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Coppola Productions
Founded in 2007 by Ciro Coppola, Ciro Orsini and Yvette Hoyle. Coppola Productions Limited has rapidly
been widening and developing itsʼ slate of commercial, yet critically recognizable projects with international
appeal. Not only does Coppola maintain the highest quality it aims to seek out feature films and television
projects that reflect the founders beliefs in bringing to screen thought provoking theatrical releases that are
iconic true stories to establish global change, historical biopics, spiritual dramaʼs that challenge fixed beliefs
and yet without forgetting the magical power of cinema to move and entertain its audience.
Current projects 2008 include “The Golden Flame” The story of the Olympics, “Angel Wing a highly
commercial feature and television production. Coppola Productions are Co-producers for the following
features “ Enzo The Movie”, “Crashing Wall Street”, “ Carpet Boy”. All of the productions are planned to be
released into the market between 2009-2012.
Coppola international partners include Armand Assante USA award wining Actor/Producer who has
appeared in over 90 movies & nominated for 4 Global Awards. In 2009 Coppola will be opening in Russia
Director Marika Gvilava actress/producer.
This document has been prepared by Coppola Productions ltd and remains the property of Coppola Productions.
The information within is given to a limited number of identified persons who have shown interest in receiving information about these film projects
The information is made available and is received specifically on the implied understanding that the recipient will hold the information
contained therein confidential, and will not copy, reproduce, distribute or disclose to any person, other than an investment advisor acting for, and advising
the recipient in connection with a possible investment to this film project.
The cast named are not assigned to the production but are proposals only and their inclusion does not mean they have agreed to this
project. Once attached, a letter of intent will be included with the investment prospectus.
Enzo the movie
Angel Wing
The Golden Flame
The Carpet Boy
Crimson Nation
Radclyffe Hall
Crashing Wall Street
Enzo - The movie
Proposed Director
Fifty years ago motor racing was the most glamorous sport in the world. The cars were beautiful
innovative works of art, the drivers legendary and every race often deadly. It was a time when
motor racingʼs biggest dramas, worst tragedies and greatest victories unfolded on the tracks of
Monaco, Monza, Le Mans and the ʻMille Migliaʼ. By the end of the 1954 racing season a dispirited
Brian DePalma
Enzo almost retires from motor racing altogether as his eldest sonʼs health deteriorates from an
Carlitoʼs Way
inherited disease. The “padrone” no longer attends the races nor travels outside Maranello for
business meetings. The 1955 season also starts badly.The Ferrari Tipo is old and Enzoʼs Ferrari
drivers are discouraged and similarly slipping past their prime.
The company are so desperate for success that they create a two-cylinder 2.5 litre engine
specifically for Monaco. The car tears the test bed apart but the team flukes a victory when Alberto
Ascari, one of the best-loved stars of Italian racing, careers off the road into the harbour. A week
later Ascari is killed test driving a Ferrari 750S at Monza. Shattered by the loss of their top driver,
Lancia agrees to the sell their entire racing division of cars and drivers to Ferrari in an historical
industry coup.Two weeks later at Le Mans, the Mercedes driven by Frenchman Pierre Levegh
crashes causing the worst motor racing disaster of all time, killing over 80 spectators and maiming
a hundred more. As a result, Ferrariʼs toughest competitor, Mercedes announce their retirement
from all motor racing. Now their drivers, including World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio and Mike
Hawthorn are looking for a new home. Enzo Ferrari will provide it.
Liam Badger
And so with the latest engineered cars and the best available drivers, Ferrari Scuderia is
reborn like a phoenix, and Enzo with it. Enjoying the life of an enigmatic patriarch with a
Yvette Hoyle (co-producer)
personal entourage, a loyal wife, a longstanding mistress and all the conceivable trappings of
success, Enzo builds the sportʼs most famous and enduring marque. But as this golden door
£120 million (est.)
to a new future swings open for Enzo, the Fates strike back. His son Dino, the heir to his lifeʼs
work, is finally stricken. Enzo is powerless to save his twenty four year old son from a
premature death. Unlike the cars he rebuilds the most precious thing in
his life cannot be saved.In Maranello, the church bells that ring out in triumph for each Ferrari
victory now toll for Dino's funeral. The personal crisis for Enzo is intense and devastating. He
battles on, seemingly willing to sacrifice everyone and anyone to realize his dreams.
