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Happy New Year - Vedic Heritage
Winter 2010
Spirituality in Classical Music & Dance
Dipawali Program A Great Success 5
Book Review
GuruMaa in Mumbai
Seva Award Winners
Cycle Project
312 Hours of non-stop recitation of
the sacred Ramcharitra Manas
Jan. 2 - Jan. 17, 2010
Lonavala, India
Maha Shiv Ratri
February 12th, 2010
Hempstead, NY, USA
The Grand
Inauguration Of
Navgraha Temples
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Happy New Year
Sani, Mangal, Brihaspati
and Ketu Mandirs
March 13th/14th, 2010
Lohgarh, Lonavala, India
Publisher: Vedic Heritage, Inc. (NY), Editor: Nayan Mitra, Associate Editor: Deepa Datt
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Shri Akhand Ramayana
Charitra Manas Path
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It is the privilege of Vedic
Heritage Inc to be able to carry
on the legacy of Her Holiness and
Pratham Parvatacharya
Jyotishanad Saraswati Gurumaa
in bringing together established
maestros, and masters of tomorrow together on the same platform through the annual concerts
held every year over two days at
the Pandit Jasraj Auditorium.
On the 7th, the ‘Diya Lighting’
ceremony by the Trustees of
Vedic Heritage and mantra
chanting by Pandit Rameshji
marked the beginning of the
evening where Ms. Ankita
Sarsukumar was invited to the
stage for the opening vocal performance. She had the audience
applaud and merit her as to the
level of her singing and the
finesse of art she had perfected
at a young age.
Her recital was followed by Ms.
Saili Oak, who also presented herself as an equal in her style of
singing and with a bhajan.
Although there were votes counted
as to who was the better of the
two it ended in close call with Saili
Oak as the winner. Truly they had
both performed very well. We
extend our congratulations to Saili
and wish both of them and well for
their future success.recital was followed by Ms. Saili Oak, who also
presented herself as an equal in
her style of singing and with a
bhajan. Although there were votes
counted as to who was the better
of the two it ended in close call
with Saili Oak as the winner. Truly
felt the magic of his flute as they
heard every note he played. The
auditorium was filled with the
melodious rendering of his mastery
of the flute. He had a very welcome jugalbandi with Shri Vijay
Ghate on the tabla which was one
Spirituality in Classical Music
they had both performed very well.
We extend our congratulations to
Saili and wish both of them and
well for their future success.
They were followed by a breath
taking performance on the Tabla
by Amit Kavthekar. He is a disciple
of Zakir Hussain and reminded
everyone very much of his presence in his style. His energy and
nimble hands won him several
rounds of applause. His was a performance you not want to end. He
captivated the audience.
The stage was then set for the
Mastreo Pandit Hariprasad
Chaurasia and Shri Vijay Ghate
who accompanied him on the
tabla. With utmost respect, the
audience welcomed Panditji and
of the highlights of that evening’s
presentation. It was very nice to
hear them both perform together.
Panditji accommodated an on the
spot request for Raga
Hamsadhwani and left everyone
On the 8th, the opening performance was of Ms Aishwarya
Narayanswamy who was the only
winner of the Avides competition in
the dance category. She was well
prepared and could well be
amongst the most accomplished
Indian Classical dancers today. Her
precise movements, poses, steps
and entire compositions were very
well presented. Her hard work and
love for the art was amply exhibited and much appreciated with
applause from the audience. She
Nilima Madan
was an inspiration to a lot of viewers in the audience whose children
learn classical Indian dance.
that is named after him. He was on
stage with his disciples Ms Tripti
Mukherjee and was accompanied
loves them back.
While Panditji’s was on stage,
The audience was anxiously waiting for the next performer and
came from all over the tri state
area to watch her perform. She
has had challenges in her life that
would normally be a major hindrance in one’s life, but, with
tremendous courage and undeterred perseverance of her art she
stands, and stands to prove that
determination and faith in oneself
can be miraculous. And there she
was, as she walked upon the stage
to a very warm welcome, Ms.
Sudha Chandran who lost a leg in
an accident and yet she performed
& Dance
one recital after another tirelessly
and relentlessly as if to conquer
her condition. She is well-worthy of
all the recognition and fame she
enjoys worldwide. Her dances were
all very beautifully staged and her
expressions and grace were par
excellence. She is the one gifted
with talent, inner and outer beauty.
Her husband Mr.Ravi Dang stands
beside her. She won hearts and
left with standing ovation and continued applause that filled the
auditorium for quite some ‘emotional time’. Her presence that
night will be remembered.
Pandit Jasraj has a special presence whenever he performs and it
is all the more special when he
performs here at the Vedic
Heritage in the very Auditorium
on the tabla with Mr. Vijay Ghate.
Needless to say that to hear
Panditji is only wanting to hear him
some more. He brings divine presence as he performs and when he
sings in praise of Hanumanji, it is
as if He is there to listen as well.
His voice and range are incomparable, unmatchable and blessed by
God. Panditji and Vijayji followed
each other closely at times and
won rounds of applause.
A devoted crowd stood at the auditorium full of admiration and
appreciation of the two wonderful
evenings that they had come to
witness at the Pandit Jasraj
Auditorium in Long Island, New
York as Pandit Jasraj took a few
minutes to just talk to everyone
collectively. He has that presence
in everyone’s hearts and those who
admire his music and have heard it
through his collections and live
performances cannot get enough
of it. At eighty year’s young,
Panditji is still a magnet for classical music lovers and I dare say he
2009 ISSUE - IV
GuruMaa addressed the audience
and the artists as well as members
of temple over a wireless connection so that everyone could be
blessed by Her as she Herself is
presently in India. She was happy
that Her legacy was in good hands
and congratulated everyone for
their efforts and hard work for the
It was a very successful event put
together the members and organizers of The Vedic Heritage Inc.
Mrs Sunita Budhiraja was the master of ceremony and was as
delightful as she has been in all
the last ten years that she has had
the responsibility.
A special thanks to TV Asia and
ITV, Sahara TV and Jus Punjabi for
the advertisements s they carried
and for featuring us in their community news segments, and a special thank you to our media partner
South Asia Times and Sulekha.com
for adverts and articles.
