2009 WORLD PRESS PHOTO - zdjęcia nagrodzone


2009 WORLD PRESS PHOTO - zdjęcia nagrodzone
Zdjęcia nagrodzone
1st prize Daily Life Stories
Brenda Ann Kenneally, USA, The Raw File
Troy, New York
Brenda Ann
2 prize Portraits Singles
Jérôme Bonnet, France, Corbis Outline for Le Monde 2
Dennis Hopper
Jerome Bonnet
2nd prize Portraits Stories
Pep Bonet, Spain, Noor for Positive Lives
Forced Identity: Transsexual sex workers, Honduras
Pep Bonet
1st prize Arts and Entertainment Singles
Giulio Di Sturco, Italy, Agenzia Grazia Neri
Backstage at Indian Fashion Week, Delhi
Giulio Di Sturco
1st prize Arts and Entertainment Stories
Roger Cremers, the Netherlands
Preserving Memory: Visitors at the Memorial and Museum AuschwitzBirkenau, Poland, 30 April-4 May
Roger Cremers
1st prize Nature Singles
Carlos F. Gutiérrez, Chile, Patagonia Press for Diario La
Chaitén volcano erupts, Chile, 2 May
Carlos F. Gutiérrez
1st prize Nature Stories
Steve Winter, USA, National Geographic Magazine
Snow Leopards: Out of the Shadows
Steve Winter