ʻEnzoʼis about one manʼs overarching pursuit of speed and his impact upon the lives of
extraordinary people whose destinies ignite and burn around him.
Proposed cast
Gael Garcia Bernal
Al Pacino
Caterina Morino
Motorcycle Diaries
Amores Perros
The Godfather trilogy
Any Given Sunday
Scent of A woman
Garden Of Eden
Casino Royale
Made in Italy
St Trinians
Angel Wing
Writer /
Aidan Wood
Lʼinvite (2nd Unit)
Angel Wing (short)
Killing Time
Yvette Hoyle
Casanovas Last Stand
Casanovas Love Letters
Kingdom of the crystal Skull
Barry Navidi
The Merchant of Venice
Liam Badger (co-producer)
A good Woman
£5 million
Nick Kerry works the night shift at Bellevue
hospital, in the Angel Wing. A ward for
patients between 6-80, with less than a
week to live. Here Nick can wallow in his
own bereavement and sorrow. In his
precious spare moments, he studies the
afterlife and the various aspects of human
Nick accidentally lets an old lady die alone when he’d vowed to stay with her through the night. He realises that
he’s violated her last wish. As his way of atoning, he sets about fulfilling the last wishes of the remaining patients.
The wishes get harder and more challenging to complete, causing moral and legal implications for Nick. His
problems are compounded by a departmental inspection and the threat of losing his job from his vindictive boss,
Doctor Franks.
Frustrated by the restrictions imposed by his boss, Nick is about to transfer to another department, when a new
patient is brought in. Shay Lee, wrists slit and stomach fatally damaged. Nick gives himself one more chance as
he slowly sees that this is his one eternal soul-mate. He asks Shay what her final wish is, and her wish is harder
that he ever could have imagined...
Blending themes of life, death and religion with quirky humour and
romance, Angel Wing is a story about two people spiritually destined to be
together but mortally fated to be torn apart.
Angel Wing
Proposed cast
Dominic Monaghan
Lord Of the Rings
Imogen Poots
Me and Orson Welles
28 Weeks Later
V for Vendetta
Solitary Man
Al Pacino
The Merchant Of Venice
Any Given Sunday
Oceans 13
Proposed Director
John Madden
Captain Corelliʼs Mandolin
Shakespeare in love
Liam Badger
A Good Woman
Yvette Hoyle
Casanovaʼs last Stand
Casanovaʼs Love Letters
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
In 1850 an Englishman, William Penny Brookes, founded the British Olympian Society on the ideal that the
most important thing is not to win but to take part, to struggle rather than to conquer…
Some years later, Frenchman Pierre De Coubertin visits Brookes on his death-bed in the village of Much
Wenlock, Shropshire. Brookes informs him that his dream is to revive the Olympic Games. He shows him a
letter from the King of Greece who supports his proposal.Inspired by Brookesʼidealism, Pierre returns to
Paris and organizes the first Olympic Congress in 1894. Prince Constantine of Greece supports Pierre and
invites him to Athens to meet his father the King of Greece.
Pierre goes straight to Athens to meet the King who lends his support and suggests that he can use the
ancient white marble stadium in Athens. Unfortunately the Greek Government objects to the plan saying
Greece has no funds to revive the Olympic Games. At the last moment, Prince Constantine introduces
Pierre to Georgios Averoff, a Greek billionaire and the richest man in Greece, who agrees to finance the
whole project. Pierre informs William Brookes, who is growing weaker, that his dream is about to come true.
One of the races will be the marathon, a long-distance running event never held before. Suggested by his
friend, Frenchman Michel Breal, it is inspired by the legend of the messenger Phidippides, who ran from the
town of Marathon to Athens to announce the Athenian victory over the Persians some two and a half
thousand years before.The Greeks are very enthusiastic about this new event, so much so that Georgios
Averoff even offers the hand of his daughter Helena to the winner, providing he is a Greek!
The King of Greece sends out an envoy, Colonel Papas, to find Greeceʼs greatest runner.
The opening day approaches in March 1896 and one hundred thousand people attend the ceremony. The
sacred flame is lit at Olympia. Pierre attends the ceremony with his wife Marie. The King of Greece declares
the Games open after a break of over fifteen hundred years.