Editorial Nayan Mitra
(a) Discipline – for instance, Sachin
is never late for any practice sessions
Over the years, India has produced
scores of great cricketers, but one
stands out. Sachin Tendulkar.
GuruMaa also loves cricket, and follows the matches very closely, especially when She is in India. Over the
years, She has also been a big fan of
So, what makes him so special? Why
is he an icon? Why is he a legend?
Sachin has scored the highest number of runs in both Test matches and
One-day games. He has broken
scores of records. (Please go to
Cricinfo.com for a complete compilation of his career records.) He has
completed two decades in international cricket and yet looks fresh and
eager to play and win. He loves
cricket, loves his game, always
wants to win, wants his team to win
and wants India to win. And, he has
done every single day during his
past 20 years!! He has not let his
injuries let him down, he has not led
periods of poor form slow him down.
He has not let age get to him.
Sambit Lal writes, ‘his batting is
based on the purest of principles:
perfect balance, economy of movement, precision in stroke-making,
and that intangible quality given only
to geniuses, anticipation….. There
are no apparent weaknesses in his
game. He can score all around the
wicket, off both the front foot and
back, and has made runs in all parts
of the world in all conditions.” He has
played against the best bowlers –
fast pacers and spinners, and played
well in India and on tours.
Sambit Lal also notes that his greatness was established early: “he was
only 16 when he made his Test
debut. He was hit on the mouth by
Waqar Younis but continued to bat,
in a blood-soaked shirt. His first Test
hundred, a match-saving one at Old
Trafford, came when he was 17, and
he had 16 Test hundreds before he
turned 25. In 2000 he became the
first batsman to have scored 50
international hundreds, and in 2008
he passed Brian Lara as the leading
Test run-scorer and the first to
12,000 runs. He currently holds the
record for most hundreds in both
Tests and ODIs - remarkable, consid-
ering he didn't score his first ODI
hundred till his 79th match.”
He has won fame, accolades and
riches. He has been awarded Padma
Vibhushan in 2008.But, he remains
grounded. He is a spiritual guy, and
loves his wife, Anjali and a doting
father to Arjun and Sara. He is committed to his game and remains
equally committed to his family. He
is always eager to mentor younger
Besides cricket skills, what can we
learn from Sachin? Viru, another
great player who can win matches
single-handedly for India, was asked
this question. He pointed out a few
distinctive qualities which we can all
learn from for our personal and professional lives:
(b) Mental Strength – he is a great
self-motivator – always believe in
(c) Proper Planning – Sachin
planned every innings – understand
the wicket, the conditions, the
expected bowling strategy, the next
balling change etc. and plan the
shots accordingly
(d) Adaptability – Be flexible and
adapt to every situation as it is presented to you
(e) Dedication – he is completed
dedicated to cricket when he is playing and on tour, but when not playing,
he reserves his time for his family
When Ms. Sharda Ugra of India
Today asked Sachin about the secret
of his success, Sachin very humbly
replied, ”I don’t know how to answer
this. I wish I know the answer. I’ve
just gone out and played with a lot
of passion and I spend a lot of time
preparing myself, not only physically
but mentally. I spent time preparing.
There have been ups and downs but
when there are disappointments, I
would much rather convert that negative energy in training harder or
spending more time at the nets. The
setbacks have motivated me. My
thinking is simple. I want to convert
those disappointments into positive
energy and use it to get even more
determined. That’s what I’ve done,
nothing else”
This is what GuruMaa has been
teaching us, this was what great
role-models like Sachin can also
teach us.
Let us try and convert negative energy into positive energy every
moment of our lives!
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Health Nayan Mitra
create fresh soil. If you aren't careful, the weeds—harmful bacteria—
will move in. But if I add a ground
cover— probiotics—on the bare dirt,
weeds don't have a chance.
Some of the same health benefits
that the bacteria already existing in
your body do — such as assisting
with digestion and helping protect
against harmful bacteria can be
derived from probiotic supplements.
Probiotics can be found in such foods
as yogurt, fermented and unfermented milk, miso, and some juices
and soy drinks. Now, number of supplements and foods containing probiotics are available in super markets
and health food stores. Researchers
are still studying whether probiotics
taken as foods or supplements can
help treat or prevent illness.
There is encouraging evidence that
probiotics may help:
Treat diarrhea, especially following
treatment with certain antibiotics.
Prevent and treat vaginal yeast
infections and urinary tract infections.
Treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Reduce bladder cancer recurrence.
Shorten the duration of intestinal
Prevent and treat inflammation following colon surgery (pouchitis).
Prevent eczema in children.
"One of the things that's come to
light recently is that the health of
the body depends very much on the
type of bacteria and the other
microbes that live inside of it," says
Gary Huffnagle, author of The
Probiotics Revolution and a professor
of internal medicine, microbiology,
and immunology at the University Of
Michigan Medical School. "Bacteria
are not only the causes of disease
but also the cause of good health. It
is a very different view of bacteria
and germs than you usually hear
about." Trillions of microorganisms of
various strains reside in the GI tract,
from the stomach to the colon.
According to Huffnagle, this is also
where the immune system, the
body's seat of overall well-being, is
based. Here, deep in your gut, is
where the power struggle for health
occurs. When the body first detects
harmful bacteria, either an overgrowth of harmful bacteria or
invaders from the outside, it generates an immune response that both
makes you sick and, ideally, kills the
offenders. The body's reaction to
beneficial bacteria is the opposite.
Huffnagle says these good microbes
calm the immune response not just
in your stomach but all over your
body, increasing your well-being and
protecting you, in some cases, from
harmful bacteria. An imbalance in
your GI flora occurs when the bad
bacteria proliferate and crowd out
the beneficial ones. Preliminary
research has found that specific
strains of beneficial bacteria, introduced in the form of probiotic-rich
foods or supplements, can help correct an imbalanced bacterial environment and alleviate a range of symptoms associated with
"Think of your gut as a garden,"
says Dawn Motyka, a physician in
Santa Cruz, California, who's had
great results using probiotics for
patients with IBS. "When you give
antibiotics, you clear the ground and
Probiotics researchers, including
Huffnagle, believe that in a generally
healthy person, reducing those foods
that feed the harmful bugs and
adding more of the beneficial kinds
can usually correct minor bacterial
imbalances. Yogurt, fermented vegetables, and fermented cheese are
all considered "high probiotic" products because they contain strains of
beneficial bacteria that can help balance your intestinal flora.
