the swiss cargo liner "sun-adele - Swiss


the swiss cargo liner "sun-adele - Swiss
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TFiri 6.290-1\)\ \I \..
SIJN _\DIr_E.. Alr,IDR TRlAr,S
-knot Closed Shelter-decker. 7. 160 161,
i.h.p. C.R.D.A.-Sulzer Engine Running-on Boiler Oil.
T^l j L ä r s t o f t w o l a s t m o r o f . . . s o t i f c r s
o r d e r e db v R c d c üZ u r i c h^ . ( ; . . Z a r i c h .
Iro'n rhe Ha.rburg yard ol H. C. Sliilckcn
s o h n , i s t l e ' S u n A d c l c . a v e s s e lo i '
6,290tons d.w.c., and thc ship yel
to be dclivefedbr rheseshtpbuildeß. she
enLe.cdscNice lessthnf Lwomonths after jointly owded,rnd is mxnaged
b! Nrcssr\.C. Clause..aolrcnhaecn.Airer
l e a v i n sH a m b u r es h es a i l e l lL o R o { t c r d x m
a.n {ntrre.t. rhen to Iilbuiy lor gefcral
carso. whrch jfcludcd.a.\ and a de.k
cargo ot moto. coachct. Of linre cha.r.r
to Sagu.nav Ternrinals, Ltd.. Montfcat.
she has now sailed lor Barbrdos,
C a . a p i L oa D d t h e n c e l o B r i t i s h
Guiana. It is erFctcd rhar \hc sitl catt
rly aüarge.tnl
\rrth lhe os!efs'
L o n d o f . g e n t s , . J o s c p hC o . s t a f l i n e u d
S o n s i l , o n d o r ) . l - l d , w c v r s i t e dt h e \ h i p a t
TilhLr, with our sLarl phoroefathe.s anll
iound lhc Sun r'\dele lo be ol aLbactiv.
dcsrgr ana to have a notably high
sldndard ol ac.ommodatioi for i2 passen
gea and for the olticeß add crew.
teel rc of the nrachinerv inslaUltion is
t h e f a r l i c u l a r l y e l a b o r a l ca r f a n g e m e n tI o r
t h e f u r i i y i n g a n d h e a t i n go t r h e h e a v y o i l
u s e di n l h e m a i n e i g j n r .
tg ? \,:-t:',
(Abo\e) vien nilo onc or theholds. and (righr), thc rore d€crr
6,-290-TONI 2-PASSE \-CER
-\{.V. ,.ST]N-ADEI,E
l lr! nri,l0!r'r!l.rding !) rlrt
noll(1 br..
dirinq s! oon.
:.(l .11) l),'! ot rbc
tht b.d nr)\n
.arlns i
Built as a closedshelter-d€.ker.the ship
has a total grain @pacity of 323,930cu fr.
(308,571cu. ft. bales)and has four cdgo
holds servedby five hatchesand 12 5 ton
and one 25 ton dericks.
The principal cha.acterjsticsof rhe ship
... 385fr.7ins.
L e n g t hb . ! . . . .
... 350fr,
B r e ä d t hm, o u l d e d . . . 5 2 f r , 9 i 6 .
Dcpth 10main deck... 33fr.
Dcpdr ro 2nd deck ,,, 23Ir_
D6ught at summer
Hamburs, are design€dro ljft 3 ions at The hold capacitiesare as followl
30 ft. per min. in sinsle eed, or 5 lons
cargo Hold6
at thal speed in double eear- Each is
driven by an 18.4kW electric motor ahd,
as can be seen,winch deckhouses
are inrerposed belweenNos. I and 2 and Nos. 3
and 4 hatches. On each of thesehouses
are foür hoisting and foDr topping winches.
Furlhermore, there a.e four winches
mounted at the after end of the exrended
,tforecastle. Mechmical ventilarionis pro
vided 10 all cargo spacesdesienedwith the
objecl of siving 20 changes of ai|. per
The haiches are fitted with a sliding
hatch cover of cerhan manufacture,
and a fudher point of interat is that
at l6l}tnots
in ofder to faciütateihe caüiage of fruit, a
ponable sratins dek is fitt€d. The rop
The A.E.G.-typewinches,manufaclured deck_issheathedwirh Oregonpjne 63 rm.
lnder licence by Kampnaset S.haerfie, rn rnrckness lo prevent heat radiation.
The C.R.A.-Sulzer ensine for propulsion
has eicht ctind€rs, each with a bore
ot 720 mm. and a stroke of 1,250 rnrn.,
and its normal servicerating is 5,600b.h.p.
at 125 !.p.m., with an mj.p. of 9.5 kg. p€r
sq. cm. At that power the main pistotr
(aboYe) vie{ of rhe maln
engine .yrinder tops; the
Iuer circülatirg arrangc,
ments can be 6een al
each fuel injection mlve.