Meanwhile, Papas finds a runner named Spyridon “Spyros” Louis, a water-carrier, who he believes is Greeceʼs best
bet for entering the marathon. Spyros prepares for the race by praying for two days and fasting for one.
Pierre receives a letter informing him that William Brookesʼ has died whilst the American team captain, Robert
Garrett, miraculously wins against the Greek favorite by 7 inches without having actually ever seen a real discus in
his life before reaching Athens. In Marathon, Papas gives the starting signal for the small field which includes twentyfive runners. Each is supported by twenty five solders on horse-back. Thousands line the dusty route from Marathon
to Athens. The early leader of the race is Frenchman Albin Lermusiaux, who had earlier placed third in the final of
the 1500 metres. In the town of Pikermi, Spyros makes a stop at a local inn to drink a glass of wine. He asks for the
advantage of the other runners and confidently declares that he will overtake them all before the end.
After 32km, Lermusiaux collapses from exhaustion under the intense heat and has to abandon the race. The lead is
taken over by Teddy Flack, an Australian runner who has already been victorious in the Olympic 800 and 1500m. But
Spyros maintans a steady stride and slowly closes in on Flack. The Australian, not used to running long distances,
$70 million (est.)
finally collapses giving Spyros the lead. Papas gallops ahead and informs the King that Spyros is winning the race.
In the stadium, the atmosphere is tense. As the word spreads that it is a Greek that is now leading the race, the cry
“Hellene, Hellene!” is taken up by thousands of rapturous spectators. When Spyros finally arrives, the stadium
erupts with joy and the Crown Prince Constantine rushes forward to join him on his final lap for a finishing time of two
hours and 58 minutes. Some of the crowd throw jewels at the water-carrierʼs feet.
Spyros declines the marriage offer from Georgios Averoff as he is already married but he does accept a free meal for
a year and free shoe polishing for the rest of his life. The King also offers Spyros any gift he would care to ask of
him. He simply requests a donkey-drawn carriage to help him in his water-carrying business. Spyros is now a hero
throughout Greece. Forty years later on the death of Pierre De Coubertin, an extraordinary ceremony takes place.
Whilst Pierreʼs body is buried in Lausanne, Crown Prince Paul (the son of Prince Constantine) buries his heart at
Olympia with Spyros in attendance. It is a fitting tribute to the man who revived the greatest Games in history.
The Golden Flame
Proposed cast
Monnica Bellucci
Gerard Butler
Charlize Theron
The matrix:revolutions
The matrix: reloaded
Rock ʻn Rolla
Tomb Raider 2
Devils Advocate
The Carpet Boy
Proposed Director
Giles Nutgens
Heaven on Earth (d.o.p)
Young Indiana Jones (d.o.p.)
Water (d.o.p)
Riff Kahn Hitton
Heaven on Earth
Young Indiana Jones
Yvette Hoyle
Casanovaʼs last Stand
Casanovaʼs Love Letters
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Ilann Girard (exec producer)
March of the Peguins
Goodbye Bufana
$5million (est)
Want to buy a boy? Aged four? Two hundred dollars! Not just for the night, for twelve years!
Slavery was abolished in Europe and America in the nineteenth century, but in the Third World it still
goes on.
CARPET Boy is the true story of Iqbal (1984- 1996), a Pakistani boy who was sold as a bonded labourer at
the age of four to a carpet maker. It is the hidden story of millions of children in todayʼs world who are sold into
virtual slavery by their impoverished families to make goods, which are sold in the West as luxury products. It
is the story of a boy who learnt the ways of resistance through being sold as a four-year-old into slavery,
fought the system all his short life, was instrumental in liberating thousands of children like him who were in
bondage and ended his days tragically.
Iqbal was slave. He resisted slavery and ran away from his factory. Our story tells you how he found a new life
through dedicated campaigners whom he met by chance as a fugitive. In the organisation called the Bonded
Labour Liberation front, Iqbal, now nine years old planned the strategy and effected the liberation of
thousands of other children like himself. His work was recognised at an International Charity fair by Reebok
who award an annual Human Rights prize to the young person who has done the most for civil liberties.
Iqbal's trip to Boston to receive the prize, put this anti-slavery struggle; on the international agenda. Young
boys and girls from a Boston school, who invited Iqbal to speak to them in his faltering English, were inspired
to tears by his story and dedicated themselves to campaign against the import and sale of carpets made by
forced, bonded and slave labour. The Reebok prize and the international spotlight it brought, affected the
Pakistani carpet industry. The USA and Europe were made aware that they were buying luxury goods for
which millions of children paid with their blood, sweat and the sacrifice of their childhoods.