Traditional health systems, such as
Ayurveda, incorporate these goodfor-you foods. Kimchi and miso,
which are both high in probiotics, are
staples of some Asian diets. And
lassi, an Indian drink made from
fresh yogurt, is commonly taken
after Ayurvedic meals as a digestive,
according to Nancy Lonsdorf, a medical doctor and Ayurvedic physician
in Vedic City, Iowa. "In Ayurveda,
good digestion is the key to health,"
she says. "And probiotics are an
important part of the diet for the
role they play in supporting good
digestion." Particularly, after the use
of antibiotics, probiotics can be lifesavers. Practitioners across disciplines, from Ayurveda and Chinese
traditions to naturopathy and
Western medicine, agree that antibiotic use upsets the digestive flora
and that probiotic supplementation
can help reverse the damage.
As usual, please consult your physician before taking any supplements.
References: (1) What exactly are probiotics? What
health benefits do they offer? Answer from Michael
Picco, M.D. (2) “Go with your Gut “ From GI distress to allergies, probiotics may help ease your
health problems. By Heather Boerner in the Yoga
Journal (3) The Probiotics Revolution by Gary
Huffnagle (4) Various web-sites and ayurvedic
Thanks a lot for making the 2009
Dipawali Program a Great Success!
Sonal Kisnadwala
Prajyot Lunavat
Bal Sarin
Kusun Gupta
Akshay Kumar
Raj Seshadri
Dr. Hasmukh Sheth
Sanghpriya Thakkar
Seema Sehgal
C.M. Kohli
Girish Soni
Dr. Arun Agrawal
Dr. Rina Sarkar
Ram Wadhwa
Renu Jain
Mukesh Malkan
Rajan Sachdeva
Nilesh Raval
Harish Chugani
Ashok Sadrangani
Vashi Sabhnani
Anju & Sanju Sharma
Anil Sachdev
Anup Kumar
Jyoti Bansal
Bina Singh
Vedant Bhavsar
Biva Trivedi
Jay Singh
Dr. Rajesh Rohatgi
Ujjwal Dikshit
Mr. D.K.Surana
Dr. Prem Sager
Ravendra Singh
Virender Jain
Meenakshi Dayal
Dr. R.S. Yadav
Dr. Mira Ashok Agrawal
Narender Garg
Advaitpriya Bakshi
Dr. Kalavar
Dr. Gill
Geethabhai Padmanabhan
Krishna Paul
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GuruPriya Lunavat
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Nilima Madan
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Deepa Suneja-Dutt
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Ankush Sharma
Local Transportation:
Sat Sharma
Anu Bakshi
2009 ISSUE - IV
Other Volunteers:
Arun Madan,
Aishwarya Madan
Mukesh Malkan
Seema Sehgal
Falguniben Patel
Guru Dutt
Amrish Kachhy
Ram Wadhwa
Sunita & Raj Jain
Ramesh & Manjula Patel
Jyotiben Patel
Adit Singh
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Nirav Thakker
Karnika Kisnadwala
India co-ordination
Sunita Buddhiraja
and Sushil Agrawal
Please excuse us if we have missed any names.
An Appeal from GuruMaa
Mrs. Hansa Mehta
Magical Moments in Mumbai with Gurumaa
glimpses of Her life in musical
form. This melodious voice
enchanted the audience.
Her health condition being what it
was, we all were not comfortable
with Her travelling to Mumbai by
car. “Start printing the invitations
and distribute them. The function
will be held in Mumbai and I will be
present for it. With Baba’s grace
all will be well.” Confidently she
told Anjanipriya a few days before
the function. Gurumaa’s health
these days swings from good to
bad in a matter of moments; it is
most unpredictable, only Her pointed devotion for Baba kept Her
Anjanipriya , who was a staunch
devotee of Hanumanji and now an
initiated disciple of Gurumaa, had
arranged for Gurumaa to perform a
Havan in her home and deliver a
Pravachan in Mumbai. Anjanipriya
exuded love for Gurumaa and the
sparks that was kindled by
Gurumaa in her heart thirsted for a
higher life. It was like a wake-up
call after a long sleep. Gurumaa
explained to Her the duties of a
disciple and gave her Diksha on
Guru Purnima day after seeing the
awakening in her. This is how the
fun-loving , frolicking Saroj
became Anjanipriya.
Her dream was fulfilled when
Gurumaa supervised a Havan performed by one of Gurumaa’s disciple, Kapish Mitra. The morning of
October 2nd , with the Hawan and
chanting of Mantras, was a profound experience for all. An
intense presence of Baba was
experienced by all with tears running down their cheeks.
That afternoon, there was a meet-
ing of Vedic Heritage trustees at
Dr. Jhunjhunwala’s home. A lavish lunch was served with a lot of
warmth after a grueling session at
the meeting. Gurumaa’s capacity
to switch roles from a loving
Guruma to a committed adminis-
The crowning glory of the evening
program was the talk given by
Gurumaa. The subject was the
explanation of the verses of the
Hanuman Chalisa wherein Tulsiji
has sung the praises of Lord
Hanuman. Each verse, after being
explained by Gurumaa was sung
with great devotion by Rajendra
Jain. The two blended so well that
they created an atmosphere which
was charged with love and devotion for Baba. Each one who
chanted the Hanuman Chalisa regularly felt that after understanding
the meaning of the verses, would
enable them to render it from the
heart with even more love and
devotion. Thus, the evening was
drawing to an end after the Aarti
and Bhog, both sung by Gurumaa
Herself. The crowds flocked
around Her to get a close darshan
of Gurumaa and to touch Her holy
feet, in which She was almost in a
trance. So strong was the presence of Baba in the room that people left for Prasad reluctantly.
As Guruma walked down the dais
we could sense Her condition
becoming weaker and weaker, and
we had to quickly rush Her out of
the hall in the wheelchair and take
Her home to rest.
trator of Vedic Heritage was
admirable. All this drained Her
completely. She was advised to
take a rest. We all wondered
whether She will be able to make it
to the function at all. At 5:20pm,
She woke up ready to leave for the
hall. There was no fatigue on her
face, looking fresh as a flower.
