The Explorer Express - Lakewood Elementary


The Explorer Express - Lakewood Elementary
Lakewood Elementary School
Sharon Elder, Principal
Grace Jernigan, Assistant Principal
The Explorer Express
“Explorers lead the way!”
November 16, 2015
We are so thankful for our military, past and
present, and the way you courageously serve
our country. We were honored to host our
11th Annual Veterans Day Breakfast.
Students in
third grade
classes wrote
letters of
thanks to our
Veterans !
Nov. 18th—Thanksgiving Lunch
(4th & 5th)
Nov. 19th—Library Books are
Nov. 19th—FCA
Nov. 23rd—27th—Thanksgiving
Dec. 4th—4th Grade Dance
Dec. 10th—3rd Grade
Christmas Lunch
Mrs. Smith’s 5th Grade Science
students are loving the Sphero
robots! This week, during their
lab time, they programmed the
Sphero to roll in the shape of their
choice. The distance on the side of the
shape had to be 12 inches before it
could change directions. The sphero had
to have at least 3 direction changes.
Lakewood Elementary
has been named the
statewide first place
Clean Campus Award
winner! We received
this award plus a $1000
monetary award at the
Governor's Luncheon
that was held on
Nov. 11th in Prattville.
Lisa Wilson, Tabby
Booth, and Amy Griggs
lead the way in preparing our scrap book to
show off all the wonderful things we do at Lakewood. We don’t just talk
the environmental talk—
Mrs. Owens’ science class constructed the Earth’s
layers with double stuffed Oreos, chocolate syrup
and M&Ms. The cookie was the crust, the white
filling was the mantle, and the syrup was the core.
Our 5th Grade
students did an
amazing job on
their Science
Fair projects.
shared the steps of the scientific method,
explaining their project, with the judges.
Congratulations to
4th Grade student,
Addison Grimes! She
received Honorable
Mention in the PALS
Poster Contest. She
also received her
award at the
Pictured is
our PE
students participating in
Tinikling. Tinikling is a
Philippine dance that
involves two people
beating, tapping, and
sliding bamboo poles on
the ground and against
each other in
coordination with one or
more dancers who step
over and in between the
poles in a dance.