(Right) The fre6h $ater
circurating pxmps,
view of tuel tansler punps ard a tuel pu.ilicr (berow) and the
Di.6el and lubricating oil ccnlrlruges (ieho,
Thre€ of the 160-kw Dieset genemtors,
s D r e r lr \ J 2 m p c r s e c o r J . . t r d L h r e n g i n e
drnis a Krrl Ze r .rlht rcn! rou b aded
p r o p e l l e . 4 . E 0 0 m m . j n d i a m e L e fw r l h a
mean pitch of 4.313 nrn. Thc stern gland
js of the Cedc.vall t)'De.
The mah engine is generallv of standard
Sulzer desien of the fosshcad typc. wllh
an indeperdent scavengc PumP lo eacil
lt is arransed lor operation.on
h.avy oil, and at lrc\enr ts runnrng on rueI
l ot
witli a viscosily Redwaod No
Thc onlv
1,500 secs. al 100 degrees F
dcpartüe lrom standard on lhis engine rs
rher Lhe tuel valvcs have specra pfo!rsrons
to enablc the fxel lo be circlLated
pistons arc oil cooled and lhe jackct\ lreslr
On the sLarboafd side ot
ilater cooled.
l60 kW
the ensine'room:!rethree ^E.C
120 volt d.c. gcnerators. each dnlen b! ir
Sulzer lour stfoke Diescl enginc havins a
b o . e o 1 2 2 0 r n m . w i t h a s l r o k eo f 3 2 0 r n m
and NDnins at a malimum of 500 r'!.F
These engines .un on Diesel o1l- and thc.c
is rlso an etnefgcnc! scr conrlrlslrg a
The mrin engine c.nrrols
1woA G.
cylindef:ll b.h.p.cnginc,whicn
q e n c r a t o . i l \ o moLor runnilg at 1,450f.p.ü. and deliver
780fpnr.1l0 lW {E(i
l e o r o e u v e f _ ins 40 cu. m. an hour against! lil lt hcad
r l$o-\trse.o npr.$or
Suliring air for the nrain engnes 's
ing 16 cr m. oi ai. Pef hour'
at a prcsüre ol l0 ahos by t\to
For the lorced htbrication
two-sLageBalcke aif conrtressDfs,each
mlin engine thcre afe two Lcisbnz Pumps
each delllerins 215 cu i. atr horr aearnsr capable ol deliverins 300 cü. m. of
air per hour at 1.000r.p.m., and d.iven bv
a 50-m. head and drivcn al l-+00 r'p m bv
a 72 h.p. motor' The heavv_oil üansfer
We liave refcrfcd to the parlicularlv
pump of thc samc make has a 9j hP
elaborlle arrangemcnrs made Lo enable the
main cnsine to run oD heavy ojl, and it is
hoped to publisli a dilgrad and a no'e
.l!ldied tlt\!rPtlon ot lh ( r\\rem rt a
l r r c r J ä t e .T h e r c J r c t $ o h c d v t o r l p u r r F ( r s
of the Tjtan tYPc with a capacitl oi
3.000 lirres per hou., and rilso r chrifier ol
lwo simrläf un'ls are
rhe same nuke.
inslaLled,each ol 1,000 Pcr lrour' io.
the Diescl and lubricating
oils. The.e is a 12kW watd hca(er.
tholsh which frcsh watcr is passe{l beiore
soi.g nrlo lhe Puriners lor clcaning Pur
poses. Tlre lhr€e plmls rof translentng
llrc clean oil the to the
clcan-oil sLffage tänk and the three dtrt)_
oil lransld purnts arc all desrgned 1o
deliver 2,000 lilres P.r hour.
Othef eqtipmenL innalled inchdes an
A.!-.G. alain syslem fo. the lcvels in lhe
Diesel oil Lanks. and anolhef which stves
warning lor thc heavy oil tanks. setiling
ranks. orerflow lanks. clc At lhe top or
the ensine-roorn js a cotuposjtc boiler with
a working prcsstrre ot l0 kg. fer sq cm
Also in the cngine roonr. or a flat at the
Dorl \ide, are tilo Sabroe retriscrating
iompressors ol thc fouf cllindef. single
WL arc intormed thrl d'c lue cotuumP
lion of !his lcsel. when runnins al frnl
sfeed and on heavy oil, is 2'1 tons a-daY
shilc Lhe Dieselojl colsunrplron ol tnc
!hfcc generaLors is atpfoximatelv :l tons