Rajendra Jain, Gurumaa’s 1st disciple was ready to welcome
Gurumaa with open arms. He
introduced Gurumaa giving
2009 ISSUE - IV
We all wondered, what spiritual
strength was being sent to Her at
the right time she needed it the
most? It was none other than
Baba who performed these miracles and showered His blessing. I
end, praying to Baba to continue
giving our Guruma the same
strength for Her to be able to fulfill
her dreams and realize them.
Jai Sri Hanuman!
Lonavala A Spiritual Playground
Vedic Heritage’s Sri Hanumat Pitth Project
The Work Ha
The 4 Navgrahas Temples
will be ready by March 2010
The roads are done, and the retaining wall and water-lifting projects are under way. Shani, Brihaspati Mangal &
Ketu Mandirs are ready. Yet, this project is immense.
There is no getting around the fact that we need a
tremendous amount of support to bring this dream to a
full realization. Everyone will have to play a contributing
role in this project.
We all lack time for rest and relaxation.
We need to spend time to create more time for ourselves. Performing
activities that generate sound, emotional, physical and spiritual health increases
We can earn time by being more efficient. The ashram in Lonavala, India; is a
hidden paradise, with waterfalls in the monsoon season, tropical gardens,
breezy nights under the stars and busy days with non-stop ashram activities. lt
is our pleasure to inform you that Vedic Heritage's work has started in Lonavala,
India. Located in the most spiritual and serene of environments, It was created
for sublime experiences and memories to last for a lifetime. Vedic Heritage is
creating an ashram that will be your spiritual playground.
Lakes And Dams
Lonavala Dam 3 Km
Bushi 4 Km
Shirola 11 Km
Pavana 3 Km
Lonavala Is Famous For Its
Panaromic View Of The Sun
Setting Below The Hills
Price list
Super Deluxe Rs. 71,00,000
3 Bedroom plinth area 1,460 sq.ft
Deluxe Rs. 51,00,000
2 Bedroom plinth area 1,200 sq.ft
A-Type Rs. 35,00,000
2 Bedroom plinth area 1,000 sq.ft
B-Type Rs. 25,00,000
1 Bedroom plinth area 800 sq.ft
C-Type Rs. 15,00,000
Studio room plinth area 550 sq.ft
for further information contact management
USA 516 539 9055 • INDIA 91 2114 276 789
Visit our NEW website www.vedicheritage.org
Features Shortlist
as Begun.
Estimated Cost Of Project
You Are Invited To Sponsor Any Of The Following Projects
Sri Hanuman Mandir
Rs. 7,50,00,000
5 Aadi Devas Fountains
Rs. 1,25,00,000
9 Nav Grahas Gardens
Rs. 9,00,00,000
School Building
Rs. 1,25,00,000
2 Hostel Building
Rs. 2,75,00,000
Rs. 1,25,00,000
Emergency Hospital
Rs. 4,50,00,000
Rs. 1,50,00,000
Yoga Meditation Center
Rs. 1,00,00,000
Women's Workshop
Rs. 65,00,000
Rs. 1,50,00,000
Shopping Arena
Rs. 1,15,00,000
Conference Halls
Rs 75,00,000
Veterinary Hospital
Rs 1,35,00,000
Rs 50,00,000
Staff Buildings
Rs 1,45,00,000
Kitchen and Dining Arena
Rs 50,00,000
Rs 50,00,000
Health Spa
Rs 1,00,000
Swimming Pool
Rs 30,00,000
Tennis Courts
Rs 10,00,000
15 Mandirs
Sri Hanuman Mandir
5 Aadi Devas Fountains
9 Grahas Beautiful Gardens
Conference Halls
Women's Workshop
Emergency Medical Center
Veterinary Hospital
Hostels With Students
Lodging & Boarding Facility
• Kitchen
• Restaurant
• Farming
• Milk Dairy
• Shopping Arena
• Health Spa
• Swimming Pools
• Tennis Court
• Yoga And Meditation Halls
• Riding Track
• Heliport
• Orphanage
When you sponsor a cottage, you are the
legal lease-holder all year long, for every
year, for the rest of your life.
Above all, you will own one of 5 types
of cottages to spend your time
immersed in any of numerous spiritual,
holistic, and invigorating activities.
Otherwise, kick back and relax. We'll
understand! The concept of Vedic
Heritage ashram was created to generate sound emotional, physical and spiritual health. Fifteen unimpended days a
year within the ashram walls is all it
we offer five types of magnificent cottages. these cottages feature facilities
and amenities for your total comfort. all
that remains is for you to enjoy this
divine environment.
A 16 page full-color brochure is available upon
request. (US $20 charge, that will be credited to
you at the time of booking, should you choose to
contribute towards the building of this Ashram.)
Seva Award W
contribution is not only necessary,
but vital, as part of the collective
team effort required to run an
organization such as this. I am
glad I could help.
This temple is unique and is popularly known as 'Hanuman Temple'.
It has a main hall where devotees
gather for prayers which fills one
with peace and content while being
there. This temple has blessings of
devotion and faith. Many have had
their prayers answered here and
have come to firmly believe in the
miracle of the presence of 'Baba'.
The statues and pictures of
'Hanuman Baba' are those where
daily prayers were offered by
'Guruma' when she was here and
now by Panditji.
The larger second hall houses all
the Vigrahas of deities whom the
Vedas worship in the Hindu religion. It is probably the only temple
which brings the tranquility of
Shiva on 'Kailash' with 'Ganges'
In my opinion, selfless seva helps
negate the negative karma we
have accumulated over the past
lives and current one. Everything
we do if for “I, me or myself’ and
seva is the only activity which is
selfless. Out Vedas describe several types of seva – and they all create positive karmas adding to your
karmic bank account. Some prefer
to help the physically and mentally
challenged, sick, disadvantaged.
CNN Hero Awards have several
outstanding examples. Some prefer to help financially. Some prefer
to leverage their professional skills
– like doctors holding free eye
camps. Some simply perform seva
as an expression of their bhakti for
their Guru and/or IshtaDev. Every
year, we recognize 2 sevaks – one
for Nirmal seva and one for Uttam
Seva. This year we had a ‘special’
seva award too. The winners were Nilima Madan,
Mukesh Malkan and
Shyamala Rajender.