The campaign succeeded. The carpet industry of Pakistan was badly affected. Iqbal was the twelve year old
hero who had brought this change about and yet, returning to Pakistan he was made aware of the fact that his
victory was not to be celebrated without its regrets. His own people, boys and girls he knew and loved would
be thrown out of jobs by the recession he had triggered. Families would be displaced.
It was hard lesson in life for a twelve-year-old boy. Being a Christian, he left the city and went back to his
village to celebrate Easter with his mother and sister. The carpet ownersʼ confederacy, which his campaign
had harmed, were on the look out for him. They wanted him eliminated. They sent his young cousin to entice
him home and to shoot him.
Iqbal died, a martyr to the cause of the liberation of bonded labour at the age of twelve.
Carpet Boy tells Iqbalʼs story : the cruelty that taught him the ways of resistance, the determination and
character that grew out of this bonded existence, his life as fugitive, his discovery of the motivated
organisation dedicated to freeing bonded labour, his campaign and strategy to free the children, his
nomination for the international prize and his dynamic interaction with American teenagers, their inspiration
and actions which lead to the real action against the markets and the businesses of the slave-masters, his
return to the corruption of Pakistan, the ambivalence of what he has brought about and the viciousness and
vengeance of an industry crippled by the exposure, who pay to have a child killed.
Angela Jolie
Shabana Azami
The web of the witch
Irfan Kahn
Tomb Raider
Mr and Mrs Smith
Girl Interrupted
The Darjeeling Limited
A mighty heart
The namesake
Writer / Director
Aidan Wood
Angel Wing
Killing Time
May all your nightmares come true.
Yvette Hoyle
Wendy is a life coach teaching class after class of confidence ruined students how to build their confidence
enough to make all of their dreams come true.
Casanovas Last Stand
Casanovas Love Letters
Lost kingdom of the crystal Skull
When she accidentally picks up someone else’s laptop at an airport metal detector, she finds a catalogue of the
owners dreams and nightmares.
Impossibly, she begins having the exact same nightmares, in exactly the same order.
Disturbed, she traces the owner of the laptop, but finds that he is dead. He maintained that his nightmares were
coming true and that the mysterious “light-less”; shadow people that you see before you die, were somehow
responsible for the disappearance of his young daughter.
As Wendy digs more and more into the (real life) phenomenon of the shadow people, her dreams begin to merge
into reality and Wendy begins to realise that her life is following the exact same pattern.
£7 million (est)
When Wendy’s own daughter disappears despite her best efforts to save her, Wendy becomes prime suspect.
Wendy must evade the police long enough to seek out quirky genius professor Marsh. Only he can teach her a
technique know as lucid dreaming, to control her dreams and find the clues that will shed light on the terrifying
silhouettes and ultimately save her daughter and herself.
Figment Proposed cast
Naomi Watts
Jennifer Connelly
John Hurt
21 Gramms
Funny Games
King Kong
Dark Water
A Beautiful Mind
Dark City
Indiana Jones 4
Hellboy 2
Hellboy 1
Proposed Director
Michael Bay
The Island
Pearl Harbor
Proposed Cast
Shia LeBeouf
Indiana Jones 4
A big budget comic book story about a geeky gymnast
who gains the ability to walk through shadows.
With his newfound powers he sets about exacting his
revenge on the people responsible for his motherʼs
murder, and saving the world from destruction.
Rachel McAdams
Mean Girls
£70 million (est)
Crimson Nation
Proposed Director
Bill Corcoran
John Ross was Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1828-1860. Described as the Moses of his
people, Ross led the Nation through tumultuous years of development and their relocation to Oklahoma.
Between 1690 and 1745, the Cherokee attempted to become a nation state, lost their ancestral land, endured
removal to the Indian Territory in Oklahoma, and suffered a destructive civil war. Throughout these tumultuous
years, the dominant political figure in the Cherokee Nation was John Ross.
Coppola Productions
Yvette Hoyle
Ciro Orsini
Olympia Films
Gabriel Murray
When Ross and the Cherokee delegation failed in their efforts to protect Cherokee Eastern lands ,through
dealings with Congress, Ross took the radical step of defending Cherokee rights through the U.S. courts.
