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Empowering the younger generation.
Nurturing on the philosophy of social and economic growth through education.
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Our 4 Projects
“Creating opportunities for the youth of today for
the triumph of tomorrow”
The educational development of people, and
in particular to the advancement of good
citizenship and positive values to enable
participation in society as mature and
responsible individuals.
Community Development
“Schemes to help alleviate hardship and poverty”
Development of community infrastructures
to relieve hardship and poverty, whether
they are within the frameworks of economic,
social or cultural projects designed to
enable individuals and communities to generate a sustainable income and
“Remembering and highlighting the past to
understand the present”
Heritage schemes to highlight the relationship
between the United Kingdom and India
sub-continent; in particular to teach the future
generations about their past and its impact on
the present and the future.
Inter faith Relations
“Harmony through dialogue and social action”
Interfaith dialogue and related social action
projects to encourage religious harmony for
the public benefit. In a diverse global society
facing political turmoil, it is critical to help
promote mutual understanding and respect
between different faith groups and to
eliminate discrimination and misunderstanding
to bring about community cohesion and
Who We Are
The Golden Tours Foundation is a charitable organisation offering life-changing
opportunities for young people to help fulfil their aspirations. It has a broad spectrum of charitable aims nurturing on the philosophy of personal, social and economic
growth through education.
The Foundation’s ethos is to secure opportunities for the future generations by
working for and with them. Only by such inclusive partnerships, is there hope for
future social and economic wealth for us all.
The inspiration behind the Foundation stems from a philanthropic mission driven by
the success of the enterprise Golden Tours, the UK’s foremost sightseeing company
established in 1984.
The Foundation has contributed to numerous charitable projects offering financial
assistance, specialist consultancy and mentoring. The Golden Tours Foundations
works primarily in the United Kingdom and India with plans to work on international
projects globally with organisations who shares its vision. Our projects include
Hindu Matters in Britain (, Indian contribution
during the First World War and we are supporting Diwali in London
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