Says, Nilimaji, a Citibank
executive, “It is a privilege to have received this
award for all who have
had this honor because it
is a recognition of not just
what you do for the temple or the organization,
but, a recognition for
being a part of the family
of dedicated awardees who have
over the years contributed so
much towards temple and the
organization's cause. It is when
you actively participate, one realizes how much each individual's
flowing down from his 'jatas' and a
Shiva Linga for worship and 'rudrabhishek', along with a marvelous Lotus formation made of
marble housing the 'Navgraha
Gods' seemingly floating in water.
Nayan Mitra
There are beautiful sections made
to appear like individual temples,
where each serves as an abode for
'Lord Ganesha', 'The Shiva Parivar'
and 'Durga Mata'. This hall also
has a section against the wall with
many smaller idols of Hanumanji in
different postures where devotees
have a place to keep an idol with
their name so that they are part of
everyone's prayers on a daily
Mukeshbhai has been coming regularly to our temple for over a
decade, and rarely misses a
Tuesday though he lives about 90
minutes drive away in New Jersey.
He has taken care of all our
Insurance needs, and has also
been the leader for organizing our
Garba program during Navratri.
Last year’s program was highly
successful because of his leadership. He plays a key role in our
Dipawali program. More than that,
he really cares for Vedic Heritage.
He calls me often to offer great
suggestions on how we can
improve things. He thinks that it is
his temple, and he wants his temple to succeed.
Dipawali program – year after year,
without charging us a fee, and
always with a smile. She also flies
on her
account and
in our
festival concert series.
She advises
the Trust
Once again,
we have a
sevak who
her professional experience in helping Vedic Heritage.
Shyamalaji lives and works on the
West Coast, but has been a legal
advisor for Vedic Heritage for over
a decade. She plays a key role in
organizing and successfully getting
the visas for all the artists for our
We are indeed very lucky to have
these sevaks amongst us, and they
inspire me and all the devotees.
Thanks a lot to the seva award
2009 ISSUE - IV
Inspired by Her Holiness Sri
Sri Guru Maa Jyotishanand
Saraswati, members of Vedic
Heritage; Inc., are proud to
announce the plantation project of 1500 fruit bearing trees
at Vedic Heritage's spiritual
playground in Lohagarh Lonavala
The concept behind this is to
provide the children of nearby
villages with nutrition, both
physical and mental. The project involves inviting children
from nearby villages every
Saturday, to spend the entire
day at the Ashram in a spiritual environment. They will be
given lessons on clean,
healthy, moral living, and
Vedic rituals. They will also
learn the Hanuman Chalisa.
Following their lessons, they
will be allowed to eat as many
fruits as they desire from the
The name of the sponsor will
be embossed on the tree. The
ground is saved in the sponsor's name forever, generation
after generation. In case the
tree dies, a new one will be
planted in it's place for no
additional charge. For a small
price, you will give so much to
your country, to our children
and to future generations.
Please take this opportunity to
help us in our goal to provide a
glimpse of a bright future
where there seems to be none.
Join us in this noble cause to
give back to our country and
its future generation by sponsoring a tree for only $151 or
Rs. 6000..
Plant a tree in India
Seeds sown on behalf of the following
Balaprasad Agiwala
Mahasukhlal Mehta
Manikanta Mehta
Madhu L. Agrawal
Mokshapriya Bakshi
Motibhai Khandelwal
Yoginder Kaur
Ritika Chadha
Pushpa Chopra
Kewal C. Chopra
Hitesh Sharma
Gaurav Mehta
Habib Khan
Sunita Sharma
Shashi Agrawal
Shiv Poddar
Manju Poddar
Sudhir Jhalani
Urmi Seth
Sunita Lalwani
Br Is Bhushan Bajaj
Santesh Poddar
Silpi Poddar
Ashok Jain
Devi Acharya
Arun Agarwal
Brahma Devi Agarwal
Giriraj Agarwal
Lucy Agarwal
Sanjiv Agarwal
Samir Alpana Aggarwal
Shanu Suneeta Aggarwal
Baijnath Agiwal
Renu Agrawal
D. C. Anand
Yoginder Anand
Pushpa Pragji Annam
Amir Bahadur
Harprakash Bahl
Yash Bajaj
Anu Bakshi
Ashwini Bakshi
Dinesh Bakshi
Shanti Bakshi
Sumeet Bakshi
Sushma Bakshi
Vidya Bakshi
Usha Bansal
Cindy Begel
Roberta Paul Begel
J. C. Bhaglal
Kunju Bhatt
Bankatlal Bhangdia
Kiran Bhangdia
Neil Bhangdia
Pavitra Bhangdia
Ravi Bhangdia
Riya Bhangdia
Ryan Bhangdia
Sadakur Bhangdia
Kishan V. Bhavsar
Rameshwari Bhavsar
Bhuta Family
Plant a Tree
Please send this portion with your contribution to
Vedic Heritage, Inc. (U S)
111 Jerusalem Avenue, Hempstead,NY 11550
Vedic Heritage (India), Pangroli Estate # 1
Ravi Pangroli Rd, Lonavala. MS.410403
For further information, please call
Ranjana Chhabra
Vijay Chhabra
Harshil Chahal
Shantaben N. Champaneria
Asha Yogesh Chand
Tilak Chawla
Somyamitra Chhabra
Somyapriya Chhabra
Vijay K. Chhabra
Sunil Chopra
Radhika Chugani
Narendra Dadarwala
Shardaben Dadarwala
Ramesh Damle
Lalita Damle
Janak Kashyap
Basanti Dayal)
Rameshwar Dayal
Lakshmi Dayal
Meenakshi Dayal
Krishna Dhoot
Jayshree Doshi
Veena Dua
Veena Dwivedi
Narendra Garg
Sarita Garg
Satwati Garga
Tulika Garga
Anjali Garga
Dalip Singh H.Gill
Harpat K. Gill
Gail Goldstein (X2)
Balkisan D. Goradia
Prem Goyal
Chaman Gupta
Kusum Gupta
Mike Gupta
John Gupta
Vijay K. Gupta
Swaran Issar
Amarnath Jain
Ami Deepak Jain
Anil Jain
Anuj Jain
Komal Jain
Raj Jain
Rajat Jain
Renu Jain
Shanti Devi Jain
Sunita Jain
Amrish Kachhy
Ashutosh Kachhy
Jagruti Kachhy
Nllkanthrai Kachhy
Resha Kachhy
Sarlaben Kachhy
Yatin Kachhy
Seema Kalra (X2)
Sneha Kapadia
Saurabh Kapadia
Sanjeev Kapuria
Anup Karamchandani
Kamaljeet Kaur
Rajendra Khandelwal
Allic Kharmanda
Kamal Kharbanda
Pam Kharbanda
Nayan Kisnadwala
Sonal Klsnadwala
Karnika Kisnadwala
Vlthalbhai Klsnadwala
Emily Joseph Klecka
C. M. Kohli
Karen Kohli
Aneal Kohli
Nisha Kohli
Rampiyari Kohli
Sardarilal Kohli
Chanda Kothari
Praveen Kumar
Asha A. Kumta
Pramod Kumar
Aai Shaktipriya Khandelwal
Prajyot Lunavat
Sangeeta Lunavat
Rishika Kalindi Lunavat
Pranay Lunavat
Prasanna K. Lunavat
Beatrice Rosen Lours
Anay Malhotra
Dalip Malhotra
Neetu Malhotra
Sunny Malhotra
Mukesh Malkan
Kashmira Malkan
Jamnadas Malkan
Ramgauri Malkan
Arun K. Mangala
Mridula Mehta
Nirupa Mehta
Rukshmani Nlrmala Mehta
Trilok Mehta
Maruti Mintz
Manju Mishra (X2)
Niranjan Mittal
Manju Mittal
Nishant Mittal
Neel Mittal
Nidhi Mittal
Lilavati Modi
Gul Kajal Moorjani
Ramesh Munshi
Chandrakanta Mutha (X2)
Sandeep Mutha
Sanjay Mutha
Sunita Mutha
Sandesh Mutha
Shantilal Mutha
Shashikant Nagle.