The court carefully maintained that the Cherokee were ultimately dependent on the federal government and
were not a true nation state, nor fully sovereign. Ross failed in his legal action and the American government
forcefully removed the indians with the Indian Removal Act. The John Rosses Cherokee enemy John Ridge
from the Ridge Party signed the removal treaty with the U.S. goverment, although this action was against the
will of the majority of Cherokees. Ross unsuccessfully lobbied against enforcement of the treaty. Those
Cherokees who did not emigrate to the 1838 were forced to do so by General Scott.This forced removal came
to be known as the - Trail of Tears. Accepting defeat, Ross convinced General Scott to allow him to supervise
much of the removal process. On the Trail of Tears, Ross lost his wife Quatie, a full-blooded Cherokee
woman. She died shortly before reaching Little Rock on the Arkansas River. Four thousand Indians died on
the two thousand mile trek to their new homeland in Oklahoma. Fourteen thousand survived.
The Indian population of North American drop from ten million to 250,000 after the arrival of white settlers.
John Ross fought all his life for Indian rights ,when he died in Washington in 1866 he was taken back to
Tahlequah Oklahoma.
Five thousand Cherokee Indians greeted his coffin. The story belongs to one of the forgotton tragic chapters of
American history.
£ 10million (est)
Radclyffe Hall
Proposed Director
Mary McGukian
Rag Tale
Coppola Productions
Yvette Hoyle
Ciro Orsini
Olympia Films
Gabriel Murray
Marguerite Radclyffe Hall was born England in 1880, to a wealthy philandering father and an American mother.
Lonely while growing up her parents separated when she was a baby and she was virtually ignored by her
mother and stepfather.
On the death of her father at 21 Hall became a millionairess. She devoted her time to coming out a an essentric
lesbian and dressing as a man. Having reached adulthood without a vocation, she spent much of her twenties
pursuing women she eventually lost to marriage.
In 1915 Hall fell in love with Lady Una Troubridge,a sculptor who was the wife of an admiral who had given her
syphillis. The divorce case was a scandal in London society. In 1917 Radclyffe Hall and Una Troubridge began
living together. The relationship would last until Hall's death. In 1934 Hall fell in love with Russian émigré
Evguenia Souline and embarked upon a long-term affair with her, which Troubridge painfully tolerated. Hall
became involved in affairs with other women throughout the years.
Hall is best known for her novel The Well of Loneliness, the only one of her eight novels to have overt lesbian
themes. Published in 1928, The Well of Loneliness deals with the life of Stephen Gordon, a masculine lesbian
who, like Hall herself, identifies as an invert. Although Gordon's attitude toward her own sexuality is anguished,
the novel presents lesbianism as natural and makes a plea for greater tolerance. The editor of the Daily Mirror
too hall to court for obscenity in 1927, a case that was the most infamous scandal of the day.
Although The Well of Loneliness is not sexually explicit, it was nevertheless the subject of an obscenity trial in
the UK, which resulted in all copies of the novel being ordered destroyed. The United States allowed its
publication only after a long court battle.
£ 3 million (est)
The Well of Loneliness was number seven on a list of the top 100 lesbian and gay novels compiled by The
Publishing Triangle in 1999. Radclyffe Hall was listed at number ten in the top 500 lesbian gay heroes this
Eva Green
Helena Bonham Carter
Sweeny Todd
Fight Club
The Corpse Bride
Dita Von Teese
Quantum of Solace
Casino Royale
The Golden Compass
The Dreamers
The Death of Salvador Dali
Writer / Director
Mark Murphy
Nine Lives London
Casanova\s last stand
Casanovaʼs love letters
Yvette Hoyle
Casanovas Last Stand
Casanovas Love Letters
Lost kingdom of the crystal Skull
Exec Producer
Alan Latham
Garden of Eden
House of 9
I could never be your woman
£ 3 million
After mistakenly believing his girlfriend, Emma, is having an affair, James arranges for Emma to join him
on a work trip to Kenya, with the promise of some ʻtime outʼ at the end to relax and do some exploring.
Upon arrival Jamesʼs locally based business partner Graham immediately takes a fancy to Emma, and
manages to immerse himself in the coupleʼs private plans. Graham persuades them that they should go
on their own safari, rather than join a tour. As Graham already has a truck he invites himself along.
