  If you received above and beyond your trip balance and all donaCons were from 3rd party donors (i.e. friends and family), extra money will be transferred to your team (Revival Group) to help others pay off their trip balance. •  Due to IRS guidelines, No money will be refunded or excess funds be given to a traveler unless it meets all of the qualificaCons in our refund policy. Guidelines on transferring money •  Can I transfer money from my BSSM TuiCon account to my mission trip? –  Yes. If you have a credit balance in your tuiCon account, then you can email one of the following email addresses to request the balance to be transferred to your mission trip: •  1st Year – [email protected] •  You are unable to transfer money from our mission trip to your BSSM tuiCon. Since the money that is given to the Missions Department is considered to be a donaCon with a tax credit associated with it, the funds cannot be transferred to tuiCon for any reason. FAQ •  Can I apply or transfer to another Revival Group? –  No. You will be rejected if you do try to apply for a different Revival Group. •  Do I need to apply on the The Calls’ website as a volunteer? –  No •  What happens if I cannot make my mission payment by the deadline? –  Please discuss your situaCon with your Revival Group Pastor •  What happens if I need to drop off my mission trip? –  In the case, where you cannot go on the mission trip due to extenuaCng circumstances, you will first need to contact your Revival Group Leader to explain your situaCon, and receive approval to drop. •  Can I extend my mission trip and stay longer? –  No. In order to maintain safety, BSSM guidelines, and IRS guidelines, the Bethel Missions Department has a policy that if the team goes together then they must also come back together. 

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