Nayana Nagle
Prasad Nagle
Jay Nagle
Babubhai Gitaben Naik
Beena Naik
Dhruti Naik
Hetal Radha Naik
Trupti Naik
Ravi Naik
Jogender Pal
Paresh Parikh
Ajay Kumar Patel
Ashok Patel
Bharat Patel
Fatema V. Patel
Hansaben J. Patel
Jayantilal M. Patel
Sadhana Patel
Tinubhai Patel
Asmita Tinu Patel
Pradeep M. Patel
Ami P. Patel
Anjani P. Patel
Hasumati C. Patel
Jyoti Deepak Patel
Keval Patel
Lalitaben Patel
Meenakshi Patel
Mitesh Patel
Sanjay Purvi Patel
Silpa Patel
Kishan Paul
Sunil Paul
Smita Paul
Michelle Paul
Usha Pharma
Atmaram V. Pujara
Dahiben A. Pujara
Puri & Sood Family
Swaran Puri
Saraswati G. N. Rao
Poonam Ramani
Sampath Ramaswamy
Allan Ramlall
Indranie Ramlall
Chipra Ramlall
Arpan Ramlall
Narayandas Rathi
Vibha Regey
Bina K. Sabapathy
Vashi K. Sabhnani
Rampyari Sachdeva
Gopi Sadrangani
Annapurna Samanta
Darshan Priya Saraf
Samrath K. Shah
Satish Sehgal
Seema Sehgal
Upendra Sharma (X2)
Sangeeta Sehgal
Smita Sehgal
Kamal H. Seth
Ratan Devi Sethia
Njrmal K. Sethia
Kanti Sett
Mamta Sett
Shelly Sett
Amritbhai Shah
Anil Shah
Dipti Shah
Harshad O. Shah
Ishita Shah
Leelaben Shah
Yena Shah
Durga Prasad Sharma
Renu Sharma
Santoshi Devi Sharma
Sarla Devi Sharma
Devanand Shenoy
Dipak Shivnani
Karishma Shivnani
Priyanka Aakash Shivnani
Guru Shuklaji
Aditya Singh
Beena Singh
Harnath Singh
Pradumna Singh
Tannya R. Singh
Dinesh Sood
Geeta Sood
Gaurav Sood
Serena Sood
Aditi Surana
Ajay Surana
Devendra Surana
Dipti Surana
Kamal Chand Surana
Lalita Surana
Pankaj Surana
Premlata Surana
Saloni Surana
Bimla Suri
Jagmohan Suri
Vivek Suri
Brija Swain
Veenarani Swain
Dhiraj Thakker
Godavariben Thakker
Jatin Thakker
Mangal Thakker
Motilal Thakker
Manoj Thakker
Pushpa Thakker
Raj Thakker
Sanghapriya Thakker
Sanjay Thakker
Yogesh Thakker
Neeta Thakur
Sumitra Triloknath Uppal
Ram Wadhwa
Naomi Maroi Wank
Renu Saraf
Kavita Poddar
Seema Poddar
Jugraj Kothari
Rajiv Modi
Shaligram Modi
Lalit Vikram Dhema
Pdt. Vasant Pathankar
I / We would like to plant……………………... tree(s)
…………………@US$ 151.00 = $ ………………….
………………... @ Indian Rs.6,000.00 = Rs. ………………. r
Name ……………………………………......................................................................................
Address ……………………………………...................................................................................
Card # ……………………………………Expiration date (mm/dd/yy) _____ / ______/_____
OF ……………………………………
Up Coming Events
Friday, January 1st 2010
6:00pm Sunderkand Hawan
followed by Puja, Aarti & Prasad
(Feb/March) Date to be announced.
Friday, February 12th Vrata
10:45pm Bhajan Kirtan
12 midnight Char prahar puja starts
Saturday, February 27th 2010
6:00pm Thandai Distribution
6:30pm Puja & Gulal play withBaba
8:30pm Aarti
9:00pm Aarti followed by Mahabhog
Final Purnahooti Day Program
12:00 noon 108 Hanuman Chalisa
4:00pm Samohik recitation of the Paath
5:00pm Manas MahaAarti (31
Lamps in 21 Thalis)
5:30pm Sunderkand Purnahooti
7:00pm Bhajans
8:00pm Views of Devotees
9:00pm MahaAarti of Baba
(51 lamps)
9:30pm MahaBhog
(Chappan Pakwan)
Anyone wiling to participate in this
event, please contact
Pandit Ramesh Chaudhary.