They take Grahamʼs 4x4 truck and head off road, but pretty quickly James is wound up by Grahamʼs
constant flirting with Emma. The two end up arguing, to the point of a physical fight.
Emma confides with Graham that she knows James has been unfaithful to her in the past, but is keen to
give him one more chance due to the fact that she is nine weeks pregnant, although James is not yet
aware of this.
It soon emerges that Grahamʼs real reason for heading out there is to take revenge on a Poacher/Gang
lord, whom Graham had previously been supplying medical supplies to. In doing so he endangers
James and Emmaʼs lives which adds further friction amongst the three.
It all comes to a head when Emma, whilst away from the others, taking photos, hears two gun shots and
comes back to the see James holding a gun and Graham collapsing to the ground with a bullet wound to
the neck. Jamesʼs explanation is that he was trying to protect Graham from an approaching lion. As
there is no sign of a lion, Emma believes otherwise.
Struggling to get a slowly dying Graham to hospital, the car breaks down and for the next few days they
are left stranded with no way of contacting anyone and a depleting water supply.
Emmaʼs initial reaction is to walk back for help, but is convinced by James that their best chance is to
wait with the car for help to find them.
That night whilst James is asleep in the car, Emma packs a few things and heads to where she hopes
she might be rescued. The next morning, James has to make the decision whether to try and track her
down, or wait for rescue.
Thomas Jane
Tom Hardy
Rock n Rolla
Scenes of a sexual nature
Sophie Lovell Anderson
The Mist
The Punisher
Deep Blue Sea
Nine Lives London
Crashing Wall Street
Proposed Director
Hugh Hudson
I dreamed of Africa
Chariots of fire
Coppola Productions
Alexander Fodor (Exec)
Paul Nicholls (Exec)
When JOHN ANDERSON, a handsome, cocky 24 year old from New Jersey, wins some old stocks at
poker, he‘s convinced they’re his ticket to riches. ANDERSON studies the Wall Street journal to ferret
out its mysteries and notes that its wealthiest investor is New Yorker, TEDDY CAMDEN, 40s.
Determined, ANDERSON leaves his mother, his home and his job and heads to New York to find
CAMDEN. ANDERSON plans to persuade CAMDEN to teach him how to turn his stocks into riches.
He uses his wits to track CAMDEN’S hangouts and talk him into giving him a job as a chauffeur, so
that he can learn directly from the pro whilst admiring his beautiful mistress CLARYSSA DICKENS
(from his rear view mirror).
But, CAMDEN drops a bombshell - the lie that ANDERSON’S stocks, although actually worth a
fortune as founding shares of General Electric, are worthless and bribes CLARYSSA to set
ANDERSON up to gamble away some of CAMDEN’S money. As Claryssa entices ANDERSON with
wagering, booze and her closeness, he falls in love.
When CAMDEN confronts ANDERSON about the “theft”, he has to repay CAMDEN by handing over
all his worldly goods, namely the stocks. Fortunately, ANDERSON has the smarts to only give him
half of them. Camden then fires ANDERSON and kicks him from his mansion.
Later a devastated ANDERSON realizes CAMDEN’S swindle and confronts CLARYSSA, who is
unaware of the stock’s value and is remorseful at hurting him. With renewed determination
ANDERSON plots to ruin CAMDEN and win CLARYSSA‘S heart. He enlists the help of her father, top
broker EZRA DICKENS a past victim of CAMDEN’S devious scheming. DICKENS hates CAMDEN
for cheating him and stealing his daughter. Together they hatch a plan so they can scam CAMDEN by
using ANDERSON’S self taught knack of spotting market trends.
Steven Evans (Exec)
Meanwhile CAMDEN exploits his half of the stocks to vie for a powerful position on the General
Electric Board of Directors, but fails to sway enough shareholders to back him leaving him open to
attack as ANDERSON uses his last stocks as bait for CAMDEN’S aspirations and to win back
They get their payback on CAMDEN and ruin him just at the rising menace of the 1929 stock market
crash. Now John’s dream has become everyone’s nightmare.
$ 21 million
Emile Hirsch
Selma Blair
Hellboy 2
Kevin Bacon
The Mist
The Punisher
Deep Blue Sea
Hollow Man
Murder in the first