Wednesday, September 1st 2010
Thursday, April 22, 2010
7 pm onwards - Children's Program.
Saturday, September 11th 2010
9:00pm Mahabhog
10:00pm Holika Dahan
Saturday, March 6th 2010
6:00pm Program commence
Starts on Sunday, March 28th until
Tuesday March 30th
Sunday, March 28th 2010 Vrata
8:00pm Hanumat Puja
9:00pm Aarti
12 midnight 108 Hanuman Chalisa
begins (Dinner will not be served)
Monday, March 29th 2010
5:00am Hanumanji’s birth celebration with Puja
6:00am Sunderkand Hawan
7:00am MahaPrasad
Tuesday, March 30th 2010
8:00pm Puja, Bhajan-Kirtan
Sunday, July 25th 2010
7:00pm Cultural programs and
views of disciples
9:00pm Guru Puja
9:15pm Sri Hanumanji & Guru Aarti
9:30 pm MahaBhog
Starts on Monday, July 12th until
Saturday Aug 21st 2010
40 days or 960 hours of continuous
recitation of Manas
Daily Program
8:30am Sunderkand Hawan
9:30am Prasad-Breakfast
1:00pm Prasad-Lunc
4:00pm Prasad-Afternoon Tea
5:45pm Ramayanji Ki Aarti
6:00pm Puja starts by the sponsor
of the day
6:30pm Next Ramcharitra Manas starts
7:00pm Katha-Paath
8:30pm Sri Hanumanji Ki Aarti
2009 ISSUE - IV
Saturday, October 16th 2010
starts at 6:30pm
Tuesday, October 26th 2010
Puja starts at 4 p.m.
Friday, November 5th 2010
8:00 p.m. Puja
9:30 p.m. MahaBhog
Saturday, November 6th 2010
7:30pm Puja
8:15pm Bhajan Aarti
9:30pm Annakut Bhandana
Concert dates to be announced
Week at a Glance
Sunderkand Hawan
Tues day s
Sunderkand Hawan
Satsang in English
Aarti and Bhog
Please check all pledges that are applicable
Mo nday s , Wednes day s , Thurs day s ,
Fri day s and Sunday s
Vedic Heritage Inc.
Membership Form
Membership Form
(US $2,100 or more)
(Indian Rs. 51,000 or more)
(US $1,001 or more)
(Indian Rs. 31,000 or more]
(US $51 or more)
(Indian Rs. 1,100 or more)
(US $11 or more)
(Indian Rs. 101 or more)
(US $15 per year)
(Indian Rs. 251)
Saturday s
Sunderkand Hawan
Satsang in Hindi
Aarti and Bhog
Check enclosed in
❏ US Dollars
❏ Indian Rupees
❏ Credit Card (only for USA) ❏ MasterCard
at 5 pm on the first Saturday of every month.
on every Purnima
Everyone is invited.
Card #____________________ Exp. Date_____________
Cardholder's Name (as it appears on card]
All souls are invited to join us for Puja, Hawan,
Congregation and Aarti
May all beings in the universe be happy,
Our collective energy brings love
into everyone's life.
Our collective prayers heal the world.
Please return completed form along with check, or card details, payable to
“Vedic Heritage, Inc.” and mail to:
Vedic Heritage; Inc.
111 Jerusalem Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550
Please return completed form along with check or money order payable to:
Vedic Heritage and mail to:
Vedic Heritage
Ravi Pangorli Estate #1, Ravi Pangorli Road
Lonavala, Dist. Pune , MS 410403
Sri GuruMaa Jyotishanand Saraswati
January 2010 Ephemeries
Planetary positions based on
Lahiri’s Ephemeries at 7:00 pm
(New York Time)
Rites and Rituals
New Year begins
Kwanzaa ends
Sankat Chaturthi
Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 5th
Sri Ramanandacharya Jayanti6th
Srtala Ekadashi
Swami Vivekanad Jayanti 12th
Hans Amabasya
Baba Ramdev’s Daitiya
Martin Luther King’s Day 18th
Basant Panchami
Achala Saptami
Swami Kirpatri Punyatithi 25th
Indin Republic Day
Jaya Ekadashi
Maghi Purnima
Falgun Krishna starts
Genius &Wizardry Concerts
Pandit Jasraj.Ustad Shahid Pervez Khan, Aarti Ankalikar
& other competitors.
6 videos per set $51 • 8 cassettes per set $31
Pandit Jasraj, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia,
Pandit Vikku Vinayak and Pandit Madhup Mudgal
THE 2008­CDs
Pandit Jasraj, Gundecha Brothers, Sashank
THE 2009­CDs
Pandit Jasraj, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia
2009 ISSUE - IV
February 2010 Ephemeries
Planetary positions based on
Lahiri’s Ephemeries at 7:00 pm
(New York Time)
Rites and Rituals
Ayanamsa on Feb 1st 24° 00΄10΄΄
Basant ritu starts on 18th
Chaturthi Vrat
Siat Asthami
Samarth Ramdas Swami Navmi
Vijaya Ekadashi
Lincoln’s Birthday
St. Valentine’s Day
Sri RamkrishnaParamHans Jayanti 16th
Ash Wednesday
Washington’s Birthday
Amalki Ekadashi
Holika Dahan Purnima
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanti
For All Vedic Things
Including English translation of ancient Vedic stories
(Upanishads and RamCharitra Manas.)
Incense, Dhoop, Bead-Malas, Dipak, Kumum, Sindoor, Molli, etc.
Ram Darar, Ganpati, Devi, Hanuman replicas, Shiva and more!
Made of stone, sandalwood, meenakari, gold, silver, diamonds.
Live concerts of Vedic Heritage and other varieties of cassettes.
Pictures and silk paintings. And plenty more!
Sri GuruMaa Jyotishanand Saraswati
March 2010 Ephemeries
Planetary positions based on
Lahiri’s Ephemeries at 7:00 pm
(New York Time)
Rites and Rituals
Ayanamsa on March 1st 24° 00΄14΄
2066 till 15th
1931 on 16th
1922 starts
Chaitra Krishna begins on
Sant Tukaram Jayanti
Chatirthi Vrat
Sri Rangpanchami
Jain Varshi Tap starts
Sitala Saptami
Somvati Amavashya
Chaitra Sukla starts
Navratri starts
Indian New Year begins
St. Patricks Day
Gangore & Matsy Jayanti
Damamak Chaturthi
Sri Panchami
Skand Sasthi
Ram Navmi
Kamda Ekadashi
1st day of passover
The Pandit Jasraj auditorum
and Vikram hall
Available Amenities Include
• Beautiful Vivaha Mandap • Wall to Wall Carpeting
• Vegetarian Catering • Mandap Decoration Services • Valet Parking
We have rooms to accommodate your guests.
Temporary spiritual retreat for aged family members.
All our boarding rooms are available with attached bathrooms.
Whether it is, one week, one year or more….
Vedic­Heritage­Inc.­111 Jerusalem Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550
[email protected] • Visit our NEW website www.vedicheritage.org­
2009 ISSUE - IV
Date in Feb/Mar to be announced soon.
Please visit our website for the date: www.vedicheritage.org.
You are cordially
invited to experience
the grace of Mataji
Sri Hanuman Temple
111 Jerusalem Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550
6.30 pm Chowki Puja
7.00 pm Chowki
10.00 pm Aarti
10.15 pm Bhog
Sponsorship for the puja is only $101
Puja attendance is free for all
Friday, February 12th, 2010
The Sri Shiv Shakti Mandir,
Vedic Heritage Inc.,
111 Jerusalem Avenue,
Hempstead, NY 11550
Darshan will begin at 5.30 am
Samoohik Puja will be at 7.30 pm
Bhajans and Kirtans Throughout
the evening
Prasad 9 pm onwards
With Shivlingam - $51
Puja only - $21
GuruMaa's note:
Destiny brought us to America. We may
not be able to bathe in Maa Ganga's holy
waters which flow from Shivjata.
However, We bring a few gallons of the
holy Ganges water from India to our
Ashram, and the holy water will flow
from the Jata of our Shivji in the Shiv
Shakti Mandir..
The members of Vedic Heritage cordially invite you, your family and friends
To celebrate the auspicious 360 HOURS(15 days-nights) OF NON STOP
Daily Program
8:00 am Sunderkand Hawan
9:15 am Prasad-Breakfast
1:00 pm Prasad-Lunch
4:00 pm Prasad-Afternoon Tea
5:45 pm Ramayanji Ki Aarti
6:00 pm Puja by the sponsor of the day
7:00 pm Next Manas patth starts
8:00 pm Hanumanji Ki aarti
8:30 pm Bhog-Dinner
Final Day Program (Sunday 17th 2010)
12: pm 108 Hanuman Chalisa recitation
4:00 pm Samohik recitation of Manas
5:00 pm Ramayanji Ki Mahaaarti
5:30 pm SunderKand Hawan
7:00 pm Temple Program
8:30 pm Hanumanji Ki Mah-Aarti
9:00 pm MahaBhog(Chappan Pakwan)
January 2, 2010 - January 17, 2010
Vedic Heritage
Ravi Pangorli Society- Bunglow # 1, Pangorli Rd.,
Lonavala, MS 910403
Alka Gupta, Kiran Khandelwal, Gulab S. Purohit,
Shakuntala Agrawal, Auyush Srivastav(Pawan),
Aai Shaktipria Khandelwal, Sashi Dhruv Agrawal,
Veena G. Sahaye, Savitri Gupta, Hansa Mehta(Mumbai),
Anjanipriya Makhariya, and many more.
02114-276789 / 279191 / or Pushpa 276000 / Pawan 09421058921 / 09422328844
To All the Devotees:
This is an incredible opportunity to participate in such an event.
You are all welcome to read, listen and participate at any time.
Sani, Mangal, Brihaspati and Ketu Mandirs
On MARCH 13TH/14TH 2010
Saturday, March 13th 2010
9.00 am
11.00 am
Puja for 4 Grahas
Murti Staphna ceremony
1.00 pm
Prasad (Lunch)
3.00 pm
Sant Sanmelan
5.00 pm
Tea Break
5.30 pm
Launch of GuruMaa’s books
6.00 pm
Cultural Program by
AVIDES Idol competition winners
Sunday, March 14th 2010
Sunderkand Hawan
11.00 am
Childrens Drawing/Painting Competition
1.00 pm
Prasad (Lunch)
3.00 pm
Ved Shiromani Pandit Jasrajji,
3.45 pm - 4:30pm
Ved Shiromani Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiaji
and Ved Shri Mrs. Sudha Chandranji
5.30 pm
Tea Break
6.00 pm
Award ceremony, words of wisdom
Rs. 5 lakh, or US $7,000
Rs. 3 lakh, or US $5,000
Rs. 2 lakh, or US $3,000
Rs. 1 lakh, or US $2,000
Rs. 51,000 or US $1,000
Rs.21,000 or US$ 501
For further information, sponsorships, volunteer work offers and progress update, please contact:
India: 02114 276789 or 02114 276000 or 09422328844 or 09421058921 or 09821064068
USA: Pandit Rameshji at 516 539 9055 or NayanMitra at 302 379 8870
2009 Taluka:
ISSUE -Mural,
Vedic Heritage, Sri Hanuman Pith,Village: Lohwadi,
District: Pune, Maharashtra State, India
Vedic Heritage Inc.,
111 Jerusalem Avenue
Hempstead, NY 11550 USA
Visit our NEW website www.VedicHeritage.org
Holi Talent
March 6th 2010
Competition Categories
4Vocal - Classical and Devotional
4Instrumental - Classical and Light
4Dance - Classical and Folk
Admission: $10 per person
except competitors
Please call the following to participate in the competition
The Hanuman Temple of NY
516 539 9055
Nayan Mitra
302 379 8870
Deepa Guru Dutt
631 398 2800
Anita Singh
718 291 1345
Nilima Madan
516 603 5022
Rules for the Competition:
1. Participants should be under the age of 25.
2. Each performance should not be longer than 7 minutes.
Competitors report to
Coordinator - Anita Singh
Competition Begins
Award ceremony
Aarti and Prasad
3. Entries in the competition will be accepted by a panel of judges/trustees.
4. If necessary, the participant may be asked to give an audition before the
5. No participant will be allowed to participate in more than 1 number.
6. All participants should report to the coordinator by
5pm sharp on the 6th of March.

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